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This is the In Character (IC) thread for Neo Kanto. If you want to know the story or sign up, go to THIS THREAD. Currently, you may not post a new sign up, though.

[ Rules ]
[1] I am the Game Master (GM). If you question my decisions, then do it politely but respect me if I deny changes you propose.

[2] If you want in, submit a SU in this thread and I'll accept you if it's well written enough and if your character is interesting enough. You can then start playing as soon as the main thread is up.

[3] BE ACTIVE. If you don't feel like posting for several days, then maybe you should give the spot to someone else.

[4] You should like writing to be in this RP. Think of it as your own creative version of a pokémon game. You own Original Trainer fanfic. Only... with my rules :)

[5] There won't really be chapters, but I will tell you what you're able to do in each area, when you reach it.

[6] Rated T. Romance is alright, but no need to go too far. Violence is ok, but don't go all graphical. Pokémon are sturdy, they don't get flesh wounds easily you know.

[7] Like almost always, if you're capturing a pokémon, end your post before the pokéball stops rocking. I decide whether the capture is successful or not, and what level and gender and ability the new pokémon has. (i.e. I roll a dice)

[8] I decide how many levels your pokémon get in each post and what's ok and what's not.

[9] If you think I'm unfair, please tell me so.

[10] You won't find or buy TMs/HMs/elemental stones/other evolution things without my approval. Things like bikes and rods and potions and pokéballs are ok though.

[ Players ]

Cal "Clover" Cossinsky - Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers
age: 12 | gender: MALE | pokédex: 3 | badges: 0
species: STARYU | level: 12 | gender: - | ability: NATURAL CURE

species: POOCHYENA | level: 8 | gender: FEMALE | ability: QUICK FEET

species: MEOWTH | level: 8 | gender: MALE | ability: TECHNICIAN

Sheryl "Sherie" O'Marr - toptheworld
age: 12 | gender: FEMALE | pokédex: 2 | badges: 0
species: PONYTA | level: 11 | gender: MALE | ability: FLASH FIRE

species: PIDGEY | level: 8 | gender: FEMALE | ability: TANGLED FEET

Amber (S2B) Keriko - Miss Doronjo
age: 12 | gender: FEMALE | pokédex: 1 | badges: 0
species: GROWLITHE | level: 10 | gender: FEMALE | ability: FLASH FIRE

Keenan "Nai" Walker - Fuyu
age: 12 | gender: MALE | pokédex: 3 | badges: 0
species: PIKACHU | level: 12 | gender: MALE | ability: STATIC

species: PIDGEY | level: 8 | gender: MALE | ability: KEEN EYE

species: MAGIKARP | level: 9 | gender: FEMALE | ability: SWIFT SWIM

and with that, let's start playing


Pallet City is a large place. The city is filled with people working, visiting or just hanging around. There is a harbor where boats to other parts of Kanto go, but they won't let new trainers onboard since trainers are supposed to travel the predetermined route through the region. As they have done for over a century.

On the central square, pretty close to the Oak Park, stands the great brass statue of the 4 Pallet Trainers. You have probably seen it many times in your life here. It's quite magnificent and you might understand why some believe there was something magical about them.

[ Professor Cedar ] (think away the R xD)

You live here somewhere and this morning you have to take the hoverbus/underground rail or something similar to the Oak Park in the center of the city. Inside the glass cupola, professor Cedar's modern lab lies. It looks more like a building from a sci-fi movie than anything else. She has got lots of guards and assistants but you are somehow escorted into the garden in the back, where the professor is. Speak with her and she will give you your pre-ordered pokétop, some empty pokéballs and let you walk around and pick one of the pokémon in the garden to be your very own starter. Then you're all set to leave Pallet City and start your journey on Route 1!

What can you do here?

- Generally, in a city, you can buy things in various stores, visit a pokémon center and heal up (they've got real, quick machines that work when the pokémon is in energy form nowadays) or get a free room for the night. If there is a gym, you can challenge it if it's open.
- You can also make up your own adventures, explore the modern city's facilities or events if any are described above, battle trainers and meet NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) of mine or your own creation.
- You can also capture some pokémon.
- You may meet up with other trainers and interact with posts, but talk to the player first in the discussion thread so that you're not starting a conversation when the other player is writing a post for the next route.

For Pallet City this time though, you won't be able to capture wild pokémon and you won't be able to meet the other players.

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    ((Whether I call or Sherie or Sheryl, it all depends on what I type or feel like typing :P. Hope this isn't too long!))

    Sherie woke up that morning, her blonde hair covering her face, to the sounds of her younger sister screaming at her mother after learning about her older sister's new trip. After long hours, the older sister finally convinced her parents to let her go on this journey. But because her younger sister Amy was too young, they hid the news from her to make sure she didn't try anything to tag along. Obviously, telling her the morning of wasn't such a good idea either.

    "That's not fair, she always gets what she wants!"

    Sherie cringed, ignoring her sister's rant before hearing her storm up the stairs (despite the fact that it could easily glide up on its own, like most staircases these days) and bang open her door.

    "You little witch!"


    "I can not believe it! You're always getting babied by them, no matter what, just because you're a few years older!"

    "It's not like..."

    "You're just a little baby! I hate you, why couldn't you just die?"

    Sherie sighed before standing up and stripping the bedsheets. The brunette that stood beside her was still fuming, smoke oozing out of her ears as her face blared red. Amy was about to jump on her before Sheryl lightly pushed her on the now bare bed before walking out of the room to drop the sheets in the laundry.

    "It's better if you just get over it," she called out from the hall, walking down towards the last room, just across from her parents' and dropping the laundry in the bin. Then, she turned around and strutted off towards the bathroom to get herself ready. She had a long day ahead of her.


    That went surprisingly well. Thank god she didn't get her to come with me, otherwise I would've just quit. Sheryl thought while grabbing her brush out of a little baggie that would be joining her on the trip. She ran it down her blonde locks before washing her face and brushing her teeth. Taking a shower the night before, all she needed was to get changed and eat breakfast and then her new life would begin.

    The green-eyed beauty popped her out the door to make sure her sister wouldn't come charging at her when she stepped out. Turning off the lights, she briskly waked out of the bathroom towards her bare bedroom - much like her bed - to where her clothes had been laid out on the table. Getting changed in a jiffy, she took her bag and fell back on the floor.

    She hadn't felt like this in a long time. She was excited, giddy even. She had never felt so alive before, finally allowed to do what she wanted. She was leaving this place, this city, her family, her - few - friends, but she had never been so pleased in her life. Starting a journey, able to hold a Pokeball in her hand and say that what was inside belonged to her, it all seemed so new.

    "Hope you don't plan on getting a boyfriend while you're out. You're hardly even attractive enough to get one to look at you," a voice stated, and although Sheryl couldn't see her face, she knew she was smirking. Before she knew it, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at her face.

    "Shut up!"

    The younger girl chuckled before skipping off, obviously more pleased than she was before. Sherie sighed before getting up and walking out of her bedroom, looking inside one more time before shutting the door. The blonde ran downstairs, looked at her parents one last time before smiling.

    "Leaving so soon?"

    She nodded, "I want to start the journey as soon as possible. Professor Cedar said she'll be there all day. So I'll just grab my Pokémon and Pokétop and go."

    It was all without batting an eyelash. She would desperately miss her parents, but they didn't seem to realise that this was her only way of getting away from everything she had lived with so far. She wanted to prove her worth, and if she became Champion, than that was the best way to do it. Grabbing the toast on the table, she ran off out the door.

    "Sheryl, wait!"

    "Bye mom, bye dad, I love you!"

    "We'll see you tomorrow when you lose and you come crying back home!" Amy yelled from a window on the second floor.

    "I don't think you should be talking to the future Champion! At least I get to start my journey!" Sheryl grinned, sticking out her tongue before turning her back on her family and sprinting towards Professor Cedar's lab. This was going to be one hell of a trip.
    Rest in PeACE

    Yes. I am in fact female.

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      A young, red-headed woman of eighteen years looked up from her workbook, her blue eyes wide with alarm. She called hesitantly "Nai, was that you? Are you okay?" She rose to her feet and went over to the landing. There was a black-haired male laying against the wall, looking dizzy. She sighed. "Oh Nai..." Her little brother was so impossible sometimes. "What are we going to do with you?"

      Instantly, the little boy got back up, grinning angelically. "Hi Kat!" He quickly patted himself all over, shaking off dust and checking for bruises. "I'm okay!"

      "Katarina," she corrected mildly, knowing it was no use. Her little brother never answered to his own name, why would he use hers. She checked him herself before sighing. "Oh Nai... you're still tripping down the stairs yet you want to go on a trainer journey. I'm really not sure what to do with you." He blinked at her in confusion, not seeing the problem.

      "I thought it was Mom's problem, Kat, not yours," remarked the cool voice of Simon, the other redhead standing at the top of the stairs. Unlike their brother, they had inherited their mother's tomato-red locks. Nai didn't look like a part of their family. He looked more like their cousin, with his slim, wiry build and childish appearance. Katarina shushed him and gestured at Nai, who just looked between them. Simon snorted gently. "Kat, he's not six anymore. He knows what parents are supposed to be. And they're not supposed to be holed up in work instead of taking him to meet the professor!" The last part was spoken with a raised voice, able to be heard through the mahogany door just a foot away from the upstairs landing. There was no response and Katarina glared pointedly at her serious, harsh older brother. Nai felt something was wrong, so he did what he did best.

      He let out a whine. "Si~! Stop being all gloomy! It's okay! Mom and Dad are trying to pay those bill-thingies! That means they gotta be all busy and stuff! Besides, I am twelve years old now! I can do this by myself! So... come on!" He ran into the kitchen. "I'm hungry! I want to make grilled cheese! Can you show Nai how? Can you? Huh?" He bounced in his spot, staring at his sister pleadingly. THe woman shook her head, trying not to sigh.

      "Is food all you think about?" she mumbled, going to show him. Simon chuckled, seeing his brother's earnest excitement and joy. The boy shot a glance at his older brother as he descended. Simon nodded and the boy's smile widened as he watched the girl make the sandwich.

      Simon couldn't help his smile. Contrary to his sister's beliefs, their brother was going to be just fine. He may not be as knowledgeable as any of the other kids going on this journey, but his good heart would take him farther than them.


      "Okay Nai is ready to go!" Nai declared, packing the last pair of pants away. He wasn't the best at sewing, so just in case he had to bring extra. Thankfully, he had a really smart sister, who made sure to give him small pillows and such to practice on. He slipped his backpack over his shoulders and put on his shoes. He ran over to Simon. "Can Nai go now Si, can Nai please?"

      Simon shook his head and held up a golden disc on a chain. "Not without this you can't!"

      Nai yelped and leapt on top of him. "Gimme my watch Si! Give it! You meanie, you stole it!"

      "I polished it," the man corrected in all his twenty-two year old glory as he handed his brother the watch. Nai huffed as he pocketed it. It wasn't fair! Just because he wasn't a big grown-up yet... ah what could he do? He was gonna be a hero! Then he would definitely be as awesome as Simon! Yeah! "Stop pouting little brother, or you'll miss getting your Pokemon."

      "No way!" He hugged the taller man and ran downstairs, nearly tripping again as he left. "Bye!" he shouted for the whole house to hear. Katarina waved from the kitchen. Simon chuckled as the boy left. He went to Katarina and grinned.

      "Looks like you're on your own in the house now," he joked. "If only you were in college."

      "If only you weren't such a child," she joked. "Poor Madeline."

      "She's mature enough for the both of us. Now, business scenario, what would you do if..."


      Nai ran down to the underground subway, bouncing on the balls of his feet as the robot processed the train card. Normally, he disliked the robots and all the technology, but today he couldn't help but be grateful. He would get there so much quicker. The pass was handed back to him and he hurried to catch the train. His ears caught the rumbling echo and he sighed in relief when the train arrived and he was swept inside.

      Fifth stop, left side, he reminded himself, sitting down as the train moved. People were looking at him funny. He knew he looked like an odd sight, a kid on his own in the subway. But really people stop staring. Heroes were supposed to be stared at for being cool, not for being on train! Didn't these people know that? When he got back, he would tell them this. Yes Nai would do just that.

      More people left the train as it passed and he was one of the only people to get off the train. He cheered at the sight of sunshine and ran off toward the right. Kat had made him memorize the way to the lab. He paused in the Central Square and stared up at the statue. Those people were magical people said. Nai could believe it. Heroes were supposed to magical! And cool! And these guys were heroes! And soon, Nai would be doing just what they did. "Yeah," he cheered. "Let's go, let's go!" He pumped a fist in the air and ran off, seeing the cool lab up ahead. Seriously, it was cool! It looked like one of those buildings from the movies.

      Nai stopped at the door and stared up at the robots blocking the way. "My name is Nai," he told them, speaking the way his mother had taught him. "I am here to start my Pokemon journey and need to speak to Professor Cedar." There was no response, causing Nai to repeat himself. He tried a third time, then pouted miserably. Did she forget? No way, that miss was too smart to forget she invited him. Oh wait... they weren't looking for Nai. "Keenan Walker is here to see Professor Cedar," he tried. The robotic eyes flashed and let him inside. Nai sighed. He didn't like that name. It was his name but it wasn't. He had always been called Nai, so Nai was Nai. A man appeared, quickly shuffling him outside to the garden.

      Professor Cedar was standing there already, checking something on her clipboard. "Hi Ms. Cedar!" he greeted. "Your robots are mean. They don't know Nai!"

      Her eyes flickered in surprise as she looked up. "They probably know the wrong person," she replied, smiling quietly. Nai was so bright; he accidently dimmed other people. "Good morning Nai, ready to get started?"

      "Yes ma'am!" he replied, running over to her and taking some empty Pokeballs. He placed them in a side pocket and blinked at the appearance of the headphones in his hands next. There were deep blue with black stars on them. "Huh..."

      "That's your Poketop Nai," the woman supplied gently. He would forget of course. He couldn't help it; Nai forgot things rather often.

      His eyes brightened. "Cool!" He frowned suddenly. "What do I do now?"

      Cedar gestured to the garden, her hair sweeping away from her eyes. "There are quite a few Pokemon in this garden. Look around and pick one you'd like to take with you."

      Nai smiled and rested the headphones around his neck. "Okay, thank you!" He ran off into the garden, giggling happily as he ran into all rypes of Pokemon. "Awesome!" He cried before looking around. He smelled smoke. Continuing to look around, Nai saw burnt grass. "Huh? Who would do that?"

      He wandered away, following the trail of grass. There was a Pikachu with its tail in the ground, releasing electricity. "Hi!" he called, causing it to look around. It must have been too focused to hear him. They had really sensitive ears. "Nai is Nai! Are you Pikachu?" It nodded, looking confused. Nai grinned. He liked Pikachu. They could cause storms! "Will Pikachu be my friend?"

      Pikachu blinked. This was a weird human. Who talked like that? But he seemed like a nice human. What did he have to lose? He wandered over and sniffed Nai before climbing up his arm to the boy's head. Well if he had a weird human, he would make him a powerful weird human. He raised a paw and pointed forward. "Okay!" Nai cheered. "Let's go!" He ran from the lab, waving at Professor Cedar. "Pikachu's name is Piku," he told the mouse, causing him to sigh. Great, not only was his human weird but he was unoriginal too.

      (Meh ending is meh. Sorry I'm short on time.)
      "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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        Sherie looked around, trying to remember the route to Professor Cedar's laboratory. It had been an incredibly long time since she had actually walked around Pallet City, mostly because she didn't really have anyone to go with. Whenever her parent's weren't working at the hospital, they were fawning over her younger sister despite her character. Even so, she made sure that she didn't let it bother her. On the off chance that her friends Zero and Anna were free, she would've either gone to the park or stayed at home, but they rarely left the vicinity of their own neighbourhood. So today, when she had to go on the other side of town to the lab, the best thing she could do was call one of them over.

        "Hello?" a groggy voice replied on the other side. Sherie's face went red, remembering how early in the morning it was, and it was a weekend. He was most likely asleep after a long night with her and Anna.

        "Sorry Zero!"

        She could hear a faint rustle before he replied, slightly out of breath.

        "Sherie! What's wrong? Where are you?"

        The blonde looked in front of her at the large house with tinted windows and a large gate. She scratched the back of her head before coughing awkwardly.

        "I'm front of your place," she mumbled, staring at the yard with two robots protecting it.

        Again, she heard a faint rustle and then the banging of a door before she heard footsteps right in front of her. She looked up and saw the taller boy running towards her, blue hair leaving a faint glow against the green yard. Sherie blinked before staring at the out-of-breath fourteen year old.

        "You''re here!"

        She smiled, before wrapping her arms around him for a tight hug. His cheeks tinted pink before she unwrapped her arms and gave him her signature smile. They had both thought that the night before would be there last night before she left on her journey. The same thing had occurred for him two years ago, but he had returned after defeating the 8th Gym Leader. He had no interest in beating the Pokémon League, so he decided against it. Either way, after a long trip, he had finally returned to a much different Sheryl. Now, she was going on her journey.

        "Yeah, I have something to ask you..." she blushed. Zero looked at her red face before blushing himself, wondering if she was honestly going to ask him that. After a second, she looked back up at him, her eyes glistening.

        "Could you show me the way to Professor Cedar's lab?"

        Well there went that idea. Zero sweatdropped, before recovering to see the slightly confused Sherie. He sighed before taking her hand and walking the way she had came.

        "So what Pokémon are you planning on getting?" he wondered, remembering receiving his own Bulbasaur a few years prior. Sherie brought her hand to her chin, contemplating momentarily before looking back at him with a bright smile.

        "A Pokémon that's strong and brave, but still cute!" she grinned, her delusional beauty-filled mind still on a roll. Zero looked back at her, slightly dumbfounded. He knew more than anyone else how much she wanted to be attractive, but he never realised how much she wanted to be strong. It then didn't take him long to catch on why she was doing all this, that her question for appreciation was one that no one he knew could match. Due to that, he knew very well she would aim for Champion, and if that was so.

        "How long are you planning to be gone?" he wondered, out of the blue.

        "Eh?" Sherie looked at him quizzically. It had never occurred to her that Zero or Anna would be worried, the former having been on the journey and knowing nothing would happen to her, and the latter being incredibly nonchalant about everything, so this question seemed quite random. "I'm not sure. I know it took you a bit less than a year to beat the 8th Gym Leader, but even you said you were rushed. I want to enjoy this, I want to see what's in store for me when I leave the safety of my own home. The only time I've ever been out of Pallet City was back when I was five, when Amy was born and the hospital here was shut down. Even then, we didn't go all that far. I want to train my Pokemon, and I want to become Champion, to prove everyone my worth."

        The two had stopped. Zero stared at her, admiration in his eyes. His journey had been for the heck of it, to see what it was like to own a Pokemon. Now that his Bulbasaur was a Venusaur, he didn't really bother with training his Pokemon all that much, and his team had never been too large to begin with. To him, and most people he knew, this journey was just for fun. But for her, it meant so much more. He regretted trying to convince her otherwise when he first heard the news.

        "You make it sound like you're not worth anything," he frowned, obviously disagreeing. She smiled at him reassuringly before looking up at the large building before her.

        "Oh, we're here!"

