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Okay guys, here's a thread where you can post your questions concerning about my hack, which is POKéMON Ruby Destiny.

There are going to be 3 versions of Ruby Destiny, which are Reign of Legends, Rescue Rangers, and Life of Guardians...

Since the hack thread is getting filled with questions, it is a good idea to post your questions here instead.

Okay, and now, let those questions roll! ;)


GYM Locations
1st GYM - ANTHONY - Flying Type - SKY BADGE - Luster Town
2nd GYM - ALEX - Electric Type - WIRE BADGE - Rentelbud City
3rd GYM ALASTOR - Steel Type - IRON BADGE - Selaro Town
4th GYM - BANSHEE - Fire Type - LAVA BADGE - Borora Town
5th GYM - KEVIN - Ice Type - CRYSTAL BADGE - Snow Soft City
6th GYM - JESSICA - Water Type - MARINE BADGE - Down Pour City

Special PKMN's
Legendary PKMN from 1st - 3rd GENERATION

Turtwig, Grotle, Torterra, Chimchar, Monferno, Infernape, Piplup, Prinplup, Empoleon, Starly, Staravia, Staraptor, Buneary, Loppuny, Buizel, Floatzel, Gallade, Hippopotas, Hippowdon, Drifloon, Drifblim, Cherubi, Cherrim, Munchlax, Mantyke, Magnezone, Finneon, Lumineon, Riolu, Lucario, Leafeon, Glaceon, Shinx, Luxio, Luxray, Pachirisu, Combee, Vespiquen, Rotom, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Dialga, Palkia, Phione, Manaphy, Heatran, Regigigas, Giratina, Cresselia, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus

Other Threads
Legendary Locations Guide
Adamb's RoL Walkthrough

Legendary Locations
Before collecting all 8 gym badges:

Baby Lugia
-Obtained through game event

-Evolved from Baby Lugia (through happiness)

-North Cave at Snowsoft city
-Only at Low Tide (time-based)
-HM Surf, Strength required

-Sea Path
-Require HM Surf, Dive
-Dive spot directly below the twin swimmer trainers
-After dived, go up then left, then resurface
-Cavern with "Rainbow Wing" sign

-Hydro Cave at Morient Town
-Go due east from town gym
-Navigate south through trees
-May require HM Flash (but not necessary since route very easy to travel)

-Obtained through game event at Cave of Origins
-May require HM Flash

The elementary birds (Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres)
-In their respective element Isles surrounding Cinnabar Isle
-Require HM Surf

-Obtained through game event at Fire Cave, outside Morient Town

Before Elite Four (E4) battle, require all 8 badges:
\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\

-Require HM Surf
-Surf up north from Veronica Town

Raikou and Registeel
-Electric Cave at east of Veronica Town
-Require HM Surf

-Francia Cave (Go through entrance at Pina Francia, not entrance in forest)

-Lost Cave at west of Luster Town
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall and Flash

-Above Waterfall of Blue Path
-Require HM SUrf, Waterfall

-Raleso Town (Meteor Crash Site) which is south of Sand Path

-Center of Ring Path
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall

-Cave in desert near Sand Path

-Lost Sea (require some searching through caverns)
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall

-Same as Manaphy
-Except that after obtaining Manaphy, DO NOT PRESS START AND/OR FLY
AWAY AFTER RECEIVING THE EGG!!! (Unless u want to go through the
treacherous path again). Instead, run all the way below from the
spot where u receive the egg to face Phione

After E4 Battle (see note 2 above)

Dark Lugia
-Obtained through game event at northwest of Vermillion City

After E4 battle and completing DL event at Vermillion City (see note 2 above)
//////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////

-Renica Tunnel (area above Blackglasses guy)
-Require HM Surf

-Fire Cave outside Morient Town, go up narrow path near female trainer

-Lost Cave which is west of Luster Town (path to ladder that leads to area where
Regice formerly resides)
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall, Flash

-Lost Lorina at Lost Cave (go through door formerly blocked by Regice)
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall, Flash

