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Old June 19th, 2013 (3:26 PM).
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    Important note: The original file and game is being written and developed in spanish, given that this is an English only board, I'll have to translate my file to english before posting it and writing the idea and then having to translate it correctly for it not to lose the meaning. It can also take a while. I want this game to be a bit more grown up, the game will still be PG-13 and I believe that everyone in the forum will be able to read it for there is nothing related (at least until now) to adult relationships, alcohol, cigars or anything that some parents wouldn't like their kids to be reading on this forums. Just to keep my thread out of trouble. This is FICTION.

    I'm open to as much feedback, ideas and criticism you have, please share your thoughts as you will, no sugar coating. My game's not here to please everyone but there's still a lot to be made, a lot to be taken in consideration and I believe getting at least a few good/bad comments on the storyboard for the game will give me and my team a little more of certainty that we are at least moving in the right way.

    Also, be warned, it's a long read. I do not take game development lightly and I will share with you all every single detail of what I and my friends have thinked of so far and everything can and will most likely be modified with time.


    Pokémon: GGG

    Notes from the authors:
    The idea for the GGG Pokemon universe is based on the information, history and myths of the Pokemon universe created by GameFreak. All names used are fictitious; any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

    Name: Pokemon: GGG (Not Final)
    Engine: RPG Maker XP + Pokemon Essentials v12
    Team: Danks, Openmindeo, BadLuckPortu, Kxddy, Juve, Yunizilla, Sauro, EdeAzul…
    (none of the others are registered in the site, but I'll keep their names for show)

    XXXREGIONXXX will be replaced with the new region’s name.
    XXXCIUDADXXX is to be changed for the initial town’s name.
    XXXCIUDAD6 is the name of the city next to the initial town.
    XXXPROFESORXXX shall be replaced with the professor’s name.

    To Do once the main story has been finished:
    • Main Characters.
    • City names.
    • Final project name.
    • Logo for the project and art box of the game.
    • Deeper description for every region/country.
    • International Politics & sense of world economy.
    • Specific, original and unique features.



    The Universe
    The universe is vast and infinite; within it exist countless solar systems, planets, living beings and more... Why does the Universe exist? Does it have a purpose? Was it created accidentally? …Those are just some of the questions that we might never be able to answer, but the universe has been here long before us and will be here for much longer than us. All we know for sure is that 13.77 billion years ago the original explosion, the big bang, created stars and scattered them around the observable universe.

    The Creation
    4.6 billion years ago elsewhere in the universe, so far from us it's not even in our current visible range, in a vortex of chaos created by energies beyond our knowledge a single egg is conceived and with nothing more than a *puff* the egg is teletransported. Meanwhile, our solar system billions of years ago is just a lifeless big empty space, nothing special, just another of the many deserts of darkness of the universe where life has yet to flourish. Without explanation, a single egg, almost sent specifically to that place, appears within the darkness of our system and with him a burst of energy and matter is brought, the energy and matter that over time became our solar system.

    After millions of years, the egg, enters the earth's atmosphere attracted by the gravity of our then desolated planet. With the impact of the egg in the volcanic soil of the earth, Arceus is born, the Original Pokemon.

    The Origin

    Arceus, a powerful pokemon with infinite wisdom and unimaginable powers, exists as the manifestation of the nothingness that once filled our system before his egg was conceived. With his birth the difference between what is good and what is evil is defined along with the moral rules of life. Using the essence of time Arceus creates Dialga and entrusts him the power to shape and protect the time with help of Palkia, the Pokemon with the power to protect space. Since good and evil were already defined, Arceus decided to concieve Giratina as the protector of truth, falsehood and justice, who would have the ability to move between the different dimensions created by Dialga and Palkia.

    Arceus then entrusted Giratina the Distortion World, where he should remain vigilant, as the judge of our universe, punishing evil. Dialga and Palkia retired to their own dimensions to rest, waiting forever the day that the time and space needed to be protected.

