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Are you a photographer? If you look really closely at the world around you, there are places where Pokemon would fit perfectly! All you have to do is find that place...and take a picture!

Here's how the Unova Photo Hunt works:
-In this post, there will be a list of every single Unova Pokemon and a place to take their picture at, or a thing to take it with.
-Using either the AR markers from your 3DS and Pokedex 3D or a printed out image of the Pokemon and put it in the right place and take a picture.
-Then come post it here and you'll get the points added towards your score! Whoever gets the most points by the ends wins.
Please edit all your images into one of your posts in this thread. It doesn't matter which one, as long as you mark it as such, otherwise it's really difficult to add up the final scores. Feel free to post individual ones in other posts though!
Please spoiler your images, a page full of images really stretches the page.
Some of the images involve people. Make sure you get their permission before you take pictures of them with a Pokemon!
Don't worry about getting every single Pokemon; some of these are intentionally difficult but worth more points. The point of having every Pokemon there is to allow you to pick and choose the ones that are easiest for you.
List of Pokemon
So, are you ready for the Pokemon and where to take the pictures? The list is in this spoiler, so get ready!
Victini – On top of a hand making a “V for victory” sign: 5 points
Snivy – In grass: 5 points
Servine – On the branch of a tree: 5 points
Serperior – On/near a snake (a domestic one please, don’t kill yourself): 10 points
Tepig – Near a match or other small flame: 5 points
Pignite – On/near a pig food product (pork, bacon, ham): 5 points
Emboar – Near an actual pig or a 3D representation of it (statue, figurine): 10 points
Oshawott – On/near a puddle of water: 5 points
Dewott – On the shore of a lake or an ocean: 5 points
Samurott – On a floatation device in the middle of water: 10 points
Patrat – Any flat area with no obstructions to Patrat’s view: 5 points
Watchog – On a raised surface with no obstruction to Watchog’s view of the surrounding area: 5 points
Lillipup – In a dog bed: 5 points
Herdier – With a dog bone or dog treat: 5 points
Stoutland – Near a real dog: 10 points
Purrloin – Near a toy mouse: 5 points
Liepard – With a real cat: 10 points
Pansage – With a houseplant: 5 points
Simisage – With a bush outside: 5 points
Pansear – By a fireplace: 10 points
Simisear – By a bonfire: 15 points
Panpour – With a bowl of water: 5 points
Simipour – By the side of a pool: 10 points
Munna – With a sleeping person (eyes closed): 5 points
Musharna – With pink flowers: 10 points
Pidove – Against the sky: 5 points
Tranquill – In a bird’s nest: 10 points
Unfezant – With a bird: 10 points
Blitzle – On something zebra-print: 5 points
Zebstrika – With a statue/figurine/other 3D representation of a zebra: 10 points
Roggenrola – On top of a rock: 5 points
Boldore – With a crystal/gem: 10 points
Gigalith – In a cave: 15 points
Woobat – With something heart-shaped: 5 points
Swoobat – With a person smiling: 5 points
Drilbur – On dirt: 5 points
Excadrill – With something drill-shaped: 10 points
Audino – With a hearing aid or a stethoscope: 10 points
Timburr – With a piece of wood: 5 points
Gurdurr – In front of a building that’s currently under construction: 10 points
Conkeldurr – On top of concrete: 5 points
Tympole – In front of a musical staff: 5 points
Palpitoad – With a frog: 10 points
Seismitoad – Next to a speaker: 5 points
Throh – On top of a person lying on the ground: 5 points
Sawk – On top of a closed fist: 5 points
Sewaddle – On a leaf: 5 points
Swadloon – On a half-eaten leaf (don’t actually eat it please): 5 points
Leavanny – With a green-colored bug: 15 points
Venipede – With a pill bug: 15 points
Whirlipede – With a centipede: 15 points
Scolipede – With a millipede: 15 points
Cottonee – With a ball of cotton: 5 points
Whimsicott – Against a cloud: 10 points
Petilil – With a seed: 5 points
Lilligant – On a flower: 10 points
Basculin – With a fish in a tank: 10 points
Sandile – On sand: 5 points
Krokorok – Through a “sandstorm”: 10 points
