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    If you know me on SPPf then this fic may seem familiar. It is a rewrite that is loosely based on the original fic Dedication Through Light and Darkness. You do not need to read the original to enjoy this fan fiction though you won't understand the subtle references I make with some characters. I repeat; you DO NOT need to read the original to enjoy this fan fiction. With that said let's get on with it. This fan fiction is rated PG-13 for sexual references and content as well as death.

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Pokémon that appear in this fan fiction. Their use is for entertainment purposes only. I DO own all settings and characters in this fan fiction as they are of my own creation. No copyright infringement is intended.

    Chapter list
    Bold means posted
    Italics means it's being worked on

    First Month Arc
    Chapter 1: Remix! 7 July, 2010

    Remix: Dedication Through Light and Darkness

    Chapter 1: Remix!

    “With the presence of evil organizations such as Team Lustrous and the Black Organization obvious throughout the world it is now required for hopeful Pokémon trainers to go through school until they are of legal age. Once they reach the age of fourteen they will be transferred from their local schools to one of the prestigious Pokémon Academies located around the world. It is here tha-”

    With a click the screen of a television went blank. The absence of the light from the screen made the room almost pitch black. Setting the television remote on the table a few feet in ahead a figure moved from a small sofa and began to head towards the stairs located at the right of the room. Like they had done it a million times, the figure jumped up the stairs, coming to a stop in a medium sized room.

    Lights from the ceiling illuminated the room, revealing the figure to be a boy in his early teens. Walking over to a dresser that sat against the wall opposite him, he stared into a mirror that sat atop the dresser. Quickly ruffling his messy black hair, the boy bent next to the dresser. Once he stood erect once more he held a suitcase in his left hand while he slung a backpack over his right shoulder.

    Turning back to the stairs the boy grabbed an envelope off his bed and began down the stairs, flipping the light switch on his way down. Landing on the ground floor the boy scanned the room. His eyes rested on a picture frame that rested on a counter towards the kitchen. In the frame was a picture of what appeared to be the boy when he was around five or six years of age. Standing behind the boy was a man whose hair was messy just like the boy’s, but brown in color. Next to the man was a woman, presumably his wife. She had an uncanny resemblance to the boy. They had the same popping green eyes and black hair.

    “Might as well,” the boy whispered to himself.

    Walking over to the counter the boy opened the frame and removed the picture. Folding it many times, he stashed it in his grey blazers inside pocket. Walking to the door, the boy gave one last look around the room before exiting the house. The air was cold, the sky a dark blue. Lights illuminated the windows of the house across the street, music blaring through the cracks of the door. Looking both ways before crossing, the boy walked across the street, standing on the sidewalk outside the noisy house.

    After a few minutes the door opened slightly, music and light pouring out. A girl stepped out with a wave back into the house. She appeared to be in the same age group as the boy, if not a few months older. Swinging her head as she turned, her dirty blonde hair whipped around, landing perfectly on her shoulder. Instead of carrying her suitcase like the boy she simply pulled it, wheels on the bottom making it much easier.

    “So you’re actually here,” the girl said to the boy once she reached him.

    “You know me Jasmine,” said the boy. “I won’t let you beat me. I’m sure whatever Pokémon I get it will be able to beat yours!”

    “Oh Jyharri you silly boy,” Jasmine said in a voice one would use with a child. “Just because I’m older than you doesn’t mean you have to force yourself to prove something to me.”

    Jyharri scoffed, turning his head away from her quickly. “Three days really isn’t older.”

    “Let’s just get going,” said Jasmine with a chuckle.

    Interlocking her arm with Jyharri’s, Jasmine began to lead Jyharri down the street. Every few minutes a breeze would blow through the town. The stars in the sky had begun to look faint as the sun had just started to set. Still behind the horizon, the light glow of the sun could be seen. Because it was the beginning of the evening, many people were out and about on the town, most people driving home from their jobs.

    Going through the town’s twisting and turning streets, the pair came upon a large building. A large fence lined both sides of the building, barbed wire sitting at the top. In the middle of the wooden building stood a large man and behind him was an even larger opening.

    “Oh man, look at his sailor suit,” Jasmine whispered to Jyharri. “Can you say tacky?”

    “Passes,” the man growled.

