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Old December 21st, 2003 (11:20 AM).
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    10. Togepi
    9. Chansey
    8. Sneasel
    7. Umbreon
    6. Houndoom
    5. Murkrow
    4. Azumarril
    2. Tyranitar



    *gets killed by togetics*
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    Old December 21st, 2003 (12:02 PM).
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      Originally Posted by CaRtOON

      *gets killed by togetics*
      Lmao, don't think they speak English
      Icer is back! YAY!

      -=You won't see me much here, now @ Gaia=-
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      Old December 21st, 2003 (12:06 PM).
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      I Like to Kill Things
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        9) Nidoking
        8) Umbreon
        7) Tyranitar
        6) Venusaur
        5) Blastoise
        4) Charmander
        3) Seviper
        2) Swampert
        1) Zangoose
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        Old December 21st, 2003 (1:10 PM).
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          here's my top 10- the main reson for these pokemon is that i think that they are all really great ideas and they look really cool.

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          Old December 21st, 2003 (10:56 PM).
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          based on a paperclip
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            Holy crup, no Machoke in your list?!

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            Old December 22nd, 2003 (2:53 AM).
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            Altomare Latias
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              My top ten:

              Latias-the best pokemon ever!
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              Old December 22nd, 2003 (3:46 AM).
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              Web Site Critique
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                1- Marshtomp
                2- Zangoose (Mujaki and Aku!)
                3- Cyndaquil
                4- Pichu
                5- Poliwag
                6- Iveechan (Hes a Pokemon!!)
                7- Squirtle
                8- Arcanine
                9- Poochiena
                10- Houndour
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                Old December 22nd, 2003 (3:08 PM).
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                  Here's my favs
                  1. Nidoking - I have yet to lose a battle when using him! (In R/B/Y, of course )
                  2. Rayquaza - Such a sweet design, and its roar literally sent chills up my spine when I first heard it!
                  3. Blaziken - I've always had a liking to fire
                  4. Gardevoir - I dunno why '
                  5. Togepi / Togetic - For those that know me well but don't know why these two are here - I pity you, lol :p
                  6. Aggron - The first beastly powerful Pokon I came across in Ru/Sa
                  7. Absol - I have a fondness for it, and that big black horn-like thing
                  8. Scizor - Red, fast, and looks cool... Too bad its incredibly weak to fire >.<
                  9. Tyrannitar- Essentially the G/S/C powerpackage
                  10. Magmar - Like I said earlier... Plus the fact that I only had Blue, not Red. Kinda odd though, how Magmar is specific to Blue, not Red as I would have expected...

                  I have returned!
                  From a rather long hiatus, might I add... *looks around*
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                  Old December 13th, 2007 (5:52 PM).
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                  A new Legend is Born
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                    1) Charizard
                    7) Deoxys(speed form)
                    8) Kyogre
                    10) Hitmotop
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                    Old December 14th, 2007 (1:51 PM).
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                    Steel drums rock!
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                      10.Deoxys(Attack form)
                      [Steel pokemon rocks!]

                      [FC:Coming soon]
                      [your pokemon connection]

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                      Old December 14th, 2007 (3:41 PM).
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                      1. Pikachu
                      2. Vaporeon
                      3. Dragonite
                      4. Suicune
                      5. Jolteon
                      6. Raichu
                      7. Espeon
                      8. Togepi
                      9. Mew
                      10. Dratini
                      ★ Avatar & Signature: Pebbles
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                      Old December 14th, 2007 (4:00 PM).
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                        My "Top 10" consists of a number 1 position and nine others tied for the number 2 spot. I can't really arrange the other nine in any order of preference.

                        1. Charmander
                        2. Pikachu
                        2. Cyndaquil
                        2. Mudkip
                        2. Quilava
                        2. Lapras
                        2. Moltres
                        2. Latias
                        2. Espeon
                        2. Vileplume

                        Charmander - My favourite of the Kanto starters, my favourite of the fire-types, and my favourite overall. I've loved this Pokemon ever since I first saw it in the anime. For some reason, I find its evolutions average at most, preference-wise, anyway.
                        Pikachu - Again, a real classic. I always train a Pikachu in my Red and Fire Red versions.
                        Cyndaquil - My favourite of the Johto starters. Plus, it's super-adorable.
                        Quilava - I like Quilava about the same as Cyndaquil. They're both super-adorable.
                        Lapras - I've trained Lapras since the days of good old Red and Blue, and I've always found it to be an awesome battler.
                        Moltres - I like fire Pokemon in general, but there was something about Moltres that really made me like it. Maybe it's the whole phoenix-resembling thing. I'm not entirely sure.
                        Latias - When I was first introduced to the Hoenn generation games, there were very few Pokemon in that generation that I didn't strongly dislike. Latias was one of these very few Pokemon. The others, I believe, were Combusken, Mudkip and Latios. I find it very cool how Latias is legendary and still has a gender.
                        Mudkip - See the first three sentences of Latias's description, but replace "Latias" with "Mudkip". I kind of got attached to Mudkip after choosing it as my starter when I first played Emerald.
                        Espeon - I started liking this Pokemon after using it on my rental team in Pokemon Stadium 2. After playing that game, I just had to raise one in my Crystal version.
                        Vileplume - Another classic. I've trained this Pokemon ever since the days of good old Red and Blue. It was a Red Version exclusive back in the Red/Blue days (I think it's also exclusive to Fire Red... when speaking only of the Fire Red and Leaf Green games, anyway...).
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                        Old December 14th, 2007 (6:08 PM).
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                          Old December 14th, 2007 (6:31 PM).
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                            1. Manectric
                            2. Ninetales
                            3. Jolteon
                            4. Suicune
                            5. Glaceon
                            6. Vaporeon
                            7. Umbreon
                            8. Vileplume
                            9. Vulpix
                            10. Mantine

                            Honorable Mentions to Phanpy, Carnivine, and Cacturne...
                            Note that I go by looks. ;)

                            SEVERUS ** BELLATRIX ** NARCISSA
                            my HP pokémon
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