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Ultra Beasts and Perfect Ditto

Started by LiamJ September 13th, 2019 10:58 PM
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Seen September 14th, 2019
Posted September 14th, 2019
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Working on my completing my Living National Dex and just need a few to get. Anyone interested? I’m looking for the below and offering up the ones listed.

I’ve got spares of most other legendary pokemon too, and some other events so ask if I haven’t listed one you’re looking for.

I don’t want any hacked Pokemon.






To Trade:

Stakataka Lv 60 Bold

Mewtwo Lv 70 Relaxed

Entei LV 40 Relaxed

Terrakion Lv 60 Hardy

Phione Lv 1 Impish

Phione Lv 1 Naive

Xerneas LV 60 Rash (Event 2018 Legends)

Shiny Zygarde LV 60 Bashful (Event)

Genesect Lv 100 Quiet (Event)

Arceus Lv 100 Bashful (Event)


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Sorry, but asking for perfect Ditto is against this forum's rules:


It is understood that a Ditto with 6 IVs is the bread and butter tool of every Pokémon breeder. For this reason, it is acceptable for Trainers to use hacked 6IV Dittos for breeding services.
However, this comes with a few restrictions:
  • Do not ask for any 6 IV Dittos on PokéCommunity forums or server. In the same manner, you are not allowed to offer 6 IV Dittos to other Trainers.
  • You may request custom Dittos from r/morebreedingdittos and keep them for personal use only.

High IV Dittos that have been obtained via Chaining are exempt from these exceptions, and may be traded here like any other Pokémon. Note that the maximum amount of guaranteed IVs obtained through Chaining is 4, therefore any Dittos that have 5 IVs will be deemed suspicious and may be required to be hack checked.
The reddit mentioned in the rules is run by former Trade Corner's mod, so don't be shy to ask there.
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