    When both of them held up an envelope with a large stamp consisting of four colors in the middle, the man stepped aside. Once inside the building the two walked a few more feet to exit onto a dock. Just ahead of them were a few people. Once they approached the group Jyharri noticed some of them were looking out across the ocean, trying to find something.

    “What are you guys looking for?” Jasmine asked as soon as Jyharri opened his mouth.

    “The boat,” a boy of about fourteen said. “The letter said the boat could arrive anytime from 6:30 to 7:45 PM. It’s about 7:30 right now which means it should be here soon.”

    After the revelation of the time the boat would arrive both Jyharri and Jasmine began to look out towards the horizon for any sign of a large ship. Looking at another girl’s watch Jasmine saw the time was now 7:44. Straightening her white vest and skirt she leaned against Jyharri, almost falling over.

    “It’s 7:45 and the ship still isn’t here,” said the fourteen-year-old. “They lied to-”

    “There it is,” yelled a younger boy, pointing out towards the horizon.

    Just over the horizon a ship was visible. Despite being large, the ship was moving quickly towards the dock. Small waves were splashing off the sides of the ship, different fish Pokémon leaping out of the waves. Once the ship was a few hundred feet from the dock its speed began to decrease. Stopping completely in the docks, a long, wide plank extended from a small opening on the side of the boat, hitting the docks with a thud. A man stood at the end of the plank looking down on the small group.

    “You’re our last group,” the man said with a wiggle of his light brown moustache. He slightly pulled down his hat, as he smiled. “Let’s get on to your home away from home!”

    The small group of students cheered as the formed a line and began to file onto the deck. A weird feeling began to boil inside Jyharri’s stomach as they reached the deck. His jaw dropped in amazement as he looked around the ship.

    The deck seemed extremely big for a ship; many students were sitting either next to a pool that was located in the middle of the deck, walking around the pool, or in the pool itself. There was a great deal of others who were either walking and talking or leaning against the rail and talking. When the group of new arrivals dispersed Jyharri had remained rooted in his spot, still amazed by the ship.

    The plank behind him snapped back into the boat, making a loud cracking noise at which Jyharri jumped. Once the plank was secured the boat began to slowly exit the docks heading out into the open sea. The man that had greeted the group began to walk towards the pool, stopping once he was a few feet from it.

    “Now, listen up future first years,” the man bellowed. All talking had soon ceased all eyes on the man in the sailor suit. “It is now time for what most of you have probably been anticipating your entire lives. It’s time to meet your first Pokémon.”

    When the words, “firs Pokémon” left the man’s mouth the new students began to buzz excitedly. Jasmine, who had wandered over to the pool, had begun to jump in excitement. Jyharri’s heart began to race and his breath became heavy. After so long he was finally going to have a Pokémon he could call his own.

    The man looked around at the new students with a smile on his face. After the excitement had toned down a bit and the students were now facing the man again he simply lifted his arms. From the lower decks many bird Pokémon flew, small packages attached to their claws. After flying around for a few minutes, many of the bird Pokémon hovered over certain students waiting to take the package.

    “How do they know who to give these to?” a boy asked as he took a package from a Staraptor.

    “After the starter Pokémon are selected for each student we take the picture from your application and have a bird Pokémon memorize it,” the man explained. “Now I must ask that you don’t release your Pokémon just yet. The weight may cause the ship to sink.”

    After seeing many people receive their packages, a Staraptor hovered next to Jyharri, squawking at him to make sure his presence was known. After saying a quick thank you to the bird, Jyharri quickly untied the small box from around Staraptor’s claw. Once the package was free the Staraptor quickly flew back below deck.

    “You may open the boxes and take out the Pokéballs, but be sure to throw the boxes in the blue bins so they may be recycled,” the man announced.

    Hastily opening the box, Jyharri looked inside. A small ball lay motionless in the box. The top was a popping red color while the bottom was white. A large black stripe encircled the ball, ending in a big white button in the middle. Taking the ball out of the box, Jyharri handled it as if it were a diamond.

    “Well buddy, looks like we’re going to be teammates,” Jyharri said to the ball as he held it up towards the setting sun.

    “Jyharri,” called Jasmine as she dashed across the deck. Quickly throwing her box in a blue bin on the way, she skidded to a halt in front of Jyharri.

    “What?” he asked holding up both the box and Pokéball in front of his chest.