        The older boy looked up at the building before looking back at the blonde with a giddy smile. He sighed, giving a slightly sheepish look.

        "Get in there," he smirked, pushing her in. She turned around but the automatic doors had already closed in on him. Sherie sighed but then looked forward to the staircase that took her to the train. It would quickly get her to the other side of the city where Professor Cedar's lab was. She saw a robot standing with maps, handing them out to show her which terminal to go to and when the trains arrived. She smiled at one, despite knowing it wouldn't react. She wasn't too fond of using robots, liking the maps being in the bins instead, but she didn't comment. Instead, she ran towards terminal 3, where the map informed her the train would arrive in 5 minutes. After arriving, she saw bundles of people, and many kids her age, bustling around. She quickly bought a monthly ticket - knowing she might use one in other cities as well - before joining the crowd while awaiting for the train.

        It quickly came by on the hover-track, where people pushed their way in, despite it being a larger train. She was the last to get in, and just barely, before the train zoomed off towards the other side of town.

        In less than 10 minutes, Sheryl had arrived to the other station. Just outside was the lab.

        Convenient, she thought, rushing past all the kids that, like her, had left earlier that morning to get a head start. She pursed her lips and finally entered, receiving odd glances from men and women in lab coats. Great first impression.

        "Miss O'Marr?"

        Conveniently, Professor Cedar was standing by the door, reading a list of things before giving her all her attention.

        "Professor Cedar!" she beamed, her expression livelier than it had been all day. The Professor offered her hand, which Sherie gladly took, before walking off towards her office.

        "It's been a while, are you ready?"

        She nodded enthusiastically, the older woman smiling before the door to not her office, like last time, but to a large garden in the back. Her jaw dropped, to which Cedar chuckled, walking off to a table with headphones that all seemed much too fancy to be normal headphones.

        "The Pokétop?" she wondered, to which the Professor beamed back at her.

        "Yep, and it seems this one's yours!" she grinned, handing her the violet headphones that were made just for her. There were two little O's that she had asked for, just to remind her of her roots. O'Marr, the one thing that she held proud, despite the family that owned it. "Oh, and here are some Pokéballs. They should last until you get to the next city, so try not to catch too many Pokémon," she smiled, giving her two red and white balls that made her heart flutter. "And now..."

        "The Pokémon!" she smiled, turning around to the large selection of beautiful creatures. There were Pikachus, Meowths, Charmanders, Bulbasaurs, Squirtles, even rare Pokemon like Sandshrew! She had never been more excited in her life.

        " pick. Once you're done, you can start your journey, just be careful. I showed you how to use the Pokétop, but if you don't remember you can ask one of the women at the front desk. I must be off now though, so good luck to you!"

        Sheryl watched as the strutted back inside, though she knew she'd be back soon...unless she was waiting for another trainer to come in where she'd conveniently be at the front. She giggled again, before looking around again. Her heart fluttered again and her cheeks were pink.

        They were swarming her, all waiting to be picked up and loved. But the one that caught her eye was the out of place Ponyta. Its blue flames were so contrasting to the red ones that she had seen so often on TV. It was a bit smaller than the others too, but it looked strong and capable...just like she hoped. Walking past all the Pokemon, she leaned down in front of the blue-flamed Pokemon.

        "Will you join me?"

        It looked up at her with excited eyes, to which it neighed.

        "C'mon little guy, let's start our adventure!"
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        ((OOC: I'll review as soon as I get home today, right now I'm in a hurry! Nice posts :D I'll post soon as well. ))

        EDIT: Alright! Not much to review perhaps ^^ Waiting for my own and Eight's posts after this, but I can post Route 1 for you two as soon as I have time.

        @ Fuyu - I really like how you picture the city and the robots! Already this RP has a nice, exciting feeling to it :D don't be afraid of inventing other future technology and stuff in your posts. A lot can happen in 90 years.

        - Nai received his pokétop! (pokéballs aren't important to keep track off. We can assume you replenish your stocks as soon as you get the chance in stores and so)
        - Nai received a Pikachu from professor Cedar!

        @ toptheworld - Same here as I told Fuyu. I feel like I'm reading a story when I'm reading your posts :) just what I wished for.

        - Sheryl received her pokétop!
        - Sheryl received a shiny Ponyta from professor Cedar!
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          Ria was awake long before the first shafts of light appeared in her bedroom, warming the wooden floor boards and making them seem more gold than brown. Her heart and stomach simultaneously fluttering with anticipation, she tiptoed to the room where her brother Jackson was currently staying and pushed the door open a crack, wincing when the hinges emitted a squeak.

          "What do you think you're doing, eh?"

          For a moment her heart rate accelerated and she spun around to stare up at a familiar redhead who shared her same upturned nose and spatter of freckles. Ria's cheeks became flushed; she clasped her hands behind her back.

          "W-what? I wasn't gonna wake you up or anything..." She scowled, Jackson reaching out to tousle her unbrushed hair to which she responded by wriggling away and darting past him, all but crashing down the escalator (which hadn't even been activated yet). Luckily for her, Ria's stepmother had already gone to the gym and her father was away on a business trip, so it was
          only Scrunch, the family Meowth, who held her in contempt as her feet pit-pattered across the kitchen floor.

          "Careful!" Echoed behind her, but Ria ignored Jackson. She flitted from cupboard to cupboard in search of something to eat, yet as soon as she laid eyes on the various brands of cereals and varieties of bread advertised on the doors, Ria just didn't feel hungry - her stomach was already filled with a tight bundle of nerves insistent on making her feel nauseous.

          "Me-owth." Scrunch had forgiven her and was curious to see what exactly his owner was doing, not to mention his belly was empty. He rubbed himself against her bare legs and Ria bent down to stroke him, feeling a little more at ease as her fingers entangled themselves within the silky fur.

          "Fine," Ria chuckled, wandering over to the Pokéblock dispenser situated above two white dishes. "You're so lazy, y'know that?" she added as she selected Scrunch's favourite flavour and also had the machine pour water (constantly kept chilled by another function) into the second bowl; it was low enough for Scrunch to do it himself.

          She watched him contently, and then realised that if she was too anxious to eat then a drink would be the next best thing. She didn't want to pass out on the underground! All it took was a quick press of the button, and her refridgerator dispensed a carton of smooth orange juice (the family had a lump sum from which the cost of food was deducted, the children were allowed to order what they wanted in moderation).

          "Jeez, in my day we went to the supermarket," remarked Jackson, who was now dressed in more casual garb to his trainer clothing. "Go get dressed, I'll make you some toast - the proper way."

          "But they didn't have robots back in the Stone Age!" Ria's tongue briefly flashed in his direction before she alighted the escalator and wandered back into her bedroom. Her own 'trainer outfit' had its own place in her wardrobe; it had been neatly pressed and seemed to sparkle as she took it out of the cover bag. The young girl slipped on a set of clean underwear, grabbed her lucky socks from the depths of her drawer and ran back down to the kitchen (as fast as she could without hurting herself) after dressing. Sitting on a white plate on the counter were two pieces of hot buttered toast; her stomach all but growled as the aroma wafted towards the aperture.

          "I'm saving them for the Pidgey," she nodded to the crusts after devouring most of her meal. "Unless you wanna give them to Golduck."

          "I think he'll be okay," smiled Jackson. "Go brush your teeth and we'll get going."

          "Geez Jack, I'm not a kid anymore!" Frowned Ria, reluctantly obeying her brother.


          The Harbour Line was quiet, but it usually was at that time of day. The only other passengers were maintanance workers coming back from their night shifts, and a business man who probably had an important board meeting, or so Ria assumed. Maybe it was the same one as her dad's. She spent most of the journey staring out at the wires on the tunnel walls, wondering which Pokémon she would choose, until Jackson tapped her on the shoulder and they changed to the Central Line. Jackson had set off with a Psyduck when he was her age, their brother Tobias an Ekans.

          "Hey, what kind of trainer do you think I'll be?"She asked - this line was busier than the other, but everyone minded their own business.

          "You want the cliché answer?"

          "Not really."

          "Good. Because dreams change so many times over the years. You might want to train one type but then find that you're better with another. So I can't really say."

          "Mmkay," she nodded, satisfied with his words. The train whirred as suddenly they were surrounded by light and skyscrapers - Ria could see the first hovercraft traffic jams collecting in the sky.


          Ria had last visited the Cedar Labs as part of a school trip, where the most promising of students were permitted to look around and observe the Pokémon, as well as ask the professor some questions. According to the guards they weren't the first to arrive, which alleviated Jackson's concerns about his sister's eagerness. However, what he was now concerned about was Ria's sudden shyness - she was supposed to introduce herself to them so they could check her name off on the list. She was refusing to talk.

          "Sheesh, you don't half pick the wrong time to go silent," sighed Jackson. "Rhiannon Arderry, from the Harbour Zone. I'm her brother, Jackson."

          "Jackson, eh?" The security guard dealing with them tipped his hat. "Yes, don't worry, that checks out. Did say here that both parents would be absent, and a brother would be escorting her here. I'll grant you access, Professor Cedar is waiting for Rhiannon."

          "It's Ria," she mumbled sternly as they began to stroll down a glass-walled corridor. "No one calls me Rhiannon and gets away with it... Why did we have to speak to a person anyway?"

          "Hey, he didn't know. Honestly," Jackson tutted, not sharing her preference for the drones. They passed through a set of automatic doors, and it felt like a labyrinth to the anxious twelve-year-old. Finally she spotted a familiar female figure, and Professor Cedar approached the newcomers with a warm smile.

          "I'm going to have an early finish today," she offered her hand in greeting. Ria stared at it until Jackson prodded her between the shoulders. "I've had quite a few guests already. You're Rhiannon, yes?"

          "Ria." She released Cedar's hand and scowled. "I'm Ria."

          "Sorry, sorry!" Cedar took kindly to the correction, despite her attitude. "Ria. Okay, first we have to get your Pokétop sorted." She nodded in the direction of a robot, who whizzed over with a square box between its hand. Cedar thanked it and opened the lid, gesturing for Ria to hold out her hands.

          "Cool," breathed the youngster, staring in awe at the glossy headphones which she instantly put on her head - over her hat.

          "I don't think you're supposed to wear it like--"

          "I'll wear it how I wanna. I'm not taking my hat off."

          "You didn't brush your hair this morning did you? What would Marie say?"

          "Screw her! She's not the boss of me!"

          "Um..." Cedar interjected quietly, but the bickering siblings both turned to look at her. Jackson went a little red whereas Ria frowned and became fixated upon the floor. "Pokéballs. We're giving each trainer a few to set them off on their journey."

          Ria accepted the bag of orbs and attached it to her belt. When was she going to choose her Pokémon? Fortunately, she was not kept waiting long. After explaining about marts and Pokémon Centres, Ria was allowed to enter the compound where a menagerie of wondrous creatures were running around, sleeping, and generally being carefree.

          She recognised a Bulbasaur, a Charmander and a Squirtle - the staple Pokémon for beginners no longer considered 'rare' due to extensive breeding programmes. There were plenty of Spearow flying around, not to mention other Flying types, and even some Fire types. She considered picking a Meowth in homage of her days spent trying to get Scrunch to attack the Pidgey in the garden, but as she was wandering around Ria almost tripped over a strange yellow ball.

          "Gah!" Spluttered the newbie, catching her balance and staring down at the culprit. It unfurled itself and stared up at her, black eyes bright and inquisitive.



          "Shrew. Sandshrew."

          "Oh, sorry," she grimaced sheepishly, rubbing the back of her neck.

          "Shrew!" The Sandshrew shifted its weight to its haunches and lunged at her, causing Ria to shriek as she fell to the ground. Though her bottom was subjected to a dull pain, she understood what the Pokémon was trying to do and erupted into a fit of laughter. Such a sight amused Jackson too, and he wasn't surprised when Ria got up, dusted herself down and took the Pokémon's claw in one hand. The two of them walked back to Professor Cedar, each seeming a lot happier.

          "Are you sure you'd like Sandshrew?"

          "Yes please!"

          "Would you like to give her a nickname?" Cedar smiled; now there was a computer being presented to her in order to record the beginning of the partnership. This would not only go on Ria's records, but also the laboratory's.


          "Yes, this one is a girl."

          "If you call her Sandy, I will kill you."

          "Give me more credit than that!" Ria thumped Jackson in the side. "Hmm... I think I'll just leave her as Sandshrew. I can always give her one once we get to know each other a little more."

          "Shrew!" Sandshrew agreed, and Ria knew she had found the perfect partner for her.
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          @ Eight - Nice post! I can totally see Ria and Sandshrew becoming a good team :)

          - Ria received a Sandshrew from professor Cedar!
          - Ria received her pokétop!


          ROUTE 1

          The road on route 1 isn't well traveled by cars. Only very heavy trucks go here to transport stuff between Viridian and Pallet when the air transports aren't enough, and the few farmers who live with their families out here sometimes take ground bound vehicles into the city as well. Because of this, the road isn't the most well taken care of. But mostly the only people you will meet here are new trainers from Pallet or Viridian who have trailed behind or never really gotten a good start and are stuck training here.

          There are a lot of pokémon in the fields and patches of forest. You're bound to run into several.

          What can you do here?

          - Generally, on a route, you can catch wild pokémon and battle trainers. You can also make up your own adventures, meet your own NPCs and anything, actually.
          - You cannot meet up with the other players. Unless I say so specifically.
          - What level the pokémon you capture are depends on the quality and creativity of your post.
          - When you want to capture a pokémon, END YOUR POST WITH THE POKÉBALL SHAKING or something. I decide if the capture is successful or not.
          - You may make any number of posts you wish.

          Pokémon found on route 1: (levels 7-9)
          Type: Normal/Flying
          Ability: Tangled Feet/Keen Eye
          Attacks: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Gust

          Type: Normal
          Ability: Guts/Hustle
          Attacks: Tackle, Tail Whip, Focus Energy, Quick Attack

          Type: Dark
          Ability: Quick Feet/Rattled
          Attacks: Tackle, Howl, Sand-Attack
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            (Charge Nai! I serious think every post with him will start with an exclamation of some sort. XD)

            "Yahoo!" The boy shouted, running down the road. It wasn't neat and tidy like others, which was just how Nai liked it. Trouble was expected for a hero after all. You had to be ready for any kind of adversity and always come out of it saving everyone you can and looking cool! Nai wanted to be a hero, but he wasn't dumb. You couldn't save everybody. Some people had to save themselves andsome just couldn't be helped. He knew that but it sucked. So he would try anyway. That was the kind of hero Nai would be.

            At his side was Piku, the Pikachu shaking his head as he ran after him. He had to admire the kid's enthusiasm but this was only the first route. It wasn't that interesting. Heck it was mostly farmland and natu- oh... now it made sense. His human was a nature-lover. The cities must stifle him. Watching the human now as he trotted after him, seeing the boy bounce and spin and laugh, made him smile to himself. He might as well enjoy this. It would be a long journey but at the very least he wouldn't be bored.

            "Piku! Piku!" He glanced up at the sound of his new name, already used to it oddly. Nai was waving. "Come on! Someone wants to battle!" Piku blinked. Already? Well, that was fine. He could take care of these clowns, whoever they were, in no time flat. Of course it was a Youngster, or whatever the humans characterized them as. THe blue ballcap was a dead giveaway. The boy glared at Nai, a competitive look.

            "Piku?" he jeered. "What kinda name is that? We'll show you a good nickname!" He tossed out a Pokeball. "Come on out Poochy!" He released a Poochyena and it yipped and growled menacingly at Piku, who snorted at it.

            Nai blinked, confused. "Nai doesn't think that's a good name either," he mumbled before smiling. "Whatever. Let's battle Piku! Thunder Wave!"

            "You got it!" Of course, Nai only heard his cries but he got the hint as Piku crouched on all-fours, tail in the air, releasing small electric waves.

            "Dodge and Tackle Poochy!" Poochy barked and leapt away from the yellow waves, slamming into Piku. Piku growled and whipped his tail back and forth, causing Poochy to sit back on his haunches, looking guilty for what he had just done. That left him wide open to be hit by Thunder Wave and Poochy yelped, paralyzed as electricity sparked all over his body.

            "Wahoo!" Nai cried. "Go Piku! You're so smart!"

            "Don't get cocky," yelled the other boy, stomping his feet angrily. "It was just a status effect! In fact, You guys are the biggest idiots ever! Poochy Tackle!" Poochy tried to obey, moving at twice the speed of earlier, knocking Piku over. Piku kept himself up by his tail and moved to attack back, sinking little teeth into Poochy's leg. "Hey," the boy shouted. "Not cool! Pikachu doesn't learn Bite!"

            "It doesn' mean Piku can't know how!" Nai retorted, pouting. Mew this kid was mean! Time to set him and his puppy straight! "Go Piku! Thundershock!" Still clinging to the mutt's leg, Piku complied, electricity bursting from his cheeks. Poochy yelped and tried to shake him off, only to be badly electrocuted. Finally the Poochyena threw him off, causing Piku to roll in the dirt.

            "Piku okay?" Nai asked worriedly when he didn't get up right away. PIku nodded as he rose, growling. Poochy growled back, but it changed to a whine mid-pitch, due to the paralysis and pain in its leg. "Okay Piku, let's get him! Thundershock!" Pikachu yowled as he obeyed this order, the wild cry startling Poochy from trying to break free of the paralysis. Before the other boy could call out, Poochy was electrocuted a second time. Piku was clearly stronger, but he too was panting. The pup was strong.

            But Piku knew he was stronger. He charged forward as Poochy did, dodging left and firing a Thundershock. The electricty sparked through the Poochyena's body and he toppled over, unconscious. Piku grinned. Take that brat. No one insulted him or Nai and got away with it.

            "Poochy!" the boy shouted, running toward his partner ran back to him, Piku exhausted but happy.

            "Wow that was awesome battling," a girl called, running over to them. Piku growled and Nai blinked. Piku didn't like her. Did that make her bad?

            "Hi," the girl said as she walked up to him with a smile. Nai frowned. She felt funny to Nai. Why was that? "I need help and since you and your Pikachu are so strong that I think you're just the pair! There's this mean flock of Pidgey that keep chasing me! So will you help get rid of them for me?"

            Nai just starred. This girl was weird!

            (There was gonna be more but I'm tired and I have to go to my firend's asnd steal their wifi.)
            "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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            @ Fuyu - I like Nai xD Piku's personality seems like a fun match to him.

            - Piku (Pikachu) grew to lv 11!


            Clover, Pallet City

            Pallet City was a big place nowadays. To get anywhere without a hovercar of your own, you'd almost have to take the underground subway. The surface was pretty much too covered with buildings to have room for streets. People usually only walked or biked the surface. Most transport was done up in the air with hovercars.

            Clover took the subway to Oak Park this day. The weather was dry and slightly cold and the sky was clear. Clover loved this weather since it made everything feel fresh and let the sun shine in a beautiful way on all the buildings in the city. But he usually preferred some clouds in the sky. Right now, Clover stood in a shuttle, half-asleep. He was going to meet with the pokémon professor personally and receive what he needed to start his pokémon journey. What a cliché...

            In his ears was music. Today he had brought only his small in-ear headphones, which he was going to use as a spare if anything ever happened to the pokétop. He had especially ordered the helmet to come with a music function. And to be green. Very green. Like clovers. He dubbed grass green as his colors here and now on the shuttle trip, marking it with a great yawn. On his shoulder hung the camera bag. It was easily carried since it was made with fine, light metal and the bag repelled bounces from things well.

