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Ack, sorry for the lateness! Busy. -_- Just took two final exams and need to do two more, plus need to take care of some real life stuff. >.>

‘kay, gotta say something real quick before I go. This chapter is perhaps the most important chapter in this story before the finale (which isn’t too far). Here many events from the prologue and the beginning chapters are tied together. Took that long, huh? XD; The problem is though is I’m afraid many of you are going to be confused over this chapter, mainly Bunny, Jenny, and Xatu traveling back in time. ^^; If there is anything that confused you, let me know and I’ll see if I can explain what happened.

One last thing: this could be the last chapter for a while due to the computer I usually use to write the story having a virus (now at the moment I’m using my uni’s library). -__- My dad and I are at the moment looking for new hardware, so we’ll see how that goes. Yeah, that means I won’t be able to do NE work much during my winter break (which is in a few days), so if my dad and I don’t find the new hardware soon, at the lateness I’ll get back to NE work in early January. At least I saved NE, so that’s good. ^^;

ANYWAYS, hope you guys enjoy this next chapter while I’m busy with finals and finding new hardware. XD; And thanks to DarkPersian479 once again for betaing!

Chapter Eighteen
Past Sight

Timmy sighed and rubbed his eyes. After he glanced at the clock and saw it was almost ten o’ clock at night, he yawned. Because of what happened at Solaceon Town, Timmy was behind looking through updates on a few other cases. His mind kept begging him for some sleep. Knowing he had a couple other cases to get through, he sighed once again.

Damn Bunny and Jenny.

As soon as he finished looking through a case dealing with another Pokémon breeding scandal, Timmy picked up a blue paper and read through it. He thought it would be just another case, but he was wrong. His eyes grew wide in confusion. The paper was of Ernest’s phone records, with two numbers in particular that piqued his interest.

One was the police station’s phone number. The other was Jenny’s cell phone number.

Why had Ernest called Jenny?

His heartstrings were suddenly pulled. That would mean Ernest and Jenny knew each other. Lovers? Timmy felt like throwing up. The historian would be too old for her. Friends? A possibility. In relation, Ernest being Jenny’s father? Most likely. Either way, the answer was already at the tip of his fingers—to tell her to get Bunny. Something was wrong, though.

Why would Jenny save Bunny?

Timmy scratched his chin and stared at the ceiling. The only other explanation was Bunny was not the murderer. Why was that woman’s name written, though? It just did not add up right.

I gotta let the chief know this.

Timmy rushed out of his seat and went to Lucas’ office.


Darkness grew stronger and the stars became brighter. Not much light emanated from the moon because of its crescent shape. The noises of the Noctowls and Kricketunes sounded soft and sweet this time. Bunny, Jacob, and Jenny slept on the ground with piles of blankets on them; the sleeping bags would be too much to carry. Balin rested on a huge boulder.

The Xatu was the only one awake. He pretended to sleep, waiting for the perfect opportunity. After hearing Jacob’s loud snores, the bird Pokémon knew that it was time. He flew towards Bunny and when he got close to her, he pecked her head lightly.

“Urgh! Ella, stop!” Bunny complained lazily and then opened her eyes to see the Xatu. “Xatu? Why did you wake me up?”

The Xatu did not say anything. He flew slowly towards Jenny and did the same thing to wake her up. Bunny raised her eyebrow.

“Huh? What’s happening?” Jenny complained while her eyes were still closed. When she opened them, she saw the Xatu and Bunny awake. “Bunny, what’s going on?”

Bunny shrugged and turned to face the psychic bird. The Xatu jerked his head to the right and flew, this time quicker.

“Don’t tell me that birdie wants us to follow him?” Jenny asked.

“I believe so,” Bunny answered with a sigh.

After getting out of the piles of blankets around her, Bunny went and followed the bird Pokémon. Jenny followed a few seconds later.


Almost ten minutes afterward, the three finally stopped at a grassy area with a few trees covering the moon’s brightness. Clouds of mist became noticeable, though not quite thick yet. Usually there would be wild Pokémon around somewhere, but so far none were seen except for the Xatu.

“Okay, Xatu, what’s going on?” Jenny complained while stomping on the ground.

Again, the psychic bird did not say anything. Instead, he closed his eyes and glowed gold. The mist around the two women was the same color as well.

Bunny could feel the warmth around her body in an instant and felt as if she was on a roller coaster. Whoosh sounds flew inside her ears and emitted into her brain. She closed her eyes, bracing herself. In just a few seconds though, the rushing feeling faded. When Bunny opened her eyes, she gasped. It was nighttime and she saw herself leaving the Canalave Library, carrying a couple of books.

Jenny chuckled. “Wow, your hair was short before!”

Bunny just groaned. She was about to say, “be quiet about that,” but then she heard someone scream. Both girls turned around and gasped when they saw Ernest running towards the younger Bunny.

“Bunny Spruce! Nice to see you again!”

The younger Bunny turned around and grinned at Ernest. “Good evening, Mr. Norrison. What are you doing here?”

“I was about to go inside the library to get a couple books. I wonder what you’re studying?”

Bunny’s cheeks blushed and she giggled. “Doing a long thesis on some of the Johto artifacts.”

Jenny covered her mouth and tried not to laugh aloud. Bunny could hear her snorts though, so she groaned softly to herself once more. Without the woman noticing, the Xatu grinned.

Ernest nodded. “I see.” He paused and gazed at the stars. Both Bunny and her younger self saw the twinkle in his eyes. “Sorry to ask this question randomly, but how much do you know about the legends of Sinnoh?”

The young archeologist gave a sly smile. “Much. There have been many stories of the Sinnoh legendaries.” Bunny gazed admirably at the stars, all very bright and burning. “For instance, Palkia, ruler of space. Twilight’s beauty.”

The old man grinned. “Have you ever wondered if those myths are true? Perhaps even dreamed of meeting one of the legendaries one day?”

Bunny nodded. “Of course. I believed myths are our earliest records of history, no matter how many fantasy and supernatural elements were thrown in.”

“Good to hear that. Hence, why I have a proposition for you.”

Bunny’s eyes tore away from the stars and she glared at Ernest. “What sort of proposition?”

Ernest grinned. For some reason Jenny felt coldness run through her spine. Even though Bunny knew already what was going to happen next, she felt her heart pounding faster and faster.

“How would you like to be my assistant? I actually have a few artifacts you might be interested in.”

Bunny smiled sadly. “Oh, that was a generous offer, but I am already going to be traveling to Kanto to research the evolution stones, and not the ones at the department store.”

Ernest laughed aloud. “Really? Well, that’s excellent, Miss Spruce. Okay, then, go ahead and do that thesis.”

Bunny chuckled and waved Ernest goodbye. After she left, Ernest shook his head. He was about to enter the library, but he heard someone walking towards him. Both girls gasped at who they saw. The younger Jacob’s black hair had begun to turn gray and his face back then was smooth. It was surprising how four years could make such a difference.

“You were about to show Bunny the plates, huh?” Jacob asked darkly.

Ernest smirked. “Yes, I was. True, she knew about the plates already, but has she ever seen them?

Now that Bunny thought about it, she never knew very much about the plates until she entered the library a few days ago while on the run. Then again, she did not know until now that the artifacts were the plates themselves.

Jacob grunted. “Look here, Ernest! You’re not going to have Bunny get involved in that discovery! I’m afraid she’ll become obsessed just like you!”

Ernest’s mouth twitched but he chuckled. “You’re just worried too much. I know Bunny’s good at translating Unown letters better than me, hence why I want her.”

“Again, don’t have her involved in this or else you’ll pay the consequences,” Jacob warned while pointing at him. He left Ernest alone.

“Wow, I guess the mystery of why Ernest chose you to help me is solved,” Jenny said in a matter of fact manner. “However, Jacob didn’t mention anything about knowing Ernest had an interest in you.”

The archeologist scratched her chin, deep in thought. Ernest had already decided on Bunny to help him with the plates. However, back then she declined. He asked once again though before his death and this time she accepted. Bunny could not help but wonder, though. What if she did not decline that offer? What if she worked with Ernest Norrison instead? Things would have been different, that was for sure. Another thought that came to her was why Jacob did not tell her about this in the first place. This was some important stuff, which was for certain. Before Bunny could think further, mist appeared…

It faded again. Bunny opened her eyes and saw the three of them inside a clean room. The books and papers on the huge desk were neatly stacked. Many awards and newspaper clippings were pinned on the walls.

“Why are we in an office?” Bunny asked.

All of a sudden the door opened, which made everyone duck under the desk. They saw Jacob glare at the bookshelf and take a thin book from it slowly. He turned the page and read it aloud.

“When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate. Wonder what that means?”

Bunny and Jenny stared at each other; both had their eyebrows raised.

“Wait, didn’t Doc say he wasn’t able to see the translations?” Jenny asked.

Bunny knew that Jenny was right. Jacob did say he was not able to see the translations, which meant he knew nothing of those texts. Bunny shook her head, though. No, she did not want to think that. Jacob, a liar. Probably he forgot, that was what old age could do to someone. She felt her heart being squeezed when she thought that.

Jenny stared at Jacob for a long time. She was now having doubts about him. First he did not tell Bunny she was actually meant to look at the plates in the first place, and now this. She bit on the bottom part of her lip, now considering some things.

Maybe I’m judging too early. Still though, why hadn’t Jacob told us this yet?

When the Xatu glanced at Jenny, he knew what she was thinking. He shook his head, wondering too why Jacob would not just come clean.

Jacob kept reading that passage again and again until he saw Ernest. He got the chance to see Jacob drop the book. Jenny’s uncle’s facial expression was of shock and anger combined into one.

“Jacob, don’t tell me you’re reading that book again?”

Again? Jenny thought. Her doubts became stronger now. She gripped the nothingness around her hand tighter but kept her cool, wanting to listen to their conversation.

“What? The first time I saw it I just looked at the cover. Besides, it looks like there’s only a couple of translations. Long time trying to decipher the alphabet, huh?”

Ernest shook his head and laughed, as if he heard the funniest joke ever. “I know, it’s because I restrict you from seeing the plates and the ongoing translations, huh?”

“At least I’m not the only one, and there’s a good reason too. Each time you or someone else mentions anything of those plates, you act very strangely, especially with your love, Briony.”

“Briony?” Bunny asked.

“His girlfriend, also a historian. She later moved, but Ernest didn’t tell me where.”

Many questions came crashing down on Bunny’s mind on how their relationship was like. She was about to open her mouth to ask a few questions, but she closed it. That could wait.

Both Bunny and Jenny leaned closer to have a better look at Ernest. His right eye blinked rapidly and his hands shook uneasily. The girls could hear him breathing very loudly.

“You guys really want the tablets and to know the translations themselves, huh?”

Jacob’s eyes went huge and he closed his mouth tightly. Just speechless. Bunny assumed the former professor did not expect that.

“Well, Doc said he himself nagged too,” Jenny whispered.

“But he did not say anything of Ernest accusing people of wanting them!”

“Well…he did get murdered, and that note’s supposed to lead us to the plates,” Jenny corrected uneasily.

The tone the officer used sent Bunny alarm signals. Something told her that Jenny was becoming suspicious of Jacob for something.

“You think Professor Alexison is the murderer, again!”

Jenny glared at Bunny. “I didn’t say that! See, so far my suspicions that one of the people who wanted the plates murdered him are close to one hundred percent, right?”

“The Professor is one of those people. He even said that himself.”

“Bunny! Geez, stop putting words into my mouth! Again, I didn’t say…”

Their little argument ended when they heard Jacob finally speak. They turned around and saw the former professor shaking.

“Look, I’m not here to grab the plates. I just want to know what’s going on! Besides acting strangely, there were a few times I heard you…”

Jacob was unable to finish his explanation when Ernest instantly took out a pokéball from his pocket and a small fuzzy Pokémon came out. He shook his purple fur and stared at Jacob with his big red eyes.

“Venonat!” the insect Pokémon exclaimed with a smile.

“Use Sleep Powder on Jacob!” Ernest instructed.

“Nat?” the Venonat asked and titled his head, wondering why Ernest ordered him to use that attack on a human.

“Just do it!” Ernest commanded once more, this time in a more cold and harsh tone.

Not wanting to question again, the Bug type shook his body and purple mist came out. Jacob could have run, but did not. The powder instead went into his nose and he fell down in an instant. Ernest sighed and returned his Pokémon.

“Why, Jacob?” he muttered to himself before he closed his eyes. Ernest grabbed both of Jacob’s arms and dragged him out of the room.

Both women stared at the room when they were alone, speechless. Words could not describe what they saw. Neither Bunny nor Jenny was able to say their feelings as the Xatu glowed gold again. Soon, nothing but gold mist around them…

The mist faded and now the three were outside. This time, there was thick fog, so they were not exactly sure where they were, although Bunny had an idea.

“Celestic Town. The route to it gets very foggy.”

“That’s where our next rest stop is, right?”

Bunny was about to answer that, but they heard a buzzing noise and the beat of wings.


Both women covered their ears and Jenny saw Jacob run past them.

“Bunny, it’s Jacob!” she yelled, pointing at him. “Let’s follow!”

Bunny glanced at Jacob and saw Jenny dash off. She soon followed, the psychic bird behind her. A couple hundred feet later, Bunny, Jenny, and the Xatu saw Ernest with a purple colored moth. The Pokémon had stopped flapping his huge wings.

“Good, Venomoth,” the man said. He was about to say something, but heard his name.

“Finally found you, Ernest,” Jacob said while panting. “Why don’t we talk?”

Ernest’s arms became shaky and he could not breathe. Each second made him more nervous.

“How did you find me?”

“Briony called. She told me while visiting Celestic Town, she saw you ‘testing the plates,’ or so she assumes.”

“Testing the plates?” Jenny and Bunny asked in confusion.

“She doesn’t realize that those plates will make history come alive. After centuries of other regions not believing our region’s myths, there’s now proof. Ha, and she said that I should destroy them, or at least just throw them away.”

“But it seems like you’re obsessed with them! Tell me, what’s going on?”

Ernest chuckled and smirked. “You know its history.”

“Even history doesn’t have many accounts of the plates. It always seems the records of them turned to dust.”

Jenny’s uncle snickered and snapped his fingers. “I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you with this important breakthrough in history. Signal Beam!”

The Venomoth’s eyes glowed red, and a rainbow beam making machine-like noises hit Jacob in the chest. After the former professor fell, his eye focused on the hint of light on the Pokémon’s neck.

“Ella, is that light?” Bunny asked.

Jenny shook her head and said, “Can’t tell because of the fog.”

“Sleep Powder!”

Venomoth flapped its wings and purple glitter came out. Some dropped on Jacob before he got up, causing the man to fall asleep on the ground.

“Good job. Now, return.”

The fog became lighter but golden around Bunny and Jenny. The officer clenched her fist and her eyes widened. Now her head became foggier with confusion than the one surrounding her. Her uncle’s words left an impression.

She doesn’t realize that those plates will make history come alive.

Once again, mist faded. The three were now inside a dark room, flames the only source of light. They saw the young Jacob waking up from a sofa and rubbing his head. After a mutter of where he was, a small woman came in, her arms shaky and her eyes showing concern towards the former professor.

“Is that Briony?” Bunny asked in a whisper. Jenny just nodded.

“Hi, Briony,” Jacob greeted with a tired smile.

Briony’s bright red lips curved to a frown. “Jacob, I’m sorry to call you in the first place,” she sobbed softly. “If I knew Ernest would do that to you…” She paused and started crying.

Jacob got up and patted her back. “It’s all right. You’re only doing what’s best.”

Briony gave a shuddered breath and then smiled. “Thank you,” she whispered. Tears still flowed on her cheeks, though.

Jacob smiled back. He was glad he made the woman feel better. However, his eyes went wide when curiosity hit him.

“What happened during those two years?”

Briony gasped. One look at Jacob’s eyes told her that he was serious about it. Bunny and Jenny too made shocked sounds, thinking the same thing.

“Well, at first it went well. We spent a lot of time together. However, he began spending time inside his room more and more each day. After that, he began to go outside very often. I asked why, but he didn’t tell me.” She paused to take a deep breath. “I went inside his room, curious about those plates. I told him to destroy them or throw them in the water, but he punched me. That was when I told him to get out.”

Jacob gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Bunny and Jenny gasped. They could not believe Ernest would do that to someone he loved.

“How could he do that to you?”

“Like how he hurt you?”

Jacob gasped. His mouth was about to open, but Briony spoke first.

“Ernest told me. At first I was understanding, thinking you were obsessed with wanting to know about the plates. However, I then realized he too became obsessed with them.”

Jacob sighed. “It’s true that I wanted to know what the deal with the plates was, but also I wanted to help Ernest.”

Briony just nodded. “I see.” She walked away towards the stairs, but she turned around and warned, “I know both of you are fine gentlemen, but Jacob, please be careful of how the plates are controlling your life too.”

The woman slowly went up the stairs, leaving Jacob alone gazing at the dancing flames. His eyes changed from shock to determination and greed.

“I’m going to get to the bottom of this,” he muttered to himself…

Once more the mist faded. Bunny’s eyes went wide when she knew where they were next. There were shelves everywhere, each filled with books. Ernest was inside, putting a note inside one of them.

“That must be ‘Carved in Silence,” Bunny whispered to Jenny, who just nodded. However, they turned around when they heard a familiar voice.


Jacob’s facial expression was of confusion and shock. When Ernest saw him, he stuttered and slammed the book back into the shelf.

“How did you find me?”

“I’m just here for some research…”

“On the plates!” Ernest interrupted.

Jacob gasped but he shook his head. “No, no, no! It’s not like that! I’m actually researching some artifacts from the Region Fights I just found.”

“Don’t play dumb! Even after four years, I still know you won’t give up on me that easily.”

Jacob opened his mouth, but then he closed it. Jenny and Bunny could tell he was about to lie, but they knew what Ernest said was the truth.

“All right, so I’m still trying to find you, but that’s not the reason why I came to this library! I’m really here for some research!”

Without hesitation, Ernest ran away. Jacob stared in confusion at first, but soon he screamed and chased after him. The girls and the psychic bird followed.

“Ernest, wait! I want to talk to you!” Jacob yelled while running down the stairs. He began panting.

Only a few steps after, he lost footing and crashed down on the floor. Jenny and Bunny gasped and saw they were not alone. Almost everyone inside the first floor of the library gazed at him in puzzlement. Not caring, Jacob got up and looked around. No Ernest at sight. However, when he looked out of the window he saw Ernest already on a Rapidash, the man talking on his cell phone. Immediately Jacob dashed out of the library and once again the three followed. When everyone came out, Ernest was finishing his call. Jenny gasped when he heard what he said.

“Just want to let you know, just in case I don’t make it, I will leave a note for you and to have Bunny Spruce help you with it.”

Ernest hung up and put the cell phone back inside his pants pocket, but he screamed when he saw Jacob.

“Please, for just one minute!”

Jenny’s uncle glared at him for a second before whistling, signaling his Pokémon to take off. The white horse’s fiery mane grew bigger when he neighed as he dashed off. Jacob gave an annoyed sound and ran towards them, but the horse Pokémon kicked him and he fell into the sea. After struggling to get back up, he saw both of them were gone. Jacob grunted and spit some water out of his mouth. Once again, mist formed.

Bunny began swaying left and right. She felt confused over what was going on. Who was the good guy and who was the bad guy?


Jacob rocked back and forth. He felt his body was all hot and he kept making nervous noises.

“I’m sorry, Bunny. As much as I love you, I can’t risk you going to the police. Speaking of the police…”


Jacob instantly got up and panted. He lowered his eyes and sighed in relief.

Just a nightmare, that’s all.

The man chuckled. Again, would he shoot Bunny and Jenny? Of course not. He was helping them. Instead, he would—

— shoot the officers. He almost shot the chief.

Jacob gasped. That would have been hook, line, and sinker—the chief caught off guard. He sighed, though. Back at that cliff, his mind ordered him to dive. Jump, Jacob, jump. The tone was sweet but urgent. It was as if his mind knew he would die at that moment.

The man’s eyes lit up in flames. No, it cannot be that. It was all his Xatu’s fault. If he had not pecked him…

Speaking of Xatu, where is he?

He turned around and froze when he did not see the bird. The memory of his nightmare flashed back before his very eyes. Jacob gritted his teeth and clenched his fist.

“That bird is going to tell him!” he suddenly screamed.

Balin woke up and looked at Jacob sleepily, the fox’s eyes half closed. Jacob turned around and gave a concerned look.

“Come on, Balin! We have to find Bunny, Jenny, and Xatu right now!”


When the mist cleared once more, Bunny and Jenny instantly knew where they were: the Jubilife Pokémon History Museum. Both saw Ernest writing something on the marbled floor with a purple marker.

Jenny gripped the left side of her chest. That really pained Jenny’s heart, about to see the last few minutes of her uncle’s life. She realized they would be able to see who killed him Now she was not sure if seeing it would be a good idea.

Is it wise to see my uncle die? Granted this could be a chance. I’ll know who killed him. This is why I saved Bunny and accepted this little plate expedition, right?

The hype of trying to find her uncle’s murderer died down. It was probably because seeing how her uncle died in action would be too graphic for her. Jenny opened her mouth, but she shook her head.

This is my chance to find out who killed him and prove that Bunny’s innocent.

Jenny’s thoughts were distracted when she saw Ernest finish writing. He put the marker back in the pocket of his coat and was about to go downstairs until Jacob was in front of him. Very surprised at this too, both Bunny and Jenny gasped. Their breaths became very rapid.

“Jacob!” the man said. He choked when that name came out of his mouth.

“Ernest,” Jacob said softly. “You think I’m going to hurt you?”

“Yes,” Ernest said nervously. “I know what you want from me! It’s those things, huh?”

Jacob said nothing but just smiled and nodded. For some reason that made Jenny glare at him more suspiciously.

“Look, I’m not giving them back.”

Jacob sighed. For a second Jenny thought her inside body temperature plummeted.

“I knew you would say that.”

“Go ahead, hurt me. Still, I will not tell you where they are. When I am gone, your search will be worth nothing.”

Ernest spread out his arms, letting any target get to him. When he saw that, Jacob chuckled and shook his head.

“Ernest, again I’m not going to hurt you. I’m the one that should be hurt since I will keep nagging you about it,” Jacob said with a tiny smile.

Jenny’s eyes squinted. The tone of the former professor’s voice was of careful thought, of hidden deception. She grew more suspicious when she saw half of her uncle’s body leaned back.

“Well, whoever gets hurt, I’m not giving away where they are.”

Bunny, not wanting to think badly about her former professor, tried to piece the puzzle together. Now she knew that Ernest hid them and for four years Jacob must have tried to track him and finally did. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Ernest speak.

“You know what, Jacob, the more I think about it, the more I realized that you actually want them for yourself. I’m confident one hundred percent.”

By his wide eyes and flushed face, Bunny noted that Jacob was both angry and confused at the same time.


“The things you said in the past, you did that so that you can get them,” Ernest said in a soft but confident tone. “I think you really wanted them for yourself!”

“What? I don’t get what you mean!”

“You heard me! You wanted what we discovered, you wanted them all to yourself! That is why I hid them from you! Just say so, you damn idiot!”

What happened next made the two women wish they had closed their eyes. Automatically, Jacob punched Ernest’s head, which made him fall down the stairs. Each time he fell down the thumps got harder. When Jacob did not hear the crushing noises anymore, he felt coldness inside his heart. Both girls felt the same thing.

“Ernest, are you all right?”

No sound.

Jacob’s mouth shuttered when he heard nothing. Realization hit him real hard. He was about to go downstairs to check to see if Ernest was fine, but he heard someone’s voice.

“Huh? Who’s there?”

Jacob quickly hid behind a statue of the legendary Pokémon Suicune nearby. While he stared at it, Bunny and Jenny moved closer towards the stairs and saw Ernest lying motionless.

“Oh my gosh, he could be dead! I must call 911 now!”

Like Jacob, Bunny’s heart stopped beating. No, it could not be. A professor murdered someone? True, that could happen, but Bunny did not want to believe it. She knew Jacob and never thought he would do that. This was her worst fear yet, and fear almost ripped her heart apart. Jenny’s heart started beating faster. She never thought a man like Jacob was capable of doing that. So Bunny and she found the criminal already but did not know it. That made things even worse. After Jacob ran away, gold mist appeared once more…

All three came back to the grassy area of Route 210. No room, no apartment building, no museum. The two women turned to stare at the bird. The bird Pokémon just stood there, waiting for their say on it.

“Xatu, tell me that all of this did not happened in the past,” Jenny stuttered, arms shaking.

Now Jenny was not sure who to believe, who to hate. On the one hand, her uncle did keep this a secret from her and hurt Briony. However, Jacob murdered him, and he seemed to want the plates. She should have been happy that was proof Bunny was innocent, but she was not.

As the psychic type nodded, the two girls turned around with surprised glares when they heard an all too familiar voice.

“Bunny, Jenny, Xatu! There you guys are!”

The murderer ran towards them, Balin following behind. The moment that he came close, Jenny pointed her index finger at him.

“You killed my uncle, Jacob Alexison!” Jenny proclaimed in a disgusted tone.

Everyone gasped, especially Bunny. She knew that, but what surprised her was that Jenny was already saying that to him. Plus, the officer did not say Doc but instead his full name.

The former professor felt his heart skip a beat. Too late, Jenny and Bunny probably knew everything. He dare not glance at his Pokémon. However, Jacob laughed nervously, his right hand behind his head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Who told you that?”

Jenny punched him, like how Jacob punched her uncle. When the former professor was on the ground, however, he turned around to look at Jenny with wide eyes. Blood felt warm on his mouth, so he wiped it off.

“Ella!” Bunny screamed. Even though she understood why the officer did that, she still thought it was too much.

Balin barked, unaware of what was really going on except for Jenny being violent to Jacob. The Xatu’s eyes went wide. True, he knew Jenny might react like that, but what surprised him was that the punch she gave was a very good one.

“Let’s just say a little birdie told me.”

Jacob’s eyes squinted; he already knew that. He turned around and saw his Xatu nodding at him.

I’m going to have a talk with him later.

Jacob got up and gazed into both girls’ eyes, both telling a different story. Bunny’s eyes lost their glitter that came when she heard or talked about something history related. Hers now were of sadness. Jenny’s eyes lost the glitter that came when she joked around a lot. Hers flashed with flames, of anger and possible vengeance. He sighed.

“Yes, I did kill him, but it was an accident.”

“Accident? Accident? It doesn’t look like it!” Jenny criticized.

Jacob’s eyes shot wide open. Still, he was going to try to defend himself.

“Look, whatever my Xatu showed you isn’t the full…”

“Did you want the plates from him or not?” Jenny interrupted in a demanding tone.

“What?” Jacob asked. His voice sounded as if someone was trying to choke him.

“Cut the crap! Did you want the plates from him while he was still alive? For four years you tried to track him down, right?”

Jacob opened his mouth, but did not speak yet. He was speechless for a few seconds and admitted defeat. His defense failed for sure, so there was nothing else to do but to surrender.


No, he would not admit defeat. He still had some strength left, and he would use it all. Jacob would not let her win that easily. Slow and steady.

“Yes, I wanted the plates from him after I found out he moved away. At the very least, I wanted to have a look at them myself. Yes, I was tracking him down for four years and I finally found him just a few days ago. Yes, I killed him, but…”

Jacob was not able to finish his sentence when Jenny interrupted, managing to get through his defensive war tactic.

“That’s all I need to hear. Since I heard and saw enough evidence, there’s nothing left for me but to take you to Jubilife City Police Station. I shall thank you later for finally letting Bunny free.”

Bunny froze, her worst fear coming true. Yes, Jacob should be arrested for murder. One thing troubled her was that she did not want to see him go to jail. That led her to the question that had been bugging her recently. Before the officer could get to Jacob, Bunny grabbed Jenny’s arm.


Jenny turned around and glared at Bunny. At first she was about to scream at her, but she frowned when she saw Bunny’s eyes, full of sadness and doubt.

“Let me talk to him first,” she whispered.

Knowing the two had a long history together, Jenny nodded and then Bunny let go of the officer’s arm.

“ Professor, why had you never told us any of this in the first place? You knew all along Mr. Norrison wanted me to see those plates. Not only that, you murdered him.”

Jacob’s eyes went wide and felt his heart leap out of fear. He had not anticipated he would tell the truth this soon. As much as he hated it, it was time for him to face the stage and get the monologue over with.

