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Old June 5th, 2013 (4:33 AM).
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Why not?

May Stats here:

Discuss some of the things that stand out.

Here's some of mine.

- Blastoise usage is a bit eh, it's not worthy of Top 10. Hitmontop does a better job of spinning imo because it can spin on some Ghosts due to Foresight and Intimidate > lolTorrent. Not to mention it's pretty iffy as a bulky water, even unboosted hits with take 40%~ off and with no recovery, it's not lasting long at all.
- Good to see Victini getting more usage, that thing is so damn good when played well. V-Create/Blue Flare/Bolt Strike are such good nukes.
- Dual Dragons need more love
- Togekiss is too low, that thing is damn near overpowered with the right support/team.
- Meloetta needs to be higher, those monstrous stats are being overlooked.
- Asspom is dropping in usage...finally.

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