            His parents hadn't argued at all when the invitation from professor Cedar came. They had always known that he'd want to leave when he came of age, even though they doubted that he'd really make it far... the boy didn't know how to wash his dishes on his own, how could he manage to take care of himself and a pokémon out in the wilderness? Many people despised the open landscape nowadays. You could live your whole life inside a city and few traveled the routes who weren't peasants or otherwise working there. Or pokémon trainers, of course. And there were a lot of trainers in Kanto.

            Cal Cossinsky had never been outside of Pallet City. It was a bit shameful to admit, but a lot of people really were in the same situation as him. So it was a big step to suddenly go on a journey through a region that he knew very well from TV and maps but had never really seen with his own eyes. Except for the forest closest to the city and the sea to the south.

            The shuttle stopped at the Oak Park station and Clover automatically got off it and climbed the stairs faster than the people in the escalator rose. The great cupola that harbored Oak Park came into view immediately as he reached the surface. It was hard to miss. Walking up to it across the crowded streets, he spotted the robots that stood guard at the closest entrance. There wasn't a human guard in the vicinity at the moment. Professor Cedar must be much like himself, Clover thought, putting her trust in robots and pokémon alike. He happily walked right up to a robot there. It didn't look at him as he spoke.

            "Good day, mr robot. So...My name is Cal Cossinsky and I've been invited by professor Cedar."

            It only took a nanosecond for the robot to register that he was allowed entrance, and it stepped aside and let a door in the glass wall open up. Clover nodded, even though he didn't really have to, and entered. After a few more layer of doors, he was inside. The area was lush. It was a park indeed. He had been here before, with school and with his family a few times, to look at the pokémon that the professor studied and kept here. He had a few favorites.

            No robot followed him inside the park, so he kept walking the path winding through the clusters of trees and lawns of grass. Just like he had remembered the place. He took forth his camera and started taking some pictures at the plants and trees, hoping to spot some pokémon. Where were they? Soon, he spotted some people instead. It was a young man, an older man and a middle aged woman with red, almost purple hair. As he quickened his pace and walked up to them, he couldn't help feeling rather excited.

            The men discovered him first.

            "Who's that?" the younger man said. "Does he have a camera? It's not ok to take pictures inside the cupola without permission!"

            "It's a new trainer, of course," the older man said. "No one else is allowed entrance today. And there's not really anything out here that's classified, so it should be ok."

            "Wonderful!" the woman said and cut through them, walking straight up to Clover.

            They both stopped about a meter from each other. For a split second, Clover studied her. She was taller than he was, naturally, and her face was rather pointy without looking grim in any way. Professor Cedar looked serious and friendly at the same time. Clover was slightly confused but decided to hope that she was more the friendly type than the grim one.

            "I'm Cal Cossinsky," he said and stretched out his hand. Better be polite.

            "Hello Cal!" the professor said and shook his hand before motioning for him to follow her. Aha, she was indeed the friendly type.

            They walked away from the other men and soon saw a building in the middle of the park. The laboratory.

            "Aren't there usually more pokémon out on the lawns?" Clover suddenly asked. "Have they gone into hibernation or something?"

            "Not really, but I've put most of them into energy form and stored them into the computer for today, since new trainers are arriving. I've only let some special pokémon out into the gardens..."

            As they turned around the corner of the house, the back garden became visible. And with that, all the pokémon. They were playing, sleeping or simply being in the garden, many different species, colors and forms. Clover was impressed and immediately pulled up his camera again. The professor seemed a bit hesitant about telling him off... and finally refrained from doing so. It wouldn't really harm, anyway.

            "Wait here and I'll fetch the pokétop you've ordered!" the professor said.

            Clover entered the garden as she hurried away, and looked around at the various creatures there. Some turned to look at the newcomer. He saw some of his favorites. Further into the garden, he spotted a pond. He held his camera hard and walked there, seeing a Goldeen and a Horsea swim around happily, as well as a Squirtle taking a dive and an oddly colored Psyduck dipping its feet. He knew all these names of pokémon, of course. Most kids did. As he shot a few pictures of the playing pokémon, thinking about which one he would choose, something gleamed on the bottom of the pond. A blue, slowly pulsating light. Clover walked closer to the edge to get a better look. Could it be...? But it was the wrong color.

            "Staryu?" he said, half loudly.

            The light stopped pulsating, Goldeen and Horsea stopped playing and looked down into the pond, and suddenly bubbles came to the surface. After them came a star shaped pokémon up and landed in the shallows near Clover. The boy had to blink. It looked nothing like he had expected it to. Instead of brown with a red light, this pokémon was silver gray with a blue gem in its midst. How come?

            "Here you go!" the professor's voice came from behind and made him turn. She walked up to him and handed him the green helmet. His pokétop.

            "Thanks, professor, it's... actually just like I imagined! Neat!" he was almost a little taken aback by the fact that he couldn't find anything with it to complain about.

            "It's not active for real," she said and clicked a partially covered button on the inside of the helmet. It retracted smoothly into a pair of large green headphones. "As soon as you activate it for the first time, the voice and personality will take shape, depending on how you act, think and talk."

            "... it can feel my thoughts?" Clover said skeptically and held the headphones on arm's length.

            "No," the professor giggled, "but it can interpret your body's reactions. Tells a lot about a person's thoughts and feelings."


            "Anyways, have you chosen a pokémon to start your journey with?"

            Clover looked around at the species climbing the trees, playing in the grass or just standing on a safe distance watching the humans. And then he looked at the Staryu in the shallow water.

            "How come that one is so oddly colored?" he asked the professor.

            "It's a shiny. I've got quite a lot of them here. They are very rare so I like to study if their behavior is different from regular colored pokémon's. Do you like it?"

            "It certainly looks cool, in a way," Clover said and stepped closer to the Staryu. He looked at it through the camera lens.

            "Hi there," he said and tried giving it a smile behind the camera. "Smile for me?" as soon as he said that, he realized it was stupid. It kind of had no face. It gave up some kind of bubbling, greeting noise though.

            "It seems to like you," Cedar said.

            "How can you tell?" Clover said, wrinkling an eyebrow. There wasn't... really any indications whatsoever except for that bubbling noise.

            The professor smiled. "I can tell. If you get to know Staryu, you'll learn to tell as well."

            Clover looked from one to the other and then nodded. "Are you coming with me, shiny Staryu?" he asked the water pokémon.

            The pokémon stood still with it's blue gem faintly glowing. Then it gave up another bubbling noise and waved its arms. Seemed like a yes to Clover.


            @ me -

            - Clover received a shiny Staryu from professor Cedar!
            - Clover received his pokétop!


            I'mma post again...

            Clover, Route 1

            Professor Cedar had registered Clover's choice of companion in the database and then he had set off from the lab with a lot of best wishes hailing from the professor and the assistants. He took the subway to the northern part of Pallet and there he went up to the surface to finally not go back down again. He could see the edge of the city. A border he had never before crossed over. Now it was time to cross it with his own two feet.

            Staryu was in its pokéball. Clover had almost decided to call it a "he", even though it didn't really have a gender. He thought both the genderless thing and the no face thing was creepy, but still something fascinated him about Staryu. It was quite the beautiful pokémon, even though this one was strangely colored. He had placed its pokéball on the front most spot on his belt. The other spots were just waiting to fill up with pokémon as well.

            It was still very sunny with not a cloud in sight. It was about noon when Cal Cossinsky first set his foot on real soil instead of on pavement. It was a strange feeling. The ground and the grass weren't as well kept as the grass in the parks of Pallet. The grass was tall on the side of the road and waved in the slight breeze. Clover's scarf fluttered as well and made him feel adventurous in a way. This just had to be preserved on photo. He took up his camera, which was hanging in the bag on his left shoulder, and started taking landscape pictures. He got some really nice shots, but they were a bit... non-vivid. Wasn't there supposed to be pokémon around here? He scanned the area with his own eyes. Maybe they were too good at hiding.

            A sudden urge in the quiet situation made him take up the headphones hanging around his neck, to cover his ears. He then realized that he hadn't got a music player connected to them. He then realized that it wasn't his usual headphones, but his pokétop. Oh. He reached in for the concealed button inside the headphones and pressed it. He had to pull away his arm quick because the pokétop suddenly folded out around his head and the next thing he knew, he was wearing a green helmet instead of a couple of headphones. Right. He could hear a faint buzz in his ear, but it went away quickly.

            "Fancy," he said. "Only, a bit warm in this weather, no? Where did the inventors do their brainwork, in their thumbs?"

            "Probably with their brains."

            Cal jumped at the sudden response he got. He looked around. Nobody was there. Not a soul.

            "Don't be alarmed," the strangely androgynous voice said. "I am your pokétop speaking."

            "Oh! Of course!" Clover calmed down. How stupid of him. "It's voice controlled."

            "I know."

            "I know that you know, you are the voice, aren't you?"

            "Well observed, Cal Cossinsky," the voice stated.¨

            Clover was fumbling in his mind to find some good words to snap back with... but he couldn't.

            "So, hello, I guess," he said instead.

            "Hello! I hope you are glad to meet me. I am very glad to meet you."

            Clover snickered. How cute, in a way. A computer program who's glad. "You are a computer program, aren't you?"

            "That is correct."

            "And a quite advanced one at that, no?"

            "My artificial intelligence is not among the most advanced in the world, but I am specifically developed to handle personal relations and feelings as well as things regarding pokémon in any way."

            "Hm, not among the most advanced..."

            "I assure you I am advanced enough for you."

            "What's that supposed to mean now?" Clover suddenly noticed that the pokétop voice had become more feminine as they spoke. "By the way, are you a female now?"

            "I am a computer program. I am genderless. But based on my brief observations of you, a female voice will do better in your pokétop."

            "Grr, so I'll have to listen to a girl wherever I go?"

            "That is correct. Now, you should try using some of the commands in the pokétop."

            "Commands? Like... pokédex, please?"

            "Not quite like that. The command is: pokétop! Pokédex!"

            "If you say so," Clover sighed and looked around. He must look a bit silly standing here on his own, talking, but nobody was around so... "Pokétop! Pokédex!"

            The see throgh visor suddenly became a see through screen that resembled pokédexes Cal had seen online.

            "Cool. Let's look up Staryu's info!"

            "Staryu, the starshape pokémon. If it's body is torn, it can grow back if the core remains. The core flashes at midnight," the pokétop read.

            "Uh, you don't have to read it out loud for me, you know..." Clover said.

            "Noted. It seems like you only have one page in your pokédex. May I suggest you capture some more pokémon? A trainer should have a vast collection to choose from."

            "Yeah, yeah, I will. I just... have to find them."

            "Command: pokétop! Heat sensor!"

            "It can do that?"

            "No, that would make it too heavy. But it would be a nice addition."

            Clover facepalmed.

            "Pokémon are often found in tall grass or forests," the pokétop added.

            "Alright, tall grass it is. Uh... can I take out Staryu?"

            "Sounds like a good idea if you are going to battle a wild pokémon. Or were you planning on battling it yourself?"

            "Ha. Ha. Ha," Clover said through clenched teeth. "Staryu, go!"

            The starshape pokémon came out of it's pokéball as Clover threw it into the air. The pokéball then soared back into the boy's outstretched hand. "Nifty," he couldn't help saying.

            Staryu looked energized and happy... at least Clover thought so.

            "We're going to find some wild pokémon to capture!" Clover told him.

            The bubbling noise answered him and Staryu jumped closer to his trainer. He didn't seem to have any problems with following orders just yet. Perhaps professor Cedar's pokémon had been trained already.

            The mere presence of an unfamiliar pokémon, Staryu, seemed to stir up something in the tall grass some meters away. Suddenly a small, black, hyena looking pokémon jumped out onto the road and growled at the newcomers.

            "May I suggest asking the pokédex to identify the wild species?" the pokétop said in Clover's ears.

            "Yeah, sounds smart. Pokédex, identify!"

            In his wide visor, but still so that he could see the view in front of him, a new page popped up. Apparently it was called Poochyena and was a dark type.

            "It looks kind of vicious..."

            Staryu stood strong without budging when the Poochyena growled on.

            "... but we can take it! Staryu, it's time for our first battle."

            "Good luck," the pokétop said.

            "Thanks," Cal said, a bit surprised. "Well, I've looked up your attacks before, Staryu, so let's test them out. Tackle!"

            Staryu jumped forward to ram the hyena, but Poochyena ran forward as well and met the tackle with one of its own. The two pokémon crashed and bounced back, still on their feet... or in Staryu's case, on some of its arms.

            "That didn't do much..."

            "I suggest another command: Pokétop! Battle mode!" the pokétop said.

            "Alright, we'll see what that does. Pokétop! Battle mode!" Clover called out.

            "No need to shout, I'm right here."

            "Hm, sorry then..."

            The visor changed. Gone was the pokédex and instead came up data on Staryu's current estimated health and status as well as the opponent's data. But the opponent's wasn't at all as detailed as Staryu's.

            "That's actually... pretty nifty," Clover admitted.


            "So, Staryu, try Water Gun instead!"

            Staryu let out a bubbling noise and then shot three bullets of water towards Poochyena. The hyena wasn't really prepared for that, and got hit and soaked. In Clover's visor, the estimated health bar for Poochyena sunk quite a lot.

            "Great!" Clover exclaimed.

            Poochyena didn't give up though. It backed away a little... only to come back and kick up sand all over Staryu's body! The water made it wet, at that.

            "What is that? A Sand-Attack?"

            Poochyena smiled smugly at them.

            "Well, sorry to break it for you... but Staryu's got no face you can cover. I guess it kind of feels its way around, or what do you say, buddy?"

            Staryu shouted something back to show that his trainer was right. Poochyena swallowed and started to back away again.

            "Staryu, Rapid Spin!"

            The muddy sand flew off as the star jumped up and started spinning quickly while jetting itself towards Poochyena. The hyena frantically growled to stop the attack, but to no avail. It got struck by the massive spinning body, and fell to the ground pretty much knocked out.

            Staryu came back, like a boomerang, and landed next to Clover. "That wasn't too bad," Clover said with a raised eyebrow at the successful battle. Staryu let out his bubbling noise and looked rather proud, blowing up its body slightly.

            "So now I can catch it? Pokétop?"

            "That would be a good idea. If you don't, it will probably recover soon anyways. Pokémon are strangely sturdy."

            "Yeah yeah. I'll catch it. And I know how to do it... at least they do it like this on TV."

            He quickly picked up an empty pokéball from the pouch on his hip and threw it towards the Poochyena. It hit, since pokéballs are made to be drawn to the energies of pokémon, and the Poochyena was sucked inside. The ball twisted once... twice... Clover was starting to think that his first attempt at a capture would be a failure... while it finally stopped. He had made a capture.


            @ me

            - Staryu grew to lv 11!
            - Clover captured a Poochyena! (lv 8, FEMALE, ability: Quick Feet)
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            ((OOC: I am a relatively patient person, but now it's been several days and the RP hasn't even gotten to the first route yet... I know your perfectly legitimate excuses, but the rules did say not to sign up if you were going to be inactive. So I'm gonna have to have your posts soon or I'll be a mad panda and let some other people sign up. But I'll wait a few days more.

            Meanwhile.... ))

            Clover, Route 1 - part 2

            Clover was pretty satisfied with having caught a pokémon. He held the newly filled pokéball in his hand as he walked onwards on route 1 with a smug smile on his lips. The pokétop had been inactivated, meaning it was a pair of large, green headphones over his ears at the moment. Music was streaming from it though, because Clover had (with the help of the rather annoying pokétop voice that he had now named Gina) finally found the music function. It couldn't stream much as Internet seemed to be off when outside the cities, but a few songs were playable that he liked.

            "A good idea when having caught a new pokémon is to get to know them before sending them into a battle," Gina suddenly said matter-of-factly.

            "You don't say," Clover hummed. "Alright, maybe I should take a look at it. I did weaken it quite a bit, didn't I?"

            "No, you mostly stood still and let Staryu do the fighting."

            "Hey, before, you told me to use Staryu instead of fighting by myself!"

            "Of course, you wouldn't stand a chance against even the smallest pokémon. I was only stating facts."

            Clover rolled his eyes and didn't even bother to hope that the pokétop couldn't register his muscle movements.

            "Poochyena, come on out!" he said and held out the pokéball. Staryu was back in his own pokéball, and now the black little dog materialized from the white light in front of him on the road. She looked a bit roughed up, but the pokéball had done well in letting the pokémon rest up in energy form. Marvelous creations, these pokéballs, Clover couldn't help thinking all of a sudden.

            "Hello," he tried. He was greeted by a bark from the hyena. "Does that mean she likes me?"

            "Most likely not. But canine pokémon usually become loyal pretty quick if you treat it right," Gina replied.

            Clover pondered that for a second. Then he sat down and put a hand on Poochyena's head. He could hear Gina gasp in his headphones.

            "Did you just gasp?" he had to ask. "Do computer programs... gasp?"

            "I am a relatively intelligent computer program, despite what I told you before, mind you," her voice replied. "Gasps are something your language contains to show a certain-"

            "Yeah yeah. But don't worry, see?"

            Indeed, Clover was patting Poochyena who wasn't really objecting. In a matter of minutes, she was happily barking at her new trainer. It only took a little comforting to gain a new friend on route 1. Neat.

            "I guess unconventional actions can work sometimes," Gina sighed.

            "You're sighing now as well?"

            "Mind you that my personality is constantly evolving and forming, depending on your actions and behavior."

            "So you'll eventually be just like me?"

            "Or your complete opposite. Depending on what my programming thinks fit the best."

            "That's pretty interesting... maybe I should look up more about how pokétops work when I get home..." Just as Clover said that, he realized that he wasn't going home for a long time. That felt quite weird. But... he had wanted to go on a pokémon journey. And he would.

            "Come on, Poochyena, let's go," he told his black little pokémon and motioned for her to follow him as he resumed walking again. The music in his ears played on.

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              (I'm sorry this took so long. Limited time on an actual computer. Anyway, by the power of Mew: Nai powers activate!)


              Or, Piku was one ticked off little mouse. Why exactly were they helping this brat? She stank of scheming and tricks! What, people don't smell like that? Shows what you know! There was also another smell around her, one Piku couldn't remember. This lady was still smiling like a creeper. Piku would not let her touch Nai! Nai was his human, not hers! Speaking of Nai, what was he up to? He was babbling and bouncing as happily as ever, but his turquoise eyes were dulled slightly, as though he was keeping a part of himself locked away. It was weird. Or, to put it better, it was just... not Nai.

              Meanwhile, Nai felt both uncomfortable and pleased. He found out the girl's name was Mary and she liked jewels and flowers. She had shown him a pretty glass flower, like a golden rose. She was also having trouble getting through Route One, having no Pokemon. It was strange, the way her green eyes glinted. But he couldn't worry about that now. She needed help. But what if she was bad? Should he help her then? Nai would have to figure it out when he got there. There were going to a forest part of Route 1. Nai looked around, temporarily quieted down.

              "Nai is worried," he stated after a moment. "Nai knows wild Pokemon are not always seen in the open but this is too quiet. No chirping, even."

