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    Author's Note
    Each chapter of this story will be based around each of the different protagonists, like Fire and Water, and antagonists, such as Thunder and 'The Boss'.

    Chapter 1
    It was a fine morning in the Elium region. The Pidgey were chirping, Rattata scurrying about collecting food, and Marill playing in the pond.


    The name resonated throughout the woods, reaching the still dormant ears of our adventurer, still asleep in his cabin. The door to the cabin opened, bathing Fire in the sun's rays, much to his displeasure. A man stepped into the cabin and began to shake Fire awake.

    "Fire! Fire, wake up!" the man said excitedly.

    "I'm up, I'm up! What do you need now, Prof. Roak?" Fire replied, groggily. "A man can't even have the dignity of being woken up by his alarm clock..."

    "Fire, I have the best of news!" said Prof. Roak, ignoring the comment. "Entei was spotted not far from her, in the northern part of the Highlands!"

    "What!?" exclaimed Fire, suddenly fully awake.

    "Yes, but I will tell you more about it and your mission later, since I have a very important errand to run. Meet me at my lab in say, 10 minutes?" the professor said.

    "Mission?" questioned Fire, but Roak had already left the cabin. Fire crawled out of bed and started preparing for the day. He ate breakfast, brushed his teeth, combed his hair, trimmed his beard, and put on the new exploring gear that his mother had sent him from Goldenrod City.

    Fire stepped out into the cool morning air, stopping to look around at the trees and nature surrounding him, and then started to make his way towards Prof. Roak's Research Laboratory on the other side of the reserve. He had been sent out to help Prof. Roak by his old mentor, Prof. Elm, after he had defeated the Indigo Plateau Elite 4 and the Champion, Gold.

    In the month that they had been on the island, they had made is somewhat tame. Their tents became log cabins, a path was blazed through the forest, and a deck was put in down by the western beach.

    As Fire reached the lab, the door burst open, and a young woman stepped out.
    "Oh, hi Fire!" Water said sweetly.

    "H-hi Water," Fire said nervously. "W-what's up?"

    "I'm going down to the beach to play with my Pokemon," she replied. "Wanna come?"

    Only then did Fire notice that Water was only wearing her pink bikini, showing off more of her lightly tanned body than he was comfortable being around, and he became even more nervous.

    "Um, uh, well, I would love to, but, uh, I can't" stammered Fire. "Your dad needs me for something."

    "Oh, pooh," sighed Water. "Oh well, have fun doing whatever daddy needs you for." Water moved around Fire and continued down the path that led out of the woods and onto the beach. Fire watched her go until he couldn't see her any more, and sighed. He entered the lab, and was soon hustled into the back room by Prof. Roak's assistants.

    "Ah, there you are, Fire," exclaimed the professor as he removed his goggles.

    "I'm ready for your mission now, Professor," replied Fire.

    "Oh, are you now?" Roak said inquisitively. "I don't see any Pokemon on your belt, and your pack looks next to empty."

    "But that's because-," started Fire, but Roak cut in before he could finish.

    "Yes, yes, I know, I have your Pokemon sitting on that machine right over there," the professor said, pointing towards a healing machine in the center of the room. "I've also prepared some items for your journey, so give me your pack. Now, go collect your Pokemon."

    Fire walked over to the machine and grabbed his Cyndaquil, Taillow, and Eevee from off the machine. He walked back towards the professor and recieved his bag from Roak's outstretched hand.

    "I've placed several essential items in there, like Potions, Antidotes, Pokeballs, and whatnot. I've also placed a special HM in there, and a Masterball, just in case you actually do encounter Entei. Notice though that I only have 2 extras, so make sure you don't miss the throw and lose the ball, ok?" instructed Roak. "Now that you're all set, shoo! Go find that Entei!"

    "What about a Pokedex?" inquired Fire.

    "Pokedex? Oh. Well, you know, the whole point of us being here is to study Entei, but if you insist, I think there's one in the storage cabin," replied the professor, who was already busy typing up a document on his computer.

    "Ok," said Fire as he left the lab. Fire made his way towards the storage cabin and opened the door. Even though it was still a fairly new building and people were going in and out of it constantly, it was extremely dusty. Fire found the old Pokedex on a shelf in the back of the cabin.

    Fire left the cabin and started out at a brisk pace down the roughly made path leading out of the forest. He soon came across some of the forest Pokemon. Fire took out his Pokedex and scanned one that crawled into his path.

