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Old October 7th, 2018 (7:23 PM).
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Okay, I did a thread a while back where I asked you to fix one thing wrong with your government. This is in a similar vein, because I love hearing about this stuff. You can totally change how your country is run to any extent, change whatever laws, policy or functioning you like. Basically, tell us how your ideal country would run.

Feel free to ask people follow-up questions.
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Old November 29th, 2018 (1:53 AM).
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    I'd psyducking overhaul it back to life.

    - The poor, needy, unwell and oppressed would all be given money and opportunities so they could pick themselves out of the gutter. That'll put a halt on basic crime, really, because despair makes for desperate actions. Also, single parents are not the scum of the universe and I'd point that out at length.

    - Ban smartphones and Facebook. That muk has got to go.

    - Revolutionise the education system, bring Latin back and teach everyone etiquette. Anyone who licks their fingers would be forced to polish silverware for twelve hours. Homeschooling would be heavily promoted and the recipients of it would be given more credit.

    - Enforce draconian child protection laws.

    - Invest in the mental health industry.

    - Fix hospitals so that they stop killing/maiming/ruining the lives of all their patients.

    - Make a policy that forces all immigrates to take a driving test on our soil. Other lands have different attitudes towards safety, and many people don't seem to realise that our rules differ and that you can't just break in the middle of the road, never indicate and drive on the white line.

    - Choke out corruption and physically choke the people who commit it.

    ... yeah, I'll be back with more.
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