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Old June 30th, 2011 (8:25 PM).
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    Okay. Hi guys, this is the story I posted on here forever ago. This is a highly improved version, I've finished chapter one. This was just "Pokemon Story 1 by Miley810" but I've came up with a name for it. I had it posted four months ago, but it was in script fourm and it was just horribly writen. I am still working on my story Best of Luck, I've got a little bit in on the next chapter. I just got the sudden insperation to start writing this one again. Bella's name is now Violet, because the friend I was basing Bella off of changed Bella's name. ALSO for some reason it didn't indent,so I went and edited it to indent,and it didn't change.So please don't say anything about it,because when I first typed it up I indented it.Anyways, without a further ado, lets get on with the show! Enjoy!

    Chapter One: Meeting Violet

    Miley was a fifteen year old girl who had traveled in all of the regions, and the Orange Islands, all with her best friend Barry. She had wavy golden blonde hair with hot pink highlights. She had hot pink eyes, and her skin was slightly tanned. She stood 5"4. She wore a light pink tank top and blue jean shorts. She wore white durable flip flops, and a ruby necklace. Today she had her hair in a high ponytail. She was battling her best friend Barry. He was using his Empoleon, and she was using her Espeon. They were in Twinleaf Town.

    "Espeon use psybeam!"Miley commanded.

    Just then,a dragonite with a mail bag landed next to her.

    "Hold up Espeon!"Miley called.

    "You too Empoleon.Miley, you have ten seconds to resume the battle. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, why arn't you resuming!?"Barry protested.

    "Cool it Barry, I'll be done in a minute." Miley said and turned to the dragonite.

    The dragonite handed her a letter.

    " Dear Miley Casscade Jewel,

    You are invited to come to Hearthome city. There is a trainer event going on for the people who have lived her most or all of their lives. This event will contain chances for you to meet trainers, have battles, and more. Only people sent one of these letters are allowed to come. There are already rooms preserved for everyone invited at the new Hearthome Hotel. We hope you come.

    Best Regards,

    The Hearthome City Pokemon Fanclub"

    While Miley was reading the letter, she didn't notice Barry come up behind her and read the letter over her shoulder.Miley handed the Dragonite a few poffins and it flew off.

    "Miley are you really going?"Barry asked.

    "Of course!"Miley replied.

    "But what about me?"Barry asked a bit rudely.

    "I'll be back Barry. We both know you'd go if it was you who got invited." Miley said.

    "Its not fair that trainers who haven't lived in Hearthome City can't come!" Barry complained.

    "Sorry Barry,but I'm going." Miley said. "Return Espeon."

    Red light consumed Espeon.

    "Hey!We're not going to even finish the battle?"Barry asked.

    "We'll redo it as soon as I get back, I promise." Miley said giving him a small smile.

    Miley walked to Barry's house where she had been staying. She walked to the guest room and pulled out her bright red colored backpack. She put in the two potions she had, her bag of poffins,her berry case, her emergency kit, and cloths in the backpack. She opened the nightstand drawer and got out her diary, special diary pen,and her diary key. She put them in her backpack. She had her six pokemon hooked on the black belt she had on. She zipped the backpack and put it on. She walked out of the house, where Barry was standing outside looking down.

    "Come on Barry, I'll be back in five days." Miley said frowning sadly at him.

    "Its five days Miley." He said.

    Miley hugged him tightly.

    "I'll be back before you know it. I'll call you on the C-gear." Miley said.

    "Okay." Barry said sighing. "Bye."

    "Bye."Miley said with a small smile. "Go Pidgeot!"

    The large bird pokemon emerged from its pokeball. Miley got on its back, but before she commanded a take off, she gave Barry a small wave,and he returned it.She grabbed on to Pidgeot.

    "To Hearthome city Pidgeot." She said.

    They departed from the ground.

    "Bye!"Barry called.

    "Bye Barry!"Miley called back.

    -Two hours later-

    It was around 5pm now. Miley and Pidgeot landed. Miley climbed off of Pidgeot.

    "Thanks Pidgeot,return,"Miley said.

    Pidgeot was consumed by red light like Espeon had been, and disappeared into her pokeball. Miley walked to the five story hotel. She walked to the front desk. There were two ladies there. They were both wearing a white t-shirt and black pants. One had straight purple hair that went to the top of her shoulders.The other lady had curly blonde hair that went four inches bellow her shoulders.The name tag on the purple haired lady's shirt said "Sharon" and the blonde haired lady's said "Michelle".