    Snatching the box out of his hands, Jasmine easily shot the box into a bin without taking a glance at the bin. “I have a feeling my Pokémon is cute! If it’s cute then that means it will be better than a lot of other people’s Pokémon! Got any idea what yours may be?”

    Jyharri put his hand to his chin as he began to think. “Well I hope it’s something along the lines of a Charizard or something in that line. Those things are cool!”

    “Everyone, I know you’re excited and want to meet your Pokémon but please wait until you are placed into dorms,” the man explained once more.

    Even though the man was talking the students were too busy trying to guess what was in their Pokéballs to listen. Of course there were a few exceptions as a large number of students were actually listening. Reaching into his pocket, the man pulled out what appeared to be an air horn one would have at a sporting event.

    A few of the students chuckled at him knowing that the little air horn would not be loud enough to get everyone’s attention. After making a waving motion with his hand another sailor appeared out of nowhere, handing him a megaphone.

    “Oh no,” said Jasmine. “Cover your ears.”

    “Why?” asked Jyharri, still examining his Pokéball.

    Before she had a chance to answer the man flipped the megaphone on. Placing the air horn next to it, he pressed hard on the horn. A loud screech emitted from the horn. Everyone who was unaware of what had happened clamped their hands to their ears.

    “Now that I have your attention, I would like to inform you that you can now report to the lower deck in the rear of the boat for a banquet. If you have yet to place your belongings in your room then I suggest you do that first. Remember; no Pokémon until you have been placed in a dorm or are instructed to release them.”

    Many of the students began to grumble as they all either moved towards the back of the ship or headed down to the cabins. Grabbing his suitcase and bag, Jyharri began to follow the few people who were headed to the cabins.

    “Meet me at the stairs in ten minutes,” Jasmine told Jyharri as she passed him.

    Once he got down the stairs and into the cabin area a woman greeted him, handing him a card. Looking over the card he saw the number fourteen on the back.

    “That is your key for your room,” the woman explained. “You are room number fourteen. Your room will be right around the first corner.”

    Taking a look at the walls and floor, Jyharri noticed that the colors were exactly the same as the outside of the boat; white and grey. The walls were a good ten feet apart, the perfect distance for anyone that happened to be claustrophobic.

    Taking a turn at the first corner like the woman instructed, the first door Jyharri came across had a big fourteen plastered on the front. The handle had a slot above it, obviously for the key. When he slid the key into the slot a soft click was heard and the door opened slightly inward.

    Taking a step into the room Jyharri saw it wasn’t very spacious. The only contents of the room were a bed on his right side with a grey and white bedspread (go figure) and a wooden chair to his left. From the bed to the opposite wall was about seven feet showing that this room was meant for one.

    Placing his bag and suitcase right next to his bed and pocketing his key, Jyharri quickly clipped his Pokéball to his belt before heading back to the door. Closing the door behind him, Jyharri began to walk back towards the stairs. Once he was back on the deck he noticed that most of the people had left the deck and had either gone to their rooms or at the banquet.

    “There you are,” Jasmine exclaimed as Jyharri reached the end of the ship.

    Pushing off the railing, Jasmine lead Jyharri down a flight of stairs into a well lit room. Instead of being the usual boring grey and white the walls were a combination of four colors; blue, green, yellow, and red. One would think this would be a horrible color combination for walls, but they managed to make it look excellent.

    Vastly different than the cabins, this room was very spacious, two large tables lined up by each other, extending almost thirty feet. Students were seated on both sides, some of them eating, but most of them talking. Grabbing his hand, Jasmine lead Jyharri even further into the room. After walking about ten feet she stopped, two girls turning and smiling. A boy was also seated next to them but he remained with his back to them.

    “Jyharri I want you to meet Chloe, Ericka, and, even though he’s not facing us, Dave,” Jasmine said as she pointed to each one.

    “Hello,” Erick and Chloe said in unison while Dave remained silent.

    “I met these guys when I was waiting for you,” said Jasmine, taking a seat next to Ericka.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jyharri,” Jyharri introduced himself with a bow before taking a seat next to Jasmine.

    “So, Jyharri what color do you hope to trade your grey blazer in for?” Chloe asked with a giggle. “I’m hoping to get into Lightning Yellow.”

    “But you look so good in blue,” interjected Ericka, obviously talking about the blue blouse and jeans she was wearing. Ericka then looked at her own black tank top and white jeans with a saddened look. “I really want to get into Fire Red. Red looks much better on me than black.”