    "Wurmple, the Worm Pokemon. It uses the sharp spikes on it's rear to fend off predators, such as Taillow and Pidgey," informed the Pokedex.

    "Hm, seems pretty weak...," Fire said to himself. "Go, Taillow!" Fire threw a Pokeball and his red, white, and blue bird Pokemon burst out of it.

    "Taillooow!" it squawked.

    "Taillow, use Wing Attack on that Wurmple!" commanded Fire. The Taillow took off and darted through the air, heading straight for the Wurmple. Taillow struck the worm Pokemon with it's wings, sending it crashing into a tree.

    'The Wurmple is clearly to weak to fight now,' thought Fire. 'This is my best shot at capturing it.'

    "Wurmple, you're mine!" yelled Fire as he threw an empty Pokeball at the dazed Pokemon. The Pokeball fell to the ground with Wurmple inside, and began to rock. "Come on...," Fire said to himself. The Pokeball rocked a few more times, and then clicked.

    "Successfully capturing a Pokemon is always exciting," said Fie, smiling to himself. He retrieved Wurmple's Pokeball, and then turned towards his Taillow, which was patiently waiting for him on the path. "Taillow, return," Fire said as he held out it's Pokeball. The Pokemon sprang back inside, and the Pokeball closed and clicked. Fire set both Pokeballs into his belt and continued on his way, often stopping to enjoy the scenery.

    As Fire continued on his trek through the forest, he thought he heard a girl talking and something purring softly. He dismissed the idea, telling himself that he was just imagining things. Soon enough, he saw a break in the forest, and he stepped through it onto the plains beyond.

    Chapter 2
    Water was having one of the worst days of her life. First, she failed to impress Fire. Then she got scared by a Caterpie. She got herself lost in the woods running away from it, and she had forgotten her Pokemon and Pokenav, so she couldn't call her dad. As she walked precariously through the trees, she came across a small clearing with a little pond.

    Water sat down by the pond, scared and cold. A lone tear sprung from her eye and rolled down her cheek, finally dropping into the pond below, causing a ripple in the still water. Suddenly, more ripples appeared from other directions, and the water seemed to be becoming purer.

    Startled, Water glanced up, and to her surprise, she saw a Pokemon, standing on the the water. Water gazed in awe at the light blue and white canine standing before her, and all her sadness seemed to drain away.

    The Pokemon slowly walked towards her, and almost as if upon instinct, she stretched out her hand and touched the tip of it's nose. The Pokemon began to purr, and a look o content passed over it's face.

    "Well, hello there," Water said. "What's your name?" She giggled as it brushed it's face up against hers. "Friendly little guy, aren't you?" questioned Water, more to herself than to the Pokemon. "Hey, do you know the way out of these woods?"

    The Pokemon looked at her knowingly, and walked slowly and softly out of the clearing. Water stood up and began to follow it. She watched it's graceful movements as it led her, still in awe at it's beauty.

    'If only I was as beautiful as this Pokemon,' she though to herself. 'Maybe then I would have been able to impress--'

    Water paused her though as she realized that they were out of the forest and had entered the Rendezvous Point. She saw her dad and ran up to him.

    "Daddy!" Water cried, hugging him tight.

    "Hi sweetie," exclaimed Roak.

    "Daddy, you'll never believe what happened. I got lost in the forest, and this beautiful Pokemon led me out," she said excitedly. "It's right over--"
    Water spun around and nothing. The Pokemon was gone.

    "I don't see anything but grass there honey," the professor said.

    "But...," Water stuttered. "It was light blue and white...with long purple hair, and..."

    "I'm sorry, but I don't recognize the Pokemon you're talking about," Prof. Roak replied sympathetically. "Maybe you should ask Fire, he might know what it is."

    "Fire...?" Water said to herself, remembering that cute little flip that he does with his hair when it gets in his eyes, and the way--

    "Water, are you ok?" asked Roak. "You look like you've seen the most amazing pair of jeans in the world."

    "Huh? Oh, yeah, I'm fine," Water said, blushing at her father's joke.

    "Ok, well, I've gotta get back to work," her dad said. "Oh, you know, you forgot your Pokemon here at the lab."

    "Woops," Water blushed even more. Roak extended his arm, and Water took the three Pokeballs he was holding.

    "Sorry I forgot you, Totodile," Water said apologetically to one of the Pokeballs. "Now we can actually go for a swim!"

    Prof. Roak paused and watched as his daughter ran with her Pokemon down the road, her long blonde hair flowing behind her, sighed and smiled to himself before finished up his
    paper work.

