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Old September 4th, 2011 (8:16 PM). Edited December 4th, 2012 by donavannj.
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The old rules thread was posted two years ago, and while most of the rules are relevant, I figured it needed to be reposted to highlight these rules and remind people they exist.

Rules & Guidelines

  1. All community rules apply. The community rules can be found here.
  2. NO SELLING OR TRADING OF CARDS HERE. It's a hassle we don't want to deal with. Take it to eBay or something. Likewise, no linking to sales or auctions. Any threads breaking this rule will be deleted.
  3. In following with the above rule, no requesting booster codes or deck codes for the Pokemon TCG Online game. It is no longer difficult to get the booster codes for the beta with Emerging Powers having been released, and this is also in spirit with the no cheat codes policy other sections employ. Code giveaways are also forbidden for now, as they are something we do not want to deal with since some members may come to us complaining that a code they received from someone on here was already used.
  4. Check the stickies. This seems obvious, but no "How much is this worth?" or "Look what I just got" threads. We already have some. They're at the top of the forum. Use them.
  5. However, if there's a video of you opening boosters, you may create a thread for it, since there can be a bit more discussion done on that than there can be on a simple "Look what I've got!" thread without a visual aid. Just use the [youtube][/youtube] tags when you do so!
  6. If you are reviewing a card, do not rate using ridiculous numbers. Keep it out of 5 or 10--no ridiculous numbers (ie. 4045304/1323425).
  7. Regarding Prefixes:
    Do not use prefixes for your thread unless you have previously gotten permission from me about using them for your thread. These are to be used only for events approved by me until further notice.

    COTW is for any Card of the Week threads I have given permission to run. It doesn't take much to get my permission - just ask and wait for a response. I generally respond within 24 hours. I personally will be running a card of the week series myself. I welcome you to ask if you can run your own card of the week series, as I cannot cover all cards with my own series. Mine will be a simple rate and review thread, while yours could be whatever you'd like it to be.

    Event is for any event I've given permission to run. It doesn't take much to get my permission for this, either. All you have to do is ask and wait for a response. I generally respond within 24 hours.

What belongs here?

  • Discussions concerning the TCG itself--so any Japanese, English or foreign sets, Promos, or other TCG-related merchandise. Decklists and deck help threads belong in the TCG Deck Reviewing subforum.
  • Rumours & spoilers can have their own thread, but make sure there's sufficient evidence before you make a speculation thread (and label it as such).
  • Tournament reports can go in the Tournament Reports sticky.
  • All YouTube videos must be embedded into your post so people can view them without leaving the site. Otherwise they will be deleted!

More rules regarding the official TCG Online game will be added as I find more about the game out.

If you have any questions or even suggestions, contact me.
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