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First off, welcome to Internet & Technology, PC's number one section for discussing all things on the internet, in addition to the latest technology trends. Here, you can discuss the latest memes, apps, websites, or even the hottest new trends in the cell phone market! We do hope that you have a good time here, but as with all other sections on PC, there are a few rules that we do need to lay out.

I need some help with my computer! Where can I go?

Before asking for technical assistance, it is advised that you check Google (or your favorite search engine) first for your symptoms. Chances are, anyone helping you out is going to look for a solution through a search engine. If you are unable to locate a proper solution, you are more than welcome to ask for help in your own thread using the [Help] prefix.

No Advertising or Soliciting!

Please do not come here to advertise your own content for others to see. Advertising includes, but is not limited to: your own video(s), website, forum, blog, social media page(s), or any other content created by you not relevant to the section.

It is also against the forum-wide rules to solicit and sell goods on the forum. Any such threads will be deleted and the user warned or infracted.

Any Questions?

If you are ever unsure of the rules, or if you need some clarification on any particular issue, you can contact the Internet & Technology's section moderators, Tsutarja or Dark Zeta , and we will get back to you as soon as we can!