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Shattered Reality [T] [OOC/SU Thread]

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Old March 15th, 2013 (11:28 AM).
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We all have hopes, dreams, things we’d go through drastic measures to obtain and achieve. For some of you, those may be to get a certain job, to have your crush fall in love with you. Maybe your dream is to live in a mansion, or to have an amazing singing voice, or to obtain a certain skill. Or maybe it’s that some fantasy animals and people come to life, some fantasy powers to come to you, innocent things like that. But that’s not so innocent when the Reality Shatterer dreams them.

The Reality Shatterer is a girl who’s life is internal, and she lives at the top of a stone tower. We tried to lock her away, but we failed. Though she could not break herself free of the tower, she could of the chains. The entire land around it was ruined. Almost everyone died, few people survived. Now her fantasies are condensed into another world, a world she can view at any given time, it was our compromise.

But now she’s getting impatient, she’s afraid to go into the other world in fear that she’ll be banished there. Why she doesn’t want to come back, I suppose it’s because it’s harder to change a world if you’re in it, we don’t know, we don’t, can’t think like her. She takes the form of and thinks like a seven year old girl.

But now her creations in the world we created for her are slipping free. Some type of virus has appeared there, and she can’t get rid of it. She threatened to destroy us all if we don’t fix it. That’s where you come in. Which is the reason we created you. Sorry to say that you’re not like us, you are the creation of many powerful sorcerers and sorceresses. I know it may be disappointing, but if you succeed in your mission we’ll turn you into one of us.

I suppose you’re wondering two things, what you mission is, and who we are. Lets start with the second question. We are a group of entities, we can take a human form if we’d like, or we can keep our true form, which if you’re lucky you’ll find out what it looks like later. We are the protectors of this world, the world of Rivershard.

Your mission is to go into the Reality Shatterer’s world and figure out the virus and how to fix it. And if possible, figure out why the Reality Shatterer couldn’t fix it herself. And don’t delay, the Reality Shatterer wouldn’t be past destroying our world for a slow fix. Work towards your goal, complete it, and we can transform you into one of us. Fail, and our world will be destroyed, as will you, whether or not you survive, we will take your lives if you take our world’s. I hope you understand the circumstances.


1. No mary-sues.
2. No godmodding or bunnying.
3. I am the Reality Shatterer, you can not control her. I will also be one of ‘you’ for the sake of setting example, and for being part of the roleplay.
4. If you do have a problem with another roleplayer, please take it to me, please don’t make a scene. Which I will admit I have been guilty of in the past.
5. You have three strikes, break a rule 3 times and you will be taken out. Your character will die, no turning back.
6. This RP is rated T. Minor swearing is allowed, but do not go swear-happy. Blood is allowed, but do not go into gory-detail. Romance is allowed, and advice, but nothing past normal kissing.
7. Do not argue with me.
8. Do not be offended if your character is denied. I will tell you why, and you can fix it or not be in the roleplay. That’s a simple as I can put it.
9. Have fun! Who wants to be in an RP with no fun. To show me you’ve read the rules, put “Reality is key.” in your sign up somewhere.

Sign Up Form:

Name: (First and Last required, middle optional.)
Age: (15-19)
Gender: (No brainer here buddy.)
Appearance: (The minimum is one fair-sized paragraph. This requires clothes, skin tone, height, hair color & length, and eye color. Anything else you think of is optional.)
Personality: (Minimum is a fair-sized pararah, as was appearance’s. Tell me about your character, how they act, who they are.)
Fears: (What they are afraid of. Minimum is 3. List form is fine.)
Powers: (No more than two, and nothing over the top. If you're going to control an element, only one, and it must be restrained. Try to be creative)
Advantages: (Things they can do well, whether it be in combat, hunting, giving speeches, studying, pretty much anything. Maximum is four.)
Disadvantages: (Things they struggle at, such as being a slow runner, or bad at socializing, whatever it may be. Minimum is three.)
Other: (Anything else I should know.)

My Sign Up:

Name: Cascade Crown
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Cascade has corn-silk blonde hair that reaches about her mid-back. She has emerald green eyes, that show her guard is always up. She has slightly tanned skin, and stands about 5"7. She wears a dark red t-shirt and black cargo pants, with a black jacket. She always has her dark red back pack and dark red leather fingerless gloves on as well. She wears a gold necklace with a heart shaped locket.

Personality: Cascade is very guarded, though she doesn't knwo why. It takes a fair bit of conversation to gain her full and complete trust, and even then she's still on guard. She doesn't have any plans on falling in love either, though it doesn't zone it out. Cascade finds herself taking control a lot, determined to be the leader. She wants to become a entity like promised, so she tries to work hard to complete the mission. Once you have became her friend, she's fairly loyal, saving you when you're in danger.

Fears: Thunder, Losing Her Friends, Leting her Guard Down
Powers: Controling/Creating Lava; Growing wings
Advantages: Good in combat, can fish well, is fast at running/flying
Disadvantages: Untrusting, Insecure, Jumps to conclusions fairly fast
Other: N/A

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