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    Prism City; it’s a city known for its random culture, city life and structure. This place is not in any specific region, but it is recognized by the Pokémon League. Many of the attractions there include the Roy G. Biv Dome (for Contests), The Gym (home to one of the toughest of the “secret” Gym Leaders), and the world famous Rose Garden. As Ash, Dawn, and Brock arrive there, they face a Pokémon Contest, a Gym Battle and not to mention Team Rocket. How will our heroes fare in this adventure? Read on to find out! This is the Prism City Saga.

    The Prism City Saga: Part I
    Welcome to Prism City!

    Little do they know it, but Ash, Brock, and Dawn are headed for the mysterious Prism City. They are on the way to Daybreak Town and Dawn’s next Contest when they hear an extremely loud noise. Being the brave souls they are, they immediately run to the site of the noise’s origin. A tall man with black jeans and a black and white checked shirt stands next to a large rock and a tree. He has brown skin with a buzzed haircut and he is wearing gray and white tennis shoes. Next to him are a Dewgong and a Masquerain. He doesn’t notice the gang behind him, but he continues his training. The gang sneaks behind the tree and watches…

    “Now Dewgong, use your Horn Attack against that rock!” the trainer commands.

    The Dewgong with its sleek, white body lurches toward the rock, the horn on its head glowing. It attacks the rock, shattering it into thousands of pieces.

    “Great job Dewgong! That was awesome!” the trainer says. Dewgong smiles back at him.

    Dawn, unable to control her enthusiasm, shrieks and says, “Wow! That was great!” Her Piplup squealed at her, trying to quiet her. The mysterious trainer turns around and he jumps in the air, shocked that he has a small audience watching his performance. He scratches the back of his head and smiles awkwardly. “Oh my, I didn’t expect to see anyone here. What are you doing here?” he asks the group.

    “I’m not sure,” Ash replied. “We were just on the way to Daybreak Town to rest when we heard a loud noise. We ran here to find out what the noise was. Sorry if we startled you.”

    “Oh, it’s perfectly fine, I always happen to get audiences at the weirdest of times,” Irvine says back. He extends his hand. “My name is Irvine. Who are you?”

    Ash reaches out and shakes his hand. “My name is Ash,” he says. “I come from Pallet Town in the Kanto region and this is my best pal, Pikachu.” His Pikachu squeals happily. “I’m working on becoming a Pokémon Master!” he continues.

    Dawn waves at Irvine. “I’m Dawn from Twinleaf Town and this is my Piplup. I plan on becoming a top Coordinator!” she says.

    Brock says, “I’m Brock from Pewter City and I want to become a top Pokémon Breeder.”

    “You have great dreams and aspirations, all of you.” Irvine says. He points to his Pokémon. “This is my Dewgong. And this is my lifelong companion, Masquerain.” Masquerain does an aerial somersault. “I’m training my Pokémon for their next Contest in Prism City.”

    “Prism City? Where’s that?” Ash asks.

    “Oh, it’s just about two miles from here,” Irvine replies. “It’s a place well known for its eclectic culture. People dress randomly and the buildings are all different shapes and colors. But, like I said before, I’m training my Pokémon for their next Contest there.”

    “Really? There’s a contest going on there?” Dawn asks. “I would love to enter!” She shows her ribbons to Irvine. “I have already won four ribbons! I’m one away from entering the Grand Festival!”

    Smiling, Irvine says, “Great! We can enter together! But let me warn you; I have not lost a single contest battle yet.” He shows his Contest ribbons to Dawn. “I have 4 ribbons, just like you. I’m one away from entry into the Grand Festival also!” He gives a slight chuckle. “Well, I’m looking forward to this! You’ll be surprised at the things I do! Can I tag along with you until we get to the city?”

    “Sure!” Ash says excitedly. “You can come with us if you like.”

    “That’s awesome!” Irvine exclaims. “Dewgong, return!” Dewgong is called back into its PokéBall and Irvine starts to walk with the group to Prism City with his Masquerain hovering behind him.

    Time passes and as Prism City is on the horizon, Irvine looks a little nervous. His hands are a little fidgety and his eyes and head are darting back and forth from Ash to everywhere else.

    “Hey guys, um, I have a confession to make,” Irvine says nervously.

    Ash asks, “What is it?”

    “Um, I live in Prism City so um…”

    Brock rests his hand on Irvine’s shoulder. “Go ahead, tell us what’s wrong,” he says. “You’ll feel a lot better if you just get it off your chest.”

    “Well, not only am I working on becoming a top coordinator, I’m also the Gym Leader of Prism City.”

    A wave of shock passes through our heroes.

    Ash, with an open mouth and surprised look says, “Seriously, YOU are the Gym Leader?”

    “Well, yeah,” Irvine replies while taking a deep breath. “Actually, for the past 4 years, I have been one of the ‘secret’ Gym Leaders.

    “What’s a ‘secret’ Gym Leader?” Ash asks Irvine.

    “A secret Gym Leader is a person who isn’t recognized by any region,” Irvine replies. “That person has all the qualifications of a Gym Leader and is recognized by the Pokémon League. However, when challengers come my way, I tell them who I am, and they challenge me for my badge.”

    “Hey, I think I might have heard of something like that,” Brock says, “but we could never find anyone like that.”

    “Well, I used to be one of the strongest trainers in the Sinnoh region but then my opponents found it easier and easier to beat me,” Irvine says after taking another deep breath while Ash and company listen to him intently. “This weakened me and it made me too scared to fight against the Elite 4. My strategy had become stale. Just for the fun of it, I decided to enter a Pokémon Contest. That was where I won my first ribbon, after a few days of training, of course. Then, I found the spark in my Pokémon strategy. I traveled all over the regions, putting my Pokémon to the test, winning ribbon after ribbon. It wasn’t long until the Pokémon League asked me to be a Gym Leader at Prism City.” He points to Dawn. “I have seen you perform many times before, Dawn, and I wish to battle you in the next contest. When I am not working on contests, I fight trainers in the Gym Battles.” He then pumps his fist in the air with a big smile on his face. “Now I am proud to say that I haven’t lost a single contest battle yet!”

    Dawn, looking at Irvine with great awe says, “Oh, wow! I never thought you could use Contest style techniques into Gym Battles!”

    Brock says to her, “If you have the dedication and drive to do something, anything is possible.”

    “Not only that,” Irvine says, “but I can use the element of dist-” He stops himself mid-sentence, then smiles. “Actually, never mind. I’ll show you my strategy later!” He points toward the horizon. “There is my home, Prism City!” Ash and company with Irvine run towards the city.

    Now that the gang is in Prism City, they walk around, checking out the city’s eclectic culture. Suddenly, Irvine stops the gang.

    “Hey guys,” he says. “This is where I split up with you. I have to do some more training for the Contest tomorrow morning. We shall meet again! Oh, and the Contest is held at the Roy G. Biv Dome. It’s impossible to miss! Let’s go, Masquerain! See you guys later!” He runs down one street with his Masquerain close behind him. The group looks at each other, concerned about Irvine, but they make it to the Pokémon Center. Dawn registers for the Contest while everyone prepares to turn in for the night.


    The morning sun beams its bright rays over Prism City as everyone gathers at the Roy G. Biv Dome for the Contest. The top window of that dome serves as a prism as the sun beams through it, revealing dazzling colors to the center. The lights go off, revealing the rainbow colors of the sun kissed prism dome. The colors circle around the center of the stage. Marian, the contest hostess, stands in the center.

    “The prism, one gem, but many colors. The Contest, one Coordinator, but many strategies,” Marian announces. The lights come on. “Now it’s time for the Prism City Contest!” she shouts. The crowd screams in joy. “Welcome one and everyone! My name is Marian and our next Contest is underway! Let’s get to our panel of esteemed judges!” She extends her hand, leading everyone to the judges. “Our first judge is the head judge, Mr. Contesta!”

    Mr. Contesta waves his hand and says, “It is a great pleasure being here in Prism City! And it’s an even greater pleasure coming to a place that isn’t in any specific region!”

    “Our second judge is the head of the Pokémon Fan Club, Mr. Sukizo!” Marian continues.

    Mr. Sukizo says, “Prism City is remarkable!”

    “And our last judge is Prism City’s own Nurse Joy!”

    Prism City’s Nurse Joy says happily, “I am definitely looking forward to what these Coordinators do with their Pokémon!”

    “The winner of this Contest will win the Prism City Ribbon, which is good for any region!” she says as she shows the ribbon to everyone. It looks like a crown with a multicolored ribbon protruding from it. “Let’s start this Contest with the Performance Round where the beauty of each Pokémon’s moves is showcased and judged!” Marian announces.

    In the preparation room, the tensions of the Coordinators are high, including Dawn. She puts her hand on her racing heart. She hears a familiar voice behind her and gang.

    “Hey Dawn, are you ready for the contest?”

    Dawn and the gang turn around to find Irvine dressed in a short sleeved black button down shirt, a black and white striped tie, white pants, black dress shoes, and a fedora with a white rose sticking out of it. His Masquerain is hovering behind him. He is also wearing black gloves. He puts his hand on Dawn’s shoulder. She turns around and makes eye contact with him.

    “I see you are nervous,” he says. “You really shouldn’t be too nervous because your Pokémon can feel this anxiety. If you are confident, then your Pokémon will feel the same way.”

    Dawn smiles and says, “Thanks for the advice!”

    “Hey, it’s no problem!” he says as he smiles. “What Pokémon are you going to use?”

    “I’m going to use Piplup and Buneary! What about you?”

    “I can’t tell you! It’s a surprise!” he replies while wagging his finger at Dawn.

    Back at the stage, Marian is about to announce the first Coordinator.

    “And now it is time for our first contestant. You’re up!”

    The curtains draw back, revealing Dawn. A smile comes across her face as she remembers Irvine’s advice. She takes her PokéBall, starts to run and throws the PokéBall straight ahead.

    “Now Piplup! Spotlight!” she exclaims. Her PokéBall opens before everyone with a shower of hearts, revealing her Piplup. With utmost concentration, Dawn and Piplup begin their performance. “Piplup, let’s start by using Whirlpool!” Piplup produces a gigantic whirlpool and holds it there.

    “Now use Bubblebeam!” While spinning, Piplup spits bubble after bubble into the whirlpool, causing them to spiral and swirl around the whirlpool.

    “Dawn’s Piplup is using its bubbles to create a beautiful swirling effect around that whirlpool!” Marian says to the crowd.