    “I don’t really mind what dorm they put me in,” Jyharri told Chloe. “I just want to learn everything I can about Pokémon so I can hopefully become a great trainer.”

    A clinking noise made its way throughout the room, reverberating off the walls which made it seem louder than it actually is. A woman stood at the head of the table next to the one Jyharri, Jasmine, and their new friends sat at. Sporting a black blazer and skirt, she looked very regal, almost as if she were at a formal dinner.

    “Welcome new students,” she said. Her voice was very soft, almost sultry. “First I would like to congratulate you all on being accepted into this Academy. Usually we would wait until we arrived to the Academy to welcome you there and give you your starter Pokémon, but we decided to do things a little differently this year.

    “Now that I have explained that I would like to introduce myself. I am Headmistress Davis and I run the Academy. If you ever have any questions or troubles just find me and I will try to help you to the best of my abilities. Now enjoy your dinner. We will be arriving at the Academy tomorrow morning.”


    “Man that was some good stuff,” exclaimed Jyharri as their small group began to walk across the deck.

    The sky had now changed to a dark blue, many stars dotting the sky. The moon was high in the sky taking the shape of a crescent. The air had become cold, a slight breeze blowing over the ship. Walking over to the railing, Jyharri, Jasmine, and Ericka looked out into the ocean, the sky reflecting off the surface. Dave and Chloe continued walking around the deck, Dave still not saying anything to Jyharri.

    “The ocean sure is beautiful,” whispered Ericka.

    “Sure is,” Jyharri agreed.

    Glancing at Jyharri, Ericka saw that he was staring at the moon, not moving in the slightest or blinking. A smile was on his face, but it wasn’t the usual happy smile. It was more of a smirk. Even though she knew it wasn’t polite to stare, Ericka couldn’t take her eyes off him. There was something weird about the way he stared at the moon without moving or blinking. A loud blaring sounded, snapping Jyharri out of his trance.

    “Students need to report to their cabins,” the voice of Headmistress Davis said over an intercom.

    Giving one last look at the moon, Jyharri followed Jasmine and Ericka back to the stairs leading to the cabins. Carefully maneuvering through the crowds, Jyharri said his goodbyes to Ericka and Jasmine before reaching his door. Opening it slightly, he slid into his room, falling onto his bed.

    Rolling onto his back, Jyharri put his hands behind his head, staring at the ceiling. Sleeping seemed like the only thing he could do, but he knew he wouldn’t get much of it.


    Darkness had covered Jyharri’s eyes. Various noises had reached his ears, but sounded as if they were being played in slow motion. Slowly light began to filter into the darkness. Suddenly the entire room came into view. The sound of people’s voices could be heard from outside. Slowly sitting up, Jyharri ruffled his messy black hair before standing.

    Picking up his suitcase and bag from the floor, Jyharri exited his room to be pushed towards the stairs with the crowd. Once up on the deck Jyharri saw that the boat had been stopped. Instead of seeing the open sea a large island now occupied the view from the side of the boat.

    The island had been covered in mostly forest. Near the front of the island appeared to be what looked like a city. In the far west there was a large red topped building. In nearly the exact same spot to the east was another building. This building was slightly larger and had a yellow roof. Closest to the center, but still a great distance away was a building that appeared to be shaped like a greenhouse. Unlike the other two, the roof of this building was green much like the forest.

    Nearly all of the students marveled at the sight. The center of the island was the most impressive with its large buildings and colorful roofs. Much like the roofs of the buildings that were scattered across the island, the buildings roofs all had a separate color. Another color was present at the center, but seemingly absent on a building. One of the larger buildings at the center had a blue top.

    Just like it when they arrived to pick up the students, a sailor extended a plank from the ship, landing on the docks. When the students began to file off the ship they were instructed to leave their suitcases on the ship as they were going to be taken care of. Just like when he got his Pokéball, Jyharri’s heart began to race as he walked down the plank and onto the docks.

    Following the crowd, Jyharri was led up a path through a small forest until they reached the city like area. The buildings seemed like skyscrapers up close, many different people were standing in a park area, all of them in purple blazers. Still walking up a path, the group was led through an archway made of grass into the large park area. Benches encircled a large fountain, water spewing up and back into the fountain in the middle.

