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Old October 14th, 2010 (11:50 PM).
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    Now, obviously you must know that I think the emulation is screwed up. Well now I'm going to share how I feel about EACH AND EVERY STAFF MEMBER, from the mods to Rukario. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to post what you feel about the mods.


    Ah, good ol' Abnegation. Strict moderator, and sarcastic. You will most likely not get along with him due to his dead-on replies and extreme *****ness. Abnegation is NOT an example of a "good" moderator and seems to know only the average of his forum. Unlike the more advanced moderators such as Dark Azelf, who actually know a LOT about their forum.

    I cannot say much about Anastasia.R and Astinus, as I have had very little or no contact with them, I will look into them later and update the thread when I do.

    Aurafire, rather interesting, I got on his/her bad side before, but whatever. Aura knows quite a bit about his/her (lol how I'm not sure the gender) forum, and is rather strict on its part. It doesn't do as much activity as I see in other moderators, which is not good. I recommend either becoming MORE active, or replace.

    I know nothing about avatar and didn't even know it was a moderator. I'll research Avatar later (its midnight here lol)

    Now BinaryPeaches, you're a mod? XD anyways, you are a master at the OT area, and honestly, you do a good job. I haven't seen much moderator activity though, as not a lot is needed in OT, regardless, I would prefer Roswell over you as he seems to really take the subject seriously, you do too, and you are WAY kinder, so actually no, you're good :D

    Now, bobandbill is the example of a perfect moderator. He understands his area VERY well, and I have never seen him overstress rules or be rude to members. Bobandbill may only moderate one small thing, but he represents something you ALL should take after. I mean, who can hate on somebody who never closes a thread unless its completely breaking rules, and how he always responds to VM questions, and still has time to goof around and be one of us normal users? Bobandbill does, thats who.
    Christos is very interesting. He is very, no, EXTREMELY inactive, moderately rude, and leads a forum/site. He has another ROM hacking community under him, and admins it, yet even Mewthree9000, a former admin is more active than him. Chris rarely replies to questions and when he does he gets straight to the point, no games. I cannot really say if he is on my good or bad side, as he doesn't do much. I recommend a replacement as he is highly inactive.
    Who the hell are you? Uhg more research due tomorrow
    Erik Destler
    Very active, but I don't know much about you, you seem to be kind towards normal users from what I have seen, but I will look more into you later.

    Newbie Forever, you are a newbie at modding and do it quite well, but why do you mod gen V? You didn't know anything really about it, nor did anybody else, I fear that Lightning and the other Staff Admins just appointed you for the hell of it, and because you are helpful to the admins, kinda like a wanna-be. I may be and probably am wrong though.

    Another newbie, giradialkia, so far you are doing well, but I have one suggestion: SURPRISE ME AND BE THE FIRST GOOD MOD OF EMULATION! STAY ACTIVE AND DON'T BE A NAZI. End of story period.

    I honestly have a lot of work to do tomorrow, I didn't know we had this many mods XD

    Manipulation. You are known well around PC like me, but same as me, not for a good reason. I am known for being an annoying user, you are just a b!tch all-round. You care nothing about your area that I can see, you throw people around like Sue in Glee, and you are just not fit for a mod. For the admins sake, take a break, finish Sienna, and figure yourself out. You need to, ah, reinvent your personality, and get a better reputation here, it kills me to write this about a moderator of a large forum, it does. Just please, take a break for a while.

    Midori Chi
    Netto Azure

    As the former only mod of art, you are a amazing mod, at keeping your forum. User-friendly wise, I hate you. I love how you manage the forum and the contests etc., but I hate you in general, you seem too strict and stressed about something. Just my input, prove me wrong please Scarf.

    Serene Grace
    Nothing to say really, your just average, and I see nothing bad nor good about you.

    Moderator of GPGD, and good at it too. You can become rude at times and yes, I can be annoying to you Syd, lol. But anyways, that doesn't give you a reason to deny everything, I don't like saying this but you act like an idiot at times. Your area yea, sure its big and hard to handle, you do it very well, and always are sarcastic. You are very good socially and forumly, but you have small errors here and there, you need to know when to stop.

    Average, moderately stressing on my part, but you're just average, like most mods SHOULD be.

    Who the hell are you two, man that makes like HALF of the mods I need to go look up!

    This goes to both of you-reply more to people and do your job. You are FORUM WIDE MODS. Now actually help some mods that might have trouble, maybe Syd needs some help every once in a while since he has that huge forum, or learn stuff about ROM Hacking and Game making, so you can help out the crappy moderation there.

    Hehe, anything I say about Luke will bet me banned, but wtvr. Luke doesn't play around, he hates sarcasm, chocolate, puppies, and other stuff like that. Luke seems like a good SMod, but I don't really see his social skills expressed well, but he mods very well.

    Patchisou Yutohru
    I honestly don't care about you two lol, Went you do average smod stuff, same for you Patchy.

    Popular, but annoying at most times, needs to feel what its like as a normal user. And I'm sure you know that too Audy.
    I have no clue what you two even do, all I know is Audy does SMod stuff and does it well. To me it just seems as if you are just privileged Hiiros.

