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As some may or may not know, this was originally going to be a save editor. But I've reconsidered the fact that I'd be making a cheating tool - which I don't really want - and turned it into a massive dumper instead. I guess this could maybe be useful for debugging purposes or showing someone how far you've gotten without actually giving the person your save file.

How do I use it?
When running "Dumper.exe", it will look for a file called "Game.rxdata" inside its root folder. This means that you should have your save file in the same folder as your "Dumper.exe" is in. You can achieve this by copy-pasting your save file into the dumper folder, or by installing the dumper folder in your (potential) various save files. It will dump the data to "Save FileX", where X is the lowest possible number between 1 and 9999 inclusive.

Click here to download the program.

What does it all dump?
It dumps almost all data that's stored inside your save file. This includes:
  • The trainer class (name, id, metaID, trainer type, outfit, badges, money, species seen, species owned, party, pokedex obtained, pokegear obtained, language, etc.)
  • The game system (save count, message box position/frame, etc.)
  • The Pokémon system (options (text speed, screen size, etc.), language, font, etc.)
  • All game switches
  • All game variables
  • All game self-switches
  • The game screen (information about the RGSS Player screen)
  • Data about the current map the player is on (excluding events. Should this be added?)
  • The PokemonGlobal class (bicycle, surfing, diving, sliding, running shoes obtained, coins, credits played, seen store creator, happiness/egg steps, start date, etc.)
  • Metadata for the current map (Strength used, black/white flute used)
  • The PokemonBag class (every single item with its amount, registered item, last selected pocket)
  • The PokemonStorage class (every single Pokémon in every single box and its data)

If there's a class you've made yourself which you would like to be dumped as well, please contact me and I can update it to do so. This is also the case with suggestions for fields that are part of the default Essentials save file, but I haven't included (seen species forms, for example).

If your save file can't be dumped, try at least 3 times before telling me. If you do, send me your save file along with it and tell me which game it is - it will be fixed in no time.