News Mythical Manaphy giveaway this June

Started by PokéCommunity Daily May 31st, 2016 2:26 PM
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I'll need to pick this up! Might do it over the weekend, though, as my wifi doesn't like my 3DS and I'm almost out of data on my phone for making wifi hotspots. (Although I think my data turns over today, actually.) I'm excited to see a return to wifi events, though, as I have a really hard time getting to GameStop for a physical code, especially at the beginning of the event before the codes ran out. I never managed to get last month's event, but at least this one should be straightforward!
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Going to wait and get mine this weekend as I am still resetting for a good shiny Yveltal. Really looking forward to this event 8)


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Just picked one up on Y...will pick up a second on my unstarted Alpha Sapphire new save if I remember. I've always been fond of Manaphy, and I needed another one anyway :3

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