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What is this forum about?

Welcome to Pokémon General, otherwise referred to as PGen or PG. This section is a catch-all for topics that aren't restricted to any of the other sections alone. If your Pokémon-related thread is about things that regard multiple media, no medium at all, or just doesn't seem to fit well anywhere else, this is probably where it should be!

For example:

  • Threads about any of the existing official Pokémon manga, such as Pokémon Adventures, should definitely go here in Pokémon General! For chit-chat about the manga, visit the List & Chit-Chat thread.
  • Discussions regarding Ash or the anime movies or episodes should go in Pokémon Anime.
  • Talk about card values or misprints should go in Pokémon Trading Card Game.
  • Questions about hacking or ROMs should go in Emulation & ROM Hacking.
  • Roleplaying, as per writing posts rather than playing a video game, can be done in Roleplay Theatre and if you want to post your own fanfiction or original writing, you can do so in Fan Fiction & Writing.
  • Anything that involves showcasing or discussing fan-made art should go in Art Studio.
  • You are now free to post any fan-created Pokémon music/videos in its own thread, but be aware that signing up just to post your content or leaving nothing more than a link in the OP may result in the removal of the topic.
  • Talk about stats, teams, trades, breeding mechanics or anything strictly related to pokémon gaming should be posted in one of the Pokemon Gaming forums.

What to do and what to avoid!

Make sure that you have read the forum-wide PokéCommunity rules before you post! And make sure to follow them. They all apply in PG. Failure to follow these rules might lead to warnings or infractions.

  • If you're posting something Pokémon gaming-related, check out Pokémon Gaming Central.
  • Regarding scans/scanlations of manga: you may not discuss or link to manga hosting sites, torrents, galleries etc. Exception: you may link directly to one or a few manga pages on the web now and then if you want to show something or prove a point; for the sake of the discussion, simply. PC cannot be a library or host of scans or scanlation projects, no matter what has gone down in the past.
  • Do not create threads to sell or advertise anything, regardless if it is an item or a website. This is strongly against the PokéCommunity rules and you will be infracted.
  • Do not mini-mod, please. If you see a post that you think is breaking the rules or doesn't really fit where it is posted, or see a member who is doing something wrong - report it! This is what the report button looks like:
  • While there is no official revival rule on PC, please keep in mind how old a thread is before posting in it. Any thread that gets bumped after 3 years of inactivity may be subject to closure.

Credits and mentions.

All of the previous Pokémon General moderators contributed to the rules in some way. Special mentions go to adventure, Brendino, Aegis, Dragon and Oryx for coming up with much of the content on which these rules are based.

If you are wondering anything or need help with anything related to Pokémon General, don't hesitate to contact Ninetales or Devalue. They don't bite (as far as we know!)