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Original description: Team up, start a formation of dedicated hackers and helpers. Here, you can discuss production of hacks with other groups, or make your own hacking group (through approval processes).

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Old July 3rd, 2011 (6:30 AM). Edited July 3rd, 2011 by dante1w.
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Hello. I'm dante1w -so unescessary-, as you can tell from my username . I've been hacking for quite some time, and I joined PC a long time ago but didn't use my account much cause I decided to learn more about hacking. Of course after a lot of study, I have become a professional scripter, pokemon and people sprite inserter, icon inserter, OW inserter, tile inserter, mapper... I used to have an old hacking team, but I decided to remove that team because I had a better idea in mind. Anyways, this is my new team, and I'm reaching for the stars on this project.


Previous experience:
When you can help:
How long you can help:


Scripters: 2
Mappers: 4
ASM Hackers: 2
OWers: 2
Fakemon Spriters: 2
People Spriters: 2
Iconers: 1
Tilers: 1
Pokemon Sprite Inserters: 1
People Sprite Inserters: 1
OW inserters: 1
Tile Inserters: 1
Icon Inserters: 1
Storyline Help: 2
Beta Testers: 2


dante1w: Leader


Our first project will be: "Pokemon Arc of Zevyon".

This project, as the team's name suggests, is based on dimesnions, the 7 dimensions. You might be wonderring how there are 7 dimensions when you believe there are only 4, and some may think only 3. Well actually, and based on organizing the theories of many scientists in this matter, there are 7 dimensions. I'm obsessed with dimensions and what not, so i'll give you a quick peak into what I know so far (this is a summary, the information i have is much more):

The first three dimensions are the width, length, and height. You should know of these dimensions if you have ever studied math. The fourth dimension is time, which controls the flow of everything in the dimension. Now lets say you can travel through time. This is just a theory, but all this is a theory as well, and most of science is based on theories. Well, when you travel through time, is it you who travels through time, or does the world move back in time while you stay the same ? Well, scientists belivee that to move the world back in time would take an energy that doesn't exist, so if you were to go back in time, it would be you who traveled through time. When you travel through time, does the time you live in now disapear and be replaced by the one you traveled to ? No, they will both exist together. So if you travel one milli second back in time (we will be using the term suot which stands for smallest unit of time) both the current world and the world one millisecond ago will exist together right (lol). So for each suot (smallest unit of time), there is a dimension. But take two references. The time you are in now, and one suot in the future. Will everything in the world be at the same place in these two dimensions ? No. The world is in constant motion. So every time dimensional difference is accompanied with a spacial dimensional difference. So every time has its own dimensions (world), and each one differs in space too. But don't all these dimensions exist together at the same place ? Well yeah, so this makes a new dimension, called the inter-dimensional space dimension (lol). And don't all these dimensions exist together in the same time reference ? Yes. But how. Doesn't each one have its own time. How do they all share the same time then ? Well this makes a 6th dimension called the inter-dimensional time dimension. Now, lets say that there are more than one world. I mean a world where earth, let say, doesn't exist. That is a whole new world with a whole new set of time and space dimensions (yes scientists belive there are a total of seven worlds, each with different conditions. Some may have beings that don't need air to survive, and etc). Of course all these world co-exist, creating a seventh dimension, bringing together all the rest, called the inter-dimensional dimenion world system, simply refered to as the seventh dimension.


FireRed Rom


150+ fakemon, including evolutions of pokemon from previous generations.


-150+ fakemon.
-New tiles and sprites.
-ASM adjustments including pokemon follow you and running indoors and many more.
-New Region: Yenvo Region (pronounce yen-vow).
-New cast: gym leaders - elite for - rivals - evil team.
-DNS (Day Night Seasons System)
-Tile animations.
-Graphics editting including text voxes and battle backgrounds .. etc.


The world is peaceful. You live in the tropical region of Yenvo, consisting of many high mountains and tropical beaches. There are also many small tropical islands around the region. You enjoy your life there as the son of a billionare scientist, living in a heaven of a mansion surrounded with acers of grass and wide feilds, but life isn't as exciting as you want it to be. As the son of a very rich overprotective person, you have experienced everything but going on a pokemon training journey. You decide to do just that, and set out to the nearest town to start your journey, companied by a pokemon your father provided for you. As you journey, you learn of a great meteor that landed on a small island of the region. Suddenly, shady people start showing up asking about an itam, the arc of zevyon. As you commence through the game, you find out that these people are from the future, and have come to this time to capture a pokemon, called Zevyon, which is from another dimension. This pokemon is traveling through dimensions to look for its arc, an arc which once applied to the pokemon, gives it its original power as the creator of the multi-universe seven dimensional world. This pokemon, being the creator of every dimension, is also the creator of arceus and all other pokemon, and is in turn, the most powerful pokemon in the world. You embark on your journey as you try to stop the evil future team from obtaining the arc, only to witness the rise of more pokemon resembling the leaders of each dimension, as arceus is the leader of this dimension, and only to discover that the so called evil team isn't evil at all, and is merely a army unit sent back in time to save earth from its terrible fate that awaits it after Zevyon obtains its arc, and takes its revenge on earth beliveing that they had stolen its arc, as it was found in the Yenvo region. It is now your job to find the arc, and capture zevyon, before it destroys earth, finding out that there are people out there trying to capture Zevyon, only to use its power, and its also your job to stop them.

Embark on your journey in the Yenvo region, and learn of the many political twists and conspiracies that await you.

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