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  • Wow dude, it has been a while! :D 2012...man, we had a lot of fun! On more than one occasion I've gone back and read the posts from early 2012, and you/me/TSE had a really great time with our enormous novel-posts, haha! {XD} I definitely miss that.

    "lol" yeah the chat!! We had a lot of cool members back then, like Keruso and Latios Master... *nostalgia*

    Sweet! Do you work as a programmer? Travel anywhere fun? I've been out of the US twice, one of which was to see the Blue Jays play the Sox in Toronto! (The other was Montréal, "lol." Go North America!)

    You definitely should! It's super fun to get back into after you've been away for a while...and a cool thing about shiny hunting is that you can do it while doing other things, so it doesn't really take up any time you wouldn't have been doing whatever else you were doing anyways.

    It'd be awesome if you came back to the club!! It was always super awesome when you were around, so definitely pop back in again!!! :)
    Absolutely! "lol" I actually got a new shiny today, too! ^^

    How've you been? We haven't seen you in, like, ever!! I should've known that the Bs would have to totally miss the playoffs to get you to reappear - if I'd have known that, we would've traded Dougie Hamilton years ago! :D
    I've been gone from the room for so long, I didn't even know that Olli closed it, or it probably expired as well. I mostly hang out in #tc now and #swablunest as well.
    dude I know who you are lmao XD

    well, there's also Olli, Sector, and Megan from the #PoC days that still are active around here, but I'm not sure if you interacted with them much

    also i got rid of leaf storm. that account burned to hell B)
    D: All week? It's been a few days since we had the last snowfall...We were looking forward to empty streets :(
    I'm alright. Wanted to go to school today, but nope. Parents thought it was too dangerous ;__;
    O: Another Canadian?? Nice to meet you! :D
    And yes ;___; Parents wouldn't let me go to school today even when I wanted to...
    How about your area?
    Here's the screen shot.

    This is where the options are supposed to be located for CS5 and CS6 respectively.
    [IMG] [IMG]

    I just can't figure it out. ;;
    Darn it!! Had I known there was any left, I might've kept it all myself! Golly, that must've been a TON of luck to let even the Ottawa Senators win a game!
    Oh, that's awesome!! Have a lot of fun! And go ahead, you can have all of the rest of my luck for 2013 - it's not like I drained it up already or anything with 7 shinies in the past 22 days. :P
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