    “Now Piplup, let’s finish by spinning and using Peck!” Piplup spins with its beak elongating. It jumps and attacks the whirlpool straight on, causing the whirlpool to break, sending water and bubbles everywhere. The bubbles pop into a fine mist, causing a rainbow effect with the prism rays. A collective gasp enraptures the audience.

    “And look at how the mist is reflecting off the sun’s rays!” Marian exclaims.

    “It’s amazing how Piplup was in its element!” Mr. Contesta says.

    “It’s absolutely remarkable!” Mr. Sukizo says.

    “Seeing Piplup break that whirlpool is beautifully brilliant!” Nurse Joy says with a smile.

    Ash, Brock, Jesselina and Irvine have just finished watching Dawn’s performance in the Preparation Room.

    Jesselina thinks, That twerpette is good, but I will be better!

    Back at the stage, Marian announces, “Now it’s time for our next contestant! You’re on!” The curtains pull back, revealing Irvine. The crowd cheers for him as he closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and grabs his PokéBall.

    “Kirlia, you’re in the limelight!” Irvine says with vitality. He tosses his PokéBall in the air and it opens, sending fireworks into the air. Kirlia then appears on the stage dancing in happiness.

    “Alright Kirlia, let's start off with Swift!” Kirlia spins and generates stars around it. Marian is concerned.

    “I don’t know where this is headed to,” she says with a smile, “but I sure can’t wait to see the finish!”

    Meanwhile in the stands, Brock and Ash are watching Irvine’s performance.

    “What do you think he’s doing?” Ash asks Brock.

    “I think he has something up his sleeve…,” was Brock’s reply.

    Back onstage, Irvine gives his next command.

    “Alright! Let's use Psychic to bring the Swift stars together!” Kirlia's eyes glow a light blue with the same outline around the stars. The Swift stars stop in their place and come together, revealing a bigger Swift star. The audience gasps in awe.

    “Look at that huge star!” Marian exclaims.

    “I'm not done yet!” Irvine says to Marian as the Swift star is positioned above Kirlia. “Now Kirlia, let's finish this up by using your Psywave!” Kirlia sends waves of psychic energy at the large star, causing it to split apart and cascade smaller stars into the audience. Kirlia spins next to Irvine and both of them take a bow. The crowd goes crazy and they start chanting Irvine's name over and over again.

    “Wow!” Marian interjects. “That is the most spectacular display of Psychic moves I have yet witnessed!”

    Dawn and Ash look out on the stage from their respective places, concerned and pondering about their future battles.

    Mr. Contesta says to Irvine, “Your Kirlia is a really good handler of Psychic-type moves!”

    “Absolutely remarkable!” is Mr. Contesta’s remark.

    Nurse Joy smiles and says to Irvine, “Psychic Pokémon are awesome to behold and your Kirlia made me love them even more!”

    Irvine leaves the stage and heads back to the Preparation Room as Jesselina prepares for her round.

    “Now it’s time for our next Coordinator! You’re up!” Marian announces. The curtains open revealing Jessie, in her contest clothes. She walks onto center stage blowing kisses to the crowd. She then grabs her PokéBall in anticipation.

    “Okay Yanmega, let's get this party started!” Jesselina says with a determined smile as she throws her PokéBall in the air. It opens with a shower of hearts pouring out. Yanmega appears, fanning the hearts away with its dragonfly-like wings. It flies around Jesselina as she closes her eyes.

    “Alright, let’s start off with some Sonic Booms!” was Jesselina’s first command. Yanmega flies in front of Jesselina and flaps his wings, sending out waves of sonic booms out towards her. Jesselina doesn’t flinch at all as she gives her second command.

    “Now, let’s use Silver Wind!” Yanmega then flaps furiously, starting a windstorm containing powdery scales. The sonic booms are caught in the wind and they fly around Jesselina, running through the scales of the Silver Wind. This causes the scales to dissolve and fall apart. Marian looks at the performance with great excitement.

    “Seeing Jesselina’s fearlessness with the Sonic Booms around her is certainly a sight to behold!” Marian says.

    The sonic booms meet in the center above Jesselina and collide into each other, causing an enormous shower of glittering explosions. The crowd gasps in awe. Yanmega descends on Jesselina’s head, ending the performance.

    “Excellent as usual, Yanmega!” she says. Yanmega smiles back at her as the crowd cheers. As the crowd cheers, Dawn is looking at the finished result of the performance.

    “So, Jesselina has come up with another new Contest style,” Dawn says as she marvels at the performance.

    “Those sonic booms colliding in the air was absolutely gorgeous!” Marian exclaims.

    “Sonic Booms are pretty dangerous and are known to cause good damage, but that Yanmega knew how to handle it!” Mr. Contesta remarks.

    “Indeed. Very remarkable!” Mr. Sukizo says.

    “I have never seen a Coordinator so fearless before,” Nurse Joy says in awe. “She wasn’t afraid to get hit if something did go wrong!”

    Jesselina runs back to the Preparation Room. More contest performances are viewed.

    Marian says, “It is now the end of the Performance Round! We will get back to you with the results of who will advance in the second round. So sit tight as the scores are tabulated!”

    Back in the Preparation Room, everyone is discussing their performances. Irvine and Dawn talk to each other about their Performance Rounds.

    “Hey, not too bad, Dawn!” Irvine says to her. “I like your style!”

    “Thanks a lot, Irvine!” Dawn replies back. “Your moves are really impressive, too! I didn’t know you had a Kirlia!”

    “Well, I do have my surprises!” Irvine talks back with a smile.

    “Do you know what Pokémon you are going to use if you make it to the Battle Round?” asks Brock.

    “I’m going to use Buneary!” exclaims Dawn. “What about you, Irvine?”

    “I got my pal, Masquerain!” Irvine replies as his Masquerain hovers around him.


    A few moments later, after careful consideration of the judges, Marian is back on the center of the arena with microphone in her hand. She energetically says, “We are sorry this took so long. Here on the big screen are the people taking part in the next round, the Contest Battle!” The screen displays faces one by one on the screen, each having a shot at the next round for the Prism City Ribbon. Among the eight faces on the screen are Dawn, Irvine, and Jesselina. All three of them jump with joy and excitement that they advance to the next round.

    Marian continues by saying the computer will randomly generate who will fight against whom in contest battle. The computer randomly picks the contestants and the second round begins. Jesselina defeats her opponents with Yanmega, Dawn storms the competition with Buneary, while Irvine defeats his opponents with Masquerain. Time passes and the semi-final round begins.

    “Now it’s time for the semi-final round. The next matches are Irvine versus Ramon and Dawn versus Jesselina!” Marian announces. With five minutes on the clock, Irvine manages to easily defeat his opponent. Dawn, Ash, Brock, and Jesselina watch backstage. Jesselina bites her nails in a nervous manner.

    “This is going to be a huge problem. Irvine’s really powerful,” she says to Dawn. “Whoever wins our will have to face him.” Dawn squeezes her Piplup tightly, which causes it to squeal in pain. Dawn realizes what she is doing and releases it. Time passes and it is time for Dawn and Jesselina to come to the battle stage. Dawn smiles to Jesselina onstage.

    “Good luck, you’ll need it!” she says as she reaches for her PokéBall. “Buneary! Spotlight!” Her PokéBall opens with a shower of hearts revealing Buneary ready for battle. Jesselina looks at her and says, “This will be too easy. Let’s go Yanmega!” She throws her PokéBall out and it opens with a flurry of musical notes revealing Yanmega.

    The Contest Battle begins with the five minute clock counting down.

    “Yanmega, use Ancient Power!” Jesselina commands her Pokémon. Yanmega’s body glows white, then it creates a silver colored ball in front of itself. It then proceeds to hurl the ball toward Buneary.

    “Buneary! Spin and use Bounce!” Dawn says as the ball comes toward her Pokémon. Buneary uses its feet to bounce high in the air while spiraling. Jesselina has an evil smile on her face, excited that she has successfully read Dawn’s strategy.

    “And Buneary stylishly avoids that attack!” Marian announces to the screaming crowd as Jesselina’s points decrease.

    “Oh, Yanmega! Let’s use Silver Wind!” Jesselina says. Yanmega flaps its wings repeatedly, sending a wind with powdery scales in Buneary’s direction. The wind catches Buneary and it finds itself helplessly airborne while being hit with the scales.

    “It seems that Jesselina knew that Buneary was going to jump in the air when it attacked with Ancient Power!” Marian says in wonder as Dawn’s points decrease.

    Dawn gets frustrated at the fact that Buneary is unable to land safely. She clenches her fists as she thinks of a plan to free her Pokémon from the windy trap.

    “Yanmega, let’s make our guest more uncomfortable, shall we?” Jesselina mockingly says. “Let’s use Steel Wing!” Yanmega’s wings glow white as it heads for Buneary. It damages Buneary with a clean hit. Buneary starts to fall from the sky. Dawn starts to panic until she remembers something important.

    “Buneary! Create a slide with your Ice Beam!” she says. Buneary fires a bluish-white beam from its mouth and it creates a downward ice slide.

    “Now, use Dizzy Punch!” Dawn continues. The cotton fluffs on Buneary’s ears glow with multiple colors and it lands on the ice slide with its ears. It starts skating toward Yanmega.

    “A nice recovery made by Buneary and an even nicer skating performance!” Marian exclaims as Jesselina’s points significantly drop. Jesselina is taken aback by this sudden change of events, but she isn’t too shaken up.

    That twerpette may have gotten out of that, Jesselina thinks, But she won’t get away from me forever! “Yanmega, use SonicBoom!” Yanmega flaps its wings, sending a wave of sonic energy toward the skating Buneary. Dawn smiles.

    “Buneary! Jump!” is her command as Buneary jumps over the SonicBoom and does several flips into the air.

    “Now use Dizzy Punch!” Buneary’s cotton fluffs on its ears start to glow in different colors as it is jumping towards Yanmega. The punches land successfully as Yanmega takes repeated damage.

    “Buneary never ceases to amaze me with its beautiful dodging!” Marian excitedly speaks as Jesselina’s points drop. When it seems that Jesselina should be concerned at this point, she isn’t. In fact, she is smiling!

    “Yanmega, use Ancient Power!” she says. Yanmega generates the silver colored ball and launches it at Buneary. It hits Buneary, causing it to crash to the ground.

    “Now, Silver Wind!” is her next command. Yanmega flaps its wings sending a gust with scales. The wind catches Buneary before it hits the ground and launches it straight up again.

    “There you go, Jess!” James shouts from the stands.

    “That’s showing her how!” Meowth follows up with Wobbuffet and Mime Jr. cheering her on.

    “Look at the style and how Yanmega is just merely toying with Buneary!” Marian announces as Dawn’s points take a drop. Dawn is nervous and she is trying frantically to think of a strategy.