              "Maybe you scared them off," Mary teased.

              "Huh-uh!" Nai cried, pouting. "Nai wouldn't do that!" He didn't laugh at her. It wasn't funny, not to him. Nai loved Pokemon, he loved them a lot. He didn't mean to scare them. Piku growled his agreement. Mary said nothing in reply, merely watched him quietly. She was looking at Nai funny again. It felt weird but he couldn't just walk away. Heroes helped people, especially weird ones.

              The air seemed to close up slightly, weakening somehow with the stifling aura of the trees. The group walked in silence. Nai was grateful he had healed Piku. His partner needed to be in tiptop shape for this. "So..." Mary began, eager to cover up the awkward silence. "Is that a poketop?" she pointed at the headphones Nai had left dangling around his neck.

              Nai curled his fingers around his poketop's phones and nodded, a small smile making its way to his face. "Yep, Professor Cedar gave it to me. I need to activate it now." He pressed the partially hidden button and at the soft sound of a whirr in his ears removed his hands back. The headphones changed to become a snug helmet colored like the night sky over his head. Nai grinned underneath it. "Cool!"

              "Indeed," replied a genderless voice in his ears.

              "Wahh!" Nai yelped, nearly throwing the helmet off. "Weird voice! Weird voice!"

              "Please calm yourself Nai," the voice seemed to soothe. "I am your poketop. It's nice to meet you." Nai paused in his panic. The helmet was talking. Okay... Yeah, Nai was uncomfortable.

              "Um... Hi?"The helmet sounded like it was laughing.

              "It's all right Nai; you aren't crazy."

              "Okay!" Nai relaxed. The voice was using Nai's name so it was okay. But it was weird calling it the voice or whatever. Piku watched this with amusement as they walked. His human was freaking backwards. Nai thought about something. "Can I give you a name Poketop?"

              "Why would you want to do that?" Did the voice just sound like a girl? Maybe.

              "Because Nai doesn't want to just call you Poketop! If Nai is going to have to talk to you this whole time, he would like to talk to you as a person." It made perfect sense to Nai. But this was technology so they had to do the logical arguments. They were going to be friends and friends had names.

              "That is perfectly acceptable," the device said after a moment. "What will you call me?"

              Nai thought about it and then grinned. "Cary! You will be called Cary!"

              "I understand," she replied. Yep, the voice had become a girl,

              "Okay, next..." Nai paused, apparently for dramatic effect, also halting in place. "Now how do you work? Nai is really bad with computers." Mary almost fell over and Piku facepalmed. How stupid could you get? How could you grow up in a technological city like Pallet and be bad with computers? Nai blinked innocently at them through the visor.

              Thankfully Cary was not exasperated. "Don't worry. I work with voice commands but poses would work too."

              "Really?" Nai doubted it.

              "No, but it would be funny," she replied promptly and Nai pouted.

              "Aww... anyway... "

              "Uh...Nai?" Mary sounded panicky all of a sudden. "As cool as this is... look out!" Nai looked up and yelped, rolling to the right as Piku jumped up and fired warning electric shots as a large flock of Pidgey went diving toward them. Mary screamed and dived away. Nai squinted through the gushing wind. They were all aiming toward the howling girl. Nai's reflexes kicked in and he moved in front of her. Instantly his torso hurt. For the record, Nai was a speedy bastard, meant to be dodging and quick hitting. He was not the dude who could shake off a set of rapid punches. Pidgey were weak but to have a bunch of tiny beaks hit you all over was flat out painful for anybody.

              Piku let out a cry of concern but Nai shook off the pain. It was just a few pecks. They barely pierced the skin. Nai looked down to see if Mary was all right, pushing her aside when a powerful Gust went flying towards them. "Piku!" he cried desperately. "Thunder Wave!" Piku quickly obeyed, the waves of electricity knocking the birds from the sky. To his surprise, the Normal/Flying types were rising to their talons, glowering. Yet... it wasn't at Nai. It was at Mary.

              What did Mary do? This question vaguely entered his mind for a moment before his tendencies kicked in and he ran to block it. The bird cries pierced his ears, screeching painfully and squawking. Nai winced and covered his ears. What had she done? Pidgey were supposed to be docile, only fighting when cornered. Nai whimpered as he stepped protectively in front of Mary. Finally, as Piku attempted to slap back more birds from him, Nai turned to Mary. She was cowering, shaking. Her eyes still held that glint, that smirk almost invisible on her face.

              "What did you do?" he whispered over the wind. She perked, looking confused. He screamed over the wind, eyes closing in irritation. "What did you do to the Pidgey? What did you do, you bully? Tell me!" Nai didn't mean to sound so angry but this girl had hurt the Pokemon. Like Piku had thought, she was bad. And now Piku was going to get hurt. He waited for an answer and none came. Nai inwardly growled his fury while turning away from her. He would talk to her after this was over. RIght now, he had to make it out of this, even if it meant protecting her. But this wind... ah, what could he do? There wasn't exactly a storm out or anything... wait, a storm! Nai grinned. He had an idea. Better yet, it was cool.

              "Piku," he called, causing the Pikachu to turn from when he had been slapping Pokemon away with his tail. "Charge up lots of electricity! Nai will keep them away from you. Then we're gonna do something cool!" Piku hesitated before nodding. He crouched on the ground and began to concentrate, cheeks sparking and tail releasing small electric bursts occassionally. Nai blocked any attack he could with his body. It didn't hurt and the tiny birds noticed. They started heading toward Mary, who thankfully could dodge. She wasn't as good as Nai though, but that came from practicing dodging your elder brother's Ninjask for fun.

              Piku suddently let out a cry, a mixture of pain and readiness to attack. Nai nodded and ran over, lifting his Pokemon into his arms to rest on his hands. Above him the Pidgey were squawking loudly and chirping angrily, furious with this tiny human's resistance. WHy was he protecting that foul woman, after what she had done?

              Somehow, Nai could feel these thoughts. Not from the wild Pokemon of course, but he knew somehow that PIku would think that because he didn't like Mary. "Nai... knows Mary is bad," he began softly, only for the two to hear, the wind having temporarily stopped. "Nai knows she did something wrong. But..." His voice grew louder. "She needs help! And good or bad heroes help people! Heroes protect those who need it! So... Nai is going to do that, no matter what! Let's go Piku! Hold still!" Piku nodded, smiling to himself. Such a stupid, wonderful human he was partnered to. "Nai braced his small legs, planting himself in a careful position, holding Piku toward the cloud of beating wings.

              "Okay then! It's time," the boy declared. "Let's show these guys what we can do!" He pulled back his arms. "Special Attack One: PikuPika Shot!" He threw Piku into the cloud, the Pikachu knocking into a smaller flock grouped together. Then the whole cloud was filled with blinding electricity. Nai covered his eyes for a few moments.

              Opening them, he relaxed. "We won!" Piku landed on the ground, shaking out the extra sparks from his fur. Then he ran to Nai, who laughed, cheering.. Then he looked around, expecting to see Mary hiding. However, she was gone, leaving behind her glass rose. Nai pouted and sighed. "We'll get her next time," he told Piku. "Bad guys never wi-Ow!" Something was pecking his head. "Ow! Stop it!" The Pidgey refused, badly electrocuted and irritated. Nai flailed, his hands accidently reaching for a Pokeball as Piku tackled it weakly off his head, the pair rolling in the dirt. Nai looked around anxiously, expanding the Pokeball. His head hurt... but that Pidgey was mean! He would catch it and teach him a lesson! He threw the Pokeball, sucking in the bird in an energy state. The ball hit the ground and started to shake.
              "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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                ((So sorry, I had my post almost complete until my brother went online and closed the screen. It was late and I didn't have time, so I'm redoing it today. First days of grade nine + extracurriculars are killing me.))

                There was a slight breeze, forcing Sherie to take out her warm grey sweater, leaving her warm and cozy despite her outfit. Her headphones hanging around her neck, she looked exactly as she expected on her first days of her journey. This was more exciting than she expected.

                "Taa...ta!" her blue-flamed pony called as it galloped on beside her, trying to keep up with the speed of her long legs. She giggled an apology before slowing down, brushing her hand softly against her Ponyta's hair. She had yet to decide a name for him, but she decided that until she found one that she liked, she would have keep on calling him his generic name.

                He quickened, to which she saw his eyes pointing towards a patch of green near the horizon. People were becoming fewer and fewer the more she went towards the outskirts of town while everyone she knew worked in downtown Kanto, which happened to be near the middle.

                "This is it, right buddy?"


                And so she quickened her pace and sprinted towards Route 1, where her journey officially began.

                Route 1

                "Well let's see how this thing works."

                As she entered the grassy plains, she felt slightly worried that she would get lost. As she had told Zero, she had never left Kanto, worried that she would get lost and no one could save her. It had taken her forever and a day to convince her parents to let her go on this expedition, and even when she did, she started doubting herself. The thing that she was most was worried.

                Placing the Pokétop on top of her head, the violet headphones flicked out a screen that slide down over her eyes, much like a that of a racer's. Then slowly - piece by piece - the rest of her helmet slid out, adjusting to fit her head snugly. It was soft, leather, and cushiony. If not knowing any better, Sherie could've sworn it was a pillow.

                "Welcome to the Pokétop Ms. O'Marr. I am glad to be of service," the generic male voice stated, sending shivers down her spine. Man did that sound creepy. "You are currently a new Trainer, standing on the most southern point of Route 1, correct? If incorrect, please state so."

                "No, that's right," she nodded, slightly worried that this voice would creep her out far too often. Slowly though, the voice started sounding warmer and warmer.

                "And your first Pokemon is a blue-flamed Ponyta, correct?"

                It sounded much like Zero.

                "Yes," she agreed. Damn this thing was good. "He's just a baby, but we'll go far." Wait, she was talking to a computer. It seemed so real, so life-like. She wasn't sure what scared her more, this or the generic voice. She sighed, sliding up the screen so she could see more clearly. That didn't stop the voice though.

                "And you are 12 years of age?"

                "Precisely," she muttered, not liking the sudden smugness coming from the voice. Now it sounded like Anna. "Is there any way I can find Pokémon around here? Ponyta is getting fidgety," she stated nonchalantly, looking at the small like horse that galloped forward, in search of something, though she could only guess what it was.

                "I am sorry, but we aren't capable of doing that. That would ruin all the fun wouldn't it?" the voice chuckled, and now she wasn't sure who it sounded like. She realised what it was doing, adjusting to what she must've preferred, but this was just getting annoying.

                Sherie tried to zone out the long droning of asking questions about her that must've been just confirmation of what Professor Cedar had installed in it's hardware, but this was just driving her nuts. She walked towards the tall grass, worried that Ponyta's flames would catch fire to the grass. She ignored it when the Pokétop decided on saying one more thing.

                "I am also your Pokédex. Ponyta's information has already been installed. He knows Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip and Ember, and these can change when he levels up and can learn a new move. Same moves take damage, like Tackle and Ember, while some moves change stats, like Growl and Tail Whip. When changing stats, it helps weaken the opponent Pokemon's abilities to allow easier HP damage, or to make it less capable of attacking you with high HP damage. It's best to catch a Pokémon when their HP is in the reds, which will show on the screen. The screen will go down immediately when a Pokémon is in sight, and it well let you see you're Pokémon's stats and moves. This well help in battle," the Pokétop stated as Ponyta entered the tall grass and jumped back. The screen slid down to cover her eyes, and Sherie knew what this meant.

                "My first battle!" the blonde exclaimed, her eyes wide with excitement as she prepared for her battle.

                "Welcome Sherie O'Marr. I will help guide you in your first battle against Pidgey, lvl 8 with your Ponyta, lvl 10. Pidgey is a Flying-type, therefore Normal-type moves or Fire-type moves do not have type advantage. That being said, the same goes for Pidgey's moves," the Pokétop explained, as Sherie watched as the Pidgey flew out of the grass with it's red beak opening to caw at Ponyta, who stood defensively.

                "Pidg, Pidgggggey!"

                "Let's go Ponyta, use Tail Whip!" Sherie called, her Ponyta leaping forward and whipping his blue-flamed tail across the enemy Pidgey's face, causing him to be thrown back in the grass. He caught himself and flapped his wings, before flying back at throwing himself against Ponyta.

                Sherie saw in the screen Ponyta's health declining slightly, though the bar was still green, which she saw as a good sign. She glared at the frustrated Pidgey who would most definitely attack again if he could. Ponyta let out a deep breath.

                "Ponyta, use Tail Whip again!"

                He stopped momentarily, wondering why she wouldn't let him use an Attack-based move, but followed his order as expected. Again, he whipped his tail against the foe who quickly dodged and used Tackle again, to which Ponyta flew back, almost hitting Sheryl in the legs. She bit her lip, his health dropping down to below halfway, the bar yellow and - as her Pokétop informed her - threatening to hit red. She closed her eyes before screaming.

                "Use Ember!"

                The Ponyta whipped small flames that were red, unlike his own. This time, Pidgey couldn't move and was hit by the scorching flames. His level being lower and his Defense stat having dropped, the Pidgey fell back and his lifebar dropped into the low yellow. Again, now wasn't the time.

                But quickly, the Pidgey cawed out in pain and on her screen, Sheryl noted that he had been burned.

                "Congratulations Sherie, your opponent has been burned by Ponyta!"

                Although that sounded nice in her head, it sounded very cruel out loud. She didn't judge though, and watched as Pidgey's life bar dropped slightly, leaving it red and now more likely to fall prey to her Pokéball. Before her was an injured, immobile Pokémon that she knew was determined to defeat her Ponyta.

                But she wasn't going to let that happen. She pulled out a Pokéball out of a small hole that was in her helmet - something she was informed moments earlier by her Pokétop - and tossed it in the air, aiming for Pidgey. He looked up at it, aware of what it was - and vaguely aware of how many times he had escaped it - but was too burnt to move out of the way before it caught him in it's colourful ray.

                "Sweet!" Sherie exclaimed, as Ponyta continued to stand defensively.

                "Not yet Sherie. Now you must wait for a higher power to decide whether or not Pidgey has been captured," the Pokétop retorted, noticing Sheryl's shoulders drop. It chuckled again, now sounding awfully like Zero - and she assumed it would stay that way.

                "Shouldn't there be some statistical way to decide whether or not he's caught?" she mumbled, slightly confused.

                The ball continued rocking back and forth, a faint beeping sound informing her it hadn't worked yet. She crossed her fingers and hoped that she would get her second beautiful Pokémon.

                "Not in this world honey."

                ((Yay! for the slight fourth wall break...I guess, though not really. Anyways, few more questions. First of all, does a Pokémon level up if the Trainer caught the Pokémon? Or did I miss something in your post? Also, do you roll the die for yourself as well? Just out of curiosity this time :3 I'll try to post again soon!))

                Rest in PeACE

                Yes. I am in fact female.

                Legendary Evolution - Ace Goldstein
                Lockdown - Dorothea "Thea" Amalyzne
                Separation - Lier
                Neo Kanto - Sheryl "Sherie" O'Marr
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                @ Fuyu - Nai sure is special! I wonder what Mary did?

                - Piku (Pikachu) grew to lv 12!
                - Nai captured a Pidgey! (level 7, MALE, Ability: Keen Eye)

                @ toptheworld - The statistics with levels and such are mostly meant to happen in the background. We OOC will keep track of the levels, but your character IC is meant to interpret the new attacks and evolution as a sign of their pokémon growing and becoming stronger.
                Though, like I said before, this is your adventure. If you want a more statistical take on the pokémon world than I normally do when I write, you are welcome to :)

                I roll the dices though. I decide what gender, level and ability your captured pokémon has AFTER I've read your post about catching it. Level depends on your post, gender and ability is pure chance.

                And yes, if your pokémon battles a wild one and it's captured, your pokémon will still gain levels. It's not like in the games ;)

                - Ponyta grew to lv 11!
                - Sherie captured a Pidgey! (level 8, FEMALE, Ability: Tangled Feet)

                And when you feel ready to leave route 1...

                VIRIDIAN CITY

                Viridian has since long lost it's green and lush environment. It's now a modern, middle sized city that is among the cleanest and safest in Kanto. A good place to live for a modern human who can't stand Pallet's tourism and doesn't care too much about living close to nature, but the inhabitants have a bad habit of looking down on outsiders who come here and try to stir up trouble or spread filth in their clean town.

                At some point in the middle of the last century, a new river erupted from the great mountain range far to the west (the one that splits Kanto and Johto). The river grew rather quickly and is now broad and goes right by northern Viridian City. It's traversed by boats mostly for people's enjoyment since there are some bridges as well.

                THE GYM
                Viridian has the first gym you will encounter on your journey. You probably don't want to challenge it yet though. The leader is the wise and mysterious Kentou. He is in his fourties, rather tall and always pierces you with thin, sapphire blue, bottomless eyes. His hair stands in every direction and is a coral red color, and he hasn't got a beard. He usually wears a blue overall when he's training or battling in the gym.

                The gym itself is in the same place as ever. A large, square shaped and pretty low built building that looks like it could withstand anything. It looks rather traditional compared to most buildings in Viridian, even though it's hardly ancient.

                If you challenge Kentou, he will decline, but ask you to watch a battle between him and a more experienced trainer instead. He uses a variety of pokémon types (much like Gary Oak used to do) (ONLY KANTO SPECIES) but mostly big and burly species and he likes ground types since he still gives out the Earth Badge.

                >> Visiting this gym is completely optional. If you don't feel like it, you can skip it and only go here later on your journey. This is how trainers usually do, since Kentou is generally seen as the last test for strong trainers before they enter the Victory Path.

                What can you do here?

                - Generally, in a city, you can buy things in various stores, visit a pokémon center and heal up (they've got quick machines that work when the pokémon is in energy form nowadays) or get a free room for the night. If there is a gym, you can challenge it if it's open.
                - You can also make up your own adventures, explore the modern city's facilities or events if any are described above, battle trainers and meet NPCs (Non-Player-Characters) of mine or your own creation.
                - You can also capture some pokémon.
                - You may meet up with other trainers and interact with posts, but talk to the player first in the discussion thread so that you're not starting a conversation when the other player is writing a post for the next route.

                Pokémon to be caught: (levels 8-10)
                Meowth (are sneaking around)
                Type: Normal
                Ability: Pickup/Technician
                Attacks: Scratch, Growl, Bite, Fake Out

                Trubbish (are despised by the locals and are either hiding or stirring up trouble, usually)
                Type: Poison
                Ability: Stench/Sticky Hold
                Attacks: Pound, Poison Gas, Recycle, Toxic Spikes

                Magikarp (are found in the river)
                Type: Water
                Ability: Swift Swim/Rattled
                Attacks: Splash, Tackle
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                Clover - Viridian City

                It was evening when Clover spotted the lights of the next town on his journey. Viridian City. Like a shining field of tall, bright buildings, the city spread out in a valley below him. The river glittered in the late sunlight and he could hear the buzz from hovercars. He had never set his foot in another city before. This would be interesting. Or just plain creepy. Poochyena had been walking alongside him all this day but now he put her back into her pokéball. She turned into a red beam of energy and got sucked into the little sphere, which Clover then minimized and put back onto his belt.

