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Hack of the Year Results - 2014

Started by Christos February 2nd, 2015 8:07 AM
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Posted December 16th, 2019
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Hack of the Year 2014 - Results

Category Awards

From the results of the secret ballot in the nomination round, these are the hacks that have had the most votes in each category.

Pokémon Gaia has received the most votes in the ballot's Hack of the Year category, and also the greatest amount of votes from the first round overall. And out of all the hacks in Sideshow Showcase, Pokémon Emerald Omega was voted the community's favourite! And lastly, from the elimination round, Glazed has received the most votes in the poll, so it gets the title of the community's Fan Favourite.

Hack of the Year

A total of 5 judges, including myself, have played each hack and rated it in four categories. The reviews and reasoning behind the ratings can be found in the thread here. This year we're introducing a new Points system, where the hack with the highest total rating in each category will get 3 points, the second will get 2, and the last 1. The hack with the most points is the Hack of the Year!

Here's the breakdown for each category:




General Appeal

Totals and points

Pokémon Glazed has won Hack of the Year, congratulations! Thanks to everyone for participating, and especially to the judges, and Peitharchia for designing this year's awards.

Congratulations to all the winners, and happy hacking!

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All of the final results are very accurate, congratulations to redriders, Glazed are a very good hack, and congratulations to Aethestode and the chubby spheal Spherical Ice, don't stop of hacking, maybe the next year can won c:
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Congratulations, Glazed! To you, too, Adventure Red and Gaia :D


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Congratulations, To All 3 Hacks. I Played All 3 of them XD so Fun :)
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The entire 321 points system is a much better system and avoids any rogue judging. Bravo.

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Hmm red and gaia got almost the same firered style tiles not sure why gaia was voted more on graphics aspect when red got better custom tiles
Maybe because Spherical Ice's hack follow a predefined style (Al new tiles are un fully FR style) and Red Chapter are a combinations of other styles with FR style, I prefer al graphics in an only style.
I'm just a normal romhacker c:
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