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Pokemon Fire Red! Randomizer Nuzlocke Challenge!

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Old August 13th, 2012 (8:48 AM).
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Hey, guys! This is my first Lp, and I'm doing a mix of the Randomizer/nuzlocke challenge! Let me explain... Here are my rules!

1. If a pokemon faints, it dies.
2. If a Pokemon dies and I want to fill that place in the party, I must use the Pokemon Randomizer ( ) to choose the next member. There are no redos; I get what I get, unless it is a Pokemon I already have. If it is a Pokemon I used to have that died, I still have to use it.
3. I must nickname all Pokemon.
4. I can have a Pokemon in the box in case I white out so I can catch other members. However, it may not be used outside of that purpose.
5. HM slaves are not allowed.
6. I will be using the Starter as a first Pokemon, and if it doesn't die, I will use it through the playthrough. That means there will be five spots.

It'll be difficult, but fun! Hope you guys enjoy!

It will be made with screenshots, because I don't have any recording programs... So here you go! Part one!


So, here we go! Pokemon Fire Red Version, by Nintendo! Hurrah!

Oak, we've lived in the same town for ten years.

Yep, this world has Pokemon. Big suprise.

I can't even make a joke about this one.

Yessir! That is indeed my name!

Ooh, this will be fun.

... Should I?....

No, let's make it more child friendly.

Yes! A world full of adventure awaits! Let's go!

I wonder if we can get onto PC from here...

Oh! Well, there's a free Potion! Let's get it!

Is this where you get your parenting skills, Mom?

Oh great, what does the creepy old guy want now?

Oh, why don't we break into Blue's house?


.... Okay? (I guess she's not scared...)

... Twins?

What do you mean, "It's only Jacinth?" There are only eight people living in this town! Did you expect anyone more exciting?

Oak must be hiding out here. I GONNA FIND U

What the hell? I looked everywhere! Where did you come from?


You know, for once, I'll actually agree with Assha- er, Blue.

My salutes to you, Captain Obvious.


Shut it, Blue. Ladies first.

So, should we go with Bulbasaur...

... Squirtle...

... or Charmander?

It's all up to you! I'll let you all vote, and I'll put the next part up soon! :D

See you later!

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Old August 13th, 2012 (12:24 PM).
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I vote Charmander, so you have a challenge early on . I like your jokes, I'll try to keep up with this.
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Old August 14th, 2012 (11:43 AM).
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Go for squirtle. Charmander's waaaay to mainstream. :D

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