                Not many people usually entered the city on foot. The streets weren't as clenched and thin as in Pallet City though. People actually drove their hovercars closer to the ground here than in Clover's home town. Maybe they thought it was safer? People stole glances at his large headphones as he passed them by.

                "Have they never seen a pokétop before?" Clover muttered.

                "They probably have. All trainers hailing from Pallet City come this way. And all the trainers who travel to Pallet to meet professor Cedar as well. And they usually have pokétops," Gina's voice explained in his ears.

                "Check," Clover said. "Do you know if there is a pokémon center in this city?"

                "They would be rather stupid if there wasn't," was the reply.

                "Was that really an answer?"


                "You're already becoming very un-robotlike!"

                "I am not a robot, mind you. I am a-"

                "Yeah yeah," Clover shut her up and actually found himself standing right outside the pokémon center as he turned around the next corner. Neat.

                He entered and walked up to the very clean looking counter. The center was a bit crowded, actually, and the people there didn't look as stiff as the people out on the street. These were probably traveling trainers just like himself, not citizens of Viridian. The nurse took Poochyena's and Staryu's pokéballs and energized them back to health in just a quick moment with one of the energy machines there. Clover raised an eyebrow at its efficiency. Then he got a code for one of the rooms in the back of the pokémon center, so that he could spend his night there. Reaching the correct room, he entered the code on the tiny machine sitting beside the door. It clicked open and revealed a simple, small room with a bed, a chair and a compact bathroom. He took off his scarf and put it on the chair together with his bag.

                "Now... should I let my pokémon out or let them sleep in their pokéballs?" he asked himself, not remembering that Gina still heard him since the pokétop was on, playing low music as usual.

                "Pokémon who are not used to their trainer yet will generally sleep better inside their pokéballs," she said.

                "Really? Alright then," Clover said and shrugged. He placed the pokéball belt on the chair as well, along with most of his other clothes and fell down into bed. It didn't take a long time for him to fall asleep. He had been walking for the whole day and he wasn't at all used to it. He hadn't even had proper dinner... next day he'd have real meals. Next day...

                "Goodnight," Gina suddenly said, reminding him of that his pokétop headphones were still on.

                "Night," Clover murmured and took them off. They came to rest on top of his little mountain of clothes on the chair. He looked at them for a moment. They were so comfortable that he hardly even noticed they were on his head. Neat things, those.


                Next morning, Clover wasn't up early. At 10 AM he dragged himself up from the bed, got dressed and fixed up and then left the room to find someplace to have breakfast at. He found a nice little café near the pokémon center, where he sat down with a low-carb-latte and some müsli, wrapped his scarf tighter around himself and read the newsletter pad that was built in in every table at the café. Cafés usually had them, while restaurants thought it was impolite to read at the table. That was the distinct line between a café and a restaurant, pretty much. Clover preferred casual cafés. Pallet had lots of them. Viridian's people seemed to be the kind that thought it impolite to even read at a café table though. He got some looks when he sat there.

                The pokétop was hanging around his neck, but as he read an article saying that a new, more intelligent robot had been invented in Saffron City, he absent-mindedly pulled them up over his ears.

                "Good morning!" Gina's voice rang in his ears instantly.

                "Oh," he said. "Goodmorning."

                Then he noticed that he got some additional looks from a table next to him, and crouched down a bit. "Hey, I can't be talking to you out in the street, it'll look like I'm talking to myself!" he hissed.

                "People should know how a pokétop works nowadays. They are quite well-known."

                She made it sound like they were famous personalities. Clover sjirachied.

                "Still," he simply said. "Put on the music for me, will ya? Playlist Clover."

                Gina obliged and music started streaming into his ears as Cal Cossinsky drank up his coffee.

                "Coffee is not very good for you," Gina suddenly remarked. "You are too young to have it."

                "Too young? I'm 12!" Clover whispered. "I've already been having coffee daily for a year."

                "And see how that went."

                "Are you mocking me? I refuse to be mocked by a computer program..."

                "You can refuse but you cannot avoid me."

                "You are really weird, you know that?"

                And then, Gina did something that surprised Clover. She laughed. "I know," she said. Clover shook his head and got ready to leave.


                "There is a gym in Viridian City..." Clover murmured with the pokétop helmet on and a map in the visor. He was walking down a pleasantly clean street in northern Viridian.

                "Yes, but I advise against challenging the leader there," Gina said in his ears.

                "How come? You think I'm weak."

                "I think you wouldn't even win against a regular new trainer like yourself," was the pokétop's pleasant response.

                "Yay for cheering on your own team..." Clover muttered. Then he stopped dead. In front of him, something was walking on the streets on all four. Something he had seen on TV but never with his own eyes. A pokémon called Meowth.

                He quickly started following the little creature, trying to be sneaky and quiet. It turned around a corner and Clover hurried to follow it, pulling up his camera in the process. As he turned round the corner, the cat sat there waiting for him. It leaned its head to the side and stared at him. Clover bolted.

                "It had noticed you even before you noticed it," Gina clarified.

                "Apparently," Clover said and took a picture. Viridian's bright buildings and white streets in the background made it look almost surreal. "What does a pokémon do inside a city? Does it belong to someone?"

                "Many cities have grown so large that even pokémon can find places to live inside them. They actually thrive," Gina told him. Then the visor suddenly switched to battle mode.

                "Hey, I didn't give any command," Clover said sourly.

                "I am here to help you, and a good idea is to capture as many pokémon as you can in the beginning, to build up a future team..."

                "Oh... I see."

                Clover's face turned determined and made the Meowth in front of him lean its head to the other side.

                "Staryu, come on out!"

                He threw its pokéball and the star shaped pokémon came out to stand in the street between him and the cat. Meowth got up, apparently not willing to back down from the fight. Good character in that one, Clover thought.

                ((OOC: I'll add the battle and try to capture it later! gtg now, just wanted to get something up.))
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                  ((OOC: this is the gist of it. :B))

                  [email protected] - Rebel OOO1

                  The year 2100 was just like any other past year, in the city of Pallet. The morning sun rose in the busy streets of Pallet, as everyone started their morning routine. People got up to go to work in their state-of-the-art, brand name Silph Co. hover cars, or boards, or some of them probably just decided to ride on their skateboards, bicycles, or hover boards, whichever they'd prefer. The state-of-the-art robots lived out their daily routines too. Some served as breakfast servers in restaurants, some were helping along with construction, even some served as guards, or bodyguards as people went to work. That's not to say the pokemon had their daily routines as well; the Pidgey started to sing their morning chirps, the Machoke were helping along side construction, even some pokemon go to work along with the people there.

                  That morning was different however. While it may seem the same, as some of the people in Pallet City, were riding in the underground rail, to go to work, or go to school. The train started to drive through the underground, as everything seemed to be as quiet, and peaceful as it can be...until music played could be heard in one of the train car.


                  The people in the rail surveyed and looked around the train, trying to pinpoint, and observe what was going on. It wasn't too long later that the people in the train car realized that the music was coming from a stereo. From that stereo, they all saw a girl with her arms crossed, and her back turned. The music was still at full blast as the passengers all observed her as quietly and observantly as they possibly could. They were all speechless as the rock music played. That was, until the girl finally uncrossed her arms, and with the most energetic, dynamic voice she possibly had:

                  "WELCOME TO...PALLET! IS! KERIKO!"

                  The girl quickly turned around, to look around at the surprised, confused passengers. She had a cocky-like smile plastered on her face, as the first thing the passengers were probably thinking: "Who...IS this kid?" or: "What is up with her HAIR?" The music was still playing. It played for about one minute, until the girl lowered the volume so that they all could hear what she had to say next.

                  "And I am...THE NEW MILLENNIUM, for the newwwww entertainment!" the girl explained as she looked on about the passengers. "Now for those of you who don't know me, I am Amber Keriko: YOUR NEW HERO, your...PARTY HOST! And most importantly: THE MOST CHARISMATIC LADY THAT HAS EVER ENTER YOUR MINDS...VIA! This. Train. For those of you who do know me...well! ALL HAIL THE IOTOLA, OF ROCK. N'. ROLA!"

                  The people then looked on towards each other, thinking that at least one of them had at least one sense what was going on. Some of them even started to clap! However, it was probably just for pity that maybe this girl, Amber, was so bored that she decided to put on a show. In fact, some of them started to believe, that perhaps that this was a mini--show that was brought to them by the company of the underground transit. So, they started to play along, listening, an watching more focused, started to have smiles on their faces. Amber still had a that same smile she had plastered on her face before, as she started to wonder around the train car, watching all the passengers that was now intrigued by her, hearing her speaking up once more:

                  "Now when you think of a new millennium, you think of an event SOOOOO gigantic, that it changes the course of THINK of the dawning of a new era!" Amber started to explain. "And of course, a NEW era... of KANTO! A new era, that this once proud, region needs! What was once the most highlighted pinnacle of entertainment, as now become the pinnacle of a clichéd -- and let's be honest: BORING, region I, AMBER, ALSO KNOWN AS: D.2.B., has a dream: I HAVE COME TO SAAAAAVE YOU ALL FROM THAT ICKY-BICKY-WICKY-PICKY-UICKY-ZIKY-ONOMONOKONOICKY DEMON THAT IS CALLED BOREDOM!"

                  The passengers started to clap and cheer even harder; it was like they were entertained enough to hear Amber: D2B speak. D2B quickly took a bow, upon hearing her audience's cheers. As they were, the train started to slow down: it finally arrived at Amber's stop. She looked out the window to observe as such.

                  "Thank you, thank you!" Amber thanked as she gathered her bright red and black, glittered hand bag. "Now, I must be off; I know you'll probably won't enjoy the rest of this train without me on board, BUT! I assure you: SOMEDAY, this gal will see you again: and re-enter your bored little minds, to eeeeeeeelectrify and dazzle! Now, without further delay, I bid you...adieu."

                  That being said, Amber carried her little bag on her right shoulder, as she waved goodbye to her audience -- the passengers, as they waved goodbye to her back. The door quickly slid closed as Amber went out f the underground train safely, as it soon drove away, through the deep underground. Amber smiled for a audience-well-entertained as she then reached for her purse. In her purse, she quickly got out a piece of paper -- an invitation to be specific: an invitation from a professor known as Cedar; who worked at the infamous Oak Park: a Park that is filled with pokemon for inspiring, new trainers. With Amber's invitation, she was definitely one of them. At last, Amber was going to be a Pokemon trainer.

                  Of course, Amber has been outside of Pallet before: going to places like Viridian, and Pewter; however, she'd never been further from Pewter. Amber was a carefree, energetic, yet eccentric girl that turned 12 just last month. Her main goal in life? To be recognized as the most charismatic girl the world has ever seen. In fact, she even had a band known as Ridiculous, as it was RIDICULOUS on how the entertainment system as become in the world. Amber's purpose was to eliminate that boredom once and for all. That was, until she discovered pokemon. One day, she read a book on where she saw a group of Ratatta's grouped together in their own habitats in a chapter, and while she thought they were all cute, she also learned that pokemon were also accepted to keep as pets, even for fights. So, she vowed to own one someday. That's how she vowed that someday, she too, would be an energetic and charismatic pokemon trainer. Or what she like to call Pokemon: "those lil' monsters". Today, her dream was coming true.

                  Her destination in which she arrived at, was Oak Park, in the center of Pallet City. She quickly made her way out of the underground station by taking an escalator, squirming and maneuvering her way through the incoming, and out-coming citizens. Soon, Amber was finally outside, where she was able to see the glass cupola that was, in fact: Oak Park, and Professor Cedar's laboratory. She made her way through the street and cross it, through the crowded people, as she was finally able to make it towards the entrance of the lab. There, she saw a robot that served as a guard. Amber went up to it.

                  "Hello, hello!" Amber greeted. "Amber Keriko? D2B? Maybe you've heard of me despite that bucket of bolts of a brain? I've been invited by the professor." A nanosecond was all it needed for the robot to register that he was allowed entrance, and it stepped aside and let a door in the glass wall open up. It was then that Amber was led to inside by that same robot, as inside, she saw it was definitely a park alright - except for one thing: she didn't see any of the pokemon yet. Disapointed by that fact though, the robot came to a halt as Amber was then free to explore on her own. Wondering about, she didn't see any of the pokemon yet - -from the trees, to even the activity sets: slides, swings, and so on. Soon, she saw too people: one a middle aged woman with red, almost purple hair, and the other who has long, red hair, that seemed to be the same age as Amber. Amber walked on over to the people, hearing them talk.

                  "...The garden in which the pokemon appear," the middle aged woman said. "Most of them are eating, some of them are still hanging on about." Soon after, Amber intervinned.

                  "Yo!" Amber interuppted and greeted as she ran right over to the two. "Amber Kerkio; your hero? Party host? Person you've invited...any of this sinking in?"

                  "Ah, yes, Amber! Welcome!" the middle aged woman greeted. "My name is Professor Cedar; its a pleasure!"

                  "I'm Trisha," the other girl greeted. "I've been invited here as well! And its a good thing too! Pokemon totally rock; I, Trisha don't see them at home; all the time, its just robots, robots, robots...ew."

                  Amber took a good, long, stare and Trisha, as she was pekaing, but then, when she was over, she had a quick chuckle. Trisha got a little off-guard. "...What's so funny?" she asked sternly as Amber turned towards the professor.

                  "Professor, If I may," she started to say to her. "Its a REALLY, REALLY, smart move to invite me for this shin-dig; for I am exactly what this pokemon era needs to electrify!"

                  "Is...that so?" Professor Cedar asked. "You know, you're as about as confident as Trisha over here--"

                  "HOWEVER!" Amber intervened. "I, Amber, D2B, is the FUTURE HOPE! FOR ALL POKEMON ENTERTAINMENT! AND WHAT THIS NEW ERA -- THIS CLICHÉD STUFF NEEDS! You see, look at the facts: television ratings? Downward spiral. Paper-view by-rates? Plummeting. Main-stream expectancy? Non-existent. Reactions to the live-crowds? COMPLETE. UTTER. SILENCE. AND YOU KNOW WHAT PROFESSOR! I KNOW WHY YOU'RE SILENT!"

                  " do?" Cedar asked. "Well, I mean, you're just talking and I'm just listening--"

                  "The reason why you are silent is because you are embarrassed to be here! And believe me, I'm embarrassed with you," Amber explained. "You see, the reason why you are embarrised, is the main stream of uninteresting, untalented, and mediocre 'new pokemon trainers' who you are forced to cheer for! And its no wonder you're not cheering! You can careless for every idiot that comes in through that door -- especially THIS idiot standing right beside me--"

                  "EXCUSE ME?" Trisha gaffed. "25 seconds upon meeting Trisha and you call her an idiot? Are you high?"

                  "Now girls, girls..." Cedar tried to stop. "Lets not fight---"

                  "How DARE you, come in my face, and BORE me for three minutes!" Trisha said, now facing-to-face Amber with a hot-red atmosphere. "And you didn't even have the curtsy to tell me your name!"

                  "I TOLD YOU ALREADY!" Amber explained. "My name is A--"

                  "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU'RE NAME IS!" Trisha interuppted. Amber became annoyed. It looked like she had met her kryptonite. "What DOES matter, is that --"

                  "No, no, no," Amber interrupted. "The fact of the matter IS, is that FINALLY! People have a lady, FINALLY, people have someone who you can JUMP OFF YOUR CHAIRS, raise their FILTHY, FAT LITTLE HANDS IN THE AIR, AND SCREAM FROM THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS: GO KERIKO, GO! GO KERIKO GO!! GO KERIKO GO!!!"

                  "Um.." Cedar tried to grasp. "Go...Keriko go?"

                  "Thank you!" Amber thanked. "And you know what else, Trisha? When I, become the worlds, greatest trainer, and all the dust is cleared, I PROMISE YOU: Champions will NEVER, the same...again. For its going to turn full of --"

                  "Yeah," Trisha interrupted sternly. "Its going to turn full, alright. Full of fail. You see Amber, while you run your mouth, what you fail to realize, is that, NO MATTER WHO, whether its you, Amber Keriko, Amber Keriko's daddy, Amber Keriko's momma, Uncle Krouer Keriko with the GLASS EYE, or maybe Aunt Kimmy Kat Keriko, with the IRON LUNG, or maybe its Grandma Annie King Keriko, with the DOUBLE X THIRTY PANTIES! It doesn't matter who, just leave them all, and I promise you. Battling? I. WILL. KICK. ALL. YOUR. ASSES."

                  '"Is that a fact?" Amber grasped. "Says the girl who speaks like a peace pusher."

                  "Yeah? Well you are a Proportionate. A proportionate ass."
                  "Insignificant fool!"
                  "Idiot Box!"
                  "LOUD MOUTH CHUPACABRA!!"
                  "...I'm a loud mouth Mexican griffin?"

                  "Girls! Girls PLEASE!" Cedar called out, finally fed up with the argument. "That's enough! Now, I understand both of your excitement, but please, at least let this be done first?" Which at last, Amber and Trisha quieted down. Cedar gave a smile at both of them, which they both seemed to be two very promising trainers. Then, Cedar led them both into the garden.

                  Upon entering the garden, it was there that Amber saw all the pokemon she wanted to see; Pidgey, flying freely, Rattata's on the grass, even Spearow in their nest in the trees. They also saw goldeen, poliwag, and psyduck all splashing around in mini-ponds. It was like a miniature paradise. Amber gave a wide smile as she was awed by the number of pokemon in this garden.

                  "Now, on the subject of your first pokemon," Cedar started to explain to the two. "You can virtually pick any pokemon for your starter pokemon. Well? Which one will it be?"

                  The both surveyed around the garden, observing all the pokemon. Of course, they both did their best to avoid each other for the time being, as the both went their separate ways. Amber had a thought: she wanted to find a Pokemon that was just as interesting as her. She then went to a clearing. There, she heard a little growl, followed up with a bark. Amber was wondering where it had come from; she then saw a pokemon -- it looked like a Growlithe, but...the color was different. Instead of red, it was a bright orange-yellow. Amber was intrigued, so she went up to the little pokemon. The Growlithe noticed her right away, but then growled, signaling that it wasn't too happy to see her. Amber still approached it, however, very slowly.

                  "Its okay," Amber said quietly to the wild Growlithe. "I just want to be your friend."

                  "Graaaoooow?" the Growlithe barked, as Amber crept closer to it. Growlithe wasn't sure if Amber was meant to be a frieend, however. It still stood its ground, being cautious to anything. "Grrrraaooow!"

                  "What are you doing here all by yourself?" Amber asked silently. "Don't you have friends? As interesting as you are, you must have some."

                  "Graaaooooww..." The Growlithe moaned. It seemed as though it wasn't very good at making friends. Amber then had a brainstorm.

                  "Come with me," she suggested, starting to walk away. "Don't be shy." Growlithe was a bit skeptical at first, but, it new that Amber wasn't a bad person. Eventually, it started to run after her, walking side by side with Amber. Coming out of the clearing, Amber soon saw the professor and Trisha, both waiting for her in the garden, near the ponds. The professor noticed Amber walking by with the Growlithe, greeting it with a smile.

                  "Ah, that's going to be your starter pokemon?" The professor asked. "I'm actually surprised you would."

                  "And why is that?" Amber asked. "This Growlithe is adorable! I mean look at the color--"

                  "Well, that's kind of the point," Cedar explain. "See, this garden is also home to differen't colored pokemon. However, due to its color, they're not very....popular to say the least, towards both People, and even Pokemon."

