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Graphics & Photography Rules
Here is a list of things you should know before posting/starting a thread in Graphics & Photography.
All of these rules still apply.

Threads & Posting// What you can do
Here is a detailed list of what you can do in Graphics & Photography

Starting Request Threads

Please state that you can take only a certain amount of requests, because if you neglect to do so, you may get flooded with requests and end up having to let people down. If you would rather not have a limit, make sure you can manage a thread full of requests and please make it neat, tidy and easy to understand. Please have at least four examples before starting a request thread. Request Forms are not required, but highly recommended, because they make everything much simpler. However, this is your decision.

Always have your examples ready before you start your thread. The examples are there to show your customers what they can expect from you, and if you have no examples, it's likely that they won't get what they want.

You can request to have your shop placed on the open shops list by posting in this thread: Here


Most people love to get comments on their graphics/Photography, that’s why they post it here, but please when commenting explain why you like the Graphic/Photo, what you like about it and so on. "I love it" doesn't really cut it. In other words, please add constructive comments/criticism. Word choice will also dictate this rule, but in general, short spammy comments are not appreciated. It is the moderator's jurisdiction as to whether the comment to spammy enough to fall under this rule.


When criticizing a graphic/photo remember to explain in detail what you are getting at. No flaming, and be helpful. Constructive criticism is the key. Try to make your point in a way that doesn’t rub off as rude. Please be respectful in your comments, and use common sense. Certain people are more tolerant of harsh critique, while others are less suited for it. If someone does not want critique on their art, please respect their wish, and do not critique on it!

Requesting (in request threads)

When requesting a graphic in a request thread, make sure you have read the thread through properly, be patient and always use the request form if there is one. Be polite to the graphic artist, and if they ask, always always credit them. Neglect to credit after being asked will result in an infraction for disrespect towards your fellow members.

Art Theft

Plagarising on the PokeCommunity is a serious offense, and even more so in the Graphics & Photography forum. If you are found guilty of posting art that is not yours but claiming it as your own, you will receive a permanent four point infraction. Consider this rule your warning, because a physical one will not be handed out.

Graphic/Photography Showcase

You are allowed to post a graphic/photography showcase thread, where requests are not allowed and comments/criticism is contributed. These showcases however, must comprise of 4 or more graphics. These threads are not for rating, and if you would like your graphic or photograph to be rated, please post it here. You may double post in your showcase only if you are posting an update after at least one week of no activity, and you may revive it within a reasonable amount of time if you do not wish to make a new thread.

Threads & Posting// What you can't do
Here is a detailed list of things you cannot post in Graphics & Photography

Request Threads

We do not accept request threads. (Threads where someone is asking for a graphic.) It will be locked as soon as a moderator gets to it. If you look around threads in the forum, you will find a number of request shops. (They do not all have "Request, or Shop") in their titles.
Here is a thread where you will find a list of all open shops.

Question threads

You do not need to start a thread for a question about photoshop, GIMP, or anything else. Please keep your questions in the Graphics Lounge, where a member or moderator will answer your question as promptly as possible: Here

Render Threads

You are not allowed to start a thread solely for renders. If you would like to share your renders with us, please post them in the Resources Sticky. If you would like your render to be rated/commented on, please post them in The Graphics Rating Thread.

Graphic Rating Threads

We have a topic where anyone can post their banners/avatars to be rated here, its a very good topic if you are new to graphic making and would like a few tips, you do not need to start a thread just for one graphic you have made.

Posting Photos of Drawings

Although these are technically photographs, the focus is not on the photo itself but on the drawing. Threads like this belong in the main Art Gallery, not the Graphics & Photography forum.

If you have any further questions, please PM the people in charge of Graphics and Photography:


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