    “Let’s finish this up, Yanmega! Use Steel Wing!” Yanmega’s wings glow a solid white and flies toward the falling Buneary. It makes contact once again, catapulting a helpless Buneary into the air and causing it to crash on the battleground. The dust clears and Yanmega is still flying in the air. Buneary, on the other hand, is on the ground, knocked out. Dawn and everyone else gasps. The judges’ screens reveal large red Xs.

    “Buneary is unable to battle!” Marian says. “And that means that the winner of this match with one minute and thirty-seven seconds left on the clock is Jesselina and Yanmega!” The crowd cheers as Jesselina and Yanmega embrace each other in victory. Dawn, looking downcast, scoops up her Buneary, which responds back weakly. Distraught, Dawn walks back to the preparation room with Jesselina close behind her.

    “Well think about the bright side, twerp…I mean Dawn; there’s always the next Contest!” Jesselina mockingly says to Dawn.

    “Well, at least I don’t have to fight Irvine in the final round!” Dawn retorts. “Good luck to you!” This realization hits Jesselina hard and she is all of a sudden a bunch of nerves.

    I don’t know if I can do this. Irvine has never lost a single Contest match, she thinks. But with determination, she continues, But I can’t give up here. I want to become a top coordinator!

    A disappointed Dawn goes to her friends in the preparation room.

    “I was hoping to battle Irvine at the end, but Jesselina beat me to him,” Dawn says sadly. She then hears a familiar voice behind her saying, “Hey, you can still battle me after the Contest. I might be up to some more competition after all.” Dawn looks over her shoulder to see Irvine standing behind her. “Don’t be so sad, Dawn,” he says. “That battle was very impressive. I would love to still battle you Contest-style. You’re an impressive Coordinator.” This puts a large grin on Dawn’s face and she thanks Irvine for the inspiration.

    Meanwhile, Jesselina talks to James and Meowth about her predicament with fighting Irvine. James reassures her.

    “Jessie, you didn’t have any problem with the other contestants and fighting that twerpette was easy, why are you freaking out now?” James asks her. Meowth continues the encouragement by telling her, “Yeah, you don’t have to wimp out now, Jessie. Get out there and teach that guy a thing or two about losing!”

    This gives Jesselina a fire in her eyes and a newfound inspiration. “You’re right!” Jesselina says. “I will show this kid that I’m a force to be reckoned with!” She runs out on the stage cackling loudly, making the people around her nervous. Meanwhile, Irvine is leaving his new friends, running onstage for the finals. He takes a deep breath.


    In the arena, Irvine and Jesselina are standing on opposite sides of each other, both excited and ready for the final round. Marian is in the center. She announces to the audience with vitality.

    “It’s time to determine the winner of the Prism City Contest Battle!” she says. “It’s all between Prism City’s own Irvine and Majolica Town Contest winner Jesselina!”

    Irvine grabs his PokéBall. “The spotlight is yours, Masquerain!” he shouts while tossing his PokéBall into the air. It bursts open with a shower of white feathers and Masquerain appears ready for battle.

    Jesselina scoffs at Irvine. “Well two can play at that game!” was her remark. “Yanmega, let’s go!” The ball bursts open with a flurry of musical notes. Yanmega appears as the notes descend on it.

    “Now it’s time for the final round to start,” Marian announces. “Five minutes on the clock please! Jesselina! Irvine! Are you two ready?” Jesselina and Irvine give the thumbs up while both of their Pokémon do an aerial somersault.

    “Let the final Contest Battle begin!” Marian announces as the five minute timer counts down…

    How will the Contest Battle go? Will Jesselina stand a chance against Irvine with her Yanmega, or will Irvine keep the upper hand with his Masquerain? Who will win the Prism City Contest Ribbon? Find out in the next chapter, “Getting ‘Winded’”!

    +=+ To be continued… +=+
    Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

    We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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      **In Part I, Ash and gang were continuing on their Pokémon journey when they met Irvine, a Contest Coordinator and a “secret” Gym Leader of a mysterious place known as Prism City. He told the gang about the upcoming Contest he was planning to enter. Dawn decided to enter the Contest in hopes of winning her fifth ribbon. After some great Contest Performance and Battle Rounds, it’s all down to Irvine and Jesselina, Masquerain vs. Yanmega. Find out who wins…**

      The Prism City Saga: Part II
      Getting “Winded”!

      The five minute clock starts to count down. Jesselina has the utmost determination on her face as she starts the first move.

      “Yanmega, let’s start by using Ancient Power!” was her first command. Yanmega summons a ball of silver colored energy and hurls it at Masquerain. However, Irvine doesn't look concerned in the least bit.

      “Hey Jesselina, that was a good starting move, but it’s not good enough!” he says to her. He commands his Masquerain, “Now Masquerain, cut that with your Air Slash!” Masquerain generates a ball of wind and sends it toward the ball of energy as a blade of air. It slices through the ball easily, causing a starry explosion. The audience gasps.

      “Seeing Masquerain's Air Slash like that made it show off some unique ways to cancel attacks!” Marian comments as Jesselina's points start to decrease. Irvine prepares for his second command by pointing to the air.

      “Masquerain, go high in the sky!” Masquerain flies toward the prism skylight. “Now, use Quick Attack!” is his command. Masquerain dives at Yanmega with all possible speed, with a trail of white light behind him. Jesselina smiles at the oncoming attack.

      “You will not make a fool of me!” she retorts. “Yanmega, use Silver Wind!” Yanmega flaps its wings, sending a wind with powdery scales towards Masquerain. It hits Masquerain multiple times.

      “Now use Steel Wing!” is Jesselina’s next command. Yanmega flies toward Masquerain with its wings glowing. It successfully hits Masquerain with a direct hit. Masquerain starts to fall from the sky.

      “What a direct hit!” Marian exclaims as Irvine’s points decrease. “Will this be the end for Masquerain?”

      “Not by a long shot!” Irvine replies to Marian. “Just you watch!” All eyes are on the falling Masquerain as it is about to hit the Contest floor. It actually regains itself inches from the floor and is in battle position, ready to fight some more. Jesselina is shocked at the toughness of Masquerain and she snarls at its airborne recovery as her points decrease.

      “Nice try, Jesselina,” Irvine sneers, “but you can’t knock down my Masquerain that easily!”

      “Hmph!” Jesselina says with determination in her eyes. She commands her Pokémon, “Keep it up Yanmega!”

      “You too, Masquerain!” Irvine shouts. Yanmega and Masquerain keep attacking each other with Yanmega’s Steel Wing and Masquerain’s Quick Attack. The battle becomes a total stalemate.

      Marian clenches her microphone in her hands with excitement of the Contest Battle taking place.

      “Now this is what I call a combat in the skies!” she exclaims.

      Jesselina, watching the progress of her battle with Irvine, thinks, Oh man, this is a lot worse than I thought. I bet this isn't all he does! She then commands Yanmega, “Use Sonic Boom!” Yanmega flaps its wings extra hard, sending a wave of sonic energy towards Masquerain.

      “Masquerain, dodge it and use Whirlwind!” was Irvine’s command. Masquerain hovers to the right and then flaps its wings, creating a tornado-like windstorm. The sonic boom is caught in the whirlwind and Masquerain sends it in Yanmega’s direction. Yanmega gets trapped in the whirlwind and is hit with its own Sonic Boom.

      “That was amazing!” Marian says as Jesselina’s points decrease. “Irvine has managed to attack his opponent’s Pokémon with its own attack!”

      There are two minutes on the Contest Battle clock. Jesselina has her hand to her mouth and she is starting to panic. Then she remembers something important.

      “Yanmega,” she commands. “You’re a flying type! Ride the wind out!” Yanmega rides the wind up and out of Masquerain’s Whirlwind. Once Yanmega was out of the whirlwind, Jesselina commands it to use Silver Wind. Yanmega flaps its wings, sending a wind containing powdery scales in the opposite direction of the Whirlwind. It cancels out the whirlwind in a glittering flurry. Everyone is taken aback by this effect.

      “Wow!” Marian exclaims. “Yanmega cancelled out that Whirlwind by sending the Silver Wind in the other direction!” Irvine is surprised by this attack and he grits his teeth while losing points.

      “WHAT?” he shouts. “I had never seen this before.” He looks at Jesselina and her fierce determination. “You are a worthy opponent, but now this match must be put to an end.” He looks at his Masquerain. “Use Whirlwind once more!” Masquerain flaps its wings again, starting up another whirlwind. It then sends it toward Yanmega.

      “I don't think so, buddy!” Jesselina retorts. “Yanmega, meet his Whirlwind with your Silver Wind!” Yanmega flaps its wings, sending a Silver Wind to meet Masquerain's Whirlwind. The winds collide, creating a tornado-like crossfire. Everyone’s clothes start to flap in the wind.

      “Everybody hang on to something,” Marian says. “You don't want to be caught in this storm! I have never seen such passion and drive in a Pokémon Contest before but these two are certainly putting their best effort to it!”

      Thirty seconds remain on the clock. Suddenly, just like the Majolica Town contest, the wind surrounding Jesselina causes the ribbons in her hair to fall to the ground. The wind streams through her hair, showing the sheen of her hair. The audience cheers as they hold on to their seats.

      “Look at that!” Marian exclaims. “The Silver Wind in that crossfire caused the ribbons in Jesselina’s hair to come loose and reveal the beauty of her hair! This is like the Majolica Town Contest!” With this, Irvine’s points decrease some more during the crossfire.

      Meanwhile, Ash, Dawn and Brock along with their Pokémon are holding on to the railing in front of them in the audience, trying their best not to be blown away in the makeshift storm. Ash is holding onto the railing in front of him as tight as possible.

      “This is a very intense storm, even for me!” he shouts, hoping to make his voice heard in the “storm’s” deafness. His Pikachu squeals in agreement as it holds tightly onto Ash's leg. Dawn decides to call Piplup back into its PokéBall.

      Back on the Battle Stage, both Coordinators with sheer determination to win the Prism City Ribbon are encouraging their Pokémon to keep it up as the crossfire gets stronger and stronger. Marian is getting the hair out of her face while trying to hold her footing on the ground.

      “You can see fatigue setting in on the Pokémon right now!” she exclaims as she observes Masquerain and Yanmega getting weaker in their attacks. Each one is giving it their all while fighting exhaustion to win this battle!”

      The clock counts down. Five…four…three…two…one…

      “TIME'S UP!” Marian shouts. The crossfire stops and both Pokémon are down on the ground, extremely tired. The crowd applauds and cheers for Irvine and Jesselina once the windstorm subsides. Thoughts are going through both Irvine’s and Jesselina's minds. Marian breathes a sigh of relief.