Krookodile – With a dinosaur or crocodile figurine/statue: 10 points
Darumaka – With a daruma doll: 15 points
Darmanitan – With a figurine/statue of a monkey: 10 points
Maractus – With a cactus: 10 points
Dwebble – With a hermit crab: 10 points
Crustle – On a rock: 5 points
Scraggy – In a pair of pants: 5 points
Scrafty – With a person with a mohawk: 10 points
Sigilyph – With a wind chime: 10 points
Yamask – With a mask (any kind): 5 points
Cohagrigus – With something Egyptian: 10 points
Tirtouga – Near an ocean: 10 points
Carracosta – With a turtle: 10 points
Archen – On a fossil: 15 points
Archeops - With a rock: 5 points
Trubbish – On a garbage can: 5 points
Garbodor – In a garbage bag: 5 points
Zorua – With an image of a magician: 5 points
Zoroark – In the dark: 5 points
Minccino – With a small animal (ferret, chinchilla, hamster, etc.): 10 points
Cinccino – On a scarf: 5 points
Gothita – With a white bow: 5 points
Gothorita – On a pair of legs in black stockings: 10 points
Gothitelle – On a black dress: 10 points
Solosis – With a magnifying glass: 5 points
Duosion – With a telescope: 10 points
Reuniclus – With a microscope: 15 points:
Ducklett – With a duck: 15 points
Swanna – With a swan or near a lake with a swan: 15 points
Vanillite – With a scoop of vanilla ice cream: 5 points
Vanillish – With two scoops of vanilla ice cream: 5 points
Vanilluxe – With a novelty ice cream (sandwich, drumstick, etc): 10 points
Deerling – In a forest: 10 points
Sawsbuck – Near antlers: 15 points
Emolga – Near something with gliding wings: 15 points
Karrablast – With an insect: 5 points
Escavalier – With a knight’s helmet or a lance: 15 points
Foongus – With one mushroom: 10 points
Amoonguss – With a mushroom colored to look like a Poke Ball: 15 points
Frillish – By the ocean: 10 points
Jellicent – With a jellyfish: 15 points
Alomomola – With a tropical fish: 15 points
Joltik – By an electrical outlet: 5 points
Galvantula – With a power line: 5 points
Ferroseed – With a round piece of metal: 10 points
Ferrothorn – With something with thorns on it: 10 points
Klink – With one gear: 10 points
Klang – With two gears: 10 points
Klinklang – With three gears: 10 points
Tynamo – With a tadpole: 15 points
Eelektrik – In front of an image of Flotsam and Jetsom from The Little Mermaid: 5 points
Eelektross – In front of an eel: 15 points
Elgyem – Against the sky: 5 points
Beheeyem – With a “UFO”: 15 points
Litwick – With a candle: 5 points
Lampent – With a handheld lamp (the kinds with flame, not electric): 10 points
Chandelure – With a chandelier (this can be electric): 15 points
Axew – With a dagger: 10 points
Fraxure – With a sword: 10 points
Haxorus – With an axe: 15 points
Cubchoo - With a nose: 5 points
Beartic - On ice/with an icecube: 5 points
Cryogonal - With a snowflake: 15 points
Shelmet - With a snail: 10 points
Accelgor - With a worm: 5 points
Mienfoo - With someone doing kung fu: 10 points
Mienshao - With someone with a black belt: 10 points
Druddigon - With something rough (sandpaper, etc): 5 points
Golett - With a young child with a shield: 10 points
Golurk - With a humanoid statue: 10 points
Pawniard - With any sort of steel armour: 10 points
Bisharp - With scissors: 5 points
Bouffalant - Near a bull: 15 points
Rufflet - Near a wild bird: 10 points
Braviary - Near an eagle: 15 points
Vullaby - With an egg: 5 points
Mandibuzz - Near a vulture: 15 points
Heatmor - Near an ant eater: 15 points
Durant - With an ant: 5 points
Deino - With a person standing alone with dark clothing: 5 points
Zweilous - With two people standing together with dark clothing: 10 points
Hydreigon - With three people standing together with dark clothing and glaring: 10 points
Larvesta - With a larva: 10 points
Volcarona - With a moth: 10 points
Cobalion - With a lion or antelope statue/figurine: 10 points
Terrakion - With a goat: 15 points
Virizion - With a sheep: 15 points
Tornadus - With leaves blowing: 5 points
Thundurus - In a thunderstorm/lightning flashing: 10 points
Reshiram - With fire: 5 points
Zekrom - By a circuit breaker: 10 points
Landorus - In a desert: 15 points
Kyurem - In/with hail: 10 points
Keldeo - With a pony: 10 points
Meloetta - With a female singing into a microphone: 10 points
Genesect - With an insect standing and on something purple: 10 points


