First Generation Released in Japan on February 27, 1996 and re-releasing on the Nintendo eShop on February 27, 2016, come inside and talk about the games that started a cultural phenomenon: Pokémon Red (and Green), Blue and Yellow! Share your experiences about Kanto in its black and white glory, learn how to be a master battle strategist, get help (like how to get past Pokémon Tower), write up the millionth Missingno theory, and more.

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Old January 23rd, 2013 (3:12 PM). Edited January 23rd, 2013 by Froakie182.
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    Hello everyone, pleased to be here. Let me explain myself. I’ve always been a big Pokémon fan, ever since I bought Red back in ’98. From time to time I lost interest in the franchise, particularly the GBA era, but my interest would always get piqued, and I’d get sucked back into the great franchise that is Pokémon. As it stands right now, I’m very very excited for X and Y. I’m thinking I’ll end up getting Y cuz the legendary is way cooler looking if you ask me. But that’s all neither here nor there. You see for the fan that I am, I’ve never been such a big fan that I felt inclined to join a community like this, that changed about a week ago when I was visiting an old friend of mine in St. Paul. He’s a bit of a video game collector, his collection isn’t the biggest, but there are certain things he has that definitely interests me, especially his 64DD, but see he had something else very interesting to me. He had a copy of Pokemon Green, or perhaps I should call it Pocket Monsters Green. That’s right one of the original Japanese editions of the first generation.

    While staying at his place, I kept admiring the boxart and cartridge, it was pretty cool to see the one Pokemon color that never came to America unless you count leaf green. After my nostalgia had built up enough, I asked if I could play the game, its not like it was such a rare game that it should stay in its box which was already opened. He of course didn’t mind at all, and dug up his old GBA SP. Meanwhile, he went to playing the Dead Space 3 demo (a game series that I’ve never had much interest in.

    Now, let me stop right here and explain something, this isn’t a creepy pasta. First, this isn’t scary, second it absolutely happened, and finally for all I know this was nothing more than a counterfeit cartridge, hacked by someone who wanted a feature in the original games that was never there. Still I can’t help but imagine that maybe this is a very early version of the real game, not counting on it, but it seems plausible.

    So here’s the deal. I started up the game. To my surprise, there were no Japanese characters, it didn’t say pocket monsters, it read Pokémon Green Version, just as you’d expect the Blue or Red versions to appear. Only differences I noticed from the American version were the Pokémon that flew by were still of the original sprites from Japan’s Pokémon red and green. And interestingly, the copyright was ’95. ’96 GAME FREAK inc. I know that the American version includes ’98, and the Japanese version only reads 1995, so again I was intrigued. I went to the next screen where I was given the option to continue, a game had already been started. I asked my buddy if he had started a game on this, he said no, he bought it off eBay to further his Pokémon collection, but had already beaten the first generation many times over so he didn’t bother to start a new game, he hadn’t even tested it yet, said he only got it about a month ago. Intrigued I hit continue. Interestingly, the game wasn’t very far, though there was certainly some progress. I played for a while, realizing everything was in English. The game had a full translation, yet the sprites were all those of the original Japanese Red and Green games. I was very interested in the game that I had my hands on. I realized that I was close to the part when you get on the S.S. Anne. I decided I would do the trick where the S.S. Anne stays for you to revisit by losing to a battle on board the boat. I played for a long while until I was able to learn the ability surf. I taught it to my trusty Snorlax. I headed back to the S.S. Anne and did the old surf to the right trick to see the truck.

    See when I first played Pokemon red, I was completely unaware of the truck and like many first time players passed it by without realizing it. I know nothing can be done with the truck, but I just wanted to see it for myself. This is where things really started to get strange (stranger than the fact that this green version was in English). So there the truck was in all its unused glory. Knowing what I know, I still couldn’t help but hit A next to the truck. To my surprise I received a message, “The door appears to be sealed shut.” Or something of that nature. Forgive me if I may be paraphrasing here, I’m just telling you all how this occurred as I remember it, I had no way of recording what was happening on the GBA screen.

    I was very intrigued, by all accounts I’ve never heard of anything the truck can do, I always heard bull crap stories about using strength and whatnot, but knew they were just that bull crap. Yet this was different already, so I was willing to try anything. And I did just that, I used strength, but no dice, nothing happened. I even tried surf again for the heck of it, nothing. I tried using items, I tried the bike but no luck, an escape rope but it didn’t work. Flash didn’t do a thing. Then I recalled a move that wasn’t an HM but could be used outside of battle: dig. Standing next to the door, I used my Dugtrio and used dig. To my surprise I received a message: “You uncovered a hidden passage leading to an underground tunnel beneath the truck. Enter?” I selected yes.

    Before I knew it the screen changed to that of a cave and I fell into it from the top of the screen. The cave seemed open but empty, I started to walk until I found a person. I passed his line of sight but he didn’t say anything, I walked up to him and talked to him.

    “Who are you and what are you doing here?” He asked. I received the option of engage or leave alone. I selected Engage, to which he replied, “Please leave me alone.” A battle scene began.

    You’ve challenged Scientist Logan. He only had one Pokémon. It was a Magnemite. I quickly defeated it and he ended by saying, “Why?” I noticed after I beat him that the cave got dimmer. I spoke to him again, and he said something like, “Hiding down here is the best chance we have.”