    Arceus proceeds to create Uxie so that he would spread knowledge, Mesprit to share emotions and Azelf to deliver passion and willpower to the creatures that would later on inhabit the planet earth. With the pressure of the ocean he created Kyogre and with the magma within the highest mountains it was Groudon who had the task to expand both oceans and mainland respectevly, and this way the Pangaea and the great ocean were created, but the day in which both faced each other came and instinctively became rivals, beginning a conflict to decide which of the two would control the world. Arceus, fearing that the conflict between Groudon and Kyogre would destroy what they had created, created Rayquaza with the minerals that were in the earth's ozone layer.

    Rayquaza and Arceus managed to calm Groudon and Kyogre, making them retreat to their caves and then creating a sphere for each, the red sphere and the blue sphere, confining their souls to keep their bodies from waking and begin an endless and destructive battle. Arceus created a giant stone tower for Rayquaza to rest until the day Groudon and Kyogre wake up.

    Arceus then created a large population of Mews to live on earth and Regigigas to separate pangaea, thus giving shape to the different continents. Finally, Arceus created the 3 lakes in which Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf sleep. He then proceeded to create the Dimensional Tower in case the world needed to contact Dialga or Palkia before he teleported and fell into deep slumber.

    And so would millions of years go by, until about 300 million years ago, the population of Mews would start to slowly decrease, giving room to the first heirs of Mew, the ancestor of Genesect, Kabutops and with time all the other Pokemon that today are known as fossils. The evolutionary process would begin and 250,000 years ago the first H. Sapiens would walk the earth.

    Time Line

    • Kabuto and Kabutops became extinct about 300 million years ago.
    • Anorith and Armaldo are now extinct.
    • 156 million years ago Archen and Archeops walk the earth and become extinct 31 million years later.
    • 100 million years ago Lileep, Cradily, Cranidos, Rampardos, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Relicanth, Tirtouga and Carracosta walk the earth.
    • 66 million years ago Omanyte and Omastar, Aerodactyl, Tirtouga and Carracosta became extinct, it's believed that this happened due to the asteroid that crashed into the earth.
    • 2 million years ago Swinub, Piloswine and Mamoswine appear. The Magikarp were much stronger than those of today.
    • 20,000 years ago early humans create clay figurines, Baltoy and Claydol are born.
    • 10,000 years ago the three Regis are created.
    Stone Age: Regirock
    Ice Age: Regice
    Iron Age: Registeel.
    At some point after the Iron Age, Regigigas was sealed in the temple and Regirock, Regice and Registeel exiled to different caves of the region.
    Both Ho-Oh and Lugia are born, and Lugio being the Master of Birds created Arcticuno, Zapdos and Moltres (winter, spring and summer) to keep the world in balance and avoid another ice age.
    • 2000 years ago Bronzong and Conkeldurr already existed.
    • 1500 years ago the oldest known system of writing was invented. Currently it is not known whether the Unown or writing came first.
    • 1400 years ago Sigilyph awakens in an ancient city to protect it from invaders.

    Recent history of the world
    • A little religion is created. According to the legend, it was created by the friendship of two twins and a powerful Pokémon in order to live in a place full of peace and harmony. The twins decided to split their ways, one seeks the truth and the other seeks ideals of life, giving way to a long conflict. Reshiram and Zekrom are born due to the separation of that powerful Pokémon. The battles between Reshiram and Zekrom reduce to ashes a part of the Region. Humans capture Reshiram and Zekrom and exile them to avoid more conflicts.
    Kyurem falls to earth in a meteorite.
    • Ho-Oh and Lugia towers are built.
    • 400 years ago the world is suffering of terrible wars. The beasts Trio (Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo) face the humans to save Pokémon of devastation.
    • Lugia’s tower burns due to a terrible thunderstorm and three Pokémon die in the tower; Lugia retires to an underwater cave to recover.
    After burning for three days, the rain put out the flames of the tower and Ho-Oh revived the 3 Pokémon who died, legend has it that the 3 Pokémon that died represented the three great powers of story: the lightning that struck the tower, the fire that burned everything, and the rain that put out the fire (Jolteon, Flareon and Vaporeon) and gave them some power, creating Suicune, Raikou and Entei.
    • The Pokémon League and Pokémon gyms have existed around the world for many years; each region takes part on it. It resembles the Olympic Games of our universe.
    The need to compete for attention of women or the need to prove who is the strongest has always existed, and in honour of thousands of years of Pokémon battles, the Pokémon League was created, a system that would take all the trainers in the world in count and would allow them to fight in order to determine the best ones of each region.

