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Love Intent

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/Violence//Action//Mild Language/

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Yin & Yang

Light and Darkness, two opposite features that shape the mind, our lives, and just about everything. You can't have one without the other. There is a natural balance of these two. With light comes darkness, and with darkness comes light. One must wonder though...what would happen if one were to out do the other. What if there is so much light, that it shines through all darkness, and what if there is so much darkness that it overwhelms the light? Is it possible that both light and darkness can even be controlled?

My name is Jason Dephen and until today, I thought there was someone or some thing out there that wanted to make my life miserable. So many aggravating events occurred in my life as if they were planned out to just ruin my happiness. If I had a fun day at school; the instant I get in my mother's car, she'd run her mouth about something that would just completely ruin the mood. Most of the time, it would just be the fact that I had to see her...ever since I became a teenager, I've lost some connecting with her, but there are times where I truly value her being my mother.

Because so much negatives happen to me, I figured to be bad myself, hoping that if I were demented enough, then heavenly things would happen to me, you know like reverse psychology, but those positive things rarely came. Then I obtained a necklace which I had my mom buy for me off the internet. It was Japanese and it was supposed to grant good luck. I love the Japanese culture, and I figured that I needed some luck in my life, so after two weeks had passed, I finally obtained it. The symbol looked just like the image on the website and I put it on. There were a few papers that came with it. One for advertisement purposes, and the other had a written note saying "Good luck".

For the first week, I took notice of some rather lucky events like my geometry teacher being gone for two days which was like heaven. As time passed, I gained more confidence in this lucky charm, but one single day gave me full confidence in the power of this necklace...and it even opened my eyes to an ability I'd held all along. On Thanksgiving day, my family gathered at my aunts house and I turned my phone off before we ate to be polite, but after it all, I tried to turn it back on, but no matter what, It would never go back to its regular screen, only a white screen with the battery notice at the top left. The next day, I told mom about this, and she tried everything in her power to fix it, but nothing worked. She went in to the back room and pulled out the latest phone on the market. It had web browsing, keyboard for texting, touch screen, just about anything you can do with a computer. I had wanted this for ages and knew that it cost too much for someone like me to have. Apparently, I was wrong. This amazed me, and not to be petty but this is a highlight to my teenage life.

Now, for years I've been the type to hope for something more than reality. I like to believe in teleportation, telekinesis, and all that good stuff. I even tried to do these things but failed each attempt, don't laugh, I have a big imagination. So two nights later, before I went to bed, I thought about my increase of luck lately, I mean this was the most luck I've ever had in my life. I noticed however, that for the past week, I've been having more positive thoughts, and not thinking of the negative as much. Being the type of person I am, I told myself "That must be it, when I notice the bad, more bad happens to me, and when I think of the good; good happens to me!" It all made sense to me; I control light and darkness. I tested this theory throughout the week, but that was a big mistake on my part.

I was doing my homework one Friday night, sitting on one of our black couches in the living room. I figured if I just got it done I'd have both Saturday and Sunday without the homework starring at me in the face, leaving me with plenty of time to just hang out with friends. As I wrote on the sheet of paper, I got a little frustrated since I was using the cushions to keep my papers. Probably not the best idea. My pencil went straight through the paper. Annoyed enough as it is, my neck was cramping so I glanced up, stretching my neck a bit and I noticed a figure reflecting from the T.V. screen. I knew that pillows sat in that area on top of the other couch, so I figured it was my imagination.

However, I just couldn't escape the faint feeling of someone behind me, so I looked back at the screen and saw a man looking at me from the couch. The most nerve racking shivers filled my body. I quickly turned to face him but no one could be seen. I returned my focus at the screen again and there he was. What was going on? I can see him in the T.V. but not on the couch? Did I turn on the T.V. by accident? No, the couch sunk as if someone were sitting, and the remote was sitting on the coffee table to my side. He was there...I quickly reached for my phone on the arm rest. I started the camera feature and pointed it in the man's direction and he was visible to me. I quickly stood up and walked in front of the T.V. keeping my phone fixed on him as he followed me with his eyes.

" What do you want? W-Who are you?!" I Asked, fear striking my tone. He smirked and stood up, and in that instant, a fly sprang out from the kitchen and miraculously transformed into a black haired women, who took a stance with one hand holding her body off the ground and the other stretched to her side in front of me, as if she were trying to protect me. She starred fiercely at the man and began, " Stay away from him! "

" So this is where you've been hiding this whole time... " He spoke. I could actually hear him, but still I couldn't see him.

" That's right...I've been waiting here to make sure you don't touch him anymore. "

" Heh, does this mean you left all those others to die then? "

"..." She did not reply. There was silence for a moment and then this mysterious woman took hold of my arm and dragged me to our right and out of the side door, the man instantly on our trail, leaping over the coffee table.

" What's going on?! " I demanded. The women looked at me and told me, " I know you're confused, but we'll talk later. I need to get you away from here first. Then I'll explain everything. " She took me by both my arms and shape shifted into an eagle, clenching my shirt by her talons and flying. It was amazing for her to be able to fly while holding me, even though I'm not very heavy, this woman must be quite strong. With many questions forming in my mind, we flew off into the light blue sky, cloudless, the sun bright and yellow as it shined in my eyes....

Path Of The Samurai

Today was one of the most amazing days of my life...I knew being in karate would help me with controlling myself, but something even larger occurred today, something that changed my life entirely. As the day began, I started regularly; putting on my clothes, breakfast, and brushing my teeth, and so on. Later that day, I was dropped off at the dojo after yet another stressful day in high school. I entered the dojo with my arm-strap bag. I found an unused area to drop my stuff and continued to the dress room to switch into my outfit which I like to call my Samurai Costume. My master confronted me as I exited the changing room and spoke to me.

" Hello Ayame, are you ready for today's special training? " He asked, placing his hand on my shoulder. When his hand touched my shoulder, I could barely feel it come into contact with me. Normally, this would be a big shocker, but from experience, he could pack a me. If he wanted, he could punch a hole through a cement block, hell, probably even a wall if he really tried.

" Yeah, lets get to the fighting! " I responded, eagerly. I started punching the air with my fists and then kicked with one foot, showing I wanted to do some one-on-one, right here, right now. He smiled a bit and caught my punch as I tried to throw it at the air once more.

" Not that type of's a very special training that helps me with my strength. I've watch your growth in my dojo and I think you're finally ready....I could be wrong though..."

" No, I'm totally ready! I was only joking, master! " I bowed to him to show my respect and wanting of forgiveness. He giggled yet again and lifted my upright.

" I was only joking." He mocked. I was not amused. I crossed my arms and walked a bit away and turned my head back towards him. My master and I have always been close, so we're able to joke like this. He's like a second father to me, helping me with my life problems and just being there when I need him.

" So...what exactly it this training? " I asked in curiosity.

" I'm glad you asked, " He walked towards me and brought me to the ground. " ...Concentration is very important, you know this. However, there is a particular level of concentration where the flow of natural energy may move through you. "

" Flow of natural energy? "

" Yes, all things have a natural energy and when you have met the required level of concentration, it will flow through you. This is what I call upon to enforce such strong attacks.

" R-Really!? Come on teach me how to get to this level, I'm ready. " I was shocked that my master was actually going to teach me his secret to the power he controls. You might think that this was a highlight of my day, but what came next eclipsed that.

" are special...the natural flow of energy already flows within you. I've felt it when I come into contact with you. You just need to know how to control it, and in order to do so, you must unlock your mind and be in full concentration. "

" But, I've been concentrated before, nothing special happened during any of the other training practices of concentration. "

" True, but during those exercise, when did you ever use physical force while focusing in such a way? "

" ... " I didn't know what to say. All along I had this power and never knew how to use it. We sat, beginning our meditation. Not even a minute had passed when master Kioto's eyes grew as he looked up at the entrance to the dojo. He swiftly pulled himself up, hauling me up as well. He looked in fear at the empty entrance. No one was there.

" Master, what's wrong? " I asked, beginning to become frightened. What was the meaning of such sudden motions? As well, master Kioto seemed frightened.

"...two..." He whispered, pushing in the direction of the back area of the dojo. " Leave through the back exit and run home, now! " He ordered. Now facing the door, preparing himself for battle as he began a stance he had taught to his students, holding one arm forward and the other behind his back. I looked back as I ran for the exit. I didn't know what was going on, but when my master orders me to do something...I have no choice but to honor his command. A tear appeared rolling down my face, fell to the ground. All I could do was hope that he'd be alright...

Turning Tides

Always the pawn, always...Told what to do, being ordered around like a servant. I never thought I could do anything about it, I always felt defenseless...but not anymore. Now I'm the one in control. My name is Alia Swan, and before today, I was a slave not per say, but I would be ordered to do something for someone all the time, and for some reason...I always did what they told me. Every time I stood up for myself and tried to take control I would fail. I don't know if it's because I'm a girl or what, but I really didn't like it. However, in one day everything changed.

The first occurrence happened one the morning while both my mother and I were in the kitchen. I was finishing up some homework while mother was washing dishes. I was thinking in my head about square roots but I was having a difficult time with it. Next thing I know, mom thinks she heard a noise at the window. All I heard was mom asking, " What was that? " As a response, I replied, " What was what? " She looked at me, rolling her eyes, and continued with the dishes.

The second time this happened, It landed me into a bit of trouble...or, so one would think...It was during school and I had entered my 3rd period class with my books in hand and my backpack strapped on... I sat my things down on my desk, one of my classmates walked by and purposely dropped her pen. She looked down, and then up at me.

"...Well, are you gunna get that? " She asked rudely. I looked down at the pen, then to her...I ignored her and put my backpack on the floor as I took my seat. The girl put one hand on my desk with the other on her hip.

" Excuse me...? " This stuck-up girl continued her harassment towards me.

"...Yes? " I replied, annoyed now.

" Um, you need to pick that up for me. "

" Can't you pick it up yourself? "

" What, when you're going to do it for me? Ha, no way. "

"..." She did not move and inch. She continued to stare into my eyes. (Just leave...pick up the damn pen and get the hell away from me.) I thought to myself, but I caved in. I couldn't take her stubbornness, so I leaned over in my seat and reached for her pen...then I heard the faintest statement from her.

" That's what I thought...a man should always pick up things for a lady. " My eyes were fierce that moment. I forgot all about the pen, charged out of my seat and gave her a whooping slap across her face, a slap so loud, the aliens from Pluto could hear the echo. Her face was to the side, her cheek redder than a cherry painted over with even more red. The teacher charged over and took hold of both of us before anything else happened. At this point, I didn't care about punishments, how dare she make such a rude statement and call me a man! It's completely outrageous.

" Alia, what is wrong with you?! " Mrs. Hornet roared.

" Did you not hear what she just said to me?! "

" Alia, nothing came out of her mouth! What is the matter, do need to go to the clinic? "

" Are you kidding me, she said to me 'a man should always pick up things for a lady' when she told me to pick up her pen. The classroom filled with laughter. My eyes became teary. No one heard her, and now I've made a complete fool of myself. I collapsed into my seat and covered my head within my arms, crying. Next thing I knew, 10 minutes later when the class had been nearly half way done, the classroom phone rang.

" Alia, they want you in the office...they said to bring your stuff, you'll be leaving early today. " Mrs. Hornet announced. My face was pinkish and you could tell I had been crying. I grabbed my things and headed for the door. Before I turned the knob, Mrs. Hornet spoke, " You have a referral by the way for earlier. " I didn't bother with it, I just continued on my way. As I walked through the halls I kept thinking, (Please don't let mom find out, please just don't give me a referral, please, please don't give me a referral!)

As I entered the front office, I noticed two men who were unknown to me. They were dressed in very nice black suites...all black in fact, nothing on them was any other color. A bit odd, but people are free to their fashion I guess. I walked up to the counter, ignoring them.

" They called me up here, I'm Alia Swan. " I stated to the women at the desk.

" Yes, your father's here to take you home. " She pointed to the two men staring at me now.

" Neither of them are my father, ma'am..."

"...Neither, are you feeling okay dear? " We both looked at the two men. Is this lady crazy, or am I?

" Alia, hunny, please hurry, we need to go. " One of the men stated to me. I backed away from him.

" ...He is not my father... " All of the sudden, everything turned black and I could not see anything but darkness. I fell to the floor, that I could tell by the feel of my body crashing into the tile. I did not know what had happened, but while in that darkness I heard the voices of a man talking. I was in a car now. I could hear the engine roar. Although I still could not see.

" I've got her, I'm on my way..." I heard. He must have been talking with someone on the phone because I could hear a ruffled voice responding to him.

" No, she's only heard two people today, not enough for her to find out I don't think. "

"...Two people...what? Could he be talking and the girl from class? That means....I wasn't hearing things..."
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Love Intent

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Episode 1


" Gabriella! " Yelled Mr. Rainsen from across the hall, trying to attract the attention of Gabriella Jebbs, the daughter of both Gaby's and Rainsen's boss; Carter. As Gaby turned from her conversation with one of her coworkers, in between the two walls of white she saw Rainsen walking towards her in his regular black suit. His expression was all but pleased, and as he approached, Gaby readied herself for his words.

" Yes? " She said innocently.

" You failed your last mission; you were supposed find Arnold Fox, obtain the information he possessed, and then kill him. "

" But I got the information!- "

" That doesn't matter, you failed to fulfill your duty. The whole point of this branch is to ensure the safety of the US by getting rid of these people! "

" But what if he doesn't hurt society, maybe he can help...and If we're such bad to society, why haven't I been killed yet? "

" ....I blame your father...If it weren't for him, you'd be long gone for fact, if it weren't for him, I'd have gotten rid of you. "

" Is that a threat Mr. Rainsen? "

" No, more like a promise. " He turned his back and walked away slowly. Gaby scowled him from behind and rested her head in her hand in frustration.

" Our top story today, a teacher at the local dojo was murdered yesterday. Our team was able to get images of Master Kioto, but I warn you, these pictures are graphic.... " The television news host women stated as she introduced the recent killing of Ayame's dojo instructor.

" No.... " Ayame whimpered as she viewed the horrific pictures. Master Kioto wounds which one could imagine coming from a scissor being jagged into your chest and then sliced all the way to your side....imagine thousands of those wounds on your body....Kioto was brutally sliced, and one parts of his body, he had bruises which appeared to come from the cement bricks laying around him. Ayame's face was buried in her pillow at this point.

" H-how, how could th-this happen...? " She took breaths between her uncontrollable crying.

" If only I had staid, I could have helped! Then he might not have been so injured...he might have been able to survive! " She sat, curled up on her couch, trying not to glance at the t.v. screen which felt as though it kept the picture of her master on for minutes on end.

" Officers say that the only things missing from the dojo were a couple student files. Those students are being tracked immediately to insure their safety. If all students could present themselves so that the police can narrow the people, that would be gratefully helpful. " The women announced, finally ending the breaking news. Then, the doorknob to the front door began to jiggle, starting a sound that frightened Ayame. She leaped from the couch and ran into the kitchen, looking for a knife. As she opened the shelf with the knives, the door opened. She quickly grabbed the sharpest one and slowly walked back into the living room.

" Hi Ayame-...hunny, what are you doing with that knife....and why are you crying?! " It was Ayame's mother, who quickly rushed over to her daughter and consumed her into her arms. Ayame lied her head on her mother's shoulder and rapped her arms around her.

" Mr. Kioto was killed! "

" ....Do you plan on telling me anything yet? " Jason asked, sitting in a chair within an unknown location. It was dark and very shady. The mysterious girl walked back and forth in front of Jason, with one hand on her chin as if she were thinking.

" ....Honestly...I don't know where to start. " She responded, stopping and flapping her hands to the side, and then letting them fall to her side.

" How about a name. "

" ....Stacey...My name is Stacey. I'm like you, I guess, and I'm part of a rebellion against a branch of the government that plans to kill everyone like us. "

" When you say like us...- "

" Yes, I mean people who can do things like this: " She transformed into a lion for a second or two and then back to her regular form.

" ....But why? "

" Because they know we're a threat, and they don't want to take any chances on letting us roam free among 'normal' people. "

"...So that guy back there..."

" Is part of that branch, yes, and they will stop at nothing to kill us. " She walked over to a wall and relaxed her back onto it.

"...He said something. "


" Is he right, did you really let people die? "

"...No, we got new members, so I was free to protect you. "

" So how many are in this rebellion? "

"....Only 5 so far. "

" So why am I so special to be under your protection? "

"...Because you're the only one who can stop the extermination. "

" Yeah, I've got her in the car right now, don't worry, she's unconscious. " The driver said as he tried to focus on both, his conversation, and the road. Alia was wide awake, and she lay in the back of the car, looking into the rear view mirror, making sure he doesn't look at her while she's awake. She was trying to formulate a plan on how to escape, but there was just no way without jumping out of the car. By the time they had reached their destination, Alia shut her eyes and allowed the man to drag her into some sort of building. Alia heard people congratulating someone who she figured to be the man carrying her. She heard things like, " Nice catch there, Ray." " Hehe, yet another one, good job. "

" Where the hell am I?! This can be some kind of...oh God, no. I can't be raped. This can't be, no, no, no! " Alia thought to herself. The man brought her into a room and sat her down on a metallic chair.

" I know you're awake. You don't have to pretend. " He said, obviously to Alia, so she slowly opened her eyes. He was starring at her for a minute and then the door was knocked on, so he walked over and opened it.

" Alright, good luck, hehe. " He allowed some girl to walk in, and then he left. She had black hair with blue high lights. She appeared to be somewhere in her early teens, but still very pretty.

" Who are you, and where am I?! " Alia ordered an answer.

" Don't worry, you're not going to be hurt, I just need some information. "

" What, information? " Gaby walked forward and took Alia's hand. Instantly, Gaby began to see Alia's entire life, everything she had experienced, everything she knows...everything. As well, Alia started hearing a barrage of thoughts coming from Gaby, " Happy Birthday! " " You're such a loser, Ali. " " Pick it up! " Gaby let go of Alia's hand and tried to piece all that information together.

"....Nothing..." She whispered. Gaby left the room, leaving Alia sitting in the chair, stunned, and scared of what had just occurred.

....To Be Continued....
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Love Intent

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Episode 2


Within a dark room, a man sat in front of his computer screen. Marissa Lynn had just entered with her arms crossed along her stomach. She wasn't upset though, just cold. Xion always kept this room cold, not even normal temperature, it was just freezing in there, all the time. Whenever someone would ask why he keeps it so cold, he'd always respond with, " It helps the computer from overheating." or, " It's good for the brain. " He'd always been a smarty-pants...but in the end, that's why he leads this rebellion team.

" Xion, I just got a text from Stacey. She says she has Jason is safe and under her protection. " She stated as she approached Xion's chair. She sat her hand on it's leather back which was a mistake. That was even colder than the room itself. She pulled her hand back and crossed arms once again, waiting for a reply from Xion, who seemed fixed on his computer.

" I knew she could handle it... " He finally replied. Marissa wasn't glad to know that that was all he had to say about it. She sighed, and started her way to the door. Before she reached for the knob, Xion began, " I need you to do something for me. "

"...Y-yeah, what's that? " She slowly started to become victim to the cold, starting to shiver.

"...There's a girl, here name is Nikita Gallager. She lives on the outskirts of town. I need for you to talk with her and see if we can make her a part of the team. Also, get Misty for me. "

" Alrighty. " She ended, finally leaving that chamber of ice. As she closed the door behind her, she gave a quick shiver to adjust to the temperature shift. Marissa began to walk through a run-down hall, turning up the heat as she past the thermostat. Misty Winters walked by and gave a quick chuckle.

" Xion's room, huh? "

" You know it...How can he even survive in there? "

" No idea..."

" ...Oh, hey, he wanted to see you, actually. I think he might have a mission for you. He just told me to find some girl name Nikita. "

" Gallager? "

" Yeah, do you know her? "

" Not personally, I noticed Xion looking her information up on the internet yesterday. "

" Hmm, anything I should know about? "

"...Eh...if she gives you trouble, just make sure she can't talk. "

" O...k. Thanks, I guess. " Marissa left the conversation, on her way to leave the building. Misty began on her way to Xion's room. When she approached it, she could see mist forming on the door knob. She giggled and walked in.

" I hear you've got a mission for me? " She asked as she walked forwards to stand aside the leader.

" Yeah, there's a girl who can read minds, her name is Alia Swan. "

" Give me the location and I'm on it. "

" -Not that easy....they've caught her. "

" A-are you sure, because you know you're not always 100% corre- "

" I checked her school records. It says she was checked out by her father yesterday...Her father's been gone for years. "

" Damn it...I don't know If I can sneak in again...I mean- "

" Don't worry, I've made you a phony ID. It should get you far enough to find her and get her out. Make sure you fit in. Try not to be noticed. "

" You make that sound like it's easy for me. "

" Disparais! " Ordered Nikita, as she flashed her hand at one of her glass cups, sitting a top of a wooden chair. Nikita sat opposite of the cup, in her own wooden chair. A minute after waving her hands in front of the cup, it slowly disappeared. She smiled as she enjoyed her accomplishment. Then she heard a knock on her door. The cup instantly reappeared in her lose of concentration and she turned her head to glance at the cottage door. Before she could get up, the people at the door forced their way in. The door fell to the ground, revealing two men in black suits. Nikita stood up and faced them, her hair beginning to lift, flowing in the air. She could sense a threat, and she was prepared to fight.

" We would like for this to go smoothly, so I suggest coming with us willfully. " One of the men proclaimed, reaching his hand out to her.

"...No... " Nikita rejected.

"...I see...Jacob... " The man next to him suddenly vanished into a blurry flash and then appeared behind Nikita, whose eyes were wide open in shock at such speed. Jacob jabbed her neck, and she fell, unconscious, to the floor. With Nikita down on the floor, the man who still stood at the door pulled out a gun and shot Jacob in the leg.

" GAH, what the hell!? " He roared. The man blinked, and then grabbed his head in pain. He fell to his knees, shutting his eyes. He was in complete agony. Jacob starred at him in confusion, which drew his attention from his own pain. Then, from the door, came Marissa. She pushed the man, whose name she discovered to be Arnold, over on his side. As she approached Nikita, she lifted her into her own arms and took a look at Jacob.

" Why would you work for them? " She asked.

" It's my only choice. "

"....It wont be for long... " She then left the cottage with Nikita.

"...Here we go again... " Misty sighed as she looked upon the large building she once sneaked into some time ago. Hopefully no one would be able to recognize her from back then. She continued her way in, ignoring the people around her, only focusing on the elevator at the moment. She passed the front desk and already, someone noticed her.

