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wat is ur favorite color of underwear

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Old June 30th, 2015 (2:59 AM).
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    Jaguar print

    Nah, mostly dark colors, usually either black or dark gray. Maybe a dark blue one every now and then, nothing too flashy.

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    Old June 30th, 2015 (3:16 AM).
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    Originally Posted by Christos View Post
    but rainbow isn't a colour! .. is it?
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    Old June 30th, 2015 (1:29 PM).
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      Blue because waffles
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      Old June 30th, 2015 (8:00 PM).
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      i have THE CUTEST black, gray, and floral underwear ever invented so
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      Old June 30th, 2015 (8:01 PM).
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      I actually like pink underwear. I don't know why. lmao.
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      Old June 30th, 2015 (10:29 PM).
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        Rofl!This thread is kittens!
        I dont have a specific colour favourite.
        But I would never wear a pink one!
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        Old July 1st, 2015 (5:49 PM).
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        Pink or black. I rarely wear blue or white. I have no yellow, orange, green, nor purple underwear. No red underwear to speak of and red is my favorite color. D':
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        Old July 1st, 2015 (6:19 PM).
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        lol what a peculiar question uhh i honestly dc what color my underwear is. so i don't have a favorite color of them...
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        Old July 3rd, 2015 (7:30 AM).
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        Old July 3rd, 2015 (11:55 PM).
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        All of you posting colors are boring, its all about patterns yo. I pride myself in my bacon boxers, and my ice cream boxers and firework boxers are tied for a close second. Gonna wear the latter today, too, gotta represent.

        I'm being totally serious, too, I'd post pictures, but even I have standards ahaha
        he did it, not me.
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        Old July 4th, 2015 (1:01 AM).
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        Surprisingly, black.

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        Old July 5th, 2015 (4:14 AM).
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        The same sort of colours I like on anything else, primarily black. I'm not really that bothered by underwear colour lol
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        Old July 6th, 2015 (1:49 AM).
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        Blood-red, so people can't tell if I'm on my period.
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        Old July 6th, 2015 (3:31 AM).
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          how is it that there was not a single picture of brook on this thread til now?

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          Old July 6th, 2015 (5:07 AM).
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          where my plaids at? not a single plaid post??

          " Catchphrase! "
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          Old 4 Weeks Ago (7:37 PM).
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          Red like the blood of my enemies

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          Old 4 Weeks Ago (2:23 AM).
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          black, red, navy blue, grey, … pretty much anything that’s a single colour and not white. and a good fit, boxer briefs pls
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