      “That was a very intense battle!” she announces. “Now let's see who will win the Prism City Ribbon.” Everyone looks up at the screen and sees that Jesselina has slightly more points than Irvine.

      “The winner is Jesselina!” Marian announces. A wave of shock passes through everyone in the Roy G. Biv Dome. Everyone comes to the realization that Irvine has lost a Contest for the very first time. Even Dawn is wide-eyed with her hand over her mouth.

      “I can’t believe that Irvine lost!” Dawn said. “He was undefeated!”

      “I think it was during that crossfire,” said Brock. “You see, Irvine lost points when Jesselina’s ribbons in her hair were taken loose by the Silver Wind in the ‘storm’.”

      Jesselina just stood there, absolutely speechless at the fact that she is the winner of the Prism City Contest and against an undefeated person such as Irvine.

      Irvine’s eyes opened wide with the realization of losing his match. He looks sad, but he then smiles and laughs. The crowd then starts to cheer for both Coordinators as Jesselina runs to her Yanmega and Irvine runs to his Masquerain.

      “Are you all right?” Jesselina asks her Yanmega, which responds weakly. “Well then, you deserve a long rest. Return.” Yanmega is then returned into her PokéBall. She walks to the center to meet Irvine.

      On the other side of the field, Irvine runs to his Masquerain. “Are you okay?” he says to it. Masquerain gives a weak response. “You had an intense battle,” he continues. “You might need to go in your PokéBall for a bit. Return!” His Masquerain is returned into its PokéBall. He then goes to meet Jesselina in the center. He has a smile on his face.

      “My, my, my Jesselina,” he says. “I had never been defeated in a Contest before, but you definitely put me in my place! You certainly have such passion and drive in your contest training! I am honored to have fought you!” And with that, he extends his hand.

      “I never thought I would come to face someone like you,” Jesselina says in response to Irvine. “I didn't think I was going to beat you because you are a strong trainer. I seriously had my doubts. You certainly are the best!” And with that, she shakes his hand and the crowd goes wild once again.


      At the contest award ceremony, Jesselina is standing on a block as the new Contest winner with her Yanmega flying behind her. Irvine is standing close by with his Masquerain on his shoulder. Marian is standing in the center with her microphone and Mr. Contesta, Mr. Sukizo, and Prism City’s Nurse Joy are close by.

      “It is now time for the awards ceremony where Mr. Contesta will hand the ribbon to the winner of this contest, Jesselina!” announces Marian. Mr. Contesta walks to the center of the staging arena where Jesselina is presented with the rainbow-colored Prism City Ribbon in a cushioned case.

      “It is my esteemed pleasure to present the Prism City Contest Ribbon to Jesselina for her hard work in training her Pokémon and battling today!” Mr. Contesta announces.

      “The way you used your Pokémon to their best, including the last battle was remarkable!” says Mr. Sukizo.

      “I had never seen flying Pokémon be at their fiercest like that and I wish you and Irvine the best in the future!” remarks Nurse Joy.

      Jesselina takes the ribbon, looks at Irvine with a smile on her face and raises the ribbon proudly in the air, prompting the crowd to rejoice. Irvine looks back at her with a smile and chuckles, still surprised that his Contest winning streak was ended.

      “The Prism City Ribbon is mine, all mine!” Jesselina says with joy.

      Meowth and James are in the stands sobbing with tears of happiness.

      “Look at our Jess, winning another Contest!” James says.

      “She’s the best!” Meowth says, crying also.

      “And so we draw the curtains on this Contest and say goodbye to Prism City,” Marian says. “We will see you at the next Contest in Daybreak Town. Thank you for coming out today and be safe!”

      It was the end of the Contest, and as Ash, Dawn, and Brock are walking out, Irvine catches up behind them with his Masquerain close by. He has a concerned look on his face.

      “Hey guys. Where do you think you are going?” he asks the gang.

      “Oh, we are going to take a walk around the city and then return to the Pokémon Center!” Ash says with a smile.

      “Okay, that’s great! You do need to see the sights around here! Well, you still have that Gym Battle with me! I will be ready for you. Tomorrow at 1 p.m.?” And with that, he extends his hand.

      “You bet!” Ash replies in excitement. “And I am going to win that badge from you!” With that, he shakes Irvine’s hand. Irvine has a devilish smile on his face. The group is taken aback by his expression.

      “A word of warning, Ash,” he says. “I use most types of Pokémon; that's my specialty. You never know until the last second which Pokémon I am going to use. Getting the Shuffle Badge from me will not be easy.” He looks at his Masquerain and says, “Isn't that right, Masquerain?” His Pokémon flies around our heroes several times. Irvine then looks at his watch.

      “Well, it's time for me to head out and prepare for tomorrow,” he says. “Take some time out to tour the city. You'll see why they call it Prism City!

      “Sure thing! See you tomorrow!” Ash says to Irvine. He and gang walk deeper into the city as Irvine sees them off.

      In Prism City, there are building of all shapes, sizes, and colors abound. People are wearing all kinds of crazy colors and materials and there are completely random Pokémon wandering the streets, from Ditto to Dratini. Ash, Dawn, and Brock look around in sheer amazement.

      “No wonder they call it Prism City!” Dawn says in awe.

      Brock looks at the map section of his guidebook. “The landmarks are very easy to find here,” he says. “According to the map, the Prism City Gym is colored a solid blue.”

      “So, apparently, everything’s easy to find,” says Ash. “That’s nice and all, but we have a Gym Battle to win. Isn’t that right, Pikachu?” he asks as he clenches his fist. His Pikachu squeals in agreement. The gang heads to the Pokémon Center to train and heal their Pokémon, and retire for the night.

      Meanwhile, Jessie is boasting about her Contest victory to James and Meowth. She is marching around in pride with a gigantic smile on her face.

      “I can’t believe I won another contest!” Jessie shouts.

      “You do realize, of course, that you’re still not eligible to compete in the Grand Festival yet, do you?” James asks matter-of-factly.

      “That guy was a pretty tough character to beat, you’d have to admit!” Meowth says.

      “I don’t care what you two say,” Jessie says in jubilee. “I won another ribbon! I’m one step closer to entry in the Grand Festival!”

      Jessie continues to brag, boast and dance around James and Meowth while they think that Jessie has gone off the deep end. They later on hear a familiar voice behind them.

      “Hey, you look familiar.”

      “Who was that?” all three say in a nervous shock. They turn around to find Irvine with his Masquerain behind them. Irvine points to Jessie, squinting his eyes.

      “Yeah you, with the red hair,” he says. “You look extremely familiar, like I’ve seen you before.”

      Jessie gets nervous. Thoughts are running through her head and she is starting to shake. She then manages to speak back to Irvine.

      “I d…d…don’t remember seeing you,” she says in a weak, small trembling voice. “M…m…must have mistaken me for another.”

      Irvine stares at her and she stares at him back for what seems like an eternity. He then smiles at her.

      “Okay, sorry I was mistaken,” he says to Jessie. “Oh by the way, I have a Gym Battle tomorrow at 1 p.m. Interested in coming?”

      “Uh, sure,” she says, “I’ll be happy to! But why would you want to invite people you don’t even know?”

      “Because we have a rule here; Everyone is welcome here, whether good or bad, neighbor or outcast, free or bond,” Irvine recites. He then clenches his fist. “I will see you at the Gym Battle then! Come on Masquerain!” he says to his Pokémon as he runs off back towards the direction of the Gym with Masquerain close behind him. Everyone takes a deep breath and sighs heavily.

      “Whew! That was too close to call!” she says after exhaling.

      “Same here!” says James and Meowth simultaneously as their Wobbuffet pops out.
      It is a cloudy afternoon. Jessie, James and Meowth, along with Ash and the gang are in the Prism City Gym. Ash is on one side of the battlefield, his heart racing and with the utmost determination on his face. Dawn and Brock are on one side of the stands with their Piplup, Happiny, Buneary, and Pachirisu. Jessie, James and Meowth are on the other side of the stands in disguise with their Mime Jr. and Wobbuffet. The referee stands in middle on the outer boundary of the battlefield.

      “Today is the day we have been waiting for,” the referee announces. “The Gym Battle for the Prism City Shuffle Badge is about to begin! On my right is the challenger from Pallet Town in the Kanto region, Ash Ketchum!”

      Jessie has an epiphany.

      “Hey, Irvine invited us to watch him fight that twerp, Ash!” she says to James and Meowth.

      “And on my left is the role model of Prism City, the Gym Leader and Contest Coordinator, Irvine!” The doors on the opponent’s side slide open, and Irvine walks through them with his Masquerain close behind him. He puts on his finger gloves and clenches his hands into a fist.

      “So Ash, are you ready to battle me?” Irvine says to Ash with a smirk.

      “You bet, Irvine!” Ash says to Irvine with a smile and determination.

      “This will be a four on four Pokémon battle and the match is over when all of one person’s Pokémon are unable to battle,” the referee says. “Only the challenger is allowed to substitute Pokémon.” He looks at both Ash and Irvine. “Irvine, Ash, are you both ready to battle?” he asks.

      “You bet!” was the simultaneous reply from Ash and Irvine.

      “Okay, let the battle begin!” says the referee. Ash grabs a PokéBall.

      “Staraptor, I choose you!” he says as he tosses his PokéBall, causing it to open and out pops a Staraptor, the evolved form of Staravia.

      “I should let you know, Ash,” says Irvine, “I never, ever play by advantages. Therefore, I call forth my Grass-type, Meganium!” He tosses his PokéBall and out comes a Meganium, the evolved form of Bayleef.

      +=+ To be continued… +=+

      How will Ash fare in this four on four battle with Irvine? Will he be able to deal with four different Pokémon types in one battle? Will he win the Shuffle Badge? Find the answers to these questions and more in the next chapter, “A Battle of Epic Distractions!” coming soon!
      Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

      We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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        **In Part II, Irvine and Jesselina fought in the final round of the Prism City Contest with Masquerain and Yanmega, respectively. After an intense battle including a windy crossfire, Jesselina won in the end and she was presented with the Prism City Contest Ribbon. Later on, Ash challenged Irvine to a Gym Battle for the Shuffle Badge. For the first match, Ash calls out Staraptor while Irvine calls out Meganium. The story continues…**

        The Prism City Saga: Part III
        A Battle of Epic Distractions!