“I didn’t let any of you two know about this for many reasons. For years I wanted to know more about the plates and Ernest wouldn’t tell me anything about them. After you two told me about your mishaps with the officers, I thought this was a second chance I should not miss.”

Jenny clenched her fist and her chest moved in slow but heavy rhythms. “So basically you used us? Do you care about us, however?”

Jacob closed his eyes and sighed heavily. “Of course I do, but I care about my reputation too.”

Bunny just felt numb when she heard that. The gentleman that she admired so much cared about his reputation more than not having his favorite student go to jail.

“Reputation? REPUTATION?” Bunny began laughing loudly like a drunken maniac. Jenny, Jacob, Balin, and the Xatu stared at her as if she had lost it. “If you care so much, you would have just turned yourself in the first place!”

Bunny would soon regret saying that. Jacob ordered an attack, but it was not from his Xatu, however.

“Silver Wind!”

Too bad both girls were not able to see which Pokémon Jacob yelled to. A huge glittery wind trapped Bunny, Jenny, and Balin, causing everyone to scream. They tried to escape, but it was no use. Eventually all flew up high and their heads banged on one of the trees. Before Bunny became unconscious, she first heard an argument that she could not comprehend and soon saw pink mist around Jacob and his Xatu. The two disappeared.
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Seriously, I think I put too many things in this chapter, too! -_- There were many things I wanted to put in this story, and so far at the moment it’s in this chapter. ^^; Also, sorry not many things happen in this chapter. I think I went overboard with the emotional description too. ^.^; Chapters 20 and beyond though are going to be more interesting (I hope). In short, this is not the best chapter here, espically comparing it to Chapter 18. :O

Thanks to DarkPersian479 for betaing! And also a warning: The scene at the end was inspired by 24. :X

Chapter 19
Rolling Along

Back at The Lost Tower, Misdreavus stared at the Giratina statue while Brenda looked at the candle she was holding, the flames lighting up brightly and dancing slowly. Many things were on the old woman’s mind.

Brenda wondered why Bunny affected her so much. They only met for a couple of days and already she felt deep hatred toward the woman. Perhaps it was because she despised criminals and found out Bunny was one. Did she go overboard, though?

The old woman turned around to face Misdreavus and sighed. “I think I overreacted over Bunny being a criminal. I mean, I’ve only seen her for a couple of days. Not only that, she wasn’t able to explain the situation.”

“Mis, mis,” the Misdreavus said in agreement while nodding.

Brenda was about to say something, but turned around when she heard footsteps. She saw her husband Thomas holding a flashlight.

“Hey, honey. It’s getting late.”

Brenda smirked. “I know, just a lot on my mind.”

Thomas nodded, already knowing what was on his wife’s mind. “Look, I know the situation at the Solaceon Ruins affected you a lot. Rest assured, they will be caught.”

Brenda would have smiled, but instead she frowned. Before, she had wanted Bunny to be caught, but after some thinking, she had a change of heart. She did not want Bunny’s case to become a media circus.

“Well, I just hope the news won’t be overhyped over this. Also, I hope that they are safe, weird as it may sound.”

Her husband shrugged. “Either way, they’re screwed.”

Brenda sighed. She knew that was true. Even if the media was not trailing behind them, they would go to jail anyway.

When Thomas saw his wife’s head hung down, he gulped silently to himself. He thought what he said was heartless. Even though Thomas did not care for criminals, he also knew not all of them were monsters.

The husband gave a genuine smile. “Well, I hope they’ll be safe too.”

That made Brenda grin. “Thank you.”

All of a sudden, Brenda felt her body all tingly inside and she could not breathe. She heard warnings from the spirits- everything is getting worse, everything is getting worse. Her head kept pounding harder and harder. Both her husband and Pokémon screamed with deep concern.

“Honey, are you all right?” Thomas shouted urgently.

Brenda took deep breaths and clenched at the left side of her chest. “I think some major event just happened. The spirits are worrying about it.”

Once again, Thomas was stumped on what to say without causing another argument. Whenever the subject of ghosts was brought up, there would always be a heated debate between the two of them. However, he gave a small smile.

“Perhaps a good night sleep would do good.”

After Brenda panted some more, she closed her eyes tightly and sighed. Today was a long day and some rest would be nice. She just needed to forget about it.

“Maybe you’re right.”

Thomas nodded and left the room, Misdreavus following behind. Before Brenda left, she blew the candle out. Nothing but darkness.


“…but I remind you again, I don’t think the villagers at Mt. Cornet used some kind of sorcery to make the other elemental stones. I do think though, that there are some unique stones they’re able to find and carve. “

One skinny man wearing glasses wiped sweat from his forehead and let out a sigh. He shuffled his index cards to make sure he got everything. The three other people in the brightly lit room with a fireplace stared at him for some time.

“But how are they able to find out the power source that makes the Pokémon evolve?” one curly haired woman in a silky green dress asked.

More sweatdrops from the man. “Er…” He went though the cards and after finding one index card, he gave an uneasy smile. “They discovered the aura from the stones first and then found that the stones can make some Pokémon evolve, thus the Dusk and Sun stones came to be. Thanks for asking that, Ms. Spruce.”

Bunny grinned. This was the first time she was in one of Jacob’s monthly history gatherings with his friends. He always liked to keep in touch with his friends on their discoveries and future works, so he and his friends would plan in advance the gatherings. This evening it was her, Jacob, the skinny man named Allen Gregson who had just spoke earlier, and a pale skinned woman sitting with a huge hat named Ulla Axelrod.

“That’s a nice take on the stones, Allen. Give a hand, everyone!” Ulla shouted cheerfully. After everyone clapped, the woman drank some water and grinned at Jacob. “Now, I think it’s Mr. Alexison’s turn. Tonight he’ll treat us with a quick lecture on one of the Region Fights!”

After everyone clapped, Jacob got up and took a bow. “Thank you, Ulla. As you know, my main focus is Sinnoh History during the Dark Ages, during which the Region Fights took place. It is a tale of two regions fighting due to different perspectives. One of the biggest battles was at Eterna City, back then a very important village for trade. ”

The young archeologist felt her heart racing in excitement. She always knew Jacob’s lectures would be very good. Already she could imagine both armies at the forest, beating their drums loudly for the heavens to hear. BA-BOOM, BA-BOOM, BA-BOOM. The two armies’ flags were shown, dancing in sync with the wind—Sinnoh’s black, blue, and pink vertical lines and Hoenn’s green background with red and blue diamonds.

“The two armies charged at each other with no mercy! Pokémon, swords, and arrows clashing!”

An intense battle that was a blur to Bunny; nonetheless it was still exciting. Man slashing at Pokémon and other fellow brothers with their swords and Pokémon using icy beams, rapid stars, and lightning at the other soldiers and other Pokémon. Cries of pain and endurance were louder than the howling wind. The green grass became redder each second.

“The Hoenn Knights had the upper hand due to the men being excellent archers and having strong Pokemon like Absol, Flygon, and Slaking. After defeating the Sinnoh knights, they pushed through and invaded the city.” All of a sudden, Jacob grabbed a rusty dagger from his belt and put it close to Allan’s neck, which caused the poor man to gulp. “All possessions were taken and many people died.”

Screams from many people and Pokémon living in the city could be heard. The Hoenn Knights used swords, daggers, and Pokémon to kill them. The Hoenn Knights would charge inside the buildings and get their hands on anything they could find. Everywhere houses and markets were destroyed, flames consuming them. Bunny was interrupted when she heard Ulla laugh out loud.

“Don’t worry, Allan! He’s not going to hurt you. That’s why he’s considered one of the best lecturers at his university!”

Jacob chuckled and twirled the knife for a bit before putting it back on his belt. Allan sighed in relief.

“Your life is spared, my dear friend. This knife is actually an artifact from that battle, just so you know. And oh, Ulla, I do bring my artifacts to class, but not something dangerous like knives. ”

Bunny could not help but giggle. She remembered her professor during lectures like that except without him scaring the wits out of the students with a dagger close to their neck.

“Now, Hoenn may have won that battle, but soon Sinnoh regained momentum and won against them in other battles, I say!”

Everyone clapped and Jacob took a bow. Bunny grinned and felt light headed. She thought she had just went back in time and experienced the battle herself.

She did not realize that memories could be lost and regained…


Star, star, starly.

Pidge, gey. pidge!

Ow, my head.


Shuffle of feathers?

Bunny rubbed her forehead and opened her eyes. Pain aroused inside her head, causing her to grit her teeth. She saw Pidgey and Starly flying up towards the rising sun. Very early at this time. Not long after she glanced at Balin and Jenny, both sleeping. All of a sudden, memories of last night flooded back to her.

Professor Alexison murdered Ernest Norrison.

Tears flowed down on her cheeks. She closed her mouth tight, not wanting to make any noises. Her sobs woke up Jenny and Balin, though.

“Bunny, what’s the matter?” Jenny asked, raising one of her eyebrows.

“Last night,” Bunny said simply. She could have said more, but was afraid she would not be able to finish a sentence in this state.

Jenny did not need any explanation. She knew what Bunny meant by, ‘last night’. Rage flared up inside her heart. She turned her head a few times, hoping to see Jacob, but there was no sight of him.

“Looks like Jacob used Teleport. He could be at Snowpoint City already.”

The two became silent, deep in their own thoughts of the situation.

Fear once again took over Bunny. If Jacob had those plates already, he might have run away to another region. Without those things, she would be still on Sinnoh’s Most Wanted. She did not care anymore what was written on the plates nor if they had powers on them. The true convict was found, but he got away.

Jenny knew the plates and Jacob’s Xatu could be used as evidence that Bunny was innocent. However, she was one hundred percent sure Jacob was at Snowpoint City right now. The officer could just call Timmy and Lucas and tell them to get Jacob. Would they believe her, though? Another idea came to her mind, which made her smile. Jenny took out her pokéball, threw it up in the air, and her Tropius came out.

“Ella, what are you doing?” Bunny yelled in confusion.

Jenny jumped on her Pokémon’s back and grinned. “We’re going to Snowpoint City to get him and those plates! Hop on!”

Bunny dared not move a step. Even though it would be the right thing to find Jacob and put him in jail, part of her did not want to do it, and she was not sure why. When Balin stared at her, he knew what was going on, so he whimpered.

“Bunny, what’s wrong?”

“I…” After being silent for some time, she shook her head. “No. For some reason, I do not want Jacob to go to jail.”

Jenny slapped her head and jumped off of her Pokémon’s back. When she was close to Bunny, she poked her chest.

“Bunny, I don’t know what’s going on in your mind. You saw what Xatu showed us. Face it, he’s a murderer.”

“But he helped us, he…”

“HE USED US!” Jenny interrupted. Her breaths became deeper and sweat streamed down all over her face. “What, you trusted him one hundred percent?”

Bunny gritted her teeth. Her breaths became deeper too and she felt her blood pressure boiling. Time for payback.

“You trusted him too! In fact, I think you trusted him more than your uncle!”

Bunny gasped and covered her mouth, knowing that she went too far. The two Pokémon shouted in shock. Jenny first glared at her with a frown before she hopped on her Tropius.

“Come on, let’s go back to Jubilife City.”

As soon as the Pokémon began flapping his wings, Bunny screamed, “Jenny, what are you doing?”

“I’m going back to the police station. I’ll just say you took me hostage.”

Bunny’s eyes went wide and her body felt numb. For a second she thought this was a dream. Everything.

Me a wanted murderer, Jacob the true criminal, Jenny leaving me…NO!

Not wanting anything worse to happen, Bunny ran and yelled, “How about Jacob? How about the plates? How about me?”

“If you won’t accept Jacob as a murderer, then I won’t either! Besides, I’m in a lot of trouble already, so they’ll take care of him after I get fired. You know what, I don’t know why I wanted to save you in the first place. You’re no different than the other innocent people in jail.”

“Excuse me? You know I never killed your uncle in the first place! You wanted to catch the real suspect!”

“If you think you can do it right, you find Jacob yourself! Good luck on that, Bun-bun!”

Jenny kicked her Tropius lightly on the side and he flapped his wings. The two were up in the skies and headed toward Jubilife City.

Bunny stared at the sky and waved her fist at the two of them, though the insult was more towards Jenny.

“Come back here, Jenny!”

Jenny did not turn back.

As soon as Bunny was not able to see Jenny and her Tropius anymore, the archeologist took out a pokéball from her bag and pushed the button to let Sky out. One of Balin’s eyes grew wide.


Bunny did not listen. Instead, she muttered, “I will show Jenny that I can find Jacob on my own.”

Only thoughts of proving Jenny wrong swirled inside Bunny’s mind. When she found Jacob, the rest would be history.

She grabbed her Ninetales, quickly hopped on Sky, and yelled, “To Snowpoint City! Do not worry, I will give the directions.”

The Drifblim nodded. The three went up the sky and headed west.


Damn, Bunny! Who does she think she is, saying I trusted Jacob more than my own uncle?

Jenny was still frustrated over the argument she and Bunny had a couple of hours ago. When she said how she trusted Jacob over Ernest, that was when the archeologist pulled the last straw. On the other hand, she could not help but take a second ponder.

Okay, maybe she’s right. I did trust him a lot. He seemed like a nice guy…

Having understood Bunny’s situation, she sighed. The woman had known that man for many years and the two got along well.

No wonder Bunny took it hard. I would deny it too if he were a good role model to me.

Even though Jenny was still mad at Jacob for lying, her head began to cool down. She believed she went on a rampage because of her not being nice to criminals, having met all kinds of them. A sigh came. She knew it was her fault for scaring him.

He’s still in deep trouble, though I should’ve been more understandable. Should’ve heard his side of the story.

She began thinking back about what Jacob’s Xatu showed him. First she thought her uncle was overreacting over the plates, but she saw that Jacob had been tracking him down for four years and almost got him.

Draco, Earth, Fist, Splash, Flame, Icicle…

Jenny remembered Jacob telling her the name of the plates not long ago, each one named after the elemental types. She wondered why they were named that instead of after the Sinnoh legendary Pokémon. The bigger question was why people were obsessed with them.

Dread, Mind, Zap, Insect, Sky, Toxic…

Jacob’s lectures came back to mind. She remembered the events of the Region Fights, the Hoenn King, the divers, and the Colonial Era. Even thinking back to Jacob and Ernest’s past together proved her point. The plates would be found, fought over, and scattered.

Stone, Iron, Spooky, Meadow.

They’re just artifacts, but everyone wants them, perhaps even Bunny.

Jenny gasped and her eyes went wide. Her mind went back to Bunny. Jenny felt sorry for Bunny, and thought about how hard it would be for her to catch Jacob.

Knowing her, she would be scared. Maybe I should help.

Jenny grinned. She knew what to do.

And I know where to find her.

The officer chuckled. Despite Bunny being a very unusual person, she liked her a lot. The little lady was like an exotic woman to men. She may speak in a foreign language, but her tone was rich with melody to them. Jenny glanced at the bright sun and smirked. Early afternoon—she still had time to get Bunny.

“Tropius,” she cheered, “I have a hunch where I can find Bunny! Turn west!”

The Pokémon roared and did as he was told. The two headed in a different direction.


Inside Lucas’ office, things were off to a great start. They got the results from the lab and it was good.

“Ha! I knew it! The test’s positive!” Timmy exclaimed while looking at the faxed papers. “So that means Bunny went to that contest hall and then to Solaceon Town as well!”

The chief nodded and commented, “Yes, that might be the case.”

“There’s one problem, though. Where is Bunny now? She could be in Johto! Looks like there’s nothing much we can do at the moment but to analyze the notes again and wait for that announcement once more.”

Timmy scratched his chin for some time. Quit for the day? They could not just give up. Perhaps waiting was the way to go. The man grinned, though. He had thought of something, something they should have done a long time ago.

“Hey, I got an idea. Why don’t we go through Ernest’s info? Chief, do you have Ernest’s current address on file?”

Not about to question it, Lucas quickly typed in Ernest’s name and read what the screen said. It took him a while to find the current address.

“Oh no…”

“What is it?”

“In here it says his last place of residence was at the Champions Apartment Complex in this city, apartment seven, four years ago. However, he lived with a woman named Briony Dapulet for two years at a home in Veilstone City, and then lived at Canalave Livings Apartments for a few months, but records shows that he didn’t pay the rent for three months, so it’s assumed he got kicked out.”

“Kicked out? So I guess we won’t be able to check his home for clues, huh?”

Lucas shook his head. “I know. However, we can still question those two landlords. Also, he’s been staying at a few Pokémon Centers.”

An idea popped in Timmy’s mind, so he grinned. “Where’s the last Pokémon Center he stayed at?”

Lucas was about to open his mouth to answer, but he gasped and his heart felt heavy.

“What is it?”

“It’s in this city’s Pokémon Center, twenty minutes before he died.”

Timmy leaned closer to the chief’s laptop and gasped. “This city’s Pokémon Center? Why would he go there?”

“Seems like he used the PC system to put in a note, hence the one the girls have with them at the moment.”

All of a sudden, Lucas got out of his seat and walked towards the door. Timmy gave a confused look.

“Where are you going, chief?”

“I’m going to tell a few officers to check out those two apartments and Miss Dapulet’s place. We’re going to have a meeting over this case at eight o’ clock sharp. Come on, you’re coming with me to the Pokémon Center!”


For the last few hours Bunny and her Pokémon were up in the air. It was late afternoon but they were not able to enjoy the sun nor the scenery below due to the fog. Bunny was able to see trees and cliffs but barely.

While flying, there were many things on her mind, most notably of Jenny, anger and hatred towards her brewing inside her heart. This little adventure just got more twisted and now she was under the spotlight’s heat.

Who does she thinks she is, not going for the real suspect? Although, she did not arrest me…yet.

She gulped, again afraid of the prison life. It was true that Jenny could turn her in and she would be in jail for many years. At first she was not afraid of being caught, thinking she and Jenny would outwit those two other officers. On the other hand, since Jenny left to tell them to get her, things changed.

Why did she have to leave me? Why Jacob, too?

Bunny gasped when her mind went back to Jacob. That was why, her feelings towards him. She did not want him to be in jail, despite what that Xatu showed her. Her respect towards him danced wildly like fire and wind.

Maybe Jenny is right. He has to pay for what he has done.

Now Bunny felt like she was in the harshest story she ever heard. Teacher and student were working together, only the person finding out her mentor cared about his reputation more than helping her out. How one slip up could change plans just like that. The woman sighed in defeat, but was interrupted when her Drifblim spoke.

“Drift, drift,” the Pokémon complained as he gritted his teeth. Balin snuggled on Bunny’s arms and hoped that would warm him up, despite his fur.

“Sorry, but this is the way to Snowpoint City. You two can rest up when we get to Celestic Town, though.”

As if on cue, the fog faded and all three looked at the town below. There was not much, only a few buildings, some houses, a Pokémon Center, and—

—a cave? The Celestic Town Ruins!

Bunny grinned. She heard about the ruins before, of how there were carvings of those mythical creatures, telling stories of how those magnificent Pokémon created this region.

Maybe looking at some of the carvings will relax my mind.

“Nine?” Balin asked when he saw the town.

After Bunny nodded, she whistled and pointed to the Pokémon Center. The Drifblim nodded back and dived down.


Before Bunny went inside the cave, she returned Sky and eyed the two carvings of two dragon Pokémon. One stood on all fours and had a diamond on its chest. Another one stood on two legs and had two pearls on its arm, one on each side. Both looked like they were ready to battle.

Dialga and Palkia, time and space.

Bunny took a quick glance at Palkia. Her heart began racing. When Balin stared at it, he growled. For some reason he did not like that Pokémon.

Waters of space. Twilight’s beauty.

She leaned closer towards the Dialga carving and stroked it; it was very rough to the touch. For some reason her body became cold.

Steels of time. Cannot be broken.

Bunny bowed her head down and sighed. There was someone she wished was here.

“Jenny would be interested in Dialga and Palkia,” Bunny muttered to herself.

“I heard of how those two Pokémon kept fighting each other. Is that true?”

Bunny’s eyes went wide and froze. She thought she heard Jenny’s voice.


Bunny turned around slowly and saw Jenny smiling, her right hand touching the carving of Palkia. The archeologist could not breathe. When Balin saw her, he yelped happily.

“I knew you’d make a grand pit stop here. So, care to lecture me about those two guys?”

“Oh…well, basically there are many stories of how Dialga and Palkia battle against each other. Some say how it ended, most of it predictions.”

Jenny nodded. “Hm, I see. Since you study the other regions, was there a dueling battle like theirs too?”

Bunny pondered, her fingers scratching her chin. Seconds later, she snapped her fingers.

“Groudon and Kyogre of the Hoenn region. The only difference is that the legends of Hoenn are ground and water.”

Jenny nodded and sighed. Bunny thought the officer would make a quick joke, but she knew that would not happen after seeing her frown.

“We need to talk a bit about what happened earlier today. Look, I’m sorry for being too harsh on Jacob, so I’m going to give him a chance to explain his side of the story. You do realize, though, he still has to go to jail for this, right?”

Bunny nodded. “Yes.” She then smiled and said, “I am glad you will be nicer to him now, though.”

Jenny smiled back. The officer thought she felt a glow inside her heart.

“Seriously though, I don’t want to play the bad cop like a few other officers at my place. Plus, I did promise that I will protect you no matter what.”

Bunny gasped. She had almost completely forgotten about that. The promise she made back at the museum quickly came back to her mind.

“So what do you say? Do you bore the boys?”

The archeologist stared at her at first with one of her eyes wide, but giggled. She knew that was Jenny’s way of asking, ‘are you ready.’ Bunny snuck in a sly smile.

“No, I educate them. Ready when you are.”

Jenny laughed out loud and released her Tropius. Everyone quickly got up and soon the Tropius headed towards the sky. While the Pokémon flew, Bunny once again grinned when she felt the breeze kiss her cheeks. That did not last long, however. Things were getting serious now.

Bunny gasped, her mind refreshed after thinking about Jenny being mad at Jacob. She assumed the officer was not mad at her uncle any more, though that woman could be unpredictable at times.

“Hey Ella, have you forgiven your uncle?”

“Huh?” Jenny asked, not paying attention.

“I wonder, did you forgive your uncle yet, since you are mad at Professor Alexison now?”

Jenny still felt the scars that both Jacob and Ernest left on her mind. She hated how two men she considered intelligent and down to earth could lie to her.

Lying led everyone to this situation.

Her eyes went wide; there was something she realized. Lying somehow affected everyone at a short distance. No, at a long distance. She still hated Ernest for that.

“Oh,” she said softly. Jenny frowned at Bunny. “No, I have not. My uncle still should’ve told me. They shouldn’t have lied.”

“But you lied to Timmy and Lucas!”

“I know, I know. Truthfully, I think lying’s bad. There are good and bad lies, though. My uncle’s lie killed him and Jacob’s lie hurt us. I lie because you were wrongly accused.”

Bunny gasped. She had never thought of it that way before. She got her answer and was very surprised at it. So Jenny was now angry at the two of them. Bunny wondered how long she would be mad at them.


A few Taillows were perched on the top of the Canalave Pokémon Center, chirping. Below, Lucas was behind Timmy and whispering to him. The two officers were walking to the center because the place was only a couple of blocks away from the police station.

“Are you sure we will find something in that Pokémon Center?” asked Timmy.

“Yes, I think so,” Lucas answered. “He could have left something in there.”

They stopped talking when the two entered the Pokémon Center. As soon as they entered the place, Nurse Joy looked at the policemen with an angry stare.

“Chief Lucas, Officer Timmy? What are you doing here?”

The two did not say anything yet. They were close to the nurse’s desk, Lucas having one of his arms on it. He leaned toward her and spoke.

“Nurse Joy, when was the last time you met with Ernest Norrison?”

She gasped, wondering why he asked that, although she knew that question was probably to progress the murder case further.

“Um, the day he died, actually. Why do you ask?”

“Well, our records show that this was the last place that Ernest was staying at. We believed he might have left a couple of things here that we would like to check out.”

Lucas took out a piece of paper, a search warrant, and gave it to Nurse Joy. After she finished skimming it, she gave the paper back to the chief and sighed.

“No, he didn’t leave anything here.” She paused to stare at the ceiling for a while, as if she wanted to tell them something. “Although…”

“Although, what?” Timmy asked. When the officer saw Nurse Joy’s eyes filled with uncertainty, he knew she was hesitant to say anything. “Nurse Joy, whatever you say can be very important for this case.”

Nurse Joy gave a small smile. “Well then, I did see something odd the evening Ernest died. I saw him using the PC but then he punched someone and ran away.”

Both Lucas and Timmy felt their heartstrings pulled. It seemed now the case was close to a knife edge in making real progress.

“Really? Who?” asked Lucas frantically like a child asking an adult a million questions.

“Tell you the truth, I don’t know because there was a crowd from the Renaissance Fair gathering around. Sounded like it was a man, though, by the voice. Didn’t call the police because I thought it was just a typical fight, nothing too violent.”

Lucas’s fingers twitched and his mouth quivered. A man? When the chief heard the nurse mention a fight, he assumed it would have been with Bunny. That would make sense, with Ernest dead twenty minutes later. Chances are the person Ernest punched was not the murderer, though. After some time, he forced a smile.

“Thank you, Nurse Joy. All right, boy, let’s go back to the police station!”

Timmy nodded and they went outside. As Nurse Joy watched, she shook her head.

Outside, while the two men were walking, Timmy glared at his boss.

“Chief, what’s wrong?”

Lucas stopped and turned around to face Timmy. “It just doesn’t add up. First the phone numbers you told me earlier, and now Ernest confronting a man? It seems as if Bunny’s not the murderer.”

Timmy stared at the ground for some time. Many times that thought repeated in his mind. Bunny might be innocent. Still, part of him wanted to prove that the little woman was indeed capable of murder.

“Ernest punching Bunny earlier should have made sense, her being in Canalave City and all. When I heard Nurse Joy say that, I thought perhaps maybe Bunny’s voice sounded like a male’s, but the night we met her in Canalave City she sounded more like a woman, but too formal.” After saying that, Timmy kicked some pebbles and rocks.

“Again, I don’t know what is going on.” He sighed and glanced at his watch, which made him gasp. “We don’t have much time, now. We should get the reports ready. Come on!”

Both men quickly ran while the Taillows flew up into the sky, the sun beginning to set.


When the Tropius and everyone else made it to Snowpoint City, the breeze became much weaker and there was not much snow falling down on the ground. It was nightfall, with no moon. Many stars were appearing.

Seven-fifty. Ten minutes until eight.

After Bunny checked her watch, she saw that Tropius was descending towards a forested area. It was not long until the flying dinosaur Pokémon landed. After everyone got out they looked around.

“So this is why they call this city Winter Wonderland. No wonder Snowpoint City is an attractive location,” Jenny said in an awed tone. Her Tropius nodded in agreement.

Everyone suddenly heard a rumbling noise coming from afar. Once again, Bunny had a sinking feeling about this after the noise hurt both her heart and mind.

“What is that? Where did it come from?” Jenny asked.

Balin started growling. He was not sure why, but he knew there was something bad going on. He roared and bolted towards the right.

“Balin! Wait!” Bunny screamed and chased after him. Jenny followed.

While they were running, Bunny’s sinking feeling got worse. The words ‘Snowpoint Temple’ came to her mind.

Bunny did not realize that she, Balin, the Tropius and Jenny had entered the Snowpoint Temple until she caught a quick glance of concrete walls covered in shards of ice. On the floor there were some patches of ice. The black, blue, and pink horizontal striped flags on the walls moved gently like twirling ribbons. Bunny grinned when she saw those. She knew that not only the colors represented Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, but also that those flags were used during the Region Fights—Sinnoh’s flag. The coldness though made her grit her teeth and her fingers twitch.

Snowpoint Temple. No...

“So this is Snowpoint Temple? I guess beauty kills, from what I heard of the ghost stories here,” Jenny said with a giggle.

Bunny hushed Jenny. “It must be coming from the bottom! We must hurry!”

Jenny nodded and gazed at her Tropius.

“Take us down there.”

The Tropius roared happily and everyone jumped on his back. The plant dinosaur flapped his wings and flew towards the bottom.


Seven-fifty-five. Five minutes to save Jacob.

Bunny felt her heart beating faster while gazing at her watch. Down below she was not sure what to expect and there was the possibility of confronting Jacob. Her muscles began to stiffen. She wanted to save him, not defeat him.