    Stories and myths
    Pick clean the bones of Pokémon caught in the sea or stream.
    Thank them for the meals they provide, and pick their bones clean.
    When the bones are as clean as can be, set them free in the water from which they came.
    The Pokémon will return, fully fleshed, and it begins anew.

    There lived a Pokémon in a forest.
    In the forest, the Pokémon shed its hide to sleep as a human.
    Awakened, the human dons the Pokémon hide to roam villages.

    there once were Pokémon that became very close to humans.
    There once were humans and Pokémon that ate together at the same table.
    It was a time when there existed no differences to distinguish the two.

    Velistone’s Myth
    A young man, callow and foolish in innocence, came to own a sword.
    With it, he smote Pokémon, which gave sustenance, with carefree abandon.
    Those not taken as food, he discarded, with no afterthought.
    The following year, no Pokémon appeared. Larders grew bare.
    The young man, seeking the missing Pokémon, journeyed afar.
    Long did he search. And far and wide, too, until one he did find.
    Asked he, "Why do you hide?" To which the Pokémon replied...
    "If you bear your sword to bring harm upon us, with claws and fangs, we will exact a toll.
    From your kind we will take our toll, for it must be done.
    Done it must be to guard ourselves and for it, I apologize."
    To the skies, the young man shouted his dismay.
    "In having found the sword, I have lost so much.
    Gorged with power, I grew blind to Pokémon being alive.
    I will never fall savage again. This sword I denounce and forsake.
    I plead for forgiveness, for I was but a fool."
    So saying, the young man hurled the sword to the ground, snapping it.
    Seeing this, the Pokémon disappeared to a place beyond seeing...

    The Great War

    Years before the protagonist was born, a war exploded between the different regions of the world that lasted 20 long years. A war for power and control, with the amount of technological advances, discoveries about the world's creation were being made every so often. The trio of beasts who had once saved the Pokémon of the destruction of the wars between humans failed and decided to escape before being caught.

    During the war, all regions were hunting Mews because they had discovered that Mew was the ancestor of all existing Pokémon and the only one who had survived over the years. Humans began to suspect that Mew had to do with the creation of the world and began hunting for Mews, because only a Pokemon with great amount of power could survive extinction, which cut out much more the already small population of Mews.

    Countless number of experiments were made with these Pokémon, looking for a way to create an even more powerful Pokémon to win the war, one experiment would fail and Ditto was created.
    Years after that failed experiment, Mewtwo was conceived in XXXREGIONXXX, it's mere purpose was find the other legendary Pokemon and then defeat the other regions. Mewtwo of course, who knew of its large amount of power, decided not to follow the humans and started fighthing against it's creators, destroying all facilities that had to do with cloning and disposing of a large number of people. The remaining Mews escaped to the Dimensional Tower Arceus once created for fear of what might happen next, they then contacted Palkia and Dialga so that Arceus would be awaken. The moment Arceus appeard a large part of the world vanished, sending everyone who fought in the war to Giratina's dimension where all would equally pay for the destruction and death of Pokémon and humans. After that Arceus calmed and sealed Mewtwo in a cave, for fear that in a moment of anger he would destroy mankind, after that Arceus disapeared once again.

    Many Pokémon were affected in the war explaining why there are hospitals and p-centers even in the smallest towns. Humanity lost almost an entire generation of men, also explains why there are more women than men and many types of Pokémon are now on the verge of extinction.
    Many of the world's questions were answered with the sudden appearance of Arceus. The remaining scientist concluded that it had been Arceus who created the world and the Pokémon that inhabited the planet and after that humanity continued to progress in peace. But the fact that Arceus had teleported a lot of people and Pokémon to Giratina's dimension, did not mean that the Great War would be the last problem that affect the world.

    Year 2033

    The world map was completely changed, many regions and continents disappeared in the blink of an eye, it can be said that the earth was re-invented, leaving very little of what once existed. During the following years, little by little, the world was rebuilding and re-creating the new world order.