        It’s a four-on-four Gym Battle between Pallet Town’s Ash and Gym Leader Irvine and the tensions are high. Ash starts with Staraptor against Irvine’s Meganium. Both Pokémon are ready to fight, with determination in their eyes. Brock and Dawn are sitting on one side of the Gym while Team Rocket is sitting on the other side in disguise.

        “Ready, begin!” the referee shouts.

        “Staraptor, use Aerial Ace!” is Ash’s first command. Staraptor does an aerial somersault and then speeds toward Meganium with all force. Irvine smirks.

        “Ah, a head-on attack! Seriously?” Irvine sneers. “Meganium, use Magical Leaf!” Meganium tosses glowing green leaves after Staraptor, which dodges them inside and out.

        “Hmm, it looks like Staraptor is enjoying the nice little diversion I put up for it!” Irvine says. “Use Leaf Storm!” Meganium summons a windstorm of leaves and fires it at Staraptor, catching it in a very strong headwind while being attacked at the same time. Up in the stands, Brock has his hand on his chin looking concerned.

        “Ash might be in trouble,” he says. “Irvine is using the element of distraction to gain the upper hand. That’s probably what he was trying to tell us when we met him earlier.”

        “You think so?” asks Dawn. “I thought Irvine would normally defend against that attack if it was head on.”

        “But remember, Irvine said he doesn’t play by advantages,” Brock responds. “He knew that Aerial Ace would be super effective against Meganium, so he threw in a diversion to throw Ash off course. Ash needs a defensive offense for victory here.”

        On the field, Ash’s Staraptor is suffering a lot of damage from the Leaf Storm that it was being hit with.

        “Incorporate your Magical Leaf into the storm!” Irvine commands Meganium. It then sends the glowing leaves into the storm, causing even greater damage to Staraptor. Ash is about to panic about what to do next, but then has an epiphany.

        “Staraptor! Ride the wind out by using Aerial Ace!” he cries out. Staraptor stretches its wings and rides the wind out while clearing away the leaves at the same time. Irvine stands impressed.

        “Nice move,” he says. “But this is only the beginning. Now you know part of my strategy, the element of distraction. But, I’d rather you find that out on your own than me telling you.”

        So that’s his strategy, Ash thinks. I must try to stay one step ahead of this guy. “Now Staraptor, use Aerial Ace once more!” he says. Staraptor does another aerial somersault and swoops down toward Meganium again.

        “Meganium, use Sweet Scent!” Irvine commands. Meganium emanates a sweet smelling aroma from its leaves. Staraptor smells the scent, stops the attack, and then floats around idly airborne, enjoying the spicy aroma.

        “What’s going on?” Ash shouts with a concerned look on his face. Brock cups his hands to shout out to Ash.

        “Ash!” he says. “Sweet Scent lowers your Pokémon’s evasiveness. It will not be able to dodge attacks well unless it stops smelling the scent!”

        “Brock is right,” Irvine affirms. “What are you going to do this time?”

        Ash is scratching his head, confused about what to do next. While he is thinking, Irvine starts up the next attack.

        “Now stop the Sweet Scent and use Solarbeam!” Meganium stops the Sweet Scent attack and starts to gather energy from the sun to charge its attack. Staraptor regains its focus and is ready to fight once again.

        “Now I know I can hit Meganium now!” Ash says with vitality. “It can only fire the Solarbeam after a few seconds. Staraptor!…”

        As soon as he says that, Meganium fires the Solarbeam, hitting Staraptor directly, causing it to fall to the floor, knocked out.

        “Staraptor is unable to battle,” the referee says, raising his hand to Irvine’s side. “The victory goes to Meganium.”

        “Staraptor, return!” a dismayed Ash says. His PokéBall shoots a red beam at Staraptor, putting the Pokémon back in. “You fought well. You need a good rest. Hey Irvine, how was that Solarbeam so fast in firing?”

        “Because, my friend,” Irvine replies. “I trained it to fire in a short time. Also, it has a Miracle Seed, which powers up Grass-type moves. It was really time consuming, but it was worth the wait!”

        Meanwhile, Jessie, James and Meowth are watching the Gym Battle from the other side of the Gym, checking out Irvine’s strategy.

        “Oh, the element of distraction!” Jessie says with a smile. “That sounds like a very good idea!”

        “It’s perfect to bring that twerp and his gang of goody two shoes down!” says James.

        “Plus, we can teach your Pokémon how to do that, so we can capture Pikachu a lot easier!” responds Meowth. All three of them start to laugh as they watch the battle go on.

        Back on the battleground, Irvine asks Ash to select his second Pokémon. Ash selects a PokéBall and tosses it in the air.

        “Monferno, I choose you!” he says. Monferno pops out of the PokéBall, ready for battle.

        “Oh, you choose Monferno, eh?” asks Irvine. “Let’s see how this match will end. It’s your turn.”

        “You asked for it!” says Ash in confidence. “Monferno, use Flame Wheel!” Monferno gets a flame going in its mouth, and then starts spinning like a wheel towards Meganium. Irvine smiles.

        “Meganium, use Leaf Storm and incorporate Magical Leaf into it!” he commands. Meganium generates a leaf storm with the glowing green leaves and throws it at Monferno, stopping the Flame Wheel while inflicting damage on Monferno at the same time. Dawn looks a little confused.

        “How did Monferno’s Flame Wheel get cancelled? It’s a Fire-Type move.” Dawn asks Brock.

        “Sure it’s a Fire-Type move, but Leaf Storm carries a Gust quality to it, causing the flame in that Flame Wheel to go out.” Brock replies.

        “Come on Ash, you have got to do better than this!” Irvine challenges him. “That was like a breath to a lit candle!”

        “Oh, I got something better!” says Ash with a smirk. “Monferno, use Dig!” Monferno digs a hole in the ground and jumps in it. Meganium stops the attack and looks around trying to find where the Monferno went. Irvine is just as confused as Meganium is.

        “Now Monferno!” Ash shouts. “Jump out and use Flame Wheel once more!” Monferno jumps out of the ground, hits Meganium with an uppercut and generates the Flame Wheel. It lands with a direct hit.

        “Follow that up with a Flamethrower!” is his next command. Monferno spins around in the Flame Wheel, stops the attack and fires a Flamethrower at Meganium and it lands with another direct hit. Meganium falls to the ground, knocked out.

        “Meganium is unable to battle,” announces the referee, raising his hand to Ash’s side. “Monferno wins this match!”

        “How did you beat my Meganium?” a curious Irvine asks Ash.

        “It’s simple actually,” replies Ash. “I had a Turtwig that was able to move around quickly. When it evolved into Grotle, it couldn’t move as fast to avoid attacks. I figured that was the same case as you.”

        “Ah, nice strategy,” Irvine responds while calling Meganium back into its PokéBall and pulling out another PokéBall. “However, I have another Pokémon for you to battle. A Dragon-type, as a matter of fact. Dragonair, let’s go!” He tosses another PokéBall into the air. Dragonair pops out of the PokéBall, ready to go. “It’s your turn,” he says to Ash with a smile.

        “Okay,” says Ash. “Then I might just have to change up on Pokémon. Monferno, return!” Ash calls Monferno back into his PokéBall. “I’m going to use a Water-type this time! Buizel, I choose you!” He tosses another PokéBall into the air. It pops open and Buizel appears.

        Man, this guy is tougher than I thought, Ash thinks. Maybe I should use the Counter-Shield technique. “Buizel, use Sonic Boom!” Ash says out loud. Buizel jumps in the air and spins around, its tail sending a wave of sonic energy towards Dragonair.

        “Dragonair, dodge it and use Confuse Ray!” Irvine commands. Dragonair slithers quickly to the side like a sidewinder to avoid the Sonic Boom and it fires a purple colored ray towards Buizel. This brings a smile to Ash’s face.

        “Just what I was hoping you would do!” he says with excitement. “Now Buizel, spin and use Water Gun!” Buizel gets on the ground, spins around and fires a Water Gun from its mouth, sending it in all directions. The Water Gun completely knocks out the Confuse Ray and it is damaging Dragonair at the same time.

        “Well, well, well, what’s this?” Irvine asks.

        “It’s called the Counter-Shield!” Ash tells Irvine. “I developed it when I was battling Fantina at Hearthome City! It helped me win the Relic Badge from her.”

        “You know, I like that,” Irvine says. “But let’s see if I can do the same thing. Dragonair! Spin and use Shock Wave!” Dragonair starts to circle around itself, shooting a light blue beam of electricity from its mouth in all directions, colliding with the water. Since water conducts electricity, it travels down the water streams and straight to Buizel, which gets hit from all ends from the electricity. Ash stares, his jaw dropping.

        “WHAT?” Ash shouts.

        “Nice strategy, Ash, but you won’t win this battle so easily!” Irvine says matter-of-factly to Ash. “As you can see, I just used your attack against you and made it a great Contest style! My Dragonair is a fast learner. Just like a Gym Leader, huh?” he smirks.

        Just like a Gym Leader! Ash thinks while gritting his teeth and looking at his Buizel, who is recovering from that electrical attack.

        “Dragonair,” Irvine commands, “Take Buizel down with Slam!” Dragonair takes its tail and flings it at Buizel.

        “Buizel, dodge that and use Aqua Jet!” Ash commands Buizel. Buizel dodges the Slam attack, and then envelops itself in water and leaps towards Dragonair while avoiding its long tail. Irvine is now laughing at Ash.

        “When will you learn about my distractions, Ash?” he asks in sarcasm. “Use Dragon Rage, Dragonair!”

        Dragonair launches a red and orange fireball towards Buizel’s Aqua Jet. The Dragon Rage collides with the Aqua Jet, cancelling it and knocking Buizel backwards and on the ground.

        “Now Dragonair, use Bind!” Dragonair wraps itself around Buizel, squeezing it. Buizel cries out in pain as it struggles to get free from Dragonair’s grip.

        “Buizel!” Ash cries out.

        “I got you right where I want you!” Irvine says. “Dragonair, Confuse Ray!” Dragonair shoots the purple colored ray at Buizel. The ray hits and now Buizel is dazed. Dragonair lets go of Buizel as it staggers around the battleground with Confuse status. Brock and Dawn are amazed by Irvine’s techniques.

        “Wow, Irvine is tricking Ash left and right,” Dawn says in astonishment.

        “Irvine keeps distracting Ash with flashy moves,” Brock says in response to Dawn. “Ash’s Pokémon are trying to dodge and use head on attacks, but Irvine is continually blindsiding him.”

        “Dragonair!” shouts Irvine. “Let’s finish off Buizel with Dragon Rage!” Dragonair shoots the orange and red fireball towards Buizel.