" You! " Yelled the man at the desk, pointing at Misty. Her shoulders where shrugged like she just heard a loud screeching noise. She slowly turned to face him. When she saw who it was, her jaw nearly fell to the floor. Misty had hopped that she could have left her past behind her, but unfortunately, it just slapped her right in the face.

" Dear God.... " She whispered, quickly shifting her direction, and speeding to the elevator, shaking her head. The man had swiftly moved out of the front desk and began to follow her, trying to keep up with her pace.

" Almost there, almost there, almost there... " She thought as she closed in on the elevator.

" Hey, wait up! " He ordered, but she had finally entered her destination and smashed the button for the 4th floor, then the close button for the doors, soon after. She tapped her foot at amazing speed, hoping the doors would close before he could get in, and with success, the doors shut before he could reach her. She sighed and leaned against the wall. There was a women standing next to her, and she gave a confused expression to Misty.

" these days... "

Within the mysterious, white room, Alia sat in the same chair, still dazed, and confused. She felt as though her brain were about to explode. She kept hearing thoughts in her head, " Alia. " " She's unconscious. " " I won't hurt you. "
The door suddenly opened, and Gaby came through, rushing to Alia. She forced Alia onto her feet, and guided her out of the room.

" Listen, you've got to get out of here now. They want you dead. " Alia faced Gaby at the word, "Death." The two walked down a hall and were ambushed by a one of the company's workers.

" Hey Gaby, what are you doing with her, I thought she was sentenced to death... "

"...Oh, uh, turns out she can be useful...They want to use her. "

" Ah...I guess the company could use a mind controller...Well, good luck to you, miss. " He welcomed Alia to the team, then walked past the two girls. Following his departure, Misty came from around the corner.

" You! " Gaby pronounced. Misty looked at Gaby for only a moment and then at Alia.

" Hand her over... "

"...Alia, stay with her and you should be safe. " She whispered into Alia's ear. Gaby pushed her in Misty's direction, and she continued to walk towards her, glancing back at Gabriella, who motioned her hand to tell her to keep going. Once Alia got close enough, Misty grabbed Alia's hand and dragged her away.

"...Now we just have to get out of here..."

....To Be Continued....
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Episode 3

Grim Angels

" I've always seen you as my second father, Mr. Kioto.... " A weeping young girl stood at the front of a long line of children. The lot of them were attending a funeral for their dojo master, Kioto. Each person wore black and held black roses, which began to cover their master, like a large blanket of black petals. Ayame soon approached Mr. Kioto with dried eyes. One would think his death had not effected her, but deep down she was trying desperately not to show sorrow at his funeral. Mr. Kioto always told her; " Do not cry for those who die in battle, for those tears will disrespect the effort one had placed into fighting that battle...shed no tears, and you will honor their effort. " It was so difficult, and it hurt so much to hold in her sadness, but she could not dishonor her master. Ayame placed her black rose upon the top of Mr. Kioto's mountain of roses. She took one final look at him, one tear slipping through, falling into the bunch of black roses. Ayame quickly moved out of the way to leave. She didn't want that tear to fall, she now felt as though she disrespected Mr. Kaito. She retreated to her parents' car which was not very far from the graveyard. She leaned on it and buried her face into her hands. Soon after, her father appeared at her side, placing his hand on her shoulder. Ayame revealed her red, glistening face and looked at her dad.

" Are you going to be OK...? " He asked her, calmly, not trying to spark any fire.

"...I...I don't know...."

" Well...let's head on home...I'll make you some Kakigori. We haven't had that since grandma's. "

"...Heh...Sure, let's go. " The two entered the car and began to drive off.


Jason lay upon the cold, cement floor inside the same room he had been kept in over night. The sound of the door opening woke Jason up to Stacey, who walked over to him and helped him off the ground.

" Sorry we kept you in here all night. " She said, very apologetic.

" Eh, don't worry about it...sleeping on the floor's supposed to be good, I heard.

" Heh, well, my boss would like to talk to you. He wants to elaborate you on why you're actually here.

" OK, then, which way is he? " Stacey turned and lead Jason out of the room, herding him down a small hallway, and then down another. This headquarters was more like a maze. You really need to know where everything is to not get lost. Once they turned one last corner, they stopped in front of a door. Stacey reached for the knob.

" I'll have to warn you. He likes his room cold. " She opened the door, and Jason instantly felt a blast of bone shaking temperature. He was surely awake now, if not before.

" The colder it is, the more he's been thinking... " She continued in, but Jason had to take a second to inch his way in.

" Jason, " Xion spoke from his computer. " we've been waiting for a long time... "


" Stop! " Ordered a man who began chasing Alia and Misty not too long ago, realizing that the two were not employees to the company. The three ran down nearly a dozen hallways before Misty found the elevator. As she and Alia approached it, Misty jabbed the down button and eagerly waited for the doors to open, but they were taking far too long to rise to their level. Misty placed herself in front of Alia and braced herself for the man arriving with anger on his face.

" Who are you two, I've never seen you around here so you can't be employees. " He was furious at this point.

" Oh, well, she isn't, but I am...see? " Misty said as she pulled out Xion's fake ID. The man snatched it from her and analyzed it.

"...This is a fake! "

" Huh-What?! " The man ripped the ID into pieces. Misty was in fear now, she slowly inched back, and then, the doors to the elevator opened and she pushed herself back into Alia, forcing both of them into the elevator. The man instantly rushed toward them, but Misty lifted a kick to shove him back out of the room. The force of Misty's push and the kick resulted in Alia being pushed into the wall of the elevator. As the doors began to close, Misty turned around and apologized, " Sorry about that. "

" It's OK... " Misty pressed the '2' button, and the small room shook slightly as it began to descend.

" They're going to be waiting for us on the first floor, so we'll have to escape from the 2nd floor. "

" What?! "

"...We can go through the windows. "

" How are we supposed to fall from that height and not get hurt? "

" Garbage. "

"...Garbage? " The doors slide open to the sides and the two girls ran out of the elevator. Misty looked around at each window as they ran down the side of the building. After a minute, she stopped and looked through one of the windows, down to the ground. She could see a dumpster filled with trash.

" This is the window. " Misty started walking opposite of the glass window.

"...Ok, so? There's no way to open it, so-! " Misty began to run towards the window with as much speed as she could create. As she approached the glass, she leaped off the ground, covering her head with her arms and burst through the window. Alia was scared now. She walked to the broken window and looked along side the building until she met eyes with Misty, who had safely landed in the dumpster. Misty motioned her hands to order Alia to jump. Alia shook her head.

" How can anyone expect a klutz like me to jump out of a window and live...? " Alia thought as she tried to decide to jump, but before she knew it, her body lunged forward, falling out of the building and hurling to the dumpster. After colliding with the cushioning trash, Alia lifted her head and moved her hair out of her face, looking up at the window. All she saw was black hair rushing away into the building. Misty pulled herself out of the dumpster, whispering to herself, " We need some damn cars... " Alia stared at the broken window, as if traumatized.

" Alia....Alia, ! " Misty yelled, trying to get the girl's attention. " We need to get going, those windows have sensors that let them know if they've been broken. They'll be there any moment and piece things together. Come on! " Misty grabbed Alia, lifting her out of the dumpster and onto the pavement. The two began to run away from the scene.

" I-I hear I'm important to your team. " Jason stuttered as the cold nipped at his body. Xion swung his chair to face Jason and Stacey.

" You heard correct...You see, as Stacey has informed you; people like us are being hunted, killed, and manipulated. All by a branch of the government that believes we must be eliminated in order to ensure global security. "

" Who says we're all a threat...We're just like anybody else... "

"-Which is why we have formed this rebellion to stop this branch, which I've discovered their name to be the UGPS. It's the one branch that connects the governments of every country on the globe. So basically, people like us have nowhere on the planet to hide. "

"...So what exactly can I do? "

" You control the light and the darkness, " Stacey interrupted the conversation. " you can turn a demon into an angel, so to converter. "

"...OK...So how does that help us? "

" Isn't it obvious?...Your ability is not limited to only light and can convert one's views...what they believe in, what they like...what I'm saying is, you can convert the UGPS's views on us and have them support us instead. "

" -But, even so, this branch surely has too many people for me to convert all at once...."

" ...Remove the road from the car, and it's lost. " Stacey stated.

" So...If I convert their leader...-! "

" The entire branch will change, yes. "

" So how do I meet him? "

" That's being looked on...we've learned, through experience, that he doesn't show his face to those, we aren't quite sure yet. "

" Can't I just go through and convert the people into leading me to him? "

" But it's like you said, the branch has too many people for you to convert at once. They would realize that you are a super human, and they would eliminate you. " The door suddenly opened, revealing Marissa, and Nikita at her side. They both joined the group of three.

" Hey, I found Nikita, there were two of them. One was evolved. " Marissa announced to Xion.

"...I they travel in pairs of two with one being regular, and the other having abilities.

"...This him? " She asked, pointing her thumb at Jason.

" Indeed, " Xion, looked over to Nikita, who looked confused as of where she was. " you're safe here, don't worry. "

" Why am I here? " Nikita asked.

" We need you to help keep people like us safe. "

" Is she going to help with getting us through the branch? " Jason asked.

" She has witch-like abilities, activated through speaking in French. She should be able to get us through them very easily. "

"...What exactly am I 'helping' with? " She wondered.

" Simply put; a lot of people want others like us dead, and we are going to stop them. "

"...We'll then, I'll have to refuse. "

" What, !? " Jason roared. " These people have no right to kill us, why wouldn't you want to help!? "

"...Why would anyone want to be like us...we shouldn't be alive. We're demons. We've been forsaken to Hell. "

"..." No one else spoke.

" Do you think we were created in God's image? No, the devil's, perhaps, but not God's... " Nikita ended, her head facing the earth now. Xion stood, and walked to her, placing his hands on her shoulders.

" We are not demons...nor are we angels...maybe we were not seen in God's image, but this what his image is changing in to, and it is not something that can be stopped, but something that must be embraced. " Nikita looked up to see Xion's serious face. Everyone kept quiet and stared at the two.

Ayame sat at the counter in her kitchen, eating one of her favorite desserts ever. She was digging in too. Her face was covered with fluffy, white cream. Her father was in the living room watching T.V. as Ayame ate her sorrows away. The door knocked, just then. Ayame looked at her dessert like she could see something inside it, she was trying to focus on the cup.

" Mr. Kioto, I can at least practice what you wanted to teach me. " She whispered. Her father flew into the kitchen with 3 large slices on his chest. Ayame flung herself around and lunged herself towards her injured father. The cup made a sound, which Ayame turned to see what happened, but she forgot about the cup and noticed two men as they approached Ayame and her father. One had a devious smirk on his face while the other staid serious the entire time.

" Your master shouldn't have protected you, because now, it'll be the reason for your death. "

....To Be Continued
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Episode 4

The Beginning Of Destiny

"Again...I refuse! " Nikita stated, turning and aiming herself towards the door. Everyone watched as she stomped away.

" Xion... " Stacey rested a hand on Xion's shoulder.

" Don't worry, Stacey. I planned for this. "

" What!? " Everyone looked to Xion, astonished and confused.

Just before Nikita could reach for the door, Alia and Misty came running in, out of breath.

"...Xion...I was able to find her! " Misty announced.

" Good...Nikita, I would like for you to stay here for the don't have to help us, but it's safer if you stay here, rather than go out and be hunted down. " Xion offered to Nikita, who analyzed Misty and Alia as they breathed heavily.

" Very well, but I'm leaving once morning comes. " Nikita continued on and exited the room.

"...What do you plan on doing? " Jason asked

" Alia, may I ask for your assistance? "

" Um...sure, I guess, what is it? "

" That girl who just left; she can prove much help with our goal, which is to protect people like you and me, however, she does not wish to aid us. Your ability's can help change her decision.- "

" Wait, so she's like me!? " Jason interrupted.

" In a way; she manipulates the mind however, while you manipulate the soul. "

" But, then why can't I just change her decision? "

" .... "

" Trust him, Jason. He has a tendency to know what's best. " Marissa assured Jason as she entered the conversation.

" Your master shouldn't have protected you, for now it'll be the reason for your death... " A man in black spoke to Ayame as she covered her injured father.

" Who are you!? " She screeched with tears streaming down her face. After her outburst, a ringing tone went off. The man in black reached into his pocket and took out his phone, and answered it. There was a devilish look on the man next to him who looked like he wanted to jump at Ayame and attack her.

" Yes...Mhmm...Understood....Well now, seems like luck is on your side today, little miss Tokyo. Leonardo, don't kill her. " He ordered the boy next to him who smirked.

" Aw, why must they always ruin my fun... " He positioned himself to pounce towards Ayame, who quickly rose and stepped back. Instantly, Leonardo flung forward, grabbing her in his arms like a lion to it's prey. He swiftly turned, holding on to Ayame, and ran towards the door, where the other, unknown, man left a moment ago. Ayame had gone unconscious from such shock.


Ayame found herself on a plane as she finally regrew consciousness. She could feel the motion of the plane. She could not see, for her head was covered with some type of fabric, and her ears were covered with what she could have guessed to be headphones of all things. With them on, she could not hear anything but silence. Her hands were chained to her seat, as well as her legs. She could not move, see, or hear.

" What is happening?...I'm scared... " Ayame thought to herself. "...master Kioto...father...they're both dead....these people....they will never be forgiven...master...I will honor both your and my father's deaths... " Ayame began to focus. Perhaps, being in this situation, she can perform what her master wanted to teach her. She continued to focus on a single state of mind. Everything into one. The plane began to shake. Ayame could feel the vibration of feet rushing across the floor.

" They must be the ones who took me! " In loosing her focus, everything stopped. She realized now, that she had been the one to make her cup shuffle, as well as what just happened with the plane. She began to focus on herself being restrained, unable to move, unable to hear, or see. The more she focused; the fabric over her head began to move, as well as the headphones. The chains began to vibrate. Then, as another person's foot shuffled across the floor, her concentration broke, but this caused the chains, the headphones, and the fabric all to break into pieces. She could see, hear, and move again. She noticed others who were in her situation all lined up against the sides of the plane. Unfortunately, she could not help them now, for the man, who's foot step aided Ayame's escape, turned around as he heard the busting of her chains. He pulled out a taser and aimed it at Ayame, who focused her well-being on that taser. The man pulled the trigger, however, the taser stopped in mid air as Ayame's concentration broke yet again. At this point, Ayame was amazed at such power, but she could not stop to think. She ceased the moment and attacked the man with her martial arts. She defeated him with ease, and he fell to the floor. She didn't know what to do now. Surely, there are more enemies, but these people need help. There were about a dozen people restrained.

" I can't let them take us wherever they're headed....I have to crash the plane! " Ayame decided. She rushed to the door leading to another room and locked it. She then began to focus on the plane, just like before. She held on to this with much more concentration than she did before. The plane shook and she could faintly hear the door trying to be opened. She couldn't stop though. She lifted her arms forward and began to motion them as if constructing something within the air. The plane was in her control and she was moving it with her hands. Blood began to fall from her nose and this was taking much of her ability to move such a large object. Before she knew it, the plane crashed and everything shook like an earthquake. The collision was even worse with her losing concentration which gave the impact more force. Ayame hit her head on the floor of the plane as she had been flung around. She lost consciousness yet again and fell into a deep sleep.

To Be Continued....
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Episode 5

Code Name...Death

" Hey, she's waking up! " Yelled the voice of an unknown female who, as Ayame opened her eyes, sat next to her body lying upon the dirty earth.

" ...Where...the plane...we crashed... " Ayame stumbled her words confused about what had just taken place and where she even was. The unknown women rested her hand on Ayame's head.

" Take it easy, you hit your head pretty hard... "

" Hizara, we can't stay here for long, they're going to be here any minute! " Informed a boy sitting with a girl wrapped in his arms, resting her head on his shoulder. Ayame lifted herself from the ground to sit up. She rubbed her forehead and looked around. They were on top of a hill. Below lay the remains of the plane.

" How did we get up here? " She asked.

" After the plane crashed, most of us were busted out of our restraints. We found you on the floor so we helped you out. "

" Were there any others that survived, or were you guys the only ones? "

" We're the only 3 that broke out of the restraints...some of the people might still be alive, but we couldn't help them immediately. "

" Then we have to help them, the only reason I crashed the plane was to save as many of you guys as I could! "

" You crashed the plane!? "

" ...Yeah...but that's not the point, come on! " Ayame rushed down the hill towards the plane. Hizara and the other two quickly rose and followed.

" Kurai, stay here and hide. If they show up, I don't want you taken away... " The boy told the girl whom he once held. She understood and walked back towards the tip of the hill and watched the 3 enter the plane. As Ayame walked in through the broken entrance, she noticed that most of the seats had been flung around and were tilted, with their passengers dead. Finally, Ayame spotted an unmoved seat with a captive victim. She rushed to him with Hizara and the boy following soon after. Hizara pulled off the fabric and they were revealed a drugged man, fast asleep.

" Lets see, how do we do this... " Hizara placed both her hands on the chains and began to focus. Moment by moment, the chains began to redden. Hizara was heating them. She pulled her hands away and took a breath, tired. The boy moved around her and hovered his hands over the heated chains.

" Wangetsu, what are you doing? "

" Just wait... " Water began to form around his hands and then moved towards the chains. Steam suddenly puffed out at them. After about a minute, Wangetsu stopped and punched the chains, easily breaking them.

" That's how you do it! " He applauded himself. Ayame moved him out of the way and pulled off the headphones, following up with a few light slaps to the face, trying to wake him.

" Go get as many others as you can find! " Ayame ordered Hizara and Wangetsu. The two rushed around with each other and tried to release others of their constriction. Meanwhile, outside, Kurai stood on top of the hill starring down towards the destroyed plane, hopping for the best. Then, a chopping sound caught her attention. She looked to the sky and saw a helicopter slowly heading towards the sight.

" I don't know if I can do this. " Alia announced as she walked with Misty as they headed towards their destination; Nikita's current room.

" Don't worry, it's for the best. "

" Not that, I mean, I can't control whatever this is. I only started noticing it a day or two ago and then all of this started to happen right after. It's all confusing. "

" Well...our abilities are triggered by adrenaline. So, try to think of something that gets you emotional. Anger, fear, sadness, things like those can activate your powers. It takes a while to get used to it, but after you get through some things, you'll be able to control your abilities. "

" Thanks, I guess. " Their conversation ended as they approached Nikita's door. Misty opened the knob and revealed an empty room only holding a bed and a shelf. Nikita was gone without a trace.

" Uh-oh...XION! "

" Xion! " Misty screamed as she barged in to Xion's room, ignoring the temperature. " Nikita's gone! "

" I know... "

" OK, that's all you have to say about it!? "

" It's alright, I've found an alternative for the moment until we retrieve Nikita again. Just recently, a plane, owned by the UGPS, crashed on it's way to an unknown location... With this chaos, getting into their building will be simple. We can obtain useful information from their computers and use it to our advantage. "

" -And Nikita? "

" ....I'll have you and Marissa invade the building...leave Nikita to Jason and Alia, I'm sure the recent switch in their lives can serve well in this situation to convince Nikita to stay. "

" I'll get Marissa and we'll head out. I'll let Jason and Alia know what's going on too. "

" Oh, I've already set Jason on the mission, just let Alia know, get Marissa and head on to the building. "

" ...Alright then." Misty headed on out to find Marissa & Alia, then get going.

" Wangetsu! " Kurai shrieked down towards the plane. Wangetsu and Hizara appeared rushing out of the plane and looked up to Kurai, who pointed towards the helicopter heading their way. They turned to face the entrance to the plane and found Ayame.

" Ayame, there's a copter coming this way, we have to go, now! " Wangetsu ordered. Ayame looked around to see if anyone else had been saved, but all the people that were freed were already dead. It seems Ayame killed more people rather than help. Suddenly, the man in the chair grabbed Ayame's arm, grabbing her attention as well. She turned and faced him.

" Who are you!? " He said sheepishly.

" Oh, thank God! I'm Ayame, we're trying to save you, but we have to go now, the people that caught you are coming right now! " Ayame pulled him out of his seat and dragged him out of the plane. Wangetsu and Hizara were already up with Kurai at this point. However the chopper had already arrived. The 3 at the top of the hill hid, peeping down at Ayame and the 5th survivor of the crash. Ayame and the man stood outside the plane, starring at the helicopter. Oddly, the man showed no fear. He tried to accustom his eyes to the sunlight. Then, out of the woods around the area, men in army-like suits came walking out with guns pointed directly at the two. There were over 40 of them slowly inching their way forward. They began to circle Ayame, who raised her hand over her head, and the man.

" We're screwed... " She said, disappointed. The man looked around with no interest. He took a step forward, and all the men stopped dead in their tracks. He smirked.

" Don't worry...I can handle this. "

" Gaby! " A man of the UGPS yelled, rushing towards Gabriella. They were inside the building. Gaby was watching T.V. in her office when the man came in.

" What is it? "

" You know that plane that crashed!? "

" Yeah, it was one of ours right, what about it? "

" ...Death was on that plane... "

" ! " Gaby's eyes widened as she looked at the office man.

" Don't worry...I can handle this. " Ayame looked in confusion at the confident man who stood, facing half of the armed men who had their guns pointed at him. All of the sudden, as he blinked, his eyes faded to black. With this, the earth beneath him began to corrode. The grass, that lay upon the ground, died. The dying earth appeared like a circular wave quickly spreading outward towards the men surrounding him and Ayame. As the wave of death reached them, the men died and fell to the ground. It didn't take long for their entire fleet to be wiped clean. Ayame looked in amazement.

"....Wh-...what did you do...? " The man grabbed her hand, which gave chills down her spine as his eyes faded back to their regular brown color.

" Like you said; we have to go. " He repeated to her as he then dragged her up the hill, towards the astonished Hizara, Wangetsu, and Kurai....To Be Continued
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Episode 6

The Gathering

Misty and Marissa approached the UGPS building cautiously as people scurried in and out. As the two girls entered, they could hear phones ringing off the hook and office people rushing around like ants that just had their hole stepped on.

" Alright, Marissa, let's do this like we planed. "

" Right! " They agreed, scanning the building. Once they found the rest room, they quickly hurried in to it. As they entered, they approached the mirror and pretended to be messing with their make-up until a female office employee came in and walked behind them. Marissa swiftly shifted towards the women and grabbed her hand. Marissa's body instantly collapsed, and she successfully controlled the employee's body.

" Alright, regardless of how chaotic this building is right now, you still have to be careful. Stick to the plan and come right back here once you get the information transferred. " Misty reminded Marissa of the mission as she pulled her body into one of the stalls. Marissa, who was now taking the role of a women named Charline, walked in to one of the other stalls while Misty spoke to her.