[/i]Seven fifty-seven. Would we be able to make it? [/i]

It did not take long for the dual grass-flying type to fly them towards the last floor of the temple. After Balin, Jenny, and Bunny got out, the officer returned her Tropius. All of a sudden, the Ninetales slipped on the floor but was able to get himself back up not long after. Jenny saw the ground was covered in thick ice and stomped on it.

“Seems it’ll take a Snorlax to break the ice,” Jenny joked with a chuckle. No one laughed though.

Seven-fifty nine. Let us hurry! The countdown is almost over.

They felt as if an assassin just came and plunged a knife inside their hearts, and they were looking at their assassin right now. Two sights made the girls gasp.

One, the ruins of a statue scattered everywhere. Two, Jacob Alexison.

Eight o’ clock. Too late, we lost him.


*suddenly gets shot for having the last scene almost exactly like 24*
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Some say how it ended, most of it predictions.”
I finally thought of a way to fix up this sentence XD

"Some say how it ended, though most of them were merely predictions."


To be honest, when I first read that Bunny and Jenny were having their argument and Jenny left, I was really hoping that it would last for at least a full chapter. While the scene did a bit to develop the characters, I can't help but wonder what could've been. Having the two be separated for a while longer might have created an interesting plot twist had it been extended and developed. It also seemed that the two made up a bit too quickly, especially with Jenny's snap decision to call a truce. I would have liked to have seen her take a while longer weighing her emotions before coming to a decision, as choices like the one she made can be difficult.

The stopover in Celestic really didn't add much to the plot, and I would have either mentioned it in passing or make it tie in to the overall plot instead of being a simple "Bunny examines ancient artifact, meets Jenny and leaves." Not much happens in Celestic as it stands... (then again, this is coming from the person who mentioned their character staying at Sleep Inn and Howard Johnson just for the sake of including Sleep Inn and Howard Johnson as part of their product placement scheme XD)

The ending, however, sets things up very nicely for the next chapter, with Jacob perhaps paying the price for something he shouldn't have done. I can't wait for that (and as your beta, I get to see it before anyone else does XD) I'm also liking the fact that Timmy and Lucas are finally getting over the "Bunny's guilty! Get her!" phase and are digging into the whole mystery a bit deeper. Seems they're becoming more open-minded about other possibilities.

Wow, looking back, this is actually the most critical review I've done in awhile. I must be growing soft, and the Buicks may be to blame, lol.

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Wanna say a few things real quick. One, reason I’m posting this early cause I want to get the last chapters posted as soon as possible, the award results, and Super Bowl. ^^;

Next, the character Matt Chiaki is not my character, but The Great Butler’s. It’s his idea to have him included in this story. :P Oh TBG, I hope this final draft is YES THIS IS THE BIG SURPRISE I TOLD YOU ALL ABOUT! XD If you guys are interested, read The Great Butler’s fic “Pokemon XD^3: Waves of Truth” and you won’t be disappointed. ;)

Another thing: this chapter isn’t the big bad battle all of you are waiting. Instead this is an interlude of sorts that takes place the same time Chapter 19 is, but decided to split Jacob’s part in the story due to 19 already having a lot going on. >.>

Here’s Chapter Twenty and thanks to DarkPersian479 for betaing! This chapter is so not proof I deserve that award, lol. And…here…we…go! *snaps fingers*

Chapter Twenty
Jacob’s Discovery [Interlude]

Both the trees and the ground were covered in snow. The blizzard roared, crying and crying. The snowflakes kept piercing Jacob’s skin like shards falling on the floor. His breaths were loud and his eyesight was blurry, either from running too much or from the snowstorm. He asked Xatu why he brought them to Route 217 instead of Snowpoint City, but the bird Pokémon just kept repeating the same thing—he wanted to explain why he had to reveal everything to the girls.

“Again, why did you do it, Xatu?”

“Xatu, Xatu, Xatu!

The blizzard’s cries became louder. All the bird Pokémon could do was flap his wings frantically.

“If you care, you wouldn’t have told them! Ugh, just forget about it!”

Jacob’s eyes glared at his Pokémon, full of hatred and disbelief. After a sigh, he returned his Pokémon and ran.


“So cold."

His surroundings became nothing but a big white blur. The snow became more aggressive. Jacob coughed a few times and felt his body getting weak.

I need a warm place to stay.

Jacob felt his legs burning. Oh, how the old man would love nothing more but to get some rest. It would not be easy, though.

All of a sudden, he was not able to move. After coughing some more, he closed his eyes and fell onto the snow.


I need a warm place to stay.

That thought kept repeating in his mind until he opened his eyes. When Jacob woke up, he saw he was in a warm and well-lit room; the wooden walls and floor were well polished. He bolted out of the bed when he saw something glimmering. When Jacob came closer, he gasped and felt his arms shaking. There were many orbs, all in different colors, spread out on the desk. Each one gave off a twinkle.

Those are Spheres.

“You’re fascinated by them, huh?”

Jacob’s eyes went wide. He turned around to see a tall man with glasses holding a cup of hot chocolate. He wore a sweater with diamond patterns in the middle and blue pants. After the young man put the cup on the table and loosened the scarf tied on his neck, his fingers grabbed onto his sandy brown hair, which somewhat hung down over his right eye. Wanting to be friendly, Jacob chuckled.

“Yeah, they’re very nice, um…”

“Matt Chiaki,” the man named Matt said, letting out his hand for Jacob to shake. “And yours is…”

“Jacob Alexison.” Jacob was about to shake hands, but saw Matt staring at him with wide eyes.

“Wait? THE Jacob Alexison?”

Jacob chuckled. “Yes, although I don’t think I’m that…”

The man left his mouth wide open after seeing him. Matt grabbed his laptop from the bag he was holding. After the sandy brown haired man finished typing, he looked at Jacob with a huge grin. This time his eyes were filled with excitement and jubilation.

“I knew it. Jacob Alexison. World famous archeologist, former professor of history at Canalave City University. I say, I study a lot of your work.”

Jacob felt his cheeks burning. He had never expected anyone else besides Bunny to be fascinated over his work. He chuckled.

“Wow, I’m flattered. I assume you’re an archeologist too?”

Matt grinned and nodded. “Yes. Not only that, but I’m also a scientist that specializes in force and power.”

Jacob blinked, very dumbfounded at whatever Matt said. “Scientist? But, I saw those spheres! Clearly you got them from the Underground!”

The young man laughed and slapped his knee a few times. “Yes, I did get them from the Underground. However, you do know the Spheres can grow after being dug up and reburied, right?”

Jacob nodded, although he was not sure where Matt was going with this.

“Well, just recently I found out energy emanates from them after they have grown. I’m devising a plan to harness their energy.”

Jacob grinned, clearly fascinated by this. “Interesting. What are you going to do with that energy?”

“I’m thinking of using it as a clean heating source for the people of Snowpoint City. Not many people have heating, so this could be a cheap way for them to have it. The only problem is, I still haven’t found a way to convert the energy. However, once I do, I plan to have this cabin turned into a small Sphere-fueled power plant.”

“My boy, that’s brilliant!” the man praised while clapping his hands. “I never knew artifacts like Spheres could be used like that!”

Matt laughed, but in an embarrassing way and his face turned a shade of red. “Thanks. I thought no one would like this idea.”

Jacob shook his head but went and patted the young man’s shoulder. “Where’s your self-esteem, Matt? All you need to do is to believe in yourself.”

Matt nodded and gave a small smile. “Thank you. I will do that.” After a few seconds of silence, Matt checked the time from his laptop and gasped. “Oh my, it’s getting late. Tomorrow, if you want, I can talk to you more about my plans for the Spheres. Good night.”

“Night,” Jacob said while waving goodbye.

After Matt left and closed the door, Jacob glared at Snowpoint City through the bedroom window again, snow still falling at a fast rate. He stood there, drinking hot chocolate. His mind began thinking about Jenny and Bunny, and how unfair it had been of them to jump to conclusions.

They should’ve at least let me spoken first.

True, he deserved to be in jail in the first place. However, his mind was thinking about how they did not give him a chance to speak. He sighed. He knew criminals usually did not get a say. Before, Jacob had thought about finding Bunny and Jenny to clear up some things. The man sighed when he knew they would just put him in jail.

If only they stayed with me longer, I would have told them more of the past.

His eyes became heavy and he felt his body weaken. Now he must sleep.


It was not an easy night for Jacob. He kept rocking back and forth; voices kept repeating to him in hushed whispers.

“I know both of you are fine gentlemen, but Jacob, please be careful of how the plates are controlling your life, too.”

“No,” he muttered in a stuttering tone.

“You heard me! You wanted what we discovered, you wanted them all to yourself! That is why I hid them from you! Just say so, you damn idiot!”

“No.” He rocked more aggressively.

“Cut the crap! Did you want the plates from him while he was still alive? For four years you tried to track him down, right?”


“I’m sorry, Bunny. As much as I love you, I can’t risk you going to the police. Speaking of the police…”


He instantly got up and his breaths became very deep and fast. His face was flooded with sweat. After Jacob finished panting, he gazed at his window. The snow was still fierce, but at least the weather was better than last night. The former professor stared down at the bed sheets and had one of his hands on his forehead.

“I wonder how much Xatu showed them,” he muttered.

Those voices. Everyone mentioned about the plates in their own way. Thoughts about them instantly made him grab his bag, take them out, and gaze at them for some time. A warning? Jacob shook his head. He did not do anything wrong, with him having saved both Jenny and Bunny. They found out information they were not supposed to know, that was all. His mind thereafter thought of something else.

“Why would Ernest separate the plates in two different locations?” he muttered to himself. “Couldn’t he just scatter them everywhere?”

Granted, not too many people knew about the plates, so perhaps that would not be a problem. He still believed it would be better if they were scattered everywhere. Then again, it would have been too hard to come up with sixteen riddles. What about the other few riddles at the museum, at the library, and at the Pokémon Center, though? Ernest was able to come up with those.

Jacob looked at the plates again. These had no Unown text on them. Perhaps he did this treasure hunt to make things more interesting. The plates were to be found, but the first half would be without text and the second half would be with them. He chuckled.

A game. I guess he’s not worried about the plates being found. Who’s into artifacts nowadays?

In the end, the hunt was only for Bunny and Jenny.

The former professor was about to put them back in the bag, but his eyes went wide when he saw chains on them. He had never noticed them before.

Why are there chains?

“Mr. Alexison? Breakfast’s ready!”

Hearing his stomach grumbling, Jacob tore out of his bed to get ready.


Mind, Zap, Insect, Sky, Toxic, Icicle, Splash, Flame, Stone, Meadow, Earth, Spooky, Draco, Iron, Dread, Fist…

Afternoon came and Jacob stared at the stony building of Snowpoint Temple through the living room’s windows, despite the noises of the computers and other equipment Matt owned. Next to the fireplace were Matt’s Pokémon, a Manectric and an Ambipom sleeping peacefully. Jacob had seen them before and he thought they looked cute napping together. The young man had told him earlier that his cabin was actually outside of the city so that he could work on his project in peace and he was able to see the temple because it was on top of a hill.

Jacob could have gone to the temple last night, but that did not happen because of the snowstorm. The thought of going there drove him crazy, though, almost up to its peak.

Those last eight plates could be in there…

The last eight plates. That was the reason why he came here in the first place. If he could get his hands on them, the journey would be complete. That thought made his heart and mind drum faster and faster.

Mind, Zap, Insect, Sky, Toxic, Icicle, Splash, Flame, Stone, Meadow, Earth, Spooky, Draco, Iron, Dread, Fist.

Jacob heard Matt calling him, so he turned around and saw the man glaring at him in a funny manner. Not only that, this time he was wearing a lab coat. Jacob assumed Matt was busy working.

“Mr. Alexison, are you okay?”

Jacob blinked. “Yeah. Why?”

“You’ve been staring at the temple for quite some time,” he answered with a smile.

The old man gulped. He heard only a thump from his heart. Before, for some reason, he thought Matt might have known his plans and such. Then again, the two only met, so it was a harmless question. After some time, Jacob chuckled.

“Oh, yeah. Well, I came here to visit the temple.”

Matt nodded and laughed. “Ah, I see. Not too many people come to visit the temple. Some rumor spreading that one day Regigigas will come alive. Just lies, I say. I actually visited that temple many times with my grandfather, Sutter Chiaki.”

“Sutter Chiaki? I heard about him! He’s the professor at Rustboro School in Hoenn, right? I’ve read his work and I say, they’re top caliber!”

“That’s great!” Matt praised while grinning. “You know, he told me that it’s important to know your birth city’s history, as every city has one. I may have lived most of my life in Lavaridge City, but I just love Snowpoint City too much.”

Jacob could tell in Matt’s gleaming eyes that he had so much pride in his city. He thought if there was going to be another battle in Snowpoint City in the future, Matt would sacrifice his life for his city. A smile curled on the old man’s face.

Matt’s eyes lit up in realization. “I bet you’ll be able to visit it early tonight when the snowstorm dies down.”

Jacob felt as if his body was about to tremble. Tonight? That soon? The faster he got this over with, the better. The last eight plates. Tonight.

Why not? Jacob thought with a grin.

Jacob was so happy he did not realize his elbow hit and made something fall from the fireplace, which was next to the windows. Matt screamed and ran to catch the object, much to Jacob’s surprise. The Ambipom and Manectric woke up, startled at their owner’s yelling, but right after they went back to sleep. The old man chuckled in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry about that. Was just happy, that’s…”

Jacob’s jaws dropped when he saw what Matt was carrying. It was a small model of two towers and in the middle neatly carved vine like patterns, like a gate. On one side of the towers the glass windows were pink and on the other side they were blue.

“That’s the Space-Time Tower! I’ve seen that tower a few times, since Alamos Town isn’t too far from Hearthome City. I assume you do a lot of research on both Dialga and Palkia too?”

“Yeah, that tower is something,” Matt said while putting the model on the fireplace. “And no, I don’t do much research on them. However, my mentor Tonio does and he even met them one time. “

“So I heard,” Jacob mused with a chuckle. “That still didn’t stop from the people from other regions into thinking that event was a fake one.”

Matt turned around and grinned. “I got another model, but of a huge mothership called the Megaliba and it’s in my room. Wanna see it?”

Jacob nodded and smiled, his teeth showing. “Sure, why not?”


The rest of the day Jacob was inside his room, gazing outside. At first snow still fell rapidly, but it began to die down. He smirked. Yeah, why not? The storm cleared and it was fine to go outside.

Having already made his decision, Jacob quickly grabbed his coat and bag and got out of the bedroom. He passed Matt, but took a quick look at him. The young man was reading from his laptop, but then he glanced and smiled at Jacob.

“Going somewhere?”

Jacob froze, but his head turned slightly. “Yeah, I’m going to the Snowpoint Temple.”

Matt grinned. “Oh, okay. Have fun.”

Jacob sighed in relief and headed out of the building. Matt chuckled and continued looking over his laptop. However, when he saw Jacob’s face under the heading, Man almost shot Jubilife City Police Chief in an online article, his eyes went wide.

“Jacob Alexison, criminal?” he muttered to himself. He read back the article, with many quotes pulling his heartstrings. Running away with Bunny Spruce and Jenny Emblem. The three might be able to teleport with the old man’s Xatu. Has a gun and almost shot Chief Lucas McMane.

Matt just froze. No doubt that man in the picture was Jacob. He noticed what Jacob wore today matched the picture. Matt also assumed Jacob was able to get from Solaceon Town to Snowpoint City using the Xatu mentioned in the article. The young man got up and was about to leave his cabin to get him and ask him questions, but something crossed his mind.

Jacob has a gun.

The old man might use the gun on him without hesitation. Better safe than sorry. Part of Matt made him wonder how an excellent archeologist and historian like Jacob could use a gun. He needed to confront him, though.

There’s only one thing to do.

Matt dashed outside.


As soon as Jacob got out of the cabin, snow fell on his face as he ran. The snow was deep so the trip to the Snowpoint Temple took longer than he thought. While struggling against the pile of snow, his eyes glanced at the night sky. There was no moon and not many stars were popping out.

It’s going to be a while. Shoot, I should have worn warmer clothing.

He got distracted when he heard a male’s voice.

“Agnetha, make your mark! Double Hit!”

The Amipom screamed and used her two tails to hit Jacob’s back. The old man screamed and fell on the ground. After Agnetha snickered, Matt returned her.

Jacob closed his eyes and winced, pain slowly rising. “What’s the big deal?”

Matt glared at him for some time. “Why you didn’t tell me you were on the run?”

After getting up slowly, Jacob gave a sly smile. “Because I knew you would call the police on me. Besides, shouldn’t you be doing that now?” he challenged.

Matt gasped and felt a chill run through his spine. It seemed like he was looking at a different Jacob, cold and heartless. He was not the jolly and warm hearted man he met earlier.

“I just wanted to talk,” Matt finally said in a stuttering tone. “Look, I thought you were better than this. Seriously, what made you suddenly become a criminal?”

Jacob snickered. “Turn around.”

The young man at first had one eye wide open, but soon after decided to turn around, seeing the temple on top of a hill.

“It’s about history, my boy. A few certain…events suddenly made me want to have the true nature of the plates be known.”

Matt glared at him in confusion. “What the? The plates? Clearly I don’t know what the connection between…”

He stopped mid-sentence and gulped when he saw Jacob pointing a gun at him, his breath becoming deeper and his arms shaking. The old man decided Matt would be a burden after hearing about the plates.

“I said too much already. Good bye, Matt.”

Out of reaction, Matt ran away as fast as he can, but he was shot and fell onto the snow. Wanting to get to the temple as fast as possible, and not thinking about whether or not Matt was dead, Jacob ran towards the temple.

A few seconds passed by and Matt groaned. He got up really slowly and after he managed to stand up, he screamed and touched the right side of his neck, blood flowing on his hand.

Close, too close.

Sighing in relief, the young man knew if the bullet hit him anywhere else, he would he dead. Matt screamed again and considered the situation. Now Jacob was on the loose. He could go and try to stop him, but Jacob would not hesitate to shoot him again. It was better for the police to get to him. Not only that, he was hurt and needed medical treatment. Knowing the man must be stopped, Matt took out his cell phone and dialed the Jubilife Police Station’s number.

“Jubilife Police Station, how may I help you?”

Matt bit his lips so he wouldn’t scream in pain. “Hello, my name’s Matt Chiaki and I want to report a sighting of Jacob Alexison.”

“Jacob Alexison?” the caller asked, confused.

“He’s the old gentleman that almost shot Chief Lucas McMane.” All of a sudden, he screamed in pain.

“Sir, are you all right?”

“He just shot me in the side of my neck. I don’t think the wound’s fatal, though I need medical attention.”

“Okay, sir, where are you?”

“Snowpoint City.” Matt screamed again and whimpered.

“If you have any means of fast transportation and have someone to help you, get to the nearest Pokémon Center quickly! Also, have the center report this to the Jubilife City Police quickly. I’ll let the chief know about this situation.”

The caller hung up. After Matt took deep breaths, he already had an idea about how he would get there. Slowly, he grabbed a pokeball from his belt and let out Sally, his Salamence.

“Salllllllllll!” Sally roared. At first she smiled, but after seeing the blood on Matt’s hands and coat, she gasped.

“Sally, take me to the Pokémon Center, and fast!”

The Pokémon nodded and bent down to let Matt get on her back, the man still holding his neck. Sally roared once again and took off towards the skies.


Just a little bit more, just a little bit more.

That phrase kept repeating in his mind while he ran. The pain on his back would come back to him from time to time and he would clench his teeth, but for the most part it was not that serious. He could still run fine, so that was good.

Not long after, Jacob thought about Matt and took a deep shuddering breath. He hated how he had killed the young man (or so he assumed). He actually liked him very much, even if he had only known him for a couple of days. Matt reminded him a lot of Bunny. That man must be killed, however. He could have called the police already after finding out his secret, but he did not. Foolish. In the end, no regrets.

After what felt like forever, Jacob went upstairs towards the Snowpoint Temple. Before entering the place, he glanced at the four columns, each scribbled with drawings of three familiar golems.

Regice, Registeel, and Regirock. Legends of Hoenn, but connected to one of the legends of Sinnoh.

As soon as he came inside, Jacob kneeled down and tried to catch his breath. He looked around the place, which did not make his breathing any better because he was breathless, marveling at the beauty of the temple. To him, this was a small icy kingdom. The place’s walls were covered in very thick ice, blue, green and purple blending in together. Not only that, there were flags with blue, pink, and black horizontal stripes. Wanting one of the flags as a gift, the man grabbed one of the flags and darted towards downstairs.


Because the temple was six floors, Jacob halted to catch his breath when he made it to the last one. As he walked, he heard crunching noises. Jacob looked down and saw that the floor was mostly covered in ice. After that, he glanced at a statue of Regigigas, the torches on the walls making it gleam. The words ‘Region Fights’ came to mind.

Different perspectives, he thought in fright.

Even though the inside was cold, that was not it. Jacob’s arms became shaky while he stared at Regigigas, suddenly imagining how powerful the Pokémon was. A huge golem Pokémon with six gems on his face and (what seemed to be) bushes on both of its feet. There were striped markings on its huge hands. On the bottom there was an inscription:

Regigigas, Golem Master
Thought to have towed continents with ropes
Also creator of the three Hoenn Regi, Legends of Hoenn

There was another inscription on its chest:

A body of rock
A body of ice
A body of steel
When gathers the three Pokémon, the King shall appear
The start of the Region Fights, the start of the debate.

While walking around, Jacob tripped and turned around quickly. His eyes went wide when he saw some sort of rock, but it was blue in color.

Could it be…

There they were. The last eight plates, all in different colors and chains attached to them. Each was the length of a small book and had some sort of writing. Also with the plates was a small red book, the one Jacob read before. The man’s jaws dropped.

The ones with the writings on it.

He got up, picked up two plates and gazed at them, both blue and with Unown writing.

Splash and Icicle.

Jacob stared at those two tablets with wide eyes and a closed mouth. They felt very rough to the touch; some places were very pointy. He frowned, however.

I want to know those translations quick!

He turned around and grinned when he stared at his answer. Jacob picked up the book and read what it said in it.

When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate.
The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate.
Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One.
Three beings were born to bind time and space.
Two make matter, and three make spirit, shaping the world.
The Original One breathed alone before the universe came.
The powers of Plates are shred among Pokémon.
The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds.

Jacob’s hands began shaking. He could not believe that was what was written on the plates. He had heard and read the story of Sinnoh’s creation many times already, but it was still breathtaking to him how the plates were where all of these stories came from. He chuckled as a thought came to him.

The first written works ever. I wonder why Ernest kept this a secret for all these years. Stupid fool.

Another thought suddenly occurred. Jacob reread the last sentence and his eyes became wide. Deep in thought, he scratched his chin.

The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds. What does it mean? Maybe if I test it…

He snapped his fingers, knowing how he could test the plates. Jacob got out a pokeball and released his Mothim. His eye painted wings flapped rapidly and his small hands began clapping. The small bug’s huge red eyes gleamed in happiness.

Jacob smirked. “Okay, ready for some training?”

The Mothim nodded and flew up and down again in excitement.

“Good. All right, try a Silver Wind attack!”

The bug type cheered and his wings began beating loud noises, letting out a silver glittery wind that crashed on the statue. The man frowned, though. Everything went fine so far, but something told him the plates and attacks somehow linked together. With that in mind, he quickly grabbed the light green plate and put it on the Mothim’s neck.

“Moth?” the Pokémon asked when he glanced at it.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a plate. I think it won’t…”

Jacob was unable to finish his sentence when he saw the plate glow as it started making a humming sound. The Mothim squeaked and his hands began shaking. After the plate stopped glowing, the Pokémon blinked.

“Moth?” the Mothim asked in a confused tone.

Jacob blinked too, just as confused as his Pokémon.

Huh? Maybe there’s one last thing I have to do…

“Mothim, try Silver Wind again!”

The moth Pokémon nodded and flapped his wings once more, this time more rapidly and stronger. The glittery wind escaped, except with more force and a louder roar, and hit the statue again. At first, nothing, but small cracks began to appear. Seconds later, the Regigigas statue exploded into a hundred pieces. Jacob’s eyes went wide and he thought his heart stopped.

So much power.

Not long after, the Mothim stopped and fell down. Jacob gasped and ran to pick the Pokémon up.

“Hey there, buddy. Are you all right?”

“Thim…” the Pokémon moaned.

Jacob nodded and used a potion to spray him. “That’s good. Okay, time for you to have a rest.”

After Jacob took out the plate out of his neck and returned him, he looked at the artifact with great interest. It felt warm and he thought he still heard the plate humming. He bit his lip, not sure what to make of this new discovery. His mind went back to one of the phrases he read.

So it makes Pokémon’s attacks stronger. Hm… The power of the defeated giants infuses this Plate. Maybe the powers from the legendaries?

Jacob was reminded of one quote close to his heart whenever he made a new discovery. He would always feel his heart sing in triumph and his body light as a Pidgeot’s feather.

The past is but the beginning of a beginning—

That revelation made him laugh softly, then loudly. Even though he respected the other region’s own take of history, Sinnoh’s seemed to be not taken seriously because of some of the stories and how that region had many legendaries that were thought to have taken part in it. If these were the powers from the Sinnoh legendaries—oh, then there was proof those legendaries existed.

—and all that is and has been is—

History was alive, for sure.

He began laughing some more. Now his mind wrapped around how he found the plates and this could be his chance to have the plates be known, to have Sinnoh’s history be known and taken seriously.

— but the twilight of the dawn.

Jacob’s heart stopped singing. He raised his eyebrows when he heard a huge thump and someone saying, “Seems it’ll take a Snorlax to break the ice.”

Who could that be?

He turned around and felt his heart make a heavy thump when he saw Bunny, Jenny, and Balin.

No, you girls did not lose me. You two are looking at the new me. Embrace it!
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Well, I saw this coming... STEELERS WON!

And I also saw this coming... Jacob finally pulled his gun and used it on somebody. Now he can add a charge of attempted murder on top of murder for Ernest and whatever charges he'll face for fleeing from the law. I think Matt learned a powerful lesson about taking the law into his own hands.

However, I think he did things out of order after being shot. If it were me in his situation, I would've called out my Pokemon and have it fly me to the nearest medical center, then make the call to report Jacob en route. First priority should be saving your own life, and I can imagine that losing a lot of blood, in the freezing cold of Snowpoint, could easily do a person in fairly quickly even if the initial shot isn't fatal.

Matt does strike me as quite the interesting character, as well as a fellow history buff, and I can't help but feel he and Jacob indeed would have been good friends under different circumstances, i.e., Jacob being a fugitive. And I felt that Jacob's brief stop-over at Matt's house was better developed than Bunny's Celestic Town stop in the previous chapter. Jacob actually takes the time to strike up some interesting conversation with Matt (though I still find it hard to believe so few people there have heaters 0_O ). Nice job incorporating the Spheres into the story, as well.

When Jacob had found the plates and was using them on his Mothim, I could clearly sense he was starting to go a bit crazy, perhaps because of his newfound power. Kinda scary actually. And now, with Jenny and Bunny arriving (again, lol), things are looking to heat up in the cold confines of the Snowpoint Temple. I hope Jacob's gun won't come into play again, but I fear it will...

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SO SORRY for the long wait, guys. Both me and my beta had been very busy. ^^;

Anyways, here's the chapter you all have been waiting for, THE BATTLE CHAPTER! Now, to tell you the truth, I'm a bit iffy on how you guys will think of this chapter. I've been revising this chapter for quite a while now, and I still think there might be a few problems here and there, like pace and emotions. However, I decided to leave it like this and see what you guys think. That way, I learn something. :) Nonetheless, I hope this battle is worth the wait. If not, sorry. ._.

Another thing. I originally was about to say to all of you to listen to the song Jai Ho (yes, that song from Slumdog Millionaire) cause the music is very fast pace and fits the kind of style I'm trying for this battle, but Oscars already pass and also me a bit iffy on the English version (which I just heard last night)...I decided not to. ^^;

Next, thanks to both The Great Butler and DarkPersian479 for looking over this chapter! You guys rock!

Last thing, don't know why, but the last night I was inspired after listening to one of the songs from the movie "Dreamgirls." Don't ask. XD;

So, to get this chapter started:

*cue "We Will Rock You" by Queen*


Chapter Twenty- One
Nothing, Everything

Mind, Zap, Insect, Sky, Toxic, Icicle

When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate.
The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate.

Splash, Flame, Stone, Meadow, Earth, Spooky

Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One.
Three beings were born to bind time and space.
Two make matter, and three make spirit, shaping the world.

