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    Are you a big fan of the popular website called the SCP Foundation?

    I myself am a big fan of the website.

    Mainly because they are so good at writing horror stories.

    Here are just a few scary SCPs.

    SCP 173: a statue that kills you if you don’t look at it.

    SCP 682: a hard to kill lizard that adapts to anything you throw at it. Basically doomsday on steroids.

    SCP 035: a mask that possesses you if you wear it. It’s also sentient and can control your mind. It constantly oozes a corrosive slime that dissolves anything.

    SCP 096: a 7 foot tall humanoid that kills anyone that looks at its face whether from a photograph, video camera, or looking at it directly.

    SCP 106: a old man that is in various stages of decay. He can phase through walls, corrode objects, and drag people into his pocket dimension.

    SCP 049: A plague doctor that believes that he must cure the world of the pestilence. Anyone who he senses has the pestilence is cured aka turned into a zombie.

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