" What are you doing?! "

" Hey, when I take over a person's body, I become them, and this women really had to pee! "

Misty shook her head and made sure that Marissa's body was safely placed on the toilet so that it wont tilt over and fall. She closed the stall door and waited for "Charline" to finish up.

" Alright, I'm ready! " She said as she exited.

" OK, don't take too long. "

"Charline" left the restroom, ready to begin her mission.

" What in the world was that!? " Wangetsu roared as the group of 5 sat, hidden from sight, on top the hill. The man smiled and lifted his shoulders.

" Would you rather me just let them take us in? "

" No, but still, you just killed over 50 people at once...what kind of power do you have!? "

" ...I...really don't know. I just have it. "

" Well, whatever it is, don't let it near me or Kurai! "

" Guys, we still have the copter hovering around, we have to move! " Hizara reminded. Ayame sat, still in awe at this mysterious man's abilities. She had flashbacks of the wipe out he created and how she was left untouched. He knew what he was doing. While Ayame sat in wonder, the group had already begun to start rushing away. Hizara shook Ayame out of her daydreaming.

" Hey, we have to go, come on! "

" Oh...right... " The 5 ran until they were inside a woodland area where the helicopter wouldn't be able to find them from above.

" I think we should stay here for tonight, until we can find a town or something. " Wangetsu spoke as they all slowed their pace. Everyone rested their feet as they fell to the ground, tired.

" ...Why...why us? " Ayame broke the silence with a question.

" Well, it's not just us, it's people like us all over the earth. " Hizara replied.

" They want us dead. They think that we're a threat to global security, but I don't even know what that word means anymore. " Wangetsu entered the conversation as he sat next to Kurai, who rested her head back on his shoulder.

" Security!? They killed two of my most loved ones! "

" They do what ever they can to get what they want...demolishing all obstacles that stand in their way. "

" This can't be legal! "

" Oh, it is...they're part of the government...those scum have even gotten the entire globe to be on their side, but none of them know exactly what they're doing. "

" Is there any hope for us? "

" ...Well, I've heard that they've been trying to get rid of some type of rebellion that plans to take this part of the government down...they've been interrogating people like us to see if we know anything. "

" Perhaps we should join them... " The man interrupted. Everyone else switched their attention to him. "...With our abilities, we should prove much aid to their cause. We can even stop this branch from killing any more loved ones. " Ayame's heart jumped.

" It's decided then, we're going to join this rebellion! "

" Hold your horses...we don't even know where this rebellion's base is located...Let alone, where we even are! "

" I might be able to find out! " Ayame crossed her legs and began to focus. All the others looked confused at what she was doing.

" ...Hey- "

" Stop...I have to concentrate in order to do this! " Ayame sat there, untouched in silence. She was slowly beginning to feel the aura of everything around her.

" Now, if I can keep a constant idea of where the energy around everything is, I should be able to see it. " She thought as she slowly opened her eyes. She could faintly see aura around the trees, and in the far distance, there was a radiation of energy forming around a cottage. Ayame lifted her arm to point in that direction. Everyone looked that way. Ayame blinked and she couldn't see the energies any longer.

" Something strong is that way! I could see a massive amount of energy coming from a cottage. "

" Shall I live, hunted by what should be done? Or do what must, to repent for living as what I am? My final words...I'ce'der... " Nikita stood with her head facing the ceiling of her cottage, prepared for death...however, death was not coming. She spoke the word of death which should kill her on the spot. Were her powers inactive? What happened?

" I did not die...why-? "

Jason and Alia came flying in to the house, frightening Nikita at first, but then she settled herself. Jason and Alia walked towards her, out of breath from rushing to her cottage.

" Nikita, have to help us. " Jason started.

" Yeah, it may seem a bit out of the ordinary, but we're trying to stop something bad. "

" No, you're trying to prevent something that must be done, good or not. "

" How can you say that? "

" Because it is true...look at us...look at what we can do! Why would God want us alive...? "

" ...Why wouldn't he? "

" ...You're such a fool...We are a corruption to the human race! "

" -What if we're better? " Alia interrupted.

"...What? "

" Don't you see how times are right now? So much sin...acted out by regular human beings. Is that what God wants? "

" So you're saying we're a new generation? "

" Maybe, maybe not...we could be angels. " As Alia ended, there was a knock on the door. Nikita walked towards it and pulled it open. In an instant, she was flung backwards into a wall. Jason and Alia looked to see what had caused this and from the door came two men in black. Before Jason and Alia could act, one of the men lifted his arms at the two and flung them to the side, using the wind. He then lifted an arm towards Nikita who tried to bring her self to her feet, but was lifted from the ground and slid up the wall. This man was controlling the air around her, and as she tried to utter a spell to stop him, he lifted his other hand at her and the air began to pull itself out of Nikita's mouth so she could not speak or breathe. Alia and Jason were on opposite sides of the cottage and tried to pick themselves up, but the other man pulled out two guns and pointed them at the two. They stopped and looked to Nikita. Alia looked at the man controlling the air.

"...Stop...! "

Suddenly, Nikita fell to the ground and breathed in deeply.

" What the hell are you doing!? " The man with guns demanded.

" I don't know, I knew what I was doing, but I couldn't control myself. "

" ...Which of you was it!? " The man ordered from Jason and Alia. " Which of you is a mind controller?...I'll let one of you live if you tell me who. " Alia and Jason looked at each other.

" Fine then...guess you both will have to die then-! " Out of no where, the mans guns flung themselves into the air and on to the ceiling. The air manipulator turned around towards the door and instantly, a giant flame came his way. He whipped his hands at them, easily whisking the fire away, revealing Hizara and the others.

"'ll be easy to kill, fire is trumped by wind. " The man lifted his hand towards Hizara, but nothing happened. " What!? "

" Let's see how you do without the wind then. " Kurai stated as she appeared from behind Hizara, who began to smirk before she tossed a large fire ball at the man. Ayame used her abilities to control the energy around the man who once held the guns. She lifted him into the air and began to fling questions.

" Where can we find the rebellion!? "

Jason and Alia looked at each other once more, and then to Ayame.

" Hey, wait. We can help you! " Ayame looked to them and tossed the man towards Hizara and the others for them to handle with.

" Where can we find their base? "

" Alia..."

" Alright. " Alia rushed over to Nikita who was still recovering.

" We're actually here to get the girl over there to join. We can take you there. "

" Great, thank you! Hey guys, these two will show us the way. "

" And what about this guy? "Wangetsu asked, ready to drown him in water.

" Restrain him, our leader might be able to use him! " Jason assured Wangetsu before anything happened.

" You think I'll go without a fight!? " The man roared.

" Yes...I think you will...please...what you're doing is wrong... " Jason said delicately, trying to use his powers.

" ....I don't know why, but...I feel like...I can see the truth...this is wrong...why have I even been doing this? Come on, lets leave. " The man said as he picked himself up, ready to go. Everyone looked confused and amazed, but Jason had a smile. He actually used his power.

" Alright, this should be easy, very, very easy...but...which computer? " "Charline" wondered as she stood inside an elevator. She decided on the top floor. Once the doors opened, she exited, and was face to face with Gaby, who, as she walked past, they bumped shoulders and a process occurred. Gaby gained numbers of information all mixed together from the real Charline and Marissa, but Gaby did discover that this was truly Marissa, whom she knew from some time ago. Gaby left the elevator and followed Marissa down 3 halls before she entered a room holding a computer. As she entered the room, she turned Marissa around in the seat.

" Marissa Lynn...fancy meeting you here. "

" Uh, I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong person. "

Gaby pulled on the name tag on "Charline's" suit and read it.

"...Charline Gibbens...aren't you supposed to be working on the first floor? "

" didn't hear, I got a promotion last week... "

" Look Marissa, you of all people should know that I know you're lying, now tell me why you're here or I'll let my father know where your little headquarters is! " 'Charline's' head fell downward, and picked back up with a sigh.

" ....ok...I'm here to steal information on the branch...with all this chaos, it was an ideal moment to sneak in. "

" ...You can't be here alone or else your body would be lay out somewhere...who else is here? "

" Misty... "

" ...Look... " Gaby started as she took over the computer, opening up files of the branch's information. " If anyone finds out about me helping you guys all of us are screwed, because if I go down, you guys are going down with me, no matter how much I agree with what you're doing. " Gaby saved all the data to a hard drive disk Marissa had already plugged in and handed it to her.

" I want to help you guys, but I can't be found out, alright! "

" I guess memories are worth keeping. " Marissa ended before she scurried off to find Misty.

"...I guess so... " Gaby whispered to herself as she watched Marissa leave.

....To Be Continued!
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Episode 7


----4 Years ago

Out on the football field of Citon Sun High, the cheer leaders practiced as usual. They attempted their new thought out routine while a few people sat in the stands. Marissa and Gabriella sat on the bleachers watching as their best friend, Misty, practiced. They giggled at times as they watched her dance. There were only about 7 others in the bleachers at least 6 of them were family members to the cheerleaders, but one of the men did not seem familiar. Marissa, Misty, and Gaby knew just about every fellow senior at their school, as well as the people on the cheer leading squad, and this guy didn't seem to ring any bells, but, they ignored it. Probably some random guy looking for a easy peep show.

After some time, practice was over and all the girls dispersed towards their friends and family who had been watching. As Misty sped up the steps towards Marissa and Gaby, they both began to cheer.

" You! Were awesome! You-you! Were awesome! "

" You-guys! Are losers! You.Guys! Are losers! " They laughed as Misty approached them finally.

" You did good today, Misty. " Gaby stated as the three began to walk down the bleachers.

" Heh, thanks, you know, you two should try out. "

" Forget that, " Marissa scorned. " I'd never be a cheerleader in my life! "

" Oh come on... "

" I'm serious...Can you even imagine me in one of those girly skirts? "

" Ha! That'd be a sight...What about you Gabs? "

" ...Eh...Not my thing. "

" You guys suck, but anyway, what's the plan for tomorrow? "

" Not sure, how about we just grab something to eat after school? "

" I don't know if I's back in town and he want's to spend some time with me. "

" You're dad is always on the move, what does he do again? "

" I don't know, something with security. "

" Like a body guard? "

" I guess...anyway, I'll see if I can spend time with you guys before hand. "

By this time, the three were on the earth and walking towards the parking lot. It was kinda silent and only one family was walking to their car. Everyone else was gone. The three girls finally arrived at Marissa's car, and as they entered, they noticed that mysterious man walking around.

" Woah, that dude looks creepy... " Misty said as Marissa started the car.

" Yeah, he was watching you guys practice earlier, probably some old pervert. He dresses neat though so he probably has an actual life. I wouldn't worry too much about him. "

" ...If you say so...damn old pervs, heh. " And finally, they drove off.

" I don't know, it's just....I can't get over it all...she's dead... " A girl named Isabella sat in a chair opposite of her psychiatrist, Cami Jackson, mourning the death of her best friend who just recently died in a major car accident.

" I understand your pain, and it's not something easy to overcome, but you are strong enough, and you must get over it. Your friend would not want you feeling this way. " Cami told Isabella as she buried her face into her hands.

" Yeah, No matter what I do to forget it all...everything just comes right back sooner or later! "

"'s not about forgetting what happened. You can't erase what has been done...stop reading over the same page and flip to the next chapter. You have so much right ahead of you, but if you let this hold you in the past, you wont be able to move forward. " Isabella looked Cami in the eyes and then quickly looked away.

" I just want her back! " She yelled, as if it would wake her friend's body from the grave. Cami could feel her stress and took Isabella's hands into her own.

" We can get through this together, but you must matter what you say...think, or wish...your friend is gone...nothing can bring her back now, I'm sorry. " Silence broke for a long moment and as a final tear from Isabella collided with the floor, her eyes went dry and she looked to Cami in some-what shock.

" Wait...I think...I don't feel the pain anymore...Are you ok? "

" ... " A tear came from Cami's eyes out of nowhere. " Yes...I just. I feel depressed for some reason, but I'm alright. I'm glad that you're over this loss, nicely done, Isabella! " She congratulated her as they both stood up.

" Thank you so much, Cami. I don't know how to thank you. "

" It's nothing. If I can help someone else, I've helped myself in a way. I'll call your parents at the end of the week to see how you're doing, alright? "

" Alright, thank you again! " Isabella said as she exited the room. However, as Isabella walked down the hall of the building, she received a text message which, as she read it, stated: " Shedding a tear for a friend is one thing...but can you shed one for yourself? " Isabella was curious. This came from an unknown number. She ignored the message and put her phone back into her pocket. She felt a bit creeped out now, so she looked around a little before she reached the front door.

" Achu! " Jason Dephen sat, curled up, in a large blanket on the couch. He just got extremely sick. His mom was giving him some medicine which seemed to work, but after a while, it stopped.

" Jason, I'm going to the store, I'll be back in a little while. "

" Ok... " As Jason sat there watching cartoons with chicken noodle soup in his lap, he suddenly got a bad feeling in his stomach, so he placed the bowl of soup on the coffee table and lied all the way down. He felt like he had just been delivered to Hell. This sickness was unreal. He felt like putting himself out of this misery, but knew it'd solve no gain to do so, which made him feel worse, now that he feels as though he's putting himself through this.

" Huh!? " Jason felt like he saw something move in through the corner of his eye. Something black moved down the hall way. He figured it was a shadow, but the feeling of some sort of presence scared him. That fear was soon blocked out by Jason's crappy feeling screaming, come on and kill me, ugh. As he moved around to get more comfortable, Jason could feel something on his arm, which he soon realized to be some type of bite mark from, maybe a bug.

" Great, not only am I sick with the Hellish flue, but bugs are feasting upon my body before it even dies! " He joked, grimly. Jason then remembered how good sleeping can make you feel, so he closed his eyes, and dropped out like a rock.

" Get the hell out of here! " Stacey ordered a man in black as he walked backwards down the hall of the house.

" Honestly, do you think you can stop all of this? What's been done can't be changed. "

" We'll find a way...we always do. "

" Oh really? This boy is supposedly your rebellion's ray of hope, correct? What good is someone with abilities if you strip them of those abilities? "

" Wait, so it's true...the company has actually created a working cure!? "

" Hehe...Indeed we have...If you would like to be cured...I'd be glad to take you in. "

" ....Go to hell! We're not something that can be fixed, or cured! "

" Come of all people should know that that's anything but true...If it weren't for us...all of you would be- "

" Be what, normal, what does that word even mean, normal!? "

" You can deny all you want...but the truth lies behind those careful when they open...I'll retire for now, but the next time we meet, I wont be alone. " The man disappeared into thin air and was gone without a trace, leaving Stacey standing in the middle of the hallway, thinking to herself.
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Episode 8

The Truth About Lies

----3 Years Ago

" Alright class, make sure you study tonight, you never know when a test will show up! " Announced a teacher who did anything but keep herself discrete about tests. Wangetsu lifted him from his seat as the bell rang for lunch. He left the classroom and met up with his girlfriend, Kurai, who instantly wrapped her arms around him. They walked until they were outside, where a group of their friends were hanging out, as well as other students who were just waiting for others to show up.

" Think I should skip today? " Wangetsu asked Kurai.

" No, you have class, you don't have to stay. "

" Yeah, but I want to stay. "

" Don't make me drag you to your class. "

" ....Fine...I'll see you when the bell rings. " He gave her a final kiss, and walked off to class. As Wangetsu left, Kurai noticed a student watching her from the distance. She found him creepy , but walked away and found her friends.

As Isabella opened the door to her home, she felt an odd sense of horror run down her spine. Once she entered, Isabella witnessed something she wished she hadn't. Her parents lay upon the floor, dead, resting in their pool of blood. Tears shot out of her eyes like bullets. Isabella rushed to the two and cuddled them in her arms.

" That's right, let your tears fall... " A man spoke as he appeared from behind the corner of the hall.

" Who are you, " Isabella shuddered in fear. " did you do this!? "

" Even if I did, it changes nothing....however, you can save them...just like your friend. "

"...What? "

" That's right, she's alive, all thanks to those tears. Would you like to see her? "

" Of course I would, where is she!? "

" Steady now. You can see her, but first....- "

" ...Please...anything.... "

" Revive your parents..."

Isabella looked to her parents in confusion. She can't bring them back, they're dead. It's impossible. This man must be crazy. She returned her focus to the man with an odd stare.

" I-I can't. "

" Of course you can, if you brought your friend back. "

" I did? "

" ...Ugh, this is pointless, " The man pulled out a gun and aimed it at Isabella. " Revive your parents, or you shall die with them! "

" What!? " Isabella panicked, with no idea as to what this man was talking about; healing her parents, nonsense. This was all too crazy, but if she can't heal her parents, she'll die. Suddenly, the man put the gun to Isabella's forehead. Her eyes widened, feeling the cold, hard steel pressed on her head. Tears rolled down her face.

" Your choice.... "

Isabella closed her eyes, with one last tear dripping from them. It fell into the pool of blood, which amazingly changed into a neon red color for a moment, and then back to regular. Her father was the first to open his eyes. Her mother followed. They both clasped their daughter in their arms.

" Isabella, what in the world just happened, are you alright?! " The father instantly asked. Her mother had tears running down her face, no words to say.

" "

" ....Now then...there's someone else waiting for you. "

Isabella looked at the man in the suit and pulled herself to her feet. She walked towards him and turned to her parents who still sat in their pool of blood, watching their daughter walk away.

" Mom, dad, I'll be back soon...I love you both. "

Both Isabella and the mysterious man walked out of the house, but he held a devious smirk on his face.

" Why do I feel so sad for this poor girl? I didn't know her at all... " Cami spoke to herself as she sat, watching T.V. " Even if I felt sorrow for the girl, why so much as this? It's as if- "

" You took away Isabella's sorrow? " A women interrupted, revealing herself from within the kitchen.

" And who, may I ask, would you be, and why are you in my home? "

" My name is of no importance, but I can tell you why I am here... "

" And that reason is? "

" Have you ever wondered why you're so good at your job? Why are you able to succeed in revealing every single one of your patients of stress? "

" What are you getting at? "

" You always feel the pain your patients feel the day you finally cure them...why? It's because you are able to absorb the pain in a person's soul, cleansing them of their sorrows, but in return, your soul takes those sorrows for itself. "

" Do you know how foolish you sound? "

"It makes no difference, it's the truth. All I need is for you to come with me. "

" Where to, and what would possess you to think I'd follow you anywhere after you broke into my house? "

The women in black flashed out a gun and aimed it at Cami.

" Because of this... "

" I'm so glad to see you guys again. It's been so long. " Gabriella's father said, at the dinner table with his wife and daughter. Gaby smiled at him, but her mother frowned, looking downward towards her plate of food. He noticed her facial expression, but ignored it, looking to Gaby.

" So Gabriella, how's school been? "

" It's really good, mom's been helping me out with my geometry...I kinda have a difficult time with it. "

" That's alright. That's really nice of you Ginnie- "

" I'm her mother, what, do you think I'd just let her fail? " She snapped at him. It got silent.

" Um, so Gaby, you wanna spend a little father daughter time tomorrow. Maybe go shopping a little? "

" Really!?...Oh wait, uh, actually me and my friends like to hang out after you mind if we go the day after? "

" Ouch, uh, that's when I leave... "

" What's the matter, can't you ignore your personal life for your own daughter? "

" Look Gin, I - "

" Don't give me any of that, you come here, what, once a year? Do you know what you've put us through? Is your job really so complex that you can't find some time to spend with your family!? "

" Mom... "

" Ginnie, if I could just skip work and live with you both, I'd do it in a heart beat. "

" If only you really meant that... " Ginnie picked up her plate and walked towards the kitchen. Gaby attempted to get up, but her father pulled her back down.

" It's all right Gabs...look, I rarely get to see you...I don't want to ruin any of your plans, but I really want to spend a day with my daughter before I leave. So if it's alright with your friends...- "

" No, I understand...I'll call them in a little and let them know I can't hang out tomorrow...thank you. " Gabriella got up and headed upstairs to her room, pulling out her phone as she did so, leaving her dirty plate at the table. Lucas pulled out his phone and leaned back in his chair.

" Yes...the coast is clear, you have full permission to continue with your mission. "

" Thank you sir, I knew she was your daughter and didn't want her to get caught in any crossfire. The other two shall be taken in soon. " The other man on the line hung up, the same man from the cheer leading practice. He gave one giant smirk of deviousness before he put his phone back into it's holster.

....To Be Continued
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Episode 9


----3 Years Ago

" Wait, so you're just going to blow off our plans? " Marissa spoke to Gaby, as she walked with her and Misty. School had just ended, and everyone was beginning to head home.

" Look, I'm sorry, but today's his last day, besides, we hang out all the time, one day wont change anything. " Gaby responded.

" Yeah, Marissa, it's alright, we can hang out tomorrow. I have tuns of homework to do anyway. "

" Wait, so you're going home too?! "

" Come on, it wont kill you to be alone for the rest of the day. "

"...Fine, we'll just have to spend extra time together tomorrow then..."

As the three approached the side of their high school, Gaby noticed her father's car, with his arm reached out of the other side, signaling her to hurry up.

" Oh, hey, it's him! Guys, I gotta go, again, I'm sorry. I'll make it up for you both, I promise...bye! " She ran off towards the car, leaving Misty and Marissa alone. Misty walked a bit forward and cupped her hands around her mouth to project the words which began to come out.

" Have fun! "

As Gaby entered Lucas' car, he sent a gentle wave at Marissa and Misty. He also noticed his own workers in the distance, not too far from where they stood. Lucas frowned, making sure Gaby was secure and in the car, so he could drive off.

" So where to first? " He asked her.

" This day is going to suck, so much! " Marissa moaned.

" Oh come on, it's not that bad. Look, I'll walk you home and we can both do our homework together. "

" That's OK, I guess..."

" Remember, we take them alive... " A worker for the government stated to his fellow accomplice; a teenage boy who stood next to this business man.

" I understand, but they're only able to do so little...this should be quick. "

" Still, don't go crazy...I'll take 'Trance', you apprehend 'Fusion', got it, now lets go! "

The teen boy approached Marissa and Misty, acting cool. He swung his hair out of his face and smiled at the two girls.

" Hey, what's up? "

" ...Hey...not much, just walkin' about you? " Misty flirted.

" Cool, about this beauty? " He asked, turning his focus to Marissa.

" It's not polite to ask for names before giving your own... "

" Oh, I'm sorry, " He pulled his hand out to shake her hand. " I'm Gregory... "

" Nice to meet you, and I'm Marissa. " She took his hand to shake, but in doing so, she fell on his shoulder, unconscious.

" Marissa!- " Misty was cut off by the worker's jab to her neck.