                  "But that's stupid!" Amber gawked. "Lil'monsters are
                  Lil'monsters. Why choose one just based on their color?"

                  "All I can say is: welcome to capitalisum," Trisha said. "And please, you have to be the LAST one to notice the fact that people are sheep." Amber ignored her, and just turned to her Growlithe.

                  "I know you probably don't trust humans, or lil'monsters after the way they've treated you," Amber said softly. "But, maybe you can trust me? I can be you're rock n' roll friend, and we can tour the region..together."

                  Growlithe stood there, silent for a moment, staring heavily towards the smiling ember. Soon afterwards, Growlithe returned that smile. "Grrrraooowlithe!" it barked, agreeing to the idea. "GROOOOOWLITHE, GRAAOWWW!"

                  "Looks like he likes the idea!" Amber smiled. "Actually...can I nickname him Llyod? For his dynamic, yet sudle personality."

                  "Nice name! In any case," Cedar began once more. "Trisha, what did you pick?"

                  "You have to ask?" Trisha smiled. "Mankey, come on out!"

                  "Keeeeeeey!" a screeching noise from the wood, came closer along with the leaves from trees rustiling. Soon, there was a small brown pokemon haning off the branch of a particular tree. A Mankey. The Mankey was as dynamic as any other, as it soon leaped from the tall branch, and landed on Trisha's back, clinging on to her.

                  "A Mankey!" Cedar noticed. "That's interesting! Haha, and that pokemon matches you!"

                  "And unlike that little Jabronae over there," Trisha said, pointing at Amber. "Trisha does not nickname Pokemon Trisha recieves. Mankey is as cool as it can be."

                  "Keeeey!" Mankey cried, as it was glad Trisha was so impressed by it.

                  "Wait, what did you just call me?" Amber asked with a firm tone. "A Jabronae?"

                  Cedar sighed as the two girls was seemed to be fighting once again. "Now, girls, let's not do this again--"

                  "What, did you want me to take you to school to learn about it?" Trisha mockingly asked Amber, interupppting the professor. "Because me, and Mankey are GOING to take you, and your little buddy Lloyd to school, when we beat ya' for the top of trainers! Besides, Jabronae is a hell of a lot better than

                  "Key! MANKEY!" Mankey agreed, to Trisha's promise.

                  "Grrrrraaaowlithe!" Lloyd Growlithe tried to argue, but with Amber stepping in.

                  "...YOU'RE going to take me and Lloyd straight to school?" Amber asked, as she looked awkwardly at Trisha. Then she giggled. "School? Oh yeah, I can see that. You at school. I can imagine you at school: The oldest 17 year old elementry school girl junior D2B HAS EVEER SEEN!"

                  "GRRRRROWLITHE!" Lloyd agreeded as Trisha crossed her arms, annoyed, with her Mankey, just as infuriated.

                  "Waiting at your house with your momma, waiting for that shoooorrrrrt yellow school bus to drive by!" Amber mocked, as Trisha rolled her eyes, unamused. "Beep, Beep, do you hear that, Trisha? Its the souuuunds of the bus, heading towards your defeat! And then, when you walk into that class, you sit down, the teacher is writing on that blackboard: CLass? What is 2? Do YOU know, Trisha? How about yo, Lloyd? How would Trisha answer?"

                  "Grrrraaaowlithe Graow!" Growlithe replied, semingly trying to mock Trish's voice.

                  "Ah, you hear that, Trisha?" Amber smiled. "Llyod said that you said: 2+2=? A JABRONAE, SUCKA!"

                  "That's funny," Trisha said, rolling her eyes. "You're reaaaaal mature, you know that?"

                  "Um, if I may interuppt you," Cedar finally intervened, holding out two packages. "Here; your PokeTops came in the mail today. They are able to help you identify your pokemon's moves, as well as check out wild pokemon you have not seen or heard from yet."

                  "Thanks, Professor!" Trisha thanks, as she, and Amber both got their respeective Poketops. Then, Trisha made a long, hard stare towards Amber. Her Mankey was interested in Lloyd the Growlithe, as they both tried their best to intimidate the other, with long, hard stared. Trisha finally spoke up. "Let me give you some advice princess Jabronae. Stay out of my way. If you do, great. If you don't, believe me, you'll catch me in a very, very, bad mood. Well, good day, Professor Cedar, thanks for everything."

                  The pairing of Trisha, and Mankey both walked off, straight out of the lab. Amber wasn't too pleased to have met her, but...she then felt something. She met a rival; one worthy to push her other the edge on entertainment! She glanced over to her new Growlithe, and winked as she knew, that they both had become quick friends.

                  "Growlithe!" Lloyd barked, signalling that he too, was ready for a grand adventure. Amber waved goodbye to the Professor, as she and Growlithe both walked out of the lab together.

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                  @ Shawn - that was... intensive to read xD Amber sure has got a lot of personality. Let's hope Lloyd will thrive with her!

                  - Amber received a shiny Growlithe from professor Cedar!
                  - Amber received her pokétop!
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                    ((OOC: Part One of Two, I'll add Part Two tomorrow. This part was just a connection between master and pokemon. Part Two is just meeting that number freak I talked about, annnnd another encounter with Trisha~!! Three-way-duel to the DEATH! Well not DEATH, but you'll know what I mean! Theeeeen its off to Route One~ Proooobably in the same post, or whatever. :3))

                    [email protected] - Rebel OOO2

                    The day was still young as Amber, and her new Growlithe exited Professor Cedar's Lab, right towards the streets near it. No, this was not a publicity stunt; amber had just gotten her first lil'monster: a Growlithe by the name of Lloyd, the nickname Amber gave him. Lloyd moreover, was a different color. Despite this however, Amber still treated it as an interesting pokemon for her. So, what next? Well, the sensible thing to do was to get to know your lil'monster, Amber thought. So, she decided to unwind before going on her adventure, walking along side her new cheerful Growlithe.

                    "Grraaow!" Lloyd cheerfully barked, strolling alongside his new partner. However, that was when Amber suddenly stopped, standing in the middle of the busy street, with her arms crossed as she looked down sternly on Lloyd. Lloyd looked as puzzled as he was ever been, as he soon after, sat down quietly, wondering what was going on with her. "Graow?"

                    "Now wait one second there, Lloyd," Amber started to say, as she soon unfolded her arms, and then using her right hand, she made a fist and held it in mid air, almost next to her face. "This isn't about cheerful clichéd bark-happy pokemon while everyone's faces keep being deprived of their excitement. THIS IS. PALLET. IS. KERIKO! You know, I have always said that today is the day that Amber saaaaaves all the people from the problem that is boredom; entertaining the fans, electrifies the quiet atmosphere, being the queen of queens, the Brosses of the Brofest, the INVENTA' of the DISASTA' that is the Y2JELLY PLAN! All by myself! But now, now I have you, my partner."

                    "Grrroaw!" Lloyd barked, intrigued by Amber's statement; it was true though, Amber, except for her little band, was always an independent person. She never really had a legitimate partner. Same goes with Lloyd the Growlithe; he was always with his lonesome, ostracized by the majority of the pokemon that lived in the lab, due to his colors. "Graow..."

                    "But, I'm actually glad," Amber smiled as she unclenched her fist, and brought both her hands right to her hips. "My age, I...think it'll be a little hard to connect with the world to entertainment, BUT, TOGETHER! We can! You see Lloyd, while I didn't know what you were like in that park you've been in, what I DO know is that those other lil'monsters? They've been JEALOUS of your brilliance. They ostracized, hated, and avoided you, because they have been JEALOUS to you! And you know something else? The jealousy reared its head up once again; see, do you remember that girl Trisha? And her lil'butt monkey, the Mankey? Do you remember how it stared onto you? How it stared with those crimson, hateful eyes? Do you remember that, Lloyd?"

                    "Graow!" Lloyd barked, then followed up with a nod. It was true; Trisha's Mankey stared intensive fully towards Lloyd; signaling that as Trisha's and Amber's rivalry began, so did Mankey's and Lloyd's. It was going to be a fierce one, to say the least. "Graow!"

                    "And I'll tell you why it looked at you like that!" Amber began again. "It was JEALOUS of you! It was JEALOUS of your potential! Your charisma! Your knowledge of the Y2JELLY PLAN!! But despite that, it looked DOWN on you! Trisha looked down on me; they thought I was a joke! Lloyd, they thought YOU were a joke! But here's the truth of it Lloyd: I know that you're not a joke, and I know that I'M not a joke. So Lloyd, the point I'm making here is that WE have to take a stand; WE should get all the badges! WE should beat all the champions; WE should BE CHAMPIONS! And after all the smoke clears, when we sit on our Championship throne, the Kanto region will NEVER. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVER! BE THE SAME. AGAIN."

                    "Great! Now let me hear a Graow, Graow!"
                    "Graow, Graow!"
                    "I said: let me hear a Graow, Graow!!"
                    "Groaw, Graow!!"
                    "I SAID: LET ME HEAR A GRAOW, GRAOW!!!"
                    "GRRRRRRROAW, GRAOOOOOOW!"

                    "Awesome sauce! Now, let me open the package from the Professor..." Amber cheered, as she reached for her purse, and got out the same brown package, which was indeed the PokeTop she ordered just last week when she received her invitation. She ripped open the package wrapping paper, taking out a white box, on which she had to open the lid of it to get it open. She threw the lid, and the wrapper paper straight on the ground, opening the box. Amber did indeed received the PokeTop she ordered -- it was black, with white skulls painted on it. The instructions said that she had to wear it like a helmet, which in fact, was tricky to do at first, since Amber had so much, and long hair, however, despite this, Amber managed to wear it successfully, with the earphones attached. However, this wasn't all the package contained: it also had a set of empty pokeballs, along with a Town Map. They had a note to go along with them; it was from Professor Cedar. Amber took out the note, ad read it carefully:

                    Dear Amber,

                    The first thing I have to tell you, is that also enclosed, is Pokeballs. Pokeballs are a universal device that is used to catch wild Pokemon. However, don't even try to attempt to catch another trainer's pokemon; because a, it wouldn't work anyways, and b, you'd just get called a thief in the end. The second thing enclosed is a Town Map, so that you won't get lost in your journey. Now to give you a tip: the first place any new trainer should visit is Viridian City. Its right past Route One. Route One, you'll meet wild pokemon, so, just beware of that.

                    Well, best wishes and good luck to you!
                    ~ Cedar
                    PS. Try to get along with Trisha, okay?

                    Amber giggled at the bit where Cedar suggest to get along with a person she just had a heated conversation with. Yeah...that's not going to happen any time soon. In any case, Amber took out the pokeballs from the box, and put them all in her hand bag, while she held the Town Map, and unfolded it open. She saw that Viridian City was not too far from here; just about a two hour walk from Route One. She grinned as she folded the town map, and stuck it into her bag as well.

                    "Ready, Lloyd?" she asked him, looking down upon him. "Viridian City via Route One's our first stop! I CAN ALREADY HEAR THE FANS NOW: GO KERIKO AND LLOYD GO!!"

                    "Grrraow!" Lloyd agreed, as he stood up on his all fours.Amber smiled and nodded as they both started to run together through the busy streets of Pallet City, on their way... to become champions.

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                    @ Shawn - see your profile for comments lol. I'll really enjoy reading this!


                    Clover, Viridian City - part II

                    "Staryu, water gun!"

                    Staryu looked like it was readying its gun... when Meowth all of a sudden lashed out and tackled Staryu with mild power before it had time to do anything else. Staryu was caught off guard and lost its focus as Meowth jumped back and readied another attack.

                    "What was that?" Clover wondered, looking at Staryu's health bar in his pokétop visor, that only slightly wavered.

                    "Probably Fake Out. An attack used to intimidate the opponent early on," Gina said into his ears.

                    "Ah, we won't fall for that, will we, Staryu?"

                    Staryu didn't really respond. Well, it didn't have a face or mouth, so...

                    Meowth lashed out again, this time with its claws retracted and a growl coming from its mouth.

                    "Harden!" Clover tried.

                    Staryu's skin immediately hardened and made it look like a metal star (since it was gray). Meowth's attack hit, but the health bar in Clover's visor didn't show much damage here either.

                    "You cannot keep getting attacked, though, or the health bar really will go down eventually," Gina reminded him.

                    "You can read my thoughts, admit it," Clover said sourly.

                    "No, you are just really easy to read."

                    "Sigh. Well, Staryu, return the attack with Water Gun!"

                    This time, Staryu readied the attack faster and the beam of water hit its target. Meowth tumbled around on the street and landed just in front of the feet of a middle aged couple who were taking a stroll in their beloved city. When they saw that a battle was going on, they both wrinkled their noses and turned the other way.

                    "Whoa, they didn't want to stay or watch or even cheer a little," Clover said. "That always happens in Pallet."

                    "This is not Pallet City. You will figure out sooner or later that all cities are different with their own kind of people. These days, when the common human does not travel far from their own city, things are this way," Gina told him.

                    A foaming noise made him turn his attention back to the battle. Staryu! The Meowth had attacked with a Bite! It was biting down hard on one of Staryu's arms. The Harden-attack from before was still in effect, but Staryu was clearly hurt this time, according to his health bar.


                    "May I suggest a Rapid Spin?" Gina came to the rescue.

                    "Of course!" Clover ran closer to the battling pokémon on the street and called out: "Rapid Spin, Staryu!"

                    Staryu immediately jumped up into the air and started spinning. It kept itself floating with some kind of momentum... and pure pokémon magic. That kind of thing that bothered Clover's logical mind. Meowth held on with its teeth for dear life, but eventually it became too much. It lost its grip and flew away, crashing into a window in a store... breaking it.

                    "Ooops..." Clover said, eyes large. "Was that my fault?"

                    The store owner quickly came running out onto the street, Meowth in a tight grip in his large arm.

                    "What's the meaning of this? You're gonna pay for what your Meowth did!" he said as soon as he spotted the boy with the pokétop. "I'll tell you one thing: we are tired of incompetent trainers running around our city. You should just stay in Pallet, where you scum belong! Keep off our nice streets!"

                    With that, the unpleasant man threw the cat onto the ground, where it lay still.

                    "Uh... Do you... should I pay-"

                    "Just get out of here! I am much wealthier than you will ever be, so don't even bother trying to come back here!"

                    And he went back inside. Some people in the street, among others the couple from before, had witnessed the scene. They all shook their heads, clearly showing their dislike for what had just happened. Their dislike for the pokémon trainer, that is.

                    Clover felt strangely sad. He wasn't the caring type, normally, not even when it came to himself. But now he felt rather miserable... and lost. Staryu hopped closer to him, apparently trying to cheer him up.

                    "That was a bit harsh," Gina's voice came.

                    Clover's eyes focused on the Meowth in front of him. Slowly, it tried getting up. It had gotten not a few cuts from the broken glass, and probably some bruises from the water gun earlier.

                    Clover sighed. "I'm sorry. Maybe I'm not meant to be a pokémon trainer after all."

                    The Meowth looked up at him with its big eyes. They were hard to read. As opposed to Clover's apparently.

                    "********," Gina suddenly said, surprising him. "Now, capture that cat and heal it up before it runs away on its own. I suggest leaving this weird town before it does even worse things with your mind."

                    Clover couldn't help smiling a little. She had sure developed a personality already. He was strangely grateful. "Thanks, Gina," he mumbled.

                    "Pokéball, go," Gina motioned on.

                    Meowth seemed to realize what was about to happen when Clover took an empty pokéball from his pouch and enlargened it. "Pokéball... go!" he shouted and threw it at the cat. Meowth stumbled backwards, wanting to show that it still had powers left. But the pokéball automatically hit the creature, sucked it in and... the pokéball tumbled several times, making Clover unsure... but at last, it became still. Maybe Meowth had decided that getting revitalized at a pokémon center wouldn't be so bad after all.


                    @ me

                    - Staryu grew to level 12!
                    - Clover captured a Meowth! (level 8 MALE, Ability: Technician)

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                      ((OOC: I'll post the battle to this soon; I just had a liiiittle time to myself today.))

                      [email protected] - Rebel OOO3

                      Amber and Lloyd, connected and ready to start on their journey through Route One to Viridian, traveled together through the still busy streets of Pallet. It was about 12:00 noon, as they walked together, which was until..they both overheard a voice. Curious, Amber and Lloyd looked towards where the voice was coming from, which led her eyes toward a crowd of people, all crowded up, observing probably an event or some sort. Amber and Lloyd crept closer towards the incrowd, squrming and weavering their way in, to see what was going on. There, she saw something different; it was a man with a red cap, holding a portable video camera, aiming the camera towards a woman holding a mic, along with another...familiar face.

                      "3...2...1...rolling! Hello, hello, hello fellow Pokemon fans, this is Kanto Live Broadcasting livein front of Pallet City, KT! I'm your host, Sable Carrie, and we're here in Pallet, interviewing young future Pokemon Hall of Famers today!" the announce woman, Sable announced as she was beside a girl; but coincidentially enough, the girl was Amber's rival...Trisha. "I'm here with a new trainer; and she has...a Mankey for a starter pokemon! Looks pretty feisty! Now Trisha, with your new pokemon in hand, what do you plan to do?"

                      "Isn't it obvious?" Trisha asked rhetorically, with her Mankey carefully perched on her right shoulder. "You see Sable, I go BACK to the night of champions; where the best of the best trainers duke it out to be the number one contender, for the chance to become pokemon champion. Its rough, its brutal, its not a walk in the park for the weak, or sensitive; its for TALENT, and SMARTS, which is what Mankey and I both have! There are a couple of things I didn't forget, Sable. One is that the best, of the best, has to outshine the competition, and also what I didn't forget, is that I will be representing Pallet City; where it is said the greatest of the great trainers wre to become champions! And I KNOW, that every single Trisha fan will WANT. TO SEE. THE CHAMPIONSHIP CROWN BE PLACED ON. TOP. OF. MY. HEAD. And also, the fans will see me, TRISHA, become the number one trainer in the world, becase the fans--"

                      "HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT, HOLD IT!!" A familiar voice interrupted, as she and her pokemon squirmed through the crowd, finally coming in eye contact with Trisha and Sable. Trisha cringe as the sound of that irritating voice, came into life; it was Amber Keriko, and her Growlithe, Lloyd. Trisha's Mankey was also irritated as well, giving out a few cries of frustration, as Lloyd barked, trying to itimidate the Mankey right back. The crowd mumered and whispered to each other, as Amber was face to face with Trisha once more. Amber had a cocky smile on her face, while Trisha, and a itimidating glare, that stared towards Amber. Sable the announcewoman, whispered to the cameraman to keep rolling, as she knew that this would be good for ratings, she predicted.

                      "Ah, and who might you be?" Sable asked, as she brought the microphone towards Amber. "I see you are young, and have a pokemon of your own; are you a newcomer trainer as well?"

