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    Hey, as a writer and a fan of Pokemon, I figured its about time to write a Pokemon story. This story will have the basic format of a "version" for the most part. As such I will be introducing some new pokes and would love to get some fakemon from you guys (preferably over PM). If they fit in the narrative, i'll put em in. Well, without further delay, the story:

    Chapter I

    "Wake up, Ken!"

    Ken groggily rose his head, he could hear his friend Kevin yelling at him from downstairs. If Kevin was here then so too would be Rocco. Ken yawned and got out of bed, as he walked downstairs his nose was greeted with the pleasant smell of bacon.

    "Oh Ken dear, your friends are here," his mother began "I let them have some breakfast, there are still plenty of eggs and bacon left for you honey.”

    "Thanks Mom" was Ken's reply. He never really had been much of a talker and found that he could say what he wanted to convey in just a couple of words. That is if he needed to convey anything at all, often Ken said nothing.

    "So what kind of adventure do you boys have planned for today?" Ken's Mom asked cheerfully.

    "Well we thought we would head up the trail to the top of the hill, we could probly see the mainland." Rocco answered.

    "Oh be careful not to go into the tall grass, you wouldn't want to be attacked by some wild Pokemon." Ken's mother worriedly pleaded.

    "No worries Mrs. P. we'll be careful." Kevin responded.

    After the Ken's mother had made sure all the boy's packs were loaded up with snacks, they were on their way. "I can't wait till we have our own Pokemon, then we can cut through that stupid tall grass, it would save us like, ten minutes at least." Kevin said, as he kicked a rock in the road. "When I have my own Pokemon I'll become a master, I'll beat the league, and become the champion!" Ken smiled to himself, his friend was always making these kind of statements. Something as simple as taking a ten minute detour would lead him into a rant about becoming league champion.

    "I'm sure that we will all become great trainers someday soon." Rocco said earnestly with a smile. Ken was glad that his two best friends balanced each other out so well. Rocco would always remain even headed, even as Kevin went off on a rant.

    The trio continued to chat, so Ken didn't notice anything was amiss until a large explosion shook the ground and a blinding purple light filled the sky. The next thing he knew he was on the ground. Slowly he realized that Rocco had grabbed him and thrown him to the ground. He was vaguely aware that there was shouting going on around him.
    "Get down Kevin, that thing is dangerous!"

    "No, its a powerful Pokemon, I have to-" but what Kevin had to do Ken never found out, because in the next second what Ken assumed could only be a huge explosion sounded all around them as Kevin was knocked on his back.

    After about a minute, when the world had come back into focus, Ken and Rocco stood up. "What happened," was all Ken could think to say.

    "Owwwwww" was the only response he got, form Kevin, who still lay on his back.

    "I told you to get down" Rocco quipped back.

    "Shaddup...." moaned Kevin, who still had his eyes closed, wincing in pain.

    "Hey," a new voice rang out. "Is someone down there?"

    "Yes!" Rocco yelled back. Ken soon saw that the new voice belonged to a young man, most likely about twenty, who walked down from the hilltop to greet them.

    "Are you alright?" the man said as he saw Kevin in the dirt.

    "I'll be alright, just got the wind knocked out of me." Kevin responded getting up.

    "What happened up there?" Rocco inquired.

    The man sighed. "What happened up there was Rannalith. A roaming legendary Pokemon."

    "A legendary!" interrupted Kevin.

    "Yes, one I've been chasing for quite some time, but he eluded me once again." For a while no one said anything, then the man chimed in. "So, are you three trainers?"

    "No," an angry Kevin said, kicking the dirt, "we still haven't got any Pokemon, or anyone to start us off. But we all agreed years ago we would become traveling day."

    The man scrunched up his face and seemed deep in thought about something. He turned away from Ken and the others for a moment. When he turned back around, he was holding three pokeballs. "How would you like that day to be today?"