    Chapter 3
    Fire stood in the middle of the grassland, scanning the wide open area in front of him for any sign of life. A faint breeze was blowing from the north, causing the long, unruly grass to rustle and wave, and the waves hitting the beach could be heard in the distance. Fire noticed something moving beneath the ocean of green, and readied himself for a battle.

    "Sounds like there's an Ekans under there...," Fire said.

    Before he could jump at the spot, however, he noticed something strange on the horizon. A huge billowing dust cloud was coming straight at him from the east. Fire took out a pair of binoculars and focused in on what was causing the dust cloud. Fire had to look twice before his brain actually registered what he saw.

    "I thought this island chain was supposed to be uninhabited...," Fire said to himself. "And yet here I stand, looking at 3 ATVs coming straight for me."

    As the vehicles got closer, Fire looked through the binoculars again, and this time, he was really taken aback.

    "Team Rocket!?" he said. "I thought Giovanni disbanded Team Rocket after that kid Red ruined his plans!"

    Fire crouched down in the grass, so the riders wouldn't see him, and pulled out his PokéNav, dialing the professor's number faster than he had ever before.

    "Come on...," Fire said frantically as he heard ringing on the other end. After several more rings, the professor picked up.

    "Hello?" Roak said.

    "Professor, I have something to--," Roak started to say, but his PokéNav was taken away from him by a gloved hand.

    "Well, well, well, what have we hear?" the owner of the gloved hand, a man with blue hair, said. Fire tried to take the PokéNav back, but the person threw it to his comrade.

    "Looks like one of 'dem phone devices Trainers carry," said the receiving Rocket grunt.

    "Hey, give that back!" Fire said angrily, charging at the large goon.

    "Calm down," the other Rocket grunt, who wasn't quite so muscular as the oaf who had Fire's phone, said as he grabbed Fire by the shoulders and spun him around. "You'll get your little phone back soon enough. Now, tell me, why are you here?"

    "I don't have to tell you anything!" Fire shouted, trying to break free of the grunts hold.

    "Hey, Thunder, this guy says he doesn't have to tell us anything, heh," Fire's captor said to the blue haired grunt who took Fire's PokéNav and was clearly the leader.

    "Hm, brave," Thunder said coldly. "We'll see how brave he is after he's been pulverized by my Seviper."

    "Wait, what?" the grunt replied, almost releasing his grip on Fire.

    "You heard me, Spike," growled Thunder. "Now, let him go."

    Spike released Fire from his grip, and he backed up along with the oaf.

    "Oh boy, a battle," the oaf said with glee. "I haven't seen one of 'dem in a while."

    "Quiet Logan," hissed Spike. "Can't you see Thunder is trying to concentrate?"

    Thunder ignored his compatriots, and took several steps back, leaving 15 feet of grassland between him and Fire.

    "Are you ready?" Thunder said.

    Fire didn't reply, and Thunder wasn't in the mood for waiting for an answer.

    "Ok then, here we go," he shouted. "Go, Seviper!"

    Thunder threw a Pokéball, and his black snake Pokémon appeared.

    'A Seviper, huh?' thought Fire. 'I haven't had to battle one of those before...'

    "Go, Eevee!" Fire yelled as he threw his Pokéball. The ball hit the ground, and his Eevee popped out, clearly excited about the match it was about to participate in.

    Chapter 4
    "An Eevee, huh?" Thunder sneered. "Doesn't look like it's a match for my Seviper. Use Poison Fang!"

    Seviper curled itself up, and lunged at Eevee, fangs glowing purple from the venom within them. Just moments before Seviper bit into Eevee, it dodged, and Seviper struck the ground where Eevee stood.

    'Ugh, Seviper...,' Thunder thought to himself. "Come on Seviper, pick yourself up!"

    Seviper tried to get back up, but was too dazed to stay up, and fell back into the dirt.

    "Eevee, use Iron Tail!" Fire commanded.

    Eevee's charged at the dazed Seviper, it's tail glowing bright white. Eevee jumped into the air, and struck Seviper with it's Iron Tail, sending it flying across the makeshift arena.

    'Ugh, for a Steel-type move on a Poison-type Pokémon, it had some kick,' thought a surprised Thunder. 'This kid really knows what he's doing.'

    "Come on Seviper, we can do this!" Thunder shouted at his Pokémon. Seviper slowly lifted it's head, and turned to give Thunder a confident look.

    "Much better," said Thunder proudly. "Now, retaliate with another Poison Fang!"