                      "Yes, I am! But Sable, this isn't about short new comings; THIS IS. PALLET. IS. KERIKO!" Amber explained, as Trisha rolled her eyes in disgust. "And you know what? Unlike Trisha the diva here, I say: BRRRRRRING IT ON! You know, S2B has always said that today is the day--"

                      "I don't give a S2B's ASS, what Amber Keriko has to say!" Trisha snapped, as Sable carried the microphone toards her. "What, you with your: 'BRRRRING IT ONS'; bring what? A vomit bag? A beer belly? A fig newton? Or how about a Trisha, telling you, to SHUT. THE HELL. UP! Because the fact of the matter is--"

                      "No, no, no! The fact of the matter is," Amber explained, interrupted Trisha, and as Sable brought the mic back to her. "Is that you are not going to let BORE these poor people to DEATH talking about your 'dreams' and your 'fans'...what fans? You have FANS? Oh, but sure -- maybe you COULD have fans, as you go about squirming about in your journey; sure you would! They'll all be over on the internet! Typing about you! Blogging about you: Dear anonymous, I'm a 32 year old Trisha fan. Sure I live with with my mom and dad, and SURE, the last time I saw a girl was when I shot out of my momma's birth canal, and sure, I wear Trisha's wristbands, wearing at both my wrists, looking like some sort some sort of bloated...transvestite wonder woman, ready to fight crime; but I TOO, STILL RESPECT! AS A TRISHA FAN! Of brining shame to boys and girls everywhere-- OH GET OFF THE INTERNET AND SHUT YOUR FACE, TRISHA'S FAN!"

                      "Grrrroaw!" Lloyd barked, agreeing to everything Amber said. He wagged its tail and looked as proud as he had ever been, to be a part of Amber, as he thought it didn't look good for Trisha now.

                      Trisha sighed. She stroked her hair with her left arm, as her Mankey held on tight to her right shoulder. She then made full contact towards Amber again, calming herself down. She then stared closely towards Amber again. "You know what?" Trisha started to say, which Sable bought the mic closer to her. "You think your funny? Insulting me like that? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you feel like more of a human being being? Does it make you feel special? Does it make you feel good? Well guess what -- it makes you feel like a bi--"

                      "You know!" Amber interuppted, with the mic closer to her. "We've been this close, for about five minutes, and I can safely say, that your breath. strudel!"

                      "Oh, sorry Lloyd, did I say Strudel?
                      "Yeah; I should of SAID, after further investigation, that TRISHA'S BREATH. Trisha's breath, smells like a BIG. FAT. STEAMING. STINKING PIECE OF DOG TURD!"

                      "You know what," Trisha chuckled in pity, as she glanced over to her Mankey, with the mic, then glanced back over to Amber. "Talk all you want. But when the smoke is all clear, and when it is all set and done, when I become champion, when I beat you with a wooden stick, you will NEVER. EEEEEEEEEEVER! BE. THE SAME..AGAIN."

                      "Key! Mankey!" Her Mankey justified.

                      Amber got upset. She crossed her arms, glaring more heavily towards Trisha, as Growlithe growled, staring towards Mankey as well. "You don't understand two things," Amber said, with the mic. "One, you DO NOT, use S2B's catchphrases. You don't see me, calling you a JABRONAE, do you? The second thing you don't realize, is that the champion? ITS GOING TO BE ME, S.2.B--"

                      "Not so fast, you double 000s!" a voice interrupted from the crowd. As Amber, Trisha, the cameraman, and Sable all turned towards the crowd trying to find the mystery voice. Soon, a young lad, around their age, popped from the crowd, towards the camera. He adjusted his black cap to uncover his eyes, and revealing his face. "I've sat here, listening to your unsatisfactorily, unevidental, monotonous speeches saying that you are the next champions, but no more!"

                      "And...who might you be?" Sable asked, as she brought the mic near the mysterious pre-teen boy. "You must be..a trainer yourself, no? I see the pokeballs on your belt."

                      "Indubitably, positively so!" the boy answered. "You are now in the presence, of the GREAT Raphael von Hiama! Also known as Raphael. Now, you double 000s! Do you know what your chances are on becoming champion? −273.15 °C! Also known as: ABSOLUTE ZERO. Because! Do you know who will be the new champion? Its going to be...ZING! ME! MYSELF! AND YOU BOTH, WILL. LIKE IT!"

                      "I'm sorry but..." Trisha started to say, as she was seemed to be caught off guard, by the sudden entrance. "Who the hell are you?"

                      "Weren't you listening?" Raphael inquired. "My name is Rap--"

                      "IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS!" Trisha interrupted, as she then glanced back and forth between Amber and Raphael. "You know what, we've been trash talking for a long time now. Talking. So, how about let's BACK UP our talk, huh? With a Pokemon match between the three of us?"

                      "Mannnnnnnkey!" Mankey agreed, as he leaped off of Trisha's shoulder, ready to battle.

                      "Oh please!" Raphael chuckled as he started to walk away. "I have no time for you insignificant 000s! I have places to go, and things to do."

                      "Hold it right there! I'M TELLING YOU: GET YOUR BELT BUCKLED ASS ON OVER HERE!" Amber halted him, as Raphael turned back to him. "You've been running your mouth. So you know what? You gotta back it up. SO! IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THOSE ITTY, BITY THINGS YOU CALL BALLS, I'd haul my ass on over here if I were you, and LETS GET THIS MATCH ON."

                      "Fine!" Raphael called out, as he walked back towards them. "But you know what! Do you know how fast I am going to BEAT you both?!"

                      "Enlighten me! How fast?"
                      "299 792 458 m/s!"
                      "...The hell?"
                      "The speed of light, dummy! Which is how fast I am going to BEAT you!"

                      "Ladies and Gentlemen!" Sable announced with microphone in hand, staring towards the camera. "It looks like a triple threat pokemon battle is going to start between these three energetic individuals! Who will win?! You'll ave to stay tuned to find out!!"

                      "Lloyd! Lets rock!"

                      "Mankey! Get ready!"

                      "For my pokemon," Raphael said, as he held out a pokeball, then threw it in the air.

                      "Magnemiiiiiiiiite!" a pokemon called out; as it was released from the pokeball. It was a magnemite, floating down using electromagitisum, rearing to battle as well. "Magnemite!"

                      "Its my beauty, Magnemite!" Raphael announced. "Now! Listen up, you insignificant daughters of digits! Its time for your pokemon to X2 FAINT!"

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                      @ Miss Doronjo - I'll just post to show you that I read it then ^^ Can't wait for the battle!
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                        (This took ages!)

                        "YAY!" Nai cheered, picking up the Pokeball. The Pidgey was caught! He wasn't angry was he? Nai hoped not. Friends fought though... right? Nai wouldn't know. He didn't have friends until today. Oh well, it wasn't important. What was important was getting to the next city. Because that was where a Pokemon Center was and everyone knew how important they were. Nai turned off the poketop. Cool as it was, he was not a Power Ranger. He wasn't that lame of a hero. Nai looked at Piku, who was panting tiredly. Poor Piku was worn out. He clipped the Pidgey's ball to his belt and stated. "Relax Piku, Pidot, we'll be in Viridian soon!" He picked up Piku, placed him on his head, and started walking. He couldn't run, he was actually kind of hurt from earlier, not to mention a little tired. He paused a moment to pick up the glass rose. It really was pretty. Should Nai keep it? Well, he didn't know if the police would believe Mary had just left it with him. He decided he would catch her and give them both to the police.

                        This goal confirmed, Nai left the forest. He was pretty sure all the Pidgey had fled after the big lightning blast. It hadn't been that good though since Piku could only use Thundershock. Oh well, Piku would get stronger soon. Quickly finding the path, he started heading down it, seeing the large city in the distance. "There it is!" he cried with joy, running down the path. Piku managed a weak cheer. How could Nai be so energetic after being pecked like that? He decided not to think about that. It was Nai after all.

                        Soon he reached a bridge and stared. "Ooh! Look at the river! It's huge! And so pretty~!" He laughed and bounced up and down. Piku had to admit: it was pretty. But he was hurting too much to really think about it.

                        "Oh boy would you be quiet? It is just a river!" This came from an elderly gentleman who passed him, the man's Ponyta snorting rudely. Nai fell silent at once, looking uncomfortable. Piku growled and Nai patted him. He looked upset for a second-just a second though, don't worry-, then cheered up and walked into the city. He still thought the water was pretty.

                        Okay, Viridian was shiny! And clean! Okay, never mind it was too clean. And why was Nai getting glared at? What did Nai do? Okay, his clothes were kind of dirty and he looked all hurt and stuff, but who cared? Evidently the townspeople, who kept moving away and glaring at him like he was diseased. Was Nai... different again? But Nai hadn't even done anything! This bothered him but his Pokemon were more important. And he was tired! The Center was easily noticed, bright and welcoming. As he ran there, scruffy, wounded, and flat-out filthy, people gave him dirty looks.

                        “Why don’t they like Nai?” he mumbled. Behind him came a snort of pure arrogance. It was that Youngster from before. He was cleaned off and his Poochyena’s fur was clean and brushed, his fur glossy. The other boy turned his cap to rest the bill in front of his eyes, blocking out the rays of the setting sun.
                        Nai blinked. “Um… who are you again?” The Youngster almost fell over before Nai called out. “Oh… you’re Poochy’s trainer! Hi Poochy!” Poochy barked a cheerful greeting. Piku snorted. His partner had trouble with humans and robots. What next?

                        The other boy glowered. “You moron! My name is Vince Torren and you better not forget it!”

                        Nai blinked. “Why?”

                        “Why?” Vince half-exploded. “You are looking at a champion! You may have beaten me once but come tomorrow it won’t happen again! Or ever again! Do you understand?”

                        Nai tilted his head in innocent confusion. “Nai thinks you’re wrong. The Champions are supposed to be super, awesome heroes and…” Nai looked him up and down, shaking his head. “Nai doesn’t think you’re much of a hero. You’re less of a hero than Nai and Nai isn’t even close.”

                        “Why you-“ Vince started but Piku let out a whine. He was tired. Poor Piku. Nai had to fix that. So, unintentionally ignoring Vince, he sped into the Pokemon Center. Vince blinked before growling. “Hey where are you” The boy’s irritated voice was cut off by the closing of the screen doors. Nai ran to the counter, pushing past the crowding people. The nurse examined the dirty boy and his exhausted visage before nodding quietly.

                        “Please return your Pikachu to its Pokeball,” she requested. Nai frowned.

                        “Um, Nai never did that…” That was true. He had been so happy for being able to even get a Pokemon, a friend, that the idea of actually capturing Piku had just flown out of his head. Nai flushed in embarrassment. “Nai caught Pidot though,” he added, placing the red and white sphere on the counter. Nai felt people’s eyes on him, seeming to glint with an awful light. He shrank slightly where he stood.
                        Thankfully the nurse caught on to the situation and took Piku gently from Nai along with Pidot. She disappeared, returning moments after. Piku, instantly catching sight of the snickering offenders, glared at the people with sparking cheeks. Instantly they backed away, causing the Pikachu to smirk. He had picked Nai, and as far as Piku was concerned that made Nai the best of the best, qualified for whatever. Don’t mess with the best or you will get burned.

                        Instantly Nai looked excited to see him, oblivious to the fact that his Pokemon was currently planning to murder the general populace. He hugged the little mouse close and took the room code. Nai hurried away from the stares into his room. Once inside, the door slid shut and locked with a small buzz. He released Pidot and toed off his shoes, managing to snuggle under the covers. Piku leapt to join him by laying on the other side of the pillow. He glanced up warily at Pidot, who luckily had simply gone to sleep from a perch on the wall. Piku smiled to himself and let himself sleep.

                        The morning brought Nai to full energy. Nai laid out his clothes and went to clean up. He had to sew up his jacket later. Pidot stared as he passed, shutting the bathroom door behind him. Pidot stared silently at the door, trying to glare tiny holes through it.

                        “Contemplating the stupidity of your situation?” Pidot turned to see Piku smirking at him from the table. Seriously, this kid had the worst imagination ever!

                        Pidot gave a low squawk and lifted his wings, ensuring he did not alarm the boy in the shower. Pokemon could be heard through doors after all. "Leave me alone mutant cheese-eater," he snapped, going back to preening.

                        Piku suppressed a snort. He had heard that one over a thousand times. He wished someone would use something original. "Stop being so dramatic. You could have had that chick Mary." When he got his paws on her. Piku planned to roast her nice and slow over an open fire. She deserved it.

                        Pidot squawked at the thought of her. "That cow! As if! Next time I see her, I swear-"

                        "Swear by the Great Birds and I will zap off your flight feathers," Piku interrupted coolly. Pidot gulped and fell silent. Piku hated when people swore by the birds. Mew was one thing, it was practically the origin of almost all Pokemon. But the birds? Hardly. No matter how strong they were, they were Pokemon. And they could be beaten.

                        Pidot spoke up again. "I don't get you. Why are you with this freak of a kid anyway? He can't talk correctly, runs around a city like some demented little bug, and was stupid enough to-" He was cut off by Piku's sharp tail resting between his eyes.

                        "I advise you to not finish that sentence unless you want to be my breakfast," Piku told him, seething with rage. If Nai hadn't captured the little appetizer in one of those spheres, he would have already murdered the bugger. Pidot's beak clacked silently, the pigeon terrified again. "Now listen you feathery throw pillow," he snarled. "I get you're a whiner but leave our trainer be. You got caught because you attacked him. Your fault." He paused for a squawk that didn't come. "And Nai ain't the smartest Oran on the tree but he's trying. So give the little guy a chance. He's got a good heart." With that, the Pikachu walked to go curl on the bed, taking a small nap.

                        Pidot shivered. That was one scary rat. The Pidgey watched as Nai appeared and got ready. He quickly found himself on a shoulder as he was fed seeds from the boy's fingers. He obeyed meekly. It was food. Nai didn't eat; it was too early. So the young trainer went out, bringing Cary along of course.

                        Nai wandered through the alleys, seeing people glare at him and give him a wide berth. If Nai could get annoyed, he would be now. These people had no reason to be so mean! He wished he were like Simon. Si would glare right back and make them go away. But Nai was not Simon, he was himself. And that meant he did not let it show how much it hurt him or worried that it did. Nai smiled and looked up at the sky. Cities always made the sky seem so far away. Nai sometimes wished he lived on a farm.

                        But only sometimes. He loved his family too much to make them do that, especially when they didn’t like it.

                        Nai paused a moment, feeling Piku perk up. Pidot cooed oddly, indicating his confusion. This kid was so gung-ho. What would make him stop…oh. The furball was being a radar. How useful. Hah. He followed the direction his “comrade’s” ears were pointing towards. Nai wrinkled his nose. What smelled? He finally followed the gazes of his Pokemon and saw the garbage cans standing neatly in their rows nearby. Huh, there was a shadow. Nai crept closer to see… a garbage bag shifting around. Well, that made sense. Something was squished by the bag. At least Nai thought that… until it looked at him. It blinked, got to its feet, and stared blankly at him. Nai managed to keep enough sense to activate his Poketop.

                        “Cary,” he mumbled, looking terrified. “Whuh-What is that thingy?”

                        Cary hummed as she analyzed it. “That would be a Trubbish. It’s a poison type. Viridian citizens don’t like them around because they dirty the area.” Nai paled. Great it was a poisonous garbage bag. It waddled toward him.

                        It was at that point in this little adventure that Nai began to freak out. He turned sharply and ran away screaming. “Moving garbage bag, MOVING GARBAGE BAG!” He fled wildly, Pidot squawking with fury as the boy flailed his arms. There was the distinct sound of disgust-filled laughter trailing Nai. Irritated, Pidot blasted the whole area with a powerful Gust, causing a mess and making people scream, which for once Nai ignored, too busy freaking out.

                        He ran so far with his eyes closed that only Cary’s panicked shout of “Nai! River!” caused him to stop and trip, falling and nearly skinning his knee. There was a strange sounding gurgle from the water. Laughter? From what? Piku groaned as he got back up from having fallen off of Nai’s head. He glared at the sight of a Magikarp blubbing from the water. Pidot squawked. He may not like this idiot human but no one mocked him without backing it up. The Magikarp blubbed again its laughter and splashed high in the air, whacking Pidot down to the concrete. Pidot squawked in fury as he soared up again, Splash actually hurt. Pidot charged, only to get knocked down again.

                        Nai snapped out of it, knowing that Pokemon when he saw it. “Pidot!” he called. “You’ll keep getting hit if it splashes on the water! Make it fly!”

                        How the heck do I do that?” Pidot sneered. Then he thought about it and flapped his wings in a wild gust, sending the midair fish flying in the air. Pidot tackled it but the Pokemon retaliated, knocking him into the water. Pidot shot out quickly, coughing. Nai winced. The Pidgey would lose. It had already been hit pretty bad, But…

                        “Again!” He glanced at Piku and nudged him. Piku nodded and watched as Pidot knocked its enemy out of the air successfully, refusing to give up. The Magikarp got up with a gurgle, bouncing back into the water. They tackled each other and Pidot fell to the concrete, rising weakly to his talons. He spread his tiny wings and tackled Pidot down into the water, only to be blasted out to the concrete, barely conscious. He was a weak Pidgey, it was a miracle he was still conscious. Thankfully, Magikarp was out cold. It was a weak Pokemon, no matter how hight the level.

                        However, Pidot collapsed, just as Magikarp regained consciousness. The carp gurgled with laughter. It had beaten the stupid bird! Take that human. Nai looked upset at this. “Don’t insult Pidot you big bully!” Nai shouted. “I’ll beat you for sure.”Piku let out a growl of agreement and charged, leaping to release a Thundershock. He was nearly knocked back but held his ground.

                        “Oi, that featherball is my chew toy!” he barked out. “Eat this!” He released a blazing Thundershock, the electricity bolting through the water and nearly frying the fish. Nai stared as the thing got back up. He couldn’t help but groan. Why wasn’t this thing down? Piku lost his temper and tackled it into the water, electricity bursting through the water. Nai winced, covering his eyes as the area flashed with light.

                        When it cleared he returned Pidot and looked around in terror. “Piku!” he wailed. “Piku!” The water suddenly bubbled and there was his Pikachu swimming out of the river, one of the Magikarp’s fins in his teeth. He growled as he pulled himself back to shore. “Piku!” Nai cried with relief. “You’re okay!” He ran to hug the wet mouse, who grimaced in pain. That shock had hurt him. He chuckled quietly at him though. Nai was really overdramatic. Piku nudged Nai with one ear and pointed at the unconscious Pokemon. Nai nodded reluctantly. He didn’t want the Pokemon but just leaving it here would be the opposite of what a hero would do. So he took a Pokeball and threw it at the fainted fish. IT disappeared inside and the ball shook…
                        "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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                        @ Pidot seems like a nice addition to the team ^^ A Magikarp will be awesome xD You give the pokémon such intriguing personalities! I like.

                        And, sorry for me being so late with this, I wrote up a reply days ago but then PC had a database error or something so it disappeared.

                        - Pidot (Pidgey) grew to lv 8!
                        - Nai captured a Magikarp! (level 9 FEMALE, Ability: SWIFT SWIM)
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                          [email protected] - Rebel OOO4

                          Three respective corners, three trainers, three pokemon. It was a triple threat pokemon battle between Amber and her Growlithe, Trisha and her Mankey, and Raphael and his Magnemite. The three trainers and their pokemon took a few seconds to prepare, while a crowd formed to watch the battle, and the live-action T.V crew, Sable and the cameraman, were filming the most-anticipated battle.

