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Pokémon Clubs Rules

Welcome to Pokémon Clubs! You've come to a place where we discuss our favorite features of the Pokémon World in individual group settings. We hope you enjoy yourself here, but we ask that you follow these rules to make sure everyone has good, clean fun!

- All Forum Wide Rules apply.

- Only Pokémon based Clubs are permitted in this forum. If your club isn’t related to Pokémon, please create it in Fan Clubs and Groups.

- When posting in a club the club's individual rules must be followed at all times.

- No trolling/flaming/disrespecting of any members in any club, regardless of opposing viewpoints on a topic or otherwise.

- When signing up to a club, it is recommended that you answer the current topic to keep the discussion flowing. To promote this, club owners should be placing an “Answer the Current Topic:” line in their sign-up forms

- All clubs must contain at minimum an introduction and sign-up form (or alternative method of signing up to the club) to be approved, and are urged to contain extra content to remain interesting. If you intend to create a club without a sign-up form/member list, please contact the section's moderators with details first.

- Do not join or create a club just to be negative. They're called fan clubs because people join to discuss the good things about the club, not to put things down.

- Please try and keep posts somewhat detailed and stay in line with the club's topic. In other words, don't spam!

- Members may own up to 3 clubs, no exceptions.

- Clubs must not be too specific. For example, a single Pokémon evolutionary line may not be a subject of a club as topics would run out far too soon.

- Any new clubs will require approval and may be rejected if they fail to meet requirements. If a club is rejected, I will send a PM explaining the reason behind the rejection. If a club is approved it will be linked in the directory.

- Ownership of a club may be transferred if an owner has been inactive in the club for an extended period of time, or upon the owner's request.

- Owners may double post if they've been the last poster for 1 week+ however this may only be done twice in a row, otherwise they'll have to wait for others to post.

- Strictly no linking to illegal material. This includes Pokemon anime episodes, illegal ROMS, and anything of the like, regardless of whether it applies to the club; any posting of illegal material will not be tolerated.

- Upon reaching 1 month without any new posts, a club will be considered dead, and is no longer eligible for new posts. The clubs will usually be closed at some point after the one month has passed, to prevent people from posting in the clubs afterwards, but if you find ones that aren't, simply don't post in them.

- Most of all, enjoy the section. That's the reason you're here of course!