    The New World

    All regions chose to remain faithful to their old official languages, but with the demise of the USA and UK, the new international language is now Spanish. (Ironic that I’m posting this on English on an English only forum based on the US, don’t worry guys, you are not dead, you are only living on another dimension for the time being)

    International Coorporations/Groups
    KI [Kokusai Interijensu] (International Inteligence/Inteligencia Internacional): It is an international institution that is to be found all around the world, they are the police in charge of stopping the groups who use Pokémon for evil. They are the main organizers of the Pokémon League; usually offer the best trainers work. You will meet several trainers that will help you beat La Résistance. Its main base is located in Japan.

    SCP (Sociedad Científica Pokémon/Pokémon’s Scientific Society): A global organization that is responsible for studying Pokémon and that is keen that the Pokémon and humans can live in harmony without destroying each other. Each region has a political body responsible for the laws of Pokémon and the SCP regulates these political bodies worldwide. Its main base is located in Queensland, but there are several buildings spread through out all the regions in order to investigate and research. They work as the referees/moderators of the Pokémon League. All Pokémon professors and researchers work for the SCP.

    New Age: It is a global organization, originally from Queensland well known but with little to no power. They are mostly youngsters and hippies who believe that humans and Pokémon should live in harmony without the use of Pokeballs. They say that the SCP is evil and that they will be the reason Arceus will return. Nobody takes them seriously and only make peaceful protests around the p-centers, at the Pokémon League and at Zeland CORPS (the company that designs Pokeballs).


    Venezuela, known today as XXXREGIONXXX is one of the regions that remained after the appearance of Arceus, it recovered quickly and became the most technologically advanced region of the world. It is one of the 3 countries that are part of the New American Union.
    It’s known as the most mega diverse region on earth and one of the most powerful of the new world. Many people have settled in this region and eventually all bad influences from the old generation that once drove Venezuela to a socio-political crisis were forgotten and discarded, it’s now a very friendly and peaceful country.

    XXXREGIONXXX is divided into sectors, which is where the current cities and towns are located. Each city has its own government and the capital of the region is Pomelo City. Most sectors have a Pokémon gym and the gym leader also acts as the mayor and city manager. The cities that do not have gym are added to the sector where the nearbyest gym is located.
    For being the most mega diverse region and being the currently most populated land in the world, XXXREGIONXXX is where international competitions of the Pokémon League are held, where top 3 players from each region are invited to fight for the world title.

    Since XXXREGIONXXX is an area with a lot of diversity, there are many people whose family roots correspond to regions and countries that no longer exist today. In XXXREGIONXXX racism does not exist as the new generations gave way to old bad habits of Venezuelan society.

    National Corporations/Groups
    Regional Police: Each region has its own police force; the police are responsible for giving information to the KI and are responsible for all human crimes and some crimes that have to do with Pokémon under the supervision of KI. In XXXREGIONXXX, they are called Policia Nacional (PN). Law dictates that there must be at least 2 policemen /woman in every town/city at everytime.

    Die Jäger: A group led by three Pokémon experts and hunters. They have a small of mostly grutns and their mission is to find strong and rare Pokémon and sell them to the highest bidder. They are not the main enemy in the story, but you will fight against them in caves and cities, they will also try and sell you Pokémon (it’s up to you to buy them or not). After beating the Elite4 you find out where their main base is and you convince yourself of defeating them once and for all for being cruel to Pokémon. They also sell Pokémon and legendary Pokemons location of the other enemy teams. They come from the old lands of Rheinland, that’s why they speak some german.

    TNO (The New Order): A political/religious organization of Pokémon trainers who seek to control legendary Pokémon like: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Mewtwo, Regigigas, Reshiram, Zekrom and/or Kyurem in order to force a new world order and control the future of humanity. The 5 who are in command of this organization are known as "The 5 Saints" very dangerous trainters, their true identities are still unknown, but rumors say that two are owners of large enterprises, 2 are important Politicians and one of them was a member of the SCP until he was fired for using Pokémon for his own purpose. This organization’s main objective is to capture Arceus somehow to ensure that they will not be sent elsewhere like it happened when Arceus appeared. They are one of the most recurring costumers of Die Jäger. You’ll fight the TNO several times in different cities where they will be causing trouble, stealing Pokémon and recruiting new trainers, you find the main base after beating the Elite4. TNO is an XXXREGIONXXX original.