" Nicely done, " The man pulled out his phone and began to call the business building. " Yes, I'd like to update the collection...Code Names: Fusion, and Trance have been apprehended and will be on the next flight to the lab. " He hung up. Gregory had already brought Marissa to the man's car, and was now back to haul Misty there.

Isabella and the man, who once killed her parents, parked in front of the graveyard where her friend was buried just the other day. As Isabella took off her seat belt, the man stopped her.

" Just to let you know; you may be able to revive the dead, but once they've returned from the dead, they can still die as easily as they did before. If I were you, I'd be more worried about how long she's been alive underground with no air source. "

Isabella's eyes grew and she flew out of the car, racing to her friend's aid, in fear of losing her once again. As she arrived at the correct sight, she began digging with her hands. Even with her tears, they wouldn't be able to reach her in order to revive her again. Minutes later, the man came over with a shovel. He tossed in on the ground, next to Isabella, who noticed it and fiercely grabbed it, beginning to dig deeper. The unknown man just stood, watching. Then, as Isabella could feel herself getting closer to her friend's grave, Cami, and the women who threatened her in her home, appeared at the sight. Cami saw Isabella, looked at the grave stone, and read " Diva Florester. " After which, she rushed over and took hold of Isabella.

" Cami, what are you doing here, I have to save her! " Isabella shook, trying to release herself from Cami's restraint so she could save Diva.

" Isabella, your friend is dead, we talked about this! "

" No, she's alive, I revived her, he told me so! " She pointed to the man, but Cami saw no one.

" ....Isabella...there is no one're hallucinating. "

" ....What....No, I saw it with my own eyes! He killed my parents, and I saved them with my tears! "

" What? Isabella, I called your parents as soon as I got home. They were fine... "

", no, you're lying! " Isabella forced the shovel at Cami's head, knocking her to the floor, bleeding. Isabella then realized what she just did. She starred at Cami, tears beginning to stream.

" Oh dear, now look what you've done. " The women spoke.

" Look's like you have to make a choice now, if you wait too long, your psychiatrist's soul wont be able to be revived, even by your tears...but if you stop to save her, your friend will suffocate... "

" Why should I believe you, you're not real! "

" Oh, clever...then that brings up more decision...which situation is real, Cami's, or Diva's? A person can only cry so much... choose wisely. "

" Why are you both doing this? "

" It's our job... "

" Kurai! " a group of people shouted as Kurai approached them at lunch.

" Hey guys, what's up? "

" Not much, but that boy over there looks like he's got his eyes on you. " One of her female friends announced, pointing in the direction of the unknown person.

" Yeah, I saw him looking at me earlier, but I don't know who he is. "

" He looks new... "

" I'm just going to ignore him for a while... "

" Be careful, if you notice him follow you home, call me, alright. I'll be there in a heart beat and kick some ass for ya! "

" Haha, alright, I'll make sure I keep you on speed dial. "

...Later At Home....

Kurai was watching television, on her couch. Her sisters were in their separate rooms just doing what ever. Then, the sound of footsteps on the roof began. Kurai was a little frightened, but ignored it. After, the lights all went off. She got up and rushed to her room. She sat on her bed and pulled out her phone to talk with people to keep herself occupied. All of the sudden, the door knob to her room began to shake, as if possessed.

" Oh my God..... " She said as she grabbed her head lightly. It finally stopped, and out of the silent air came a brush of words.

" I'm watching you. "

....To Be Continued
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Episode 10

Choices End
Decisions Made


---- 3 Years Ago

" Where am I....I can't see...I...fell asleep...that's all I remember...Wait...I was talking to Wangetsu...I told him I was scared, and about the voice...He told me he'd be over soon...everything else is blurry. " Kurai thought to herself, restrained within a seat. She could feel vibration on her feet, it felt like the motion of a plane. On this transportation plane, Kurai, Wangetsu, Hizara, and one other unknown female were stuck in their seats, hooded and unable to hear or see anything, only feel the motion of the plane, which hit the ground, meeting one of it's locations.

...Outside of The Plane....

" Let me go! " Isabella bawled, tears falling from her hooded face. The man, budging her towards the plane began to cry blood, but before it got serious, a fellow worker, Gregory touched her shoulder, forcing her to go unconscious.

" Thank you... " The man sighed, continuing on with Isabella.

Behind those two came others dragging Misty, Marissa, Diva, and Cami. Kurai could feel the movement of people as the others were boarded and placed in their seats. Once everyone was secure, the plane took off yet again. While in her unconscious state, Isabella began to reminisce over how she saved Cami and Diva...


" So which will it be, Cami, or Diva? " Arthur asked. Isabella froze, trying to decide, then she heard banging coming from the ground. She worried, it must be Diva. She must be running out of air! Two tears fell from Isabella's eyes, both colliding with the earth. The grass below became neon green for a quick instant.

" Agh! " Arthur fell to his knees in pain. The woman who arrived with Cami became hazy as he seemed to choke. Isabella noticed this and instantly realized what was real and what wasn't. She clutched the shovel fiercely and dug to Diva's grave. She opened it, and there was Diva, who held an amazed expression, followed by a large smile. She leaped out, hugging Isabella tight.

" Nicely done... " Arthur lifted himself, holding his neck, still slightly coughing. " Now then, since we've got the party riled up, let us get going. "
Arthur pulled out a gun and pointed it at Isabella.

[End of Flashback]

" Get in there, freak! "

Xion was tossed into a cell. He collided with the wall, just stopping himself, with his hands. As Xion turned to look at the man who threw him, the door was slammed closed.

" If you're so smart, then why do you keep gettin' your self caught!? " The man yelled from the outside, just barely heard from inside the cell. Xion only smirked.

" If only you people were smart enough to realize what I'm doing. " He spoke to himself, as he gazed upon the cement walls. Feeling on the walls, Xion pressed his ears on them, testing the thickness. It seems that the entrance door was the most hallow.

" Looks like they haven't changed much...what's this? " Xion lead his ear towards the door, where he could very faintly hear the hauling of new captured people. As he listened, the door opened. Xion stepped back, and smiled after realizing who was there.

" Well, well...once I heard they caught you again, I just had to see it... " Said the man who had captured Isabella.

" It's been a while Arthur, or for old times sake; The Illusion. "

" Nice, well, I've got some interesting people here for you, " He began, bringing Xion out of his cell and pointing to the group of people, lead by a UGPS guard. " Starting from the back; Cami Jackson, Code Name: Sorrow. She is able to absorb the feelings of others, then we have Diva Florester, Code Name: Soul Reader, able to read minds by looking deep into people's eyes. Next is Isabella Park, Code Name: Tears of The Heart, Current best friends with Diva, whom she resurrected from death, as well as Cami, who she killed herself. Her tears can bring the soul back to their bodies, or be very deadly depending on her sadness or anger. Hizara Atsureki, also known as Flammable, able to create fire using friction in the air, Kurai Hoshi, or The Cleanser. She disables people of their abilities. In front of her is Tukiyo Fushuu, who has visions of the past, and finally, we have Wangetsu Shuzurei, who manipulates the moon's gravity to control water. "

" Nice introduction...they're very interesting specimens...I'll take Wangetsu, Kurai, and Hizara... "

" Alright, I'll see what I can do.- "

" Arthur, is everything alright here? " One of the guards interrupted the conversation.

" Oh yes, I'm just trying to convince this guy to join the company. "

" I see...continue, then... " He finished as he walked away.

" Anyway; I'll get you out tonight, so be ready... "

....Later that night....

" What's taking Arthur so long? " Xion wondered as he sat in the corner of his cell. Then the door flew open, Arthur soaked in sweat and worry on his face. Xion rushed up and took hold of Arthur who looked exhausted.

" They-they found us out! They know about the inside organization....they started background checks, called people we knew, everything. They know about you Xion, they're after you now! "

" ...Damn it!- "

" His cell is this way! " A guard yelled far off in the building, echoing towards Xion and Arthur.

" Arthur, I can see you're tired from running, but one final favor...give all the other cells, my cell number. "

"...heh...nice....." Arthur closed his eyes and focused, all the cell numbers changed to 7764.

" Thank you, Arthur...good-bye. " Xion gave one last smile to Arthur and then ran for the exit of the building.

" ...last time we say good-bye... " Arthur looked to his side, where the guard, followed by 12 other officers, rushed over.

" This one! "

" Hey wait!...look... " One of the officers pointed to the group of other cells lined by each other.

" Which one? "

" I don't know, we'll just have to search through each... "

" Be careful of the people in the cells you open! "

"...heh...people, really? " Arthur smirked as he made sure to create the illusion of each and every cell being empty. " Well, least I got you those new rebellion last gift to you, I suppose. "
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Episode 11

Prepared For Destruction

Present Day----

Xion stood atop the roof of the rebellion base, starring into the musky midnight sky. He glanced over as many stars as he could see.

" Even though it's been years, you've had such a great impact on our goal, my friend...Arthur...I'll repay you one day. " He continued, watching the light radiate from the moon. The silence finally broke as his phone began to ring. He took it out from his pocket, flipping it open and placing it to his ear.

" Yes, hello? "

" It's Been Done... "

" ...I see...then let us begin what we planned...I'll meet you at the lake inside the park in 5 minutes. "
The phone was then hung up and returned to Xion's pocket. He let out a large sigh.

" This is where things begin to get interesting. "

----6 Minutes Later At The Lake

The park seemed very mysteriously dark this late at night, almost like one found in a dream, some-what hazy with stars glistening randomly. Xion walked through the shady trees, approaching Voralia Lake. A women stood at the center, looking up into the sky through the opening of the trees.

" You're a minute late...that's not like you at all. Don't tell me you've changed THAT much since I've been gone. "

" Perhaps I have...or maybe I'm just following plans... "

" I see... "

" finally completed that mission I gave you? "

" I have...and I must say, these new ginnie pigs are quite impressive, are you sure they wont ruin the plan? "

" Have you forgotten who I am? I know what I'm doing, trust me. "

Xion moved his foot out towards the water as if trying to walk on it. This caught the woman's attention, drawing her eyes to him.

" What do you think you're doing? "

" I said to trust me... " His foot finally reached the water, and in the slightest moment, the water froze beneath his shoe. They both shared a gaze.

" ...I wont trust you if something bad happens in the process. "

" But those things which you are so afraid of may not even occur.. "

" If there's too much risk, then it's worth it. "

" I guess you've never changed...Tracey. "

" Tell us everything you know about the UGPS! " Stacey roared at the man Jason had manipulated into aiding the rebellion. Standing next to Stacey stood Jason, Alia, Marissa, and Misty.

" All I know?...Well the top floor is only accessible to people of class 4. "

" 4? Seems pretty low of a level " Alia started.

" It may seem low, but it takes a lot of experience and knowledge to reach such a high level...I don't understand why. "

" So tell us, what's your rank? "

" I'm class 3. "

" That's quite impressive..and yet you allow yourself to be caught so easily? "

" ...Even the best can be captured...I guess the poison must have gotten stronger.. " He whispered.

" What was that, poison?! "

" shouldn't know about that- "

" Tell us! " Alia used her ability on the spot.

" It's....all screwed up...They made us stop our experiments... "

" Experiments on what? "

" Humans...We pondered the thought of the supernatural...We studied DNA and tried numerous times to manipulate it...One day, we had found the secret...a serum which granted humans extraordinary abilities, and to our fortune, our first successful experiment was a time traveler. We used him to go back and induce random humans with this 'poison'. We had planned to create an entirely new race of beings with abilities, but once we were found out by a higher branch of the government, we were instantly shut down...mostly for acting without authorization...but still...those who were poisoned...they had children..and so the poison spread through generations...All those folk stories told to you as children; Werewolves; witches; vampires; ...even Bigfoot was an earlier experiment of ours, when we attempted to create chimeras. "

" So...the created all of those...? "

" Yes... "

" That's...impossible... "

" It surely is possible, just as is your just amazes me how the poison decided to appear now of all times. "

" Come again? "

" Oh, it's just...over all those years...the number of people with abilities used to be so small...but now, so's something to be studied. "

" And this company...what exactly do they want? If they created us, why destroy us? "

" Because you're poisoned...human beings...tainted... "

" That doesn't give you the right to kill us! "

" ...Even if that's true, I swore that I'd rid the world of people like you all... "

Stacey walked away from the group and let her head fall.

" Keep him in the basement for now...we'll continue tomorrow... "

" Tell me, which ones will you be sacrificing? " Tracey asked as both her and Xion sat on a bench not too far from the lake.

" You of all people should know that my true goal doesn't include keeping any certain person alive... "

" So? You still have to pick some people...I'm just curious. "

" I guess...that's one question that I can't really answer... "

" It's difficult to kill...even for someone like you. "

" Heh, well, if I'm anything like BMS, I should be able to. "

" You still call people by their code names? "

" No...just those that impress me. "

" Well...I would think your brother would impress you...but then again, when it comes down to experiments...brothers...sisters...anyone can be related at this point. "

" True...hopefully we'll be able to understand that more later...Have you kept in touch with Lucas? "

" You call everyone that impresses you by their code name...but not the one that commands you? "

" ...Well have you? "

" Yeah, I spoke to him after I called you...He wants to make an appearance- "

" No...Not with 'Death' at the base... "

" Death, really? I'm suprised you've got him rapped in this too. The boss can handle him. "

" No, there's something about him I don't quite understand...which is impossible. "
Xion lifted himself and stood.

" Wow...I'll let him know...maybe you need an upgrade. "

" -Anyway; Tomorrow is when we'll begin. I'll send a team to the building. You know your job correct? "

" Yeah yeah, lead them to their death, I got it. Tomorrow, total destruction. "

....To Be Continued....
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Episode 11

Part 2

Things Happen For A Reason

Nikita Gallager sat on top of her cottage roof, clutching her knees to her chest while looking at the stars. Water began to form under her eyes before they filled up and dripped down her cheeks. Ayame appeared, walking to Nikita's side. She sat herself down and placed a hand on Nikita's shoulder.

" You ok? "

" ...Look at the stars... "

Ayame looked up into the sky and gazed at the stars. She smiled and turned back to Nikita.

" Yeah, they're beautiful, especially out here in the woods. "

" don't know if they're beautiful...that's just the light coming from them...they could be ugly planets for all we know, and isn't that all we want, just to know. We always want to know more and more about something. " Why are we here? " , " What's our purpose? " , " Is there a God? " ...Why can't we just enjoy the lives we have and not question such things? "

" ... "

" I mean...we worry so much about things we can't explain, why can't we just let things go? We always have to know the truth...always wanting more...but they have no idea... "

" No idea of what? "

" They don't know what comes with power and knowledge...We didn't ask for our abilities, but there are those who wish for them everyday...but they have no idea that you're throwing your entire life away. Think about it, compare your life without your abilities to now. "

" She's right...before I discovered my powers, before my master was murdered...before it all...I would live such a boring life; wake up, eat breakfast, walk to school, go to class, mess around, go home, and repeat...constantly... " Ayame reminisced her regular life, picturing all her friends and family. Honestly, she missed it all.

" And then...we have people who just desire these things...fools! "

" Wait! Sure, I miss my old life, but...everything happens for a reason...even if it may not seem like it's true at first. I saved you because of my powers! "

" That's a good thing?...I've asked to be killed so many times already... "

" ....Maybe...maybe you have a purpose, and you don't even realize it. " Ayame stood and walked away slowly. A brush of wind flew by and sent a strange sensation through Ayame. She looked back to Nikita and could see a white line of aura forming around her.

" What is that? "

" I can't believe that we've been in this thing for only an hour and we've already been sent on a mission...and then he makes it seem so important, what if we were tired from finding the damn rebellion. " Wangetsu angrily whispered to Kurai and Hizara as the group of three walked on the sidewalk. Xion had given them a mission to find a couple of members of the rebellion who had been captured.

" Hey, the goal is what's important, alright? So stop complaining and just do your mission! " Hizara snapped back.

" Hey, this is the place. " Kurai interrupted, pointing to their side. Hizara and Wangetsu had kept walking, for a couple of steps until they noticed Kurai had stopped. They all took a glance and only saw a typical home.

" .... "

" .... "

" ....So you're telling me...Three people with abilities are being held in this little house!? " Wangetsu began to walk away furious.

" Wangetsu! "

" Wangetsu, get back here! "

" This is bull, he totally just screwed us over with a false mission! He obviously doesn't want us in the rebellion! "

" Can I help you, " Came a voice from an elderly women who stood at the entrance to the house. Everyone turned to face her. " I heard something about a rebellion?...I think I can help you. "

" I see, he would be quite troublesome...I guess I'll just have to hold off then. Thank you Tracey, I'll be sure to contact you if I need your help, goodbye. " Lucas hung up and placed his phone on the desk in front of him. He sat in his office, leaning back in his chair to ponder his plans. Before he could begin to think, Gabriella walked in.

" Hi dad... "

" Hello Gaby, how are things going along? "

" Fairly well...the rebellion's been infiltrating the building quite often lately. "

" What, have they obtained any information they could use against us!? "

" It's very possible, I have someone trying to figure that out right now...but shouldn't we have better security than this? "

" We should...but because of some issues of the past, the government ordered us to be free to allow the public enter our building...All we can do is keep a close eye on who gets in. "

" That makes things difficult... "

" Indeed... "

" Well, I just needed to give you some paperwork, so I guess I'll see you later. " Gaby placed a stack of papers on Lucas' desk and began to walk away.

" Miss Jebbs... "

Gaby stopped and turned around.

" You only call me by my office name when there's something wrong. "

" ...It's funny how you mention security...I've seen some footage from our security cameras...It appears as though you like aiding our enemy. "

" Damn it...I knew I'd get caught, I just knew it! "

" If you aren't going to help the company, I think you should quit... "

" -But, I want to help the company! "

" No, you're only causing us trouble...I'm sorry, Gaby, but you're fired. "

" Dad... "

" I still love you...but I have to let you go. "

A tear fell from Gaby's eyes as she kept a straight face towards her father. They starred at each other for two minutes until Lucas turned around in his chair and Gaby sped out of the room. Lucas looked to the floor and frowned. His phone began to vibrate on the table. Lucas turned around and noticed a message from Xion.

....To Be Continued....
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Episode 12

Flip & Flopped

As rain pours down on the city, a dark cloud roars, as if those tears symbolized anger...Gabriella traveled alone through the streets, drenched in water. She finally reached an ally way and switched directions. The words her father said to her were the only things streaming through her mind, " I still love're've been aiding the enemy...if you're not going to're fired... " Gaby reached a door on the side of a building. There was a black ' X ' on it, and Gaby had a flashback to when she looked into the Marissa's existence. She matched the door to the one she saw in Marissa's memory and began to bang on the door. As the door opened, a very dark and dangerous looking man was revealed. With only one look into the man's eyes, Gaby was in both shock and fear.

"'re... "

" Vincent... " He held out his hand. " And you are? "

Gaby stared at his hand and flashbacks attacked her from all sides of her mind. Most of dead friends and coworkers. How he killed many of the people she knew at the UGPS building. She shivered as her eyes traveled up to meet his.

" ...Death. "

For a minute, the only noise came from the sound of water crashing onto the earth, until Stacey appeared from behind Vincent. She was surprised at Gaby's appearance.

" What are you doing here? "

" I join you... " She took another look at Vincent, and her emotions changed. " But I didn't know that the rebellion was made up of murderers! " Gaby turned and furiously walked away. Stacey moved passed Vincent and ran after Gaby, pulling on her shoulder.

" Join us, really? "

" boss fired me...he found out I had been helping you guys and said if I wont help, then I should go. " It was difficult to notice, but Gaby was crying. Stacey took her around her arms and walked her into the base. By this time Vincent had left.

" So, you all are members of the rebellion I take it? " The elderly woman asked the group of three. Everyone sat at an old, beat up, wooden table.

" That's right, we were actually sent on a mission here. " Kurai was the first to reply.

" I see, and what exactly is that mission? "

" Supposedly, there are 4 members of the rebellion being held this house... " Hizara spoke, not fully trusting this women.

" Oh my, well I can assure you, this is a typical home, no prisoners. "

" Mind if we take a look around anyway? " Wangetsu interrupted, getting the same vibe as Hizara did.

" Oh, why of course not, go right ahead. "

The three got out of their seats and huddled.

" Think we can trust her? "

" Definitely not. "

" Are you guys sure, she's letting us search around her home. "

" Yeah, but how does she know about the rebellion? "

" Maybe she has an ability...or maybe she's one of the trapped members and is being forced to say these things! Xion never told us how old the members were. " They all turned to look at the elder who sat there, smiling at them.

" ...Kurai...use you're ability, I think I know why she's so easy going with letting us search around...she knows we wont be able to find anything. "

" Um, alright, I guess... " Kurai looked at the woman and as they both blinked, Kurai used her power and disabled any ability the woman possessed. Nothing changed. The woman, the house, everything was the same. Hizara's idea failed. Wangetsu was furious at the elderly woman's deception, as it was so obvious to him and Hizara. He stomped towards her and held a fist to her.

" Listen you old bag, we know you're lying to us! So, how exactly do you even know about the rebellion huh? Wouldn't you need to be some type of government agent, or someone with powers? so which is it, huh!? "

A smile still sat upon the woman's face. She lifted herself and walked passed the group, to a book shelf, where she clicked a button beneath the fifth shelf. The floor shook as a it separated. Hizara and Kurai were forced to the left, near the elder, while Wangetsu stood towards the right. They looked down and saw cages, but no sign of life.

" We escaped some time ago...I staid because...I honestly had no other place to go...-! " She grasped her neck suddenly. Water began to fill insider her throat. Wangetsu held his arm towards her, using his ability.

" I'm sick of your lies! "

" Wangetsu, stop it! " Kurai ordered.

" No!...She's obviously lying to us...there's no way she's one of the people we came here to save...If so, then where did the others go!? "

" ...I...I don't know, " She was barely able to speak through the water. " don't do this... " Kurai looked to Wangetsu furiously and roared, " Enough! " His abilities were disabled and the woman swallowed what water was filled in her throat, instantly beginning to hack. Hizara and Kurai rushed over to her. As they lifted her up, a tear fell from her eyes, hitting the floor and sending a shocking pain through Wangetsu, forcing him to fall to the ground.

" Wangetsu! " Kurai hurried around the opening of the floor to Wangetsu.

" He'll be ok...just give him a minute. " The woman assured. Hizara looked to her and felt amazed.

