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Xmouvelianx Tile Insertion Tutorial
*Do not copy this Tutorial and make it yours*

What you need
Graphics Gale
Tile that you want to insert
And most of all Patience

Choose a tile that you want to put in..
I'll use 874521's indoor tiles.


Choose those you want to insert
Use those with the similar colours..
open up a new paint file and paste it in

After you're done you will get this some sort..

Save it as a png file

Graphic Gale steps..
Open up your save photo

Click image->Count color used
Make sure it is 16 color or less!
if it's not.. just recolour the similar colours
close it on open it back in paint.

Open up block editor and go to an empty pallete

click edit pallete/pallete editor

For the first color just use any color you like..
Now go to paint and click the eyedropper tool.
left click the color of the block.[1 color at a time]

click colors-edit colors-define custom color

Copy down the Red,blue and green numbers
Now go back to your pallete form and insert the second color in.
After you have finish inserting the colors and insert the tiles into the tileset
it will look something like this

Now to paste those desired tiles into the tileset

save the tileset to where you'll find it easy to locate

Open up the desired tileset and copy the image

Next,Use graphic gale to open up the tileset.
Click 8x8 grid,for comfort to locate it i'll show you where

it will look like this

Next,Paste the image into the tileset

use the box tool located on the right side on the hand icon and box the first stairs,
and make it fit into the 8x8 box.
when you're done moving all of the image,it will look like this

save the tileset
Open up Advance-map again and load the edited tileset

When loaded,look for the inserted tiles and it will look something like this

*NOTE*some of you may have a different color for the background in some areas,simply color over it using the bg colour.

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So you can insert tiles now? Oh my gosh M, your such a fast learner!
Although I can't understand some of the steps, it still teaches me something about editing the palette.

EDIT: Oh and Pokemon Eon Legends is canceled, due to me frustrated to my rom and almost throwing my laptop >.> So you can delete that folder in your desktop that says "POKEMON EON LEGENDS".

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delete please. didn't mean to post on this thread.
Ya know you can delete this yourself

Anyway, ontopic, This is a great tutorial. I never really knew how to edit pallets.
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