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ROM Hacking Discussions Forum Rules
Welcome to ROM Hacking Discussions! Here, you may discuss the art of ROM Hacking in general. If you're rather looking for help, check out the ROM Hacking Help section instead.

Forum Rules

This forum is bound by rules set in the global Pokécommunity Rules
To make sure that things remain civil, and to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable time, we ask that, along with the global PokéCommunity rules, you observe the rules and resulting infractions set forth.

Do not post, direct users to, or link to commercial ROMs of any sort
Regardless of whether a new hacker needs them or any other purpose, you may not link to a "download" of any commercial game (basically, any commercially sold ROM that we ROM hack in here), or direct users to any method to downloading a ROM.
You may be infracted (three permanent infraction points) or risk immediate suspension of your account, should you link to commercial ROMs of any sort.

Additional Guidelines

Threads in the forum are subject to Moderator approval
All threads are subject to Moderator approval in this subforum, please allow 48 hours before enquiring about your thread's status.

This forum is for discussions only
If you need help developing your hack, please post in the ROM Hacking Help forum.

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