    "Hello.Do you have a reservation?" Michelle asked.

    "The letter I got says so. I'm Miley Casscade Jewel." Miley said.

    "I should have a reservation too.I'm Violet Minia Destin." A girl voice behind Miley said.

    Miley turned around. There was a girl with raven black hair in a white ponytail standing behind her. The girl was the same height as Miley,and was wearing a dark purple t-shirt with pre-ripped blue jeans.She was wearing purple and white sneakers.She was slightly tanned as well.She had on a violet colored backpack and had six pokeballs hooked on her brown belt.

    "Your both right here in the computer.Miley is room 204 and Violet is 205." Sharon said.

    She handed both of the girls key cards.The two girls walked to the elevator.

    "So what pokemon do you have?" Violet asked.

    "Oshawott,Espeon,Pidgeot, Togepi,Phanpy, and Pichu."Miley said."How about you?"

    "Tepig, Zoura,Glaceon, Shelgon, Gastrodon, and Lillipup."Violet said.

    The elevator dinged and the doors opened. The girls walked inside the elevator and Miley hit the 4th floor button. There were 300 rooms to the hotel. The elevator doors reopened when the elevator dinged and they walked out of it. They walked down the hall and after a minute made it to their rooms.

    "I'll come to your room in a minute,ok?"Violet asked.

    "Okay."Miley said.

    Miley walked inside her room. The walls were painted pearly white and the floors were dark stained hardwood floors. There were two queen sized beds with great mattresses and several pillows on each, and a small nightstand with a drawer and doors that opened into a little thing like a cabinet. There was a tall wood dresser, a nice flat screen tv, a little wood table with padded soft black chairs, a nice window with a lovely view of the forest behind the hotel,a microwave and a coffee maker (even though Miley didn't drink coffee). When she walked in the bathroom it was reasonably big, with a shower and bathtub, a nice big counter with a sink. It had white tiled floors, and the walls were the same. There was also a closet that was fair sized, and a small set of drawers in the main room.
    She hung up her dresses, and put the t-shirts and shorts and stuff like that in the drawers. She put her backpack on the spare bed and turned on the tv and turned it to the weather to see what it would be like through the event. She had all of her pokemon supplies in her backpack. She sat on her bed. According to what they were saying the weather would be great the whole time.She heard a knock at her door. She walked to the door, and as she expected, Violet was there.For the next two hours the two girls talked about their experiences as such.Miley's stomach growled.

    "I think its time to eat."Miley said laughing.

    The two girls stood up off of the beds.

    "Should we go to the restaurant down the street?"Violet asked.

    "Yeah."Miley said.

    The girls left the hotel room with just their pokemon and their wallets. They walked to the elevator, hit the button, and the doors opened. They walked in it and hit the lobby button. They walked out of the hotel and walked to the restaurant Violet was referring to. They weren't busy,so they were seated quickly.

    "What can I get you guys to drink?"The waitress asked.

    "Water."Both girls said at once.

    The waitress wrote down the drinks and walked to the kitchen. Violet and Miley examined the menus. The lady came back and sat the drinks down.

    "Are you ready to order?"The waitress asked.

    "Yes."Miley said.

    "Yeah."Violet said.

    "I want the chef salad, with a side of macaroni."Miley said.

    "And I want the grilled chicken sandwich with a side of fries."Violet said.

    "Okay. Shouldn't be long."The waitress said.

    After ten minutes the waitress came back and set their food in front of them. After a hour of eating,it being that long due to their constant talking, they finished. They paid their bill, left the restaurant, and went back to the hotel. They got in the elevator and Violet hit the 4th floor button. When the elevator dinged and the doors opened, they walked to their rooms.

    "I'm going to go to bed."Violet said.

    "Me too.I'll knock on your door when I'm ready tomorrow morning."Miley said.

    "Ok."Violet said.

    Both girls went into their rooms.They changed into their nightgowns, they went to their knees and Miley's was light pink and Violet's was dark purple.


    It is a little bit short,but it is sooooo much better than it was when I first posted it. This is rewritten, so some stuff is changed. Anyways comments are appreciated, even if your telling me how to inprove or anything.I hope you enjoyed chapter one,and I'll be working on chapter two soon.

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