6th Gen 20 Memories of #Pokemon20 - Day 5: Hoenn Reconfirmed!

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So many great experiences! I have to say that ORAS is definitely great when it comes to competitive battling and team building. In general, 6th gen really feels like a great attempt on the part of GameFreak to make competitive battling easier and more enjoyable. A few of the new mechanics did a really good job on that front, with the Destiny Knot, Super Training, O-Powers, Battle Spot, and the Exp. Share. But ORAS really brought it all together by giving us the Move Tutors (as DarkWolf13 mentions), 2 Day Cares, and the DexNav.

It's so great to see GameFreak giving more attention to the competitive aspect of the games! ORAS has definitely given us some great battling experiences ^^
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