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voting for game of the year 2009

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Old December 3rd, 2009 (1:20 PM). Edited December 12th, 2009 by Ty 101.
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    Welcome to the voting thread for game of the year 2009.
    Everyone can vote!
    Here is the thread for submitting your game so that everyone can see your post.

    Here is how voting will work:
    You must vote for one of the games that submitted their game.
    You must mention what game you are voting for.
    You must include why you are voting for the game.
    the game maker of one of the games can still vote just not for their game.
    You can only vote once.

    This thread will close at midnight on January first.
    This is in Eastern United States Time.
    Awards will be awarded soon after the closing of the thread.
    If you would like to help make the awards, send me a pm.

    Here are the games that can be voted for:
    Pokemon Raptor
    Pokemon Crystal Rain
    Pokemon Pyrite Version
    Pokemon Xenotime
    Pokemon Uranium
    Pokemon Ryen

    Here, I will keep track of how many votes each game has.

    Pokemon Raptor -XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Pokemon Crystal Rain -XXX
    Pokemon Pyrite Version -
    Pokemon Xenotime -XX
    Pokemon Uranium -XX
    Pokemon Ryen -XXXXXXXXXX

    Let the voting begin!
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    Old December 3rd, 2009 (2:09 PM).
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    I'm back.
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      I vote Pokemon Raptor seeing as its the first completed fangame on this forum, has possibly the biggest fanbase and has so many new scripted features and has had so much effort put into it that i think it deserves to win game of the year.

      Congrats on making a great game O.G Duke! :)
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      Old December 3rd, 2009 (2:18 PM).
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      It's still me, 44tim44 ;)
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        I vote for Pokémon Ryen, as it's one of the games that first attracted me to game-making.
        It also have graphics with a lot of effort put into them, and an awsome gameplay.

        Good luck, SL ;)

        Old December 3rd, 2009 (2:36 PM).
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        Lost With the Wind
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          I will vote for Pokemon Raptor. It is the first completed game I have seen here and it is really good. This game and a couple others are the reason I even found RPG Maker. I hope it wins.
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          Old December 3rd, 2009 (3:57 PM).
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            Posts: 666
            I have to go with pokemon raptor, because it was the game that attracted me to PC and it is the first completed game.
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            Old December 3rd, 2009 (5:36 PM).
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            Vote: "Pokemon Ryen"~!
            Creator: Shinylugia

            Why: Oh why to ask why! How it can be answered in so many ways~! I've played all of the game demos thus far, and while they're all good, from what I've played I feel that a lot of work has been put into Pokemon Ryen. It's not about fanbase, or whether or not it was the first completed game or not. I imagine Ryen has had hours upon hours put into it, simply by the amount of sheer detail, graphical standards, and the plethora of crafty and innovative designs that populate the game throughout!

            I can easily tell that all of these games have had countless hours put into them, and I wish the best of luck to everyone n_n
            Old December 3rd, 2009 (7:31 PM).
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            Descendant of the Inchlings
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            Age: 24
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            Pokemon Raptor. While the other games look good, and are fun, Pokemon Raptor is my favorite. While it doesn't have the beautiful graphics like Pokemon Ryen or Pokemon Uranium, it does have a good story, which is more apparent, since it is complete, and the effort really shows in making this game. This game interested me in the community, and, for now is my favorite game. But it was a tough choice between Ryen and Raptor.

            Of course, there was effort put into all of these games, but my vote, like I said, goes to Raptor.
            Old December 3rd, 2009 (7:36 PM).
            ZERO END ZERO END is offline
              Join Date: Nov 2009
              Posts: 3
              I vote for Pokemon Raptor because it is the first completed pokemon fangame. I found the game when surfing in Youtube and it brings me to this community. This game is worth to be the game of the year.
              Old December 3rd, 2009 (7:40 PM).
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              a.k.a OmegaGroudon
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                Alright. Finally the vote is up.
                I'll definitely vote for Pokemon Ryen. ( since I can't vote for my game. XD )
                That's because the game has a beautiful graphics and tile which attracted me.

                Second, I'm the 2nd founder of Pokemon Ryen, so for sure I'll vote for it.
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                Old December 3rd, 2009 (7:55 PM).
                ishinjik ishinjik is offline
                  Join Date: Dec 2009
                  Gender: Male
                  Posts: 1
                  My vote goes to Raptor because I've seen most of the development from beginning to end, and I know O.G has put tons of effort into it. It grew from an average fangame to a very enjoyable game.
                  Old December 3rd, 2009 (7:55 PM). Edited December 3rd, 2009 by shinylugia249.
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                  I'm back
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                    My vote goes to Raptor. The game has a simple yet interesting plot, and flows quite smoothly. It's not confusing and its ideas and features are one of kind! Og can use the simplest of graphics and arrange to in such away to make them really appealing.
                    It was great to be the co-founder for Raptor and part of the team and it's definitely an experience I won't forget.