(For the legendary pixie trios (Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit), u have to activate them by seeing them
upon entering Lost Lorina. Only then would they appear at their respective locations:

-Ancient Cave (along narrow path in a small cave section)

-Unown Cave (along narrow path west of cave)

-Thin Forest

-Must have watched TV when at home after E4 battle
-Moving around routes in Gento, have to manually search

-Must have watched TV when at home after E4 battle
-S.F.Path (just walk through it)

-The hole in the ground at Blue Path Cave
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall

-Cave at Mount Blaze which is east of Borora Town

-Below Ring Path
-Require HM Surf, Waterfall

-Exit ofBug Forest to Sky Path, near Rotom house
-May require HM Cut

-Rock south of Tabuli Town

-Below Jirachi rock, near Lost Sea entrance
-Require HM Surf


-Cave at Rentelbud City

Frequently Asked Questions
NEW Q: I got the 7th badge. Now what?
A: This post will answer your question...

NEW Q: Are the PKMN that needs to be traded in order to evolve will evolve through level?
A: Yes...

NEW Q: What level will they evolve?
A: This post is useful for you all.

Q: Where's Tabuli Town?
A: Head to Retazo City. Head left to reach Lust Path. Head south to reach Pyre Path. Head South to reach Cyan Path and Cyan Forest. Work your way out of the forest.

Q: Why does the legendaries run away when I talk to them?
A: Because you still need the 8 badges or finish the Shadow Lugia Final Event in Vermillion City.

Q: Where's HM Rock Smash?
A: In Rentelbud's Pokémon Centre...

Q: Where's the next gym after Banshee, the Fire Gym?
A: After beating Banshee, go back to Monatami City and go back to Snow Soft using Mr. Briney's boat.

Q: I beat my brother, the gym leader in Snow Soft, now what?
A: Finish Alex's event in Veronica City, the generator event.

Q: Where's Veronica?
A: Go to Rentelbud City and go east until you reach a cave, enter and work your way through there and you'll end up in Veronica Town...

Q: Where's the 6th Gym? I can't find it!
A: Head back to Selaro Town and surf east in Rose Path and you'll end up in DownPour City where the 6th Gym is.

Q: I got the 6th badge... Where's the 7th badge?
A: Head back to Monatami City and surf south, and you'll see a small island there. Go through there and work your way to the other end. There will be some events there.

Q: What are the events there?
A: Well, first, the Weather Institute. Then the Cherrygrove City event where you'll rescue Blitz. Then the Mt. Pyre event. There's also a Monatami Submarine event. And then, after you manage to do all of these quests, head back to Pyre Path where Mt. Pyre is, and head south to Cyan Path, and work your way to the other side until you'll reach Tabuli Town, where the 7th gym is.

Q: Entei's blocking my way!?!
A: Get HM Dive from Ash outside that cave and then head back to Retazo City and surf east until you'll reach Cinnabar island. Then surf south and use dive there and finish the Waking Groudon event there. Then Entei will let you pass.

Q: Where's the master balls?
A: One's in LC Base, the otehr one's in Cinnabar isle.

Q: Where's Johto?
A: North from Veronica Town...

Q: Where's Kanto?
A: After beating the E4, your bro will give you a ticket to go to Kanto.

Q: Where are the legendaries?
A: There's a thread for all the legendaries' locations in this hack.

Q: Where's HM Fly?
A: After you finished the event in the Weather Institute, defeat your rival.

Q: Where's HM Dive?
A: It's in Silk Path where the cave where Entei is.

Q: Where's HM Waterfall?
A: Ya gotta be kidding, right?

Q: hey, what if i died from that level 99 dark lugia? can i catch it later on in the story, or is that it? it said at the end that blitz saved my life an sent me to the pkmn center when all my pkmn died.
A: It's okay if you lose to lvl 99 Dark Lugia. The story will saty as is. And yes, you can catch it later on.

Q: Are all 386 pokes catchable?
A: Unfortunately, no... There are some Pokes which I haven't put in the game, for instance, Pichu, and many others, but mostly the baby ones...


