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Old July 31st, 2012 (5:45 AM).
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    I'm in NA, so that's the release date that I have to look forward to. I have the title pre-ordered and I should be able to run down and pick it up when Gamestop opens. October 7th is a Sunday though, which is kind of a strange day for a release IMO.

    Regardless, since it's on a Sunday, I plan on picking it up when the doors open, then I'll go home, order a pizza, and then spending the entire day playing!

    I'm curious if anybody else has any special plans for the release. Does the site itself have anything planned? I know it's released in different places on different dates and not everyone here is from the same country, but still, what's your plan?

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    I doubt there will be anything special on THIS website, there will be plenty of posts, threads etc but I doubt there will be some sort of event. I can guarantee that there will be tonnes of Video walkthroughs posted on Youtube that day. I'm from EU so I have to wait till the 12th but I'll be picking up a copy the instant I get up.

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    Old July 31st, 2012 (9:52 AM).
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      I live in a pretty small city, one that doesnt seem to sell Pokemon games too fast, so I've neglected to pre-order it. I plan to run down there, probably after work on Sunday if I can, or on Monday.

      I'm actualy glad it comes out in a few months rather than any soon, cause I'm pretty short on money for the next little while. Now that that would stop me from picking this up lol but it's probably for the best anyway
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      That's only a few days before my birthday, so I'll probably wait those few days and then go check my local game store. They're usually pretty good about having plenty of Pokemon games. xD I don't have the money to pre-order right now, though.

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        I'm gonna go to Gamestop the second I wake up...
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          I'm one of the few high school students in the US or Canada that doesn't get the 8th off (it's a national holiday in both countries, for those of you who aren't from North America) but I'll still head down on the 7th and pick it up.

          Also, this should be merged with the existing thread.
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            I'm getting it if the Gamestop in Boston has it. Heck I'll leave early and just steal a cop's donuts for my breakfast XD. I want this game!
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            If we didn't have a thread discussing the release just like this one is RIGHT UNDER this thread itself, I would let this stay open.
            As far as wondering if the site itself is doing anything other than a lot of posts...give us a little more credit. c;

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