    I found another man to challenge, again I had to engage the battle, this guys name was Scientist Ranier. He again only had one Pokemon and sent out an Electrode. Again I made quick work of him. When I beat him he said, “You’re making it hard to see.” The cave got even dimmer. I spoke to him again, he stated, “We were wrong to play Gods, I know that now.”

    Searching the Cave I only managed to find one other person, and it was very dim at this point. I spoke to him, “If its extinct, let it stay that way.” Again I engaged him, “You’ve challenged Scientist Makalu” again only one Pokemon. He threw out an Electabuzz, a higher level Pokemon but still one I was able to make quick work of. It was at this time that I realized each Pokemon I fought knew and used the move flash on me before doing any other moves. After I beat him he said, “This place must remain a secret, especially from that THING.” At this point I returned to the cave map and it was pitch black. It occurred to me that their Pokemon must have kept the room lit by using the move flash.

    I was about to move, but couldn’t, an event appeared to be trigged. From out of nowhere at the top of the screen another man walked down to me. He spoke, “What have you done? We can’t see a thing now, we need to burrow further to hide from that which we should have never made. So many failed experiments, so many. You shouldn’t be here, you’ve seen too much. Up until we made that thing, we only managed to make a ton of these.” At this point we were engaging in a battle.

    It was another scientist, but with a different sprite than those that I had just faced, it read, “Dr. Fuji would like to battle.” He had 6 pokemon. The first 5 he sent out were all high leveled (45 and up) Dittos. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to beat all 5, then to my surprise he sent out a Mew, but only after he reappeared on screen to say, “This was our first success.” Mew was only level 15. It was too easy to defeat, I almost felt bad. After, he said to me, “I’d give anything to take it all back.”

    It returned to the dark cave. He spoke again, “Please take it, take away the reminder of what we’ve done.” At which point it said, I “received Mew, Mew was sent to Bill’s PC.” He continued, “Whatever you do, avoid that thing we created, be especially careful in Cerulean City. Its power is beyond measure, I fear that it may lead to the end of us all, that is why we’ve created our underground sanctuary. We played Gods and now all of humanity may have to pay for our ignorance. Now go!” Next thing I knew I was presumably using dig, and found myself outside of the Truck. I pressed A again next to the truck. I used dig again, and nothing happened, try as I might I couldn’t re-enter the cave. I did find that in the PC I did indeed have a Mew. I was shocked. Fascinated, I wondered aloud what this was. It not in the Japanese versions of the game, its not in the typical Red or Blue versions, was this perhaps an early version of the game that got scrapped? The mentions of playing God seemed perhaps like it was a bit inappropriate for children, yet at the same time, how many people would ever find this little side quest within the game? Perhaps this was nothing more than a fan made hack of the game, yet it seems like too minimal of a change for anyone to actually bother with making for the game. Regardless I found this to be very very interesting, and will cherish the memory of experiencing it first hand. I don’t have the game as its not mine, but my friend can vouch for me if he ever decided to start a new game and get to the S.S. Anne again and do what I did (I saved my game after, and as I said I couldn’t re-enter the cave).

    Take this how you want, like I said this is no creepy pasta, and the only thing you have is my word, I totally understand if you don’t believe me. But I just really wanted to share my experience as I found it incredibly interesting.

    Peace and love,
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    Old January 23rd, 2013 (3:29 PM).
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      What you most likely experienced, was a hack game. If you look in the Rom hacking form, there is a good amount of info on making gen I hacks, in fact, one of the members worked on a Pokemon Green translation by taking Pokemon Blue and changing everything to be as close to Green, except maybe a few things, as possible. He was the one who did sprite work.

      They did it on Blue due to the Japanese character limit being much smaller than that of an English or Spanish version.

      I deffinately like the story and what you described was deffinately withen the means of hacking. I know that there are some (bad) people that try and sell theirs or other hacks on ebay or such sites after having them put on cartriges. Deffinately a nice twist that person added in. I never liked the explanation in Cinnebar Island saying that "mew gave birth" without any details of how or why. I kind of wish something like this was implemented in the orginal game. Just to give more information on MewTwo.

      As I said, deffinately pretty cool.

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      Old February 16th, 2013 (1:54 PM).
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        Yeah, these things are actually out there. It's possible to write gb carts, and the machines to do so were a lot more available back then.
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        Old March 11th, 2013 (3:13 PM).
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          I'm now sharing my story here over at reddit though through a different username (duffman182), and someone has accused me of taking credit I guess for this story or something (they used the term copypasta), so I just wanted to update this thread to confirm, I am indeed duffman182 over on reddit and this is indeed something that happened to me.
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          Old March 14th, 2013 (1:17 PM).
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            Eh, I don't believe it. As far as I know there is no way to change the brightness of caves except for black and light in the first generation. As for everything else, it is entirely possible, all it requires is a bit of scripting.
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            Old March 16th, 2013 (5:20 PM).
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            If this is real, Pocket Monsters Green would be a good game to use for such a fake. It would be easy to recreate since it didn't use a colored cartridge. Anyone with access to a gray cart could easily just put a copy of the original sticker on the front, and call it the real deal.
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