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Old December 23rd, 2012 (2:57 PM).
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    I know there's another thread with a similar title, but it seems to have been closed and been about something slightly different. Over a few days a couple weeks ago, I began piecing together the origin of all Pokemon and how they connected with each other. This is by no means perfect, and I am not well-versed in the fifth gen mythology, so I wanted to post it here for people to see and for people to help correct me on things and give their input.

    It is below.

    - Arceus hatched from its egg
    - Arceus created universe
    - Arceus created Palkia (Space), Dialga (Time), and Giratina (Antimatter)
    - The three of them began fighting, so Arceus locked them in their respective dimensions
    - Arceus created Groudon (Land), Kyogre (Water), and Rayquaza (Air), and learning from its mistake, placed Rayquaza as their peace-keeper
    - The three of them picked a suitable planet, and filled it with land, water, and air
    - Arceus created Latios and Latias as its personal messengers
    - Arceus created Regigigas
    - Regigigas pushed the continents together like a puzzle
    - Due to the continents grinding together, the land folded and created Mt. Coronet
    - Shaymin was born from the land, and life sprang forth
    - Arceus buried Regigigas in the earth and put it to sleep
    - Shaymin created the first Pokemon ‘races’, Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Manaphy, and Victini
    - Arceus sent Latios and Latias throughout the universe to find new life
    - Latios and Latias came across an advanced virus, Deoxys
    - Latios and Latias returned to Earth with the Deoxys virus
    - The Deoxys then began infect all the original races, until only a few were left
    - 3 Mews survived by hiding underneath lakes, becoming Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf
    - Celebi ran to the forest to hide in the trees and time
    - Jirachi fell asleep, only to wake up every 1000 years and grant a wish
    - Manaphy hid deep at the bottom of the ocean where it could not be found
    - Victini flew to a small chunk of land that Regigigas had not moved, and hid there
    - Arceus destroyed the Deoxys virus in a small war
    - The battles had scarred Groudon’s land, which angered it, causing volcanoes to erupt all over
    - One Mew got stuck in the way of the lava and was unable to escape
    - In a panic, Mew accessed a special life energy that even Arceus was unaware of
    - This caused the lava to harden and take life, becoming the first Heatran
    - As the lava turned the ocean into land, Kyogre became upset and created tidal waves that crashed onto the land
    - Rayquaza descended from the ozone layer and banished Groudon deep underground and Kyogre deep underwater, putting them in slumber, before returning to the sky
    - Arceus is impressed by the Mew’s ability to create life, so it calls forth all the Mew that remain and channels its own energy through them
    - This created the second wave of Pokemon races to populate the world (Fossil Pokemon & Relicanth) and they developed the ability to transform once they reach a level of strength
    - The burst of energy also hit the moon and the sun, creating Ho-Oh and Lugia
    - Meanwhile, Latios and Latias looked thoroughly for a less dangerous life form, without Arceus’ permission
    - They encountered humans on another planet, and determined they are safe
    - They returned humans to the planet, and Arceus, angered, created Cobalion in order to protect Pokemon from the new alien life
    - Arceus then decided to test the humans to see if they were worthy of life
    - First, Arceus created Articuno, the legendary bird of ice, to bring upon the world a massive ice age
    - The ice age wiped out the majority of the Pokemon, however it also allows new species like Mamoswine to form
    - The humans uncovered Regigigas’ sleeping body, and worship the titan as a god
    - They learned how to manipulate the ice, and sculpted statues of Regigigas
    - Regigigas was impressed by their devotion, so it brought life to one of the statues, creating Regice
    - The humans, however, were scared of Regice, so they locked it away in a cave
    - Arceus decided the humans passed the test, so it created Moltres, the legendary bird of fire
    - Moltres ravished the land in drought, killing off the new Pokemon and drying the world
    - However, this led to more new Pokemon to form in the arid conditions, such as Yanmega
    - The humans learned to make tools based on what they learned in the ice age, and they created new statues of Regigigas out of stone
    - Regigigas once again brought to life the statue, creating Regirock, which was locked away by the humans once more out of fear
    - Along with the statues, humans began creating their own Pokemon out of the materials, such as Golett and Golurk, to protect themselves
    - Arceus was impressed that the humans adapted to the second test, and created Zapdos, the legendary bird of storms
    - Zapdos brought thunderstorms that covered the planet, killing off again the latest wave of Pokemon
    - More new Pokemon sprouted up from the storms, including Tangrowth
    - Humans learned how to conquer the electricity, and created the first electronic devices
    - Regigigas awoke, and as tradition, created a statue of steel to be Registeel
    - Humans no longer feared the statue, but locked it away in a cave for a worthy person in the future
    - Arceus finally believed the humans were worthy, and once more called the Mews forth
    - In this burst of life-bringing energy, the world gained over 600 new Pokemon that filled every corner of the planet
    - These bursts hit the moon again, and created a colony of Clefairy, Solrock, and Lunatone
    - Cresselia were also created from the light side of the moon, and Darkrai from the dark side of the moon
    - From the balance of the moon’s halves, a single powerful dragon was formed
    - Reflected off the moon, the energy traveled across the universe and created a second dragon of ice, Kyurem, who began traveling towards Earth in a meteor
    - The first dragon was then tamed by twin human heroes, who convinced the dragon to create them a new land, making the Unova region
    - When this new land was formed, not only did new Pokemon appear there, but other Pokemon were brought over where they adapted (Luvdisc to Alomomola, Tauros to Bouffalant, etc.)