Draco, Iron, Dread, Fist

The Original One breathed alone before the universe came.
The powers of Plates are shred among Pokémon.
The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds.

Eight o’ clock. At someone’s house a small wooden clock chimed a sweet melody and right afterward the Pidgey popped out and cooed. Outside, the snow began to pick up once again and fell faster.

"Bunny? Jenny? Balin? What are all of you doing here?”

The three saw Jacob’s eyes get wider and half of his body shake, probably surprised from seeing them. Balin gasped while Jenny's jaw dropped. Bunny glared back at Jacob. Something made her aware that the man was hiding something and she was sure of it. Her eyes got wide.

“You got the last eight plates and that book, am I correct?” Bunny asked slowly and calmly. The tone of it, though, was more of as if she would not admit the truth to a loved one.

The way she said it gave Jacob the chills. His body began shaking uneasily. To him, that question was haunted, cursed. It somehow trapped him; no way could he get away with a lie. Before Jacob answered, he sighed heavily and moved to the right to grab his backpack and opened it. Everyone gasped when they saw all of the plates inside.

“When did you find the rest of them?” Jenny asked.

“Not too long ago,” Jacob answered simply. In the back of his mind though, rage was building up inside.

So they came here for the plates, eh?

He clenched his fist. Already, Jacob felt threatened. Just a few minutes ago he made his decision on how to deal with the plates.

“I suppose you two want to get the plates from me, right?” he asked both Jenny and Bunny.

At first, Jenny opened her mouth and was about to lie. However, she realized it would be no use as Jacob figured out already why there were here. She sighed.

“Yes, we are. However, we’re also giving you a chance to explain what went on in your mind when you murdered Ernest.”

Jacob’s eyes blinked. Despite being surprised at Jenny’s answer, he thought she had lied.

I still think they’re just getting the plates.

Of course he knew they would find him here. The problem, though, was if Bunny and Jenny grabbed the plates, this whole trip would be a waste of time. He came all this way to find the rest of the plates by himself—

—and there would be nothing to stop me.


Jacob just needed to stop the girls.

The former professor thought of something, and he grinned. There were times when you would have to take a risk. Jacob laughed, slowly at first, but then uproariously. Everyone gave out scared faces except for Jenny, who stared at him as if he had gone insane. She knew what was going to happen next, moving the tiny pokeball around inside her coat pocket.

“Fine, have it your way.”

Jacob released both of his Pokémon and grabbed two plates, a light pink one and a light green one. First he put the plates on the Mothim, who did not resist. The Xatu, on the other hand, flew away and turned his back to him.

“Xatu!” the Pokémon complained while shaking his head.

Jacob shook his hands and a vein almost popped out from his forehead. His breaths got deeper and he made wheezing noises.

“You want to get hurt?” he screamed.

Jenny just glared at Jacob. Words could not describe how much she was disgusted by that. Bunny gasped and shook her head. She felt her heart beating faster in fright.

That is not the Professor Alexison I know.

Not wanting to get hurt, the Xatu flew closer and let Jacob put the plate on his neck. All of a sudden, both of the plates glowed. After that, the two Pokémon hummed and looked completely relaxed. Bunny slowly touched her lips, her fingers twitching.

Those two looked different somehow…

“What?” Jenny complained while gasping. Something was not right here, to her anyways. She gasped louder when she saw her necklace glow as well.

No, it can’t be, she thought nervously. Jenny knew it had to be when the plates and her necklace glowed at the saw time. Her uncle got the necklace from one of the tablets, most notably the light green one. Her mind forgot about how she wondered why Jacob gave the Pokémon his plates. When she glared at Jacob, he did not laugh. Instead, he just smiled.

So the plates do have powers, Bunny thought, even though she was not sure what kind of powers the plates had yet. Throughout history, the plates were either stolen or being killed for. Somehow people knew it and wanted to get their hands on them. She knew though, that she and Jenny must get the plates or else consequences could follow.

“Balin, get the plates now, including the ones Xatu and Mothim are holding!”

Balin nodded and ran towards Jacob. The man grinned in a sly manner.

“Xatu, Psychic!”

The plate on the Xatu’s neck blazed brighter than before. Soon a rainbow beam came out from Xatu’s eyes and hit Balin. The Ninetales began twitching, as if the attack was able to get through his mind. However, he growled in a threatening manner and had revenge showing in his eyes.

“Balin!” both Jenny and Bunny screamed after they took a couple quick steps.

Jacob chuckled. “Catch!”

The former professor threw the bag towards the Xatu, who managed to catch it with his talons.

“Good! Now Mothim, use Signal Beam!”

Both the Mothim’s eyes and the plate on his neck glowed white light. Hundreds of colorful beams that made robotic noises came out. It was about to hit Balin until…

“Vespiquen, Gust!”

Bunny and Balin saw Jenny sending out her Vespiquen and after the bee Pokémon was released, she began flapping her wings hastily, making the gold rings hit Mothim. The Vespiquen chuckled, as she always loved a little trickery and payback.

“Thimmmmm!” the Mothim screamed in pain, feeling like he was having a huge migraine.

When Balin saw that, he grinned and finally thought of an attack to use. The Ninetales let out three purple flames that hit the Xatu’s eyes.

“Xatu!” the bird Pokémon cried out in pain. He lost his concentration and let go of the backpack.

“Balin, get the backpack!” Jenny yelled.

The Ninetales was already way ahead of them. He leapt up and grabbed the backpack with his mouth.

“Great job, Balin!” Bunny praised while grabbing the bag from her Pokémon.

Jenny grinned. “Come on, let’s go!”

The girls and their Pokémon quickly went upstairs. Jacob became frustrated, his mouth trembling. Both girls were going against him. Looks like this battle would be a long one. Jacob turned around and glared at his Xatu.

“Follow them, Xatu!”

The psychic bird nodded and flew rapidly. Not long after, both Jacob and his Mothim followed him cautiously.


In the middle of the Jubilife City Town square, the clock tower stuck eight, making the Pidgey fly away in fright. Outside it became colder, making the people outside zip their jackets and cover their mouths and noises with their scarves.

In the police station, there was a meeting inside a gray room with a long table and a few seats, five filled tonight. Besides the chief, Timmy and Vincent, there was Diana and Arnold. Diana, unlike most female officers around Sinnoh and possibly around the world, had long blond hair and tanned skin. Next to her was Arnold, scratching his zit filled face while reading the report.

Chief Lucas explained what had happened so far. After he finished his long speech, he asked if anyone had any questions.

Arnold raised his hand. “In the reports you say that Brenda Silvermen mentioned something about the three finding some of the plates in the Lost Tower. You think the plates have a connection?”

“Yes, about that. My only assumption is Bunny wanted the plates but Ernest won’t tell her where they are. She somehow knew how to get that note from the PC, which has the location of those plates, or at least the first few of them. Most likely that other message from the museum has a password hidden or something. Brenda said how they were trying to find the rest at Solaceon Ruins, but there were none.”

It was Diana’s turn to raise her hand. “How about Jacob Alexison? Did you guys managed to come back to his place? Also, do you think he’s the accomplice?”

“He could be, but at the moment we’re not going to jump to conclusions just yet. I think though, he just happened to be on vacation at the time Timmy and I came to Hearthome, assuming that the man seen with the girls was not Mr. Alexison.” He turned to Vincent. “Anyways, Vincent, I told you to go to Veilstone City with your Kadabra to question Briony. Anything from her?”

“She just told me about how the two were living together for a couple of years and that he was busy studying the plates. Because of that, she kicked him out of the house.”

Lucas glanced at Timmy and the young officer frowned. Granted, both believed the plates had something to do with the murder. Why, though? The only explanation was that they were old artifacts, and Lucas was not wild about antiques.

“Thought so. The plates have something to do with the murder. I assume that’s why Ernest had been hiding the plates in the first place.” Lucas sighed and turned to both Diana and Arnold. “How about you two?”

Diana cleared her throat. “Well chief, at Canalave Livings the landlord said how when he first entered the place he didn’t have anything except for his backpack and some clothes, but that was okay because the apartment was already furnished. Eventually though, he didn’t pay rent for three months and he was kicked out a few days before he died. He probably threw away his bag somewhere because he wasn’t carrying one when he was found dead.”

“Okay, good. How about the Champions Complex?”

This time Arnold spoke. “The landlord said how Ernest complained a few people were asking him questions over something, and then he just left. Here’s the interesting part, though. Those people included his niece Jenny Emblem and best friend Jacob Alexison.”

Both Timmy and Lucas raised their eyebrows. The two thought they had been punched by a boxer.

“Wait, Ernest and Jenny are related?” Timmy asked.

Arnold nodded. “He told me how a few times he saw his niece before in normal clothes but after that only in her police uniform. Heh, I guess that explains how her phone number was saved in his cell.”

“I see,” Lucas said with a sigh after a long moment of silence. “I assume Jenny didn’t want us to know her uncle was some famous historian and archeologist. On the other hand, this doesn’t sound right. Ernest most likely called Jenny and our place to say Bunny’s the murderer. However, Jenny helps Bunny escape. That doesn’t make sense, unless…”

Lucas paused and realized maybe he was thinking the wrong way. Perhaps Ernest called about the murderer, but Jenny would have been able to find him by now. Most likely the strike came before he was able to give the answer to her. There was the deal with the two messages Ernest left, too. If Bunny was indeed the murderer, the female officer would not have hesitated to put her in jail. The only other explanation (and he would hate himself thinking that) would be that—

“—Ernest actually wanted Bunny to help Jenny get the murderer.”

Timmy gasped quietly to himself and put his head down. That was the doubt that he held inside his heart for some time. Shock came into his system when Lucas thought the same thing.

“What?” Diana asked. “Are you sure?”

“Because Timmy and I weren’t thinking the other way, she had no choice but to go against us. Also, it seems she actually doesn’t know who the murderer is yet, hence why she wasn’t able to tell us. The call might’ve been short, the poor guy not having been able to say much. He was probably even about to write down the name, but didn’t. That’s the only thing I can think of.”

“If what you’re saying is true,” Vincent said, “then that even leaves more holes. What about the plates? I thought Bunny murdered him for those. That, and the accomplice.”

“True. On the other hand, maybe he wants both Jenny and Bunny to get the plates before the murderer did too, which I assumed they succeeded in doing. As for the accomplice, help perhaps?”

Before the officers could debate through this further, someone knocked on the door.

“Come in!” Lucas yelled.

The door opened and a small officer with bushy hair came in.

“Chief Lucas, I just got a call from a man named Matt Chiaki at Snowpoint City and he told me he Jacob Alexison shot him!”


Ten minutes passed and the Pidgey was tucked inside the wooden clock. Already outside the trees swayed and the ground was covered in more snow. A snowstorm was creeping in once again.

Bunny, Jenny, and their Pokémon made it to the fifth floor. Everything was a blur to them as they kept dashing, although they saw a few columns and many huge boulders scattered all over the floor. While running, there were a few questions on Bunny’s mind.

“Jenny, may I ask, why could we not get those two other plates? Also, I thought we wanted to talk to Jacob. Why are we running away?”

Jenny took a few deep breaths before answering. “I think it’s too dangerous to get them at the moment. Also, for now we’ll let Jacob try to find us first and then we’ll talk. That should give him enough time to calm down.”

Bunny glared at Jenny. “I can understand why it would be dangerous to get those last two plates right now. But, we have to get them eventually. Who knows what he could do with them later on?”

Before Bunny could explain more, there was a screech and a rainbow beam appeared. Everyone jumped to avoid it, but the attack struck one of the columns and made it crash onto the ground. Dust picked up, making everyone cough.

“Jenny, Balin, Vespiquen? Anyone?” Bunny screamed.

“We’re at the stairs right now!” Jenny screamed. Not long after, Balin barked.

As soon as the dust cleared, Bunny saw Jenny, Balin, and the bee Pokémon waiting for her. The woman was about to come with them, but froze when she saw the Xatu coming towards her, both his forehead and the plate on his neck shimmering in bright light.

“Bunny! Run now!” Jenny screamed.

For some reason Bunny was not able to move. Time seemed to slow down and the Xatu was getting closer and closer. One hit could be brutal. That was not about to happen, though.


His mind and heart singing with deep concern, the Ninetales leapt up and went to hit the dual flying-psychic type with all of his nine glowing tails. The hit was so hard, the Xatu crashed into another column, making it crash onto the floor. As soon as Balin went back to the ground, Bunny ran and hugged Balin tightly.

“Thank you,” Bunny whispered. Balin’s cheeks blushed.

Jenny gave a tiny smile when she saw that, but grinned after a thought hit her. She quickly ran where Xatu was, still dazed and confused. Taking the opportunity, she took the plate and threw it to Bunny. The archeologist gasped; the plate was warm and the Unown text still visible despite the scratches. After gazing it in awe for some time, she put it in the backpack.

“We better go now before Xatu regains unconsciousness!” Jenny suggested.

Both Bunny and Balin nodded and everyone was off.

Not long after the girls went upstairs, Jacob and his Mothim entered and looked at the room long and hard. They saw the Xatu on the ground at first but he managed to slowly get up and fly again. Jacob felt his heart stop beating when he saw there was no plate on his Xatu’s neck. When the Xatu noticed that too, there was disappointment and hatred shown in the bird’s eyes.

They got the Mind plate.

After what seemed forever, the gentleman grunted. The only way to win this war was to go for another battle.

“Come on, let’s go!

Jacob motioned his Pokémon to follow him and they dashed off.

At the fourth floor, after the girls and their Pokémon sprinted for some time, they stopped and took deep breaths. Jenny sat on one of the boulders while Balin slipped and fell again, half of the floor covered in thick ice. Bunny had her arm rested on one of the other boulders and she smiled when she saw many small statues of all the three Regis scattered around the room.

“What are you smiling about?” Jenny asked in an annoyed tone.

“This room was for the three Regis. Before the Region Fights, many people would come and worship the Hoenn legends.”

Jenny gazed at the statues and gave a slight smile. She admitted those Regis looked like menacing Pokémon if anyone were to face them.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. Maybe we should try and catch that last plate. If we don’t, Jacob will use it to his advantage.”

Back while everyone was running up the stairs, Jenny thought that perhaps Bunny was right. They should get the last plate before anything else happens. Not only that, they would gain the upper hand.

After being quiet for some time, Jenny chuckled. “So, what do you suggest?”

Bunny grinned. “Well…”

As if on cue, bright light came and colorful beams hit a Regice statue and destroyed it, causing Bunny to jump and scream. When everyone turned around, they gasped when they saw Jacob and his Pokémon. The old man smirked.

“Mothim, Bug Buzz!”

The bug type flapped his wings very hard, forming a loud buzzing sound. Again, the plate on his neck shimmered brightly.


Both Balin and the Vespiquen closed their eyes, the bug-flying type covering her ears while the fire type tried not to yell. The Ninetales wanted to rip the Pokémon into a thousand pieces, though.


Jenny and Bunny blocked that horrible noise by covering their ears. Jacob smirked; things were working out for him now. He did not cover his ears. He had already got used to that noise a thousand times already.

What is behind those plates? Bunny thought to herself. The howling sound of the attack got worse and the room became colder, so she bit her lips harder. Not only that, how are we going to get the last plate?


The clock tower struck eight-ten in the evening and instead of ringing bells it was singing a sweet tune. Many people outside listened, closed their eyes, and smiled while dreaming. Already they forgot about the chilly air surrounding them.

Inside headquarters, everyone stared at the officer for some time. This new piece of information brought up even more confusion. Everything just came crashing down.

“Wait, Mike, you said Jacob Alexison?” the chief asked.

“Yes, sir. Matt told me how the old man said his name to him and when Mr. Alexison left, he went on the internet and saw his face. He called me to report he shot him in the neck. Also, just recently got a report from the Snowpoint Pokémon Center confirming his injury.”

“Wait, Jacob Alexison? The man you were about to question at Hearthome City?” Diana asked, turning to Timmy.

“Yeah, the same one,” Timmy answered.

Lucas sighed, shook his head, and had his hand on the wall. So indeed, that man was Jacob Alexison, as suspected. That was why he was not home, he was with Bunny. On the other hand, there was no mention of Bunny nor Jenny…

“How about the girls? Were they involved?”

“He didn’t say, though I assume they weren’t.”

Everyone whispered amongst themselves while Lucas had his hand on his forehead. Bunny and Jenny separated from Jacob? There was only one explanation.

“Whether Bunny’s the murderer or not, she needs help. I assume the girls had an argument with him or something and then everyone went separate ways.”

Arnold went through the reports and grinned. “Maybe Jacob’s the murderer?”

Everybody in the room gasped, including the chief. Now this case seemed to be like a poor play—too confusing and too many plot holes. If they were watching it, they would demand their money back. Arnold still smiled, though. Now everything seemed to come together, and it was a relief to him.

“Why do you think that?” Lucas asked.

“I looked over the notes real quick and I connected some things together. This is assuming we now believe Bunny’s not the murderer. Jacob Alexison is Bunny’s former professor and Ernest’s friend. Jacob most likely killed Ernest over the plates, but before that, he wrote down something that dealt with both the murderer and the location of the plates to Bunny. Eventually they turned to Jacob for help, but they found out it was him that murdered Ernest. Also, you did mention something about Nurse Joy saying Ernest punched a man not long before he died.”

Timmy clenched his hands and gritted his teeth. He hated to admit it, but Arnold could be onto something. So that was why Jenny was against them, she knew the truth. The female officer could have said it, but he knew that time he and Lucas would not believe it. They would even have laughed if she told them Ernest was his uncle. Now, it seemed like she did find the murderer (assuming Jacob was indeed the suspect), but failed. He felt bad that his idea of trying to get Bunny made the case more messy than it should have been.

“Hm, sounds plausible,” Lucas answered with a nod. “If that were the case, then I guess we should go to Snowpoint City now! Mike, stay here and make sure to accept any other calls relating to this Bunny case. Everyone else, out now and follow me.”

Everyone ran out of the room except for Timmy and Lucas. The chief was about to leave, but saw the young officer still in his seat, hands on his head.

“Timmy, are you alright?”

Timmy sighed heavily. “It’s just that I wish I could go back in time and listen to Jenny. Maybe she could’ve told all of this to us if we had given her the chance.”

“I know, I know, me too. That’s why I didn’t notice anything until just this minute. However, now Jacob’s on the loose and who knows what could happen at the temple. Come on, we need to go now!”

Lucas grabbed Timmy’s hand and the two went off.



Jenny gritted her teeth. Everything would be lost if Jacob won this battle.


While the buzzing noise was still emitted, Jenny glanced at Jacob’s Pokémon. She thought about how those two had produced very strong attacks, even when her Vespiquen and Balin avoided them. Not only that, the plates would blaze brightly whenever the attacks were their respected types. Her mind flashed back to when her necklace glowed too. Jenny gazed at it and she grinned. Time to fight fire with fire.

“Vespiquen, come here!” Jenny screamed with a whistle.

The bug Pokémon heard it, despite the buzzing noise, and went closer to Jenny. The officer took out her necklace and put it around her Pokémon’s neck. Bunny and Balin left their mouths opened when they saw that.

“Ella, what is going on?” Bunny asked loudly, the buzzing noise still going on.


“You’ll see!” Jenny said and turned towards her Vespiquen. “Okay, show that bug how a real Bug Buzz sounds like and get that last plate!”

The jagged rock lit up, making Jenny, Bunny and Balin close their eyes and cover their ears. The Vespiquen flapped her wings, making a huge noise that sounded like thunder and drums mixed together.



The attack became faster and louder than the Mothim’s Bug Buzz. The Mothim screeched in agony and was losing his mind. The moth Pokémon all of a sudden flew away but crashed into the wall and slid down towards the ground. Grabbing the opportunity, the Vespiquen went and snatched the plate from the Mothim’s neck and threw it to Bunny. Without hesitation, Bunny grabbed the plate and put it in the backpack. Both Balin and Vespiquen cheered in triumph while the curly haired woman grinned.

“What!” Jacob complained when he saw that. “How’s that possible?”

“One clue: a gift,” Jenny said with a grin while her Pokémon smirked.

The Mothim managed to get himself up slowly, a few scratches on his body. Jacob stomped on the icy floor and muttered some curse words. He tried his best to cool down, but it was no use. Jacob just felt like letting his frustration out.

I can’t let them win this!

“Both of you, get the backpack from Bunny!”

Bunny’s eyes went wide and her heart beat in anxiety when she saw the two Pokémon chasing after her. Out of reaction, she threw the backpack and Balin leapt and grabbed it with his mouth again. The Mothim screeched and bit on Balin’s neck while the fox Pokémon was still up on the air, causing him to scream and drop the backpack. Once on the ground, the Ninetales winced in pain, bite marks showing on his neck.

“Vesquien, get the backpack!” Jenny screamed in an urgent tone.

“Xatu, help Mothim out!”

The Xatu shirked and flapped his wings. His eyes blazed blue and the Psychic attack got the backpack before the bee Pokémon had the chance to grab it. That did not stop the Vespiquen, though. The pedant on her neck lit up and she flapped her wings rapidly and produced a glittery wind. The Silver Wind attack soon hit the psychic bird, causing him to scream and drop the backpack.

“Get it!” Jenny ordered.

Before the backpack was dropped, the Mothim went and flew towards the backpack. He almost grabbed it, but another pair of hands caught it before him. The moth screamed when he saw the bee smirk and let go of the backpack. Out of anger and not thinking straight, both the plate and the little bug’s eyes glowed and the Signal Beam hit the Vespiquen, causing her to crash into the wall and drop on the ground. The bee Pokémon managed to recover and fly again, but she yelled out in pain as there were scars on her chest.

One of the torches too dropped on the floor, but no one noticed it yet.

The officer hopped and grabbed the backpack. “All right!” Jenny cheered. Balin and Bunny shouted joyfully also. Celebrations would be short lived, though.

Jacob grunted when he saw that and kicked the wall. He could have done something to prevent that from happening, but his mind was still confused about how they were able to have the upper hand. Jacob clenched his fist and could feel his veins popping out. His mind shifted to something else after he smelled something burning.

Everyone turned around with wide eyes when they saw flames growing bigger and screaming louder each second. The fire had already licked the statues, slowly but surely.

“Teleport!” Jacob ordered.

The Xatu nodded and glowed pink. Seconds later, both Jacob and his two Pokémon disappeared.

When Bunny saw that, her mouth went wide and she felt as if someone betrayed her. She could not believe Jacob left them just like that. She thought she could not breathe.

“Bunny! We must leave now!” Jenny screamed.

Shaking her head, Bunny was snapped back to reality when she saw Jenny release her Tropius and the flames getting larger and larger. Knowing that was the case, she nodded. The girls and Balin hopped on the Pokémon and thereafter he flew them out of the room. The Vespiquen followed.

As the flames grew larger and moving forward steadily, the icy surface melted, leaving only the concrete floor.


“Faster, Tropius!”

The plant dinosaur roared and flew faster, the flames catching up to them. Already the columns and walls were burning. Before the Pokémon made it to the last floor, Bunny gasped when she saw the spots where there was ice melting. Nothing could stop the flames from roaring.

When everyone made it to the first floor, flames began to spark in less than a few seconds. Jenny’s eyes went wide and she felt her hands tense. However, she grinned when she saw the light.

“Almost there! Come on buddy, you can do it!”

Jenny’s Pokémon smiled and nodded. He flapped his wings faster one last time and everyone was able to make it to the exit before the flames built up and burned the walls.

The Tropius got out of the temple and flew outside rapidly. Snow began falling faster once again. Jenny cheered, her heart pumping in jubilation. The Vespiquen smirked while both the plant dinosaur and Balin roared happily.

“I can’t believe we got away alive! I thought for sure we would be toast!”

Bunny was the only one not celebrating, staring at the skies with a frown. Her mind went back to how Jacob left them at the temple. How could she be happy now?

He left us there to die.

This was hard for her to shallow. She wished that was only a nightmare.

“Bunny, are you all right?”

The archeologist turned around and shook her head. “Jacob teleported without saving us. I just thought he was better than that.” She paused. “I never thought we would have to fight him.”

Jenny sighed and had her head down. Part of her too was disappointed in Jacob when he teleported just like that. Then again, betrayal was bound to happen after Jacob left them back close to Celestic Town.

“I’m also shocked that happened too, but let’s face it. Jacob is our enemy now, whether you like it or not.”

Bunny gasped and felt a cold tear rolling on her right cheek. As much as she hated it, Jenny was right, and in an ironic twist too.

“Steel Wing on Tropius!”

The two girls turned around and gasped loudly when they saw the Xatu slash the Tropius’ side with blinding speed, causing everyone except the Vespiquen to actually fall on top of the temple’s flat roof. The Xatu smirked while his master and the Mothim laughed. Everyone got up slowly except for the plant dinosaur, taking deep breaths. Jenny returned her Tropius, not wanting anything to happen to him.

“Now, give me the plates.”

Jenny stared at Jacob angrily and cradled the backpack close to her chest. Her hate for ‘Doc’ bloomed into wanting to hurt him. She still could not believe all of this had happened.

“No, you’re not getting them!”

In an instant, the Xatu’s eyes blazed blue and the backpack was covered in an aura. Jenny tried her best to hold it, but it was no use. Her arms got tired and after the plates were let go, she fell down. Jacob grabbed the sack and took out the Mind and Insect plates again.

“Xatu, Mothim, come here!”

The two obeyed and went towards Jacob. Without any struggle, they let him put the plates on their necks. The two artifacts glowed again and both Pokémon once more looked relaxed. Jacob gave out a sly smile.

After the officer got up, she glared at him and gritted her teeth. He could be the worst criminal she had faced so far.

“Give those plates back!”

The snow kept falling faster and faster, and howling sounds could be heard. Jacob raised his eyebrows. He was mad at first, but soon grinned.

“Why should I?”

Jenny screamed out of rage and ran towards Jacob. The old man just snapped his fingers and both the plate and the Xatu’s forehead blazed white again. The psychic bird went and tackled Jenny and made her crash onto the roof. While slowly getting up, the officer whimpered in pain, her right leg scattered with scars. She shivered, the icy wind slicing through her back.

The Vespiquen snarled and her eyes flashed into flames. She felt her heart racing in anger. After the pedant on her neck shimmered in white light, the bee Pokémon crossed her arms again and darted towards the Xatu. However, the Mothim chuckled, the plate on his neck glowed, and he bit on the Vespiquen’s neck, causing her to scream. The little moth grinned; the blood was very tasty. Soon the bee queen felt dizzy and fell down.

“Vespiquen!” Jenny screamed in shock and returned her Pokémon. At the moment her mind was numb.

Bunny gasped but glared at Jacob. Indeed, he had changed. This was not the professor she knew, always jolly and always lecturing. That old professor was gone. When she heard Balin growling, she instantly knew which attack to command. A risky one, but an attack that could give her and Jenny the advantage.

“Balin, Flare Blitz on Mothim!”

Jacob’s eyes went wide, remembering Bunny told her that attack was how she was able to escape from the police. “Mothim, hit him real hard!”

Again, Balin felt himself getting hotter and rage consuming his mind. His body once again burst into flames and he shot up towards the Mothim, who looked very terrified and was unable to move. The Ninetales rammed unto him and the Pokémon screamed in agony after being consumed by flames. Knowing Mothim was done for, Jacob returned him. He frowned at first, but snuck in a sly smile when he saw Balin breathing hard and his legs becoming weak. He was an easy target now.

Bunny gasped when she saw Jacob like that, but knew she had to keep going with this battle. “Balin, Energy Ball at Xatu!”

Despite being weak, Balin nodded and managed to let out a bright green ball heading towards the Xatu.


The Xatu’s eyes glowed, just like the plate on his neck, and the Energy Ball suddenly was covered in a blue aura, which turned around and sped towards Balin. The fire type was able to dodge it on time, but soon fell down.

“Balin!” Bunny screamed in horror.

Jacob closed his eyes and grinned. “End this with Zen Headbutt.”

The Xatu screamed in excitement and both the plate and his forehead blazed brightly in white light. Balin got up slowly, legs still shaking. Without turning around to see his surroundings though, the psychic bird rammed into him. The Ninetales fell on the concrete floor hard and was unable to get up.

Bunny was speechless, not sure what to say after a defeat like that. After she returned her Pokémon, Jacob laughed aloud.

“Looks like I win.”