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    Here are my images:

    Boldore w/ rock:


    I fail to see how this is different from using Pokedex 3D, as they are doing the same thing, but if you don't like this, don't use it:


    More may be edited in later, but I doubt it.
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    Ok here we go! I will add more later on.


    Sigilyph - 10
    an asian peace windchime thing

    Chandelure - 15 chandelier in our hallway

    Alomomola - 15 there is a clownfish there, which is tropical

    Cohagrigus - 10 it's an ankh

    Liepard - 10 my own cat

    Lilligant - 10 flower in my garden

    Rufflet - 10 was a bird in my garden aka wild

    Samurott - 10 it's in the middle of water and it floats so it counts

    Basculin - 10
    same picture as before, fish in a tank. theme overlaps.

    Unfezant - 10 same picture as before, a bird. theme overlaps.

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      i hope i did this right :s











      Your Face Here.
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        Hi there, here are the pics I took. A few of them are bad quality though.

        Victini (5)

        Snivy (5)

        Servine (5)

        Tepig (5)

        Pignite (5)

        Emboar (5)

        Samurott (10)

        Lillipup (5)

        Herdier (5)

        Stoutland (10)

        Purrloin (5)

        Simisage (5)

        Musharna (10)

        Unfezant (10)

        Roggenrola (5)

        Boldore (10)

        Woobat (5)

        Swoobat (5) (Don't look at my face, I look terrible.)

        Sawk (5)

        Lilligant (10)

        Sigilyph (10)

        Archeops (5)

        Zorua (5)

        Cinccino (5)

        Foongus (10)

        Eelektrik (5)

        Cubchoo (5)

        Mienshao (10) (Gave my dad permission to be in this pic. He once done karate.)

        Bisharp (5)

        Vullaby (5)

        The userbar is made by Kitsune Genetica.
        The Latios sig is made by Jared.
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        Well I did two bad ones...
        Patrat (5)

        Zoroark (5)
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        Okay, here I go. I don't have a DS camera or whatever else it is you mentioned in the first post so I just took pictures and added sprites like I saw someone else do. Hope that's all okay.

        Victini – On top of a hand making a “V for victory” sign (5 points)

        Servine – On the branch of a tree (5 points)

        Tepig – Near a match or other small flame (5 points)
        Druddigon - With something rough (sandpaper, etc) (5 points)

        Two for one picture! (that's okay, right?)

        Patrat – Any flat area with no obstructions to Patrat’s view (5 points)

        Stoutland – Near a real dog (10 points)

        Purrloin – Near a toy mouse (5 points)

        Liepard – With a real cat (10 points)

        Pansage – With a houseplant (5 points)

        Simisage – With a bush outside (5 points)

        Musharna – With pink flowers (10 points)

        Pidove – Against the sky (5 points)
        Elgyem – Against the sky (5 points)

        Unfezant – With a bird (10 points)
        Rufflet - Near a wild bird (10 points)

        Blitzle – On something zebra-print (5 points)

        lol, pink tiger print blanket probably doesn't count

        Roggenrola – On top of a rock (5 points)
        Crustle – On a rock (5 points)

        Woobat – With something heart-shaped (5 points)

        Drilbur – On dirt (5 points)

        Gurdurr – In front of a building that’s currently under construction (10 points)

        Conkeldurr – On top of concrete (5 points)

        Palpitoad – With a frog (10 points)

        didn't say it had to be a live frog :3

        Seismitoad – Next to a speaker (5 points)

        Sewaddle – On a leaf (5 points)

        Swadloon – On a half-eaten leaf (don’t actually eat it please) (5 points)

        I didn't eat it

        Lilligant – On a flower (10 points)

        Maractus – With a cactus (10 points)

        Scraggy – In a pair of pants (5 points)

        Sigilyph – With a wind chime (10 points)

        Trubbish – On a garbage can (5 points)

        Cinccino – On a scarf (5 points)

        Gothita – With a white bow (5 points)

        Oh yay, had the perfect thing for this

        Gothorita – On a pair of legs in black stockings (10 points)

        Those are my legs so I should have put Cinccino on this one too lol

        Gothitelle – On a black dress (10 points)

        Joltik – By an electrical outlet (5 points)

        Galvantula – With a power line (5 points)

        Ferroseed – With a round piece of metal (10 points)


        Litwick – With a candle (5 points)

        Bisharp - With scissors (5 points)

        Vullaby - With an egg (5 points)

        Zekrom - By a circuit breaker (10 points)

        Keldeo - With a pony (10 points)

        my little pokemon

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        Okay so Toujours is going to be away for a bit (well won't be back til this is long over) so I figured I might as well close up her event for her. :3

        Scarf wins with an amazing 290. o_O Coming in second was Epic-Latios-Fan with 195. Congrats guys, I'm sure you all made Toujours very happy by your turnout/effort - and hopefully you all had fun!! :)

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