    - However, the brothers began feuding over whether truth or ideals should rule the land
    - The dragon split, and became Reshiram, who sided with the older brother for truth, and Zekrom, who sided with the younger brother for ideals
    - The fighting became too much, and the two dragons used their powers of fire and lightning to destroy the region and disappear
    - Due to N’s time hijinks, the Unova region is saved from destruction
    - During the industrial revolution in Unova, new Pokemon mysteriously appeared, such as Klink
    - Arceus created Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus to be in charge of Unova
    - Thundurus and Tornadus ravished the land with their thunderstorms and tornadoes
    - Landorus punished them, and the humans worshiped him and erected a shrine to him
    - Humans learned the devastating nature of Pokemon and wished to tame them
    - Humans created the first Pokeballs out of Apricorns and began to use the Pokemon as tools and slaves
    - Arceus noticed how the humans treated the Pokemon and created Terrakion and Virizion to accompany Cobalion in protecting Pokemon
    - The humans erected Brass Tower as a shrine to the sun bird Ho-Oh and the Pokemon perched there
    - Lugia took the legendary birds under its wing and led them as its own
    - Jealous, Ho-Oh wished for its own trio
    - One day, three kimono girls entered Tin Tower to pray to Ho-Oh with their Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon
    - Lightning struck the tower and burnt the tower down, killing the three Eevee evolutions
    - Upset, Ho-Oh attempted to bring the Eevee evolutions back to life
    - However, instead they underwent a special evolution into Raikou (Represented the lightning that started the fire), Entei (Represented the actual fire that burned the tower down), and Suicune (Represented the rain and wind that stopped the fire), the legendary beasts
    - As humankind forwarded its technology, other Pokemon were created as byproducts, such as Grimer, Trubbish, Voltorb, and Banette
    - Kyurem crashed into Unova, creating the chasm
    - Arceus saw how humans created and loved their music, so it created Meloetta to sing for the humans
    - Meloetta sang a song that filled the world across with joy
    - However, the world soon fell into a depression because of war, and Meloetta forgot her song forever
    - Humans desired to know their origin, so they began research and investigating
    - They found fossils of Mew, and began attempts to find the elusive Pokemon
    - Unable to find the Pokemon, Team Rocket leader Giovanni hired scientists to begin genetic research and experimentation on the fossils of Mew
    - They failed many, many times, creating the genetic blobs known as Ditto instead
    - They successfully created Mewtwo in the end, who destroyed the lab and escaped to solitude
    - The research is left in the lab and others found it, bringing it to scientists that developed a perfect formula to replicate Pokemon from fossils by fixing the previous scientists’ mistakes
    - Scientists at the Silph Co. also began creating Pokemon, developing Porygon, the first virtual Pokemon, and providing it upgrades to evolve
    - A meteorite containing the Deoxys virus crashed onto Birth Island in the Sevii Islands
    - During research, the virus mutated when hit with a laser into a new Pokemon, Deoxys
    - Castform was created to help with weather research at the Weather Institute in the Hoenn Region
    - Team Galactic developed a secret ‘update’ that messed with Porygon2’s data, attempting to discover the secret of Pokemon evolution, creating Porygon-Z
    - Team Plasma combined Team Rocket’s fossil manipulation research along with technology developed from the Porygon family to create Genesect from an ancient fossil
    - Seeing the rising misuse of Pokemon once more, Arceus created Keldeo as the final Sword of Justice, and sent him to Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion for training
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      I didn't actually read what you wrote, but here's something I found on reddit.
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      Old December 23rd, 2012 (9:14 PM).
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        I wish things on Reddit were easier to find, there was one particular anonymous post that I spent an hour looking for so I could source parts of for this post, but it had since disappeared forever. As for that picture, it's really neat and tidy, a lot better than my small timeline. A few of the things I wrote match up with that tree, and a bunch don't. I'm wondering if Pokemon will do what Nintendo did with Legend of Zelda and release an official timeline. That would be really awesome.
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          I went to r/pokemon and typed "origin" in the search box.
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