Bunny began shivering—not out of fear nor of coldness, but of anger. Already the change in Jacob’s personality bugged her. She grabbed Sky’s pokeball, ready for another battle.

“The plates did change your personality! What happened to trying to save us and having the plates as proof of my innocence? You know what, you are a coward, Jacob! A coward!”

Jacob’s eyes twitched and he felt sweat all over his cheeks. He knew even if he could defeat all of their Pokémon, the war was not over yet. There was only one way to defeat them.

I didn’t plan to do this, but seems like I’ve no choice.


After the gun pointed up towards the sky for a second, Jacob had the gun targeted at the two girls.

“Come and claim the plates, if you dare,” Jacob whispered to them in a threatening tone.

Bunny and Jenny were staring at a smiling cat, ready to strike, and they could not stop staring at his crazed blue eyes.

Professor Alexison had a gun?


How long?

Da-dum, da-dum.

Why? Did he plan to kill us from the start?

Da-dum, da-dum.

Am I looking at an imposter?

Da- dum da-dum da-dum…

Jacob had just stepped over to the bad side.


Yes DarkPersian479, your guess is right after all these months. ._. I hope though it's still worth it.

No bobandbill, I don't think the ending is like the one in Da Vinci. If so, again I try to have the suspense in this chapter different. >.>
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Well, that battle certainly did live up to expectations. I really liked the "hit and run" nature of it, as it combined a chase and a battle, with Jacob's Pokemon having to pursue Jenny, Bunny, and company to lower levels before launching an assault against them. Of course, Jacob shakes things up by getting the plates back before booking out of the temple like the coward he is.

One interesting point is how Xatu began following Jacob's orders once he had the plate attached to him. It took some threatening coaxing from Jacob to get it attached in the first place, but then... even after the plate was taken from him, he still willingly went after the girls. I'm not sure if Xatu was still scared of Jacob or if his taste of the plate's power made him hungry for more (absolute power corrupts absolutely), but Xatu's personality change was dramatic throughout the course of the battle.

Just as pronounced was Jacob's descent into insanity, which started when he shot Matt last chapter. Here, he completely goes off the deep end, abandoning the girls, before pulling the gun on them - just as predicted. Clearly the old man let his greed and thirst for power get the better of his judgment, and once that line's crossed, it's all over.

Wow, looks like the rest of the police force finally put the pieces together XD

And once again things end on a cliffhanger, with Jacob (with his prize) pointing a gun directly at Bunny and Jenny while seemingly off his rocker. Is there any hope for the girls? Will help arrive in time?

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So, have any of you watched The Simpsons' parody of The Da Vinci Code recently? If not, then GO WATCH IT ONLINE! Seriously, it's great! Man, now I feel a bit silly doing this story after watching that episode. All those treasure stories are really just Sherlock Holmes twisted around. XD;

In any case, we're getting close to the ending. Now, one thing real quick. Yes, I used some info about the 12th movie and put it in here, but with a twist. Here's the thing. I was worried this story would break anime canon since there could be a chance the plates will have a huge role in the movie. Problem is the movie won't come till July and I plan to have this story be done in May. However, I talked to The Great Butler about this and he gave me an idea of how I can bypass that. Also, shouldn't worry too much since this story is mostly AU anyways with game and anime elements mixed together in the first place. ; If any one of you have criticisms over this though, I might edit this chapter in the future or something.

Oh, there's also one thing I've been wondering. I'm thinking of posting both Chapter 24 and the Epilogue at the same time, but not sure about it. Thinking that so that you guys don't have to wait for the epilogue and also the Epilogue isn't very long, only about six-seven pages. However, Chapter 24 is quite long and not sure if you guys would like reading the Epilogue right after. So, one question: Would you guys rather have both the last chapter and the Epilogue posted at the same day, or a week apart from each other?

Guess nothing else but to get this show on the road. Thanks to The Great Butler and DarkPersian479 for betaing! Enjoy!

Chapter Twenty Two
Sixteen Pieces

Showers of fire were coming down and destroying the city.
When called for help, the alpha appeared and gave out a roar
That shook the stars and created a tsunami.
Thus the city of Michiina was saved
But with a heavy cost,
Scars all over its body and breath deep and short.

-excerpt from “Stories from the Michiinan Ruins”

There are some records from Michiina of how the plates were made. Thousands of years ago, Arceus saved the city from a meteor, but was greatly injured. A man named Damos took care of the legendary Pokémon though, and in return Arceus gave him the Jeweled Orb of Life, which contained sixteen life forces of its own. Damos was supposed to return the orb to the legendary, but did not. Why, not much is known, but one possibility was due to Damos’ minion, Gishin, a man with Pokémon carrying devilish accessories. Arceus carried on its rage in its sleep and vowed to bring judgment on the humans when it awakens again.

During Arceus’ slumber, though, there were people that managed to find the Jeweled Orb of Life and were able to create sixteen plates with them. Not only that, they were able to write the history of Sinnoh on some of the tablets. As for the whereabouts of the Jeweled Orb of Life, it was gone when the people got the powers from it. There are some assumptions Arceus was killed in the process, but others that claim Arceus might had gone to the Halls of Origin after Damos’ betrayal. Either way, the Pokémon has not been seen since.

What power the plates created was unknown due to many records from Michiina City having been destroyed, but one thing for sure was the artifacts corrupted the people. At first the people used them for good, but then they got greedy and were fighting for them. There was lots of bloodshed, taking lives of both Pokémon and humans. Eventually the plates were scattered all over Sinnoh and beyond.

Once a beautiful place full of very green grass and Pokémon drinking from the streams, Michiina is now only filled with ruins of the past of how the plates come to be. This is only one interpretation as how the plates were made, though. However, this was the one most embraced.

-- Carved in Silence, “Michiina City’s History.”

Everyone gasped and their bodies shook. Bunny was the one that was most frightened about this. She felt sweat splashed all over her face and her hands were shaking. She thought she saw a man wearing a wolf mask, not Jacob. What got Jenny worried was of how long he had that gun. How long had he had that weapon? Also, why was he carrying it?

“Why a gun?” Jenny asked, her mind active again.

“Let’s just say I’m going to use this on the other officers if need be,” he said with a chuckle. “In fact, I almost shot the chief, but he made the first move.”

The female officer’s jaws dropped. Her mind flashed back to when she saw Jacob looking scared, thinking that Lucas had almost attacked him. She now realized it was the other way around.

“You almost shot Lucas?” Jenny screamed. “I admit Timmy and Lucas tend to make risky decisions, but I wouldn’t say to kill them! Also, what’s that going to accomplish? You’ll only go to jail for an even longer period of time!”

Jacob took heavier breaths, his chest moving quickly and mind clouding with rage.

“Quiet! I can still get away with it like I did with Ernest and Matt!”

Jenny’s furious eyes grew wider. “Matt? What, you killed another man too?”

Jacob chuckled. “I could see in that man’s eyes he wanted the plates too.”

The female officer grunted, noticing how Jacob had changed since he left them. Bunny felt a tear on her eye; the change was evident and she did not like it one bit. She felt that it was high time that Jacob knew this.

“You know, this is unusual. Before, you helped us run away from the police. In fact, you saved us from drowning. Now what happened? You suddenly change? Probably it is because you are now worried the information will come out. That, or maybe the plates have some sort of power to change people’s personalities.”

Jacob laughed and shook his head. “Really? Bunny, you read Carved in Silence. You remember the chapter about Michiina City, right?”

Bunny was silent for quite some time, unsure as to why Jacob asked that question. She felt her heart beating at a much slower pace.

“Yes,” she stuttered. Fear gripped her heart, trying to stop it from living anymore. “Why did you ask that?”

“In that chapter, the plates were from Arceus.” Jacob smirked. “Don’t you get it? The plates were from the legendary Pokémon itself. Here we are, staring at Arceus, broken into sixteen pieces.”

Bunny had nothing to say about that. She just froze, dumbstruck at what Jacob had said. Jenny, however, glared at the former professor and took deep breaths.

“Is that so, huh? No wonder you killed my uncle.”

Jacob hit his boiling point. His eyes got twitchy and he took very deep breaths. Inside him the beast within him just wanted to kill the girls, slash them to pieces. He thought maybe the girls were here to have a talk with him, which he would have liked very much. Things went downhill for him when Jenny said that. They just wanted the plates for themselves.

The girls are not to have the plates!

The old man had his fingers curled on the trigger and a sound was made. When the two women heard that, they stood still; each felt as if their legs were frozen. Somehow his angry look caged them. Not wanting that to happen, Bunny took a few steps and kneeled down with both hands together.

“Look at yourself!” Bunny said with a sob. “It is like you have changed this instant! Please…do not do this!”

One look at Bunny’s eyes almost made Jacob put his gun away, but he decided not to listen to her, believing Bunny had lied also. Thoughts of not wanting to go to jail poisoned his mind.

“I’m sorry, Bunny. As much as I love you, I can’t risk you going to the police. Speaking of the police…”

He pointed the gun at Jenny. The officer’s eyes went wide and she screamed. Jacob pulled the trigger.


Without thinking, Bunny pushed Jenny aside and the bullet hit her, which made the archeologist fall down. Jenny fell down too, but she quickly got back up and saw Jacob smirking at her. He was still holding his gun.

“I can still shoot you.”

Jenny gritted her teeth and her hands began to tremble. There was only one other way to do this. The officer took out a gun from her coat.

“You forgot that I’m a police officer and I too have a gun. I don’t want to do this to you, but I’m not afraid to use force either.”

Without hesitation, Jacob smirked and snapped his fingers. The Xatu screeched, his wings glowed white, and he flew in rapidly. Jenny gasped and dodged before the bird managed to slash her. The Xatu was able to turn around and ram into Jenny, causing her to fall down. Jacob chuckled.

“You just won’t give up, won’t you?” Jacob whispered in an eerie tone.

Jenny quickly got up and began shooting at Jacob, who just kept running, the bullets always missing their target.

“Xatu! Teleport!” Jacob screamed through the howling winds.

Jenny gasped and felt her heart beating in anxiety when she saw Jacob jump off the roof. That was not all, though. The officer covered her eyes when pink light suddenly appeared. It was a while until Jenny rubbed her eyes and looked down below. No Jacob anywhere. Jenny grunted and clenched her fist, but gasped when she turned around and saw Bunny on the floor, back facing up.


Jenny ran quickly and nudged Bunny’s shoulders gently. The little woman moved slowly from her back. There was blood coming out from the upper part of her right leg, which made the officer’s eyes widen.

“My leg…it hurts,” Bunny moaned. “So…cold.”

Jenny slowly lifted Bunny and let the woman’s head rest on her chest. Bunny put her hands on her wounded leg and she clenched her teeth, the blood was too cold. Knowing medical attention was necessary, Jenny first grabbed Bunny’s bag, took out a cloth, and wrapped it around the woman’s wounded leg. Jenny then released her Tropius, took out a spray bottle and sprayed some liquid on the Pokémon. After his wounds were taken care of, the grass-flying type smiled and stomped on the ground.

“Okay, listen to me. Tropius will take you to the nearest Pokémon Center. When you get there, try to tell the doctors and nurses what just happened.”

Bunny’s eyes went wide. “But would they believe me, a wanted criminal?”

“They’re going to have to report that you were shot to our station and I assume that report will finally make Lucas and Timmy open their eyes. Not only that, you need medical attention!”

Bunny hastily nodded, realizing that was for the best. After Jenny whistled, her Tropius kneeled down. Jenny lifted Bunny up slowly and she was on the Pokémon, lying on her back. The little woman’s eyes went wide however; there was something she wondered.

“Wait, why are you not going to the Center with me?”

“I’m going to try to find Jacob and take him to the Center. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’ve seen worse wounds than yours,” Jenny said with a small smile.

Bunny frowned. She wished Jenny would comfort her during the ride. When her breaths became deeper, she nodded slowly. Seeing that Bunny approved of Jenny’s plan, the Tropius flapped his wings and the two took flight. Jenny stared at the both of them for some time before she jumped off from the top of the temple, landed safely, and ran to try to find Lucas.


Not far from the temple, pink light instantly appeared and when it faded, Lucas, his Kirlia, and his crew were revealed. Diana, Arnold, Vincent, and Timmy kept turning their heads until they heard their chief whistle.

“All right guys, here is what’s going to happen. Diana, Arnold, you go to the Center and check on the status of Matt Chiaki. Timmy, Vincent, you guys are coming with me to the Snowpoint Temple and…”

“Lucas, look!” Vincent screamed, pointing to the left.

Everyone turned around and gave out shocked looks when they saw Jacob running along with his Xatu.

At first Jacob halted and his eyes went wide. There was the chief whom he almost shot, this time he was with a small crew. What got to Jacob was how they knew he was here.

Matt, he realized and he grunted quietly to himself. Guess I’m an old gentleman with poor aim. There was only one way to get out of this.


Lucas’s eyes went wide when he saw the Xatu’s body glowing pink. He knew what that meant, so he turned to his Pokémon and pointed at the bird.

“Sandi, Thunderbolt!”

The Kirlia nodded and her body became clouded with electricity. The lightning sparks right after blasted off and hit Xatu, causing the bird to scream and pant heavily. He chuckled though and flapped his wings.

The Kirlia smirked when she saw the Xatu glowing pink again. No worries if that Teleport would be successful—she could hit that bird hard and faint him. Sandi let out another burst of electric bolts going towards that psychic bird. However, the Xatu shrieked and his eyes glowed blue. Not only that, the plate lit up too, causing everyone to gasp.

“What is that thing shining on his neck?” Arnold asked.

Usually a rainbow aura would come out, but not this time. Instead, the Thunderbolt halted for a second and instead struck Sandi. The Kirlia screamed and felt the electricity slicing all over her body. After the ordeal was over, she panted and growled in anguish, already feeling tired.

Wanting to help out the battle, Timmy grabbed his pokeball and yelled, “Eisen, use Brave Bird before…”

Timmy’s voice trailed off when Jacob took out his gun. Lucas’ crew did the same, with everyone taking out their guns. The chief returned Sandi, just in case the shootout got nasty. Instead of being shaky because he was surrounded, Jacob grinned. His fingers curled on the trigger, ready to fire.

“So we meet again, Jacob,” Lucas said softly.

Jacob was quiet. His fingers squeezed the trigger harder, but not all the way yet. Lucas gulped silently to himself. He too had his fingers squeezing the trigger tighter. Vincent and Arnold covered their eyes, the Xatu glowing brighter.

“Last time both of us were scared. We weren’t sure what to expect. This time though, now I know who you are and I’m prepared for what’s coming to me.”

All Jacob said was “Hmph,” and his fingers squeezed the trigger tighter. This time, he was about to fire.

“Take cover!” Diana warned.

Jacob fired the gun a few times and everyone fell on the ground on their own will. They instantly got back up and started firing at Jacob, but it was no use. The bullets just passed through him, his Xatu’s Teleport taking effect, and the two disappeared.

Silence and bewilderment trapped the officers for some time.

“Damn!” Lucas finally yelled and kicked some snow.

Close, oh so close. If only he fired the trigger. Jacob was faster to act, though. He had not underestimated his opponents.

“Now what?” Vincent asked.

Lucas touched his forehead and shook his head. He forgot why they were here in the first place. Perhaps a clearer mind would do good. The chief was interrupted when he heard a familiar voice.

“Jacob! Jacob!”

Everyone turned around with stunned faces when they saw Jenny running. The female officer halted and gasped when she saw the crew, her chest heaving up and down.

“Timmy, Lucas? What are you guys doing here?”

“We’re here because Matt called to tell us Jacob’s here,” Lucas answered calmly.

Jenny gasped and felt she could not breathe. Her legs began shaking.

“Quiet! I can still get away with it like I did with Ernest and Matt!”

Matt. So he’s not dead.

Part of her was relieved Jacob did not kill another man, but still, he resorted to violence to fix his mistakes.

When Lucas noticed Bunny was not with her, he asked, “Where’s Bunny?”

Jenny huffed. “Why should I answer? These past few days you wanted to catch her.”

Timmy sighed and slid his fingers through his hair. He knew Jenny would not believe what they said, but thought it was worth a try.

“Ella, just minutes ago we found Jacob and he almost shot all of us. Not only that, we now assume Jacob’s the murderer. We need to talk to Bunny.”

“You’re lying!” Jenny shouted and slammed Timmy onto a tree. Her left hand held his chest while her right hand balled into a fist. “You’re just saying that so you can arrest her! Jacob’s the one you’re looking for!”

“I’m not!” Timmy yelled back, his eyes wide in anger. “Both you and Bunny can tell us where Jacob's at!”

Before the two could argue more, Lucas whistled. Not only Timmy and Jenny, but the rest of the crew turned around too.

“Enough! Okay, change of plans. Diana, Vincent, go to the temple. Arnold, you’re with me for now.”

Diana and Vincent nodded and quickly ran away. As soon as they were gone, Lucas stared hard at Timmy and Jenny.

“Jenny, what Timmy said is true. At the last minute we decided Jacob might’ve had something to do with your uncle’s murder.”

Jenny gasped and her eyes went wide. Just hearing those words cut her right through like a blade.

“How did you find that out?”

“I did,” Arnold answered. “I questioned one of the landlords and he told me that. Also, I was the one that figured out Jacob was the murderer after the crew had a meeting over this case.”

Jenny clenched her fist, angry that Arnold was the one that found that out. She took a deep breath, however. What good would fighting about it do?

So they found out Ernest’s my uncle.

Ever since her relationship with Ernest took a wrong turn, she tried her best to not let anyone know her uncle was a famous historian and archeologist. With Ernest dead now, at least the officers would find out eventually.

“Now,” Lucas continued, “please tell us where Bunny’s at.”

Jenny bit her lips and her breaths became slow. She was hesitant to answer, not sure if they would trust her word. Knowing they might pester her with that question until she died, Jenny let go of Timmy, who sat down and tried to catch his breath.

“She’s at the Pokémon Center now with my Tropius.”

“Pokémon Center?” Arnold asked with wide eyes. “Hey, that’s where Matt Chiaki is at too!”

Lucas did not say anything. No smile curled on his lips. After some time, he nodded. There was one other order of business to take care off.

“Okay, we’re going over there right now to check up on both of them. Also Jenny, tell us everything that happened.”


Nurses were running with Bunny on the stretcher. Her eyes just stared at the lights while her mind was deep in thought.

“Jacob,” she muttered.

His motives confused her. Was he really helping both of them or just himself? Would Jacob not even admit his mistake even if it was not on purpose?


The plates. Were they worth killing for, even if it was true they were made from Arceus itself? Could they not be just considered another group of artifacts?

“Jacob, why?”

A single cold tear flowed on her cheek. The nurses then took her into the emergency room.


Rain poured hard on Route 212. The Pokémon living on that route did not take cover but were actually either playing in the mud or in the puddles. One man under a tree stared at his bag, laughing for quite some time. He just could not believe his eyes. It was too good to be true, holding all the plates. He hugged his backpack tighter.


Now it was his chance to savor this moment, his chance to let the public know of the powers and the texts of the plates. Jacob would be known, recognized for his accomplishments. There was nothing that could stop him.

That was when Jacob stopped laughing and his mind became twisted, like the rain.

Wait…I’m not. Jenny’s probably talking to the police right now.

That was the roadblock that stopped his chance of fame. Jenny might have already finished talking to the officers about trying to catch him.

Should have killed the girls.

All of a sudden, tears swelled up in his eyes, realizing that was not like him at all. Jacob would never do that and he could not believe he almost killed his friend and most beloved student. He glanced at the plates, this time with wide eyes. He lowered his head in shame. It all started from him trying to find Ernest and then to his death. That eventually had Bunny wrongly accused. He saved her but at the same time saved his reputation. He again wondered if this journey had changed him right from the start, even before he, Bunny, and Jenny traveled together.

“Is it worth everything?” he muttered to himself while his mouth was trembling.

Whenever mistakes were made, there was always that nagging question, “What if that did not happen?” In the end though, the feelings got worse.

Jacob felt he just died a little inside. Maybe he died a long time ago, since the start.
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Showdown part II!



Man, that Jacob is one slippery fellow, thanks to Teleport. I do think that he's turning this into an unfair fight by spamming and abusing that move, but then again, since when do criminals play by the rules.

Ever since it was first mentioned, I've thought it's been odd that Jenny's wanted to keep the identity of her uncle a secret from the other officers. I'm sure she mentioned it before, but I just find it odd. And yes, that thought came completely out of left field :p
Jenny clenched her fist, angry that Arnold was the one that found that out.
Another part that I didn't quite understand. Does Jenny have some "history" with Arnold, or would she rather had someone like Timmy or Lucas make that connection. And I would think the police department could run a background check and find that fact out for themselves.

Overall, though, another fine chapter. With his latest threat on officer's lives, Jacob has all but erased all doubt as to his guilt. And now with Jacob hiding on... wherever the heck route 212 is (sorry, I'm still not that familiar with the layout of the Sinnoh region), I'm looking forward to some very revealing interrogation with Bunny and Matt in the next chapter. And on a final note, perhaps it did take the shooting of his student for Jacob to begin questioning his motives and the actions he has taken toward achieving his goal...

Until next time!

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Okay, I originally plan to post this tomorrow for Easter, but decided to post it now for a couple reasons. One, cause Easter is already being celebrated in other countries now, and with me in California where the Pacific Time Zone is WAYYYYYYYY behind, I’m just going to post this now. XD Second, I just can’t wait to post the ending of this story.

Before the main entertainment though, here’s a fun treat for all of you. Now, since it’s Easter (at least in some places), I got an Easter Egg hidden in this story. :D What kind? There’s a reference to another fic in the forums. What I want you guys to do is find that quote and then name the fic that I referenced to. Whoever gets it right first wins this short hunt! I’ll give one hint:

[spoiler=hint] The fic referenced also has the plates in it, but portrayed much better than the ones in this story! XD Should be really easy if you guys read that fic…; [/spoiler]

Thanks to both The Great Butler and DarkPersian479 for betaing! (Oh, sorry for changing a few lines and all on you two. I reread the chapter real quick and there were a few plotholes I didn’t see, so I fixed it last minute by changing some lines ; )

Chapter Twenty-Three

Inside one of the lounge rooms in the Pokémon Center, Jenny was able to explain everything to Timmy and Lucas in private, while Arnold went to question the nurses. Like how Bunny told the story to Ms. Davis and Jacob, Jenny began to have an upset stomach more and more with every word she spoke. After Jenny finished the tale, she took a few deep breaths. Timmy and Lucas nodded at her and had their fingers on their chins.

“So all of what you said is true?” Lucas asked. Jenny just nodded.

Timmy sighed, knowing that Jenny would never forgive them for what they had done. He could tell by how Jenny used a cold and deadly tone when she answered their questions. Their reasoning though was of ignorance and lust for getting the criminal. Part of Timmy had been telling him though that all along he was wrong. He hated being wrong. In the end, they deserved to have her be angry at them.

“All right, we get it, you’re right and we’re wrong. Sorry we doubted you.”

Jenny shook her head and yelled at Timmy, “It’s not about who’s right or wrong! It’s more about how you guys almost jailed an innocent woman and not thinking of other possibilities.”

The male officer grunted, knowing whatever else he would say would start and argument which would bounce back and forth. He then shook his head, knowing what he said earlier made Jenny lose her temper. Seeing that Timmy looked defeated, Lucas spoke.

“Jenny, it’s true we didn’t think the other way around, and we wish we weren’t so narrow minded,” Lucas apologized.

Jenny smiled slightly. Still, she wished the two men would have taken her idea into consideration so that she would not have had to take drastic measures. Maybe the journey would have been done without Bunny being wanted.

“I understand.” Suddenly her frown disappeared, something else came into mind. “However, there’s one question I want to ask you, chief. What you’re going to do about my necklace? It is a piece from the plates and all.”

The chief’s eyes went wide, never thought about what to do with Jenny’s necklace. When she told him how she used her necklace during her battle with Jacob, he could not believe it, but he was reminded when he encountered the former professor and he too used one of the plates. There was more to the plates than meets the eye.

There are two ways he could deal with that problem. One was to have it as evidence, even if the other plates were not found. However, in order for this case to be valid, Jacob must be found. On the other hand, because the necklace was from her uncle, she might feel uncomfortable giving it to him. After being silent for some time, Lucas smiled, teeth showing.

“Keep it. However, after we find Jacob and the plates, that necklace is going to be used as evidence. Don’t want to take it away from you and all.”

Jenny nodded. “Thanks, chief. I think I need to go take a walk now.”

Both Lucas and Timmy nodded and Jenny got up to go to the door. However, Timmy gasped. There was something he had wanted to ask her for quite some time.

“Jenny, do you forgive us?”

The female officer turned around and her mouth opened slightly. For a while she had asked herself the same question after Jacob left her and Bunny. She then smiled and nodded.

“Yes, I have. You guys are just doing your jobs, even if it’s risky. See you guys later.”

As soon as she was gone, both Lucas and Timmy sighed in relief. They both knew what they did was wrong, but at least Jenny forgave them. For the next couple of minutes they were silent, reflecting back on what a rollercoaster ride the case was. The chief frowned though after he glanced at the clock.

“I’m so not ready for the interview coming,” Lucas muttered while shaking his head.


Jenny got out of the hospital and kept walking without a destination. Her feet kept leaving huge footprints on the snow. When she sighed, mist blew out from her mouth.

Lucas and Timmy I can forgive, they were doing their job. Plus, they admitted their mistake. Jacob, on the other hand…

Jenny halted and clenched her fist, the memory of Bunny being shot by Jacob flooded back in her mind.

He almost killed me and had planned on taking down both Lucas and Timmy.

It was hard for her to imagine a professor would go to great lengths to not admit his mistakes. Now Jacob was on the loose and he could be in Kanto already. Jenny felt her heart beating rapidly and her breaths becoming slower but louder.

He deserves to be punished.


Outside the Snowpoint Pokémon Center, cameras flashed at Lucas. The brightness of them made him cover his eyes. Questions from the reporters just swirled into his mind.

“So the charges are dropped against Bunny?”

“How about Officer Jenny? Are you going to fire her?”

“Is the new suspect then Jacob Alexison?”

Too many questions. He bit his lip, not wanting to answer them. Was it from either annoyance or fear? The man was not sure. The questions though kept bouncing at him.

“Are you also going to press charges on him for the attempted murder of Matt Chiaki?”

“What are those ‘plates’ you talked about?”

A few feet away from the crowd, Timmy and Arnold gazed at their boss, feeling sorry that he had to go through this. Timmy chuckled.

Reporters never stopped asking questions, huh?

After that thought, the man frowned when he stared at one of the hospital windows.

Should have listened to Jenny.

The chief still bit his lip and still hadn't answered a question yet.

After the interview, Lucas went inside the temple and felt his heart sink in surprise and confusion. Everything was dull and damaged, like a cave. No icicles shimmered with rainbow light, as they were all broken. There were on the walls the pieces of a statue scattered everywhere. He grunted, knowing the damage was from Jacob.

All this time, Bunny was not the murderer. This complicates things, though.

There were past cases when his police crew went for the wrong guy. This was different, however. The wrong person was now injured. Lucas felt bad about it, and he thought he caused it all. He was the one that agreed to Timmy’s idea of how to get her and wanted this search to keep going. Now there was a new direction that his crew must follow. He grunted when his mind thought about Jacob Alexison.

No doubt it’s him. He’s going to pay the consequences.

It was that former professor’s fault both Matt and Bunny got injured. All along he was helping Bunny too. What shocked Lucas the most though was when Jenny told him Jacob was the real murderer. If he were in Jenny’s shoes, he would not think the former professor was capable of doing that. He then thought about how he dared the man to shoot him, but Jacob was scared. When they met again though, Jacob almost shot his crew.

For some reason, Lucas wanted to know more about Jacob. True, he had to investigate more about him, but curiosity blazed high for that man. A professor having a criminal past was highly unlikely. Could it be something that made Jacob snap? Maybe that was why he wanted to know more about him, the chief admitted when he sighed.


Lucas’ eyes flickered when he saw both Vincent and Diana coming towards him. After he was out of his confusion, he smiled.

“Oh, hi you guys. I assume you two finished taking pictures?”

“Yep,” Vincent answered. “Most likely the statue is a Regigigias. That’s gonna cost Mr. Alexison.”

Lucas chuckled. “Yeah. Good job you guys. I want you two to be with Timmy and Arnold for a while. I’ll catch up later.”

Both officers nodded and left Lucas alone. The chief stared down at the debris and sighed.

What’s gotten into Jacob?


