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Pokémon Gaming Rules
Welcome to the guidelines for our Pokémon Gaming Forums! This includes the Seventh Generation forum, Previous Generations forum, and Pokémon Gaming Central.

PC's Global Rules apply!
Common sense, right? You can check up on the rules for yourself by clicking here!

Discussion of ROM hacks, fan games, and Pokémon trading doesn't belong here.
If you want to discuss a ROM Hack or a fan game, or request a trade, check out the appropriate sections!

Need game help?
Please use the Game Help prefix so people can easily see you're looking for help! Make sure you're posting your question in the appropriate game's forum, or questions about spinoffs or the series as a whole in Pokémon Gaming Central.

Please don't guide users towards cheats
PC will not be responsible for the potential harm of a user's game. It is fine to discuss cheating, provided that you don't guide users on how to go about using them.

Don't mini-mod
Leave the modding to the moderators! If you see someone breaking the rules in any of these sections, please use the report button and a moderator will handle it. Never step in and try to handle it yourself.

The fine line between Pokémon General and Pokémon Gaming Central
It can be confusing, but Pokémon Gaming Central deals with in-game specifics that only involve the games, and not the rest of the franchise. For discussions about the franchise as a whole, outside of the context of the games, use Pokémon General.

Spoiler: Some helpful examples
  • If you were to post a thread comparing two or more Pokémon, it belongs in Pokémon General.
  • If you are comparing/asking opinions that cover more than just the games, it belongs in Pokémon General.
  • If you are posting a thread asking about favorite Flying types, legendaries, etc, it belongs in Pokémon General.
  • Theories about the Pokémon world that expand beyond the game (anime, manga, the general world, etc.) belongs in Pokémon General.
  • Merchandise (plushies, figures, etc.) belongs in Pokémon General.
  • If the thread is about, say, your favourite rival, then it's referring to the games and hence belongs in PGC.
  • 'Coolest/Most annoying Pokemon cry'? PGC, as it's referring to the sounds made in the games.
  • 'Hardest Pokemon game' would be PGC, because it's encompassing all of the games.
  • 'Favourite Gym Leader theme?' would be PGC, as it is not specific to one game but all the Gym Leaders across all generations
  • 'Favourite Pokemon abilities' is also PGC because it's referring to abilities in the games.

Have fun discussing Pokémon!
Now that you've read the rules, go discuss and create some of your own topics!

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