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  • You're welcome! I'm not super active either but wanted to express my gratitude! I hope you are doing well! :)
    Is it possible to randomize this romhack? I wanna do a rival locke with a friend and it would be cool if we could get randomized fighters. I can throw it thru a regular randomizer, but the problem with that is that it doesn't use all the pokemon slots or moves, etc.
    Hey, could you add the evolved versions of Toppo and Jiren pls? They are the only characters left to add in my opinion to make the hack perfect! :) Appreciate your work buddy
    The starters perhaps can be Naruto, sasuke, and Sakura, the evolutions for naruto could be 1 Tail, Sage Mode, and you need something to make him into chakra cloak, then bijju, then so6p, Sakura, I have no clue, sasuke could be Curse mark, Sharingan, and you take the stone and make him into rinnegan, then rinnesharingan. If you didn't watch Naruto, damn..
    Yo, I enjoyed your game. A lot, so I was hoping you could make a Naruto Shippuden game, or a One Piece one? (Leaning toward Naruto)
    Sorry, I forgot to reply, I'm busy and I can't help you for now, sorry :/.
    But I'm not going to stop working in the sprites, but for now you need to do it yourself, when I came back to work I'm going to revamp the new ones too. Sorry.
    Okay Matheus, thanks for the amazing sprites of MUI Goku, they look great. I will just have to modify it a bit so that the color palette fits to the front sprite (because I already made the front sprite). And take your time by the way, focus on the school, it's more important than this hack.
    Sure, I can improve Kale for you, you don't need to be afraid to ask me to do so, by the way, you can call me Makoto or Matheus, Makotto is because the name was already in use ><.

    Sorry, I forgot to send ;~~; About the sayan girl, I'm going to try to do her when I have more time, I get a little busy with school, also, my spriter came back to the work and I'm writing some routines to implement some freatures in my hack so I'm not as free as I was last weeks, but I still plan to revamp all the sprites, the problme is with this speed will take 3/4 months, sorry.
    I made aura variations os UI Mastered, so you can use whatever you like the most.
    Hi Makotto, how are you? I'm trying to make the back of Kale's forms, here is the progress: https://imgur.com/4zEfzm1
    If you feel motivated to improve them, you can but if you already have enough work, I will keep working on these sprites.

    I hope the back sprites of MUI Goku and Caulifla are progressing well by the way.
    I 'm using the style that I'm more used to do to revamp them, I pretend to revamp all the fighter sprites, so I think this stylistc choice isn't a problem, by the way, sure I can remove then if you don't like.
    Thanks for the good references, I will do it, don't worry, I'm 100% in this project, I like DBZ and I'm upgrading a lot my abilites, so sure I will revamp the 165 that you sent me and I will be doing these two also, if you have any fighter you would like to put in the game, just count on me.
    Thanks for the bases, they will be very usefull, but I don't understand, this Goku that you sent (https://imgur.com/YQJIZAC) is for use as base for back sprite of UI Mastered or Unmastered? Because the UI Mastered used in the game and the revamp that I made, the two still have the shirt and this backsprite doesn't and UI Mastered has a white-silver hair.
    Sure, if you want I can use this as base for UI Unmastered (making a shirt for him, sure) and for UI Mastered making the white-silver hair.
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