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Dr. Seuss
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  • Vaya, quien lo diría el gran Gold, mejor conocido como el pro de los 1000 nombres (en mi imaginación) que fino.

    Mucho gusto, soy un chico qué quiere romper sus propios límites XD
    Feliz navidad, aunque ya es tarde.
    Did I report it 2 times? If so, I apologize, since I didn't have a response saying that the staff received my report or something I thought I forgot reporting the thread.
    Thanks for taking care of it o/
    hola amigo si soy yo el de WaH queria decirte que como puedo insertar sprites tipo HGSS a pokemon firered ya que no quiero tener que recortarlo ya que ese tipo de sprites mide 17x32 y 18x32 porque el hexmaniac solo puede innsertar 16x32
    Hey man, how did you create those awesome menus? Like when you press the start button and the updated background in the bags section?
    Ok, I didn't know about that, or maybe its not well known, so maybe have a little post or something telling about that, if there isn't one.
    If ya'll don't see a need for a whole new section, then instead I'd recommend adding a new filter tag, or something. like for gen1 gen2 or rombase. That should go a long way to helping these things stand out at least.
    Hey I was wondering, think y'all can setup another section in studio, just for new rom bases.

    They're not exactly hacks, just a version of the rom with more features or updated pokemon.

    Giving them their own section, but using the same submission rules as a new hack. i.e a submission post detailing what's different, with screenshots maybe, would go a long way to helping them standout.

    Since right now they're all just lost amoung the wash of rom hacks.

    Nother idea I had was maybe give early gen rom hacks (pre-gba) their own section too. They require different tools, and different methodology, so I think it would be good for them to have their own place they can talk with others and get help. And also display their hacks.

    Since there isn't even a filter for gen1 or gen 2 games, in the romhack sections.
    Hey - just wondering why you guys have the rule about the necessity of Screenshots when making a post. I understand not wanting low-effort posts, but there has to be a better way. As a dev, who exclusively plays their own hacks on a R4 or PSP, I find it would-be tedious to play an entire game I've been working on and playing for a long time, just for the sake of some lousy screenshots, nobody cares about anyway, and exist merely as some spam prevention tool.

    I'm not sure if this was the appropriate place for this inquiry, but as a moderator for the site, and specifically the "Rom Hacks STUDIO" section of this site, I think its fair to field the question to you.
    i dont know who it was but why did any of you delete my thread of pokemon magma beacause
    I'm not angry but I just want to know why it was deleted
    Hey seuss sorry to message you but wanted to ask which script editor you use to write scripts I need one but I don't know which one is good
    I did a test yesterday on Firered's clean base, the mugshot works perfectly. When compiling the CFRU already with the mugshot routine it presents an error. It seems to be some configuration of the CFRU, since before compiling it works perfectly.
    Hello, you helped me with the question of the BW menu in CFRU, I am not able to insert MUGSHOT now, are you successful when inserting Mugshot in CFRU?
    Sup Seuss. This thread should be moved to the Decomp & Disassembly Tutorials & Resources Section.

    I'll take the chance to ask, can I use the Report function for things like this?
    I normally use it to report rule-breaking posts involving spam, multiposts and the like so it feels a bit weird to me, which is why I'm just coming here instead, lol.
    Hey Seuss! I noticed you hid my post about a fix for the super effective string missing after changing the effectivness chart data.
    Ive been searching everywhere with no luck on any research into this. I thought it would be a good spot since there doesnt seem to be much research done for the problem.

    Could you point me to a place that could possibly give me some help and/or a place that might have some information on fixing the issue. Thank you!
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