" ...Tears of the heart...Isabelle Park...Xion told me about you right before we left...the one that we should be careful about with her emotions...but why are you so old? "

" ...About 3 years ago, Xion sent us a 'gift'...a young man who could travel through time. It was my mission to go back and kill certain people of the UGPS. We worked together and did our job...but we were captured in that time frame and were stuck in the government's hands for about 2 years. When I escaped after him, I realized that he had already traveled back to the present, leaving me in the past. Tukiyo, one of the people you three were sent here to obtain, was able to see into the past. She knew about all of it, so she, Cami, and Diva tried everything in their power to escape and inform Xion, but were unable to. It wasn't until a week had past for Xion to realize what had occurred. The time traveler ditched us all and cut off all contact with the time I found this place, the three others were gone without a trace, and no agents here either. "

" ...How did you even live? "

" Normally...It finally came to me, that I was truly given the gift of being able to live a normal life. "

" I...I'm sorry. " Wangetsu apologized.

" It's alright...Anyway, I'm ready to meet Xion again. Shall we go? " Everyone stepped up off the ground and walked towards the door, leaving the floor open.

" Although... "

" Hm, what is it? "

" He left us a message. "

" Xion? "

" Yes...the time traveler said that Xion wanted him to tell us...'The magic number is 3' "

Wangetsu reached for the door knob, twisted, and pushed. The world flipped before their eyes. What was once midnight had turned to midday. A newspaper flew dead smack into Wangetsu's face, but amazingly, he still caught it. Forgetting about his anger, he looked at the paper. Before he scanned it all, Kurai pointed out the date.

" Look!...April 10th...2006!? "

" But that's when... " Isabelle looked around and remembered everything. The lighting, the cars that passed by, even the people's faces. A van drove in from around the corner, and Isabelle quickly moved the other 3 with her arm into the bushes next to the house. They hid there for a moment until the van parked into the drive way.

" What are we doing? " Hizara whispered.

"'ll see. " Isabelle waited, and then she saw it. The agents that captured her and the others. Pedestrians watched in wonder as the 4 women were being leaded into the home by 2 men.

" Damn, anyone would get the wrong impression by that. " Wangetsu joked. Kurai knocked him over the head and told him to 'shh'. They hid for 2 minutes until the others had entered the house . Isabelle turned to face Wangetsu, Hizara, and Kurai.

" Okay...I'm not sure how, but we're in the past, the same day I was captured along with the others. Your mission is to save us right? Then I'll tell you about the agents in there. The one with sleek black hair is Haze...he fuzzes up your vision by manipulating the particles around them. The other guy has a gun in his left pocket so be on the look out...good luck. "

" Wait... " Hizara stopped everyone from moving. " By doing this, you're throwing you're life away... " Isabelle smiled and looked down.

" I understand that...but I'll be helping to give so many others that chance. Besides, I was able to enjoy it, even if I'll forget in a few minutes. "

" Hold up...what do we do after we get rid of the agents? "

" Take us to Xion, he'll know what to do. It was nice meeting you all, give my regards to Xion. "

" We'll do that...good bye Isabelle. "

Hizara lead the team to the door with their hearts ablaze, ready to fight. Isabelle sat in the bush. A tear strolled down her cheeks. Instantly, the Isabelle which was being held inside the home felt something inside of her, a strange sense of sorrow...and yet, the sense of joy. The door flew open, revealing Hizara, Kurai, and Wangetsu, all prepared for battle.

....To Be Continued....
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"...And who might you three be? " Haze questioned. Hizara, Kurai, and Wangetsu stood inside the house with the door opened, all lined up next to each other.

" We're here for the people you captured! " Hizara roared.

" Ha! You really think you can past me to save these...people? "

" Three against two seems like the kind of odds we're lookin' for. " Wangetsu began with a confident smirk on his face.

" Enough of this talking...Haze, - "

" I got it. " Haze interrupted his partner, beginning to use his ability. As he did so, his eyes became overwhelmed in a gray misty color.

" I don't think so! " Kurai yelled, trying to use her powers to intercept Haze. However, Kurai's vision began to fog up and she was unable to disable Haze's ability. She rubbed her eyes with her hands as she gave a small groan to her frustration.

" Son of a *****! " Wangetsu lifted his hands and started to liquefy the particles around Haze's eyes. Hizara swiftly moved around their battle and ran towards the other agent. She created a ball of fire and threw it at his pocket, guessing that that is where one of his guns would be.

" Damn it! " The agent patted his pants, but in his loss of concentration, Hizara appeared behind him, placing a hand on his head and set a blaze. Kurai had regained her vision, thanks to Wangetsu, who had drowned Haze by forming water in his throat. Kurai rushed to the book shelf and pressed the button, opening the floor beneath them all. As the floor opened, the hidden cells downstairs were revealed. Inside were the 4 women they were sent to rescue. Cami, Diva, Tukiyo, and none other than a much younger Isabelle.

----Present Day

" I'm sorry, but...I'm going to have to say no to your offer to join in this rebellion. " Xion stated to Gabriella.

" What...but why!? "

" Unfortunately, there's no role for you to play in this any longer. "

" Excuse me, and what do you mean any longer? "

" You were helpful when you were a part of the organization, but now you can't really add to our goal. "

" Really...and what exactly is your goal? "

" To stop the UGPS from killing people like us and to create a form of unity. "

" ...heh... "

" Hm, is something amusing? "

" It's're Xion...I've read your file on the organization's computer. You're supposed to be the closest thing to 'all knowing' answer me this...why do you call us people? "

" Isn't that what we are? "

" ...I suppose...well, I guess it can't be helped. I'll be on my way then, hopefully I can start a new...thanks for your time, " She held out her hand to Xion, who starred at it for a moment. " What's the matter, surely you know how to be courteous. "

" Yes...of course. " Xion took hold of her hand. Instantly, Gaby was splashed with a wave of Xion's past, memories, and recent happenings. She let go of his hand and left the room. As she exited, she met back up with Stacey. She took her by the shoulders and then rushed her down the halls.

" Stacey, you have to come with me! "

" Gaby, what's wrong, did Xion accept you? "

" No, and I'm glad...this rebellion, it's all phony. Xion's working with my father! "

" ...! " Stacey held a strong shocked expression, eyes bulging out. She stopped the two of them from moving any further.

" Come on, we have to leave! "

" just can't be true...I've known Xion for so just can't- "

" It is, you know my ability, I used it on him, I know about everything! "

" ...Well what are we supposed to do? "

" ...We have to stop them both...- "

" But how? "

" ...We'll form our own rebellion. "

" Oh come on Gaby we can't just start our own rebellion, and how are we even supposed to beat your father and Xion. They're both so powerful. "

" Not necessarily...Now that I used my powers on Xion...I basically know everything he does. First things first though, dad is the base of the operation, so if we take the organization out first, then we can handle the rebellion. "

" Ok...but how do we do that, we're not really the type of people who can take on a bunch of people at once... "

" Ah, there you two are...I was hoping I didn't scare you off. " Vincent appeared from a corner and entered the conversation. Stacey and Gaby looked at him with the same thought in mind.

" Hello? " Tracey spoke into her phone as she walked the streets of the city.

" We have a bit of a problem. " Xion began on the other line.

" A first for you huh? "

" ...Gabriella...the boss' daughter...she's forming a group to take us all down. "

" ...That is a problem...if we have a real rebellion being formed, this will be difficult...I'll fill Lucas in on it. "

" Already done...the only thing that bothers me is...she knows everything I know...and for some reason, I can't predict her next moves anymore... "

" ...You let her use her powers on you!? "

" I had to, it would have risen suspicion if I hadn't. "

" Well...maybe it's because you're two minds are clashing with one another using the same level of information. "

" I'll have to look into it. Well, I'll be sending in our bait soon. What do plan on doing? "

" I'm going to pay a visit to one of my friends who I think can help solve you're problem...I'll call you later. " She hung up and walked down an ally way. She stopped once she heard shuffling on the walls.

" It's good to see you again. I have a favor to ask. "

" And that would be? " Came a voice as a figure revealed itself from the shadows.

" Hi friends and I are having an issue with a certain person you know...think you could take care of them? "

" No problem, just give me a name. "

" Gabriella Jebbs. "
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How The Tide Turns

-3 Years ago

" So you're telling me that you were sent back in time to save us? " Isabelle began. The four women were just informed of the entire situation, all were astonished.

" exactly, but we have no clue as to how to get back. " Kurai replied.

" Well, if your Xion is anything like ours, he had to have known you'd be sent back in time. Perhaps he'll know what to do. "

" Sounds like a plan, so, where is the rebellion's base? "

" In the city, down one of the ally ways. "

" Hah, he never changed it's location...anyway, let's get going."

-Present day

" Alright this is it...we're taking down this organization once and for all... " Jason spoke strongly to the team of four, which consisted of Nikita, Ayame, and Alia.

" So, everyone's got the plan down...Jason and Alia deal with the agents, then me and Nikita will take down the boss guy. "

" Got it, now lets do it... " Jason and Alia began their way into the building. Ayame and Nikita waited a minute or two until following.

" Your go... " Jason whispered to Alia, who nodded and began to use her powers. She heard the thoughts of everyone in the building but kept her focus.

" Look at the boy at the front of the building...focus on him, pay attention to him, look into his eyes and don't look away for a moment. " Everyone in the building looked at Jason and focused, fallowing Alia's order. Jason smirked and then began his part.

" You all have taken part in something completely wrong, you've killed many, and feel regret...but you can be forgiven...just leave, go home to your families or friends and find peace. Leave behind this lust for killing and live your lives right! " The agents all took in his words and left the building without a word. Nikita and Ayame just beat the wave of people before they got to the door.

" Nicely done, " Ayame congratulated. " now it's our turn. "

" Even with a skilled thing like the 'Night Assassin', it's no use, Gabriella will be able to see her coming. " Xion spoke into the phone with Tracey on the other end.

" Well, in that're the only one who can take her on...seeing how you both have an interference with predicting each other. "

" ...You're right...but...I was built to know everything, but some of the knowledge I hold can't be done by someone like me, but she is able to... "

" What are you talking about, I'm not fallowing..."

" I have knowledge of the human potential...but I am unable to act it out. I was made that way...but Gabriella can use that potential. "

" What can human potential...well do? "

" Fly on its own for one thing...unbelievable strength, enhanced hearing, sight...I think you understand...any normal person cannot perform these things...but with the down the wall separating people from doing such to speak. However, knowing you can do it isn't enough, there's a trick...and Gaby knows it now, " The phone vibrated and Xion checked to see that Jason was calling. " Hold on a second, our bait is calling to check up. "

" It's alright, I'll call back later. See ya. "

" Good-bye...Hello? "

" Hey Xion, it's Jason, just letting you know we got all of the agents out of the building and that Ayame and Nikita are heading up to fight the boss...I think we're going to win! "

" Very nice work, but don't get overconfident, he's not a pushover, you should aid them. "

" You're right, I'll call back later to let you know how things went. " Jason hung up.

" ...This is getting out of hand... " Xion sighed as he left his room. After he walked down the hall, Gaby crouched around and slipped into his room, rushing over to his computer. She logged on and went through his data.

" ...No way! " She gasped, shocked at the information she had just witnessed. She turned off the computer and ran off.

-3 Years ago

Isabelle knocked twice on the rebellion base door. A peep hole slid open and two eyes could be seen.

" Password! "

" ...Poison us. "

" You may enter. " The voice faded as the door slowly opened, revealing Xion.

" Who might these people be? "

" Kurai, Wangetsu, and Hizara sir... " Hizara spoke.

" Don't be so formal, Hizara. " Wangetsu jerked.

" ...I...don't know you...why? "

" Xion, they came from the future to save us...that time traveler you sent, or...are planning to send, took Isabelle back in time to take on the UGPS, but they got captured and Isabelle was trapped...the traveler abandoned her. So the future you had these three go to that house where we were being held at and they met the old Isabelle. Then they went back in time just out of no where and saved us. "

" ...Well then...I understand entirely now...the time traveler didn't abandon you all though, he died...You see, he's only able to use his powers up to a certain amount, and he can only go back once more, then he will be stuck in his own time gap... "

" Time gap? "

" Yes...his ability is to form a gap in space which is completely still, then he reverses that gap to another time. That gap then acts as a door way through time. "

" That explains it...when we went in the house, we entered the gap, but when we left, we entered the we should be able to get back if we just go back in the house! " Wangetsu said cheerfully.

" Not that easy... " Kurai interrupted

" Right, you reentered and left the house already...and you're not in the future....which is because he was only able to keep that gap open for one more use, but since that gap was made from a time later than now, we can have him create a gap for a trip to the future. Fallow me. " Xion began to lead everyone into a room holding a single boy with white hair that fell below his eyes. He only wore pants and was sitting in the corner.

" TT0, it's time... " Xion stated. The boy lifted himself and stood still.

" We need you to create a gap "

" Oh, uh, April 9th 2009, please. " Hizara finished. "

" As she said...that is all. " Xion left the room.

A light shined from the boys eyes for a split second. The room and even the air seemed to liquify slightly and then stilled.

" It's done. " the boy said softly. Everyone seemed quite freaked out by this boy, but left the room slowly. Wangetsu reached for the door knob but the area began to alter slightly, before they knew it, the boy was gone and the door opened by itself, but Xion revealed himself to be on the other side.

" Ah, you're finally back. "
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The Essence of Truth

Vincent and Stacey sat at a table inside a coffee shop, waiting for Gaby to arrive. Gabriella had sent them messages telling them to meet her there for a briefing, but she was taking longer than expected. Stacey and Vincent met each others eyes as they scanned the room.

"...She's not very punctual is she? " Vincent began. Stacey rested her chin on the back of her hands as her elbows held them in place. She glared slightly at Vincent.

" You know...regardless of your recent aid to Xion's..."rebellion", you aren't really the typical good guy. I know about your past, Death. "

" Well, just as the good can change to bad, I have turned over a new leaf as well. "

" Are you sure about that, I mean, if the company is gone, no one would stand in your way, except your own kind, but they wouldn't dare mess with you because you're so powerful...right? "

" Hm...I never thought about that... " They both starred into each others eyes, coldly. There was a large silence until Gaby came rushing in. She found the table and took a seat, breathing heavily.

" Sorry I'm late, but you wont believe what I found on Xion's computer! "

" Really, what did you find? " Stacey asked, altering her mood swiftly.

" Everything we'll need to take down the company! "

" Really!? " Vincent became interested, intimidating Stacey with his tone.

" Mhm, see, what I found, was the secret to our abilities. "

" There's a secret, I thought we were just born with them? "

" No...I'd say around the late 90's, the UGPS experimented on DNA and how to alter certain things about humans. When they finally succeeded, they tested on people, and sent them back in time so that they could create an entire race...however, other government branches discovered this and ordered them to stop, but they were too late. People had already begun to spread their genes. Then, - "

" Gaby...we figured this out a while ago when we abducted one of your father's agents. "

" What? "

" Yeah, sorry... "

" So you know about the war then? "

"...What? "

" The reason why they're abducting us...why they recruit the ones that swear their loyalty to the's all to prepare for a war. "

" Explain... "

" Ok...from what was on Xion's computer, father was outraged with his operation being shut, once people with abilities began to start popping up, he took this to his advantage and started a new goal. He's planning to recruit an army of super humans in order to rule the entire globe. Then, after that's complete, he plans on handing out the 'poison' to regular people so that his dream of a new race of humans can be real. "

" Interesting...- " Vincent pondered at this dream.

" Wait, so what's Xion's role in all of this!? " Stacey was in shock at this information.

" Xion was an experiment of my father's, he was made specially for the purpose of bringing people with abilities together. His mission is to defeat the company and take father's position. With Xion's intense amount of knowledge, he can win any war against others with his logic. While he moves the pieces into place, dad will lay low until the dirty work has been complete. Xion will hand over the position to dad, and his dream will be realized. "

" We can't let this happen! So what are we going to're our Xion... "

" ...Well, " There was a long silence as Gaby began to plan out a strategy in her mind. " we're gunna need help...we're heading for Japan. "

" This is it, I can feel a large amount of energy emitting from that room! " Ayame yelled as both her and Nikita ran down one of the hall ways of the building. They reached the top floor and have now found Lucas' room. They stopped in front of the door and took in every last breath they could. Alia and Jason soon arrived behind them.

" Everything alright downstairs? "

" Of course, not a person in sight. " Alia replied.

" You all ready, this wont be easy... " Jason warned, clutching his fists tight.

" Jason, I think you should leave... " Nikita spoke suddenly, facing the door still.

" What, why? "

" ...There's nothing left for you to help with here. "

" That's ridiculous, I'm the one who's supposed to change his mind! "

" But Alia can do that...and more. "

" So this is about my ability, huh? "

Ayame turned her head to face Nikita and noticed that strange aura again, but it was growing brighter and brighter.

" You're too tense as it is anyway, you'll only be a burden now. "

" I've had it with you, first you didn't even want to help, now you're ordering me like you now what's best!? " Alia sat her hand on Jason's shoulder.

" Guys, this is not the time. Jason's going to help, the more people the better, ok Nikita? "

" ...Fools... "

Ayame lifted her hand to place it on Nikita's shoulder, but within an instant, the door flew off of it's hinges, hitting Nikita. Jason and Alia had both leaped to the side, dodging the door which flew all the way down the hall, forcing Nikita into a wall. Everyone was stunned as they starred down the hallway. Ayame quickly turned her head to look into the room, noticing Lucas sitting in his chair, casually. Jason and Alia kept their focus on Nikita's safety, but blood slowly appeared from behind the door. Alia moved forward but Jason held her back, signaling her to stay and fight while he helps Nikita. Alia appeared next to Ayame soon enough, and they both glared at Lucas.

" Hmph, nice to meet you, may I help you? "

", Stacey and that Vincent guy just left? " Hizara questioned Xion. The lot of them were back inside Xion's freezing, cold room.

" Indeed, and I believe Gabriella Jebbs is leading them away for some reason. "

" Not to sound impolite, but...why exactly did you have us rescued? " Diva asked.

" Oh, that's's become clear to me that Lucas has devised a new plan. He's using his daughter, Gabriella, to fool people with abilities into believing that she is forming a rebellion, and that this one is phony. "

" That rotten-! " Wangetsu started.

" I know...which is why I called for your help...Diva, Cami, Tukiyo, Isabelle...Currently, I have a team battling Lucas as we speak. They will lose- "

" What!? "

" Wait...They will lose, and they will be taken hostage, I've planned for all of this. He'll want to exchange them for me. I'll deny, and Lucas will begin to kill them. Isabelle and Cami, use your combination to keep them alive. Wangetsu, Hizara, and Kurai, you three will defeat Lucas easily, Diva and Tukiyo, you two will transfer all of the companies data over to my computer...understand? " It was silent for a moment, but everything slowly shook their heads in agreement, and then left the room.

" Nice cover-up! " Tracey revealed herself from a dark corner of the room.

" It was a close one though... "

" So...what was your first intentions for those four that were rescued? "

" ... "

" I mean, that Diva and Tukiyo can both discover your secret...why risk such a thing? "

" The first time I met them was in a holding cell...they reminded me of Arthur. "

" Ah...well, Arthurs dead and there's nothing you can do to change that. Might as well let him go, " Tracey was walking towards the door. " and another thing, turn up the heat in here, I could deep freeze this place with the snap of a finger! "

Xion sat in his computer chair, starring at the desk. He rubbed his forehead and leaned back, changing his focal area to the ceiling. All of the sudden, he remembered something. He quickly leaned forward and began typing and clicking. Within a minute, the screen was filled with a young girl's information.

" Violet Shrill...code name...Essence...This is the one. "
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Meetings & Greetings

" there anything I can help you ladies with? " Lucas spoke to Ayame and Alia as if they were customers to a store. This only provoked anger in both girls. Far down the hallway, Jason had reached Nikita, covered by a door, which he quickly heaved to the side. Jason lifted Nikita so she sat up right, but her head continued to lean back.

" ...Nikita... " He tried to wake her, but she must have gone unconscious. She was losing blood fast, but she was covered so much in it that it was nearly impossible to find the source. It didn't show, but Jason was panicking inside as he held Nikita.

" This is your last day on Earth! " Ayame roared. She clutched her fist and began to concentrate, but this time, she was focusing all of her anger into her hand. Alia stepped forward and leaned her head forward, some-what, in Lucas' direction.

( So you can read my thoughts...what good do you believe that will serve you? ) Alia heard in her mind as she used her ability. Soon after she ceased her mind reading, she was flung back into a wall. This seemed to be telekinesis, if anything. Ayame was astonished for a second, but took the opening she had while Lucas was focusing on Alia. Ayame ran towards Lucas, aiming and then throwing her fist towards his head. However, she was stopped dead in the middle of her attack, just about 3 feet from Lucas, but suddenly, a blast of aura blasted Lucas back into the glass window. Amazingly, it did not break, but he left a large crack as he fell to the ground.

" Whoa, nice, Ayame. "

" Thanks...although I didn't really expect that to happen. "

" Good thing it did, then...uh-oh, look out! " Alia warned as Lucas began to rise from behind his desk.

" Interesting move...I didn't expect that. I'll have to research that ability of yours... " The desk spun towards Alia and Ayame. Alia flew to the ground while Ayame simply punched it in half. Lucas, however, had vanished.

" Where did he go!? " Ayame ordered a response in fear.

" I-I don't know...he was just there...hold on, " Alia closed her eyes and concentrated. She started to hear words in her head. ( Those fools, they can't stop me...I'll play with them though...let's see how those two react when they find their two comrades both dead. ) " Jason! " Alia swung around and rushed out of the room with Ayame fallowing. As they ran down the hall, they could see Jason holding Nikita in the distance, but all of the sudden, the hallway became foggy until visibility reached zero.

" Ayame!? " Alia yelled, looking around, reaching out to find a wall which just seemed to be nonexistent.

" Alia...Jason, where are you!? " Ayame screeched, also looking for a wall or person.

" ...What is that fog? " Jason sat next to Nikita, untouched by the fog which covered the rest of the hall.

" Jason of the lucky firsts to be tested on with our antidote. " Lucas appeared standing next to Jason, hovering over him. Jason flinched, and looked up to meet his gaze.

" You...tested on me? "

" Indeed, and it wouldn't have any powers if it weren't for that Stacey getting in the way. "

" Stacey?...She saved me! "

" Ah yes, the time when all you needed was one final dose of the antidote...she stepped in and ruined it all. "

" Why me? "

" ...Why not you? "

" I mean...of all people to test on, why'd it have to be me? "

" I thought you're the only one who can stop me. "

" ...But with what...changing your mind? Big deal, you could change later on and be the same as now. "

" If that's what you'd like to believe."