    When they reached the line of people the men bowed while the women did a little curtsy, holding out their matching purple skirts. Walking ahead of the group, Headmistress Davis stood in front of the people with her arms extended.

    “Welcome to the Pokémon Academy of the east,” Headmistress Davis said. “This will be the place you call home for the next year. Soon you will be divided into your dorms, but first I must ask you to do something I know you’ve wanted to do for a while.”

    Without her even finishing her sentence the students began to scatter around the park. Pokéballs flew into the air, cracking open when they reached their peak height. From each ball shot a bright white light. The lights hit the ground, each beginning to morph into a different shape and size.

    Various cries were heard when the light had subsided. Many different creatures looked at their new trainers, a smile on their face. Clutching onto his Pokéball, Jyharri walked a little farther away from the group. Tossing it into the air the same white light shot out of the ball. Heart about to burst out of his chest Jyharri watched as the white light began to form into a really small creature. Once the light stopped shaping itself the Pokémon was no taller than Jyharri’s shin.

    “That’s definitely not a Charmander,” Jyharri said slightly disappointed.

    The light soon completely vanished revealing a Pokémon that appeared to be egg shaped. Instead of having a complete egg body, its face was a shade of yellow while its head consisted of five spikes. The casing around its body appeared to be a white shell that had red and blue rings on it. Its body was completed by small brown eyes, two stubby arms and feet.

    Crouching down to get a better look, Jyharri examined the Pokémon. The creature just stared at Jyharri, a questioning look on its face. Jyharri returned the look, turning his head sideways and back to upright. His Pokémon did the same, almost as if it was mimicking him. Not sure of what it was Jyharri began to poke the shell.

    “You don’t seem too tough. How am I going to battle with you? Well I’m Jyharri,” he introduced himself. “I’m your new trainer. I can’t really complain about you being my Pokémon. I mean there are some people who don’t have a Pokémon.”

    “Togepiii!” shrilled the Pokémon with a smile as if it were introducing itself as well.

    “Well I’ve never heard of Togepi before, but assuming you’re a girl I’ll call you Spirit. You seem very happy.”

    The Togepi, now called Spirit, jumped into Jyharri’s arms, obviously enjoying her nickname. Placing the Pokéball back onto his belt, Jyharri carried Togepi back to the group. Jasmine’s happy cries could be heard over the noise of the crowd. As soon as she spotted Jyharri she ran over to him, a black and blue creature in her arms.

    “Look at my Pokémon!” she exclaimed holding it up in front of Jyharri.

    The Pokémon slightly resembled a dog with a majorly blue body. Part of its torso was black like the “mask” on its face and his ears. His legs were also black while the remainder was blue. Its long blue tail began to swing back and forth as Jasmine pulled it in for a hug.

    “Isn’t he adorable?” she asked in a voice that would be used for babies. “He’s a Riolu. I’ve decided to call him Anubis.”

    “Why di-” started Jyharri.

    “Don’t question my naming! What Pokémon did you get?”

    Holding up Spirit, both Jyharri and the Togepi smiled. “She’s a Togepi. Her name is Spirit.”

    After watching the students introduce their friends to their Pokémon, Headmistress Davis clapped her hands. Instantly the noise stopped. With a smile, Headmistress Davis turned and motioned for the students to follow.

    “Now,” Davis started, “time to start this school year.”

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      Double post FTW! :o Hey there readers! Here is chapter 2 of Remix! Enjoy!

      Remix: Dedication Through Light and Darkness

      Chapter 2: Challenges!

      “Do I look good in red or what Spirit?”


      Stretching out his arms, Jyharri posed for Spirit, his Togepi, in his new red blazer. He still wore his blue jeans with his red tennis shoes.

      “I wonder why they told us to wait in this room,” Jyharri said aloud as he looked around the small room he was currently in.

      It wasn’t very spacious. With his arms out Jyharri could almost touch both ends. The only light came from a small bulb that was attached to the ceiling. A mirror was mounted against the wall in the back of the small room with a stool in front of it. On top of the stool sat Spirit.

      The Togepi clapped as her trainer started more poses now with funny faces. Jyharri smiled as his Togepi laughed. Something about the laughter made him feel happy. After a few more arm pumping gestures, the Togepi stood up and tried some herself. Trying to flex her arms a serious look took over her face.