        “Buizel, dodge it!” Ash says in desperation. However, due to Buizel’s confusion, it is unable to dodge it. Instead, it hurts itself. Not only did that happen, but Dragonair’s Dragon Rage makes contact with Buizel with full force. Buizel falls, knocked out.

        “Buizel is unable to battle!” the referee says as he raises his hand to Irvine’s side. “Dragonair is the winner of this match!”

        “I told you not be distracted,” Irvine tells Ash. “I have more up my sleeve than you think! Call out your next Pokémon, you only got two left!”

        Ash looks to his Pikachu. “Hey Pikachu, do you think you can handle this?” Pikachu looks back at Ash, smiles, and then runs out to the field.

        “I’m ready, Irvine!” Ash says.

        “Alright!” Irvine exclaims. “Dragonair, use Dragon Rage!” Dragonair fires the orange and red flame-like beam towards Pikachu. Ash now has a smile on his face.

        “Alright, Pikachu! Spin and use Thunderbolt!” he says. Pikachu spins and emanates an electric attack from squeezing its cheeks that constantly bombards Dragonair with electricity. Dragonair cannot move; it’s hit with Paralyze status.

        “What do you think about that, Irvine?” Ash says to Irvine, in a smart-alecky tone.

        Dawn sees the performance. “There you go, Ash!” she shouts from the stands with Pachirisu, Buneary, and Piplup squealing in delight.

        “Now Pikachu, use Volt Tackle!” Pikachu charges towards Dragonair, its whole body cloaked with electrical energy. It runs faster and faster and hits Dragonair successfully.

        “You see, Irvine,” Ash says, “You might be able to block my water Counter-Shield, but you can’t dodge an electrical one!

        “Well, I didn’t expect for my Dragonair to be paralyzed with an Electric Counter-Shield,” Irvine says while giving a slight chuckle. “However, you might want to eat those words. Just watch.” After a few seconds, Dragonair starts to shed its skin. It falls off Dragonair and it looks shinier than ever and no longer paralyzed. Ash, Dawn and Brock look back in surprise.

        “Meet Dragonair’s Shed Skin ability,” Irvine explains to Ash. “It is able to quickly heal itself of any status condition! Now Dragonair, attack Pikachu with Slam!” Dragonair slithers toward Pikachu, swinging its tail with force. Pikachu narrowly escapes the attack and is ready to fight again.

        “Now use Bind!” is his next command. Dragonair starts to spring towards Pikachu, ready to wrap its body around its opponent. Ash has a smile on his face once again.

        “Now you’re attacking me head-on!” he says. “Now Pikachu, Iron Tail!” Pikachu’s tail glows a solid white and runs towards Dragonair. Pikachu jumps and whips its tail on Dragonair. The hit lands with a great force. Dragonair falls on the ground, knocked out.

        “Dragonair is unable to battle,” the referee says while raising his hand on Ash’s side. “The winner of this match is Pikachu.” Irvine looks to Ash with interest.

        “I must admit, Ash, I am surprised at your skill,” he says. “I’m quite honored to be fighting against someone like you, really I am. Most people wouldn’t be able to get past my Dragonair.” He now has an evil smile on his face. “Well, those who DO get past my Dragonair won’t win against my Bug-type!” He looks at his Masquerain and then looks back to Ash and his Pikachu. “Now I send Masquerain to do battle!” he says while pointing to the arena. Masquerain hovers out to the field, ready to fight. “Just remember Ash, I don’t play by advantages. How are you going to fight this battle? It’s your turn!”

        “Like this!” Ash replies. “Pikachu, use Quick Attack!” Pikachu runs toward Masquerain with incredible speed. Irvine smiles once again.

        “Why the rush?” he says mockingly. “Masquerain, use Whirlwind!” Masquerain stirs up a windstorm directly towards Pikachu. Pikachu’s attack is stopped and now it is trapped in the wind. Pikachu is then lifted off of its feet, absolutely helpless.

        “You see, my friend, your Pikachu isn’t able to move much at all, more or less flail helplessly” Irvine says. “Now watch this. Masquerain, Air Slash!” Masquerain, still flapping its wings with the Whirlwind, generates a ball of air and sends it as a blade of wind to the Whirlwind. The wind-blade flies into the Whirlwind, damaging Pikachu. Jessie looks in awe at the battle taking place.

        “Wow!” she says to Team Rocket. “Irvine could’ve done that to me at the Contest. I would’ve lost if he had done that!”

        Back on the floor, Irvine now is enjoying the action taking place as the wind is flapping around everyone’s clothes. He has his arms crossed and he is smiling.

        “Pikachu!” Ash cries out as his Pikachu is unable to regain its footing in the wind.

        “Your Pikachu is helpless, like I said before,” Irvine says. “Now Masquerain, Sleep Powder!” Masquerain flies around the Whirlwind, cascading a mysterious white powder. The powder lands on Pikachu and it is hit with Sleep Status. Pikachu is in dream land while it is floating up and down. Irvine laughs once again.

        “Well, well, well,” he says. “Now your Pikachu is fast asleep. I’m going to finish this off really quickly and put it out of its misery. Masquerain, stop all attacks and finish this off with a Quick Attack!” Masquerain then stops the Whirlwind and then proceeds to dive towards Pikachu with all possible speed. It hits Pikachu with a direct hit, vaulting it in the air and knocking it out.

        “Pikachu is unable to battle,” the referee says with his hand up on Irvine’s side. “Masquerain is the winner!”

        “Come on, Ash,” Irvine scoffs. “You have got to do better than this! You have Monferno left. It’s your turn,” he smirks as Ash carries out Pikachu and calls out Monferno from its PokéBall.

        Man, that Masquerain is one tough Pokémon, Ash thinks, and Irvine is one tough Gym Leader! What do I do? He then says, “Monferno, use Mach Punch!” Monferno’s fist glows as he approaches Masquerain. Irvine smiles at this attempt.

        “Nice, but you can’t fool me Ash! Masquerain, dodge it and use Sleep Powder!” Masquerain rolls to the right and is about to send out the same powder that put Pikachu to sleep. However, Ash has another plan up his sleeve.

        “Now, Monferno, spin and use Flamethrower!” Ash says. Monferno spins around and spits fire in all directions, creating a Fire Counter-Shield. It burns away the Sleep Powder as it damages Masquerain at the same time. It’s super effective. Irvine is taken aback by the new Counter-Shield.

        “Wow!” Irvine exclaims. “A Fire Counter-Shield! I better get Masquerain out of this, but how?” He thinks for a while and his face lights up. “I know!” he says. “Masquerain, use Whirlwind and cloak yourself in it!” Masquerain fires up another windstorm, but then inserts itself inside the wind. The incoming flames are blown away like a candlelight to a person’s breath. Monferno looks astounded and Ash’s eyes are wide open in surprise.

        “What!” he exclaims. “How is that even possible?”

        “You see, Ash,” Irvine replies. “I have tricks of my own. I can use Masquerain’s Whirlwind as a Counter-Counter-Shield, if you will! Now Masquerain, use Quick Attack!” Masquerain swoops down towards Monferno with all quickness.

        “Monferno, use Dig!” Ash commands. Monferno digs quickly in the ground causing Masquerain to stop and look around. Irvine smiles.

        “You think I’m going to be fooled by your Monferno digging in the ground again? Well, not so fast, my friend!” he says. “Masquerain, ground mode, let’s go!” Masquerain descends on the ground, its wings making contact with the floor. Ash looks on in interest.

        “Just what are you doing?” Ash asks Irvine.

        “Oh, just an old trick of the trade,” Irvine replies with a smile. “Masquerain, feel the motions underground and use Sleep Powder at the escape site!” Masquerain closes its eyes and focuses. It feels a slight tremor about five feet away. It swoops to the spot while releasing its Sleep Powder. As soon as that happens, Monferno breaks out on that exact spot ready to attack Masquerain. However, it jumps right into the Sleep Powder and it is hit with Sleep status. Ash has a look of horror on its face.

        “Monferno! Wake up!” Ash cries, but to no avail.

        “Now, Whirlwind!” is Irvine’s next command. Masquerain generates a massive whirlwind, lifting Monferno off the ground. Irvine laughs.

        “I love it when a plan comes together!” he exclaims. “Masquerain, let’s finish this off with an Air Slash!” Masquerain creates a ball of wind and flings it as a blade of air towards Monferno. It hits Monferno with a direct hit, knocking it out.

        “Monferno is unable to battle,” the referee says with his arm out to Irvine’s side. “The winner of this match goes to Masquerain and the victor of this Gym Battle is Irvine!”

        “No...” says an extremely downcast Ash as he calls Monferno back into its PokéBall. He falls to his knees with a tear about to fall from his eye. His friends and Irvine come to console him.

        “Hey Ash,” Dawn says. “You did really well! You don’t need to feel sad!”

        “Yeah,” says Brock. “He was a tough opponent, but you managed to fare out just fine!”

        “Ash,” says Irvine. “I noticed that when you are about to lose, you end up rushing the attacks and panicking. I could easily read you. You know, usually I fight people who are all but a challenge to me. You actually gave me a run for my money. You actually inspired me to train more with my Pokémon. And with that, I thank you.” He extends his hand to Ash. Ash, looking up at Irvine’s hand, wipes the tear from his eye, smiles weakly and shakes his hand.

        “Thanks, man!” he says.

        “Let me do you guys a favor,” Irvine tells the group. “I want to take you all to my father’s rose garden. The garden is like no other in the world, not to mention it’s legendary. Care to come?”

        “You bet!” was the simultaneous response from the three.

        “That’s great! I’ll see you in front of the Pokémon Center tomorrow morning! See you then!” Irvine says. He then exits the Gym with his Masquerain hovering behind him. The gang heads out to the Pokémon Center to have Ash’s Pokémon healed. Nurse Joy tells Ash that his Pokémon are just exhausted and will do fine in the morning. With that, they retire for the night. Team Rocket leaves the Gym, but they are now intrigued by the thought of a legendary rose garden.

        Ash has just lost his Gym Battle with Irvine. Now there’s talk of the world famous Rose Garden. How will their trip go? What is Team Rocket’s motive behind going there? Wait and find out in the next chapter, "Roses are Red…and Green, and Blue, and Yellow, and White…", coming soon!

        +=+ To be continued… +=+
        Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

        We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

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          **In the last chapter, Ash challenged Irvine, the Gym Leader of Prism City, to a Gym Battle for the Shuffle Badge. Despite all the efforts made, Ash lost. He and his friends are now at the Pokémon Center, about to go to the legendary rose garden.**

          The Prism City Saga: Part IV
          Roses are Red…and Green, and Blue, and Yellow, and White…

          The sun rises over a new morning at Prism City. Ash, Pikachu, Dawn, Piplup and Brock are preparing to head to the rose garden. As soon as they exit the Pokémon Center, they meet up with Irvine wearing a black fedora and his Masquerain hovering alongside him. He greets the gang with a wave and a smile.