    At first Ken wasn't quite sure how to react. He and his friends always had wanted to be traveling trainers, but all of this, it was too fast. He couldn't leave his home here in Gem Cove, he had lived his whole life on this island.

    "Are you serious?" asked Rocco.

    "I am if you are," the man said stoically "I have three newly hatched Pokemon here, I was going to use them for something, but I can always breed more. One is a psychic type, one is a fighting and the last is a dark."

    "Which is the best?" asked Kevin. Ken looked over at him, it was just like Kevin to try to get an advantage as early as possible.

    "The dark is good against the psychic, which is effective against the fighting, and the fighting has an advantage over dark." Ken could tell that was not the answer Kevin wanted.

    "What will you choose, Ken?" Kevin asked turning to his friend. Ken thought for a second, the made up his mind.
    "I'll take the psychic " Ken said holding out his hand. Ken had always admired the psychic types, they were so intelligent and wise.

    "I prefer the noble warrior, I'll have the fighting type." said Rocco.

    "Well that's cool, Dark sounds awesome anyway." Kevin said, smiling somewhat mischievously.

    "Alright then," the man handed a pokeball to Kevin. "This is Dravich," next he turned to Rocco handing him too a Pokemon. "This guy is a Tobo." Finally the man placed a pokeball in Ken's had. "Make sure you take good care of Zomak"

    Ken admired the ball for a moment, then looked up and smiled at the man. "I will. By the way, who are you."

    "Names Simon, well I really must be off guys, that legendary won't catch itself."

    "Thanks, we really owe you." Rocco said, expressing exactly what Ken was feeling.

    "No worries little dudes," Simon replied with a laugh, "I look forward to hearing big things about you guys." And with that he was gone, taking out a flying type and soaring away."

    Before he had even disappeared from sight Kevin broke the silence. “Lets check ‘em out!” Everyone obliged without question. Tobo was a short, wide, orange Pokemon, with large hands. Dravich was black with a red stripe on his back and piercing green eyes. Ken's Zomak was a slender gray Pokemon, he had his eyes closed and sharp looking claws.

    "Well," began Kevin, "What are we waiting for, lets have a battle!"
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    As a fan of pokémon, I do love original trainer stories but I know many think they are boring. I think you've got a nice start to the story, making it a bit different from the standard games when it comes to how the trainers get their pokémon. But the chapter is very shallow. I'd like to read more descriptions to help me picture the characters, especially when there are important characters. Also, the appearance of a legendary pokémon feels like something exraordinary but Simon talks about it like it happens every day... almost less passionate that the guy chasing Suicune in Johto :p That's my two cent.

    And I was doing a rough spell check for you, but realized that I'm not good enough myself to correct anyone else xD I'll just tell you that usually you put a comma at the end of characters speech, withing citation marks, instead of a point. Example:

    "No worries Mrs. P. we'll be careful." Kevin responded.
    Should be...
    "No worries Mrs. P. we'll be careful," Kevin responded.
    Minor thing, but you do it several times.
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      Thanks for the feedback, I just wan't to say I was trying to convey that Simon was disappointed rather than passionless. I'm also terrible at proofreading my work, which is why there are some errors. Anyway here is Chapter II, it may be slow going on the updates after this...

      Chapter II

      "What are you talking about?" Ken responded.

      "Were gotta battle, I mean we’re Pokemon trainers now, and I've challenge you, so it's official, or whatever." Kevin said.

      "Well there are three of us," Ken observed. "We can't have a battle with an odd number of people." Well, at least not a fair way, Ken thought.

      "It's alright guys, you two battle, I can always train later." Rocco said, gracefully bowing out. So here it was, Ken's first Pokemon battle ever. Against one of his best friends. Kevin did have a type advantage, but at this low a level, Ken was pretty sure that wouldn't make a difference.

      "Okay!" yelled Kevin! "Lets go, Dravich use tackle!"

