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Old May 24th, 2010 (8:33 AM).
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This is an enhancement of Pokemon

I welcome you to... Pokemon Fire Red Extreme!

Welcome to Pokemon Fire Red Extreme. This is an 'enhancement' of the original Pokemon Fire red, which includes different features (listed below) and before you say anything this IS NOT a hack. There are many hacks that are avaliable so if you don't like this then don't bother critisising me. This is for those who enjoy a challenge, and this game is challenging, you may say, oh it's easy to edit the trainers, gyms, ect. however, it's not as easy as it sounds as you need to remember and edit every trainer's pokemon and levels and there are ALOT of trainers and this takes time and effort. I am saving you the time of editing the trainers by doing it myself, so I don't see the reason why you need to complain, so if you do want a challenge then by all means download this.
I have never created a hack before and my skills with hacking tools aren't so strong. I have made this game extremely challenging, meaning that the Elite four's Pokemon go beyond the levels of 70.
There will be some changes in beta 2 from feedback I receive, and I created this mainly for people to have a shot at it and give me feedback on areas that I can improve upon, so I hope you enjoy and if any bugs occur, please post it in the comment's, thank-you.

Name: Pokemon Fire Red Extreme
Rom Base: 1636 - Pokemon Fire Red (U)
Date Started: 24th May 2010
Current Beta: 1.0
Patcher: Lunar IPS

As this is an enhancement of the game, there are not as many features to it as there would be in a hack
  • Increased Difficulty
  • Enhanced Gyms (Higher levels, different teams)
  • Enhanced Trainers (Higher levels, Some need to be edited)
  • Rival's team fully enhanced.
  • Enhanced Elite Four (Much Tougher)
  • Gym Leaders have more pokemon (some have upto 6)
  • Johto, Kanto & Hoenn Pokemon obtainable in the wild (Still being edited)
  • New Starters
I plan to add more features in the upcoming beta, such as new items in mart, more trainers edited, more pokemon in the wild, possibly one or two new events (if my mapping skills are improved ).

Tools used

A-Map (Advanced Map)
A-Trainer (Advanced Trainer)
A-Mart (Advanced Mart)
A-Starter (Advanted Starter)
APE (Advanced Pallete Editor)
XSE (Extreme Script Editor)

As the rules are strict on what screenshots can and can't be, there are currently few screenshots. However, there are more to come.
(Starters may change upon feedback)

Kanto & Hoenn Pokemon Obtainable!

Get the National Dex at the beginning!

(Pokemon Fire Red Extreme Starters) - DO NOT open if you don't want to spoil!





*If any bugs occur please report them to me. Please note that all trainers have NOT been edited as it takes some time, they will hopefully be updated in Beta 2.


Beta 1 features:

In beta 1 I have changed the starters, I have edited EVERY gym and EVERY trainer in the gyms, there are minor changes to the wild in some places (Route 1 -Route 10) i.e level differences, I have included atleast 50+ Hoenn Pokemon from Routes 1 - 10. I am still currently editing the wild Pokemon & Levels and I am currently editing trainers in caves, routes ect. I should have Beta 2 up VERY soon.

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Old May 24th, 2010 (10:15 AM).
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This should never have been approved as battle shots don't count towards the four screenshots and the rest show insignificant edits (just text edits); therefore you don't have enough screenshots to warrant a thread.

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