    Hiroshi Sotumura
    I can sum you four up all together, isn't that special? No it isn't. Now, you guys are most active, most respectful, and most annoying. Thats in my opinion though, you always do what you need and stuff, but you can get almost as annoying as me at times, and you know what I'm talking about. One more thing, is it you four or Rukario who chooses mods? If its you four then shame on you, for choosing Christos and Manipulation, Harry in my honest opinion should be banned and IP banned for life-just saying.

    I don't trust you, is that a good or bad thing? Well, good in a way. For the users that you have replied to, you are generally kind and know how to make it easier for us. But you don't reply often to people (yes I stalk you and Sydian's conversations). If you could reply a bit more often, and post more on the forum, that would be great, if you don't do it because you don't want too much VMs from people saying "OMG ur the admin, thats cewl" then I understand completely.

    And there is my honest opinions, share yours! Don't worry, the mods closing this would prove my point that they are Nazis, how? Because closing it doesn't allow us to give them feedback, and it violates the first amendment of the USA, Free Speech, now I'm an American so you better not close this thread XD


    ok thx bye

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      first off, the internet does not necessarily follow the laws of the US Constitution and a lot of this is borderline flaming, which is borderline not part of the free speech bit of the constitution.

      Originally Posted by wikipedia lol
      Within these limited areas, other limitations on free speech balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as rights for authors and inventors over their works and discoveries (copyright and patent), interests in "fair" political campaigns (Campaign finance laws), protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander). Distinctions are often made between speech and other acts which may have symbolic significance.
      Manny isn't a bad guy. He's busy, has a life and there are many annoying newbs and noobs in ROM Hacking (one of which you have admitted to being)

      you also have to realise that ROM Hacking is the hardest place to moderate. It's filled with random noobs and spam (not as bad, thanks to the removal of the Scrapbox) but they've got to get so many threads they need to approve or disapprove and all that; it's a tiring job. In the two years I've been here, I've seen ROM Hacking cycle through like 8 mods. Other sections? Maybe one or two got promoted over the whole forum and another couple might have quit. So many quit from inability to cope with the workload. To put it bluntly, at least Manny gets the work done.

      This might sound "cliched", but I really want to see how you do in their position.

      ps. you really are annoying (and you missed Dark Azelf in your list of pointless ranting).

      pps. saying that manipulation is a "b---- all round" isn't really helping him improve...

      ppps. i should add my own opinions. I like the majority of the mods as they do their job well and are generally pretty nice as long as you don't bother them (ahem). One exception is Morkula, but, eh, if everyone was nice and happy and flowery and everything, it would be boring, wouldn't it? Nobody for the noobs to complain about = no luls for me.

      pppps. one thing I just realised was that you seem to fail to realise that there's such thing as a "personality". The mods all have one and they're all different.
      Brony represent.
      Old October 15th, 2010 (1:42 AM).
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        Wow, dude no one really asked for this
        i dont know you, but you you annoy me so badly, i know a couple of those mods you bad mouthed over there, and gosh they're great people, just cuz YOU dont get along with them doesnt mean everyone else doesnt, lets take sydian for example;

        Moderator of GPGD, and good at it too. You can become rude at times and yes, I can be annoying to you Syd, lol. But anyways, that doesn't give you a reason to deny everything, I don't like saying this but you act like an idiot at times. Your area yea, sure its big and hard to handle, you do it very well, and always are sarcastic. You are very good socially and forumly, but you have small errors here and there, you need to know when to stop.

        Ive known sydy for quite a while and i actually havent seen this part of him,what makes you think you have the right to judge him, next time why dont you try keeping your opinion to yourself for once :/ .

        pair - pc family - theme&credit - FC

        Old October 15th, 2010 (2:34 AM).
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        Well I guess I can say PC Mods do a great job and stuff.

        Though my personal opinion on others differs. The only guys I never talked to would have to be Arcanine, who completely shut me out but maybe that was my fault, and Morkula. Who I have never talked because...

        You're scary.

        But anyway, I was kinda surprised when BP and Forever got modded (I fainted when I saw Forever). But now they're doing fine. No problems from them.

        Everyone else is getting busier in IRL and modding and other crap so if you look at all my conversations with most Mods, they're usually under 50 pages except for a few. But hey, what can I say?

        But your personal opinion on a lot is kind of insulting. You're forgetting that these are actual people you're talking about, not some computer. So yeah, what you said definitly isn't cool. And Steve doesn't talk much because he's busy managing the freaking site and his personal life. Yeesh, give him a break. I'll bet he would talk more if he could, but he just can't.

        So that's my two cents lol.
        Old October 15th, 2010 (3:00 AM).
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        Originally Posted by redsaber5859 View Post
        Don't get me wrong here; if you feel that there are any issues behind the staff or any members, the door's always been open for you to talk to some of the staff about it. Not all of us are going to bite you just because… you don't like someone's manner of behaviour. Of course, we'll only deal with it if we agree that something's wrong.

        That having been said, yes, this is indeed a "feedback" forum. However, it is not a forum where you can create threads that blatantly insult most of the staff members. If you have something worth saying that you actually expect people to listen to, then this feedback forum exists for you to constructively criticise a move of a certain staff member. (Of course, not everyone will necessarily agree with you anyway.)

        Closing this because of the offensive nature of the first post. Also closing it because of the "DON'T CLOSE" phrase. (I should also sneak in an important fact: if this "law" you're talking about is this so-called "freedom of speech", it doesn't apply to private institutions such as this privately-owned Pokémon forum of whose staff you can't help but attack.)
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