" ...What's that supposed to mean? "

" Perhaps you'll find out some day...unfortunately, I am going to prevent that day, " Jason was brought to his feet and then into the air with Lucas' telekinesis. Their eyes tracked each other until Jason reached above Lucas' level. " don't worry though...I wont kill you...yet. " Lucas rose a hand in the fog's direction, forcing it to compact around Alia and Ayame. The air was quickly being pushed on them. You could hear their moans and groans. Jason looked at the fog in fear, and soon regained his calmness. His eyes strode down to Nikita's motionless body. Jason closed his eyes shut for a moment, scrunching his face slightly. A tear squeezed through his eyelids and ran down his face.

" Partir... " Nikita's voice whispered mystically through Jason's ears. He opened his eyes in a flash and Lucas had vanished along with the fog. Jason quickly fell to the floor, but brought himself up just as quick to see Nikita looking into his eyes.

" You're...alive. "

" Thanks to you...let's revive Alia and Ayame, they're unconscious, " Nikita walked up the hallway towards two bodies on the floor. Jason fallowed with his eyes. " vertu curative...Jason...they're going to need to be carried a little. "

" Oh, gotcha... " Jason rushed over and took hold of Alia as Nikita took care of Ayame, who both slowly regained consciousness.

" ...Is he dead? " Ayame whispered.

" No...I transported him somewhere least we're leaving hear with our lives. "

( What did he mean? He made it sound like...I don't know... )

" Jason... "

" ...Yeah? "

" We need to talk, but not here. "

" Alright, let's get home first. "

" So why exactly, may I ask, are we here in Tokyo, Japan? " Vincent asked Gaby as the group of three roamed the streets of Tokyo. Gabriella pulled out a sheet of paper from her pocket and unfolded it.

" There was a list on Xion's computer. Something about a dojo full of kids with abilities. The master was killed a few months ago, and out of the 24 children that supposedly attended, they only found 20. "

" -And the other 4? " Stacey interrupted.

" Weren't home, stopped going to school, never they just disappeared. "

" So you think those 4- "

" They were either abducted, or went in hiding. "

" So how do intend on finding them? "

" You obviously don't understand by abilities. "

" Even so, are you really going to just walk up to everyone in Japan and touch them? "

" ...I'm not stupid, I have their pictures right on this paper! Just look out for teens that look like these. " Gaby showed Vincent and Stacey the paper with pictures. There were 2 boys and 2 girls.

" Hey, I've seen this one! " Stacey yelled, pointing the bottom picture.

" Really, where!? "

" ...She's in the rebellion! "

" ...Are you serious? "

" Yeah...Ayame I believe. "

" Well that doesn't help, " Gaby shoved the paper back in her pocket and looked around. " wait...where did Vincent go? " The two of them searched through all of the Asian people, looking for the one American.

Down one of the ally ways, Vincent was walking, scaling the area with his eyes. He heard a ruffling noise from behind a trashcan and walked towards it.

" Nathan Florence,... " Vincent spoke in the silence. Again, a ruffling noise occurred. " don't be afraid, I'm hear to help you...better friends and I need your help. " All in one instant, the ruffling happened, but fallowed up with the appearance of a boy standing in front of Vincent in one second.

" You...need me? "

" ...You...can teleport? "

"' it, but...I don't know. When I want to go somewhere, I just move and then I arrive I fast forward my motion. "

" That's unique... "

" How did you know my name? "

" It's complicated...I'll let my friend explain it,... " Vincent looked up the ally and waited for a crowd of people to create an opening to Gaby and Stacey's location. " them, over there...we're looking for you and 2 friends of yours. " Nathan put his hand out for Vincent to grab. Vincent glanced at it and instead of his hand, he put his wrist on Nathan's palm. The boy didn't even lift his knee up more than an inch before the two of them disappeared and reappeared next to Stacey and Gaby.

" Vincent, what the hell!? " Gaby screamed out of fear.

" Hey, isn't that- ? "

" Nathan Florence, yes. "

" But, how did you find him? "

" One thing the government doesn't know about my abilities...if I'm given enough information about a person that can separate them from others as a unique individual, I become aware of their current location on the planet. It's why I find the code name of Death quite suiting... "

" That's...amazing...and saves us a hell lot of time, why didn't you mention this earlier!? "

" Well I would assume miss all knowing would know something like this... "

" Excuse me, but can someone please explain to me what is going on? " Nathan interrupted, completely confused.

" Oh, we're sorry, hey, you know any good pizza place around where we can all talk? " Stacey said calmly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Xion approached a graveyard and slowly walked in. As he walked along the walking area, rain began to fall. He finally reached the tombstone in which he was searching for. Xion stood before it and read the words which read, " R.I.P. Violet Shrill. May The Essence Of Your Love Live On In All Of Us. " Xion got down on his knees and clasped his hands together in the stone's direction, closing his eyes. As he prayed, Xion whispered, " Please return. " Then, shockingly, Xion felt a hand on his shoulder, fallowed by a voice which was very familiar to Xion.

" I never left. " Xion turned around and looked around in amazement. All he saw was the rain which continued to pour.

" ...Could it be...the illusionist....he's...alive. " Xion took out his phone, ignoring the fact that it would get wet. A minute later, it rang and he opened it, prepared.

" Is everything alright? "

" Yeah, it's just Wangetsu. Jason wanted me to tell you that his team fought Lucas, but weren't able to kill him. "

" I see..tell them I said they did well. "

" I will...just one thing though while I got your attention. "

" Sure, what is it? "

" ...You haven't lived up to your legend of being the big smart guy lately... "

" ...Pardon? "

" I mean, no disrespect, but you were wrong about the Lucas guy...and apparently, you didn't intend for some of your members to betray the rebellion...what's up? "

" ...It's complicated...just be assured that I plan on turning things around when I return. Now that everyone's gathered, we can have a conference. "

" Alright, I gotcha...See ya when you get back, later. "

" See you soon, " Xion hung up and took a final look around the graveyard. Suddenly, the rain changed. It didn't vanished. Just instantly, all of the drops that were in the sky didn't even reach the earth, but vanished in midair. " see you soon too... "
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A Burning Rash

" So what about the last 2 kids...Amaya and Takao. Wanna find them for us, Vincent? " Gaby lifted her sheet of paper and pressed it into Vincent's chest as the four of them walked down the side walk. They were around the central area of the city at this point and night had began to overwhelm the light.

" I could give it a shot I suppose, " He took the paper and looked at Amaya Hitsuka's profile. He read her age, height, and ability. He tried picturing her in his mind, and started to hear police sirens. " Sirens...she's running from them. "

" Where? "

" Hey, over there! " Nathan alerted the others to a turning lain in the distance where about 4 police cars came speeding along the road. Everyone looked around but saw no evidence to what they were chasing, until Vincent pointed towards the side of the buildings and said, " Up! "
A girl could be seen running along the buildings with intense speed, jumping from building to building. Shots were soon heard coming from the officers inside their vehicles. However, as she jumped back into the air, the girl swiftly removed two pistols from their holders. Time seemed to slow down for her as she analyzed her targets. Within an instant, she fired, shooting 4 bullets, hitting one tire of each car, forcing them to all stop.

" Interesting, " Vincent began, reading Amaya's ability description. " Amaya is able to see exact distances, forces, and speeds of an object...also being able to use this in order to accomplish particular maneuvers. Hence, running along walls by finding out the speed she needs to meet to run along the side without falling. It's not even limited to those 3 either, she can combine nearly all units to achieve different things. Very interesting. "

" That's complicated... "

" I learned something about units in science once...I think force equals momentum times acceleration... "

" Nathan, please, we don't need to repeat high're we gunna get her? "

" I'll try to get her... " Nathan moved forward to run and disappeared before the others, reappearing in the air, heading towards Amaya. She looked behind her and noticed him.

" What the-...looks like they found some people for me to worry matter. " Amaya waited for Nathan to close in just a bit, and then she spun her body in a circle, kicking Nathan in the face. He then flew down to the road. Just as Amaya reached the building she was directing herself to, she realized a gorilla coming her way with fierce speed. Amaya leaped out of dodge and continued. The gorilla hit the building and grabbed on with it's massive hands, soon transforming back into Stacey, who bit her lip and cursed, " ****... "

Nathan, brought himself to his knees in the middle of the road, but the loud honking of an in coming car got him to jump diagonally to the side. He unintentionally hit a building. All everyone heard after that was the yelling of a Sargent commanding his officers, " Now! " A barrage of shots quaked through the city. In the direction Amaya was rushing towards, a giant net appeared from the smoke emitting from the location of the hidden police.

Stacey had transformed into an eagle and was flying quickly to Amaya. Nathan could see this from afar and took part by speeding in their direction. Gaby and Vincent were both fallowing the chase scene, unable to do anything to aid in Amaya's capture. This girl, looked to her pursuers and then to the net blocking her escape. A wind began to pick up which gave birth to a smile on Amaya's face. She replaced her pistols and took out a single sai. Amaya pulled her arm back and then flung the sai towards the net. Next, as the net was ripped, Amaya analyzed the way it was falling and then redirected her angel of gliding. She then took out her pistols again, turned to face Nathan and Stacey, waiting and aiming. As she slipped through the hole her sai created, she remembered who the boy was.

"...Nathan!? " She screamed as she back flipped onto the ground oh so elegantly.

" Take the shot! " An officer roared. A bunch of lines appeared in the night, wrapping Amaya up quickly. She fell to the ground and looked up towards Nathan and Stacey. Once of the officers approached her.

" We finally caught you...Genocide. "

" For now, I'll escape again. You people can't hold us up forever! " She spat at the mans foot.

" Enough of this. " Came a random voice, fallowed by an eruption of the earth. Everything began to shake.

" What is this!? "

" Takao... " She whispered beneath her breath. A man soon came from around a corner. He stood there, covered in darkness.

" It's probably another one, shoot him! "

As officers began fire, Takao lifted a hand and all of the bullets seemed to freeze and fall to the ground before coming anywhere near contact with him. Gaby and Vincent were hiding around an ally corner and looked at their paper again.

" to manipulate vibrations caused by movement...this is the other guy, " Gabriella whispered to Vincent. " okay, from here on, fallow my lead... " She ordered, bring him from around the corner and confronting the leading Sargent. She pulled out a badge confirming her as a UGPS coworker and began, " Excuse me sir, I believe this is a situation for the pros. "

" Excuse me, but who are you, can't you see we're busy here! "

" Pardon me sir, but allow me and my man power to capture these...things... "

"...Fine... " He glanced at Nathan and Stacey as they grounded themselves, and then to Vincent.

" Nathan...please apprehend Takao, code name Quaker... "

" ...But why-? "

" Just do as your told, you swore to the company! "

" ... " Nathan looked at Stacey who winked at him. He was placing his trust in them, and quickly rushed towards Takao, jabbing him in the stomach with an intense amount of power from his speed, knocking Takao out cold. Amaya gazed in astonishment, the Nathan she knew changed.

" What the hell Xion, you told us they'd die! " Wangetsu roared furiously.

" Hey, calm down, I'm sure there's a reason for this... "

" I don't know, I'm siding with Wangetsu on this one. What's goin' Xion? "

" I thought you knew nearly everything. " Isabelle began, curious.

" Everyone just calm down... " Tracey revealed herself, coming from the outside hallway into Xion's room.

" Who the hell are you!? "

" I'm Tracey...I'm an old friend of Xions...I've been lurking around for a while now, and I know a lot about you all...Xion's going through a rough time at the moment, and it's like you said, he's 'nearly' all he can't always be right...he is still human, right? "

Everyone got quiet and looked back at Xion, who held a calm facial expression.

" It's about time you all learned the truth,... " He started. Tracey raised an eyebrow. " Gabriella...her ability is to gain knowledge of someone by touching them...I came into contact with her 2 days ago. She now knows my plan, and for some reason, I am unable to read her movements... "

" So, what does that have to do with Lucas? "

" She's his daughter, they staged her removal of the UGPS so no one would be suspicious of her forming a rebellion. I didn't want to scare you all because of my mistake. I'm sorry. "

Kurai ran up to Xion and gave him a hug.

" It's okay, we understand. "

" Yeah, but with that fake rebellion getting a bunch of people with abilities, the company will end up having an army of 'em at their side. "

" Which is why we need to take out their leader, Gaby...which is already being taken care of by a very good friend of mine. " Tracey came back into the conversation.

" Alright, so the boss man and his daughter are the targets...wait, Nikita, where did you transport Lucas? "

" Oh...I don't know, I only know how to open a portal, the location is's something I'm working on, sorry. "

" Good thing Vincent left with Gaby, then... " Tracey whispered loud enough for Wangetsu to hear.

" Why's that? "

" Oh, ha, because he can locate people if he knows enough about them. "

(That Vincent is really dangerous...being able to kill people, and know where they are? Damn... ) Wangetsu thought to himself.

" Anyway...we need a new that is indestructible. I can't fallow Gaby's plan, and vise versa and we have no clue to Lucas' location. "

" Gaby'll probably kill him anyway. " Tracey whispered again, horribly. Everyone changed their focus back to her with deadly stares.

" Heh, I mean come's all part of the act, right? Daughter gets fired by her father, she forms a rebellion to, 'go against him' . Next thing they'd do is fake his death,... " Tracey kept her eyes fixed on Xions as if they were speaking to each other through their minds. " So all you need to do is find Gaby, fallow her group to Lucas, and get rid of them both...simple. "

" I like her plan a lot. " Jason commented.

" Not so fast...I'd have to go alone...- "

" Why's that? "

" She can read people's movements just like me. She'd figure out what's going on. "

" Wait, but what about her little friend who'se taking care of Gaby? "

" ...She wont succeed... " Xion stated, glancing over to Tracey..

" Hey, I tried. " She shrugged.

" Hey, but you wont be able to fight Gaby if she's got the others! " Tukyio yelped.

" Hold on...I thin I have an idea. "

" So, you come from Americas UGPS...I see they have a different protocol for obtaining their targets. " The Sargent spoke to Gaby. The team had entered the officer's car and were being taken to the UPGS building in Tokyo.

" Correct...I'm actually the daughter of the UGPS' leader. "

" Oh, really!? I apologize for my rudeness. Your family has brought so much safety to the world. "

" Thank you, I will be sure to give you full credit to the capture of those two 'convicts'. I understand the relationship between the UGPS and the police. If an officer captures one, they get a lot of credit and get paid more. "

" You'd do that, why thank you so much. "

" Of course, in return, all I ask is that I get permission to transport the two of them to the UGPS in America. "

" No problem at all miss Gabriella. "

" Oh, you can call me Gaby, sir. " She offered her hand with a smile, and he took hold of it.

Outside, in one of the nearby buildings, Chelsea crouched behind a window with a sniper rifle aimed at the road. Just as the Sargents car entered her range, she pulled the trigger. The car was hit on its hood and burst into flames quickly. Luckily, everyone survived. Gaby had moved faster than ever, even within the smoke. She rushed to the cop car that fallowed behind them and opened the back door, releasing Amaya and Takao.

" Both of you, I'm a former agent of the UGPS of America. I've formed a rebellion to stop my father and his plan to take over the world, we need your help though! "

Takao and Amaya looked at her with blank stares, confused. Nathan, Vincent, and Stacey we picking themselves up from the ground, looking around as the smoke cleared some-what. Cars honked, and everything was just loud. Stacey yelled for everyone.

" Amaya, a woman is about to attack me from behind. I'm going to dodge the attack, and you'll have to face her. She's helping my father, you can help stop all of this madness. " Just as she finished, Chelsea appeared like a black flash behind Gaby and attempted to shank her with a kunai. Gabriella swung in the other direction, disappearing into the smoke. Amayas eyes met Chelseas. Amaya took out her sai and attacked with a forward thrust. Chelsea blocked it with her kunai. She then squatted down, kicking Amayas legs, causing her to trip. Before she hit the ground, however, she pushed out her hands, breaking her fall, and then kicked at Chelseas head. Her foot was caught, and their eyes met again. Both raging with fire.

" Gaby!? " Stacey yelled. Gaby showed up in front of Stacey and covered her mouth.

" Shh...Come on. " Gaby lead Stacey further into the smoke. She was taken to the side walk, where pedestrians stood in aw.

" ...Vince and Nathan wondered....good, " She checked to make sure Vincent remembered to exit the smoke ahead of time, also warning Nathan. " Takao, vibrate the ground! "

As she fought, Amaya could see the fire coming from the car. She analyzed it as she heard Gaby's order. She understood the situation. As Chelsea blocked another attack, Amaya leaped up and pushed her towards the burning car. With that, Takao shook the earth, causing the car to finally explode. Finishing Chelsea off with it. Takao lifted his hand facing the smoke and emitted a vibration that blew it all away, clearing the view. The group all shared eyes with each other with faint smiles.

" I think we have our rebellion. "

" Thank you good sir, " Lucas sat at a table, having a glass of wine being filled. Across from him was another man, who seemed amazed, yet slightly puzzled. " is everything alright Jasper? "

" Why yes everything's alright...but what on earth brings you back to Paris, and with no warning of your arrival? "

" Ah, I just thought I'd take a small vacation...still on business though. "

" Then it's not a real vacation is it? "

" Hah, true, but with out job, is there really any rest? "

" Also true...So then, It's safe to assume you will be needing our services? "

" Indeed, in fact, I'll be borrowing the entire company here for a while. "

" The entire company, didn't you bring your own agents? "

" Unfortunately no, the situation was too dire to wait. "

" Really, what is it, might I ask...and is it so dire that you can't even bring little Gabriella along? "

" Oh, she's not so little anymore, heh, and I'm sure you'll be seeing her soon enough. As for the reason for my being's strictly confidential to only me, sorry. "

" I see, big man has to keep secrets's alright, I understand, just be careful, my agents can be quite rash sometimes. "

" Well, hopefully they can give my enemies a few of those rashes. "

" Ah, I see you're still a joker, Lucas. "

" Yeah, not a lot has changed...not one bit. "
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" Xion, " Tracey began, walking towards a sitting Xion. He turned the chair around to face her, and she continued. " I just realized...those two girls, Misty, and Marissa...What happened to them, did they quit? "

" No, I sent them on a private mission. "

" Which is? Come on, you tell me everything. "

" ...I sent them to alert the president of Lucas' operations. "

" What, are you out of your mind!? "

" No...if Lucas prevails, he'll bring the end of the world. Which is why I will overthrow him and take his place. "

" Wait, so you're going to continue his plans, but end it without handing over the title to him? "

" Exactly...which means I don't need him, period. I know what'll happen if he rules the world, but If I take that position...well...the world wont end, which is better than anything. "

" I see...and you think Lucas will just sit back and let himself be arrested? "

" Of course not...that's where the rebellion comes in. We'll help to aid his capture. As well, we can't risk the president being aware of our existence, if he did, things wouldn't end well. So Marissa will use her ability to control him. "

" ...Sounds like it'll work...but what about Gabriella? "

" ...As long as she's alive, I can't fully predict the future...but I know that we'll need her help. "

" You really think she'd help you? "

" ...No, but at this point, all I can do is hope. "

Misty and Marissa had finally obtained enterance to the White House...well, not by legal means at least. They had snuck in and were trying to look as professional as they could, looking for the Oval Office. Two guards then approached them both from a corner.

" Excuse us, " They walked around the two women and then paused and turned around. " can we help you? "

" Oh no, we're fine, thanks. " Marissa replied quickly, but Misty walked towards the two men elegantly.

" What she means is; can you direct us to the Oval Office? "

" Of course, but may we see some authorization first? "

Misty shook the back of her head swiftly. It was worth a shot to just ask first, but now she'll have to actually try. Misty seemed to become very flirtatious, looking into the mans eyes.

" Oh, I'm so sorry, but we don't have it with us...we're so clumsy, couldn't you forgive us just this once? " She gave him puppy eyes that glimmered. He smirked and blushed a little.

" That's quite alright, Bob, I'll meet you in the conference room in a little...Just fallow me ladies. " He began to lead Marissa and Misty, leaving Bob alone. Bob shrugged and continued to the conference room. The three of them went down 2 hallways until they came up on a single door.

" Alright, this is it. "

" Oh, by the way, what's your name good sir? " Marissa asked politely.

" Alexander Blake, " They shared a smile, and he continued to open the door. " Mr. President, these two are here to see you... " Misty and Marissa entered the room. They wasted no time, rushing to the table to confront the President. Alex had left, and their mission continued.

" Hello Mr. President...I am Marissa, and this is my friend Misty. "

" Hello Marissa, Misty, how may I help you? "

" Well, for what we need you to do, all you need to know is our names. "

" Pardon,? " Before he could react to what sounded slightly odd, Marissa transferred her soul into his body. " Alright, let's not waste any time... "

" Right, Xion told us to contact him once we got to this point. "

" On it! ...Xion! " Marissa had got in touch using the Presidents phone.

" Marissa, good, so the mission was a success. "

" Yep, now what? "

" Just keep me on the line for a bit... " Xion pushed with his shoulder to keep the phone in place while he typed on the computer.

" What exactly are you doing? " Tracey asked.

" Shh...just wait, " Xion clicked a final key and took hold of his phone again. " Marissa, no matter what happens, don't hang me. "

" Alright, but what do ya me-, " A siren started sounding off through the White House, and before they knew it, a group of officers came barging in with guns pointed at Marissa's soulless body and Misty. "! "

" Marissa...what's going on!? "

" Mr. President, come with me. " An officer worked his way around everyone to retrieve the 'President' and escort him out. Marissa never took her gaze away from Misty, who did the same, both with blank faces. Another officer went over to the phone.

" Who is on this phone? "

" Listen very closely to me...I alerted the President of two women who were sent to assassinate him. "

" Who sent them!? "

" A man named George Lucas...He is the owner of the company known as the UGPS abbreviated for United Global Protection Service. I worked for this man until I realized what his true plans were. "

" And those plans would be? " More officers had arrived with tracking equipment and began to work on finding this mysterious man's location. The others had removed Misty and Marissa's body from the area.

" Some of this information cannot be shared with officers, so I'll get to the point. Lucas is planning on starting a war between the nations. He is currently located in Paris, France, where another one of his UGPS buildings is also located located. I recommend sending the army to retrieve this very powerful man. I also have a number of people who can, and will aid you. "

" I'll keep that in mind. " The officer hung up and looked to the others. One man said, " We got him...New York City...4967 North Manhattan.

" So...what was that about? " Tracey asked again.

" The only way to get their immediate attention is with a threat to the president. "

" But did you need to do that to the girls? "

" Yes...I need them to know where we are. Once they get here, they'll arrest us all, and take us in. We'll meet back up with Misty and Marissa who will be controlling the President's body still. I'll need to regain her trust so that she has her officers allow me to order them in how to prepare for Lucas. "

" Well, look who's back on track, now we just need to deal with,-! " Suddenly, the entire base shook. " The police got here already? "

" No...this is someone else...-! " Hizara came flying in the room with a dark shadow fallowing. She built up a flame in her hand and threw it at the person, turning out to be Amaya, who twisted in such a fierce motion that it illuminated the fire, pulling out a pistol while doing so. Amaya aimed for Hizara's breast and shot. Hizara brought up here hands and began to create a blaze around them, building up an extreme amount of heat which melted the bullet as it came close. Hizara then tossed the shield of heat towards Amaya.

