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I hope they'll be expanding the beta testing field to Europe soon as well. I'd definitely sign myself up for this if it were.

Either way, I'm really excited. This means they're one step closer in development for the game.


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Call me strawberry jelly :P Aus deserves it. It seems like they don't usually get as many pretty things Pokemon-wise.
VGC didn't exist for us until recent years (despite the fact we still held TCG Championships), and we don't really get screwed over much with events as of late. Anyways, this is great news for Go because we all have a feeling the finished product will be worth it.
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Posted September 18th, 2020
I signed up. Finally we get something ahead of anyone else. We're the best!! I hope I get picked lol

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I signed up yesterday! Honestly we were kinda thinking we'd get it after everyone else again, but I'm glad Aus/NZ gets to try after Japan c: It would be nice to get picked, but I hope other PC peoples get picked too.

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