      Wow, Spirit sure is looking crazy, Jyharri thought nervously.

      Once she got the hang of flexing her arms Spirit lifted one foot up in an attempt to jump on one foot. Suddenly, her other foot slipped out from under her causing her to fall towards the floor. Hurriedly, Jyharri threw out one hand, catching her by the spikes atop her head.

      “Whoa there,” said Jyharri as he slightly stumbled forward. “I can’t have you hurting yourself now can I?”

      “Togepiii,” Spirit cheered as Jyharri placed her back on the stool.

      “Nothing can make you sad huh?”

      Spirit simply shook her body. Jyharri knew it meant no. From a previously unseen speaker at the top of the mirror, a voice was heard.

      “New students please prepare for the battle testing,” said a mechanical voice.

      “Battle testing,” whispered Jyharri as Spirit hopped down from the stool.

      The mirror shot up into the ceiling as the back wall opened. Darkness was all that was ahead of him. Taking a gulp of air, the temperature seemed to drop. Jyharri took one step forward before he started to sweat.

      “I’m not afraid of the dark,” Jyharri said as he literally shook off the fear. “If I want to be a trainer this can’t scare me! Let’s go Spirit!”

      “Toge!” exclaimed Spirit as Jyharri picked her up before dashing into the darkness.

      Soon enough darkness surrounded him. Even though he could not see a thing he kept running forward. The walls seemed to close in a little. Not only that, but now it appeared that they were made out of rock. A few minutes after Jyharri dashed into the darkness he felt a sharp pain in his left bicep as a rock grazed him. A thick liquid began to slowly run down his arm, stopping at the elbow joint.

      Great; I’ve got a small tear in my new blazer already, he thought.

      Looking down the dark tunnel, Jyharri could see a flickering light in the distance. A happy feeling came over him before something hit him in the foot, causing him to stumble. Not wanting to crush Spirit, he did a quick turn, landing on his back.

      “What in the-” started Jyharri as he fumbled around on the ground trying to feel what he tripped on.

      His fingers came upon a cold object. The outside of it was rough. It had a cylindrical shape, seeming to be about six feet in length. After figuring that it was a loose pole Jyharri jumped to his feet and continued to run towards the light.

      His breaths became heavy as he started to wheeze. Once he reached the light he saw that there was a door at the end. Jyharri placed his hand on the handle in hopes of it opening, but the door was sealed shut.

      “You must defeat the Pokémon to advance,” a mechanical voice said from seemingly nowhere.

      What Pokémon? Jyharri thought as he looked around.

      A small portion of the ceiling opened up, a figure falling out of it. Jumping back, Jyharri held out one hand as he held Spirit with the other. When the light hit the figure Jyharri saw that it had a humanoid shape. The instant it hit the ground it moved its body into a fighting position, its small pink arms forming a ‘V’ of sorts.

      Around its neck was an orange tattered scarf that hung down its back, going down to what appeared to be bandages. Atop its head was a Mohawk of spikes similar to Spirit’s. Its look was completed with what seemed like brown shorts and matching brown shoes.

      “I’ve never seen this Pokémon before,” Jyharri said startled. “Have you Spirit?”

      The egg shaped Pokémon shook her body. Jyharri placed her on the ground, kneeling next to her.

      “The only way we can get passed this thing is to beat it,” Jyharri whispered to Spirit. “Now a trainer is supposed to command their Pokémon to use attacks. What do you know?”

      “Togepiii!” Spirit trilled as she began to wave her tiny hands back and forth.

      The tips of them lighted up as she moved them. After a few waves she stopped the movement all together and trilled again. A large lightning bolt shot off of Spirit and rocketed towards the humanoid Pokémon. With a smirk the creature disappeared, reappearing behind Togepi. The lightning bolt hit the ground, making a loud crack as it destroyed the spot it hit. A small crater now remained where it hit.

      Still smirking, the pink Pokémon slid on the ground, kicking Spirit in the lower part of her body. Letting out a surprised scream, Spirit fell to the ground.

      “Oh no!” cried Jyharri. “Spirit, hurry and use that wavy thing again!”

      Jumping up, Spirit began to wave her hands back and forth like she did before. When her hands stopped she let out a little growl. The attack seemed to have no effect on the humanoid Pokémon. Standing there with its arm crossed, it began to laugh.

      This is bad! There’s no way Spirit can battle this thing! I’ve got to do something!