Mission Guide
Chapter 1
1. Silk Of Faith - Rescue Caterpie in Sinister Woods
2. Legend's Fortune - Stop Regirock in Fortune Valley
3. Trust of A Stranger - Rescue Rose, the Eevee, in Bouquet Field
4. A Smile Worth Fighting For - Go to Garden Field
5. Mother's Call - Rescue Caterpie's Mother in Vapid Swamp
6. Amazing Race? - Take the Scyther's revenge in Hevah Race in Green Hills
7. Dragon's Little Dratini - Escort Dratini to the peak of Mount Krystal
8. Fallen Angel - Battle Angeallen in the peak of Mount Krystal
9. Treasure Hunter - Help Caterpie to go through Mineral Cave
10. Secret's Out - Gengar spreads your secret as a human
11. Water Song - Help Caterpie to go to Green Hills
12. Petrified Wings - Try and stop the hunters in the Square
13. Flee To Freedom - Make your way out of trouble
14. Ho-oh's Quest - Get Taillow from Ilex Forest to Ho-oh in Rainbow Shrine
15. I Wanna Go Home - Work your way back to Garden Field from Veronica Town
16. Realization - Battle the POKéMON from the Square

Special POKéMON
Ice Tauros - Frozen Bull
Angeallen - Guardian of Heaven
Devihell - Guardian of Hell
Breatherna - Guardian of Life
Amorswan - Guardian of Twilight Lake
Clauseed - Elemental Guardian of Earth
Spyre - Elemental Guardian of (Black) Fire
Garudine - Elemental Guardian of Wind
Aquadine - Elemental Guardian of Water
Felinar - Guardian of The Full Moon

Frequently Asked Questions
NEW! Q: Why is Tropius blocking my way?
A: Either talk Tropius first then talk to Exeggutor and Breloom, or just talk to Breatherna after the Groudon event...

NEW! Q: Why is a Pikachu blocking my way in the cave? I can't continue.
A: Surf up the waterfall and finish the Sprinephy event.

NEW! Q: What do I do next after the Shaymin event?
A: Go east from Breatherna and finish the Groudon event.

Q: After I beat the hunters, the screen turns black and I can't continue! What should I do?
A: Just press the 'A' button, or the Z on the keyboard.

Q: My team are filling out the papers. What to do next?
A: Talk to Caterpie...

Q: How can I play this game?
A: Read the rules.

Q: Can we catch other POKeMON in the game?
A: Read the first post's 'FEATURES' in the Rescue Rangers' thread.

Q: Will you be changing some tiles?
A: Depends...

Q: Everything's glitched up! What's going on!?
A: It may be caused by a patching glitch, or your ROM isn't compatible with the patch, or you made a double patch.

Q: Where can I find a Ruby ROM?
A: Google it...

Q: I'm stuck in Veronica Town... What should I do?
A: Surf away from there. Surf, surf, SURF...

Q: When will the next beta be released?
A: Patience...

Q: I can't see! The fog is too thick in No$GBA! Is this a glitch?
A: No, it ain't no glitch... No$GBA and VBA works differently, for instance, the fog...

Q: I can't open the game with A-Map...
A: It's locked, duh...

Life of Guardians


Q: Where to get HM Rock Smash?
A: This post will help ye~


Chapter 1...
  1. Get your starter POKéMON.
  2. Go talk to your mom and she'll give you the RUNNING SHOES.
  3. Head west to Guardia Path, and you'll encounter Felinar.
  4. Rival Richard will introduce himself.
  5. Enter Sinister Woods and there's goona be a little scene.
  6. Work your way towards Silkwind Town through Sinister Woods and Silkwind Path.
  7. Head south to Bouquet Field.
  8. The boat dock is blocked so head to Oceanshine City and enter the PokéCenter. Talk to Rival Richard.
  9. Go back to the boat dock and talk to the lady there.
  10. Head back to Silkwind Town, but Rival Light will battle you.
  11. Once in Silkwind Town, battle the Gym Leader(Elemental Master) and win yourself a symbol.
  12. Head back to the boat dock in Bouquet FIeld.
  13. Ride the boat and once inside, talk to Rival Ryan.
  14. You'll arrive in the academy. Attend all classes.
  15. Attend the class on floor B1F.
  16. You'll end up in Mineral Cave.
  17. Work your way out and Rival Ryan will give you a PokéDex.
  18. Once outside Mineral Cave, Ranger Leana will talk to you.
  19. Head back to your mom in Guardia Town.
  20. Head back to Silkwind Town and battle the Elemental Master once again.