    Seviper again sprung into the air at Eevee, and again, Eevee tried to dodge, but this time, Seviper was anticipating that would happen. Seviper turned it's head and clamped on to Eevee's left hind leg. Eevee growled and shook Seviper off, limping over to Fire. Thunder could hear his fellow grunts whooping it up on the sidelines.

    "Eevee, no!" Fire cried out as he saw the pain his Pokémon was in. Thunder smiled to himself as Seviper drew back to him, confident that he would win this battle.

    "Wait, what's this...?" Thunder said to himself. "It looks like that kid is going to continue battling with that Eevee!"

    "Eevee, use Take Down!" Fire shouted. Eevee started to limp forward, slowly progressing in speed until it was at a full sprint. Both Seviper and Thunder eyed the oncoming Pokémon uneasily. Before either of them could react, however, Eevee charged head first into Seviper, and a huge dust cloud hid both Pokémon from sight.

    As the dust cleared, Thunder cried out in shock at what he saw. His Seviper lay on the ground, unmoving. He frantically ran over to it and picked it up in his arms.

    "What the hell is this!?" he yelled. "You fainted my Seviper!"

    "Well hey, you asked for a battle," replied Fire.

    "Yeah, but I was supposed to win, not you!" said Thunder. Thunder turned around and marched over to his parked ATV. "Come on guys," he shouted at Spike and Logan. "We're heading back!"

    The two grunts scrambled over to their own ATVs and revved them up. Thunder looked over at Fire one last time, and said, "Next time, I'm going to win."

    The three grunts drove off east with Thunder in the lead, leaving Fire in there dust.

    'Just who does that guy think he is, anyway?' thought Thunder, angrily. 'Challenging me, a Team Rocket Executive, to a time, I'll show him. With the help of this new Pokémon the boss has captured, I'll be sure to defeat him, and the rest of his puny little research crew...'

    Thunder fumed over his loss until he and his two companions drove there vehicles into the garage at Rocket HQ hidden deep within a mountain. Thunder dismounted and started off towards the elevator on the other side of the garage at a brisk pace, unwilling to wait up for the other two grunts.

    Thunder entered and pushed the button that would take him to the 47th, which was the uppermost, floor of the base. As he waited for the elevator to reach it's destination, he thought up a report to give to his boss. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened up to a stately suite with luxurious carpets and furniture placed strategically for the most compact yet comfortable environment.

    Thunder stepped out of the elevator and walked over to a high backed arm chair, and faced the figure who was seated on it.

    "Report," the man in the chair said.

    "We failed to find, let alone capture, any of the Legendary Beasts, and on the way back to base, we were defeated by a wandering Trainer on the Grasslands west of here," Thunder said.

    "Hm. Such a sad thing. You have failed me yet again, Executive Thunder. I will have to demote you if you fail me once more," the man said sinisterly.

    "Yes sir," replied Thunder. "What will you have me do now?"

    "Well now, let's see...nothing too hard...," the man in the chair said as he shuffled through paper work. "Ah yes, here we go."

    The man handed Thunder a document, and Thunder scanned over it.

    "You want me to scare away the research team?" Thunder said sceptically.

    "What, are you scared of the woods?" scoffed the man. "No matter, it shouldn't be to hard. Not even Logan could screw this up. Just march in there, show them who the dominant ones are on this island, and make sure they keep their yaps shut about us being here. We don't need any of those Pokémon Rangers flooding the island, you hear? Oh, and take Spike and Logan with you."

    "Yes sir," Thunder said.

    "Then you are dismissed," Thunder's boss said, turning back to the documents he was holding.

    As Thunder was taking the elevator down to his quarters to prepare himself for his next mission, he wondered how he had gotten himself into such a mess. First he had failed at capturing the Entei from the Highlands, then he had failed at capturing any of the Beasts, and finally, he had been beaten by a person he had just met, and threatened with demotion if he failed his next mission.

    Thunder stepped into his Executive's suite, and started to change out of his Rocket outfit and into some more casual clothing. He then took his Seviper down to the infirmary. He then headed over to the training area, to strengthen up for the mission ahead of him.

    Chapter 5

    As Fire stood on the plains, watching the dust clouds Team Rocket had kicked up in their escape, he was struck by a sudden realization.

    "They still have my PokeNav!" he shouted, taking off at full sprint in the direction Team Rocket went.

    Fire rushed through the tall, unruly grass with the sun at his back, startling wild Pokemon out of there hiding spots and nests as he went. He only stopped to catch his breath midway through the grassland, only to continue on with renewed vigor. After many hours of running, the grassland slowly started to rise, and then melted away entirely into a lush forest surrounding a giant mountain.