      "Uhhhhh, Zomak use scratch." Ken stumbled to get the words out in time. Luckily for him, it seemed that Zomak had a speed advantage on Dravich, and struck first. The battle went back and forth, Ken was sure to anyone who had any experience in Pokemon would be bored by it, in fact, even Rocco didn't seem particularly riveted. Aside from a couple of leers from Dravich, there wasn't a lot more variety of moves. For Ken however, nothing could be more thrilling. When one of his scratches landed a critical hit, and finally knocked out Dravich, Ken exclaimed with joy.

      "You just got lucky." Kevin bitterly said, calling his Pokemon back to it's ball.

      "Luck is part of the game, Kevin, especially this early on." Rocco said in a matter of fact way.

      "Whatever, when I'm the best in the world luck won't have anything to do with it!"

      The boys decided to take the shortcut back home that they discussed on the way there. Kevin, who stayed behind the other two, grumbled as a fainted Pokemon was no protection at all. Ken and Rocco battled the occasional Pidove which jumped out at them, and Ken felt foolish when after he suggested they catch one, as Rocco pointed out their lack of empty poke-balls.

      The boys all went back to their respective homes, and Ken tried to break the news to his mother as gently as he could, who took it surprisingly well. She did insist he take some running shoes and cash with him though. As the trio regrouped, Rocco had a surprise for them.

      "My sister didn't want any of us to get lost," Rocco held out two town maps.

      "Wow, that's pretty awesome, thanks Roc." Kevin said taking his map. They didn't need a map to know what the only way off the island was, however. They had all, at some point in their lives, taken the ferry. As they waited in line for their tickets, Ken noticed that, as usual, the majority of those taking the ferry were returning tourists. The island was a popular spot for day trips.

      They didn't have to wait long, as a ferry left on the hour. Once they had set off, Rocco and Kevin set off to look for the trainers they knew would be on the ship. Ken however decided to venture off on his own, finding a secluded area and watch the ship cut through the ocean. Ken only enjoyed this solitude for only a moment, before a strange man walked into his sanctuary. Ken continued to stare at the waves, it seemed the man was oblivious to Ken's presence for he hadn't looked over yet. Something must have caught his attention though, because he soon turned his attention to Ken.

      "Excuse me, young man," the man shouted "May I have a minute of your time?"

      "Uh...sure" Ken politely responded.

      "Well I was wondering, I saw your Pokeball, uh that is to say, are you a trainer?" the strange man stammered.


      "Excellent, well how long have you been a trainer?"

      "About five hours." Ken sheepishly admitted.

      "Ah, most excellent, my name is Gordon, you see, I work for one Professor Juniper, of the nearby Unova region, anyway, she researches Pokemon, and she wanted to extend her research here." For the first time he took a breath. "We wanted to find multiple new trainers, who can find the species of this region and categorize them in this Pokedex."

      Ken could hardly believe it. "Sure, I'd love to." For a moment Ken paused, thinking of his friends, "You said that you were looking for multiple trainers?"

      Kevin and Rocco were elated when Ken surprised them with the Pokedexes. "And here is his number, in case you need to call him." Ken added, showing them a scrap of paper. They had arrived at the small city of Halite, and were ready to depart for their respective destinations. Halite was about halfway between the two biggest cites in the region. The larger was Limestone City to the north, this bustling metropolis was where Kevin was heading. Ken on the other hand was planning to head south to the costal city of Quartz Shore. Rocco would head west, to the hot springs in the desert, a notable training area for trainers.

      They all went to the local pokemart to pick up some potions and pokeballs before they left. They were all very reluctant to actually leave for their respective destinations. The three had been inseparable their entire lives. Even Rocco couldn't find the right words as they departed.

      "We'll see each other soon" Rocco finally said, as they all shook hands. For the first time Ken was really on his own. A real traveling trainer. He had a gotten a little money from his mom before he left, but if he wanted to have any money to survive he would have to win. Victory meant that he would get money from other trainers, whereas defeat meant he'd loose it. If that happened, he'd have to quit and go home. It would be the end of his dreams.