                    So like I said before my vote goes to Raptor.
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                    Old December 3rd, 2009 (8:09 PM).
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                    This is really difficult, but I have to cast my vote for Pokemon Raptor, from what I've played, and the little I got to work on prior to FMP being chosen to finish the language corrections, the story is quite nice, and is simple and enjoyable. :D

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                    Old December 4th, 2009 (11:21 AM).
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                      I'm second in command for my game, does that mean I can vote for that?
                      My vote goes to Pokemon Xenotime, cos, um, I'm making it.
                      But if I can't vote for that, my vote goes to Pokemon Raptor. It's the first completed game and quite simply, I love playing it!

                      Second in command for popular fangame Pokemon XENOTIME.

                      Old December 4th, 2009 (11:57 AM).
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                      Spriter Guy
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                        My vote goes to Pokéon Ryen. OG's a great guy and Raptor IS awesome, but this is just from a spriter's point of view - Ryen's tiles and overall graphics are just all beautiful and Ryen is the reason I keep trying to make better and better Tiles. I'm not surprised this has already turned into a two horse race between the two R's - None of the other games can compare.
                        Old December 4th, 2009 (12:14 PM).
                        Route Route is offline
                          Join Date: Nov 2009
                          Posts: 374
                          My vote is for Pokémon Xenotime. I like how it looks, and it has some great features.
                          Old December 4th, 2009 (12:24 PM). Edited December 4th, 2009 by Diaruga222.
                          Diaruga222 Diaruga222 is offline
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                            Posts: 20
                            I vote for Pokemon Crystal Rain because it is really nice game and it is in my favourite Johto* region.
                            Old December 4th, 2009 (12:30 PM).
                            monkeyboi's Avatar
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                            Pokemon hack/game player
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                              My vote has to go to Raptor
                              because it was one of the first games i saw here, and after waiting almost a year after coming here was one of the best things I've played.

                              -If you are reading this and are about to post a question about a game do everyone a favor and read the thread first to see if your questions been asked already thank you for reading this-

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                              Old December 4th, 2009 (12:41 PM).
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                                I have updated the votes count.
                                Raptor leads with Ryen in second.
                                While Xenotime is barely leading Crystal Rain.

                                Just to keep things fair, I will not be voting.
                                Pokemon Forest of Secrets Creator.
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                                Old December 4th, 2009 (1:05 PM).
                                Atomic Reactor
                                  Posts: n/a
                                  I vote for Ryen by shinylugia..
                                  It's graphics are simply beautiful. It plays very smoothly, and the dialogue is pretty good. A real fun game to play overall, oh, and mapping is good too.
                                  Old December 5th, 2009 (7:04 AM).
                                  superclaw's Avatar
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                                  Pokemon Laon in development
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                                    Posts: 43
                                    Pokemon Raptor, since by playing through you can see how much work has been put in, sure it has it's fair share of errors and bugs, but name a game that has been completed and doesn't? On top of that it's awesome, and even though games like Ryen use D/P/Pt graphics, Raptor, with it's third gen graphics, is still on top for me.
                                    Old December 5th, 2009 (7:27 AM).
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                                    Game Developer
                                      Join Date: Jun 2009
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                                      Posts: 969
                                      I vote for Pokemon Uranium. I don't really think it is the best, but I do think it is a high enough quality for it to be a shame for it to get no votes.
                                      Old December 5th, 2009 (8:04 AM).
                                      Ty 101's Avatar
                                      Ty 101 Ty 101 is offline
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                                        Posts: 526
                                        I updated the first post.
                                        Good to see more votes.

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                                        Old December 5th, 2009 (8:47 AM).
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                                          I'll vote for Uranium, because the storyline is great, and it'll feature my stuff.
                                          Old December 5th, 2009 (1:24 PM).
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                                          Advanced RM2K3-er
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                                            Posts: 344
                                            This is a tough choice but I'll have to choose Pokemon Raptor
                                            not because it it completed but the feel of the game, the
                                            new features and all the hard work put into Raptor by OG Duke
                                            and everyone else.
                                            5 Years on Pokecommunity. Wow. It's not like I'm on like once a year :P
                                            Old December 6th, 2009 (9:18 AM).
                                            Ty 101's Avatar
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                                              Join Date: Jul 2008
                                              Posts: 526

                                              Raptor, Ryen, then Uranium AND Xenotime.
                                              Pokemon Forest of Secrets Creator.
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