Lucas turned around and saw Arnold dashing towards him. He halted and tried to catch his breath.

“Oh, hey! How are the two doing?”

Arnold flipped through his notes. “Well, Matt got shot on the neck while Bunny was hit on the leg. Both are still in ER, but they should be out of the operating room soon. We can start questioning them tomorrow late afternoon at the earliest.”

Lucas’ eyes were lowered and his hands curled into a fist. His thoughts went back to when Jacob began shooting them, almost a death strike. Would a nice and quiet man do that? Once again, his assumption was that Jacob snapped.

All of a sudden, Sandi popped out of her pokeball. The Kirlia gazed at her master with a miserable face. Both Lucas and Arnold gasped and froze.

“Sandi? Why are you out of your pokeball?”

Immediately, the emotion Pokémon hugged Lucas’ leg.

“Lila kir kir kirlia,” the Pokémon answered in a worried tone.

Arnold chuckled. “Looks like she’s worried about you.”

Lucas felt a tinge of pain inside his heart. These last few days were the most stressful he had in a while. He gave a toothy grin, finding it actually cute his Pokémon worried about him.

“Really, Sandi?”

The Kirlia nodded and Lucas bent down to kiss his Pokémon’s forehead.

“Don’t worry, I’m good. I guess you’re right. It’s just that this case is a really stressful one and many things have happened.”

Sandi nodded and hugged Lucas tighter. Lucas sighed, hoping things would be fine from here on out.


After surgery, Bunny was sent to a well-lit hospital room to stay for a week. Luckily the bullet did not go through too deep and the doctors were able to get it out quickly. Still though, it would take time until the woman’s leg would heal fully.

The next day, after Bunny was awake, she stared at the right side of the wall for quite some time and thought a lot about what had happened to her so far.

His fault.

She bit her lips at that. Yes, it was Jacob’s fault. He was the one that hurt both her Ninetales and Jenny’s Vespiquen. He also took the plates with him. Slowly, she started to get angry at him. Not hating him yet, it was too soon for that.

Bunny was interrupted when she heard a knock. The archeologist turned around and saw Nurse Joy, carrying a tray with some pokeballs on it.

“How you’re doing, Ms. Spruce?” the nurse asked with a huge smile.

“Fine, thank you. Er…how is my Ninetales?”

“Balin? He’s doing fine. In fact, here’s his pokeball.” The nurse grabbed a pokeball and gave it to Bunny, who smiled back.

“Thank you, Nurse Joy,” Bunny said while putting the pokeball on the table next to the bed.

“You’re welcome. All right, hope you feel better soon.” Nurse Joy was about to leave Bunny’s room, but before she did, she turned around to look at Bunny one last time. “Oh, you have some visitors today.”


Nurse Joy chuckled and left Bunny alone. Not long after, Lucas, Timmy, and Jenny entered the room. Bunny’s heart drummed with both excitement and anger.

“Hi, Buncan,” Jenny said while waving and giggled.

The young woman chuckled, glad that she did not lose her sense of humor. Bunny’s eyes squinted though when she noticed Lucas and Timmy with her. “Why are those two policemen here?”

“They’re here to explain to you some things and also to ask you some questions. And don’t worry, I talked to them and I forgive them.” Both men nodded.

Bunny’s mouth twitched for some time but then she nodded. Timmy and Lucas smiled right after they entered the room. All three both grabbed some chairs and sat close to Bunny.

Lucas spoke first. “The two of us are here to say that we’re sorry we put you through this mess.”

The woman’s eyes went wide and she looked down, staring at her twitchy fingers. She would not expect police officers to admit their mistakes. From what she heard, they usually think they are above the law. When she gazed at Jenny, she grinned. Bunny slowly raised her head and smiled.

“That is fine. Glad you two admitted what you did wrong.”

“The thing is what Ernest wrote really threw us off,” Timmy said. “We didn’t know what he wrote is something totally different and also that he’s Jenny’s uncle. I’ll admit my idea on catching criminals is a bit on the extremes. I guess it’s been a while since the police station really got a good case.” After Timmy finished, he chuckled.

“So yeah, pretty much we’ll be dropping charges on you but now we’re keeping an eye out on Jacob. Speaking of that man, would you mind telling us of what he’s like? We want to know as much about him as possible.”

Bunny gasped and her eyes went wide. True, he did deserve to go to jail, being the true criminal. Still, she would never have imagined her favorite professor would be on the run from the law. She looked at Jenny once again, this time she frowned.

“I just told them how before the incident, he was a very nice and enthusiastic person to be with.” After Jenny finished saying that, she smiled. “You know him more than I do, though.”

Bunny stared at Jenny for some time. She knew that deep inside Jenny the officer was furious at Jacob, especially when she spoke in a slow and dark tone to her. This was not the right time to talk about this, though. That could wait. Instead she turned to face the two officers and nodded.

“I knew him since I was nine. He and my grandparents were great friends. I then entered the university he taught at and loved it there. He was one of my favorite professors and he lectures well. He was always the kind of person to be happy about everything and accepts you as a person.”

She sighed and glanced at all three writing down what she said. Bunny would have talked about him in a more exciting manner, but because of the new situation she was in, it was hard for her to do so.

“What is his teaching style like?” Timmy asked.

“Besides lecturing us on historical facts, he would also tell us some interesting stories of the past and also would bring a lot of artifacts to show the class. He even rehearsed poetry and plays with us a few times.”

Lucas nodded. “How about the plates? Did he mention anything about them in his lectures?”

Bunny felt she could not breathe. How could you tell someone about how important the plates were in telling the first stages of Sinnoh history? After some time, Bunny smiled.

“A couple of times, but not very in depth. He said how there is not much known about them. Let us just say however they are probably the most important artifacts around.”

Lucas finished writing and smiled. “I think we’ve got enough info here. Again, sorry about all this mess. We’ll talk more about this later as we now have to go talk to Matt. Jenny, you can stay here with Bunny a little longer. Timmy and I will be waiting for you. See ya.”

Bunny nodded and after the two officers got out of their seats, they waved goodbye to her. After they left the room, Jenny went and hugged Bunny, which took her by surprise.

“So glad you’re all right,” she whispered and then let go of her.

Bunny chuckled. “I only got shot in the leg, not in the chest.”

Jenny laughed in embarrassment and rubbed her head. “True, Buncan.” The two laughed out loud, enjoying the moment, but it was short lived. Jenny frowned. “Still, you could have died. I could have died too if you had not saved me.”

"So you hate him now?”

Jenny gasped, which made Bunny stare at her. The archeologist was not sure where she got that question and then felt bad for asking it.

“Yeah,” Jenny answered straight out while clenching her fist. “I don’t think I can forgive him for what he did to us.”

Bunny could tell in Jenny’s furious eyes that the officer was serious about this. She could understand her friend’s feelings, but it still scared her Jenny would now make Jacob her enemy.

“How about your uncle?”

Jenny let out a huge heavy sigh. “After what has happened these last few days, I might. I’m just not sure what’s going to happen now at this point.” Even though she spoke in a mournful way, she smiled. “Don’t worry, though. I’ll be fine.” Jenny paused. “We’ll be fine.”

The woman at first tilted her head in confusion, wondered why Jenny said that. Realization then hit her. Bunny nodded.

“Thanks. Even though this journey was stressful on us, we will make it through.”

Jenny winked and chuckled. “Okay, I’ll be going now. Take care, Bunny.”

After she was gone, the archeologist sighed when her mind went back to Jacob. Now she was torn apart in hating him or not.

How can he save me and then almost kill me?

Part of Bunny restrained her from thinking how Jacob used her. Before the incident back at Route 210, he seemed like he was helping them. But the gun? He did say it was for the police going towards them and right now they are still at him.

Would he go that far to save us and himself?

She bit her lip at that thought, the words us and him. It seemed logical, though irrational. However, if the policemen were killed then Bunny would still be wanted. Was that helping or getting away at the end?

Bunny sighed, knowing only Jacob could answer that.

Do not want to draw conclusions again.

Part of her did not want to lose Jacob. True, what he did was wrong, but she did not want to lose Jacob forever. From time to time she thought she was more mature than some people, but at the same time did not want to hold grudges to the people she knew and loved for so long. She felt that bond would be worth nothing if that were to happen.

Probably he was too passionate over the plates, that is all! That is all! That is all!

Bunny screamed, letting all her frustration out, and then cried softly until she fell asleep.

Not far from Bunny’s room, Jenny shook her head and felt her heartstrings being pulled by some puppet master. That scream would haunt her for some time.


Matt stared at the window for quite some time that day. For the past couple of hours since he awoke, there was nothing much to do but watch the news and shows that dealt with either archeology or technology. He was fine by that, but after a while he felt like he needed some time to think.

He touched the bandage on his neck and bit his lips, the pain still stinging him slightly. The doctors told him he could leave after a few days but that he should come back often for his neck to be checked.

Professor Alexison.

Was Jacob having a split personality? At first Matt thought Jacob was a humble and kind person, as he always imagined, but after hearing about him running away from the law, things changed.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Just recently he watched the news in which Jacob had shot Bunny Spruce and now there were charges against him for the murder of Ernest Norrison and two attempted murders. The more he thought about it, the more he wondered why that well respected man would go to great lengths in trying to find the plates.

I’ve studied his work and he doesn’t seem to be the person to do anything risky.

The young man’s thoughts were interrupted though when he heard a knock.

“Come in!”

The door was opened and Matt’s eyes went wide when he saw Lucas, Jenny, and Timmy.

“Matt Chiaki, I’m Chief Lucas McMane and those two are my officers, Timmy Darouse and Jenny Emblem.”

The man gasped and pointed his finger at Jenny. “Jenny Emblem? The wanted officer?”

Jenny gave a soft laugh. “Don’t worry, Matt. I talked to those two about what really happened and we’re cool now.”

After Jenny finished saying that, her smile faded slowly. Looking at Matt in this state made her want to leave the room and go find Jacob.

That man didn’t do anything. Why would Jacob shoot him too?

“We’re here to ask you a few questions,” Timmy said, pen and notepad ready.

Matt was speechless at first. It would be very hard for him to talk about Jacob. They were the police though and they had the right to know.

“Sure, go right ahead.”

Timmy gave Matt a warm smile. “So, I heard you’re both a scientist and an archeologist. I assume you knew a thing or two about Jacob before you met him, right?”

Matt nodded. “Yes. I studied a lot of his work and they’re quite good. Also Jacob has studied my grandfather’s works, my grandfather who also was an archeologist. I actually enjoyed his company before I found out he was a criminal.”

“Speaking of which, how did you find out he was the man we faced off with at Solaceon Town?” Lucas asked.

“From an article online. The Pokémon Times, I think. The man in the picture looked exactly like him.”

Lucas thought quickly how Jacob looked and his clothes and then that article. He sighed in disbelief.

“I see. One question, though. Why you didn’t just call us instead of confronting Jacob, especially knowing he had a gun?”

“I wanted to talk to him first before making a rash decision like that. I thought there was something more to that story than him suddenly becoming a criminal. I was shocked when he mentioned something about history and the plates.”

Lucas had one eyebrow raised. “Really?”

History will come alive.

That phrase came back to haunt him. There was more to Jacob than meets the eye.

Matt nodded. “Yes, I don’t get it.”

“Were you able to see the plates?” Jenny asked. “Jacob actually had the first few plates with him.”

Lucas and Timmy stared at her for sometime, wondering why she would blurt that out. Jenny saw that, but she did not mind. She really wanted to know if Matt indeed saw the first few plates or not. When everyone looked at Matt, he gazed at the officers with confusion shown in his eyes.

“Um…no,” Matt stuttered. “I wasn’t aware he had the plates with him. Then again, I’m not the one who traveled with him,” he said that last phrase with a nervous laugh.

Jenny’s fingers twitched and she looked at him, once more feeling sorry for him. Jacob did not even let him know about the plates until the end.

“Don’t worry, Matt. I too wasn’t aware of the plates until I met him too,” Lucas said with a smile. Matt nodded and sighed in relief.

Timmy finished writing down the notes. “Okay, looks like we got everything. Should we go back to the station, now?”

“Yes, we should.”

Timmy nodded and left. Before leaving the room, Lucas grinned at Matt. “Thanks again, Matt. We really appreciated it.”

Before Lucas left, Jenny grab his arm, which took him by surprise.

“Is it okay I talk privately with Matt for a few minutes?” she whispered.

Without a second thought, Lucas nodded. “Go ahead.”

After Lucas left, Jenny went to grab a chair and sat next to Matt. The man gave a small smile.

“Again, sorry for being scared when you entered, you also were a wanted criminal too.”

Jenny chuckled. “That’s all right. It’s a long story.”

“Hah! I already know pretty much what happened from reading that article. You saving a murderer? Then again, reports confirm Bunny’s not the real criminal but Jacob.”

“Matt, I want to personally say I’m sorry that this happened to you. Bunny and I knew Jacob was the murderer after that incident from Solaceon Town, but we weren’t able to stop him.”

Matt grinned. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not your fault. If anything, it’s my fault. Perhaps I should’ve just called the police instead of confronting him.” After a pause, he gave out a shuddered sigh. “So, how’s Bunny?’ he asked, changing the subject.

“She’s doing well and will be making a full recovery.”

“That’s good to hear. Maybe I would like to visit her one day. Another history or science buddy is a good thing.”

Jenny could not help but smile. “I’m glad you’re okay too. Hope you make a full recovery. Would love to stay longer, but got a lot of work ahead of me.”

Matt nodded. “I understand. Good luck to you too.”

The two hugged one another and soon after Jenny waved goodbye and left. Matt stared at the door for sometime before shaking his head in disappointment.

“Wonder what’s going to happen to Jacob now?” he asked to himself.


Four days later…

The past four days was a busy time at the police station. Reporters still asked about the Bunny case, whether it be in person or on the phone. Most of the officers were busy tracking down Jacob, but nothing. There had been a few phone calls of sights of an old man with a Xatu, but in an instant, the two disappeared. A few officers were also looking through Jacob’s records to see if he committed any other crimes, but they was completely clean.

While the hustle and bustle was going on, Jenny had been thinking about her uncle. It was unusual to her that she held a grudge on her uncle for four years and now she missed him all of a sudden. Part of her did not want to completely erase Ernest from her life. Throughout this journey she understood Ernest better.

She held her chest tightly. The last time she felt her heart beat like that was when she saw some paramedics carrying his dead body. This time though, it was a joyful beat, so Jenny smiled.

Uncle, you old fool.

Her mind soon thought of another topic, the plates. Why would he be obsessive over them? She took a quick glance at her necklace and felt the song beating slower. Again, feelings of remorse came in. Jenny felt her tears becoming watery, happy tears.

Guess he can’t help it, the plates being one of the most sought-out artifacts out there.

Like Bunny, her uncle was crazy when it came to artifacts. It was very interesting to see old objects withstand time. The plates were no exception.

Jenny grinned and chuckled. Now she could safely say she forgave her uncle.

“What? You think you just saw Jacob?” one of the officers suddenly screamed on the phone.

Jenny gasped and glanced at her surroundings. Everyone was busy now. There were few mentions of Jacob’s name, which made her heart heavy and changed to a different song. She hated him—he lied to them, betrayed them, and left them.

Bunny’s scream back at the hospital came back in Jenny’s mind. How that cry made her hate Jacob more. If only he could hear he had hurt one of his favorite students.

“I’m going to get him,” Jenny muttered to herself. She turned around though when she heard Lucas’ voice.

“Jenny!” he yelled cheerfully while waving. He then was a few feet from her and had his elbow rested on her desk.

“Hi, Chief,” Jenny smiled weakly. “How’s the case going?”

He coughed. “Well, just moments ago Vincent and Arnold came back from his house and found a book with articles dealing with Ernest’s research. Seems your uncle was also studying something else besides the plates.”

Jenny gulped. So that was how Jacob tracked down her uncle, or at least one of the ways. Lucas frowned, knowing what he said made Jenny feel uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry, Jenny. I didn’t mean to.”

“No, it’s all right, Chief. Just a bit stressed over Jacob. I still can’t believe he almost shot you.”

It was Lucas’ turn to gulp, but silently to himself. He too was surprised that man would not hesitate to shoot.

“Me too. Didn’t know that man was Jacob in the first place. Don’t worry, though, we’ll get him soon enough.”

Lucas looked at Jenny with a smile, but he saw her still frowning. He knew no matter what, Jenny would not stop thinking about Jacob. The awkward silence still held for a few more seconds until Lucas thought about something else to say.

“I just want to say I’m sorry for the loss of your uncle,” Lucas suddenly said, changing the subject. When Jenny heard that, her eyes went wide in confusion. “I should’ve done the background check and everything first before focusing all my energy on Bunny. I know how it feels to lose someone.”

“Really?” Jenny asked, interest peaking.

“My wife. She died from a drunk driver not long before you joined in the Jubilife Police Force. I was so upset I couldn’t come to work for a week. However, I got over it and realized that everything would be fine as long as I still remember her.” He chuckled. “Cliché, I know, but it works.”

Jenny felt pain aroused inside her heart. “Wow, didn’t know that about you. The thing is though, I was mad at my uncle until after this journey.”

“Well, I’m telling you this because I think everyone should remember the good times they had with their friends and loved ones instead of mourning or holding a grudge against them.”

Jenny could not help but grin. Over the three years she had worked with Lucas, she never thought he could be this deep. True, he cared for everyone and would know if there was something wrong with them, but on the job he would be tough and would do anything to get a case solved.

“Thank you, Chief.”

“You’re welcome.” All of a sudden, his eyes went wide. “Oh, almost forgot.”

Lucas took out two pokeballs and gave them to Jenny. The woman gave a confused look.

“Are you promoting me or something?”

Lucas laughed. “No actually they’re your uncle’s Pokémon. I was originally going to try to find a relative of Ernest to give them to, but since you’re one, you’ll do fine taking care of them.”

Jenny stared at the pokeballs. She almost dropped them, her hands shaking. Her, taking care of her uncle’s Pokémon? The officer was uncertain if she would take care of them well. However, she did actually know those two really well, so maybe she could be a good trainer to them. She grinned and clipped the pokeballs on her belt.

“I’ll do my best.”

Lucas nodded, glad that was settled. “Okay then, I’ll see you soon. Need to get go check on the other cases.” The chief waved and was about to go back to his office, but seconds later he turned around and stared at Jenny’s necklace. “Sorry, but there’s one other thing I want to ask you.”

Jenny blinked. “Yeah?”

“That necklace of yours Ernest gave you. Again, is it really from one of the plates?”

Jenny nodded and smiled faintly. “Yeah. I guess he accidently dropped it and decided to give a piece to me.”

“I’m glad at least that necklace didn’t give you powers from Pokémon techniques and then take over your mind,” Lucas mused with a grin. “If that were to happen, you would suddenly destroy everything!”

Jenny laughed out loud. “No, the plates’ powers aren’t like that, although it would be interesting if that were the case.”

Lucas chuckled. “Yeah. All right then, see you in a bit.”

The two waved each other goodbye and then Jenny put her head down. The female officer was thinking back over Jacob again. Even Lucas was confused over what to think about him. Now she wondered when she would stop thinking about him.

Don’t know why Jacob would even think of killing us…


All was quiet in Celestic Town. No Pokémon nor trees stirred. The night air became cooler than it had been earlier.

Jacob was at the Celestic Ruins, his back resting on the wall. For a while he stared down at the plates inside his bag, all sixteen of them. He actually now had the chance to keep them. Something made him hold back in embracing the plates though, like someone about to drop an object down a mountain. For Jacob, it was something like that, but a little extra.

“You heard me! Did you want the plates from him while he was still alive? For four years you tried to track him down, right?”

Officer Jenny.

“The plates did change your personality! What happened to trying to save us and having the plates as proof of my innocence? You know what, you are a coward, Jacob!”


Those two girls, those two girls he helped. He loved being around with both of them. Why did he leave them in the first place?


He ran away because he did not want to go to jail. He did that to the girls because they found out he murdered Ernest, even by accident. When he found the plates, he almost killed them with his gun. He thought it was a good idea at the time. If they died, they would not be able to rat him out. Again, it was all from the same reason he left them. One thing bugged Jacob, though. Did the plates really change him? Everything went haywire after he left them. Maybe the plates did change his personality, in a way.

“The Jubilife City Police are now giving a ten thousand dollar award to anyone who can give the whereabouts of the murderer of Ernest Norrison, Jacob Alexison. Before Bunny Spruce was accused of the murder, but then charges were dropped. Now she’s at the Snowpoint Pokemon Center, recovering from a bullet wound on her leg. More on this as it develops.”

Jacob had gasped when he heard that news not too long ago while hiding at Veilstone City (and having his Xatu Teleport them to another city before being caught) and felt he could not breathe. Thinking back about that news report suddenly made him unstable again. His legs began trembling and it was a while until he kneeled down and made whimpering sounds.

“No, it can’t be…” he muttered.

After Jacob wiped a few tears, he suddenly remembered how he almost killed her, which made him feel guiltier inside. He punched the ground, not paying attention to the pain. Jacob was more focusing on his two sides. His one side wanted to save Bunny while the other wanted to save his reputation.

In a way, I’m selfish and childish. I’m not admitting my crimes.

After he wiped his tears again, the old man turned around and gazed at the wall. There was a carving of the three pixies forming a triangle. In the middle there was shining beacon looked like the wheel attached to a certain deer like Pokemon’s back. Jacob’s heart skipped a beat.


Jacob gasped and his heart raced faster when he saw the three pixies and the beacon glowed. He opened his backpack and saw the plates were glowing too, his fingers twitching.

“What’s going on?” he asked aloud.

One would think the plates summoned the three little legendaries from their sleep, the plates being Arceus’ power. Jacob thought the same thing. One thing calmed him a bit, though- the pixies were known to not be of Pokémon bringing down judgment. Still, what got his mind lingering in anxiety was that he was disturbing the pixies. They would soon roam free and fly all over the region (and maybe the world) in frantic confusion.

Even if they’re not going to destroy the region, it’s still unwise to wake them like that.

How a few seconds felt like forever sometimes. Eventually, both the plates and the carved painting stopped glowing and the man sighed in relief. Not long after, Jacob looked at his backpack and once more he did not want to embrace it. He knew what must be done.

History shall not be repeated.

He quickly got out a pokeball from his bag and had his Xatu out. The bird Pokémon moaned and landed on the ground.

“Tu?” the Pokémon asked and gave a death glare at Jacob.

Jacob lowered his head in shame, knew why the Pokémon was mad at him. He sighed before he began speaking to him.

“I’m sorry, Xatu, for putting the plates on you. I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what I was doing. I guess I suddenly want those plates. Please, forgive me.”

At first, the Xatu still gave him the death glare. On the other hand, one look at his trainer’s eyes made him realized he was really apologizing. The Xatu whimpered, actually feeling sorry for his old friend. The Pokémon smiled and nodded.

Jacob gave a faint smile. “Thanks for forgiving me, pal. Okay now, I got an idea of how we can make this up.”

The old man was about to say his plan, but then he heard footsteps.

Thump, thump, thump.

Jacob got up, turned around, and pointed his gun at both Brenda and her Misdreavus. The man’s eyes went wide.

“Brenda? Misdreavus?”

Brenda mouth twitched and she felt her whole body froze. Misdreavus took deep breathes and many loud whining sounds.

“So it’s you that shot Bunny and Matt.”

Jacob gulped and felt sweat streaked down on his cheeks. “How did you know?”

“I heard it from the news just recently.”

The man bit his lips and gripped the trigger. Part of him wanted to shoot her for finding out that information. On the other hand, he was reminded of what happened to Bunny and Matt. Shooting Brenda would just put another count of attempted murder. He instead put the gun back in his coat’s pocket.

“I guess you’re going to report me to the police, huh?”

Brenda stared at Jacob for some time. True, now would be her chance to report him. On the other hand, she was confused as to why Jacob got separated from the girls, ever since she heard the news. Maybe that could be cleared out now.

“Perhaps. Why are you here, though?”

Jacob chuckled. “I never got the chance to visit the Celestic Ruins, sadly. Been busy with a lot of things. However, how about you?”

“My husband and I are visiting his relatives for a reunion. I swear, I hate his sisters.” After a sigh, she decided to change the subject. “However, I’m curious. Why are you three separated?”

Jacob felt his heart leaping out of his chest and shoulders stiffening. Should he tell Brenda the truth? Then again, Brenda already found out he shot Bunny. Might as well. He sighed.

“If you must know, they found out I murdered Ernest Norrison and then things went downhill from there.”

Despite already hearing charges pressing against Jacob, Brenda shivered. This was the first time she was confronting a murderer. She never thought about how she would react to that revelation.

“Heard that on the news too,” she finally said and coughed. “That explains, I suppose.”

“It was an accident though. I let rage overtake me, so I punched him. Next second, he fell down on the stairs and died.”

“What for?”

Without hesitation, Jacob opened his backpack and showed the plates to Brenda, who gasped.

“Those are the plates, huh?”

Jacob nodded. “I don’t know if you ever heard of the Michiina City myth, but the plates are from Arceus itself. At first I just wanted to see the translations of the first ever recorded history of Sinnoh, but one thing led to another, I’ve gone crazy over them.”

Long moment of silence. Brenda gazed onto his eyes, filled with guilt. It was hard for her to believe this man could do harm and harder to believe he would be heartless. No, that was not who he was, a heartless runaway criminal. He was just—

Human. A confused one at that.

Somehow she could look into that man’s heart. Jacob was sorry for everything he had done and wanted to make up for it. The old woman now felt sympathy towards Jacob.

“You heard of how one of the Sinnoh myths is that the egg of Arceus came from Chaos, later the Torn World. After that, the alpha Pokémon came and soon the other legendaries were created, including Giratina, assumed to be in the Torn World at this moment.” She paused and gave a soft chuckle when she saw Jacob and his Pokémon showing confused looks.

“Of course I heard of The Original Story!” Jacob yelled, hands shaking in anger. “I’m no fool. Why you’re telling me this?”

“As a person that can be able to tell the feelings of the deceased Pokémon, I can see why they’re furious with you. They’re afraid you’ll do something bad to them. However, I think you’re fine now.” Brenda gave a genuine smile, which made both the Xatu and the Misdreavus look at her with one wide eye. “So you’ll apologize to the girls and Matt?”

For the first time in many days, Jacob grinned. “Indeed. Was just talking with my Pokémon how I’ll going to do that.”

The woman smirked. Even though for the most part she believed him, she wanted to make sure.

“Prove it to me.”

Jacob’s eyes went wide. “What?”

“Prove to me you are going to do that. That is, unless you’re lying.”

“No, no, no! I do plan to apologize to the girls…”Jacob paused and said the last words rapidly and in a low whisper, “But I’m not sure how I’ll prove it to…”

The man grinned, thought of something just like that. He opened his backpack, took out his Sinnoh flag, and stared at it for a while. That flag represented the Region Fights, which was when the plates started to be fought over. A chain reaction soon occurred. Not wanting to waste anymore time, Jacob broke the flag in half while lifting his leg and threw the two pieces on the ground. The Xatu could not help but cheer.

Brenda chuckled softly and clapped. “That’s good. Okay, I guess Misdreavus and I are heading out now.”

The old lady waved her hand and then the two walked towards the stairs. Jacob glared at them in confusion.

“Wait!” he screamed.

The two turned around and looked at Jacob.

“You’re not going to report to the police?”

Brenda gave a heartfelt smile and shook her head. “No, I’m not. Want to give you a chance to meet with them one last time, Jacob.”

Both Brenda and her Misdreavus nodded at Jacob and the two went out. The former professor stared into space at first, but not long after turned to face his Xatu and sighed.

“I do plan to apologize to them, but would they accept it?”

The Xatu smiled and nodded. Jacob could not help but smile too.

“Perhaps you’re right, my old friend.”


Urgh, a bit iffy if I had Jenny forgave her uncle too fast. I might rewrite that part or something before I get the last chapter posted, but we’ll see. Hope you guys enjoyed it though! I’ll try to have the last chapter and Epilogue really good.
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It seems like Jacob is really having problems as far as what to do next - some good character development that shows the conflicting emotions that are raging within, and what has become more than a hint of regret for his past actions. Still, I don't trust the guy entirely... the way I see it, once someone does something to betray trust, it takes a lot to build it back up. For Jacob's sake, let us hope that Bunny and Jenny are more forgiving than I am, lol.