      Ken was not about to let that happen.
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        Chapter III

        Route 19. Here was the start of Ken's journey. He took in the natural beauty as he walked along the coast. He could see the ferry he had arrived on in the distance heading back to the island, as well as Pokemon soaring above the waves. The majesty of it all was overwhelming, Ken began think that-

        "OWWW!" Ken exclaimed. Something had pinched his foot. He looked down, it was some sort of crab with a big shell. According to his dex it was called Dwebble. What was this thing? What type was it? Water maybe? "Okay, go Zomak!" Ken wondered what move to use on this thing. Zomak knew scratch, but it had also learned Pursuit after it leveled up following his battle with Kevin. "Zomak, use Pursuit!" Dwebble was knocked back, it looked like it had lost over half it's health. Ken was surprised when Zomak was hit with a fury cutter in return and it was super effective. Luckily it still did minimal damage. What kind of move could this thing know that was good against a dark type? Ken had certainly heard of that move before, but he had no idea what it was.

        This time Ken had Zomak use scratch, if he could weaken it just a bit more, he could catch it. Not very effective. What? What possible Pokemon was good against dark, resistant to normal, and lived in the water? He was about to find out. Ken chucked the Pokeball, hoping the thing would be weak enough now. The ball sucked up the Dwebble, shook, shook, shook....caught!

        Ken smiled as he walked over to the Pokeball. He felt a sense of accomplishment, he had actually caught a Pokemon himself! He picked up the ball and placed it in the second slot on his belt. Almost immediately his Pokedex started to buzz, giving him the information on this new Pokemon of his. Ken was shocked, it was a bug/rock type. That made little sense, no wonder he had such a hard time figuring it out.

        * * *

        The sun was already beginning to set by the time Ken reached the city. He found an inn which looked like it would be a good place to stay for the night. It was too early to head to sleep once he checked in, so he decided to just wander the inn for a bit. He came upon a pond behind the hotel, where a fisherman sat, admiring the fish Pokemon which swam around. Ken too, began to look at the mesmerizing fish.

        "They won't let you catch these fish." Ken almost jumped when the fisherman spoke.

        "Oh, well...I wasn't really planning on it, I don't even have a fishing rod."

        "Hmmmm..." The fisherman scratched his chin. "I just happen to have an extra rod, and I hate to see an angler in need. Why don't you take it, I was gonna give it to my brother, but he bought his own." This really was Ken's day. He had gotten a Pokemon, a dex, and a fishing rod, all for free. It seemed that when you become a trainer, people just give you stuff. Maybe one day someone would give him a bike, or master ball or something.

        After listening to the fisherman's exciting tales of the high seas for a few hours, Ken retired to his room. He quickly drifted off to sleep, absolutely exhausted after such an event filled day. His dreams were filled with the people and Pokemon he had encountered that day. The fisherman was telling him a story, but it was really about how Ken had caught Dwebble. Simon and Juniper's aid were playing basketball with him. The last part of his dream involved Zomak, but when Ken woke up, he couldn't quite remember how.

        Ken stretched out and looked at the clock on the wall. It was already past 11. Ken had a full day ahead of him. Today he would enter in his first gym battle. He knew that Quartz Shore's gym was full of powerful water specialists. He wondered how he would be able to get through it. Ken couldn't allow these kinds of thoughts to enter his head, he had faith in his Pokemon, even Dwebble, which he had never used....

        When Ken actually saw the arena he was astounded. The place was humongous. It was a huge domed building surrounded by a beautiful moat. Once Ken stepped inside it seemed even larger, but that may have been because he could not see anyone inside.

        "Hello?" He called out.

