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Did you have an imaginary Friend?

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Old January 28th, 2005 (2:38 PM).
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Did you ever have an imaginary friend when you wre younger?I didn't lol, or at least i don't remember.

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Old January 28th, 2005 (2:40 PM).
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    Yes, when I was about six years old, Sonic the Hedgehog followed me around everywhere. Lol

    Shuichi - x - Yuki

    You can't help who you fall in love with....

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    Old January 28th, 2005 (2:57 PM).
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      my sister did! it waz zooey van door XD she talked to the door in my van XD and then jerry jeep door only lasted about 10 days XD
      I was here long before you. EST. 2003
      Old January 28th, 2005 (3:11 PM).
      EvIL_CAjUN_CHIkIN's Avatar
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        I did...her name was Sarah........

        I cut my hair once, just a little strand, and I told my parents that 'Sarah' did it......

        I WAS 3-6 OKAY!!!!!

        mah name tis bee cheyenne.


        ahm back.


        Old January 28th, 2005 (3:29 PM).
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        Chick in riot gear!
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          Yeap, I had the cutest little gargoyle with me at all times, weird thing was that she was baby blue and baby purple LOL
          .~Proud Ashaholic~.
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          Old January 28th, 2005 (3:31 PM).
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            Yup I do!He is a SSJ5!*Cricket's sound*

            Old January 28th, 2005 (5:04 PM).
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              No. They were stuffed animals-not imaginary! It was the cutest little bear plush ever...and agreed with me on everything! oneechan!

              I honestly don't know what to put in this signature anymore XD"Hi!" would probably be just fine, ne? or maybe something hm....
              Old January 28th, 2005 (5:08 PM).
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                I've never had an imaginary friend before.

                .:*PC's official BILLIE JOE fanboy*:.

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                Pokemon Master #1 Fan Club.
                ~Paired with Kisa~
                Old January 28th, 2005 (5:12 PM).
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                Windsor ™
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                I had one till age 9.I just make one up when I am alone.
                ~Paired with Miyu-Chan~
                Old January 28th, 2005 (5:14 PM).
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                  Well, he wasnt exactly imaginary, but he was the closest friend I had, and he was actually the one and only thing that made me happy for five years. ^_______^ He was a medium sized teddy bear named, Dock. xD [Dont mind the funny name. ;3]

                  Anyways, my David gave him to me when I was born. ^________^ He was my first ever stuffed animal, and I loved him to bits. <3 I'd dress him in my pajamas each and every night; I'd feed him, bath him, and take him everywhere I went. In the car, in the bathroom, to name it! ^______^ I still have the teddy bear, but I'm not obsessed with him any more. He is still my favourite bear though~!

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                  Old January 28th, 2005 (5:18 PM).
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                    Yeah. When I was 6 tails was everywhere! LOLZ! ;;;

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                    Old January 28th, 2005 (5:31 PM).
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                      @@ yeah.. his name was micheal.. and we used to have a pet dolphin by the fireplace X33.. i'm insane!
                      ~Yuugiou Fan~
                      ~Kamen Rider Fan~
                      ♡(´・ω・`)LOVE! ☆
                      Old January 28th, 2005 (5:31 PM).
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                        Age: 25
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                        Posts: 2,268
                        Mine is the same as Karli-li, since he isn't imaginary. While Karli-li's was a bear, though, mine is a monkey! =3 His name was Mr. Banana Winkles [X3;]. He was given to me on my third birthday and I still have him today, by my side. ^__^

                        As with Karli-li, I brought him wherever I went, and I still do. Mari could never let him go so he's still with her. XP

                        Old January 28th, 2005 (5:52 PM).
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                        Envy is a great thing
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                          Yeah, I still have one...j/k.

