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Old August 24th, 2016 (4:46 AM). Edited August 27th, 2016 by mej71.
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    I recently made my own items tool for Pokemon Essentials, which makes it easy to search for items, change the item you want, and add new items. This is not 100% done, as it still needs something to edit and add images and delete items.

    Features so far:

    - Searching item (by bag type, name and ID)
    - Updating an item
    - Adding a new item

    - Item images
    - Delete items

    Tutorial updating item:
    1. Open your items.txt file (folder PBS)
    2. Search on an item above the items list (use a number to search on ID, use a part of the item name to search on item name or use bag: to search on bag type (Items, Medicine, Pokeballs, TmHm, Keyitems, Berries, Mails))
    3. Click on the item in the list you want to edit.
    4. Update the details at the right side.
    5. Click on 'Save'.

    Tutorial updating item:
    1. Open your items.txt file (folder PBS)
    2. Make sure all fields at the right side are empty. If you selected an item, click the 'Clear' button to clear all fields.
    3. Add details at the right side.
    4. Click on 'Save'.

    When you are fully done, press 'Write File' to write updates to the file. PLEASE NOTE it does NOT make a backup and the program closes after..If you want I can change those 2 things in the next release.

    Me: Programming the tool
    Stackoverflow: Example for csv splitting
    Microsoft: C# & .NET

    - .NET Framework 3.5
    - Pokemon Essentials items.txt file


    Any ideas?
    Let me know!
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