    SSA (Silver Salvation Army): A small religious sect that after the onset of Arceus became a violent group that will destroy everything in its path to be closer to catch Arceus and indoctrinate and the rest of the world. In the beginning they were a group of people who saved children affected by the war, and would give them food and education. The head of the group is known as "The Redeemer", a madman who thinks he is better than everyone else, he believes to have been the responsible for Arceus appeareance and that he achieved it by sacrifices and prayers. He is an enemy of TNO and Die Jäger, this religious sect claims to be the only one worthy of the control of legendary Pokémon. This sect is public and popular, they’ve appeared several times on television and you meet them several times, the protagonist deals with this sect before beating the Elite4. The SSA exists throughout the New American Union.

    La Résistance: This Carolignian group is the main enemy, conformed by the militars that remained after Arceus disappeared. After the war, the armies of all regions were disintegrated to prevent further wars, “How will there be wars if soldiers who fight in them?” that was the solution that politicians of many regions gave, followed by massive destruction of all firearms. Some generals and commanders of the armies of the various regions were able to communicate after the disappearance of Arceus and decided to let patriotism aside and fight together for the greater good: catch Arceus, control humanity and then manage the Pokémon of the world. They have people infiltrated into the Kokusai Interijensu and the SCP and a couple of spies at the TNO. You beat them after finishing the Elite4 near Dimensional Tower where you will go looking for Arceus. The people who attack you early in the game and steal the two other starters from you are from La Résistance, but that you find out about that after the robbery.

    Other Countries/Regions

    Zealand CORPS.
    A large company that was able to buy what remained of the Netherlands after the sea swallowed almost all of its land. It’s the corporation that manufactures Pokéballs and at that pseudo-country is where its main building is located. Many Pokeballs are produced in this region, but not all are manufactured Zealand, since most of the regions has its own small factory to facilitate and to avoid Pokeballs to became scarce.

    Japan and now unified Korea are the remaining representatives of Asia; they are now political allies and work in harmony for the good of the nations.
    Although new generations have neglected previous bad habits, much of its original culture is still present and both are still faithful to their traditions even years after the war and the disappearance of many regions.

    Their correctness and perfectionist habits still remains, reason why the name of the country is so long and accurate. The new is capital based on Frankfurt and there are only 4 states: Rheinland Pfalz, Bayern, Sachsenburg and Hamburg-Berlin.

    New Carolingen
    Just like France was before, Carolingen remains the art capital of the world and is now world famous for the number of schools and universities specialized each in a single artistic aptitude, besides counting as large Pokémon gyms, they don’t just practice and learn about art, but are also very capable trainers.

    After the war, the other African and Arab countries came together, resulting in a larger and improved UAE. The region is famous for being the only place in the world where the government is religious, but the religion was weakened enough after the appearance of Arceus and is today only iconic tradition.

    Cattleya y Turdidae
    They are the only remaining XXXREGIONXX’s neighbors and the other two members of the New American Union. The population of both countries is not as high as that of XXXREGIONXXX and both regions are still in the process of adaptation to the new world.
    Turdidae took Spanish as their official language as the new emergency government steped up after the disaster that would make a large part of the world to disappear.
    Cattleya still has some problems supplying food for its own population, but is far from being in a crisis.

    Lives in a monarchy and is a very peaceful land, they are politically neutral to everything. It is the world's largest region in terms of size.

    Kara is conformed of Finland and remains of Russia. Its official language is Russian and this is currently the poorest region of the earth. They have some social problems that apparently did not disappear after the abrupt end of the war.

    New Holland
    Formerly known as Australia (or Down Under, lol), is the only country where English is still spoken officially. Like the regions that comprise the New American Union, Australia is an earthly paradise.

    Protagonist & Beginning of the game

    I'm translating this.

    Order of cities/gyms & Actual Map

    I'm translating this.

    Mision, Development and Ending

    I'm translating this.


    Hope you liked it so far! We still haven't decided on anything else and we are discussing what to do next and how. Like I said before, the feedback on the idea is appreciated. Here's an image of a test city we have, just for the lulz.

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