                          His name was nothing. No, not literally nothing, I just never named him. He was awesome though, we fought crime together. You may have heard of us, or not you know....xD
                          Anyways, he left when I was about 6 years old and i made a real friend.
                          I still keep in close contact with him though so yeah....xD
                          I got bored today, during my computer lit class, and began to wonder....who are you people!!??Then it hit're you!
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                          preparing for X-Mas, but now I know the truth. Tne reason Santa Claus avoids
                          my questioning lies in the one person who has complete control over him.....
                          RUDOLPH THE RED NOSE REINDEER!!!!
                          Who else could dominate Santa Claus like that!? Not many...not many *nods*
                          In conclusion, the elephant in my brain dances like a monkey on a sugar
                          high, while the squirrels eat the nuts they spent July gathering, the kitties go BOOM BOOM!!!, and all the little boys and girls of the world sleep a heavenly sleep...
                          *light fades and shines on me*
                          Thank you for joining me here on my daily insanity bit...
                          Please, come again, as next time, we explore the truths behind the Easter Bunny...The Muffin Man, and Old McDonald.

                          Old January 28th, 2005 (5:52 PM).
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                          For a like a week I once believed that Nilus the Sandman (it was cartoon show) lived underneath the eraser in my pencil. Lol

                          I also had a giant blue ball with legs and sun glasses that I could draw invisibly to make him come. Lol My mind was so messed.
                          Old January 28th, 2005 (5:54 PM).
                          Carlito-san's Avatar
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                          Wooo! I'm from South Park!
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                            I still do.Not really.

                            It was a magic flying squirrel.Corny eh?It was named Bob.xD

                            We destroyed...stuff together.
                            Old January 28th, 2005 (6:58 PM).
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                            .::f l o w e r g i r l::.
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                              Nope... I tried to have one, but I didn't have the imagination. xD;;;;

                              l Paired -MegaDitto l Evil sidekick - Ninja Retsu l Evil Twin -Hiyori-chan l

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                              Old January 28th, 2005 (7:33 PM).
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                                Yes I had many imaginary firends. Sometimes, I would use an actual object as a friend. Like when I was 2 or 3, I had this fly swatter and its name was Cinderella...o_0 and then I pretended that Scooby Doo was my dog. Lol I was a strrannnge kid =P
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                                Old January 28th, 2005 (11:12 PM).
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                                  I still do 2 people exist only in my head and I talk to them constantly. We discuss things, argue, figure stuff out together, that kind of thing. One typically agrees with me and the other does the opposite.
                                  Old January 29th, 2005 (6:56 AM).
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                                    Join Date: Feb 2004
                                    Location: Good question...somewhere around here...I think... o.O
                                    Age: 29
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                                    Yeah I guess I do...his name's Drizzt Do'Urden...and he lives in the books I'm reading!

                                    Member of:
                                    Anime Watchers Club
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                                    Old January 29th, 2005 (7:41 AM).
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                                    Long Live Guitars
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                                      Age: 28
                                      Posts: 146
                                      I do...Though it doesnt have a name she's there to talk to ...especially when i'm upset or had a really bad day.
                                      It will always be my imaginary friend...
                                      ["YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE ABLE TO SING TO BE IN A ROCK BAND"]

                                      ["If Everyone Was Normal, Life Would Be Boring"]

                                      Back for the while
                                      Old January 29th, 2005 (7:43 AM).
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                                        Location: Good question...somewhere around here...I think... o.O
                                        Age: 29
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                                        I named my concience Drizzt Do'Urden after my favorite character. Cause they both have the same principles. XD

                                        Member of:
                                        Anime Watchers Club
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                                        Old January 29th, 2005 (8:03 AM).
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                                          no, i haven't. though i wish i had, because it seems pretty fun. in our next film (for those unaware, i make crappy films, see link in profile *hint hint*) we're going to have a story about a crazy person who lives in his own world. and in his world i'm his neighbor and my friend john is his best friend (also a pirate) but in the real world, i'm a bike, and john doesn't exist.
                                          Old January 29th, 2005 (8:07 AM).
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                                          Nyago-chan ish sleeping~!
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                                            I had a stuffed duck-animal named Beak! I beat up everyone who had thrown him or such cruelness. My Beak! And some other imaginary friends I battle evil villains with. My imaginary friends are super cool, they'll destroy you. XD Yeah, and I had a mop friend in my basement. ><

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                                            Old January 29th, 2005 (8:11 AM).
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                                              Posts: 2,224
                                              I kinda had one..or still do since I spend most of my time alone in my room..
                                              I got out of it though...and sometimes it feels like I'm facing the world alone o.0
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