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This is freaking amazing. The amount of spoofers in my area are so large that it's too hard to take them down. So glad Niantic is taking drastic measures, making the game fair for everyone, and eliminating all the cheaters.
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well, there's still xposed modules and such that do the same thing, I'm not sure if they'd be detected.
It's a step. Anyone who knows how to root may very well be able to disable the check.

At the very least, it keeps the opportunists from cheating.
I have been blocked from Pokémon GO since last September because they blocked rooted phones. I have yet to find a way to get around this regular rootcloak doesn't work and it does detect Xposed modules which I need for my phone to function so I can't remove those.

@Niantic: Now that you've blocked GPS spoofing... Unblock rooted devices please? :'(