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Old September 27th, 2018 (4:07 AM).
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X and Y were great games, but they felt like tech demo at times. One of the reason for this feeling are the main story, side quests, some characters and some storylines that just get teased like the Ghost Girl or Kalos Power Plant.

I was thinking how would I change the story of these games and then came up with the idea. More that one person has written the story for Kalos, so what if our community had a chance to write it instead?

So how will this work? I'll start and then anyone can continue as far as they want. Or if you have an idea for small side quest or anything, you can just write that here.

What do you think about it? Do you like the story as it is or will you join me and rewrite it?

With that said, let's have fun with this:

The Story

The games start pretty much the same. After Sycamore's introduction, player is taken to the Vaniville Town. Player's mom is famous Rhyhorn racer and later in the game, player can return to her and she'll give him/her her Rhyhorn with Protector. Also, while in the original games the player just moved here, in this story he/she is native to Kalos.

After talking to his/her mom, player goes outside and meets with Calem/Selena and Shauna. The reason is same as in the original. Sycamore wants to give the trio their first Pokémon. The trio makes their way to Aquacorde Town and meets with their friends Tierno and Trevor. Like in the original Tierno is dancer, but Trevor is Sycamore assistant in this story. Now the story continues just like in the original. Player gets their first Pokémon, has battle with both Calem/Selena and Shauna and proceed to Route 2.

The static encounter on Route 2 is Fletchling instead of Pidgey. Santalune Forest is pretty much the same. But player can return here after obtaining Key Stone and get either Pinsirite or Heracronite as prize for beating Samurai in the forest.

Route 3 and Santalune City are once again same. Battle with Viola is without any changes too. Once beaten her, she will trade Vivillon with pattern player don't have for pattern that player can get in their game. Also, after player becomes champion, he/she can attend Viola's exhibition at her Gym. There, he/she can battle Viola again.
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Old October 2nd, 2018 (2:03 AM).
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    I haven't played X or Y since they first came out but I remember them being one of my least favorites overall for story and mechanic. I have been out of touch with Pokemon for some time though so I am replaying (starting with Y) so here is hoping it's a lot better this time around.
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    Old October 3rd, 2018 (6:05 PM).
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    I like Pokemon XY and replay it a lot, yet I eally like this idea of adding more story, and see this as the opportunity to give XY the Z game it never got. I enjoyed reading all of the innovations that have been made so far, everything in the original post would be awesome in the game. I had a lot of fun thinking of what I could possibly add to keep this going.

    Your encounter with Professor Sycamore in Lumiose City differs slightly after he checks your pokedex and challenges you to a pokemon battle. He still gives you a Kanto starter Pokemon of your choosing, but without the mega stone. He only speaks cryptically about the bonds between Pokemon and trainer. In order to unlock the mega stone you must return to him with the Kanto starter in your party at maximum happiness. If you return to Sycamore with an entire party of Pokemon at max happiness you will unlock the feature of Pokemon sprites that follow you in the over world.

    As you head out of the room Sycamore encourages you to browse any books from the lab that you desire. An inspection of the shelves reveals volumes of beautiful books full of archeological evidence from prehistory, alluding to the formation of mega stones. There is also a mysterious book describing the biological characteristics of the cover legendary Pokemon, and hinting at its role in the great war 3,000 years ago.

    On your way out you see Lysander right on schedule, waxing poetically about making the world more beautiful and encounter your rivals. Shauna goes to make PR videos as usual , and you agree to meet Calem/Serena at Cafe Soleiei where Lysander has the famous conversation with Diantha about staying young dorever. Your rival still talks about competing with you and what-not.

    From this point onward the story changes dramatically from the XY we know. Diantha attempts to leave the cafe, but on her way out of the door she is besieged by fan boys and girls. She graciously signs as many autographs as she can, but when an army of reporters and photographers also descend Diantha is whisked away from the paparazzi by Gardevoir via teleport. In their haste to get away Diantha drops a key item called Antique Locket. This initiates a story quest to find Diantha and return her lost necklace.

