FireRed Digimon: Virus Version

Started by KlausThorne July 19th, 2017 7:58 AM
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Hello, I'm brand new here, so I hope i'm putting this in the right place. I'm teaching myself to hack and this is my first really big project. Its a hack of Fire red where I've replaced nearly all of the Pokemon sprites with digimon. The current Patch has all of their names done, digivolutions in sequence, and custom trainer sprites added from Digimon adventure 1, 2, and Tamers.
Premise:After the end of Digimon Adventure 2 the Digital world began to open itself to more and more humans. In the early days before it was overly populated with new digidestined, another cataclysm hit the Digital World. The organization Hypnos, newly reformed after the events in Digimon Tamers utilized the Yugoth Program and their data from the D-Reaper disaster to punch through the barrier between the real world and the digital world causing the two universes to collide. Professor Nebilim takes on Yamaki, Riley, and Tally for their experience in the last disaster, and hires 5 Special Agents, one of which is the player, to infiltrate and infect the Digital world with what Hypnos calls the D-Virus. By Infecting various "Digi-Cores" throughout the digital world, these agents can bring an end to the digital world once and for all. As the Player travels the world, they use their D-virus Digivice to tether multiple digimon, utilize them in battle, and stimulate digivolution. Naturally you interact with different members from the three seasons of digimon along the way and they are hell bent on stopping you from completing your mission. There are a few twists and turns I have planned along the way, but I don't want to give away the surprise.
Most Digimon will digivolve naturally just by gaining levels, but almost all digimon have multiple paths they can digivolve through. For instance, if you Level Koromon he will turn into Agumon, but if you Dark Digivolve Koromon he will turn into Black Agumon, and likewise if you Matrix Digivolve Koromon it will turn into Snow Agumon. Look at the Pictures to see just how the digimon can branch. Warp digivolving, DNA Digivolving, and Armor Digivolving have also been included. Sometimes the only way to keep evolving it to evolve specially. Not all digimon digivolve after a certain point though. Some digimon can go even beyond mega, and other digimon stop at champion. But don't worry, if they stop digivolving they'll be plenty strong enough to hold their own.

Items and Pokeballs: if You see a Digi-vice lying around pick it up. It probably contains the Data of a digimon that you can tether and acquire. Items now look like Digmon cards.

Maps: I've only done a little map work so far, but I plan to completely rework it. I'm not sure if Ill do custom tile sets or not. It just kind of depends on what I can find and use.
Sprites: As of now I've completed all of the sprites I plan to use, but this was my first real attempt at spriting so I know they're not great. If anyone wants to take them and improve them or send me finished sprites they like there's a good chance Ill put them in. Also all of these sprites I either resized from another handheld digimon game and cleaned up, or shrunk them form massive internet pictures and cleaned up. The tamers sprites I kind of spliced. Anyone is welcome to use anything they like. Id love to see more digimon hacks around, and Id love to get some help working with this one. I'm having a really tough time with scripting, and world sprites, but i'm working on it. Feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you want to contribute. Ill bookmark this page and try to keep it as updated as I can.

This is the Current Patch: The lab Tech's in the real world give you the Pokedex, national dex and your starter digimon. You need all 3 to move on so make sure you grab them!
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The attatched Patch allows you to choose between Pichimon Botamon and Tanemon.
Still unable to choose. Also, it looks like you mislabelled the hack's base as Red (instead of FireRed). And will you be adding backsprites (I think that's the term), so that your own Digimon aren't facing you?
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Still unable to choose. Also, it looks like you mislabelled the hack's base as Red (instead of FireRed). And will you be adding backsprites (I think that's the term), so that your own Digimon aren't facing you?
Oops, Ive fixed that label. I personally am not skilled enough at spiriting to create custom backsprites, so if an accomplished spriter helps out backsprites might be a possibility. I fixed the problem of not being able to get a starter. Try the new patch and it should work for you.


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Id love some help Turjo! Whats your wheelhouse?
What exactly do you mean by "Wheelhouse"?
And, I am not really good at anything, and I have never watched or played Digimon but, I like helping, So...
You understand, right?
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I downloaded the patch you have, but the game won't work. First I was having just a blank white screen when loading the rom, but I managed to fix that. However, after that the game started looping during the beginning intro (with Gengar and Nidorino) back to the game freak logo thing that shows up when you first load up a pokemon game. Pressing A, B, or Start just starts the loop back immediately. Would there be anyway you could post just an already patched file? Oh, and I used Lunar to patch it, and the rom was clean, U.S., and version 1.1
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I have the same problem. I used Lunar to patch the ips file to a Pokemon Fire Red.GBA rom. I used Retroarch to play it. I was able to It was the same as a the regular game, except Oak shows Guilmon as his example of a Pokemon in the opening speech. I chose boy, then named
myself Red and my rival Blue. The game shows my silhouetted sprite shrinking, goes black, and then doesn't load. Retroarch goes non responsive.
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Digimons are awesome. and since i like them i feel like i need to share my point of view with you. this point of view applies to all monster raising/catching type games.

I see many ppl are desperate to make each monster equal to another, stats wise, skill wise and even size wise (sprites). I think all these ppl forget that these games are ALL About monsters and the monsters have to BE and LOOK unique, so dont be afraid to give them realistic stats/skills/looks (realistic according to their own world and nature). Even if that means that some monsters will be BETTER than others. In the animal kingdom not every animal is the same, some are stronger than others, some are weak in general but deadly in specific aspects, diversity is the key, its the nature of things and thats the beauty of it.
Not everything needs to be same and equal.


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Great project. Are you still working on it? If the project is serious, I would be interested in contributing to the development of that.
I could make a fusion system for the digimons. I've just made a system that fuse 2 pokemon, I'm going to add it in my rom hack Dbz Team Training. That would be cool to use it in a digimon game too (in my opinion) since there are fusions.
I could also make some ASM routines (if your requests are reasonable of course).