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This is the first time I've been so pumped about a Pokémon movie in a loooong time!

When Ash and co. meet Magearna I'm really reminded of their meeting and saving Diancie in the 17th movie.. they really do look so similar. Her voice is incredibly cute too!

And did Volcanion call Pikachu 'denki nezumi' (electric rat/mouse) here? Yet another mention to animals that probably don't exist in the Pokémon universe, have always found that a little funny. You'd assume the Pokémon equivalent of 'mouse' would just be 'Pikachu' or another rodent-type monster but I suppose then it wouldn't have the same effect.

And looks like Magearna will be the one to 'die' this movie. Meowth seemed so sad over it, wonder how they bonded?
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