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Old October 24th, 2010 (8:47 AM).
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I have too much time to spare so despite the last one getting no comments, I've decided to review this. As I said if you have any suggestions, feel free to suggest. I know I'm far from the perfect writer but it's the actual review that counts for me. :D


I haven't played PES games anywhere near as much as the Fifa series. I did play PES 2010 quite a bit though.

In case you are looking at this trying to decide which to buy (and though I doubt anyone is, please don't just take my words as the only opinion you consider), here is my fifa review.

Problems finally covered?

Since PES 6, the series has been lacking compared to fifa with a lot of problems such as graphics (fixed in PES 2010 which had a massive graphics overhaul) and glitches. Konami have been one step behind at points such as with Be A Legend which was only released a year after Fifa had included a similar game mode and only this year have they added a contender to Fifa's addictive 'Ultimate Team' game mode. Obviously one crack has been covered as they have added a new game mode Master League Online to compete with Ultimate Team. Most of the glitches and gameplay problems have gone, occasionally the goalkeepers still make unforgivable mistakes but, that is all the seems to remain from the troubled previous games. Some translation errors are still around but most people should be able to get over them.


PES has made another stride forward with licensing this year. Unfortunately, they still can't get the Premiership licensing thanks to Ea's exclusive agreement but, this year has seen the addition of the Libertadores, effectively South America's Champions League and also three German Bundesliga teams, such as Bayern Munich (shown above). Downloadable files are still available for those who desperately want the leagues not included.

Master League Online

As I have done with the Fifa review, I have dedicated a paragraph to the game mode I have spent the most time on and that most players will probably play on. Master League Online is pretty simple, everyone starts with the same default team of awful fake players and have to slowly make their way up to making their dream team. This game mode is quite addictive as most PES player will tell you but it does involve a very slow start, especially since most players will have better teams if you start later on. I had to wait ten matches just to get a draw and a further few to score a goal, so let it be noted that this game mode is only for those who are willing to invest time in it. I have been playing a few days now and I am finally starting to build a decent side and get a few wins, the hard work is worth it and this is a great game mode.


Gameplay - Some huge improvements made in passing and creative freedom this year. It feels more like a game of football. 9.5/10

Graphics - Football games have never been the best graphically but PES' graphics are better than Fifa's. 8.5/10

Life Span - It has similar game modes to Fifa, master league offline gets pretty ridiculous pretty quick though so it doesn't last as long as career mode. 9/10

Online - There are much fewer options online than Fifa unfortunately and there are no leagues and pro clubs to keep you playing every day. There are much fewer players online also. 8/10

Overall - A major improvement on past games, it's a brilliant comeback from Konami but the game still lacks slightly on EA's effort. 8.75/10

The 'heads' at Konami have made a great game. Heads? No? Okay I'll stop.

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Old October 26th, 2010 (10:56 PM).
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    Nice Review. I actually prefer the PES series over FIFA, probably because I'm more acquainted with it; though I don't really play football games a whole lot. The Master League Online sounds pretty fun. I think I'll give this a shot.
    Old October 31st, 2010 (1:51 PM).
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    Thanks for commenting and reading, you don't realise how glad I am that someone has commented. :D

    I have personally traded it in now because although I stand by the score I gave it, I know I'll personally play Fifa more but even as a Fifa fan, MLO is addicting.

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