I don't really know what to say about Brenda not reporting him, though. I've heard of too many cases on America's Most Wanted and the like where someone gives a wanted fugitive the benefit of the doubt, only to have the guy disappear and elude justice for years afterward. Besides:

1) Even if Jenny and Bunny forgive him, it's not gonna cause the charges against him to suddenly disappear. He'll have to serve the jail time regardless.

2) Who says that he can't try to clear things up with the girls after he's caught? I'm pretty sure Lucas would allow a prison visit for Jacob to speak to them and get everything off his chest.

3) It might be considered "Aiding and abetting a fugitive," which could get Brenda in trouble too.

Other than that, I felt this was a pretty good chapter, and everything seems to be getting set up for the big finish. I'm especially looking forward to seeing how Jacob tries to explain and justify his actions to Bunny and Jenny. That should be quite the interesting conversation.

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Heh, eariler than expected, huh? There are a couple of reasons. One is one of my betas is going to be on hiatus in a little bit. Second, I'll actually need to study the second round of midterms during the week of May 11th-15 (which I originally planned to post the ending). Since this is done anyways, might as well get it over it.

I'll tell the truth. For two years I have revised the ending like five times. XD Remember, I actually had this fic done in fall of '07, but I revised the chapters before posting them, some completely. Despite that, I still don't think this ending did justice. I see the other endings of the fics here and dang, they're a thousand times better than this. ^.^; I'm still going to post this though as this is the best ending I can think of at the moment and maybe later your guys' reviews will give me inspiration on how to make better endings. XD; Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoy the ending (and the epilogue ). If you guys don't like the ending, then I'll revise it.

Want to say more, but dont' want you all to keep waiting.

Thanks to both The Great Butler and DarkPersian479 for betaing! Well, let's get this show on the road!

Chapter Twenty Four
For All It's Worth

Bunny was outside while Ulla, Allen, and Jacob were inside chatting. She gazed at the bright stars, each one twinkling. Despite the chilly breeze, she was not cold.

Her mind could not stop thinking about that battle. She always wondered how the Region Fights had affected everyone and caused chaos for the two regions. If that war had not occurred, would everything be different?

“That battle is something, huh?”

Bunny screamed and turned around to see Jacob chuckling. She took a deep breath and smiled in a lopsided way.

“Yes, still thinking about that battle. I wonder, though. You think things would be different if that war hadn’t occurred?”

“I think so,” Jacob answered with a grin. “Sometimes one slip up can change plans just like that.”

Bunny nodded in agreement. “True. I remember how you would always say, if that person did something else, then this would have not happened.”

“Indeed. Speaking of which, let me ask you this. If you could change history, would you?”

The young woman’s eyes went wide and she felt she could not breathe. She had never been asked that question before. Change history? After some time though, she grinned.

“Yes. That way, I can prevent something horrible from happening.”

Jacob laughed and clapped a few times. “Good, good. Here’s another question you might like. How much will history be worth if broken into a million pieces?”

This time, Bunny’s eyes went wide and she looked as if someone splashed a lot of water on her.

“You mean artifacts? If so, then they would be worth nothing.”

“No,” Jacob said while shaking his head. “I mean, if something big happens, like a war, do you think in the end it’s all worth it?”

Bunny stared at the night sky, leaving Jacob to gaze at her and wonder if she would answer that question. The only way she could answer that would be if she experienced it. History was something intangible, not an artifact you can dust off and see if for yourself. Then again, not everything had to be seen to be broken, like a human’s spirit.

If history breaks into a million pieces…

History was what happened in the past. If she looked back, Bunny could compare the events and analyze if in the end if certain situations could be prevented and if there was an alternative. After some time, she turned around and grinned.

“I know the answer to that.”

Before she gave him her answer, Jacob chuckled, knowing that she would figure it soon enough.


The next day Brenda went inside Bunny’s room and saw her sleeping. She gazed at her while smirking.

She looks so peaceful when she sleeps.

At first, she walked slowly towards Bunny, but then halted and shook her head. Brenda hated it whenever she woke up someone and they became angry. She turned back and almost walked out of the room until she heard a yawn.

“Brenda, why are you here?”

Brenda turned around and saw Bunny looking at her with raised eyebrows. The last time they met, the two were not on good terms. Bunny assumed the reason the old woman was here was to talk about how she lied, but she was not prepared for what Brenda brought up instead.

“ I want to let you know that Jacob told me everything that happened.”

Bunny’s eyes went wide and she gripped her blanket tightly. Brenda and Jacob met? If so, why was Brenda still alive?

“Did you report to the Jubilife City Police?” she asked in a whisper.

The old lady shook her head. That made Bunny grip her blanket even tighter.

“He seems very sorry about this and he also plans to apologize to you soon.”

Bunny put her head down and her index finger touched her lips. It was hard to believe Jacob would actually come and apologize, even after what he had done. She still had not decided if she wanted to forgive Jacob or not.

“The only problem is should I forgive him? He lied to us.”

Brenda had one of her eyes widen and she sighed. She had never been in a situation like Bunny’s, so she was not sure if she could give the correct answer, despite meeting Jacob. However, she grinned.

“Don’t worry, I think you’ll be able to figure that out when the right time comes.”

Bunny sighed but smiled. She wished Brenda would have said yes or no, but she understood it was best that she figure this out on her own.


“Well, I do hope you feel better soon. My husband’s going to kill me if he finds out I came here with one of his brother’s Pokémon!”

Brenda waved Bunny goodbye and walked towards the door. Bunny waved back but then her eyes widened.

“Wait, Brenda! I want to apologize for the way I treated you a couple weeks ago. I hope you can forgive me.”

Brenda halted and chuckled. She soon turned her head and grinned.

“I accept your apology. Again, recover soon!”

The old woman left the room, leaving Bunny to sigh to herself as she looked down.

“Don’t worry, I think you’ll be able to figure that out when the right time comes.”

Bunny jumped up out of shock when she heard a knocking on the wall. She turned around and gasped when she saw two familiar people walk in.

“Ms. Davis? Violet? How did you two get here?”

“My neighbor’s Abra,” Ms. Davis said with a small smile.

“Anyways, we came in to check in on you. Are you fine?”

Bunny smiled. “Yes, I am. The injury was only minor.”

Violet’s smile faded. She knew what she was about to say next would not be easy. She whispered, ‘Was it from Jacob?”

Immediately Bunny turned around and held onto her legs tightly. Violet and Ms. Davis stared at each other at first, not sure who should speak to her first. The young woman then sighed and touched Bunny’s shoulder.

“Bunny, I’m sorry. It’s just that I heard the news.”

The little woman gave a shuddered breath. She remembered how a couple days ago she cried the whole night, confused about how she should feel towards Jacob and whether she should forgive him or not.

“Not sure what to think anymore.”

Bunny turned around and hugged Violet, which she returned back. The friend felt tears drip on her clothes. The two then let go of each other and Bunny wiped the tears off from her face. The archeologist smiled, though.

“Again, glad you two are here.”

Ms. Davis grinned. “You’ll figure it out sooner or later. If you want, we can come back later and you can tell us more about this little adventure of yours.”

Bunny chuckled. ‘Well, Jenny is going to pick me up tonight, so I might tell it to you two later.”

Both women nodded.

“That’s good to hear,” Violet said. “Okay, we’ll see you later and don’t get upset too much!”

Ms. Davis and Violet waved goodbye to her and Bunny waved back. However, before they left, Bunny’s eyes lit up in fright.

The book! I must give it back to her while I have the chance!

Bunny grabbed her backpack and took out Carved in Silence, waving it back and forth.

“Ms. Davis, I almost forgot! Here is your book!”

The two ladies halted and turned around. Ms. Davis chuckled when she saw the book and went to grab it.

“I almost forgot all about it. Thanks for giving it back to me. All right, see you tomorrow, Bunny.”

Everyone waved goodbyes again and Violet and Ms. Davis left Bunny alone. The archeologist’s smile curled to a frown and she had her hands on her forehead. She was indeed glad to see her two best friends, but deep inside she was still depressed over Jacob.

Hope both Brenda and Ms. Davis are right.


It was very dark at Snowpoint City early in the evening. There was no snow falling, but a breeze was picking up and the leaves were falling down. Many Pokémon like Sneasel and Snover enjoyed the cold while others like Medicham tried to find a warm place to stay.

Matt’s room was cloaked in darkness and the only light source was the brightness of the moon. There was complete silence until pink light and a whirling sound came. As soon as the light faded, Jacob and his Xatu were taking deep breaths.

Teleport can be overwhelming from time to time.

After Jacob returned Xatu, he turned around and saw Matt sleeping. Jacob walked closer and shook him for a few seconds. When Matt woke up, he blinked and yawned.

“Hello there, Matt.”

Matt squinted his eyes, at first not recognizing that voice. When he finally realized it was Jacob, he gasped and immediately went backwards towards the wall. His right finger shook violently while he was pointing at Jacob.

“What are you doing here?” he stuttered. He was about to scream to the nurses, but Jacob went and covered his mouth.

“If you think I’m going to shoot you, I’m not.” Matt gave a muffled nervous sound. “Look, I came here to talk to both you and Bunny. Now, will you please let me have a moment to speak to you?”

Matt was silent for a moment. Should he take his chances once more? The last time he took a risk, it almost cost his life. On the other hand, why would he go through this trouble to murder him? Maybe he does just want to talk. Having made a decision, Matt nodded.

“Good.” Jacob let go of his hand out of Matt’s mouth, the poor young man catching his breath. “Now, I want to say that I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you.”

After a couple coughs, Matt stared at him. “Seriously, Jacob? You don’t know how much you hurt me. I admired your work and…and, all of a sudden, I find out you’re actually a runaway criminal!” Matt paused to take deep hard breaths. “What’s worse, another person took the blame!”

Jacob felt as if Matt shot him a thousand times, everything he said was the truth but it still wounded him badly. For a second he wanted to just get out of Matt’s room, thinking the young man would go call the nurses now. After a deep sigh, Jacob spoke, his mouth twitching slightly.

“I know, and it’s not only you I had hurt. The person that took the blame I hurt more badly than anything.” Jacob let out a sad chuckle. “Seriously, you don’t know how much she admired me. I cared about her ever since she was very young, and she has a full life ahead of her. To think, I almost ruined it.”

Matt glared at Jacob for some time, the old man now looking at the window with eyes closed. For a second the dual scientist and archeologist thought Jacob was about to scream or cry. Instead he was silent. Still, Matt was not able to see a heartbroken man who wanted to fix his mistakes.

“You’re acting,” Matt suddenly said.

“Excuse me?” Jacob asked after turning around.

“You’re acting,” Matt repeated, this time in a more sharp tone. “I know in your spare time you do theater shows. I can see right through that you’re not serious about forgiving me.”

Jacob gritted his teeth and felt his blood pressure rising. “Then why you think I’m here anyways?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe to kill me again?” Matt screamed. “If you care about Bunny so much, you would have turned yourself into the authorities in the first place!”

The old man clenched his fist. He wanted to punch Matt for him saying that. He frowned, however. If he did, there could be a chance he might get caught by the nurses before he would be able to go see Bunny. Instead, he sighed and loosened his fist.

“I understand that you won’t forgive me. However, I’m being honest when I say that I’m sorry what everything I did after I murdered Ernest. I’m sorry that I hurt you. "

While Jacob was walking slowly out of Matt’s room, the young man glared at him until he was out of sight.

“Now if you excuse me, I got one other piece of business to attend.”

I know what business he needs to attend to. I’m not going to make the same mistake again.

Without second thoughts, he pushed the emergency button.

While it was already dark at Snowpoint City, the sunset was on the horizon at Jubilife City, the orange sun fading away and the purple-pink sky having stars popping up. To the early birds, time to go home and relax. For the Noctowl people, the night life would begin soon. Two separate crowds went their own ways.

Timmy was inside the police station. He stared at his laptop, but was not paying attention, his concentration on work at an all time low. This had been going on for four days.

The events of the Bunny case kept coming back to his mind. His idea of trying to catch her suddenly made Jenny do something drastic, which eventually led to the wanted person being hurt. The real suspect was now Jacob Alexsion.

He then thought about Jenny. At first for the last couple of years with that woman, he loved her but was not brave enough to tell her his true feelings. When he found out she was saving Bunny, anger took over his mind. Each second of her helping Bunny caused him to want to catch both of them more. Not only that, each second he kept thinking back and forth if what he did was reasonable. However, doubts came after that phone call and also when he found out Ernest Norrison was Jenny’s uncle.

Time flew and almost a week passed by, which the officer thought Jenny wanted to toy with his emotions during that time. For some reason he kept looking at Jenny. Each time she saw him, she smiled. He just chuckled back. It was as if everything was forgotten, at least his mishap. Then again, she told them that she forgave them. Now though, he realized why. He chuckled. It was fine for him. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Jenny was being Jenny— doing the right thing and trying to catch the criminal.

I’m in love with her again.

He gasped. Love, rekindled? Timmy shook his head; that was not the right way to say it. The two were not even seeing each other. He wanted to say those three words—I love you—to her. It had to be perfect though, like in the movies. The officer got distracted when he saw Jenny walk out of Lucas’ office holding a pokeball. When Jenny approached him, his heart began beating faster and faster.

“Hey, Timmy,” Jenny greeted with a grin.

“Hi,” he stuttered, trying to mask his nervousness. After Timmy coughed, he asked, “So, what’s going on now?”

“I’m going to pick up Bunny now. I asked Lucas if I can borrow Sandi, and he said that’s fine.”

“That’s good. Again, I’m sorry for putting Bunny through that mess and also sorry for the loss of your uncle.”

Jenny grinned. “Thanks. Glad you admitted your mistakes. Okay, I’ll be going to get Bunny now. See you later.”

The female officer waved goodbye and walked away. Timmy’s heart suddenly started hurting and his hands were shaking. That was his chance to tell her his true feelings and once again he failed.

Why did I became a scaredy Delcatty again? I gotta let her know that—

“I love you, Jenny!” he suddenly screamed.

Luckily everyone was so busy that they did not pay attention, but that made Jenny halt and turn around with a confused look on her face.

“Excuse me?”

This time Timmy’s heart beat in anxiety.

“Look, I know this is awkward, especially with what happened to Bunny and the death of your uncle, but I love you. I began having feelings not long after you entered here, and I know why. You’ll do anything to catch the right criminal and not have the wrong one go to jail. That’s what I love about you.”

Jenny felt her cheeks burning. She never heard anyone sa anything nice to her like that in a long time. Timmy could be really nice when he wanted to be. Despite being flattered, she knew what she was about to say next would not be good news for Timmy.

“Timmy...that’s so sweet of you to say those things about me, but I’m sorry. Look, you’re a great guy and all, but here’s the thing. One, we’re in the same workplace. I don’t want rumors and gossip to spread. Two, if you love me, you would have believed me when I said that Bunny’s innocent.”

The man felt like he was broken into a thousand pieces. He now wanted to slap himself for not thinking those things.

“I don’t care what other people think, that’s all I got to say about that. However, on not believing you over Bunny, I already told you how the clues seem to pinpoint to her.”

“True. Still though, you’re unwilling to be open-minded. I was impatient with my uncle because he wouldn’t listen to me and I’m afraid we will run into that conflict. I hope you understand.”

Timmy just gazed at Jenny for a while. He could tell by looking at her eyes that she was serious about what she said, but she meant no harm. Maybe she was right; in the end their relationship might not last.

“I understand,” he finally said with a faint smile. “I hope though, we’re still friends.”

Jenny grinned. “Don’t worry, we’re still are.” She went and hugged Timmy. The male officer gasped in surprise at first, but smiled after, glad everything had worked out well. After Jenny let go, she giggled. “All right, I have to go get—

She was interrupted when Lucas came at both of them, his eyes wide in fright.

“Chief Lucas, what’s going on?” Timmy asked, catching the sight of the chief as well.

“Jenny, give back Sandi.”


“I just got a call from the Snowpoint Pokémon Center. Jacob’s there and he’s probably going to get Bunny.”

“What?” both Timmy and Jenny said together.


Bunny began packing her stuff and putting them in her backpack. Jenny would be here to come pick her up in a few minutes so she needed to get everything ready. Both Balin and Sky were looking outside to see any sight of Jenny anywhere.

“You two see Jenny yet?” Bunny asked while folding her clothes.

Sky and Balin turned around and they shook their heads. Bunny smiled.

“More time to get ready, then.”

Bunny hummed and began looking through her bag to make sure she had everything. She stopped when she found a wrinkled photo, so she picked it up and unfolded it.

“Let me ask you something: you like finding artifacts?”

Bunny nodded and grinned. “Oh yes!”

After sitting down, the young woman gasped when she finished unfolding it and remembered that photo. There was her, Jacob, and her grandmother, but that time she was nine years old.

“Good. You know, when you’re older, you can always come to my university which has a good archeology program. Maybe I’ll be your teacher in a few years. Probably we’ll even go on an archeological trip together.” Jacob winked.

The little girl’s grin grew bigger. “I would like that very much.”

Instead of the little girl smiling and anticipating that event to come, the young lady frowned, as she had already experienced it. That man in the picture looked and acted differently from the cat smiling at her at the Snowpoint Temple. Bunny was still not sure what to think of Jacob, but the more she thought about it, the more she wanted Jacob to be caught and go to jail.

Balin and Sky sat down next to her and they glanced at the photo. Both had worried looks plastered on their faces. They knew Bunny could get emotional any time now and they were not sure how to comfort her.

“Tales, nine nine?” Balin asked in a soft tone.

“I will be fine,” Bunny said while putting the photo back in her bag. “Balin, Sky, for now watch out for Jenn—“

Bunny was interrupted when she heard someone closing the door. She first smiled, believing Jenny was here to pick her up, but when she turned around, she felt as if her heart was pulled out of her body. Sky and Balin reacted by screaming in anger.

“Professor Alexison?”

“We need to talk.”

Bunny felt her mouth shaking. She was surprised to even see the professor so soon after the incident back at the temple. Not long ago she was confused as to how she should react. She still was now. However, there was something she could do. Since Jacob was here, this could be a chance to talk. Maybe then she would decide.

Bunny gulped and said, “A little too soon, right?”

“Look Bunny, I know everything got messy back at the Snowpoint Temple and for that I want to apologize. To make this up, I’m giving you the plates.”

One look at the backpack made Bunny’s veins boil. Those plates, the ones Jacob, Jenny, and she were looking for in the first place, caused nothing but turmoil throughout history.

All of a sudden, Bunny snapped. She went and slapped Jacob, hard. There was a red mark on his right cheek. Balin and Sky were speechless.

“The plates caused all this!” Second slap. She ignored Balin and Sky’s cries of protest. “You caused this!” Third slap. Bunny’s eyes began flowing with tears. “Because of you, I had to run away halfway around Sinnoh!”

She was about to slap Jacob the fourth time, but he held her hand tight. Instead of struggling, Bunny immediately punched him and he crashed onto her bed, but it did not take long for him to get back up. Already a bruise mark was visible, in the same spot Bunny slapped him at earlier. Despite seeing the rage in her former professor’s eyes, Bunny just glared at him.

Does he even have the plates with him?

Her eyes then caught the backpack on the ground. Curious, she opened it and gasped. All she could do was stare in great interest as if they were evolutionary stones. She could still feel that the plates were very warm.

Indeed, Arceus’ powers.

Bunny’s eyes went wide when she saw a yellow notebook, which she grabbed and read the first page.

When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate.
The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate.
Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One.
Three beings were born to bind time and space.
Two make matter, and three make spirit, shaping the world.
The Original One breathed alone before the universe came.
The powers of Plates are shared among Pokémon.
The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds

“If you think I’m giving you the plates to cause you more trouble, you’re wrong.” Bunny turned around and saw Jacob approaching her. He took a quick glance at the notebook and sighed. “I understand you’re hurt over what happened at the temple and what happened at Solaceon Town. This is why I’m here, to fix this.”

For a second Bunny thought she saw a small tear stream down on Jacob’s bruised cheek. No doubt he was serious about this. She wondered, though why she would be given the plates.

“Why are you giving the plates to me, then? Is this not what you were seeking for in the first place? For fame?”

Jacob sighed, knowing this would happen, the scars still fresh to her. However, he would be patient and try to reason with her.

“To tell you the truth, yes and no. I originally wanted to just find out the translations of the plates and if the myth that they possess powers was true. However, when I found those plates I thought that I could get recognized, something Ernest was not able to accomplish.”

Bunny’s eyes widened. If Ernest found those plates, would he not want some fame too?

“Unusual. I assume Ernest would have gladly told everyone about the tablets, unless…”

“He didn’t want anyone else to find out about the powers and wanted that to be a secret,” Jacob interrupted. “Remember the stories I told you of how those plates got stolen from time to time? He probably thought the plates would be stolen after I saw him using one of them on his Venomoth.”

“Well, you stooped to the same level as those guys that stole the plates,” Bunny said while putting the plates down on the floor.

There were suddenly screams and banging noises coming from outside. Sky and Balin screamed to warn Jacob and Bunny, but the two did not pay attention. They were in their own world now.

“And indeed you’re right. I became obsessed trying to find him, which led to his death. Look, Bunny, I’m not saying I’m a perfect person, no, no, far from it. I guess, like you, I think I’m too mature in taking my own responsibilities.”

“Indeed,” Bunny responded coldly. One look at the backpack made her realize Jacob still had not answered one of her other questions. “And again, why are you giving me the plates?”

Jacob was about to answer that until both heard an explosion. The two turned around and saw Nurse Joy with an angry Chansey, no egg on her pouch. Behind them were Jenny, Timmy, Lucas, and Arnold. The old man thought he felt a bullet pierce through his heart when he saw the female officer glaring at her.

“Wow, I never knew a Chansey can use Egg Bomb!” Arnold mused while chuckling.

Lucas ignored that comment. “Jacob Alexison, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.”

Lucas went and put Jacob on handcuffs, the old man not struggling. Both Bunny and Jenny gazed at him, sadness shown in his eyes. After he was taken away, Arnold went to grab the plates.

“Sorry, but we have to take them. Okay, we better go.”

Both Timmy and Arnold left the room. Jenny was about to also, but caught Bunny’s depressed eyes.

“What’s wrong, Bunny?” Jenny asked while the Pokémon made worried noises.

“It is just that Jacob was about to answer my question as to why he was bringing me the plates.”

Jenny too looked down at the ground. At first, she was not so sure about talking to him because she still held a grudge against him. Curiosity got the best of her, though. She too wondered why Jacob was giving Bunny the plates.

“We’re going to talk to him when he get to the police station.”

Both Pokémon smiled. They were glad there would be some explanation from Jacob after all. However, Bunny just nodded. She was afraid the reason why Jacob would give her the plates would not be a good one.


Back at the Jubilife City Police Station, Jacob was sitting in the jail cell alone with handcuffs on his hands. He would sigh sadly when he kept hearing the other officers saying his name.

Can’t believe I created a media circus.

His thought then went towards Bunny. He was so close in explaining to her why he was giving her the plates, but the police were able to catch him. Jacob did not mind being caught anymore, but he wished he had more time to talk to Bunny.

Just a little bit more…

He got distracted when he heard footsteps. The old man jumped up a bit and gave a shocked expression when he saw Bunny, Jenny, and Lucas.

“Thanks, Chief for letting us talk to Jacob for a few minutes.”

Lucas nodded. “No problem. Be careful you two, though. Who knows what he’ll do next, especially since I confiscated his Pokémon from him. Okay, be right back, I need to take care of some paperwork.” He walked away after saying that, leaving the girls alone with Jacob.

“What are you two doing here? I thought you guys didn’t want to speak to me anymore after the arrest.”

“I have to know, Professor. “Why were you about to leave the plates to me?”

Jacob gazed at Bunny for some time. He was confident of his answer back at the Pokémon Center, but he was not sure now. She wanted to know, however, so it would not hurt to answer that question here.

“There’s a good reason why I’m leaving the plates to you, Bunny. Actually, to you too, Jenny.” Jacob caught Jenny’s eyes in deep confusion, but he smiled. “You see, I realized that the plates did indeed change people’s personalities. I think it’s more of how throughout history people wanted the plates, whether it be the powers it held, what was written on it, or to just shove Sinnoh’s history down on other people’s throats.”

Bunny nodded, clearly more fascinated by this. After the many stories Jacob told them and from reading that book she had been carrying, she knew what Jacob said was true. Despite that, she still felt uneasy about him. Bunny was actually still afraid Jacob was up to something. Jenny sighed though; she was not really interested in this.

“Okay, I understand that the plates make people go crazy. However, I still can’t believe you were thinking about killing the police officers, Matt, Bunny, and me! Also, let’s cut to the chase. Why again are you leaving us the plates?”

“I admit that what I did was too extreme. For that, I’m sorry.” He paused to cough and continued. “All right, I guess you all now are wondering what I want you guys to do with the plates. Well, I want you two to destroy them.”

Both girls gasped and their eyes went wide. That was one other thing they did not expect to hear. Even Bunny’s Pokémon gave surprised gasps.

“Why? The plates are considered the first written works ever! Are you telling us to erase history?” Bunny asked with a gulp.

Jacob chuckled. “You haven’t learned anything from my lectures, Bunny. I thought you knew better.”

Bunny gasped and complained, “What do you mean by that?”

“I thought you realized those plates are actually bad news. The only way that history won’t repeat itself is if the plates are destroyed!” He paused to catch his breath and gazed at Bunny with pleading eyes. “Bunny, remember one time you talked to me a few days before you graduated? You said if you could change history, you would. Now is the time.”

The young woman gulped and she shivered. Destroying the plates? Bunny would never have thought of destroying an artifact. Looking at Jacob made her feel she was pressured to say yes. She knew that would be a good idea to do, but at the same time she wanted to think about it first.

“Jacob…I am not sure if I should do this.”

Jenny had the same vibes. Granted, she was not obsessed with artifacts like Bunny, but she would not destroy them.

“I’m in the same boat as Bunny. I’m not so sure destroying the plates is a good idea, especially since the plates are now in the evidence room.”

Jacob frowned. He thought the two would agree to it, but he thought wrong.

Being too hopeful, I guess.

All of a sudden, everyone saw Lucas. He frowned while looking at both Jenny and Bunny.

“Sorry you two, but I have to take Jacob to interrogation now. Depending how this goes, he might be transferred to a different facility very soon.”

Lucas opened the jail cell and took Jacob’s right arm. The two got out of the cell and were about to walk towards the interrogation room, but Jacob turned around and grinned at both of the girls.

“Okay, maybe it’s best for you guys to think about it. I do hope you gals will make the right decision, though.”

The two continued walking. When Bunny saw that, she felt tears warming her cheeks. She knew after the interrogation, this could be the last time she would see him. All of a sudden she did not want to see him go.

“Wait, Jacob! I want to say I forgive you!”

When Jenny heard that, she sensed a glow in her heart. Even though she still held a grudge against Jacob, she felt her impatience being drained away. She was thinking of forgiving him too. The officer chuckled when she saw Bunny still in disbelief that she said that.

I’ve a feeling she forgives him.

Lucas could not help himself but chuckle. He could tell the two indeed had a history together. Like Jenny, the chief too thought Bunny forgave him.

Jacob felt a tear on his eye. This could be the last time he would see those two. In deep appreciation, he waved at them.

“Goodbye, girls! I do hope this is one history lesson you two will never forget!”

Lucas glanced at the girls. For a second, he wanted to release him so that he could be with the girls longer. The chief frowned though. He hated to do this to them but it was his job.

He and Jacob walked slowly towards the interrogation room. The two girls stared at them until they were out of sight.

Both of Bunny’s eyes and mouth were wide. Now Jacob was gone, probably forever. She felt shattered. Her hatred towards him for what he had done to them seemed to wash away. All she wanted right now was the professor to come back.

“He’s gone.”

“Well, there’s always the trial,” Jenny said with a weak smile, trying to cheer her up. She knew, though that would not work.

Bunny lowered her head and felt the tears warmer. “Just not the same.”

Jenny too hung her head down. Even if they were able to see him during the trial, they would go against him, despite them forgiving him. She wanted to say something to make her feel better, but she had nothing.

“I’m sorry,” was all Jenny could say while both Pokémon whimpered, also regretting not able to do anything to make their trainer happy.

A smile crept onto Bunny’s mouth. “That is all right. At least I forgive him.”

She felt free finally making a decision on whether to forgive him or not and she would not change it for the world.

That made Jacob happy. What would finally make him happy is if the plates vanished from history.