    Trainers of the punk and burglar class will attempt to rob you when they spot the expensive locket, and you must defeat them in Pokemon battles.

    To trigger Diantha's encounter you must go to South Boulevard. She will briefly appear outside of Hotel Richissime as a bellhop escorts her to a limousine. She exclaims, "I thought for sure it would be at the hotel's Lost and Found. I feel terrible about losing something so important, and hope that she can forgive me."

    Diantha steps into the vehicle and is driven away by a chaffeur before you can interact. The bellhop laments that he could not be of more help, before realizing that you have the heirloom. He informs you that Diantha isn't staying at this hotel any longer, but tells you if you take the gogoat shuttle you might be able to catch her.

    You hop a gogoat and a fun mini game begins where you chase Diantha's limousine through the streets of Lumiose. You follow her to a brand new facility, the sign reads Pokestar Studios, currently at select locations in Unova and Kalos

    You encounter Diantha. The surprised starlet exclaims, "Why...this found our locket! Thank you young trainer, this means the world to us!"

    Gardevoir teleports beside Diantha. In a cut scene Diantha opens the locket with a key, showing a portrait of her Gardevoir, and a rainbow-colored stone behind the portrait. She puts her locket back on, then adjusts a matching pendant around the neck of her Gardevoir.

    Diantha explains that the locket contains her keystone, the locket along with the bond she shares with her friend Gardevoir allows them to work together to accomplish things not previously thought possible in battle.

    A security guard approaches, saying that only authorized personelle are allowed, and Diantha explains courteously that you are her guest, and that from now on are invited to visit the set anytime. She gives you a lifetime pass to return to Pokestar Studios, walks inside with you and introduces you to the staff. A panicked director flits around the halls, calling for Diantha to report on set on his mega phone. Diantha apologizes for her lateness, and that she must regretfully leave your company. he politely bows to you and encourages you to explore Pokestar Studios at your leisure.

    From this point on you have the option to make movies with your Pokemon at Pokestar Studios in side quests just like BW2. After you shoot your first movie Diantha will attend the premiere with Gardevoir to support you, and compliment your hard work. She presents you with a key item, the fashion case and wishes you good luck with your movie career. The fashion case allows you to dress up your Pokemon in a mini game and take photos of them to display like in HG SS. Diantha tells you that when she was a poor girl trying to make it in the business she used to recycle any discarded items she could find while living on the streets. The case will include as a special item an elaborate white gown inspired by Mega Gardevoir, caller Embrace dress.

    In post game you can encounter Diantha in her dressing room at Pokestar Studios. She explains that she worked out an arrangement with the studio to sell props from her movies in fundraising efforts for the Rebuild Geosenge project. She says they exceeded their goal, but there was one item that they could not sell at auction. The producers told her to keep it, but she thinks that it will look better on you. Diantha gives female players a wearable version of the Embrace dress for trainer customisation. Male players receive a green cape, called Blade cape.

    Once a week you can encounter Diantha here, and she will say the same line. "We raised a lot of money at the this week's benefit, but there was one item that did not sell."

    You can collect 5 additional items from her, each one symbolizes a member from her Pokemon league team.

    *Pumpkin Hoodie- a dark orange and bronze tunic with a long hood that resembles dangling vines of Gourgeist.

    * Sail Kimono- a gorgeous kimono of a lightweight fabric like Auroras sails with the same pastel coloration.

    *Tyrantrum Jacket- a red leather jacket with a white fringe that resembles sharp fangs.

    *Feathered Sombrero- a white sombrero with green and red feathers shed by a Hawlucha.

    *Goo goo boots. A cute knee-high pair of purple rain boots that evoke a certain dragon Pokemon.

    After Diantha's locket quest you will progress through the story relatively normally for awhile, except that as you walk around Lumiose city you can see flashing movie trailers on the billboard featuring your latest movie at pokestar studios, otherwise the game is unchanged. You meet Mr. Bonding, explore Lumiose City at your convenience and can strike out in search of Camphier Town whenever you want. You will run into Korrina and Lucario on route just like you are supposed to, reach Camphier and see Shauna at Shabbaneau Castle. You still can't cross Riviere Walk, and need the pokeflute to wake Snorlax.