" Xion, what's happening!? " Tracey roared. The wall next to them shook violently and then burst into pieces, revealing Wangetsu, who glided on the floor into the wall opposite. Takao came through the hole and started charging a vibration in his hand. Wangetsu lifted a hand and began to form water around Takao's hand. Once the vibration was released, the water burst, and the force that hit Wangetsu was less painful, but still forced him into the wall.

" Xion, the base was infiltrated by Gaby and her team... " Nikita appeared next to Xion. " There were 3 others other than Gabriella, Stacey, and Vincent. Those two, and another who is fighting Jason and Tukiyo at the moment. "

" What about Gaby, Stacey and Vincent? "

" Alia and Isabelle are fighting Stacey while Ayame, Diva, and Cami are going against Gaby, but Kurai is facing Vincent alone... "

" She can't contain his abilities alone...go aid her! Tracey, you help these two out, but don't kill anyone. "

" Okay, but what about you? "

" I have to find Gaby. " He rushed out of the room to begin his search. Tracey looked at Hizara and Wangetsu who were at least holding their own in their battles.

" Hizara's created enough heat in this room to the point where my ice wont be as strong as it could be...but that Wangetsu can control water...alright, hope this works. " Tracey knelt down and pressed her hands on the wet floor. The water on the floor began to freeze.

" Hizara, use more heat,! " She ordered. Hizara looked to her in question, but fallowed the directions. She build up heat in her arms. The holes in the walls were much help at this point. The heat was making is difficult to breathe. "Wangetsu, fill up the room! " Wangetsu aimed his hands at the ground of ice which was closing in on him. Water began to break through the ice from the ground almost like geysers. Hizara understood the plan now.

" Wangetsu, attack them just like that! " He did as Hizara commanded. Both Takao and Amaya were leaping out of dodge. However, the heat at the top of the room would now wear them out quicker. It wouldn't stop them, but would get them tired enough to slow down.

In another room, Kurai was fighting Vincent, looking into his eyes, trying to contain his power. She was bleeding from her nose. Vincent held a small smirk.

" You can't continue, can you? "

" No, but I can begin, " Nikita appeared in the room, behind Vincent. As he turned around, she flashed her hand towards him. This brought an intense force of wind, pushing him past Kurai and into a wall. " Bind! " She yelled, her hand spread open in Vincent's direction. She rushed to Kurai quickly and helped her stay up.

" Thanks... "

" No problem. "

" You...I thought you had to speak all of your spells. "

" Ever since the mission with Lucas, I've been able to just control is which ever way I please. "

" That's great, but do you really think binding me to the wall will save you? " Vincent stated, seemingly stuck to the wall. His eyes grew dark and the wall around him became grim as it wore down and cracked. The area around him began to do this as it got closer to Kurai and Nikita.

" No! " Nikita roared as the floor darkened around them. She used a spell which brought life back to the floor. The two sides of life and death battled. One side of the room was bright while the other, dark. Kurai looked at Vincent in the eyes and attempted to take away his power again.

In one of the hall ways, Jason was hit in the stomach by Nathan. This was at such an intense speed than he skidded along the floor until he finally hit a wall just below a window. Tukyio was now trying to fight him, but was only being attacked from out of nowhere. Jason lifted himself back to his feet and ran back down the hallway to the battle.

" Stop! " Jason commanded, but was only hit within a second from yelling. He fell to the ground quick. Nathan was way to quick to fight. Tukyio was soon tossed next to Jason. Nathan stopped to catch a breath and watched the two on the floor.

"'re we gunna fight this kid? "

" I don't know...I can tell where he's been, but not where he'll go... "

" I can't even get a chance to talk to him. "

" Well you have a chance now don't ya? "

" Right...Hey...what's this all about? " Jason staid squatted on the ground, looking up to Nathan, who breathed heavily and took a final breath before he spoke.

" You're 'rebellion' is a recruit for an army... "

" What? "

" That's right, your leader is a liar. He's deceiving you so Gaby's dad can rule the world. "

" No, Gaby's using you all to help her father. Her being fired was fake so she could start a fake rebellion. "

" No, that can't be true! "

" It is-! "

" No!...Gaby used her powers of that Xion guy...she knows everything about him, and his plans. "

"...So...Xion... "

" He lied to us all... "

Breaking the silence, Xion came from around a corner, running towards them. They all held angry faces at him. Jason and Tukiyo stood firm.

" Jason, Tukiyo...where is Gaby? "

" Xion...we all trusted you... "

" What're you talking about? "

" We know about your army for Lucas, right. "

" ...I'll explain everything to everyone, but first I need the fighting to stop. I need to find Gabriella. "

" Fine, but you better expect more than an apology to fix all this...let's go. " The 4 began to run down the hall way to continue Xion's search. Just as they approached a corner nearest to the window, they could see cop cars and helicopters coming in close to the base.

" Damn it...not now, " Xion cursed under his breath. " We have to hurry! " They picked up the pace, now running around the building looking for Gaby. Before they knew it, windows could be heard being broken, with orders from officers to go down certain locations.

" Want me to hold them off? " Nathan asked.

" No, we need their trust,! " Xion warned, continuing to run faster. They approached a door that Xion seemed sure was where they were supposed to go. " Ayame's in here... " He opened the door, and there they all were. Gaby was on the ground with Ayame about to release a punch of energy towards Gaby before Nathan stopped her by grabbing her arm.

" Nathan? " She was shocked to see a familiar face. Xion ran to Gaby and helped her up.

" Gabriella, I need to explain everything to you, but I wont be able to tell you everything here. I will tell you however, " Officers then came barging into the room, pulling everyone away from each other. " Your father is the true villain here! " Xion finished as he was pulled away.
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Extracting The Poison

It was dead silent in the truck full of superhuman. They were being taken to the police station where they would await for the 'President' to arrive, as he seemed to make it urgent that he speak with these people. Jason gazed at Xion, and then finally broke the silence.

" Why? " He asked. Xion, who had his head down, turned it to face Jason, opening his eyes which were once shut.

" Why what? " He replied.

" Why are you doing all of this...and for such an evil man...just why? "

" I believed that I had no choice...but it wasn't until recent that I realized...there's always a choice. "

" ...That doesn't explain why you did it! " Wangetsu snapped at him. Tracey closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. She then brought her focus to Wangetsu.

" Xion...was only a child when Lucas found him on the streets, " She began, looking softly at Xion, who put his head back down towards his knees, his hands clasped together as they were chained by the wrist. " It was just the two of us at first, me and him...but when Lucas came around, he took us in...gave us a home. "

" Then it all changed. " Xion added.

" ...Lucas told us...'In this world, there are people who can do extraordinary things; fly, breathe under water, even live two, are part of that generation. ' As children, we leaped in joy at this, we wanted to know how to use these abilities. He told us 'I can teach you, but first, you must allow me to have just a tiny bit of your blood.' We were curious, but didn't care, we would learn something normal people can't be taught. After we did as he wished, he helped us learn to use our powers. I guess Xion, was the one he truly after though. When Lucas found out Xion had the gift of omniscience...Lucas focused all of his time on him. He told me, Lucas would always ask what the future is going to be like, and he would always tell him 'it's not good'. As odd as it may be, Lucas was the father we never had...but now that we're older, we can see the evil in him. " The truck was silent yet again. Gabriella interrupted soon enough.

" How long ago were you both taken in by my father? "

" 10 Years ago... " Xion answered muffled under his breath.

" So it was both of father left me and my mother 10 years ago for his job...a few years later I searched for him, and then I became part of the company. He left us for the both of you...our family was ruined...but I guess it isn't your faults. My father caused all this pain...and the only way to end to work together. "

Xion lifted his body slowly due to hearing this. He starred into Gaby's eyes for a moment. The engine was all that could be heard. Xion smiled and closed his eyes.

" Even though you do not have the complete ability of still are able to comprehend all of the information it holds...that is very impressive. You're a smart girl, Gabriella, and I will take you up on that offer of compromise. " Xion moved his chained hands towards her. She waited a moment and reached for his, taking hold and shaking. The truck stopped, and within a minute the back door opened, revealing a group of officers aiming their guns toward the inhabitants of the vehicle. Two other cops appeared to lead the group inside the station. As they all entered, Marissa, a.k.a, Mr. President, stood firm, guarded by 5 special officers. Misty was being held by another 2.

" Good evening... " Marissa greeted.

" Same to you...Mr. President. " Xion replied, convincingly.

" So, you spoke of a threat...please elaborate. "

" Ah yes, " Some confused faces were being held by most of the group, unsure as to what was going on. Xion spoke to the president recently? " A man known as George Lucas, the leader of the UGPS, is planning to start a it's midst, he will take advantage and attempt to take over each country. You see, the UGPS was formed to capture and study humans with special abilities...If you may allow my friend to provide an example, Tracey, " He signaled. Tracey stepped out of the crowd to present herself and began to freeze her handcuffs. Soon enough, she broke them to pieces. Guns flashed up in her direction, as did her hands which she held high. " As you can see, one might believe us to be a threat to global security...but Lucas wishes to manipulate us to take over the world. "

" I see... "

" Which is why we will provide you with the proper support in his capture. "

" ...Well...I see no reason why we shouldn't take you up on there anything in particular you need of me? "

" Yes...Issue an arrest for George Lucas who is currently in Europe. If you get him here, we can finish him. Normal man power wont be able to take him down. "

" Understood, I'll get on it right away. "

" So Lucas, I chosen a number of agents to guard you during your stay in Paris. " Jasper lead Lucas into a room with a two sided glass window. 4 People stood on the other side.

" Have you now? "

" Yes, Alexis, the girl on your right has the ability of Poison Generation. Drake, has the power of Duplication, Josh can teleport so you can get where you need to be quicker, and the women on your left, Sephira, she manipulates the air and wind. "

" Nice selection, Jasper, thank you. "

" No problem, oh wait, that's my phone, " Jasper flipped his phone open and began to listen to what was being said. A grim expression fell upon his face. He finally hung up and looked into Lucas' eyes. " Your arrest has just been issued in the US...they want you deported immediately.

" So it's time already? " Lucas whispered to himself.

" I have to turn you in, ! " Jasper yelled at him, but Lucas seemed to ignore him as he entered through the door leading him into the opposite room. Jasper pressed his hands against the window. " What are you doing!? "

" Good-bye Jasper, thank you again...Josh, New York City, please. " Josh nodded, and the room was emptied of the 5 people, leaving Jasper in the other room.

" Xion, ! " Gabriella roared. Everyone's attention switched to her within a flash. " He's here...My father is here... "

" Yes, and he's brought a few people with him...A teleporter- "

" A duplicator, a poison generator, and a- "

" Manipulator of wind and air. " Xion finished.

" What's up with all that? " Isabella wondered.

" Not enough time to explain...get everyone out of their hand cuffs! "

" You heard him, come on, hurry it up! " The 'President' commanded the officers.

" Alright, everyone...the only way we can take Lucas on and come out on top, is to work together...he believes this is a staged battle where he will fake his death. This doesn't mean he'll go easy, nor will his guards. I can't promise that we will all survive, but...stick together. "

" Xion, should we team up with certain people? " Kurai questioned.

" Good question, " Xion began to analyze the team as they were being set free from their chains. " Nathan, you're the only one who can keep up with the teleporter...he'll be the one closest to Lucas. Hizara, Wangetsu, Nikita, Alia, and Diva, You all battle the duplicator. Ayame, Isabelle, Cami, Tracey, and Takao you take on the one who controls poison. Amaya, Tukiyo, Kurai, and Gaby, fight the wind manipulator...that leaves me, Vincent and Jason to fight Lucas. "

" Have you gone crazy, Xion!? " Jason busted out of silence.

" No, I'm planning the pieces correctly. "

" I can't do **** to kill this dude! "

" There's no time to argue, everyone let's go! " Xion ran, leading everyone out of the building, fallowed by a group of officers. Marissa and Misty held their ground inside the station with their personal guards. The lot of them ran far down the street until a light shone far in front of them. As it faded, Lucas and his team appeared.

" My,'ve got quite a rebellion, Xion! " Lucas began.

" All for the one purpose of killing you! " He responded.

" Humph, all the company wants is for the world to be safe and secure! "

" So that involves the killing of innocent people!? "

" Innocent!? ...Maybe, but it's all for a good cause! "

" Enough of your talk! "

" Very well annihilate these pests. " Drake, Alexis, Josh, and Sapphira all nodded in unison and began the battle. Sapphira motioned her hands in the rebellion's direction, and an enormous wind current attacked. Officers set off a barrage of bullets aimed towards Lucas and the others, but the wind caught each before they got close.

" Kurai! " Xion roared the the wind.

" Right! " Kurai opened her eyes to look for Sapphira. Once her eyes found Sapphira's the wind ceased. With this, people rushed toward the evil team led by Lucas. Drake duplicated himself so that there were 5 of him. Before Josh could make a move, Nathan appeared in front of him, giving him a blow to the stomach and then disappearing out of enemy range. Alexis opened her hand out just below her mouth and started to blow out a poison in the rebellion's direction. Ayame stopped and pulled her hands into the air, aimed at the poisonous smoke that slowly became larger and larger. As she focused on the smoke, Ayame was able to form a barrier of energy around it, keeping it out of the way.

" Take this, ya punk! " Wangetsu roared, throwing a bunch of water walls at one of the duplicators others. Hizara did the same with her fire toward another clone. Nikita found Alia and stood next to her as they both faced their own enemy's doppelganger.

" Are either of these the real one? " Nikita asked.

" Hold on, " Alia began to focus on the two clones and discovered Nikita's to be him. "It's yours, he's the original. "

" Ok, good, " Nikita brought her hand up, palm facing him. She grasped her arm with her other hand and began to focus. " Assemble! " Instantly, all of the clones lost control of themselves and flew back into the originals body.

" That saves us some time. "

" Wait, " Nikita focused again and closed her hand into a fist. " Lock!...Now he wont be able to clone himself again. "

" Nice...and you thought you weren't an angel. "

Wangetsu, Hizara, Diva, Alia, and Nikita surrounded him completely, prepared to attack, but willing to keep him alive so long as he didn't make a move. He seemed to be smart as he raised his arms in defeat and brought himself to the ground. They all smirked and lowered their guards slightly.

" Ayame, hold this energy tight alright! " Tracey spoke to Ayame, right in front of the force field keeping the poison out of the air. She placed her hand on the energy and began to freeze it. Within a minute, a large ice barrier formed around the poisonous gas. Cami and Isabelle were with each other and were looking around the barrier for Alexis.

" Do you remember what she looks like? " Cami asked.

" Some-what...let's try. "

" Alright... " Cami took hold of Isabelle's hand and allowed sorrow to run through Isabelle's body, forcing her to cry. As she did, Isabelle tried remembering Alexis' face.

" Ayame, can you sense a presence behind the barrier? " Tracey asked.

" ..., " Ayame focused on what was behind the barrier, and she could slowly sense the energy of someone standing behind it. " Yes, she's definitely still there! " Cami took the sorrow away from Isabelle, stopping the tears from falling as well.

" I have to see her, it's the only way my tears can take effect...but if the barrier is gone, the poison will spread. "

" I can break the ice, then Ayame can move the poison out of the atmosphere... " Takao came in.

" Sounds good...go for it. "

Takao took a step back from the ice wall and built up a large amount of vibration in his fist. Once there was enough, he released it with a punch aimed for the ice. It burst into pieces and the smoke moved fiercely. Ayame moved just as quick to capture the gas. Alexis was revealed through the smog, but not clear enough for Isabelle.

" Ayame, quickly! " Takao rushed.

" I'm workin' on it! " She forced energy around the poison and lifted it high up into the air. There was some left, but Takao took notice and threw a blast of vibration at it to disperse the particles in multiple directions, making is less toxic. Cami took Isabelle's hands again and sent sorrow through her. As the tears fell, Isabelle looked at Alexis with anger. Tears of blood came from Alexis' eyes and she fell to her knees.

" It's working! " Tracey yelled.

On the other side of the battle, Tukiyo was fighting hand to hand with Sapphira, whose abilities were discarded by Kurai. Tukiyo flew a fist directed at Sapphira's head, but it was caught, and twisted. She then drafted her foot under Tukiyo's legs, bringing her to the ground. Just as Sapphira pulled back her fist to pound it at Tukiyo, Kurai came from the side and kicked her out of the way.

" You okay? " Kurai asked, helping her to her feet.

" Yeah, she broke my wrist though... "

" Damn, here she comes! "

Sapphira leaped towards them, kicking both away from each other and landing swiftly on her feet. She ran for Kurai, and Tukiyo fallowed instantly. Sapphira stopped in front of Kurai and drew a kick aimed high for her head, but as Kurai braced herself a large blast of wind pushed Sapphira back at Tukiyo, who reacted quickly by maneuvering her way around Sapphira, and punching her to the ground. Gaby finally arrived to her appropriate fight, Amaya fallowing soon after.

" Sorry, we couldn't find you guys through all the ruckus. "

" It's okay...we've got this one taken care of... "

Nathan was racing Josh all over the area. As Josh teleported, Nathan accelerated in his direction. It was a battle of speed, and Nathan was just a millisecond off, until Josh got worn out quickly, and was finally caught by Nathan. He was doomed now as Nathan attacked constantly from all directions. Josh couldn't concentrate at all to teleport. With one final blow, Nathan punched him dead center in the face, knocking him out cold.

" So...Xion, Vincent, and 3 opponents. I could kill you right on the spot, each of you. "

" As can I. " Vincent replied smirking.

" You are powerful...but not powerful enough. "

" Would you like to test that theory? " Vincent's eyes grew dark and the street around him grew cold and cracked. Xion and Jason were kept safe, but as it drew close to Lucas, his face aged. He only smiled, and then used telekinesis to bring Vincent to the floor, then dragging him up to meet Lucas' level.

" You have no idea who you're dealing with, boy...'Death' means nothing to me. " Vincent was flown into the street, now unconscious. Lucas' appearance went to it's normal state as if his youth was coming back.

" Lucas...this ends tonight. "

"'s only the beginning. "

" Jason, do it. "

" Do what, I can't do 'anything' to this guy, he's too strong! "

" Jason! "

" I can't! "

" Xion...he doesn't understand his abilities, it's useless. "

" Jason...there are two sides to a whole, one light, one dark. One side may be stronger than the other, but you can control that difference, you can change it. When you saved Nikita, you added light to her soul, bringing it back to life, you can do the opposite too! "

" Even if he knows this, he doesn't know how to do it, Xion. "

" Jason, even from the beginning, we told're the only one who can stop the extermination, there was truth behind that! "

" ...You knew this day would come... "

" Yes, maybe not exactly as I thought it would play out, but the future I saw with you is right now! "

"'ve caused so much pain... "

" Xion, what is this, !? " Lucas began to feel an ache through his body. " You betrayed me...Boy, he's lying, there are plenty of others who could kill me, why on earth would it just be you!? " He tried convincing Jason.

" That's not true...there are others that could kill your physical body, but not your soul...I want to make sure you die for real Lucas. The future you wish to be, will only lead to a Hell on earth. "

" I made you what you are today, if it weren't for me, you'd be stuck as a poor orphan on the street begging for food! "

" True...that's the best thing you've ever done for this world. Finish him Jason. "

Jason's eyes grew jet black as he stared at Lucas. His face was blank as he faced his enemy, and as this lead on, a light shone from Lucas' mouth. As it grew brighter, an orb was revealed and exited his body. Lucas fell to the floor, lifeless. The orb floated in the air, bringing attention from all around. Jason finally came to and was amazed at the light. It was growing closer to him however, so he opened his hand for it to land upon. As it did, he grasped it, and it disappeared.

" You did good Jason, " Xion sat his hand on Jason's shoulder. " That was all the light that was within Lucas' soul...not much, right. "

" But, I don't- "

" -Understand? You see, a soul cannot contain just one side of light or dark. When a soul is dead, what ever side was stronger, overwhelms the other. Nikita's darkness did that when she died, but you filled her soul will light again, setting the balance back to normal. In this case, you took the light from Lucas, filling his body with darkness, so he died. "

" Then...what happens to his light? "

" That's for you to decide. "

" Well, what does that mean? "

" You'll find out some day. " Xion left him to himself and approached the others. Jason turned to fallow his direction and noticed Vincent lying on the ground. He gazed for a moment, and tried his ability again. His eyes grew a bright gold this time though, for a shorter moment as well, and Vincent conscious again, bringing himself to his feet slowly.

" Officers, please apprehend those captured! " Xion ordered the police who hid from the battle, as they did not want to interfere. Once directed, they fallowed orders and took both Sapphira, Josh, and Drake under custody. Tracey found Xion and walked beside him.

" We actually did it...we killed Lucas. The UGPS will crumble, we can roam free, it's all over. "

"'s not. "

End Of Poison/Us

...coming soon...

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A month has past since the fall of Lucas and his company, taking his plans of world domination with him. Our heroes have parted, returning to their, now semi-normal, lives. Some have kept in contact, while others have made the decision to part this experience from the rest of their life. However, over this time period, a new organization has been formed, lead by non other than Xion, who continues his quest of conquering the planet. With an organization of villains hand-picked by Xion himself, just what can our heroes do to stop this madness? Wait, some of our heroes are not here, could this be the work of Xion, or have they just become extremely well trained in the arts of the ninja...okay, maybe that last choice is a bit out there. So with only a select few of heroes left, can they even stand a chance against these powerful superhuman?

Episode 1

The Hand Of Fate

Fate, there are many roads one can take, but all lead to the same place. However, it's the choices one makes that decide the road they walk upon. So then, can you chose your fate, can you turn the hand of fate in your favor? My name is Amy Dover, and ever since I was born, the hand of fate seemed to want nothing but the best for me. Even when I was just a baby, my parents told me I was nothing but good luck. Just a day before mom went into labor, she said that there was an article asking for a recording of a live birth for $800 in the name of science and the study of birth. Dad wasn't too pleased to hear about this until he noticed the money.

When I started school, I had nothing but luck as well. I never had to pay for my lunch like the other kids. I made a friend who was extremely rich and was given money just about every day. He paid for his lunch and gave it to me. I felt kinda bad for using him, but he said it was fine, and that he loves aiding the less fortunate. As sincere as that was, he deserved a slap. We were friends for a long time. We even went out from 6-8th grade, but broke up because he apparently got bored of me like everything else he 'owns'. After that we didn't see much of each other. That was probably the most unlucky thing to ever happen to me.