      Before he knew it Spirit was hit with the same kind of attack as before. Once again, her small body hit the ground as she let out a small cry.

      “Hang in there Spirit!” Jyharri called out. “I’ll figure out a way to help you!”

      Many different thoughts passed through Jyharri’s head. He could attack the Pokémon himself, but that would be dangerous. If the Pokémon went on the offensive then he would have no way to defend himself. Suddenly, something struck him. He had tripped on something when he was on his way to the door.

      “I’ll be back in a second Spirit!” Jyharri shouted as he ran down the dark tunnel again.

      Stopping at what he assumed was the spot, Jyharri dropped to his knees, feeling around. After a few seconds he started to feel around faster, desperation coming over him. Soon his hand wrapped around the cold object from before.

      “Yes!” he exclaimed quietly.

      Dashing back, Jyharri held the pole like a staff, his right hand in front. Once he reached the light all he could see was the pink humanoid Pokémon standing over Spirit.

      “What?” was all that came out of his mouth.

      The humanoid Pokémon turned his head to look at Jyharri, its yellow eyes staring into his. When the scene finally registered into Jyharri’s mind a feeling of both rage and sadness rushed into him.

      “You,” he said barely above a whisper. “You better have not hurt her!”

      Charging at the Pokémon, Jyharri raised the pole. The creature quickly turned his whole body, but was too late to dodge Jyharri. Swinging the pole, Jyharri smacked the Pokémon in the side of its body, causing it to stumble. A look of seriousness overcame Jyharri’s face as he circled the Pokémon.

      “How about instead of picking on little Pokémon like Spirit you take me on?” Jyharri snarled.

      The creature held its hand out straight like it was going to shake hands with someone. Before he could react, the Pokémon jumped at Jyharri, its hand glowing. Jyharri held up the pole to block, but when the Pokémon’s glowing hand connected with the pole the weapon snapped in two.

      “This is bad!” Jyharri said as he held the poles in front of him.

      Not having any formal training with staff like weapons, his stance seemed goofy and unbalanced. When he dashed forward the Pokémon easily dodged it, jumping over Jyharri like it was nothing. Jyharri turned on his heels, his right hand in front while his left rested behind him. Taking a few steps to his right, Jyharri stood in front of Spirit, looking back to see if she was alright.

      “Spirit I’m sorry I sent you out,” Jyharri told her as he faced his opponent again. “I should have learned more about you before trying to make you battle. If… no; when I get you out of here then I swear I will never make you battle again.”

      “Toge?” Spirit whispered weakly. Her entire body began to tremble as she tried to lift herself off the ground.

      The humanoid Pokémon looked from Spirit to Jyharri with a saddened look on its face. Clutching the scarf around its neck it began to back into the darkness its head slowly beginning to look at the ground. Gritting his teeth, Jyharri charged after the Pokémon. Instead of swinging the pole again Jyharri launched the one from his left hand at the creature.

      Even though it had been looking at the ground, the Pokémon sensed the pole flying at him. The Pokémon dashed forward, ducking under the pole and sidestepping Jyharri as he swung the pole that remained in his hand.

      Continuing its dash, the Pokémon stopped in front of the door. An opening appeared below it, allowing it to fall down into darkness. Jyharri threw the pole against the wall, letting out an array of curse words. Turning back to the door, he ran back to Spirit kneeling beside her.

      “I couldn’t get him Spirit,” he whispered to her while picking her up. “I’m sorry.”

      A smile appeared on Spirit’s face as she cheered weakly. A similar smile appeared on Jyharri’s face while a small laugh escaped his throat.

      “You’re right. Nothing can make you sad.”

      A loud click sounded throughout the tunnel. Looking up, Jyharri saw that the door ahead of him was now ajar, a cold air coming from it. Standing up, Jyharri walked over to the door, peering inside. Unlike the tunnel, the other side of the door was more urban. The walls were made of concrete, it was well lit, and the floor’s material was that of what appeared to be granite.

      It appeared to be another room of the academy. A desk sat about six feet in front of the door, a monitor atop the desk. Approaching the desk, Jyharri saw there was a paper next to the monitor with the words, “STUDENT PLEASE READ” on the front.