    You go to Parfum Palace and search for the missing Furfrou but there are few dialogue changes. You learn that there is a masquerade ball tonight at the palace. Furfrou escaped to avoid getting a bath for the occasion.

    You have to play the usual game of chasing Furfrou around the garden. Once you capture Furfrou with the help of Shauna you are not only given the pokeflute but invited to the ball in gratitude. The owner also gifts you a Venetian mask to add to your fashion case.

    The screen fades and a cut scene begins, you and Shauna appear at the doors of the dining hall, both dressed in masks. You all dance. During the banquet Furfrou can be seen sitting belligerently on the owner's lap wearing the Debutante Furfrou trim.

    The ball ends with the fireworks show. The player goes with Shauna to the balcony watch the fireworks, and share that iconic, intimate scene.

    When it is all over and you attempt to leave the palace the barber who gave Furfrou his haircut says to come back and visit some time. He will give one of your Pokemon a haircut to lift their mood once per day. The owner waives goodbye and gives you a pokemon egg containing a shiny Furfrou. From this point onward the standard game play resumes.
    I got Haxorus on "What Dragon-Type Pokemon are you?"

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    Old November 2nd, 2018 (10:57 AM).
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    I forgot to reply to this sooner... I love your part. But let's move on...

    Route 7 and Battle Chateau is same as in the games, but there are more rewards awaiting you for ranking up like evolution items or even Pokmon. You also meet Trevor, Tierno and Rival at the Route 7 and you and Trevor have Multi battle against Tierno and Rival. Rival has Pikachu and Flabb, Rival has Fletchling and 2nd stage of their starter and Tierno has Corpish and Pancham.

    Now the big chunk of the game is pretty much the same as you go to the Ambrette Town, but Sina and Dexio will tell that Sycamore is waiting for you and others in the Fossil Lab, so you go there. In the Fossil Lab, you meet not only with Sycamore, but also with Sina, Dexio, Trevor, Tierno and Rival. When Shauna doesn't show up, you decide to investigate the town to find her. You don't find Shauna, but meet your mom in the Aquarium. You have a battle with her - she uses Rhydon that is hard to beat unless you have super effective Pokmon against it. After that, she'll tell that she has seen Shauna going to Glittering Cave. She will let you use her riding Rhyhorn to get there and so you and your Rival go there.

    In the Glittering Cave, you encounter Team Flare for the 1st time. As you beat the Grunts, you slowly get to the terrifying scene - Shauna is surrounded by Flare Grunts and Malva. She is talking about some stones and her Pyroar attacks Shauna, but two masked heroes (who could that be?) appear and hush Team Flare away and also disappear.

    If you return to the Glittering Cave after getting 2nd Badge, Grant is here looking for new Fossils. He challenges you to the battle of the Fossil Pokmon. In this battle you can use Fossil Pokmon, if it wasn't obvious from the name. After beating Grant's team - Tyrantrum, Aurorus, Rampardos, Carracosta, Cradily and Mega Aerodactyl, all at level 40, he will reward you with Aerodactylite.

    After the encounter with Team Flare, Shauna apologies for getting to that situation. She just wanted to see beauty of the Glittering Cave and then run into Team Flare. You return to the Fossil Lab, where Sycamore finally tells you about Mega Evolution and Mega Stones. He suspects that Team Flare was after them. He tells you not to worry about them and continue your journey. And he also gives you one of the Kalos fossil Pokmon.

    And so you continue to the Cyllage City. Cyllage Gym is pretty much the same. The layout is almost the same. The only difference is that there are more dead ends and it's harder to find the right way up. Grant uses Tyrunt and Amaura. He will also have special dialogue if you have revived Fossil Pokmon on your team.

    And I think that's all for now...
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