Now, everything seems to be going downhill, like fate is just slapping me across the face back and forth. My parents are arguing, and my grades have slipped, or better yet, tied to an anchor and thrown out to sea. Then they try blaming one another for my bad grades. Deciding to take some time away from each other, my mother is hanging out with her girlfriends while I travel with dad to his hometown in New York City, where I will be going to school and visiting my aunt Charline for a while. Dad says that Alex, Charline's adopted son, is quite the looker. I wanted to hit him so bad, even if he's adopted, he's still my cousin, but I knew he was joking.

Once I started school in this new place called Garmon High, It seemed like a typical high school, same type of people, all bunched up into groups. It wasn't until lunch started that the real fun began however. I was approached by some random girl who accused me of talking trash about her and starting a rumor. I was completely shocked at this, and right before she threw a punch at me, her arm was caught by a boy with dark brown hair, beautiful eyes, tan skin, and a gothic, punk look.

" have the wrong girl. " He told her.

" No, this is her, black and pink hair, with a matching outfit! "

" ..You have the wrong girl... " He repeated gentile and soft in a deep tone. Jasmine settled down and released her fist. " Besides, Jaime's the one spreading the rumors about you. " He thumbed in a direction towards another girl who looked identical to Amy, oddly enough. Jasmine bolted towards her but was caught by the school officers. The mysterious boy approached me as everyone else scattered in opposite directions.

" That was close... " He said, looking down at me. " You're Amy, right? "

" Y-yeah, that's right! " My heart jumped...I must admit, I'm a little infatuated with this boy. Wait, how did he know my name, has he been stalking me, or does he have an earlier class with me? No I would have noticed, how did he know? Oh wait...Jaime...Amy...Oh.

" Well it's nice to meet you...I'm Jason. "

" H-hi... " I blushed a little, looking up at him.

" Hey, after school, you wanna hang out -? " Jason's phone began to vibrate, and he swiftly rushed to my back, using me as to shield himself from teacher eyes. " Sorry, excuse me...hello? "

" I know I'm new here, but I could have sworn there was a 'no cell phones during school.' rule here. "

" What!? " Jason yelled, bringing many eyes in their direction.

" I-I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. " I apologized. I didn't know that would set him off.

" ...Gaby...Please forgive me, but I have to go... " Jason ran off, apparently leaving the school. I was completely confused, but I thought it better not to ask questions. At least, not just yet.
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Vengeful Hearts

School has just ended for the day, back here in Tokyo. I'm now looking for my best friend Hizara, and boy friend Wangetsu. I traveled through the school's halls until I finally reached the front area where our group of friends usually hang out before parting ways. I found Wangetsu standing with Hizara, Baki, and June. I approached them cheerfully, tackling Wangetsu from behind. Everyone laughed, and Wangetsu greeted me with a kiss.

" Every time you do that, I get the wind knocked out of me. " He whispered to me. Ever since the battle with Lucas a month ago, I've developed a way to keep and control the abilities I disable. It gives me a more offensive use, which gives me some more confidence. I winked at him and joined the group's conversation. June walked away from everyone and turned around to face us again.

" I have an announcement...Baki and I...are finally getting married! " He whipped his arms out to the side as he yelled this through the school walls. Baki leaped forward and took Junes hand in his.

" Oh, it is true, we've decided! " He agreed.

" Aw, I knew you two would end up together. " I stated, giggling.

" Well it's about time you both came out of the closet. " Hizara added, not even shocked. Wangetsu just shook his head with a smirk.

" Let's see the married couple kiss! " I demanded, throwing a hand in the air. June and Baki looked at each other smiling. Hizara was curiously interested in whether or not they'd go that far. The two buffoons grasped each others hands and held them to their chest.

" Oh Baki! "

" Oh June! "

" Oh boys, let's settle down, " Mr. Daike, our science teacher approached us. " come on, school's over, get home. " he continued on his way while we started giving departure hugs. Baki and June left in opposite ways. Our group of 3 live near each other, so we walk together. Something odd happened on out way home however. As we walked along a side walk, I noticed our shadows wavering from side to side, just about an inch. I looked at Hizara's shadow, and it seemed to fade. As this occurred, Hizara tripped. I started getting a little jumpy.

Wangetsu held me tight as we walked. I looked to him in question, fallowing his gaze to across the street where a shady man held a strong stare at us. He was wearing all black, a jacket that fell to his knees and it also had a hood.

" Hizara. "

" I see him... "

We all watched him through the corner of our eyes as we continued on. I turned my head back to see if he was still watching us, but he had disappeared. My body shook, but Wangetsu forced me to stop walking. My attention came to the same man who was now standing just in front of us.

" Who are you, and what do you want? " Wangetsu asked coldly. The man just stood there watching us. A minute passed, it was still silent and we were all motionless. The clouds turned gray, and the area all around us became dark and cold. I could tell that Wangetsu was building water in his fist, and I could even smell the fire Hizara was ready to toss. I decided to command the win to blow slightly in the dark man's direction.

" Answer the question! " Hizara roared. The man only smirked, slowly lifting his right hand, opening it some-what, aimed at Wangetsu's shadow. He made a fist and twisted it. Wangetsu reacted to this, grasping his injured wrist. The water he had been forming fell the ground.

" Wangetsu! " I leaned down and put my arms around him.

" What did you do!? " Hizara had enough. She threw 2 fireballs at this guy, who smiled largely and disappeared. Hizara was stunned, and looked around for him. He reappeared a foot in front of Hizara and stomped on her shadow which forced her to fling back, falling to the ground. She grabbed her chest and coughed. I was unsure what to do, so I brought forward a blast of wind to pick the man up into the air.

Out of nowhere, I was being dragged down the side walk. I looked up and noticed the mysterious man fallowing me with his hand. He must be controlling the shadows. Next thing I heard was Wangetsu yell " No! " throwing a basketball sized water ball. Another hand was directed by the man towards the ground. The water ball was stopped and then sent hurling back at Wangetsu. Hizara reacted quickly and threw a fireball at it, causing a bunch of steam to form. As the steam faded, this dark man could be seen hovering down to the earth holding a stare as cold as midnight.

" Enough... " Was the only word which came from the unknown man. He aimed both hands at Wangetsu and Hizara's shadows and made fists. Hizara and Wangetsu fell completely to the ground, dead, their hearts crushed. I sat there on my knees starring at my 2 dead friends, mouth open wide. I could sense the demonic man behind me. Lifting myself up to my feet, I turned and looked into the man's eyes, furious. The wind twirled in front of her, quickly turning into a tornado, picking trees up, and even parks of houses. Kurai moved the tornado forwards, at the unknown killer. Even he couldn't withstand the force. He was picked up and sent flying around. He disappeared into an aura of darkness created from his hands.

Once I realized he was gone, I fell to my knees again, crying. The tornado stopped, the entire area ripped apart. My boyfriend and best friend laying dead behind me, I continued until officers arrived. Before they came close, I ran to Wangetsu and Hizara, looking them both in the eyes and obtaining their abilities.

" You there, put your hands up! " an officer ordered. I ignored it and commanded the wind to blow their attention away from me so I could escape. I know exactly who to go to. Whoever killed the two best things in my life, they're definitely going to pay. I just won't allow this. Ayame, I'm going to need your help.
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Stopping A Dead Soul

It's been so long since the dojo was functioning the way it used to. With Master Kioto dead, the county decided to close the place down, but luckily, Nathan, Takao, Amaya, and myself came together and made the decision of taking over as the masters of the dojo. Since we were all Master Kioto's disciples, it was made final that we would be the teachers. Mom and Dad were thrilled to hear that I was able to get a job, well, after all I've been through with the UGPS and Lucas. Saving the world was the best excuse to get me out of being in trouble for missing so much school. The government made sure none of us would get in trouble, as it was aiding to the protection of the countries. I guess Marissa's soul transfer with the President had some after effects though. He had no recollection of what happened the day of our battle with Lucas. So after all of that Marissa ordered the government to keep all of it on hush, under the President's voice of course.

Over this month, my abilities have developed, allowing me to mask my body within it's energy, allowing me to become invisible. I can also focus energy on a particular location, giving me the capability of forming an energy ball. These are only a couple new discoveries I've found as my powers continue to grow. I'm trying to find a student also capable of controlling energy, but I've yet to find anyone, although the students today are much more agile. I think having multiple masters is good as well. We have a daily drawing for fun where we, the teachers, battle each other. We don't use our powers though, for the students. Nathan has thankfully learned to contain his quick movement, so he doesn't have an advantage, but I think Amaya cheats...

Today was a normal session after school ended, that is, until Kurai came rushing into the dojo, tears rolling down her face. The four of us grouped together to see what was the matter. She told us about the fierce demon that she fought. At first, Kurai seemed to be just stricken with sorrow, but out of her crying, she took me by my shoulders, grasping them tight. She starred me in the eyes with so much anger.

" I want him dead! " She bellowed through her teeth. I sighed and removed her grip from me. I held on to her hands and looked her back in the eyes.

" We will find him, don't worry, but first you need to calm yourself down. "

" No, he killed Wangetsu, and Hizara! "

" I understand, but you're just shocked right now, take a moment to rest and then we can deal with it better. "

The children were all distracted with the yelling and crying. Nathan took notice of this and redirected them away from the situation. As I took Kurai in my arms, patting her back, Takao made a statement.

" Someone's "

" ...That guy, he controlled shadows! " Kurai replied, scarred.

" ...I sense his energy...he's moving so fast. "

Before we knew it, a black flash came through the front door. It ceased movement, sharpening the image of a dark haired man with a katana and armor shielding.

" Ayame Kuroki. "

" Yes, that would be me. " I answered, stepping away from Kurai. The man turned his focus to my direction.

" My master has ordered me to find you and bring you to him. "

" Kurai is this him? " I whispered to the side.

" No, this isn't him. "

" ...Hm...Who is your master exactly? "

" His name is Kirato...and he has made it urgent that I bring you to him...that girl next to you...Kurai Hoshi? "

" ...Yes...who are you? " Kurai replied, confused.

" You must come too. My name is Xhenin Imuka. Please trust me, the world is in danger. "

" Ayame, should we trust him? "

" ...I don't sense a bad aura...Takao, Amaya, Nathan, keep watch over the dojo while I'm away. " I took Kurai's hand and we confronted Xhenin. He offered his hands to us and we both took them. He uttered, " Hold on. " just before we disappeared from the dojo and off to an unknown place far up Mt. Fuji. We were traveling at such amazing speeds. As we ran, he asked me to increase my energy so we could move faster. I didn't understand, but I did as he requested. He took us to another dojo. We finally stopped once inside.

" Master, I've brought them! " Xhenin yelled into a seemingly empty area. A man then began to appear from thin air. He had an appearance similar to Master Kioto, which brought wonder to Ayame.

" ...Master Kioto? "

" knew my brother? " He replied, holding a disgusted frown.

" Yes, he taught me everything I know, and more! He was amazing-! "

" Silence! I wont hear anything more of that filth... "

" Filth!? " I was outraged at this. How dare he speak ill of my master! He looked at me with interest, squinting his eyes.

" You're's emitting much energy...are you mad? In that case, you're master was nothing but worthless trash. A disgrace to our family! "

" Shut up! "

" Ayame... " Kurai took my shoulder, trying to comfort me. I flung it away from me.

" How dare you speak in such a way, Master Kioto was a great man! "

" -At what, teaching students things he can't even master? "

" Enough! " I lifted my hand towards him, taking hold on the energy around him. I lifted him into the air, but he was holding a smirk. A blast of energy instantly came from Kirato. So much, that Ayame couldn't control it. Kirato fell back to his feet and laughed.

" You honestly aren't even a match against me. None of your attacks could harm, let alone, reach me. You're energy is impressive, but not powerful enough to contain my own. If this is all Kioto has taught's pathetic. "

" Enough Kirato... " Came the voice of an old women. She walked from around a corner and approached the lot of us.

" And who are you? " I snapped.

" This is Elder Suzuya...she is a witch. " Xhenin introduced.

" Yes...and I hold grave news...the world is in danger. The Dead Soul will bring destruction. "

" The Dead Soul? "

" Yes...the man who is dead inside, but lives on. Non existent, yet walking among us. He travels with an army who can bring death to us have faced one. " Suzuya pointed to Kurai.

" Th-the man who controls the shadows? "

" ...The Shadow must be Kurai then...I'm so sorry. "

" For what? "

" ...Everything...We must form a group to challenge this army... "

" Why us? "

" Because you've faced the Dead Soul before, you fought with him. "

" ...The only one who controlled souls was...Jason!? "

" I am unable to uncover the name of those who do not truly exist. If that is him, he must be killed! "

" ...Jason?... "

" She's not sure it's Jason, " Kurai soothed my worries. " but it's a possibility to be prepared for...So what should we do? "

" There are others with unique powers who can aid us, if you gain their trust, they can do much help. "

" Alright, where can we find them? "

" Hold on, " The elder waved her hand over the space in front of her and a table appeared with an orb atop of it. He hovered both hands above it and focused. The orb then separated into the 3, shaping themselves into the form of people. 1 girl and 2 boys.

" From left to right...Sadie Fare, located in Utah. Her ability is phasing...Ian McFlorence, also in Utah, he manipulates shadows, just like your enemy miss Kurai...and finally, Jon Daegen, New York City, he has the ability of astral projection. They are just 3 of the people to look for. If you find any others to recruit, add them. We need all the power we can get. "

" Understood...but how exactly will we be traveling around so much? "

" Leave that to me, " Xhenin smiled to us. Kirato formed a ball of energy and handed it to me. It hovered above mine, and we shared a stare for only a brief moment. " With this much energy, I'll be able to move even quicker than before. "

" Oh...what is your power, it seems different. " Kurai questioned.

" Heh, well, my body absorbs the energy in an area to enhance my abilities, such as speed, strength, and all those types of stuff. "

" That's unique. "

" Heh, yeah, you should see me in combat with my sword- "

" Alright, enough flirting, get going. The world can't wait for your advancements... " Kirato pushed Xhenin in our direction, causing me to almost lose control of the energy ball. " Don't lose that rookie. " I opened my mouth to make my come-back, but Xhenin had taken hold of me and Kurai, jetting off for our first stop. Utah.
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Rescue Recruit

So, it's been a month already? Seems like yesterday that I fought alongside others like myself. Funny, I miss it all, but I'm glad it's all over. Still kept in touch with Jason and some of the others. Although...something continues to bother me from back then. The first few weeks I was in the rebellion, I attempted to read Xion's mind. I didn't hear anything. Like, he wasn't thinking at all. How is that even possible? I don't know, after a while, I kinda just forgot about it and moved on, but it makes me wonder just exactly how he can be so smart, yet not think. Anyway, I'm back to my old life. It's a lot more fun knowing I can read people's minds and even make them do stuff. Just yesterday I made that girl who forced me to make a fool out of myself by picking up her pen, Clair was her name, to pick her nose while she gave a speech to the class. Good clean fun...for rest of us at least.

Today In Mr. Dawson's class, we're supposed to find partners for some project on the study of human relationships. Once we couple up we have to treat each other like best friends for an entire week. Here's the fun part, we get to write an essay on what we experienced...that's sarcasm in case you didn't notice. So, once the bell rings, I have to find someone to partner with. Mr. Dawson knows that most will rush over to their already closest friend, but I know that finding the person you don't know best will make writing an essay so much easier. I've got my eyes set on Steve Jackson.

" BRINNGGG " The bell finally rang, and people rushed all over the room. Mr.Dawson didn't even have to remind us. Before I could reach Steve, I saw some chick approach him, I ordered her to change her mind, and thankfully she did, walking away. I was now able to walk up to him.

" Hey there, Steve! " I said sounding some-what preppy.

" ...Hello. " He replied slowly.

" So, you don't seem to have a partner, what do you say to me? "

" Um, sure, why not. "

" Awesome, " I took a piece of paper from his notebook which was sitting on his desk, pulled out a pen from my pocket and wrote down my cell number. " There's my number best buddy. "

" Thanks, I'll call you from my phone and you can save the number. "

" Sounds like a plan. "

" Alia, the office wants you, ! " Mr. Dawson yelled over the commotion emitting from the classroom. " Take your stuff in case you have to leave...oh, Steve, walk with her, get a head start on your experiments! "

" Uhh... " Steve and I shared an awkward silence only between the two of us. I Really wouldn't want him to meat my parents, but I guess it would give us a head start on our project...I really didn't like the fact that Mr. Dawson said 'Experiment'.

" So, are we going? " Stave asked, standing up waiting for me.

" Oh, yeah lets go. " He opened the door for me as we left the class. It was completely silent walking down the school halls. No one cracked a word, totally awkward. The two of us finally arrived to the front office, but I didn't see my parents so that was a relief. Shockingly, I saw Jason sitting in the office.

" Jason!? "

" Hey Alia. " He had a mellow tone, like he wasn't surprised to see me.

" What are you doing here? "

" ...It's Gaby, she's in a coma... "

" What. how!? "

" They don't know, she was staying with Stacey. When Stacey found her, she was just lying there unconscious. "

" Oh my God...well is she going to be okay? "

" Like I said, they don't know...she could be out for months, and doctors say she'll definately have a large lose of memory if she ever wakes. "

" That's aweful...wait, don't you have school right now? "

" Yeah, but this is serious, " Jason leaned in towards my ear and whispered, " they found bruis marks on her head left from someone's hand...the thumb and middle finger were located on her temple area. I think someone wanted her memory erased. "

" Seriously? "

" Hi, I'm Steve. " Steve randomly spoke, offering out his hand to Jason.

" Um, hi? "

" I'm Alia's best friend. "

" ...Sure...nice to meet you, I'm Jason. " He took Steves hand and shook it.

" So anyway Jason, why exactly did you come here? "

" To warn you mostly, if someone wants Gaby's memory gone, they might want everything in it gone too...just be careful, and also, If Gaby ever wakes up, you may be her only chance at recovering her lost memories. "

" ...I don't know if I could do that, but I'll try. "

" Good to hear, and with that, you should be even more careful. If whoever the person is knows about you, they'll make sure you don't fix Gaby's memories. "

" Right...what hospital is she being held at? "

" The one on Gale Street, I'll be visiting daily, so you'll probably see me...I'll call you if anything happens. " Jason departed, leaving me and Steve.

" You've got good taste. " Steve commented.

" Woah, what!? "

" He's got looks. "

" Hey, we're not THAT close, and with those kind of statements I would think you've got the hots for him. I'll be sure to let him know what you think of him. "

" ...Well, at least he's not ugly- "

" Oh shut up and fallow me. " I draged him by his arm. We walked past the lady at the counter, who stood up at us, about to ask where we were going. I simply looked in her eyes, forcing her to sit back down and not ask questions.

" Where are we going? "

" Listen, I'm going to the hospital, I have to be there. You can fallow me or not, I'm not gunna force you to get in trouble for skipping. "

" Ha, please, how often do you see me in's not from being sick. "

" ...Good point, lets go. " We continued on through the front doors of the school, speed walking. We finally reached Dale Street when a hooded man began to approach us suspisciously. He stopped in front of us and stood for a moment. He slowly removed the hood from his head, revealing Xion.

" Xion! "

" Xion? " Steve wondered.

" Yeah, he's the leader of the rebe-llious friends of mine. "

" Mhmm...seems kidna shady. "

" ...Alia, please turn back now. "

" What're you talking about, I came to see Gaby, I hear she's in a coma. "

" If you continue on, you'll die, I've seen it. "

" What's he talking about? "

" Steve, I'm sorry, but I'm gunna have to ask you to cover your ears... " Without hesitation Steve did as I commanded. I then continued, " Xion, what're you talking about? "

" If you try to restore Gaby's memories, you will die. "

" How? "

" ...Trust me. "

" You lost my trust a long time ago, Xion. "

" ...Very well, if this is your choice. " Xion continued past Steve and I, pulling his hood back up. I took hold of one of Steves arms and removed it from his ear.

" Come on, let's go. " I said, dragging him again. We walked into the hospital, and after I obtained Gaby's room number from the front desk, we walked around the building until we found room #21. As the door was opened, we were revealed to Jason, Stacey, and a sleeping Gabriella.

" Alia, why're you here? " Jason questioned.

" Don't act like that, you're skipping school for her too...Steve's just tagging along. "

" Yo. " He introduced himself to Stacey who simply nodded to him.

" So anything new? "

" Nothing yet, the doctor will be back with info soon- " Just as that was said, the door opened again. This time a male doctor entered the room.

" Hello, I see we have more visitors...I'll keep this simple for everyone to understand. Miss Gabriella has a 10% chance of waking up from this coma, and even if she does, most, if not all of her memory will be gone. We'll keep trying to help, but I don't think there's much we can do. I'm sorry. "

" ...Thank you doctor. " Jason spoke for us. It was difficult to utter a word after hearing this happen to a close friend.

" Of course...and as I said, I'll keep this simple, please do not make it any more difficult than it needs to be. " Dr. Krage spoke in an odd tone, almost demonic. He removed a pen from his clip board. I felt unsafe with this so called doctor, so I began to read his mind. Before I could hear anything, Krage flung his hand in Stacey's direction, throwing his pen at an amazing speed. It peirced through her body, colliding with the wall behind her. Stacey fell to the floor while the rest of us braced ourselves.

" This guy must have something to do with Gaby's condition. We can't let him escape. " Jason alerted me.

" You 3 should be the ones trying to escape. " The next object thrown was the clipboard, aimed directly for Alia's face. In a flash, Steve's arm appeared in front of my face. He had punched the clipboard into pieces. I was a little shocked that he stopped it from hitting me at such high speeds.

" Woah...what now, got any thing else up your sleeve? " Jason intimidated Kage. Things would seem in our favor if he didn't have a bunch of knives stuffed in hidden pockets attached to his belt. As he lifted his arms to build momentum in his toss, both Jason and I yelled, " Wait! " We tried using our abilities, but he seemed imune as all he did was smirk.

" My mind is set on a single point, a single goal, and right now, that's killing the people in this room- ! " While he spoke, placing his guard down, Steve jabbed him in the gut, sending him into the door. Jason picked Gaby up and tossed her over his shoulder.

" Alia, we have to leave, it's not safe. "

" Gee, ya think!? " I replied, taking Steve yet again by the arm and leading him out of the room. So, someone obviously wants Gaby and everyone else we know dead, and I think it's also obvious who the culprit is...Wait aren't we forgetting someone? Oh no, Stacey!...Well, she's in a hospital...I hope she'll be fine.
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