          “Hey guys!” he exclaims. “It’s so great to see you again! How was your morning?”

          “It was great, thank you!” Ash replies. His Pikachu on his shoulder agrees.

          “Is everything alright after my Gym Battle with you?” Irvine asks. “After all, I’m always concerned about the people who challenge me! I have seen some of the toughest trainers break down. Some of them even leave and never come back!”

          “Everything’s cool,” Ash replies. “You’re definitely tough! That’s why no one can beat you the first time!” He extends his hand to Irvine, who shakes it gratefully.

          “Oh stop! It’s just my fighting style, that’s all! You just have to avoid my distractions, that’s all!” Irvine responds, near blushing.

          “I definitely agree!” Dawn interjects to Irvine. “But Irvine, I really want to see your rose garden!” She then starts to jump up and down like a 5 year old. “Can we go now? Please??” Her Piplup tries to calm her down, but it doesn’t work.

          “Now Dawn, you must be patient!” Irvine replies, noticing Dawn’s enthusiasm. “We will get to the rose garden soon enough!”

          “Well according to this guidebook,” Brock says to Ash and Dawn while flipping through the pages. “The rose garden in Prism City is one of the landmarks of the known world. People come from all corners of the world for tours.”

          “That’s true!” Irvine affirms. “The rose garden here is extremely popular and it accounts for a lot of the commerce and tourism in this city. The reason for this is because my dad makes the most beautiful and most unique roses anyone has ever laid their eyes on! Let me show you one.” Irvine pulls out the rose from his fedora. The rose is white with orange markings. The markings are on two petals and they stand out from the rest of the rose, like two eyes. “You see, this rose resembles my Masquerain!” Everyone is captivated by the rose’s beauty.

          “I know you are surprised and you really like this rose, but there are plenty more to see.” Irvine continues. “But since Ash is a challenger for my Shuffle Badge, I will let you and your friends in for free! I do this for all the challengers and their friends. Are you interested in my offer?”

          “You bet!” is the simultaneous response from the gang. Pikachu and Piplup squeal in happiness.

          “That’s awesome!” Irvine says while his Masquerain flies around the group multiple times. “Just follow me, okay?” And with this Ash and gang follow Irvine out of the Pokémon Center and on the pathway to Prism City’s Rose Garden.

          Meanwhile, while they are having a conversation, Team Rocket is spying on the group.

          “Well, well, a rose garden, huh?” James says, smiling. “This I gotta see!”

          “I know!” Jessie says. “Think of all the roses we’ll see…and then steal! That rose Irvine showed was wonderful!”

          “I don’t know guys,” Meowth worries. “Every time we try to steal something, we always get caught and then go blasting off again by those twerps!”

          “Come on scaredy Meowth! You should be used to it!” Jessie responds to Meowth with an evil smile. Meowth switches from scared to determined instantly.

          “You know, you’re right! Let’s go get those roses and then Pikachu!”


          Ash and friends, along with Irvine, are walking down the pathway to the Rose Garden. On the way, they see a girl with brown skin, wearing a white T-shirt with a black musical note patch on the right sleeve, a black vest, black pants, white knee-high boots and shoulder length black hair. Part of her hair is in a ponytail put together with a PokéBall hairpin. She is dancing and spinning around. Floating next to her is a singing Chimecho. Irvine gasps with excitement.

          “Priscilla! You’re here!” Irvine joyfully shouts while running to hug the girl. Brock looks downcast, not getting the chance to try to woo her. Irvine turns back to the gang, with his hand behind his head. He chuckles awkwardly.

          “Oh guys,” he says in embarrassment. “Sorry about the excitement.” He stretches his arm out to the girl. “This is my sister Priscilla and her Chimecho. She’s working on becoming one of the Elite Four!”

          “It’s nice to meet you all!” she says with glee. “Who are all of you, by the way?”

          “I’m Ash from Pallet Town in Kanto and this is my best pal, Pikachu!” Ash says while his Pikachu squeaks happily. “I’m working on becoming the world’s greatest Pokémon Master!”

          “Hi!” Dawn speaks. “My name is Dawn from Twinleaf Town and I plan on becoming a Top Coordinator!” She gets shoved out of the way by a very lovey-dovey Brock.

          “Hey!” Dawn shouts at Brock, but he ignores what she said to him. He is overcome by ‘love’ and he kneels on one knee and holds Priscilla’s hand. Priscilla is taken aback in surprise.

          “My name is Brock from Pewter City and I want to become a Pokémon Breeder, but I also want to become the professor of love. Let me sweep you off your feet. I want to be by your beautiful side forever. I think about people like you in my dreams. I…YAAAH!”

          Brock gets hit by Croagunk’s powerful Poison Jab attack. Brock falls to the ground, groaning.

          “Well, I guess I’ll…keep dreaming…because this…is…reality!” Brock says while in excruciating pain. His Croagunk drags him away while everyone else looks on and laughs in the awkward situation.

          “Anyway, sis,” Irvine says. “I’m taking some new friends I had made to the Rose Garden. Do you care to come with?”

          “Sure!” She says in relief, taking a deep breath and exhaling it as a sign. “I definitely need a break from my training!” Chimecho totally agrees with her. Ash gets curious.

          “Training?” he says. “For what?”

          Irvine snaps his fingers.

          “Oh, it just slipped my mind!” Irvine answers. “What I forgot to tell you is that my sister is also a Gym Leader!” Everyone gasps in surprise.

          “Really? Which Gym?” Brock asks.

          Priscilla elbows Irvine, causing him to grunt in pain.

          “Irv, I was going to tell them!” she whispers sharply to him as Irvine rubs his side. She then turns to Ash and gang. “I’m the Gym Leader of Sonata Town.”

          “Where and what is Sonata Town?” Dawn inquires.

          “It’s a town just south of Sunyshore City,” Priscilla replies. “Just like its name, it’s a place of musical prowess. I specialize in Pokémon that use musical type moves.”

          “Oh, like Sing and Metronome?” Brock asks.

          “Yeah, like that!” she answers back with excitement. “Exactly like that! I also use the dances and other moves. Just like my brother Irv, I am a ‘secret’ Gym Leader, but I use various Pokémon types.” Ash sighs deeply and hangs his head upon hearing this.

          “Oh great…” he mutters. Priscilla looks concerned.

          “What’s wrong?” she says to Ash while standing in front of him. Dawn answers for him.

          “Well, yesterday Ash had a Gym battle with Irvine and he lost,” Dawn says. “He really wanted to win that Shuffle Badge from him.”

          Priscilla makes a halfway smile.

          “That’s exactly like my brother,” she says. “Nobody has ever beaten him the first time, so he shouldn’t be too down about that.”

          “You know,” says Ash. “You have a point there! When I fought against other Gym Leaders, I had to fight some of them a second time.” He pumps his fist in the air. “Yeah, I feel so much better!” he exclaims.

          “It looks like Ash got his spark back!” Brock says as everyone watches Ash.

          “It looks like it indeed,” Irvine says. “We should be approaching the Rose Garden really soon. I know you all are excited.”

          “Oh yeah!” Ash, Dawn and Brock say with excitement while Pikachu and Piplup squeal in happiness and Masquerain does an aerial somersault.

          Some time later our heroes, along with Irvine and his sister Priscilla, are in front of a pair of large oak doors fringed with steel at the end of the pathway. There is an etching of a PokéBall with a rose piercing it. Irvine pulls the doorbell cord. A voice is heard over the loudspeaker next to the door.

          “Who wants to go in the rose garden?” the voice asks.

          “Father, it’s me, Irvine. I’m here with Priscilla, my current challenger and his friends!” Irvine replies back.

          “Irvine and Priscilla?! Well come on in! Come on in!” the voice says excitedly.

          The large steel lined doors swing open in front of the group revealing a cobblestone walkway lined with red, white and black roses. The group gasps in awe. At the end of the walkway is a man wearing blue jeans with grass stains, a green shirt and a straw hat standing in front of a large manor. He has a silver colored goatee and brown skin. The man is waving at the group. Irvine and Priscilla smile.

          “Father!” Irvine says.

          “Daddy!” Priscilla shouts.

          They both run to the man, hugging him. The man spins them around as they are being hugged and everyone laughs. He then stops.

          “Father, you should meet some new friends I had made!” Irvine says while escorting the man to Ash, Dawn, and Brock. He points to Brock. “This is Brock. He wants to be the greatest Pokémon Breeder.”

          “This person,” Priscilla says while pointing to Dawn, “is Dawn.” She wants to be a top Coordinator!”

          “And this,” Irvine says while pointing to Ash, “is my current challenger. His name is Ash. He’s from Pallet Town and he wants to be a Pokémon Master!” He then directs his attention to the group. “Hey guys, this is my father Sullivan, but you can call him Sully. He’s the manager of the Rose Garden. Like I said before, this is one of the most popular places in the world.”

          “That’s right, Irv, my boy!” Sullivan joyfully shouts. He spreads his arms wide open. We are proud to have over 490 roses here!”

          “Why over 490?” Ash inquires.

          “According to this guide,” Brock responds while flipping through the guide, “each rose represents a Pokémon, and there’s about over 490 of them.”

          “But what you don’t know is that each rose resembles a Pokémon by color and/or personality.” Sullivan says. “That’s what makes my Rose Garden so popular!” He then looks at Ash’s Pikachu and smiles. “Let’s see, your Pikachu is an Electric-type, yellow, black with red cheeks and a lightning bolt tail. Let me escort you all to the rose I made for it. It’s in the electric section.”

          He tosses a PokéBall into the air.

          “Roserade, come on out!” he shouts as the ball pops open and Roserade appears before them. “Roserade, do you think you can escort us to the electric section to the rose made for Pikachu?”

          Roserade gladly accepts and starts to lead everyone inside the manor. Team Rocket is about to come to the end of the path as soon as they walk inside…

          Inside the manor, Ash, Dawn, Brock, Pikachu, Piplup, Irvine, Masquerain, Priscilla, Chimecho, Sullivan and Roserade are inside the manor hallway. The hallway is lined with glass doors with various insignias on them. Sullivan leads them to a glass door marked with a lightning insignia. He turns around and talks to the group.

