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My Angel [a short story]

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Old March 30th, 2013 (12:59 PM).
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My Angel

A little girl was born with a disease that paralyzed her limbs; she spent her days gazing out the window, dreaming of someday seeing the world around her -- it was an impossible dream. She asked her parents why she was different than they, but her parents would smile sadly and say that one day, an angel would grant her wish.

Years passed and the girl never stopped believing, but the day after her 21st birthday, her parents were both killed in an accident -- they never came home. The girl was taken in by her aunt, who was a very cruel woman ... she said that the girl had displeased the gods in a past life, and that is why she was born with such a horrible disability.

Despite her aunt's meanness, the girl kept on smiling and believing in her parents' words ... and every night before bed she would say a prayer, hoping that her guardian angel would hear her and send her message to Heaven: 'I miss you, Mom and Dad.... I hope you're watching over me. I miss you... but I won't stop believing.'

The girl, now grown up into a beautiful young woman, continued to spend her days staring out the window... her dream only grew more and more, and each night she prayed, smiling. One night, her aunt came home drunk, and in a rage she threw a bottle at the young woman, calling her worthless -- the shards cut her face badly and pierced her eyes.

The doctors could not save her vision, and the young woman would forever be blind; her aunt was arrested and the young woman lived in her house all alone ... the hospital would occasionally send a nurse to help the young woman, but other than that... she was all alone.

Without her vision, the young woman could not enjoy the beautiful view from her window... instead, she laid in bed and imagined the world beyond. Despite her situation, she never stopped believing... she prayed and dreamed even more.

One day, she dreamed she was a child again, but her disability had healed -- she played in the grass with her Mother and Father smiling down at her, laughing and smiling cheerfully... when she woke, tears were falling down her cheeks. Her heart felt like it was breaking -- she was so painfully lonely, but still she held onto a shred of hope.

The tears did not stop... "I'm... really lonely..."

Then, she heard a male voice: "Please don't be lonely anymore." His presence was warm. "I'm here with you." She felt him place his hand on hers, and a feeling of happiness welled up in her.

"Wh-who are you...?"

"I'm... your angel. ...Will you come with me? You won't have to cry anymore," he wiped away her tears.

"I-I want to..."

Somehow, the blackness began to fade to light and she could feel her limbs... looked upon the angel's face -- he was handsome, and he smiled tenderly, holding out his other hand to her. The huge window flew open and the young woman felt her body become as light as a feather...

"Your dream was to see the world... I will show it to you." From his back sprouted beautiful white wings and he lifted her up into his arms, then flew with her out into the evening...

The young woman passed away that night, her mortal form left behind in her bed, but there was a sweet smile on her lips. Her angel had come at last to grant her wish... and now, her greatest dream had finally come true.


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