Shock was shown in Bunny’s eyes. She was reminded of the plates, how Jacob wanted them to destroy the plates. Still, the plates were now part of evidence against Jacob, not to mention the artifacts would be destroyed. She was still unsure what to do.

“When the universe was created, its shards became this Plate. The power of defeated giants infuses this Plate. Two beings of time and space set free from the Original One. Three beings were born to bind time and space. Two make matter, and three make spirit, shaping the world. The Original One breathed alone before the universe came. The powers of Plates are shared among Pokémon. The rightful bearer of a Plate draws from the Plate it holds.”

Jenny looked at Bunny weirdly. “Excuse me?”

“The description from the plates,” Bunny answered without embarrassment. “Jacob showed them to me before he was caught. He was about to answer why he was giving me the plates. Now I know that he wanted us to destroy it, but I am not sure if I…”

The woman’s eyes went wide again, but this time in realization. Bunny’s heart began beating furiously and she grinned. Of course, there was only one thing to do with the plates. The thought of possibly changing history overwhelm but excited her.

“You said if you could change history, you would. Now is the time.”

History shall not be repeated.

“Bunny, are you all right?”

Bunny turned around and smirked. “We are going to destroy the plates!”

Jenny’s eyes went huge and blinked. She thought a cold breeze went and froze her body.

“Are you serious? What about the artifacts? Like you said before, destroying them would erase history!”

“Not erase history, preventing history from repeating itself,” Bunny corrected with a grin. “The faster we learn from our mistakes, the better off we would be.”

Jenny’s eyes first squinted but then twinkled with delight. The officer chuckled. That she could agree on.

“You know what, you’re right.”

Bunny nodded, but frowned when she realized there was one problem. “However, the plates are going to be used as evidence.”

“Yeah,” the female officer said with a frown. “I could go and get them, but I would get in trouble.”

“I see,” Bunny whispered before giving out a soft moan. She understood that Jenny did not want to get in trouble again, but it saddened her Jenny would not destroy the plates.

Jenny had her hand on her forehead. Once again, she hated making Bunny sad. Wanting to think more clearly without always looking at the archeologist, she walked slowly to the window and gazed at the moon from the window. Her mind thought back about what Bunny said, preventing history from repeating itself. If the plates were indeed broken, no one would be in the same state like Jacob or Ernest.

Uncle Ernest…

A tear flowed down on Jenny’s smiling face. The officer took a quick glance at her necklace and instantly turned around and grinned at Bunny.

“Hey Buncan, we are going to destroy the plates! Wait outside until I get them and then we’ll leave.”

Bunny gasped and was speechless at first but grinned back. Again the sooner they got this over with, the better. Both Sky and Balin cheered, expecting something big to happen.


The evidence room was total darkness until the door opened and the lights were turned on. Nothing extraordinary except piles and piles of boxes. When Jenny went inside, she quickly looked through them.

“Ernest, Ernest, Ernest…”

It did not take long for Jenny to find what she needed. She smiled after finding the box labeled Ernest.


She grabbed it and opened the box to make sure the artifacts were in there. Indeed, there were the plates and the yellow book. The officer did a quick reading of it and chuckled.

Bunny’s right about the translations.

Jenny was about to dash off, but sounds of footsteps made Jenny turn around. She gasped and almost dropped the box when she saw Diana.

“Ella, what are you doing with that box? Even if they’re your uncle’s, you’re not authorized to keep them.”

Jenny knew she had to get out of there fast without anyone else noticing. Thinking of an idea, she went grabbed Vesiquen’s pokeball and released her.

“Power Gem!”

The bee queen’s ruby on her head glowed and immediately gems hit Diana’s forehead. The two soon made a run of it while the blond haired woman rubbed the spot where the attack hit. She gritted her teeth.

"What the hell? I gotta let the chief know this!”

Diana went out of the room and went off to the interrogation room.


When everyone saw Jenny dashing away with one of the evidence boxes, they stared at her as if she did not learn from her mistake in saving Bunny. After hearing the commotion, Timmy got out of his desk and his eyes went wide.

“Jenny, what’s going on?”

“I’m fixing the mistake my uncle made! Just trust me on this!” she yelled while running away. Not long after, she was out of the police station.

Timmy’s eyes blinked a few times. It was weird how after being off the hook, she went and actually broke the rules for no reason whatsoever. He knew, though Jenny would never do anything reckless. The reasons she saved Bunny in the first place was because she was innocent. That caused him to chuckle.

Perhaps she knows what’s she doing once again.

This time, he would trust her the first time around.


When Diana burst into the room, both Lucas and Jacob stared at her in confusion.

“Chief, Jenny is running away with Ernest’s evidence!”

Lucas banged on the table. “She WHAT?”

“I saw her. She even used Power Gem on my forehead! Look!”

“Not this again,” Lucas muttered and sighed, losing his patience already. “We caught Jacob here, what more does she want?”

Jacob could not help but laugh. Both Diana and Lucas glared at him.

“What’s so funny?” Diana asked.

“She, along with Bunny, are not going to make history repeat itself again.”

One of Lucas’ eyes blinked. “Excuse me? Jacob, are you aware that both girls will be in so much trouble if anything happens to the plates?”

Jacob smirked. “If you stop her, you’ll regret it.”

At first, Lucas clenched his first, not sure what Jacob meant. He for sure now thought the old man did not care about the law nor anyone’s else well being. It did not took him long to finally get it, so he grinned.

“Diana, tell everyone to not follow Jenny.”

Diana’s jaws dropped. “What? You’re just going to let her get away like that?”

Lucas grinned. “I already screwed up Ernest’s case when accusing Bunny of murderer, so it wouldn’t make any difference.”

For the first time in his life, Lucas thought he did something right for a change.


The roaring wind picked up at Lake Verity The trees kept swaying back and forth and the waves kept getting bigger and bigger. Despite the weather, one woman and three Pokémon up high at the sky did not mind. The other woman did, however.

“Ella! Tell Tropius to slow down!” Bunny screamed. She held Jenny’s back tighter and closed her eyes when the Pokemon went faster.

Balin, in the middle between the two ladies, was squished, much to his annoyance. Sky, flying next to the Tropius, could not help but chuckle.

“Nine, nine!” the Pokémon yelled. Bunny was not able to listen, though.

“Don’t tell me you’re scared of a little speed!” Jenny yelled.

Bunny just snorted; she was not going to let that comment get to her. However, one thought suddenly hit her mind.

“I guess you forgave both Jacob and Ernest, right?”

Jenny quickly turned around and grinned.

“Yeah, I have. Seriously, I think I should’ve been more open-minded. True, they did make a few mistakes, but no one’s perfect.”

Bunny nodded and giggled. She was glad that Jenny forgave them, so the officer could sleep easier tonight.

After Jenny quickly glanced at the ground, she yelled, “Hey, we’re here! Okay Tropius, take us to the tall grass area, and fast!”

Tropius nodded, gave out a roar, and bulleted down towards where Jenny said. The speed was too much for Bunny, making her hold Jenny’s back for dear life and Balin wanting more oxygen.

We are going to crash, we are going to crash, we are going to crash, we are going to crash!


When Bunny opened her eyes she saw Jenny already out of her Pokémon and laughing while Balin was on the ground taking deep breaths. Sky began laughing louder.

“Look what you did to poor Balin!”

Bunny laughed nervously and felt her cheeks on fire. “Sorry, boy. Hope you can forgive me!”

After taking his last few breaths, the Pokémon growled but then smiled at her. Jenny giggled; she thought their interaction was cute. She sighed however, knowing they have business to attend to.

“Okay guys, let’s do this.”

Bunny nodded and got the backpack off of her back. She opened it and let all sixteen plates and the book fall on the ground. When both girls and the Pokémon saw those things, everyone felt their spines tingling and coldness inside their hearts.

“It is time!” Bunny proclaimed with her finger pointing at the sky.

Jenny nodded and turned to Tropius. “Stomp those plates, now!”

The Tropius gave a triumph roar and stomped on the plates. It did not took long until all turned to dust. Bunny grinned and grabbed the book. She then turned to Balin and nodded at him.

“Balin, Flamethrower!”

As soon as she threw the book up in the air, Balin let out a huge flame that engulfed it. The book was soon turned to ash.

“Yes, we did it!” Jenny cheered and pumped her arms up on the air. Bunny and the Pokémon just giggled.

When Jenny glanced at her necklace, her grin became larger and turned to look at her Tropius. Bunny gasped when she saw Jenny take out the necklace from her neck and threw it on the ground.

“What are you doing? I thought you forgave your uncle!”

“I am! This is the only piece that hasn’t been destroyed. It could be stolen one day. See, I learned something!” Jenny responded with a wink.

Bunny was about to protest, but after realizing what she meant, she grinned and nodded. Jenny smiled back and snapped her fingers. The Tropius roared once more and stomped on the necklace until it too turned to dust.

As the wind’s roar became louder, the dust and ash were lifted up and taken away. For a few seconds the sky sprinkled with all kinds of colors. Everyone’s mouths were opened when they saw that.

“Wow, didn’t know history can leave a beautiful finish,” Jenny praised.

Bunny grinned and said, “It can, once learned.”

Everyone stared at the night sky until those dust and ash were seen no more. Jenny and Bunny were thinking the same thing, how that one mistake Ernest made suddenly affected them both and the new things they experienced.

All of a sudden, a howling wind picked up and everyone thought they heard a huge ominous war. Everyone closed their eyes as both the scream and the wind became fiercer.


“What just happened?” Jenny asked


All of the Pokémon were making complaining noises too, but the roar and the wind was too loud.


It felt like forever, but this strange occurrence only lasted for a few seconds. The roaring stop and the winds died down to a whine. While Jenny and the Pokémon had terror shown on their faces, Bunny grinned.

“Arceus is happy we destroyed the plates.”

Jenny raised an eyebrow. “What? That roar from Arceus, the god Pokémon himself? Aren’t we supposed to, you know, see that alpha Pokémon?”

“He doesn’t need to be seen. Intangible things can be broken, too.”

Already getting what she said, Jenny laughed out loud. “I guess so. Still, despite that, something’s missing…”

Bunny hated to admit it, but she thought so too. She felt there was one other thing to end this play before the encore.

There was a warm spotlight from the moon’s light that struck inspiration on Bunny’s heart. Yes, that was what was missing. The quick and dramatic journey would not end without a proper…finish. She turned around and smirked at Jenny and the Pokémon. Before she spoke, she touched the left side of her chest. She felt her heart race faster and harder.

“History. Faded and remembered. Can be looked at differently. Always repeated. Can affect both present and future. If broken, how much will it be worth?”

After Bunny finished, she bowed. Jenny grinned and clapped while all the Pokémon roared in approval.

“That’s really good, Bunny. Did you make that poetry yourself?”

Bunny smiled but shook her head. “Actually, I learned that from Professor Alexison. In his class there were a few poems we had to study.”

Jenny gasped. It was hard for her to believe the same professor that betrayed them and killed her uncle was the one that taught Bunny that. She smiled though. Despite that, she knew that Jacob was not really a bad person but that maybe there were some things he became too passionate about. She was willing to forgive him, and so too her uncle.

“Well, despite what happened, I admit he taught you well. Take another bow!”

Bunny was at first confused but chuckled. She bowed again, only to be returned with claps and roars also. In her mind, Bunny was glad that history did indeed take center stage and left with a happy finish.


WAIT, WAIT WAIT! The story is not over yet! You guys want to know what happen to the characters after this? :D

There’s still the epilogue, which I'll be posting hopefully this Saturday. So yes, NE will offically ends this Saturday. It's going to be sad since I really enjoyed writing and posting this story, not to mention reading your guys' reviews. Seriously, can't believe a couple of you are scared of Jacob! XD;

Would do a farewell speech, give special thanks, and all that jazz, but that'll have to wait till the epilogue.

Once again, thank you all who had read and review thus far and hopefully the epilogue will be good!
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I don't know why, but this ending reminded me of the ending of my own story, except with more Buncan and artifact desecration, and less math and large Buick station wagons. I think it's because this ending had a lot of reflection on the past and talk about looking to the future. In a way, that's an even more satisfying ending than some epic final confrontation. It's just a nice way to tie up loose ends and have the characters transition into the next stage of life - the one that comes after the events of the story.

And, hey, Jacob turned out not to be such a bad guy after all - unless he tries to pull off some bold, Richard McNair-esque prison escape in the epilogue (which I haven't read yet). But I digress. He did the right thing by telling the girls to destroy the plates... we certainly don't need someone else going mad over trying to get them all. Plus they had really pretty sparkles when they were crushed.

A nice ending to what has been a very interesting read, and I am looking forward to the epilogue.

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There’s a lot I want to say, but I know you guys want to read the epilogue. Thanks to DarkPersian479 and The Great Butler for betaing. Once again, you two rock my socks!

Ending the Play

Folks like me have a long history we can look back on. Young people like you have only the future to look forward to.
--An elder at Eterna City Condominiums


“Chief Lucas, do you have any comment on the verdict of Jacob Alexison?”

“How about the two counts of attempted murder and one count of manslaugther? Is that fair?”

“I think it’s a fair count,” Lucas said with a smile. “I’m just glad that we caught him and he wasn’t a burden.”

Not too far from Lucas and the reporters, both Bunny and Jenny looked on, weary looks on their faces.

That was a hard trial to get through, Bunny thought to herself.

It was a couple of months after Jacob was caught and the trial was a short but intense one. The reporters would always stay overnight to try to get the latest information, much to Lucas’ annoyance. There were many witnesses, including Brenda and her husband, Matt, and Momoan. She created a scene when she complained how Bunny, Jenny, and Jacob ruined the competition, so that particular contest was delayed for a couple of days.

Not easy going against Jacob.

Bunny felt she could not breathe when the lawyers kept asking her questions about what Jacob did to her and Jenny. On a couple of questions, she stuttered, but for the most part she was able to answer them without being emotional. Each time Bunny gazed at Jacob’s eyes, she knew he was sad to see her going against him like that, but she had to.

I felt weird about that, especially after I had forgiven him.

“Bunny, are you okay?”

The young woman turned around and saw Jenny looking at her with deep concern. She gave out a chuckle.

“Sorry. Just that it was hard for me to answer the lawyers’ questions in front of the Professor.”

Jenny nodded. “Don’t worry, me too.”

Bunny sighed and shook her head. “I just wish he could be given a second chance, though.”

Seeing Bunny’s head hung down made Jenny frown. Since Jacob would be in jail for a long time and he was an old man, he would not be given a second chance in the outside world.

Right on cue, the doors opened from the city courthouse. Jacob, his lawyer, and a couple of cops came out, causing the reporters to come at them like ants going for sweets, cameras and pens ready. Bunny and Jenny looked on while Lucas laughed out loud.

“See, that’s why I hate reporters. They’ll always grab the opportunity to strike.”

That made the two girls chuckle. When they stopped though, they saw Lucas putting on a serious face.

“I’m sorry that Jacob has to go, you two, but he did break a couple of laws. However, you two can always visit him at the prison and such.”

The two girls nodded and gave out a small smile.

“Glad you did not stop us from destroying the plates, Lucas,” Bunny said.

“No problem,” Lucas said, doffing an imaginary hat. “Well, I better get going before the reporters come asking me questions again.”

After waving to them goodbye, the two did the same. They were soon approached by Jacob, handcuffs on, who made them jump up in fright.

“Doc, don’t scare us like that!” Jenny complained.

“Sorry. Didn’t mean to. Anyways you two, I just want to say no hard feelings on going against me,” he said with a genuine smile.

Both Bunny and Jenny gazed at him for some time, surprised that he was actually okay with it.

“But, I thought you were saddened whenever I would say something negative about you,” Bunny said.

Jacob chuckled. “I was, but in the end I should have see that coming after making you guys have me as a third wheel.”

“Again, that is all right. We forgive you,” Bunny said instantly with a smile.

The former professor nodded and smiled. “Happy to hear that. Also, glad you two made the right choice in destroying the plates. I know if I still kept them, I wouldn’t be able to destroy them.”

“Hey, at least history won’t repeat itself,” Jenny said with a wink.

“Indeed.” After chuckling for some time, he sighed. “Now you two, promise me you’ll visit me once in a while at prison and update me on your happenings, all right?”

“We will,” Bunny promised. The two girls then gave quick hugs to Jacob, causing his face to light up in gratitude.

“Good. Until then, goodbye you two. Remember to not make history repeat itself.”

Bunny and Jenny looked on as Jacob was being put in the police car and taken off. The two first had saddened looks on their faces, not liking how Jacob had to be taken away like that. Not long after, however, they began to smile.

A new beginning in history, without the plates being sought out.

“No matter where Jacob, you, me, or anyone else is now, we are fine without the plates.”

“True. Also, as long as Jacob doesn’t drop the soap, he should be okay.” Jenny let out a huge grin.

That joke made Bunny blink twice, causing Jenny to laugh out loud.

“Sorry, old jail joke.”

Even though Bunny still did not get the joke, she smiled and shook her head. “Never mind that. Anyways, speaking of the plates, there is one place I want to go back to.”

“Oh, really?” Where?”

Bunny just let out a grin.


Both Lucas and Jacob were silent while the chief officer was driving the car. A couple of times he looked at the former professor from his front mirror. The third time Lucas saw him, the old man was smiling.

“Never knew you would be happy going to jail,” Lucas joked and chuckled.

Jacob let out a good nature laugh. “No no, not like that. Actually, there’s something I’ve always wondered.”

The chief had one of his eyebrows raised. “Oh, really? What might that be?”

“What’s going to happen to you now? What kind of future do you see yourself trying to achieve? I know mine seems to end here, but I’ll manage,” Jacob said with a small smile.

Lucas almost ran through the red light when he heard that question. He never really thought about that question before. Most of the time the cases just come without warning, many still unsolved. After being quiet for some time, he laughed.

“I can never predict what cases I’ll have to handle, Jacob. It’s just one of those things I’ll have to react to quickly when the time comes.”

The former professor nodded. “I understand.”

“However, there is this one case where a fourteen year old who was starting his journey got killed by a Team Galactic grunt. At the moment, though, my police force and some of the others from different cities are on their trail.”

“You don’t say,” Jacob commented, his eyes gone wide. “I heard about that team. They’re trying to get some of the legendaries and get hold of their powers.” All of a sudden, he paused and laughed. “Sounds like me trying to get the plates.”

Lucas could not help but chuckle. “True. However, unlike them, you’re able to pull through in the end.”

That made Jacob laughed harder. “Guess you’re right.”

The chief let out a smile and glanced outside, seeing a couple Starly flying towards the sky, their destination. He sighed in a blissful manner, thought perhaps for now he would try to solve every case that comes to him, and that he was very contend with.

“Anyways, Jacob, some good news,” Lucas said, changing the subject.


“Well, most of the time we let go of the criminal’s Pokémon if they’re going to be in jail for a long time so that they’ll be able to live free in the wild. They might want them back, but who knows what they’ll do with them right after.”

Jacob nodded. “Understand. I guess you let go of my Pokémon, huh?”

“Yep, just a couple weeks ago. However, I think your Xatu will find you eventually, granted he won’t help you escape,’ Lucas mused and chuckled.

Jacob chuckled also and right after said, “Don’t worry, he won’t.”


“Here’s your coffee, Officer Timmy,” said a lady while giving Timmy a cup of coffee. “Have a nice day!”

“Thank you,” Timmy said with a nod before leaving the donut shop. After taking one sip of coffee, he sighed.

Glad this case is settled for now.

The past few days during the crazy chase were intense for him. He and Lucas would always look through records, be prepared for phone calls, and trying to piece the clues together. The trial did not slow down the process. With reporters still coming to the police department and the lawyers asking tough questions, he had wished this was over with. Timmy knew there were cases that went longer, but Ernest’s was like trying to get everything done in a day’s time.

He admitted to himself though, despite everything that happened, there was something about that chase that got him excited and wanting more. Now though, he was exhausted.

Everyone involved is probably glad too
, Timmy thought with a chuckle.

The man continued sipping his coffee but stopped when he saw Matt Chiaki outside, looking at the sky while drinking coffee. He smiled.

“Matt! Matt!” Timmy called out while waving at him.

Matt turned around and gave a tired smile. “Oh, you’re Officer Timmy, right?”

Timmy nodded. “Yes. So, what are you doing here?”

“I hear the coffee is good here, so I wanted to try it out. I say, I like it a lot.”

The two were silent for some time, enjoying their coffee. Before long, Matt spoke.

“I don’t know how Jenny and Bunny could forgive Jacob so easily like that and agree to destroy the plates.”

“Huh?” Timmy asked while giving Matt a blank stare.

“It’s just that I find it hard to forgive someone after they betray me. Jacob had betrayed them, so I’m just wondering how they are able to be okay with him now.”

Timmy scratched his chin. Now that he thought about it, he too wondered how Jenny and Bunny were able to forgive him. Assuming that Bunny and Jenny answered their questions truthfully, from what he heard, he did some bad stuff that could make them want to forget him. Then again, Jenny was able to forgive him and Lucas, and they were no better than Jacob.

Guess she’s willing to let grudges pass.

Timmy let out a small laugh. “I think it’s because she is willing to move on and won’t let any event, no matter how big or small, get in her way. Same goes for Bunny, even though I don’t know her well.”

Matt smiled, but not a tired nor a forced one. Instead, it was more of realization.

“I see. I guess I’ll forgive him eventually.”

“Don’t worry, you will.”


Jenny and Bunny walked to the History Museum, opened for business again. They were able to get there in less than half an hour since the city courthouse was only a few blocks there.

Jenny titled her head and her eyes blinked many times. “What kind of business do you have back at the museum?”

Bunny grinned but did not say anything. Jenny smirked and shook her head.

“Fine, you don’t have to tell me, Buneary Girl.”

Bunny laughed and wiped the tears off her eyes.

“So, where do we go from here now?” Jenny asked in a serious tone.

Bunny had her head down, thinking hard about that question. Indeed, where does everyone go from here now? It seemed like just yesterday she was accused of Ernest’s murder. She realized though, that everyone has their own path to take and to make progress on that.

“I guess nothing else to do but move forward.”

Jenny nodded. “Yeah.” After being quiet for some time, she spoke. “

“Of course,” Bunny said with a wink.

Jenny smiled back and the two embraced again, this time longer. They let go each other after a while.

“Well, let me know when your book’s coming out. See you again, soon!”

“Same here.”

Bunny turned around and was about to open the door, but saw Jenny gazing back at her with a smile. After some time, Jenny waved goodbye and left. Bunny sighed.

Until next time, my friend.

Before Bunny went inside, thoughts about Jenny and Jacob roamed inside her head. It was both an amusing and enlightened moment for her being with the officer. Even though it was only for a few days, she learned a lot from her, more than her many years at school. It was also a fun experience being with Jacob and that the lectures were not just for preparing for exams. She smiled, glad to have been on the little journey, despite the twists and turns.

On top of the roof, Xatu had watched the two girls saying their goodbyes. The little birdie smiled. Already he knew what future would lie ahead for them. The two would indeed keep seeing each other and tell one another fun stories of what had happened to them. Not only that, the girls would let Jacob know about them.

As soon as Jacob had told him that the plates would be destroyed, the psychic bird knew his friend was going towards the right direction.

After a soft caw, Xatu flapped his wings and flew away to find a peaceful place to stay and rest. He would not be worried about the past nor the future any longer.


In the museum, quite a few people were inside. Bunny’s smile got bigger. She walked into the Medieval Wars section and stared at a painting of two Lapras.

Where it all started.

She smirked at that thought, memories still fresh in her mind. All of a sudden, Bunny heard a familiar voice that made her heart stop.

“Hello, Bunny.”

Bunny turned around and saw Brenda smiling at her.

“Brenda, what are you doing here?”

Brenda grinned and answered, “I wanted to see this place myself. I must say, this is a beautiful museum.”

Bunny nodded and grinned back at Brenda. “Indeed. I am just here to…relive the memories.”

After a chuckle, Brenda put her finger on her lips.

“I see.” Deciding to change the subject, Brenda asked, “I assume it was hard for you to talk about Jacob like that at the trial, huh? I’ll admit, I didn’t want to do this, but I had to. He indeed felt sorry for what he had done.”

Bunny nodded but still smiled. “True. That is why I did not like it when I had to answer the lawyers’ questions. At least I forgave him, though.”

Brenda let out a huge grin. “Excellent to hear.” She paused but gave a huge smile. “Anyways, I’ve been wondering. Was that little expedition of yours worth nothing or everything?”

Bunny gasped, never thought she would be asked that question. However, it did not take her long to answer that question.


Brenda nodded and laughed. Bunny smiled slyly and giggled. She did believe that what happened was worth everything, every second of it.

Professor Jacob Alexsion asked me a few days before I graduated how much would history be worth once it was broken into a million pieces. I already knew the answer to that with a satisfied grin.

If repeated, nothing.

If learned, everything.



*cue Hans Zimmer’s Chevailers De Sangreal* :D

Quick, sorry if the epilogue isn’t all epic like Lu’s “Aftershock” or Scrap’s “Aeon.” I’m going for more something relaxed, but at the same time will leave you thinking at the end. At least I hope so. ; I know a few of you might ask why I skipped the whole trial process thing. Well, I’m going to say it’s because pretty much it might be a bit boring and the emotions is pretty much going to be the same like I did now. Not only that, everyone has made their differences pretty much at Chapters 23 and 24 (saved for Matt still unwilling to forgive Jacob just yet).

Anyways, even though I have finished other fics, “Nothing, Everything” is the most ambitious project I have undertaken. Started in summer of 06, stopped in the fall of the same year, then in April of 07 when I began playing Diamond I started planning out the revised version and wrote the first draft of the story. Seriously, I thought I won’t come back to it after quitting the first version of the story, but lookie here now, I’m posting the epilogue of this story.

Okay, special thanks (both here and from Serebii):

Tigerra (Sapphira Thorn) and Astinus (Hanako Tabris)- For your early beta work and able to spot as many of my grammar mistakes as possible

EliteSabreOverlord (DarkPersian479)- For the later Beta work and also giving good advice on how the police system works.

The Great Butler- Great reviews on the pacing of the plot of this story and also with his permission the use of Matt Chiaki (actually, it’s his idea, but I’m fine with it ). And oh, for giving me advice on how to dealt with that Movie 12 plothole. XD

duncan- For giving me great advice on how to improve the awkward sentences and for sticking with this story till the end. And also for betaing Chapter 15.

Sike Saner, bobandbill, Diddy, DM, Burrado_Aipom, Brumrha, PokemonHero, JirachiTheAnimeAddict, Manaphyman, katiekitten, Chareon, Griff4816, Divinity_123, Isfahan, Draco Malfroy - I just love reading your guys’ reviews as they’re both funny and also very helpful. Not only that, for your enthusiasm for this story and supporting it all the way though.

Seriously, I’m very grateful for everyone, both readers and reviewers, who stuck with this story till the end. You guys just rock, period.

Now, something I want to address. Many of you are already asking what’s my next project going to be. Well, there’s one I know I can’t wait for it to be posted and it’s in the works, but it’s a secret. (four of you know this ). Other than that…I don’t know. I would love to do another one, but I’m going to be in my senior year at uni and I’ll be very busy with a thousand things. However, I can give info on a couple projects I’m thinking:

*Looking Handsome- A NE spinoff short featuring Lucas trying to figure out how Team Galatic and the strange weather are connected, but then was stopped by Handsome/Looker. It’s going to be kind of like the L/Light showdown from Death Note.

*The Delta House- An OT fic featuring an eleven year old trainer suddenly traveling with a sixteen year old established trainer after the two were confronted with an evil organization/cult (hadn’t decided which one yet) and using Delta Pokémon as a threat. This is inspired by the Holon theme Pokémon trading card games.

Both I only planned the bare bones of the plot, so it might be a while until I write them. Actually, cause of my busy schedule later on in the future, not sure if I’ll get to them. O.o We’ll see, though. Even if I don’t get to those projects, I’ll still read and review the great fanfics here.

As much as I love to continue this story, even history has to end somewhere, and this is it. Not only me, but everyone that read this story got to experience Jenny’s mixed feelings of her uncle and her determination to save Bunny, Bunny’s enthusiasm for history and artifacts, Jacob ‘s personality slowly changing from better to worse, and everyone else affected by their actions and trying to figure out what the heck is going on. XD Once again, I have a blast writing and posting this story and enjoying reading everyone’s reviews on what they think of the fic. I love you all. :3

All right everyone, grab your fedoras and go to the dancefloor! Drinks are on the house! :D
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