Chapter 2...
  1. Head to Oceanshine City Gym.
  2. Head back to Guardia Town. Then head north to reach Green Leaf. Then head west to reach Krystal Path.
  3. An event will occur.
  4. Battle Rival Claire(optional)
  5. Head back to Oceanshine City and earn the second symbol.
  6. Talk to Ranger Leana in SIlver Desert. She'll give you Go-Googles.
  7. Head east to Silver Town, and then head south to reach Rainleaf Town.
  8. Talk to the guy blocking the gym.
  9. Head back to Guardia Town.
  10. Head east to reach Fortune Valley N. Continue going east and you'll reach Low Point Path.
  11. An event will occur where Ranger Leana will help you escape with Andrew.
  12. Head back to Rainleaf Town and win yourself the third badge.
  13. Head to Rainleaf's PKMN Center and Rival Ryan will give you HM Rocksmash.
  14. Head back to Low Point Path and use Rocksmash to continue going to Highpoint Town.
  15. Empire Knights will battle you.
  16. After the battle, you'll be warped to a dark place.
  17. After a battle against a strange PKMN, you'll be warped to a prison cell.
  18. Head outside and an event will occur where the DO grunts will escape.
  19. Head back to Guardia Town and this time, Vextra Forest is accessible.

Chapter 3...
  1. Head to Vextra Forest and head east. An event will occur where you'll battle DO grunts.
  2. After the battle, you'll receive the PokéNav.
  3. Exit and you'll be in Garden Field. Head south to reach Boulder City.
  4. Enter the gym and battle the DO grunts there.
  5. You'll be warped to mineral Cave. Work your way around and an event will occur.
  6. Head back to Boulder City and battle the grunts again together with Ranger Leana and Rival Kevin.
  7. You'll be warped to the PKMN Center of Boulder City.
  8. Battle Rivals Kevin and Ryan in a double battle (optional)...
  9. Head to SIlkwind Town and ride on the train.
  10. You'll be warped in Sparkle Path. Head south to reach Rainbow City.
  11. An event will occur where Zapdos is being captured.
  12. Battle Team Earth grunts and after the battle, you'll be warped to Rainbow City's PKMN Center.
  13. Talk to Rhea with Zapdos. Now, either battle her with Zapdos, or battle her inside her gym, to earn yourself the fourth badge.
  14. Head back to Boulder City and battle the gym leader to earn yourself the 5th badge.
  15. After, head outside and the people will be shouting that they have seen Angeallen.
  16. Head east to reach Fortune valley S and an event will occur where the DO grunts will capture Angeallen.
  17. After, you'll be warped to the dark place again where you'll battle the strange PKMN in the shadows again.
  18. fter, you'll be warped to the PKMN Center of Boulder CIty.
  19. Head to the nursery of the PKMN Center and an event will occur where the guardian trainer of Angeallen will introduce himself as Nicolas.

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After receiving the first BADGE, go directly to BUG FOREST and cut those small trees blocking your way. ;)

LOST CAVE is just an extra place where you can well, level your PKMN up? :D
thank you!
i thought i was suppose to go to lost cave xD


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See the maps in the first post. The 7th badge is in Tabuli Town, however, to prevent a glitch, please follow my instructions...

1. Defeat the evil group in Mt Pyre in Pyre Path.
2. Fly to Monatami City and finish the event in the stolen submarine.
3. Fly back to Retazo City and enter the cave there and beat all the grunts in that base.

After, you can now safely go to the 7th gym. ;)


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one more thing where is the water maze for manaphe?

btw i caught arceus :)
that's simple surf right of the 7th badge place and you are at lost sea where the manaphy egg is
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