        "Hey!" He heard a voice in the distance. He saw at the back of the gym, past the illustrious pools and waterfalls a boy, probably a couple years older than himself. It took a bit, but Ken walked across the enormous gym and greeted him. "Hey, I'm Rodger, the gym leader." A puzzled look must have appeared on Ken's face because the next thing Rodger said was, "I just got the job. You see this place used to be filled with trainers, back before the old leader, Luke, retired. I was his protégé, so I took over for him when he left, but no one stuck around." Rodger stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. "But, that's all in the past, I'm ready to write my own legacy, and it starts here! Challenger are you ready?" Ken nodded. "Then go, Frillish!"

        The battle was underway, and Ken sent out Dwebble.

        "Frillish use bubble!"

        "Dwebble hit it with rock blast!"

        The bubble hit Dwebble first, and it hit hard, brining him down to less than a third health. Now it was Dwebble's turn, he blasted the Frillish with the rocks, getting lucky, hitting him four times. Both Pokemon were tired, and it showed. They were both breathing hard and moving slowly. "Frillish finish him with absorb!"

        "Rock blast him one more time!" Ken shouted, but he never got the chance as absorb finished him off. Frillish had regained health from the attack, but it was only a couple HP. Ken scowled, he was down two Pokemon to one. "Okay," Ken said calling the fainted Dwebble back, "Zomak, show 'em what you got." Ken tried to think, Frillish was a ghost type, right? If he was right then Zomak could destroy it with a dark move. "Zomak, pursuit!"

        "Frillish, bubble!"

        Zomak struck first, Ken held his breath, yes, he was right, the move was super effective! Frillish went down, and they were all even again.

        "Okay, its time to meet my best Pokemon. Go Dolfin!" Rodger's Pokemon emerged from the ball, and Ken recognized it instantly. He had seen pods of Dolfin's off the cape of his island many times. They were long sleek animals that, might have been mistaken for a fish, but Ken knew was an aquatic mammal. It was two shades of grey, a dark one on top and a light one on bottom. "Dolfin, hit him with Bubblebeam!" Rodger yelled.

        "Zomak, Pursuit!" Ken shouted. For the first time since Ken had used him, Zomak didn't go first. Zomak was knocked back by the bubblebeam, and its speed fell. This Dolfin was fast, and now even if Zomak had been tied in speed before, he would undoubtedly be slower now. Zomak picked itself up and hit Dolfin with a pursuit. It took out about half of Dolfin's health. Ken was distraught, Zomak's health was less than half already. He was done for. He should have prepared better, caught more and better Pokemon, and trained his Zomak more. This was it.

        "Dolfin, hit him with Bubblebeam!" Rodger triumphantly shouted.

        "Zomak, Purist," Ken somberly whispered. Bubblebeam hit Zomak again, and Ken watched as his Pokemon's HP dropped, all the way down, then stopped at 1. Zomak was still fighting, hanging on by the skin of it's teeth.

        All anyone would have heard in the gym was the sound of rushing water as both combatants held their breath. Zomak slowly rose it's head and struck Dolfin. Then it was all over, Dolfin's HP dropped to 0.