    Fire stopped a couple yards away from the forest and surveyed it, looking for any sign of recent travel. He soon found a trail that led straight up the mountain, wrapping around it in a counterclockwise fashion. Gathering his bearings, Fire started to trudge up the rocky mountain trail.

    "Hm...," Fire said as he came up to a giant black hangar door with a giant red "R" painted on it. "Sure don't seem to be good at hiding themselves."

    Fire investigated the surrounding area, looking for a way to open the door, locating a hand analyzer. He sat down in front of the door, pondering what he should do. A few moments later, the doors started to rise, and Fire quickly jumped to his feet and into a nearby bush.

    One ATV and a pair of dirt bikes sped out and down the mountain side, leaving Fire coughing up dirt. The door slowly started to close, and Fire quickly rolled under it just before it closed. Fire examined what appeared to be a dimly garage, filled with ATVs, dirt bikes, and metal crates and cages.

    Fire stood up and dusted himself off, walking down the lanes of vehicles towards the back of the room, where an elevator waited. Fire stepped into the elevator, and stared at all the buttons.

    "Wow, there are a LOT of floors," he exclaimed.

    After a few moments of thinking, Fire settled on going to the highest floor. The elevator slowly started to rise, ticking off the floor number overhead. On the 28th floor, the elevator stopped.

    "Oh, shoot," Fire said, looking for a place to hide.

    Fire ducked under the padded seat attached to the back of the elevator almost at the exact same time as the doors opened. In stepped a female Rocket member, still in her Charmander themed pajamas.

    "Ugh, why would anyone go to the top floor...?" she said groggily, pressing a button with her right hand while brushing her long brown hair with her left.

    The elevator continued up on it's slow journey, and Fire was starting to get cramped in his position under the seat. The grunt wasn't helping, either, since first she had sat down on the seat, causing it to squeeze him, and then when she decided she was going to lay down on it, he had barely enough room to breath.

    'I hope this ends soon,' he thought to himself, struggling not to make a sound while laboring for air.

    Suddenly, the elevator stopped again, and the doors opened. The lady grunt got up off the seat and stepped off the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Fire rolled out from under the bench, and just laid there, happy that he could breath freely once again.

    After a few floors had passed, he stood back up, impatiently waiting for the elevator to reach the top floor. Eventually, it did, and the doors opened up on a large lavishly decorated room filled with exquisite furniture and beautiful paintings. Fire stepped out, admiring the room, walking around and staring at every new thing he saw.

    "Wow, I wonder how they got enough money to pay for all of this?" Fire said quietly.

    Fire heard some sounds coming from behind a door, and he slowly creeped up and placed his ear against it to listen in on the conversation inside.

    "So, are we settled then? Five hundred thousand in cash for a shipment?" a man said.

    "Well, I kind of think that's a rather high price for a few Skittys and Whismurs, don't you think?" replied another man.

    "Are you questioning my fair pricing?" stated the first man.

    "No, no, nothing like that," replied the second man quickly.

    "Okay then. I'll have them shipped out tomorrow," the first man said. "You may go."

    "It was a pleasure doing business with you," said the second man. Fire backed away from the door as he heard foot steps coming towards the door, and the door swung open, a stately gentleman stepping out. The man glanced over at Fire and muttered a few words under his breath about 'unruly grunts' and 'bad room service'.

    Fire slowly stood up and began to tiptoe back towards the elevator. He had just about made it when suddenly alarms started blaring, metal bars falling over every window and the elevator doors.

    "Well, hello there," a voice said behind him.

    Fire turned around, and gasped with surprise as the lights went out.
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      I have no idea how to indent :P
      Don't worry, it's not you. You can't indent on the forums, so to create paragraphs, you just hit the Enter button twice. This way, there's a blank line between each one.

      A quick piece of advice for now that can help. If I have any time, I'll try to review more of your story. But I figured that knowing how to create paragraphs would help.

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        Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
        Don't worry, it's not you. You can't indent on the forums, so to create paragraphs, you just hit the Enter button twice. This way, there's a blank line between each one.

        A quick piece of advice for now that can help. If I have any time, I'll try to review more of your story. But I figured that knowing how to create paragraphs would help.
        Ah, thank you! I was so worried about my story because I couldn't indent lol.
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          Bumping the thread since I added chapter 3 and 4
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            Another bump for chapter 5
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