      Picking up the paper, Jyharri flipped it over and began to read it aloud. “Dear student; if you are reading this then that means you have defeated the Pokémon on your selected route. Don’t think the test is over yet. Now that you have defeated a Pokémon, can you find it in a replica of a route from around the world and capture it? You will find Pokéballs necessary for capturing Pokémon in the drawer of this desk. Along with the Pokéballs you will find items that can heal your Pokémon. Use them wisely. Sincerely, Headmistress Davis.”

      Jyharri folded up the paper and placed it in his back pants pocket. Taking a seat in the rolling chair behind the desk, he pulled up to it, opening a drawer on his right. After seeing that it was empty he opened the one underneath it. That one was empty as well. Turning to his left side he saw one more drawer. Pulling the entire thing out of the desk, five red and white spherical objects rolled to the side.

      Placing the Pokéballs on his belt, Jyharri felt around in the drawer, his hand stopping on a bottle. Once he pulled it out he saw that the bottle was an orange spray bottle with a green liquid inside. A tiny notepad was attached to the side of the bottle.

      Peeling the note off the bottle, he saw that it said, “Spray on your Pokémon and they’ll be fine!” Not wanting to doubt what it said on the bottle Jyharri sprayed the green liquid on Spirit’s body. As the liquid hit Spirit’s wounds a small sizzling began to sound.

      Smoke began to come off the wounds as they started to close up and heal. All the while Spirit started to groan and let out cries. Not knowing what was going on, Jyharri began to panic.

      “The bottle said you would be fine,” he spluttered. “What’s happening?”

      The sizzling began to die down as the smoking did. Once the noise stopped and the smoke vanished Spirit stopped crying and groaning. Holding his heart, Jyharri could feel that his heart beat had risen to an unnecessary level. Before it could go down a burning sensation filled his eyes. It had felt like someone was holding a flame in his retina. His free hand instantly clutched one of his eyes as his breath became heavy.

      “Toge?” Spirit chirped worriedly.

      “I’m fine,” Jyharri told her, the burning slowly going away.

      Standing up, Jyharri looked around the room, trying to find the exit. His eyes passed over the door they came in before he saw a door directly to the left of the entrance. Walking to the door, Jyharri placed Spirit on his shoulder, the Togepi holding onto his hair for balance.

      “Let’s go find that bastard.”

      Throwing the door open, Jyharri took one step out. As soon as he exited the room the air became heavy. His surroundings changed to that of a forest, trees and greenery surrounding him. When he began to walk he felt a sweat drop run down the temple.

      “It might be a little tough to find him in here,” Jyharri told Spirit as he surveyed the area. From the trees came a shadowy figure. It was no taller than Jyharri’s thigh. An orange scarf was flowing off of its neck behind it. “Then again, sometimes things just work out perfectly.”

      The figure that had jumped out of the tree was the Pokémon that attacked them earlier. Standing up straight, the Pokémon clutched his scarf as he looked into Jyharri’s eyes. Jyharri pulled out a Pokéball, a serious look on his face. The creature continued to stare into Jyharri’s eyes, not blinking or moving.

      “Even though you hurt Spirit, I’m going to have to catch you,” Jyharri snarled. “Not only that, but I need you. Spirit can’t battle well so if I capture you then you can take her place for a while!”

      The Pokémon jumped at Jyharri, appearing right in front of his face before he could blink. Startled, Jyharri hesitated. His hand froze up unable to throw the Pokéball. Surprisingly, the Pokémon smiled at Jyharri and tapped the Pokéball itself.

      The Pokémon changed into a bright red light while the Pokéball opened. Sucking the light into it, the ball snapped shut. A light began to blink in the middle, blinking three times before disappearing. Jyharri’s expression was one of shock. His jaw hung open and his eyes were wide. Spirit began doing a little dance while cheering on his shoulder.

      “I-I just caught a Pokémon,” he stuttered.

      A loud clapping filled Jyharri’s ears as he lowered his hand. Turning around, Jyharri saw a slender figure walking towards him. Their long black hair covered most of their face, but Jyharri could tell it was a woman. Her low cut dress matched the color of her hair. It fit her body well, leaving no space. The dress stopped in the middle of her thighs, showing off her smooth legs.

      “Good job,” she said as she whipped her hair from in front of her face. Her voice was very soothing to the ears. It had the tone of a socialite. “You’ve done well Jyharri.”

      Credit to the awesome Nuke for the banner. Go check out his shop
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