        Ken was victorious!
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          "Congratulations, you've earned the Shell Badge." despite Rodger's enthusiastic tone Ken could tell that the boy was devastated. "You also get TM 55, its scald. Use it well"
          "That was a good match, I got lucky" Ken said in a comforting manner.
          Rodger smiled and shook his hand. "Thanks". Ken smiled back and turned to leave. Just as he was almost out of the gym, Rodger shouted out a piece of advice. "Hey, before you go, you should check out the pier, its pretty cool."
          "Alright, I will, thanks for the tip!"
          Ken took Rodger's advice, the pier was stunning indeed. Using some of the money he had won in the gym battle he bought himself a nice lunch at the pier's restaurant, and began his journey to the end of the pier. The place was filled with fishermen, Ken even battled a couple, winning quite handily. By the time he reached the end of the pier, however, it seemed that those there were more interested in fishing then battling, which suited Ken fine.
          Ken realized that he probably would never get a better chance than now to use the rod that fisherman at the inn gave him. Ken cast out his line and began to wait. Before he knew it Ken felt a nibble. Quickly Ken started to reel in the Pokemon, what could it be? When he had finally reeled it in, Ken was shocked to see it was Dolfin, the very Pokemon Rodger had used in his gym.
          Fighting this Dolfin was significantly easier than the one in the gym. Aside from it having no trainer to help it, and the fact that Zomak had since leveled up, Ken merely needed to weaken it, not knock it out. After a pursuit and a couple of scratches, Dolfin's health was down to a quarter, and Ken had no trouble catching it at all.
          Ken was ecstatic, but the battle and the ones with the fishermen, had left his team beaten up pretty bad. His time on the pier was at an end, and so he headed back to town, refreshing his friends at the Pokemon center. Ken took one last look at the beautiful city, he had certainly enjoyed his time here, but he was off for bigger things. One badge down, seven to go. The next gym would be at Limestone City, to get there he had two options. He could go back the way he came, and pass through Halite, or he could take the detour through the hot springs, and get some worthwhile training done. It was the detour for sure.
          The way there was Route 20, which might as well have been the moon to Ken. Ken had lived his entire life surrounded by ocean and beaches. This desert was the total opposite of that. This place was desolate, and unbearably hot, and dry. Incredibly dry. Ken took out his canteen, taking a swig of water. Off in the distance he could see something, the hot springs? Or was it just a mirage?
          The closer Ken came the more obvious it was that this was no trick of the desert sun. He had reached the hot springs, and the place was teeming with trainers. This oasis was stunning, it was a kind of beauty that Ken had never witnessed before.
          "Hey!" Someone shouted out to Ken. Ken looked around, trying to tell where the voice had come from. "Over here, kid." Then Ken saw him, a trainer, who couldn't have been older than twenty was calling him over.
          "Hey," Ken said as he walked over, not sure if this was the man's way of asking for a battle.
          "Did you just come from that city down south, Quartz Shore?" the man asked.
          "Yeah, I did." Ken answered.
          "Good!" You see, I've been wanting a Pokemon from down there. I'd be willing to trade for it, I'm from a faraway place called Kanto, and I have a Pokemon which is pretty common there, but doesn't exist here. So would you be willing to trade me a Dwebble for my Pidgy?"
          A Pokemon trade, Ken never considered that he would ever have the option of trading away one of his Pokemon. In all honesty the Pokemon Ken was least fond of was his Dwebble. Getting this exotic Pokemon for it could be a pretty cool deal.
          "Okay, you've got a deal." Ken said. A couple minutes later Ken had said goodbye to Dwebble, asking that the trainer take good care of him. As he held his new Pokemon in his hand his dex gave a familiar buzz. A bird Pokemon, that would be helpful, thought Ken. Ken parted ways with the trainer, thanking him for the trade, asking him on more thing before he left. "Where can I find some good trainers around here?"
          "There is some kid, they are calling 'the prodigy', he usually hangs out by the Poke Mart." Ken thanked him and was on his way. Before he could even get to the Poke Mart, he ran into plenty of other trainers along the way. Ken realized that fighting these guys first may work to his advantage. Of his three Pokemon, he had only every used on in a battle, and was glad for the opportunity to get a feel for the other two. It was lucky that in this desert so many trainers used ground types. His Dolfin was super effective against them, and Pidgy was immune. By the time he reached the Poke Center both had gained a few levels.
          "Hey, I've heard a rumor about someone called 'The Prodigy'," Ken said to the receptionist at the center, "You wouldn't happen to know where he is?"
          "Actually, he was here just a bit ago, he is by the closest spring once you step outside."
          It didn't take long for Ken to find the spring, and there next to it, slumped in the shade of a palm tree was a boy, who must have been the prodigy. Ken squinted, trying to see the figure, he couldn’t believe who it was.
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