          “Okay guys,” he says. “This is where I keep all the roses made for Electric-type Pokémon. Some of the things you might see or hear might surprise you. With that being said, enter at your own risk.” He pulls out a key shaped like a lightning bolt. He puts the key in the respective lock and turns it. The door swings open and everyone walks in.

          Inside the Electric Room, a strobe light is constantly flickering. On the big screen in the back of the room is a video of lightning flashing. Vines loaded with roses line the walls and floors. Everyone looks around in awe. Sullivan looks at the group, laughing at the wide-eyed, jaw-dropped expressions on Ash, Dawn, and Brock’s faces.

          “I always get these kinds of expressions from my guests,” he laughs. “This is the Electric Room,” he announces. “As you can see, there are roses made for Electric-type Pokémon here. Each rose has a picture of the Pokémon and it has the Pokémon’s colors. You wanted to see Pikachu’s rose, right?” Everyone nods their heads. Sullivan then looks at Roserade. “Roserade, can you locate Pikachu’s rose? And Ash, once we find it, can you pick it up? The vine won’t break, I promise you!”

          Roserade nods its head and walks to the respective rose. Everyone follows it. Ash picks up the rose and he and his Pikachu gasp in amazement. The top of the rose is tipped in black and the petals are colored yellow with two red circles in the middle. The leaves on the bottom shaped like lightning bolts. He passes the rose to Dawn and Brock, who are also amazed.

          “Oh wow!” Dawn gasps. “I have never seen a rose so beautifully crafted like that! How did you do something like that?” she asks Sullivan.

          “My dad is an expert botanist, especially when it comes to roses,” Priscilla replies in Sullivan’s place. “He started this rose garden as a response to civilians wanting to beautify Prism City. He took it upon himself to create this garden. However, he didn’t know that his creation would be a worldwide sensation.”

          “Yeah, his garden gets attention everyday,” Irvine tells the group. “He’s been featured by DJ Mary on the morning radio show and news outlets are raving about his striking roses. I also didn’t mention that he came up with the floral ribbon design for the Prism City Contest.”

          Sullivan smiles, stroking the back of his head.

          “Well, I didn’t expect the fame to hit like it did, but I rather enjoyed doing what I do,” he says. “I don’t give guided tours, so you can look around if you want.”

          He reaches in his pocket to pull out a bunch of keys, which he hands to Ash.

          “Here are the keys to the rooms; just make sure you return them. There is a bestiary of all the Pokémon in the Grand Hall, which we just passed. There are 4 different floors. The basement floor is the Prehistoric Hall containing roses for all the Pokémon from ages back. The floor we’re on now is the Hall of Elemental Nature. This floor hold rooms containing roses for Fire, Water, Ice, Ground, Bug, Rock, Grass, Flying and Electric-Types. The next floor contains the offense/defense floor containing rooms for Fighting, Psychic, Ghost, Normal, Steel, Dark, Poison, and Dragon-Types. The top floor is the most important; that contains Legendary Hall, containing roses for all the Legendary Pokémon. At the back of that hall contains exclusive roses for Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. I’m currently in the works of creating the final rose.”

          “Which one is that?” asks Ash.

          “The Pokémon of creation…” Irvine says.

          “The possessor of the famed Jewel of Life…” Priscilla responds.

          Everyone has a sudden epiphany.

          “Arceus!” everyone shouts simultaneously.

          “Wow, are you really going to try to create a rose for Arceus?” Dawn asks Sullivan.

          “I don’t see why I can’t!” Sullivan replies ecstatically. “This will be my biggest challenge yet! I’m kind of close to completing it, and for that I have decided to hold on to the key to Legendary Hall. But you definitely should check out the rest of the garden! I’m going to work on the final rose!” He then looks to his Roserade.

          “Let’s go, Roserade!” Sullivan says. “We got a rose to finish!” Roserade obliges happily and follows Sullivan as he walks out to the Grand Hall. He stops and turns to Irvine and Priscilla.

          “Oh, I almost forgot!” he says, thumping his forehead. “Irvine, Priscilla, you two are in charge while I’m crafting this final rose.”

          “No problem!” was the simultaneous response from the siblings. Sullivan then gives them the thumbs up and then leaves.

          “So Priscilla, we can go just about anywhere we want to, is that right?” Brock asks.

          “That’s right!” Priscilla says. “Go to the room of your favorite Pokémon and check out the rose Daddy made for it.”

          A doorbell rings in the distance to the last notes of the first Pokémon theme song. Everyone hears it.

          “Hey Irv, do you think you can get that?” Priscilla asks.

          “Uh, sure, I’ll be right back,” Irvine replies. “Come on Masquerain!” He walks down the long hallway to the door with his Masquerain hovering close behind him. Priscilla claps her hand in excitement.

          “I have an idea!” she says. “How about this; everyone goes to the rooms of their Pokémon and we’ll meet in front of Legendary Hall in an hour. Does that sound good?”

          “Yeah!” Ash shouts, pumping his fist in the air. “Come on Pikachu!” Pikachu squeals in excitement as it runs off alongside Ash. Priscilla reaches out to Ash.

          “Hold on Ash, WAIT!!!” Priscilla yells.

          Ash comes to a screeching halt, looks back at Priscilla and scratches the back of his head.

          “Yeah? What’s going on?” Ash asks.

          “Put all your Pokémon in this experience,” Priscilla says. “Bring them all out!”

          “That sounds like a great idea!” Ash shouts while grabbing all of his PokéBalls. “Alright everyone! Come on out!” he says while tossing all of his PokéBalls in the air revealing Monferno, Gible, Staraptor, Buizel, and Grotle. Priscilla looks to Brock and Dawn.

          “I suggest you do the same,” she says to them.

          “Sure,” they reply as they throw their PokéBalls in the air. “Everyone, come on out!” they shout as the PokéBalls open, revealing Pachirisu, Buneary, Mamoswine, Cyndaquil, Sudowoodo, Happiny, and Croagunk.

          “Speaking of which, I should do the same thing!” Priscilla says. She then looks at Ash. “If you do happen to challenge me, here’s some of the Pokémon you will see!” She throws her PokeBalls in the air. The PokéBalls open, revealing Vileplume, Vibrava, Chatot, Skarmory and Kirlia. Ash has a puzzled look on his face.

          “Hey Priscilla, is that your Kirlia?” Ash asks.

          “Uh, yes?” she answers awkwardly. “Why do you ask?”

          “I think he wants to know about that Kirlia because Irvine used one in the previous Contest.” Brock replies in place of Ash.

          “Oh, that!” Priscilla says. “Yeah, that was his Kirlia. We both have a Kirlia as a gift from Daddy. He said that my Kirlia is male while my brother’s Kirlia is female. They’re supposed to evolve into different Pokémon.”

          “So I get it. That means your Kirlia will evolve into Gallade while Irvine’s Kirlia will become a Gardevoir.” Brock explains to the group.

          “That’s right!” Priscilla says. “But we’re wasting our time here talking. Come on, let’s look at the roses!”

          Everyone and their Pokémon agree and they split off into different directions checking out all the rooms with the respective keys.

          Meanwhile, Irvine is at the manor door with his Masquerain. He presses a button on the loudspeaker while looking at the video revealing Jessie and James disguised in paparazzi attire with Digital SLR cameras around their necks.

          “Hello, who is this?” Irvine asks.

          “Hello good sir!” James says. “We’re with the local newspaper and we are doing a cover story on your rose garden. Can you please let us in?”

          Irvine thinks for a second with his hand stroking his chin.

          “Wait a minute,” he says. “This rose garden has been featured already on the local paper. Why are you doing another cover story on it?”

          “Well, we heard that your daddy is finishing the final rose and we wanted exclusive pictures of it to show the world,” Jessie says to Irvine.

          “Well, I can’t let you in with those motives,” Irvine says hotly. “My father’s work in the rose garden is a secret and shouldn’t be leaked to anyone, even to tabloid magazines like yourselves that give media a bad name.”

          James is frustrated dealing with Irvine.

          “But can’t you please give us a tour of the garden, anyway?” he asks.

          “I don’t know…,” Irvine uneasily says. He thinks about it for a second and then has an idea.

          “Well, okay! Just turn in your cameras to me, is that clear?” Irvine asks.

          Jessie makes a fake smile.

          “Of course, sir!” she says.

          Irvine presses a button, causing the doors to swing open. He walks down the path with his Masquerain flying by him. Standing at the wood and iron gates in front of him is Team Rocket. James has a bazooka on his shoulder and fires it, the shell exploding, revealing two round capsules that ensnare Irvine and Masquerain. Irvine tries to fight his way out the makeshift prison.

          “What is this travesty?” Irvine shouts. “Masquerain, get us out with Air Slash! Masquerain generates a ball and flings it as blades of wind to smash its capsule. The blades are repelled back onto Masquerain, hitting it directly. Team Rocket laughs while Irvine looks in stark horror.

          “Masquerain! No!” yells Irvine in terror.

          “Guess what?” Jessie sneers. “We’re going to take your Pokémon and all those roses!” She cackles loudly.

          “These roses will look great in our boss’ headquarters!” James says. “Especially one for me to keep!”

          Irvine is angered by what Team Rocket is saying. He struggles to get free.

          “You don’t know what you are doing!” he says. “This place is special to my father. You won’t get away with this!”

          “Father, Schmather,” Meowth says while jumping out behind Team Rocket. “We’re gonna get rich from all this! Now onward to that Pikachu!”

          “And the roses, too!” Jessie and James say simultaneously.

          Team Rocket runs inside the manor cackling out loud. Irvine and Masquerain struggle to get free, but to no avail. In the meantime, there is a mysterious Pokémon that had seen all the trouble that was going on. The Pokémon hovers away to our heroes…

          Irvine is trapped, and Team Rocket is on the way to steal the specially made roses that Sullivan made exclusively for the Rose Garden. In the meantime, Ash and gang along with Priscilla are checking out the roses, being completely unaware that Team Rocket has trapped Irvine and on the way to the next step of their great heist. What will happen next? Will Irvine and his Masquerain escape the bind? Will Sullivan complete the final rose? Find out in the next chapter, A Thorn in Our Side!, coming soon!

          +=+ To be continued… +=+
          Ash. Dawn. Brock. Irvine. Contest. Gym Battle. Roses. This is...The Prism City Saga

          We can make a Pokémon Concert! All we need is Jigglypuff to sing...wait, that would be a bad idea because we would all fall asleep, Jigglypuff would get mad and then it would draw on all of our faces...yeah, let's not do that!

          75% of Pokémon gamers use cheats and specially made codes to make their Pokémon battle-worthy.
          If you are one of the 25% percent that level their Pokémon up legally, put this in your signature.
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