                          "AWW YEAH, You've heard it first, ladies and gentleman!" Sable announced, probably more hyped up as she was ever been. "A triple threat battle between three new trainers! They're MEAN, they're GREEN, well not exactly green, but you get the point! SO! FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS -- CAUSE ITS ON. LIKE. DONKEY KONG! Stay tuned!"

                          Meanwhile in Trisha's and Mankey's corner, Trisha was slowly on level with her Mankey, prep talking him.

                          "Okay Mankey, remember what we've talked about," Trisha explained. "They said you've had a BEER BELLY. They called that a BEER BELLY. But that ain't no beer belly. That's a fuel tank for a WHOOP-ASS MACHINE!"

                          "Mannnnnnkey!" Mankey screeched to agreed, as it was prepared and ready to go.

                          Meanwhile on Raphael's and his Magnemite's corner, they weren't exactly coming up with a plan. They've just decided: screw it. They're better than them anyway! "Hah, those ectoplasm morons!" Raphael chuckled, as they glanced towards Amber and Trisha. "They don't know what they're dealing with! Cause like numbers, they are gonna get CRUNCHED! Right, Magnemite?"

                          "Magnemiiiiiiite!" Magnemite quickly agreed, about as equally confident as his cocky owner. Well, almost, at least.

                          Meanwhile on Amber's and her Growlithe Lloyd's corner, Amber was busy drawing a plan for her and her Growlithe's plan to victory. Lloyd didn't know what was going on or what Amber was drawing, however, so he just silently observed her draw the picture, until she was finally done.

                          "LISTEN UP, Lloyd!" Amber suddenly said, with Growlithe paying full attention to her. "I've drawn THE BEST. PLAN. FOR SUCCESS. EVER! Now, the best plans are always drawn you know. So! By drawing this plan, we get a pretty clear picture on what our victory tastes like! Now, take a good look!" Amber stooped down and knelled so that she was near her Growlithe, as she set a piece of paper she was holding down on the floor, so that she and Lloyd could both look at it. Taking a look at the plan Amber made:

                          Yeah, um...what the hell. Lloyd was awkwardly viewing the picture as he, least understood that he was... a dog-like creature, beside his human owner Amber, watching two...figures apparently fainted, as Amber called them "noobz". Yeah, she's a lousy speller too. Amber smiled at the plan as she turned towards her confused Growlithe.

                          "Understand it?" Amber asked. "Basically, we do a ultra-super-special-awesome move that faints them both, AT THE SAME TIME! AIN'T THAT AWESOME! Because you know what, we've now tasted victory. We tasted, and you know, I want it again! And soon, we will LIVE the victory! Because in this battle, S2B and Lloyd will SAVE these people from the boring antics of Trisha and that guy who is the only male mathematician who sits down when he's using the toilet; for you know what, this isn't just a battle. THIS IS: PALLET. IS. KERIKO! Now Lloyd, give me a 'Graow Groaw' if your ready!"

                          "Graoow...Graow?" Lloyd barked, trying to make sense of the situation. However, he knew that he can trust Amber, so he put on more of a confidence face shortly afterwards. "Graow, Graow!!"

                          "Right on!" Amber said cheerfully. "Lets see...the Prof. said that I'll be able to see what your attacks are with this PokeTop I'm wearing. Let's try it out!" Amber then activated her Poketop by pressing the small power on button that sat on it. The PokeTop turned on, with its voice activating.

                          "LOADING...LOADING...LOADING...LOADING COMPLETE," the machine told, booting up. The instructions said that it was voice activated, and voice controlled. It also automatically accustomed its voice so that it can match the user's personality. What was the result of its voice with Amber's personality? "WHATCHA' NEED, BRAWSKI?" It was that.

                          "Brawski...?" Amber asked, as it was definately weird for a machine to respond like that, let alone, making up words. 'The hell is a Brawski?"

                          "COME ON GURL, ASK WHAT YOU WANT, ITS ALL GOOD!" the PokeTop answered, as it, in other words, was waiting for Amber's command.

                          Amber was flustered at first, as she gave a shrug, and decided to cooperate. She knelled down near Lloyd, as she gave her voice command. "Please show me the moves for this Growlithe?" she ordered. "AND DON'T LIE TO ME! Or else I'm going to sell you to the worlds worst poem writer. John E. Dopoe!"

                          "NO PROBLEMO, BRAWSKI!" the PokeTop responded. Then, it made several beeps and bleeps as it was computerizing Amber's Growlithe. Soon, the list of moves that Lloyd had came up on Amber's screen so that she can see. She saw that Growlithe, according to the PokeTop, that it had the moves: BITE, ROAR, EMBER, and LEER. All in capitalized letters. Then, the beeping stopped. "DOWNLOAD COMPLETE! FREESTYLEEEEEE!"

                          Amber was more confident that her Growlithe would get the job done, so she stood up, and smiled confidently. "Good! Power down!" Amber ordered the Poketop, as it slowly turned off on its own, with the voice no longer responsive. Then, Amber turned to her growlithe one last time. "Okay! Lets rock n' roll, Lloyddie!"

                          "Grrraowlithe!" Lloyd responded, as it was ensured that he was ready to battle as well.

                          Sable was observant, as she smiled as all three trainers were ready to compete. Amber, Trisha, and Raphael, both were at their respective corners, staring each other down, with their pokemon each in front of them, ready to battle. "It looks like all three trainers are ready to get down to business!" Sable announced to the crowd that watched them all. "Ladies and Gentleman! If you are just tuning in, we are now smack down in the start of a triple thread battle between the Amazing Amber with her growling Growlithe, versus the Twisted Terror Trisha, and her M-is-for-Manic Mankey, versus the Radical (no pun intended) Raphael, with his Magnificent Magnimite! Now! The battle is going to BEGIN!"

                          <<Time for a Battle Theme!>>

                          "I CALL THE FIRST MOVE!" Amber called out to her other foes. "Lloyd! Start out with an Ember attack on Mankey! MAKE IT HOT!"

                          "Groawlithe! Graoooo!" Growlithe obeyed, as it opened its mouth, and spewed out tiny bits of flame, all swarming in the air as it headed for Mankey's way.

                          "Ah ha! Its soooo predictable that you'd come after me first, Princess Jabronae," Trisha smirked, glaring towards Amber. "Mankey! Leap out of the way!"

                          "Mankey!" it obeyed, as it did a quick jump, which in turn, dodged the ember sprays, then it quickly landed on its feet for a perfect landing. The crowd was in awe of its jumping ability, accept for Amber, who was now frustrated that now the crowd was now on Trisha's side.

                          "Don't let him re-cooperate, Lloyd!" Amber ordered, as she, at that point, wasn't exactly calm. "Keep up the Ember attack!"

                          Growlithe obeyed, continuing the action of releasing spores of flames, however, Trisha also ordered at the same time, for her Mankey to dodge. Mankey leaped to the left, it leaped to the right, it cartwheeled and flipped, as Growlithe was trying its hardest to be quick enough to have its Ember attack come in contact with it, however, all that's doing, was pleasing the crowd, impressed by Mankey's jumping and dodging abilities; it had magnificent speed.

                          "Hah, how do you like that?" Trisha winked at the frustrated Amber, as she, for once, was at a loss for words momentarily. "Mankey! Show off your attack moves! Move in close and, and use your Low Kick attack!"

                          "Key! Keeeey!" It screeched, as it leaped and pounced through Growlithe's attacks of Flame, as Lloyd stopped to take a breather, soon realizing that Mankey was about to counter attack with its Low Kick attack.

                          "Here it comes, Lloyd!" Amber readied, as her growlithe did the same. "On my i--"

                          However, before she knew it, ZAP! Mankey was struck by some sort of lightning attack. It got zapped, as it hit the ground hard, as her Growlithe, was equally surprised as Trisha was. She then realized..of course this was a TRIPLE battle. She quickly turned to her left, where Raphael stood there, smirking.

                          "YOU!" Trisha called out to him, pointing at him. "You would be a coward and attack from behind! ITS WRITTEN ON YOUR FACE! I CAN SEE IT!"

                          "Hah, you inferior numbers!! Don't you see!?" Raphael chuckled. "I, the GREAT Raphael, am battle of this battle as well! And YOU, my darling nine, just had her pokemon ZAPPED by a move; NOT JUST A MOVE! A attack known as Thundershock my Magnemite that was equally electrifying, powerful, and spiteful as the great Zeus in Greek mythology! FOOLS! YOU DON'T STAND A
                          3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 OF A CHANCE!!"

                          "How about you 3.14 my ass," Amber called out, seemingly disappointed that she could retaliate to Trisha's Mankey first. "And shut up!"

                          "Aw, what's wrong, feeling left out?" Raphael asked as he turned to Amber. "Don't you worry! There's loads of fun to be spread around! Magnemite! Give them the Thundershock!"

                          "Magnemiiiite!" it obeyed, as it released electrical energy from its body, and released it at once towards Amber's Growlithe.

                          It made contact, as Growlithe had no time to avoid the attack. Amber stumbled back a bit, as she saw that her Growlithe was on the ground, in pain from the electrical discharge of the attack.

                          "Shake it off, Lloyd! Come on!" Amber encouraged. "Come on, counter with another Ember attack!"

                          "Grr...Graowlithe!" Growlithe barked as it stood up, staggering. It then soon did as it was commanded and released the ember spores used against Trisha's Mankey before. This proved to be insufficient however, as Magnemite was able to easily dodge out of the way, thanks to the electromagnetism that helped it to levitate. Amber didn't quite know what to do, as she was soon faced with the realization that she was up against quite the formidable opponent. Raphael smirked more widely as he was about to perform another counter attack, but then:

                          WACK. Magnemite got hit. It was by Trisha's Mankey, and it looked like its Low Kick attack, striking down on top of magnemite's head, as it was soon knocked down straight towards the ground, face first, now seemingly fainted.

                          "Wha--?!" Raphael bleeped out as he was shocked to see that he suddenly lost. "AN INVERSE MATRIX?!" He then turned to Trisha.

                          "Hah! You're not the only one that can play down and dirty, you little jerk wad!" Trisha smiled. "We were playing possum until your Magnemite was juuuust at the right spot to deliver a quick, swift, yet deadly Low Kick attack! Or should I say: A High Kick attack!"


                          "Ladies and Gentleman!" Sable announced, her eyes glued to the heated action. "Raphael is out of the battle! Now, its Trish, and Amber to duke it out for victory! WHO WILL WIN?!"

                          "I hope you're ready for a can of whoop-ass, Princess Jabronae!" Trisha warned Amber. "Can we're about to open a can for you!"

                          "Key! MANKEY!"

                          "Not so fast! CAUSE EVERY SINGE KERIKO-HOLIC IS GOING TO SEE ME WIN!" Amber declared. "...I'll never forget the time we first met; you said: that you can beat me! And I'll never forget the eyes that you gave me that you left that lab that day; you were scared! SCARED OF S2B'S AWESOMENESS!"


                          "Now wait just a MINUTE!" Trisha then replied. "I'm supposed to stand here, listing to your lips; saying you didn't forget this, you didn't forget that? I'm supposed to stand here, and let you breathe all over me?! It was YOU that made it personal, Keriko! I tried to make it friendly, but YOU made it personal! So you know what! This battle, you're not going to be facing Trisha. Because quite frankly, quite simply? You're facing JUST a lady! A LADY YOU INSULTED, AND A LADY WHO IS GOING TO KICK. YOUR. ASS."

                          "Bring. It. On." Amber dared, as she was more determined than ever. "You said that you're going to kick my ass? Well guess what: I'm going to kick YOUR ass. And, I'll tell you why winning against you is going to be satisfying for me -- and right now? This isn't S2B talking to diva Trisha; this is Amber Keriko, talking to Paula Levach. Because when its all set and done? When the dust clears? You will NEVER. EEEEEVER! BE THE SAME...AGAIN!"

                          "I'm done talking!" Trisha spanned, as she turned to her Mankey. "Focus your Energy!"

                          <<Time for another Battle theme!>>

                          "Mankey...!" Mankey cried, as it calmed down, and seemed to heighten its senses in the process. Soon, it was done, and rearing to go.

                          "Use your Low Kick, and do it quickly!" Trisha shortly ordered after, as her Mankey obeyed, running at a high speed, towards the steady, yet ready Growlithe.

                          "Counter him with a Roar!" Amber responded.

                          Lloyd then released a loud, ferocious roar that managed to stagger Mankey from performing its Low Kick attack. Mankey stumbled back a bit, trying to escape the sound waves.

                          "Now, use your Ember attack to keep applying the pressure!" Amber ordered, as Lloyd released its Ember attack to obey.

                          "Do a cartwheel to dodge, and surprise them with a Scratch attack!" Trisha ordered, trying to counter. Mankey, as instructed, rolled and cartwheeled through open sports were Lloyd's Ember swarm attack couldn't quite touch him, until Mankey was able to dive in quick enough, to perform a scratch attack, coming in contact with Lloyd. Lloyd shrieked in pain a bit, as it was knocked back.

                          "You okay, Lloyd?" Amber asked. "Don't give up! Show that lil'monster who's boss around here!"

                          "Grr...Grrraowlithe!" Growlithe barked, showing it was ready for another round. However, getting up wasn't easy; Lloyd was staggering as it couldn't properly stand now, due to its injuries. "BGraow..."

                          "From this distance, it looks like your Growlithe won;t be dodging anything else for a while!" Trisha snickered. "Use another Scratch attack, Mankey!" Her Mankey then brought out its left paw; it then widen it up, as it was ready to deliver and perform another quick Scratch attack.

                          "Come on, S2B...think! Think!" Amber thought to herself, trying to think of a solution, and a counter to the incoming attack. "Wait...OH SNAP! HELL YEAH, I GOT IT! Lloyd! Catch Mankey with your Bite attack!"

                          "Graaaaaaow!" Lloyd cried, as it quickly opened its mouth, showing its sharp fangs. Then, as Mankey went to deliver its Scratch attack with its right paw, Lloyd quickly retaliated by closing it jaw right on Mankey's paw, it was like a offensive...move that defended! Mankey cried in pain as it was feeling the pain of Growlithe's bite attack, right on its paw.

                          "Damn, she got me there..." Trisha pondered, not really impressed by Amber's antics. "Mankey! Try scratching with your other hand!"

                          "NOT SO FAST!" Amber snapped. "Lloyd! Slam Mankey on the ground!"

                          "Grrraaaow!" Lloyed growled, as he used the power of his Bite attack to quickly lift Mankey off the ground, only using his powerful jaws, and then quickly slammed it on the hard ground, as he then released Mankey from his Bite grip. Which led to Amber's next plan of attack.

                          "Sorry, but there's no way your lil'monster will be able to withstand an Ember attack at close range!" Amber explained to Trisha, as she knew that she was in the position as she planned. "Game over, my little demon! Lloyd! use an Ember attack!"

                          Trisha then had a fire lit in her eyes; she wasn't about to lose to someone that didn't respected her. While it may of been a desperation act, she had an idea to get her Mankey out of this. "Sorry Princess Jabronae, NOT YET!" Trisha stated, as Amber was surprised by her sudden burst of determination. "Mankey! Use Low Kick to knock Growlithe out of the way!"

                          With that command, Mankey used its Low Kick to quickly sweep Lloyd off his feet, straight onto the ground. It let out a small cry a it fell on the floor, as then both: Growlithe and Mankey slowly brought themselves back up, both exhausted, both looked like they can only perform only one attack each left. They both stared each other down, reminiscing the first time they've met; inside Professor Cedar's laboratory.

                          That wasn't to say that Amber and Trisha did the same. For the first time, they both had the same sensation; they both found... a rival.


                          Was the last words both had, before both of their pokemon clashed together, for one final attack. Soon, from the collision, there was then dust. Dust collected from the streets of Pallet, as everyone, including Raphael and the news crew watching covered their eyes, from the impact. Even Trisha and Amber, both covered their eyes, until the dust cleared, and there, they both saw Lloyd the Growlithe, and mankey both staring each other down. Everyone was silent. Soon, after a few seconds, both Growlithe and Mankey both stumbled, and fell on the ground.

                          "Oh no, Mankey!"
                          "Ladies and...G-gentlemen! Its A 2-way TIE!!"

                          ((OOC: JUST SO YOU KNOW; I DID NOT DRAW THE DRAWING! ...Just so you know. :3 Mine would of had more rocket-ships.))

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                            (It's cool. ^^ Think it might be easier if we just do this in shorter posts so we can move the RP. XD if we still want Nai and Clover to meet anyway. If not I'll edit this. Know it's short but I wanted to post something.)


                            Nai quickly picked up the Pokeball and looked at the unconscious Magikarp. Sarady, he thought to himself, clutching the two balls of his Pokemon. Piku remained on his head, relaxing after practically blowing himself up. Nai paused a minute. Oh yeah, he could heal his Pokemon, or at least Piku. Nai pulled out a spray bottle and let Piku rest on his arm. He had to use the liquid sparingly. He only had a few of them. You had to make every resource count. Sources of income would not appear that often.

                            Piku let out a happy sigh of relief. That felt amazing. Thank God, a human invention that made sense. Nai smiled at the sight of his happy Pokemon and clipped Pidot and Sarady to his belt. It was probably best he let them sleep instead of rushing to heal them. Nai put the two Pokeballs back on his belt. He got fully to his feet and started walking. Thankfully he was in a quiet section of the city. Nai was tired of the stares after all. Heroes were only supposed to get good stares, most of the time. And mean ones had to be deserved at that! He sighed to himself.

                            A quiet, adult voice spoke, "Something the matter lad?" It was a man with messy coral red hair. His blue eyes were piercing, almost causing Nai to flinch slightly. It was odd for him to experience what he unintentionally gave others, except these orbs were full of wisdom. Nai's own eyes were full of earnest kindness. He never knew it and this man would not tell him of the pure-heartedness he saw there, a straightforward sort of person who ignored his own darkness.

                            But the man did not say that as the boy spoke, shaking his head as his Pikachu observed him warily. "No... Nai is all right. He just doesn't like being stared at for no reason. Who are you sir?"

                            The man was amused he was not recognized and smiled. "I'm afraid that's what happens to outsiders here. They're dirty compared to citizens."

                            Nai tilted his head. "That's not right."

                            The man chuckled at the bluntness. "No, but there's not much even I, the Gym Leader, can do about people's beliefs."

                            "You're a Gym Leader," Nai repeated to himself. "That means you're strong, right? So wouldn't they listen to you?"

                            The man chuckled. "Strength alone will not sway people lad. Come with me. I am about to have a challenger. My name is Kentou by the way." Nai blinked and nodded, following the man into a spacious area, where a plain battlefield resided. A teenager, as tall as Kat, was standing there. His expression, at least to Nai, was intense, determined. Nai felt a part of himself stir at that look, though he didn't know why.

                            “Sorry to keep you waiting,” Kentou called casually. “Shall we start this off? Golem, attack with Flamethrower!” He tossed a Pokeball out and revealed a rock sphere creature, who belched out a powerful flame toward the trainer. Nai gaped. That was so strong! Was that guy gonna get… WOW! What was that? It was a big green and white thing! Was it asleep? Sure looked it. And it was taking that flame all wow and stuff! That was cool!

                            “Looks like I may have a challenge,” Kentou commented quietly, a little smile on his face.
                            "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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